Disclaimers: I Don't own the characters.....I wish I had them chained in my basement, but unfortunately, I do not. This is a creation due to late night writings and cuteness and a bunch of other stuff, purely for my enjoyment.

Category: Yaoi, LEMON, A little bit of OOC thrown in for good measure.
Pairing: 2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Lemon, masturbation.... a lime green vibrator.

Notes: I watch a really heavy episode of Queer as Folk today, and well......this is what came out. Sorry if it is a bit unbelieveable.....it just happened. And this is for Akuma. A nice gooey lemon.

Batteries Not Included
by Kelly-Mama

Duo bounded into the room, his hands behind his back, eyes glowing like Christmas lights. His hair was braided neatly and falling along his spine. He bit his lip and approached his lover who was seated at his desk. Before the little ball of mischievous energy known as Duo had a chance to speak, Heero interrupted him.

"What did you buy now?" Heero didn't give Duo the satisfaction of looking at him.

Duo teetered on his heels and bit his lip, smiling at Heero with great glee. "Something to torture you with." He kicked his Japanese lover's chair so it spun around and he could face Heero.

"What is it this time Duo." Heero feigned interest as he folded his hands on his lap. Duo tossed over a small paper bag which Heero caught. He opened it up and brought out a decent size lime green vibrator. Heero's eyebrows raised as he looked at his lover. "Why the hell did you buy this?"

"I thought it would be fun to play with?" He answered seeking approval. His voice dripped with innocence. "Please Heero."

Heero shook his head back and forth.

"Onegi Hee-chan!" Duo gave the puppy eyes and then pounced his lover, crawling onto his lap and pressing his lips against Heero's. He slithered his tongue past Heero's lips and toyed with his lovers tongue. "It'll be fun, really." Duo's tone was a bit unbelievable as he pulled Heero's tank top over his head, sucking his way down to Heero's collar bone. Duo realized he had won when Heero didn't fight back. Quickly Duo pulled Heero's spandex shorts off, leaving Heero blissfully naked in his chair. Duo's rocked on Heero's lap as he leaned forward and kissed his lover deeply, one hand brushing his nipples. Heero's hand reached the back of Duo's head and pulled him deeper into the kiss, sucking slightly on Duo's bottom lip. Duo pulled away from Heero, trailing wet kisses down to his abdomen. He took Heero's length into his mouth and started to pump it slowly, receiving small moans of approval from Heero. He reached his hand up to let Heero suckle his fingers, coating them with his hot saliva. He then pulled them out and pushed one past Heero's tight ring of muscle into his tight channel. Heero bucked his hips up, driving his member deeper into Duo's mouth, and then pushed back down onto Duo's fingers. Duo added two more fingers, pushing them deep into Heero, stretching him slightly.

"Enough Duo." Heero flung his head back and pushed deeper into Duo's mouth.

Duo released Heero and pulled him up. The Japanese boy got on his hands and knees on the bed. His firm ass in the air, and his head hung, mouth letting out little pants. Duo crawled onto the bed and fiddled with the vibrator. His head snapped up when he heard Duo's voice.


"What?" Heero panted out.

"Batteries not included." Duo's face fell as he drowned in his disappointment.


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