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Sweet November
Part 6

Heero turned to face the mirror, straightening his tie and fixing his collar. He turned towards Duo, who was sitting on the toilet cover, leaning over and braiding his hair. He was in a pair of denim overalls that were not hooked up, and a red sweater with small holes in it. He hand an adorable pouty face as he turned away from Heero, still weaving his hair.

"I hate those clothes." Duo pointed towards Heero's suit, his eyes scowling at him.

"Duo, I told you, I need them for my job interview today." Heero slipped one arm into his jacket. "I have to go. Please….let me leave peacefully."

Duo shrugged his shoulders and went back to doing his hair. Heero headed towards the door and exited.

Heero jogged down the steps and exited the apartment. He glanced down at his wrist, forgetting that Duo had confiscated his watch. He flung to door to his car open and drove off in the direction of Wufei's apartment.


Duo walked down the street, one arm hooked around Trowa's. He still had his overalls on, but now he sported a little knit cap that was pulled down to his ears. The two men were close together, trying to keep warm on the chilly autumn day. Trowa was in a pair of old jeans with small rips near the knee. He had on a hunter green tank top with a zip up sweat shirt over it. Duo was clinging onto the taller man as the walked down the street.

"Duo, let him go. You knew you could never keep him a month." Trowa put his arm around Duo's shoulder, pulling the sulking boy closer.

"I know, but I was so close to breaking down his walls." Duo looked up into Trowa's emerald eyes and then sighed.

"He was too stubborn. He would have never totally submitted to you." The two kept up a moderate pace as the rounded the corner.

"That is just it! He was so stubborn, and he knew exactly what he wanted, and……and well, that is what attracted me so." Duo started to talk with his hands, his voice getting louder as he did.

"He is gone, let him go." Trowa brushed Duo's bands out of his eyes.

"I can't, I hate when I fail." Duo slumped against a wall, pulling Trowa back with him. Trowa's tall body slumped against Duo's as they both rested against the wall.

"He really got to you didn't he?"

"I dunno what made me think he would stay with me. Why would he want to." Duo tilted his face up to meet Trowa's.

"I don't know." Trowa pulled him back onto the side walk and they continued to walk. "Maybe because you are quite beautiful." Trowa kissed Duo on the cheek. "Ohh and the sex is pretty good too."

"Trowa!" Duo playfully swatted his friends ass as they continued down the street.


Wufei and Heero were seated next to each other at a small table in a classy restaurant. Wufei had cleaned up nicely, in a white suit, his ebony hair slicked back into a ponytail. A few strands of his silky hair had come out from the rubber band and now framed his face.

Across from the table sat a woman, her blonde hair falling over the shoulders of her rose suit jacket. She had her hands folded on the table, one of her hands tapping on the crisp white tablecloth.

"Thank you for meeting with us Mrs. Peacecraft, we are honored that you had time to fit us in." Wufei stating, putting on his best smile. He nudge Heero, who looked like the world was about to end, in the ribs with his elbow.

"Yes well, I think I am in need of your services." Relena smiled slightly as she directed her gaze towards Heero.

"Well I hope you are right. As you know we are well qualified, and can fulfill all your advertising needs." Wufei was cut off by Relena raising a hand to his face. Her voice sliced into Wufei's words.

"It is not you that I am interested in. It is him. But I know that you are part of the whole package, so….." Relena pointed delicately in Heero's direction. "And besides, I highly doubt I will need any advertising. You see, I hear that before you boys were mixed into the advertising world, that you were bodyguards of some type. Is that true?"

"I suppose you could say that." Heero looked mildly amused in Relena's direction, crossing his arms over his chest. Wufei was going to get it this time. He thought that this job interview had something to do with advertising.

"Well, you see, I am in dire need of a bodyguard, and I was hoping you could fill that position. I am willing to offer you anything you want."

"What exactly defines everything?" Wufei asked, leaning closer to the table.

"Neither of you have a personal life, ne? A wife, kids?" Both men nodded their head. "Well that is good. Because if you take this job, your free time will go down the drain. Your life will be utterly and totally devoted to me." Relena leaned closer to the table, her tongue pressing harshly against her teeth as she spoke.

A petite waitress gingerly walked up to the table, she was carrying a tray with a few glasses of water on it. "Excuse me, I was wondering if you would like a glass…" Before she could get the word 'water' out, she stumbled slightly, causing the tray to land on Relena's lap. Her suit skirt was soaked, the water turning it a dark rose color. Relena stood up in anger.

The waitress quickly picked up the tray and glasses, apologizing profusely. "Ohh my god! I am so sorry! I didn't mean to, I just…"

"You're sorry?! You just ruined my suit. Is it that difficult to just bring people water?!" The girl nodded her head 'no'. "I didn't think so. Your job requires you to do the simple task of bringing people their food, and then taking away the dirty dishes. It is not all that difficult, and people who can not accomplish this task are a waste of space." Relena was busy pressing napkins to her skirt, trying to soak up the water.

Heero was watching Relena scream at the girl, seeing the waitress go running off in tears. He watched Relena fuss over her precious skirt, and then finally sit back down.

"They should have her fired." Relena stated, throwing her nose in the air. "But where were we? Ahh, yes, about payment." Relena pulled out a pen and scribbled some numbers onto a napkin. She slid it on the table towards Wufei, who peered at it, his eyes almost falling out of his skull. Wufei pushed it in Heero's direction, and watched the Japanese man look at it. Heero blinked twice to make sure he read correctly. He turned his head to see the crying waitress, blabbering to her manager. When he finally turned back towards Relena he stood up.

"I am sorry, but I must decline." Heero stated bluntly, as he grabbed his suit jacket and prepared to leave. Wufei gasped at him, mouthing 'What is wrong with you' in Heero's direction.

"What? Is that not enough of money? I can raise the amount." Relena took her pen back out and tried to grab the napkin.

"It is not the money that bothers me, it is you." Heero turned his back to a stunned Relena and he walked out of the building. Wufei was hot on his heels as Heero swung open the door to the restaurant and headed towards his car.

"What the HELL is wrong with you! Do you know that you just turned down a fortune?" Wufei was screaming at Heero, racing to keep up with the man.

"Money isn't everything. Besides, I would kill myself if I worked for her."

"Well.." Wufei paused in thought, and then spoke up again. "Is this because of your boyfriend? Huh? Would you rather be fucking your boyfriend?"

"To be quite frank Wufei, YES! I would rather be fucked by my boyfriend than have to deal with that woman!"

Wufei stopped dead in his tracks, stunned by Heero's sudden out burst.


Duo was walking the sidewalk of his block. Trowa had gone back to the apartment an hour ago, yet Duo decided to walk a bit longer. He was slowly approaching his apartment when a yellow cab approached him. Duo paid no attention to it, quickening his pace. They he heard Heero's voice, and he turned his head quickly to make sure it was him. Heero had his head sticking out the cabs window, his hand extended towards Duo, holding a handful of daisies.

"Duo, I'm sorry."

"Go away." Duo walked quicker, his strides becoming longer. Yet the cab kept up with him.

Heero pulled back into the cab and brought out a bigger bunch of brightly colored flowers. "I can't stop thinking about you."

"Should have thought about that before you left." Duo paid no attention to the flowers being flung in his direction.

Heero reached back into the car and shoved more flowers Duo's way. "I didn't mean to upset you Duo. Duo please look at me."

"You know my rules, no jobs, just me. This can't work." Duo whipped around and faced Heero. "Aren't you happy now? Don't you have a job?" Duo shot at Heero.

"Well you see…" Heero stepped out of the car, sure he had Duo's attention. He gathered all the flowers in his hands and held them out towards Duo. "That is the problem. She said I start tomorrow, and I suggested that I start….never."

Duo's jaw almost dropped to the floor. "You mean you…"

"I didn't take the job." Heero smiled at Duo's facial expression.

Duo swatted the flowers out of Heero's hands, and then promptly pounced the man. He jumped onto Heero and wrapped his legs around his waist. Smiling into Heero's eyes, and leaned down and latched lips with him. Duo slithered his tongue into Heero's mouth, his hands entwined in Heero's hair, pressing Heero's head closer to his. Duo's legs tightened around Heero's waist as he pulled himself closer, deepening the kiss. When they finally parted for air, Duo dove right back in, attacking Heero's lips.

Heero held Duo tightly, letting the mans tongue invade his mouth and suck his own tongue. Duo ground his hips into Heero's hard stomach, causing the Japanese man to loose his balance and come crashing to the ground.

The fact that his lover had fallen to the ground did not sway Duo. He continued to kiss the man deeply. Heero finally pushed Duo away by the shoulders.

"If I knew flowers had this effect on you, I would have done this a week ago."

"It isn't the flowers, it is you." Duo rolled his hips against Heero, leaning down for another passionate kiss.

"Duo, wait! Not out here." Heero tried to pull away from the man.

"I don't care." Duo started to kiss and suckle Heero's neck, pulling him into a tight embrace. Heero however did care, and he pulled Duo into his arms, carrying the man the rest of the way back to his apartment.

"Heero can't you go any faster." Duo breathed into Heero's ear before he went back to kissing his neck and collar bone.

"Not with you distracting me." Heero climbed the steps to Duo's apartment, two at a time. Duo stuck the key into the lock and pushed open the door. Heero kicked it closed and went over to drop Duo onto his bed.

"This is much better." Heero crawled over Duo and devoured his lips. Duo quickly pulled away, and poked Heero in the chest.

"Get those clothes off. I hate them." Duo stated in all seriousness.

"Ahh what the hell, they were coming off anyway." Heero tossed his suit jacket to the side and then pulled his tie off. He slowly unbuttoned his shirt, attempting to tease Duo.

Duo was sitting on the bed laughing. He had pulled his own overalls off, leaving himself in only a pair of boxers and the red sweater. "Heero, just get your clothing off, you are horrible at stripping."

Heero made a mock hurt face, as he pulled his shirt off, followed by his belt, pants, socks, and shoes. Leaving him in only a pair of boxers as well. "Better?"

"Much." Duo reached up and grabbed Heero around the waist, pulling him on top of him. He went back to kissing Heero's lips , loving the feel of Heero's warm chest against his.

Heero's hands had wandered under Duo's shirt and he was now pulling it upward, breaking their kiss to rid him of it. He hands went back to Duo's nipples, toying with them gently. Duo gasped into their kiss, pulling away slightly as he felt Heero's hands on his body.

Duo rolled over so that he was on top of Heero. He rolled his arousal against Heero's, his hands running over Heero's chest. He let one hand to trail over to on of Heero's and lead it towards his aching erection. Heero started to slowly pump the organ, his hand slipping under the thin fabric of his boxers. "I want to be inside of you. I want…" Duo was silenced with Heero's kiss. Duo let one of his hands slip inside Heero's boxers as well, pumping Heero with his fist as the same pace he was being stroked.

"So come inside." Heero rocked his hips into Duo's hand as he leaned down to kiss Duo's shoulders.

"I planned on it." Duo pushed Heero back onto the bed, and slipped his boxers off. His eyes trailed over Heero's lean body and hard member. "Under the pillow." Heero reached a hand under the pillow and brought out their well used tube of lubrication. He tossed it to Duo, who was busy spreading Heero's legs. Duo picked up the tube and coated his fingers with some of the gel. He leaned down and licked the underside of Heero's arousal, then swirled his tongue around the head. His fingers grazed over Heero's puckered entrance, and he slid one finger into his lover.

Heero bucked upwards, causing his member to push into Duo's waiting mouth, and Duo's finger to become sheathed inside of channel. "Ahh…" Heero wiggled slightly, pushing himself deeper into Duo's mouth.

Duo pulled Heero out of his mouth, but continued to jab his finger inside of him. "Slow Heero, remember?"

"Fuck slow!" Heero thrust into the air.

"Heero, what did I teach you? Besides I would rather fuck you." Duo slowly took Heero back into his mouth, pumping the man slowly. His tongue tracing intricate patterns over the hardened flesh. He added another finger to the mix, pumping them inside Heero's body quickly, twisting them and stroking Heero's insides.

Heero relaxed his body and enjoyed the feeling of Duo's mouth on his erection. He spread his legs wider, allowing Duo's hand better access to his entrance. Duo quickened his pace, sucking on Heero harder, and thrusting his digits into his faster. Duo's tongue jabbed at the slit on Heero's member, and then snaked around the rest of it. Upon hearing Heero's low moans he pushed another finger into his tight channel, stretching Heero carefully. He felt Heero's body shake as his fingertips brushed his prostate.

"Ohh Duo take me!" Heero arched off the bed ad Duo hit his prostate, causing his body to shudder.

Duo just smiled as he coated his own raging hard on with lube. He pulled Heero up on all fours and positioned himself behind him. With one hand wrapped tightly around his waist, he slowly teased Heero's entrance with the tip of his manhood. He pushed it past Heero's tight ring of muscle and then pulled it out. Duo was moaning into Heero's neck as Heero's passage engulfed him. He could just cum from the feeling of Heero's body constricting around his manhood. "Ahh Heero, so good." Duo rocked his hips slowly, pushing himself deeper into Heero.

Heero had his head hung, small pants coming from his mouth. On his hands and knees and arched his bottom up towards Duo, wishing for the man to pump into him. Duo was settled behind his spread legs, his hands wrapped around Heero's waist, and his head hooked over Heero's shoulder. He let out moans and hot breaths into Heero's ear, his lips leaving kisses on his neck and shoulders.

Duo started to thrust into Heero quicker, pushing himself deeper into his lovers body. He let one of his hand leave Heero's waist and wrap around Heero's dripping erection. Duo heard Heero's gasp of pleasure as he finally started to pump his arousal. "Oh Heero!" Duo pushed himself deeper into his lover, pulling himself out and then thrusting himself back in. The tip of his arousal hit Heero's prostate, causing the boy under him to shudder and shake, his legs going weak.

"Harder Duo." Heero pushed back against Duo, meeting him thrust for thrust.

Duo obeyed his lover, pushing into the boy quicker, faster, and harder. He started to pump him rapidly, his hand running up and down his dripping erection with more speed. Duo tightened his grip on Heero's waist as he felt the boy under him stiffen. He continued to pump the boy, feeling their release approaching. Duo reached up and bit into Heero's smooth shoulder, as he felt Heero shooting his seed onto his fist. Duo screamed his lovers name as he frantically thrust two more times. Duo came hard within Heero, his body shuddering as he released his seed. "FUCK HEERO!"


Trowa was sitting in his apartment below Duo's. From the various grunts and screams he had been hearing he had finally come to a conclusion.

"Looks like Heero is back."

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