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Warnings: A Yuy with a stick up his butt, and a very kawaii Maxwell. Language, Yaoi.

Sweet November
Part 5

Heero lay in his bed trying to sleep. However, his mind was still focused on Duo. And he knew sleep would not come easy to him tonight. Finally admitting the Duo had been correct in his predictions of the future he got up and dressed quickly.


Heero crept silently back into Duo's apartment, spotting the American snuggled up in the bed, nude. He crawled onto the bed, slowly so he wouldn't alarm Duo, and kissed his shoulder. Duo's eyes flittered open in alarm. All he saw was a blurry vision of Heero leaning over him.

"Hi." Duo said through a haze of sleepiness.

"Hi." Heero kicked his boots off as he nuzzled in next to Duo.

Duo scooted over on the bed and lifted up the blanket, inviting Heero to join him. "I knew you'd be back."

"I only came back because I like annoying you." Heero let Duo pull him close and try to drift back to sleep.

"Yar yar. Talk tomorro.......I'm tired."


"Ok, now if you're going to stay with me, you have to play by my rules. Ok?"

Duo was sitting cross-legged on his unkempt bed. He had his hair loosely braided half way, the rest of it flowing out behind his back. He wore a long pair of black cut off sweat shorts the reached his knees, which were layered over dark red leggings. He had on a long sleeved cotton shirt, covered by a lace up vest. Around his neck hung a long thin blue scarf, the bottom tassels dangling near his stomach.

Heero was seated across from him, in one of the kitchen chairs. He had on a loose pair of jeans and one of Duo's tighter fitting gray tee-shirts. "Fine." Before Duo had a chance to respond to Heero, Heero's cell phone rang. Heero dug deep into his pocket, and pulled it out, flipping it open and bringing it to his ear.

"Hey! I thought I told you no cell phones!" Duo scrambled to his feet and stomped over to Heero, circling his chair like a vulture, eyeing the cell phone.

Heero waved Duo away turning back to his phone. "Hi Wufei. I know I am among the missing."

Duo tried to press his ear against the phone, hearing another male voice coming through.

"Where have you been partner? I scheduled a job interview with a potential client." Wufei's voice came echoing threw the phone.

"I've been busy."

"With what? Have a new woman?" Wufei chided Heero over the phone.

"I suppose you could say that." Heero looked over towards Duo, who backed away from the phone and put his hands on his hips.

"I'm offended!" Duo scowled at Heero, tossing his scarf farther around his neck.

Heero put one hand over the transmitter. "You say that to much Duo." Heero took his hand off and went back to his conversation. "So Wufei, when is the interview?"

"November 18th around one o'clock. Come pick me up and we'll go together, ok?"

"Sounds great Wufei, ok I'll be in touch. Bye." Heero pushed the power button and closed the phone. Before he was going to put it back into his pocket Duo grabbed it harshly from him.

"No cell phones!" Duo walked over to the cabinet and dropped the phone into one of the mugs. He slammed the door closed, and turned back to Heero.

"Sorry, but I still have a life."

"Yes you do, and it is here in this apartment." Duo still had his hands on his hips, and was looking adorably pouty. He sauntered back in front of Heero and kneeled in front of him. "Ok, time to sharpen your instincts."

Duo unraveled the scarf from his neck and tied it around Heero's eyes, blocking his vision completely. "We're going to play a little game. I am going to hide, and you have to find me, by instinct alone. You can follow my voice and use you hands to try and find me. Ok?" Duo pulled Heero into a standing position and then let his hands drop.

"I don't like this." Heero tried to pull at the scarf but Duo slapped his hands away.

"You'll love it. It is fun. And besides the prize is me."

"You're to much Duo." Heero waved slightly and then took a step forward.

"I know." Duo chirped as he shot across the room, hiding behind a bookcase. "Come get me."

Heero took a few more small experimental steps forward, his thighs hitting into the kitchen table, almost causing him to fall. Duo let out a giggle and Heero turned towards the noise, trying to walk in that direction. Duo did a flying leap onto the bed, and pulled a pillow to his chest. He smiled at the stumbling Heero, letting out another laugh. Heero whipped around to follow the laugh, but in the process ran into a chair and tumbled to the floor. He tried to catch himself with one palm, but bent it back painfully far. "Damn!" Heero pulled the scarf off his eyes and rubbed his wrist.

"Ohh baby!" Duo jumped off the bed and rushed to Heero's side. Grabbing his wrist, he dropped kisses over it. "Are you ok baby?"

"That is fun?" Heero examined it injured wrist.

"It will grow on you. Besides, think of that as a love bruise." Duo kissed the hand again hugging it to his chest. "I'm sorry Heero. I didn't want you to get hurt."

"It's not that bad, it just surprised me." Heero looked up to see Duo cooing at and stroking his hand. Duo, feeling he was being watched, looked up into Heero's eyes. Duo bit his bottom lip slightly and then pounced into Heero's lap and hugged him tight.

"Lets go do something Heero. It's a beautiful day. Besides I am yours to do what you wish." Duo stood up and pulled Heero with him.

"Oi Duo, do you ever stop?"

"Nope, I am the energizer Duo, I keep going and going and going....." Duo's voice trailed off as he pulled Heero out of his apartment and down to the street.


Duo was clutching Heero's hand tightly, swinging it back and forth, as the two walked past a busy dock. Mariemaya was trotting off in front of them, a small brightly painted remote controlled sailboat in her hands. Her head full of coral hair bounced up and down, and she looked back every now and then to make sure Duo was still behind her.

"Duo this is ridiculous. When you said 'lets do something', I thought you meant you and I." Heero sighed, watching Mariemaya join a group of boys at the edge of the water. They all had well built sailboats with big sails. They blew Mariemaya's dinky home made one right out of the water. From what Heero could see they were teasing the girl.

"This is fun. Besides, I promised Mariemaya she could torture you today." Duo let go of Heero and climbed up on a higher level of land to get a better view at the sailboat race that was about to occur.

Mariemaya kicked off her sandals and wadded into the water, ignoring the teasing she heard from the other boys. Physically Mariemaya was smaller than all of them, and she was the only girl. Her boat was small and poorly painted, compared to the others, which looked like mini replicas of real boats.

Heero watched the boys tease the girl, finally walking up in Mariemaya's direction. On his way he passed a boy who was working on a remote controlled submarine. He finally made it towards the girl, who was in the water with the rest of the boys, yet pushed off to the side.

"Maybe this wasn't such a good idea." Mariemaya sulked as she put her boat down into the water.

"Of course it is. Don't let those boys get to you." Heero stooped down near her. "Just try your best."

Mariemaya smiled, her eyes squinting slightly as she nodded at Heero.

Heero jumped back up onto the land and sat down next to Duo. Duo was sitting at the bench, his elbows resting on the table, his head resting in his hands. Their attention was turned to the conductor of the race who had shouted 'GO'. Now the dock was full of scrambling boys, and one lone girl, who ran to higher ground so they could control their boats better. Mariemaya picked up her remote control and slowly moved her boat forward. It was blatantly obvious that she had no chance of winning. Her boat was lingering behind the other, small waves causing it to waver and almost fall onto its side.

"She's going to lose." Heero put up one hand to shield his eyes so he could see the boats better.

Duo, who was now sitting on Heero's lap, leaned back against him, his head falling onto Heero's shoulder. "Well it will teach her a life lesson."

Plucking Duo off his lap and depositing him onto the bench again, Heero got up and walked over towards the boy with a submarine. "Hey kid, you want to make and easy $100?"

The kid looked up from his work. "Yea sure."

"All you have to do is make sure the girl with that little boat wins this race. Knock over all the other boats if you have to."

The boy jumped up, grabbing the submarine in one hand and sneaking off to the water. He quickly dropped it in the water and then steered it towards the boats. From under the water he knocked each over, leaving only Mariemaya's boat still afloat. Heero walked over to the boy and slid a one hundred dollar bill into his hand and then innocently walked back towards Duo.

Duo, who had seen the whole ordeal leaned his head onto Heero's shoulder and whispered into his ear. "That was awfully sweet of you Heero. But she has to learn to deal with the downfalls."

"She shouldn't have to." Heero watched the little girl who was jumping up and down with excitement as she crossed the finish line. She dropped her remote and ran over towards Duo, propelling herself into his arms.

"I WON!" Mariemaya was all smiles as she turned to Heero. "You were right Heero. All I had to do was try my best. And I did, and I won!"

Heero smiled back at the girl and then stood up. He pulled Duo, along with the still attached Mariemaya, up as well. "How about I take you both out for ice cream?"

Mariemaya's eyes popped up at the sound of food.


Mariemaya was sitting in a chair that seemed entirely to big for her as she dug her huge spoon into her sundae. Duo sat across from her, eating his sundae equally as fast, a cheerful look on his face. Heero just picked at a small scoop of ice cream in front of him. His ears perked up when he heard the very familiar voice of Wufei entering the small parlor.

"Wufei?" Heero caught Wufei's attention, and he was now nearing their table.

"Heero, what on earth are you doing here." Wufei was dressed in a light business suit, his hair slicked back and out of his eyes. He glanced over at Duo. "So the mystery.... man is revealed, huh?"

"Ohh yea, Wufei this is Duo. Duo, this is my good friend Wufei."

Duo looked up, a mouthful of ice cream, and smiled. With a full mouth the said, "Pweased to mweet wou." And he waved one hand at the Chinese man before going back to his sundae.

"Ohh and this is Mariemaya." Heero gestured towards the little girl who was now standing up.

"Hi. Umm thank you for the ice cream Heero, but I really have to get going." Mariemaya pushed in her chair and scampered out the door.

"Was it something I said?" Wufei turned to watch the girl go.

"I don't know. So Wufei, how have you been."

Before Wufei could answer the question someone called his name.

"Wufei! We are going to miss the movie, we have fifteen minutes." A female, dressed in a tight fitting, short, blue dress entered. Her honey brown hair was twisted into two pieces, one on each shoulder.

"Ohh Heero, this is Sally. Sally this is my good friend Heero, and his good friend.......Um what is your name again?" Wufei looked puzzled as he glanced at Duo.

Duo extended a hand towards Sally. And yet again, with ice cream in his mouth he said his name. He swallowed his dessert and then continued. "Nice to meet you."

Sally smiled sweetly and then turned to Wufei. "We are really going to miss the movie if you don't hurry up." She turned to walk back to the car.

"Hold on." Wufei yelled back to her. "Anyways Heero, I have to run. But don't forget, we have an interview the 18th." Wufei turned to leave. "See you then."

Duo whipped his head to face Heero's. "The 18th, as in December 18th right? Not November, right?"

"No, I am afraid it is November 18th."

Duo's angry growl rang through the store.

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