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Category: Yaoi, LEMON, A little bit of OOC thrown in for good measure.
Pairing: 2x1
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: Major Lemon! Yaoi, PWP, sex toys *evil grin*

Notes: Sequel to Batteries not Included

Batteries Included
by Kelly-Mama

"Baka! How could you have forgotten the batteries." Heero turned his head over his shoulder and looked at Duo, who was fiddling with the lime green vibrator.

"I don't know! I thought they were included." Duo began to shake the thing up and down and switch it on and off.

Heero climbed off the bed, still sporting a raging hard on, and pranced over to Duo. He snatched the vibrator from his hands and flipped open the battery cover. "Empty."

Duo pouted and feel back on his heels. "Ohh well." He let out a small sigh. "It would have been fun."

"Don't ohh well me. You started this, and now you will finish it." Heero walked back over to the bed and lay himself down against the pillow. He bent one leg at the knee and let the other fall to the side. "I highly suggest you find some batteries, and quickly." Heero gave Duo a small glare, knitting his eyebrows together.

Duo let out a little 'epp' and scuttled to his feet. He was a blur of black and hair as he exited the room and flew around the house. "I have to have batteries…….they are here somewhere." Duo was opening small draws the littered the kitchen, tossing the contents around. "How can I not have batteries!!!" He ran down the hallway and headed towards Quatre's room. Without knocking he flung the door open, and with his chest heaving and his hair awry he grabbed Quatre by his shirt collar. "I NEED bateries!"

Quatre who was reading peacefully on his bed, looked strangely at Duo. He raised his hands in defeat as he pulled himself away from the crazy braided man. "Ok Duo! Here." Quatre tossed him his portable CD player. "Take the batteries from there."

Duo's hands worked quickly to rid the player of the batteries, taking them firmly in his hand and dropping the CD player on the bed. He launched himself towards the door, waving his thanks. "Thanks Quatre!"

"You're……welcome, I suppose." Quatre shrugged and went back to reading his novel.

Duo bolted back to the room he shared with Heero, locking the door behind him. He held up the two small batteries triumphantly. "See, I got them Heero." Duo had a huge grin on his face as he looked over at his Japanese lover, still sprawled on the bed. Duo sauntered over to the bed's edge, picking up the vibrator and putting the batteries in place. He flicked the switch experimentally, and it sprung to life. Duo smirked to himself and turned it off. He placed it in his pocket and then crawled over to his lover, who was watching him with an amused look on his face. "Hey koi, you look incredibly sexy."

"Less talk Duo." Heero reached forward and grabbed a fistful of pure Duo braid, pulling him in for a kiss. Heero pressed his lips roughly against Duo, slipping his talented tongue into Duo's waiting mouth. He swirled his tongue around Duo's, and then sucked slightly on Duo's tongue before pulling away. Heero slipped his hands into Duo's half unbuttoned shirt and ran them across Duo's chest. With one hand he yanked away the rest of the buttons, pushing the shirt off Duo's shoulders and down his smooth back. With his other hand he firmly caressed and squeezed at Duo's chest, his fingertips running over Duo's hard nipples.

"Ai Heero!" Duo arched his chest into Heero's touch, in turn pushing his clothed arousal against Heero's. The friction caused both lovers to let out a gasp, as they rocked against each other more, Duo crawling onto Heero's lap. Moaning, Duo wrapped his arms around Heero's neck and pulled him in for a deep kiss, crushing his lips against his Japanese lover's. He left Heero's mouth and went to the flesh behind Heero's ear, kissing it and sucking at it gently. "Can I play with you now? Onegai Heero?"

Heero just pulled away from Duo, crawling onto all fours once again. His head was facing Duo, his pert ass raised above the foot of the bed. Duo leaned in and kissed Heero squarely on the lips before slipping off the bed and seating himself in front of Heero's bottom. Duo trailed a hand over the smooth flesh, trailing a finger across his still loose opening. Reaching into his other pocket he pulled out a small clear tube, flipping it open in one smooth move, and squirting some over his hand. He coated the brightly colored vibrator quickly and not wasting any time, he poised it at Heero's entrance. Without turning it on he pushed it slowly past the ring of muscle, drawing it out and then quickly pushing it back in. He rotated his hand and pushed it deeper inside Heero, yet again teasing it out and then pushing it back in. Finally he flicked the on switch, causing Heero to arch his back and shudder off the bed.

"Ahhh!" Heero pushed back onto the shivering object invading him.

Duo getting aroused by seeing Heero in such a submissive state, decided to pump the object deeper into Heero, quickening his pace at the same time. With each deep thrust, the green plastic hit Heero's prostate, the vibrations that ran through him causing him to shudder and gasp. Heero's mouth hung open as he panted, his eyes closed, his hips moving back onto the object.

"Ahh Duo! More." Heero's body was twitching, a thin film of sweat coating his skin.

Duo felt his pants getting considerably tighter as he continued to push the vibrator faster into Heero's constricting channel. He pushed it in deeply one last time, making sure it was up against Heero's prostate, before he took his hand off and left it there. Duo flipped onto his back and settled his head between Heero's widely parted knees, snaking his tongue out to lap up Heero's glistening pre-cum.

Heero moaned loudly, arching his bottom higher into the air as his body shuddered violently. "Ohh gods Duo! Too much!!!" Heero was panting, his mouth trying to grab onto something that wasn't there. He groaned when he felt Duo take his hard length into his mouth. Pushing himself deeper into Duo's mouth, he wiggled his bottom, trying to get the vibrator to move. Unable to take the torture anymore, he slipped out of Duo's mouth and flipped onto his back near the headboard. He spread his legs wide, bending both of them at the knees and his toes curling into the blanket. With one hand he reached down and wrapped it around the vibrator, pulling it out and then plunging it back in. With his other hand he grabbed his slippery erection and pumped it with his fist. "Ahh Gods! So good, ahh Duo!" Heero started pumping himself with his fist and the vibrator at the same time, causing himself to let out building moans with each thrust.

Duo sat up and watched his lover pleasure himself. His pants got even tighter at the mere sight of it, and the noises coming from Heero's parted lips weren't helping the matter. Duo leaned back on his heels and started to unzip his own attire and slither a hand inside. His fingers traced along his rock hard member, and then curling around it. His eyes were glued to the orgasmic vision of Heero, who continued to pleasure himself. Duo slipped off his pants and boxers, giving himself better access to his erection. Duo pumped himself as he watched Heero's toes curl at the bed. His eyes trailed up those long parted legs, and to the rapidly moving set of hands. The flashes of lime green thrusting in and out of Heero's tight body. He trailed up to Heero's face, he was biting his bottom lip and his eyes were closed in pleasure. Duo heard Heero let out a little strangled moan as he came violently over his fist. The hand that had been pumping the vibrator stopped, leaving the object shuddering deeply inside Heero. His other hand stroked his twitching erection as his seed flowed over his fingers and chest. The sight almost made Duo's jaw drop open. Heero finally sedated, slumped back against the pillows, the vibrator still moving inside of him. He was letting out small whimpering moans.

Duo couldn't stand it any longer. He crawled over to Heero's shuddering form, and slowly pulled the vibrator out. Without bothering to turn it off, he tossed it to the floor and crawled over Heero's body. "I can't take it anymore Heero, you're too gorgeous." Duo started to roughly kiss Heero's chest, his tongue flicking over Heero's nipples and then his mouth closing around it, sucking it harshly. He rocked his erection into Heero's firm thigh and started to hastily leave bruising kisses on Heero's neck and collarbone. Duo pushed Heero onto his side so that he could gain access to his back, pressing his lips to the crevices of Heero's spine. Duo pushed his groin against Heero's ass as he kissed and sucked the back of his neck, his teeth occasionally nipping at the reddened flesh. "I need you Heero."

Heero was still in a post orgasmic state when he heard Duo's voice. "So take me." Heero felt Duo's strained erection against his inner thighs. Duo was panting into his ear, his hands running up and down the front of his body. He felt the seemingly impossible happen, when his erection began to twitch with life again.

"Heero, you know one thing I love most about you?"

"Huh?" Heero turned his head to meet Duo's lips.

Duo let one hand trail down to Heero's building erection. "This." He crawled on top of his lover again. "And your stamina." Duo hooked one of Heero's legs around his waist and the other over his shoulder. And then with one smooth thrust, he seated himself into Heero's tightening passageway. Heero let out a little hiss as Duo started moving right away inside his lover, thrusting his member deeply. "Ahh Heero! Your so beautiful." Duo started to move inside of Heero, who had now thrown his arms around Duo's neck. Duo's hips thrust into him slowly, moaning as he quickened his pace. Duo placed his hands on Heero's thighs as he pumped faster and harder, Heero's inner walls caressing his erection. Duo let one hand go to Heero's member, pumping it in perfect timing with his own thrusting. Heero lay beneath him, thrashing his head back and forth, his body arching up to meet Duo's thrusts. Duo keep pumping him, feeling his body stiffen. "I'm almost there, almost…"

Heero reached up and bit into Duo's smooth shoulder, releasing himself for the second time. Shooting his seed onto Duo's fist. Duo followed him quickly after, finally seeking his awaited release. He mumbled his lovers name into Heero's hair as he thrust slowly two more times and then stopped, sinking down onto the exhausted Japanese man. "Only you can have that effect on me Heero."

Heero felt Duo slip out of his sore body, and settle down next to him. He was to exhausted for words or even to open his eyes. The only thing the two lovers heard as the fell into sleep was the soft murmuring of the vibrator on the floor.


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