Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Side Fic - Sweet Dreams

Heero turned and looked at Duo again. Maybes, Duo was gorgeous! Heero could make out the creamy skin and dark waves of hair that were the remainder of his braids against the white sheets. There was a soft glinting of metal decorating his left hand where it fell across his stomach, his one visible ear and his nipples.

Heero felt like he had not left the steam of the bath. His skin tingled as if every hair stood on end. He wanted it to be his hand touching Duo's stomach. He had done it before and Heero could remember how it felt. He imagined his fingers could feel the slight rippling and the hardness beneath the skin, though his hand remained touching the sheets.

Heero thought Duo might wake if he touched him. He thought he knew just the sound Duo would make if he woke with Heero's hand on him. Would it be a soft dreamy sigh? Or maybe that low sexy laughter? Heero wanted to find out.

He could feel that shifting and tightness in his groin. He could hear Duo's laughter in his mind and imagined he felt Duo's breath on his neck. What would Duo say? Just one word, "lower."

Heero groaned. He did not want to wake Duo, except he did. How long had Duo been sleeping now? An hour at most. Was that enough?

Duo moved. He shifted in his sleep, turning his back to Heero. His hair was still on his other side, so his entire back was bared. The sheet had slipped down to his hip; everything below hip or the small of the back was covered or in shadow. Heero wanted to reach into the shadow beneath the sheet...

Oh shit, oh, shit, Heero thought, I cannot sleep like this. I have to just stop or...

Do something? His mind was already supplying potential actions on Duo's part. Would it make a difference if Heero touched himself now and acted out Duo's imagined activity?

Heero wriggled the fingers of his right hand. Masturbation seemed a brilliant idea right now.

Had he ever been in such a position before? Heero did not know of any etiquette that covered this. Since he had become more sexually active, it seemed Duo was always gone, and Heero felt no hesitation about touching himself, or else Duo was right there and awake and Heero did not even consider touching himself.

Well, there had been a few times when they watched without touching each other, but that was... different. It qualified as kink. Voyeurism. Duo especially liked mirrors.

There was one time Heero could recall that he had wanted Duo and Duo had been in the same bed sleeping. That had been months ago, before they had become lovers, and had not even considered it might be OK to get himself off while sharing Duo's bed.

This was not the same as waking early in the morning and wanting him. Duo would have welcomed Heero breaking his spell of sleep with a kiss in that case.

Was it different now?

Heero turned to his back, forcing himself not to look at Duo. Heero felt content with his own looks, he had come to believe that someone like Duo could consider themselves fortunate to have a lover that looked like Heero, but Heero could not help feeling more than fortunate to have Duo. He was often tempted to think Duo a magical creature, an archangel, an elf. But saying that would deny Duo human beauty and the truth was he held the best aspects of humanity in his beauty.

Duo was not some androgynous mythological creature. He was a man. Gorgeous. Man. If there was one thing Heero was not confused about right now, it was that he was attracted to men.

Heero wanted to turn to him, smell the clove shampoo and the vanilla-spice scent of that designer fragrance he wore. Heero wanted to press his lips to that spot on the back of Duo's neck that no one else ever saw, because it was hidden beneath his braid. He wanted to press himself to Duo's back...

He could not do it. Part of Heero said that there were many nights they did sleep holding each other. The other part said that if Heero held Duo now he would not stop himself from movements alike to rubbing, grinding or thrusting.

Duo probably would not mind, but he really should have the opportunity to say, "Heero, I'm too fucking tired, can't you just wait one hour for me?"

As tired as Duo had been after two days straight without sleep and commanding a mission, he probably would have asked for more than one hour, but Heero thought his mind had supplied one, perhaps because it was one of those Jesus quotes.

Duo's relationship with the Catholic Church was rather twisted.

Heero slipped his right hand beneath the covers, found his cock. His eyes closed. Oh yes... so good... and Duo with schoolbooks. Heero pictured Duo walking into the hotel room with carrying schoolbooks and the way his school uniform fit his body. The way that said he was a man in boyish clothing. That was what Heero desired, not a boy, but a man possessed of certain boyish charm.

Oh, Duo...

Oh, no...

Wait, I cannot do this, Heero told himself.

He turned his head to regard Duo again. He seemed to sleep so deeply. He really had been exhausted. Heero would like to think that Duo would not mind being woken up, but the truth was, Duo needed the sleep. They had work to continue tomorrow. So, whether Duo would be more pleased or unpleased to find Duo masturbating beside him was now irrelevant. The act of waking Duo in itself was inconsiderate.

He could not wake Duo to have sex and he could not wake him by masturbating.

Heero needed something. How long ago had they escaped to that bathroom in Paris? Too long, even if it was only a day. And that had been so quick.

Heero hated when these situations came up, people in danger, missions, cases to be solves, enemies to seek or evade. It always too away from time he could be making love to Duo. It would have been making love. If Duo were awake now, even if it seemed just a fuck to release all the tension, it would have been love.


It is not as if doing it will prevent me from giving you what you need come morning. Heero laughed silently. He might just please Duo more if he got off now.

That settled it in Heero's mind. Duo would understand if he ever found out. No pouting that Heero had not waited. He would understand that it was the most logical solution. Heero had to masturbate now so he could get to sleep and fuck Duo the next morning. Yes, that was the best plan.

Now Heero just had to figure out how to do it without disturbing Duo's sleep. Heero thought about going into the other room, but there was a chance there would be some emergency, a prisoner would escape or a witness in custody would be endangered and some agent would come looking for Duo. They had the duplicate key. It would not be good if Lieutenant Maxwell's civilian consultant were found wanking at the kotatsu.

Heero shivered. That would be tacky.

He did not really want to go into the bathroom.

It would have to be here in the bedroom. Heero supposed he would have to move from the bed. He could try to not move very much, but perhaps it was wisest to move.

If I am going to have to move, Heero thought, I might as well go about things the best way. He crawled from the low platform bed to the floor and then stalked on hands and knees toward his luggage.

Heero opened the wardrobe trunk as quietly as he could and looked inside. Lube would be good. He opened a compartment to retrieve the container, this one was a travel-sized tube, not that Heero had been traveling light. Something to clean up. It would not take very much. Heero decided to take a few PMTs with him.

Heero had an impressive collection of risqué graphics files featuring Duo now, but with Duo right there, Heero was certain he would not need any pictures this time.

Visual stimulation was taken care of, but perhaps something olfactory.

Heero considered the vial of vanilla essential oil. Sometimes that was enough to remind him of Duo when they were apart. He could just crawl to the bed and smell Duo, but Heero imagined Duo waking to find Heero on the floor, naked, holding lube and sniffing at him. Somehow he could not imagine Duo's reaction being positive. Best-case scenario involved loud peals of laughter.

Heero turned to the doors that led to the other room. Duo's luggage was still there. He could go over there.

Duo would not mind, Heero thought as he crawled around the bed. They were often borrowing things from each other's luggage.

Heero came to Duo's bags. He had packed about as much as Heero, but his things were all in separate small bags rather than organized into one large container. Heero opened several before he came to the bottle he was looking for. Heero only paused to consider the dildos in Duo's toy bag, but decided his fantasy did not include receiving tonight.

Heero lifted the frosted bottle of designer scent and crawled back to his side of the bed on knees and one hand.

Heero allowed himself a quiet sigh. Duo probably would laugh if he saw this. Heero did not know what Duo would do in this instance. Heero had never caught Duo masturbating, well, not when Duo did not want to be caught. There were times they were together and Duo just started touching himself. Heero rather liked watching, especially if he knew Duo was thinking about him.

Duo would probably say that Heero should have woken him, but he would already have to be awake to say that. Heero was certain that the real truth was that Duo would be very edgy and groggy if woken now and not interested in sex.

Heero knelt on the floor near the bed and arranged the lube, towelettes and fragrance on the floor before him. He wondered how tired he would have to be to turn down sex with Duo. Very tired. Ridiculously tired. Deliriously tired.

Heero looked onto the bed. Duo had shifted in his sleep. He lay on his front side, his left leg drawn up along his side. He had kicked the sheet from his body such that only one leg was covered. He looked so good.

Duo's face was turned toward Heero. He looked peaceful. Beautiful.

Heero wanted to fuck him. He was almost asking for it.

Of course not literally. He was asleep. If he had been awake and posed like that, however, Heero would have crawled across the bed and politely offered to fuck Duo as deeply as he liked. Heero could just see Duo grinning and thanking him for the offer.

Shit, Heero wanted him. He grabbed his cock and tugged roughly. Pain was of no consequence. It might just enable his mind to focus on anything...other than waking his boyfriend.

Heero managed a few deep cleansing breaths. He tried to calm himself, as if in mediation or yoga class. The implements of masturbation were lain out ceremoniously before him. Heero lifted the bottle with his right hand. He turned up his left wrist and sprayed it.

Heero could smell the spicy faintly vanilla scent. It was a smell he associated strongly with Duo. Heero let out a slow quiet breath.


Duo with schoolbooks. Though he had been technically assigned as a consultant, Heero had been sent out into the field today. He had promised himself a certain fantasy to help get himself through the day. He wanted to act it out with Duo, but there was no reason he could not act it out mentally as well.

Duo would walk into the room with the schoolbooks. The whole idea of Duo as a student turned him on. Why was irrelevant.

Heero squeezed lube onto the fingers of his right hand.

Duo would smile. Correction. Duo would grin. He would say something slick and American.

Heero rolled his fingertips against each other, checking the consistency of the lube, letting it warm.

His mind did not need to know what Duo said, only that it was some lovely Duoism.

The books would go on the table in the other room.

Heero would be... on the bed, waiting for Duo to come to him. Maybe he would be working with his computer. No, he would be pretending to be working, but really he would be reviewing his collection of naughty Duo pics.

Heero thought about those photos. Duo wet and naked. Duo variously half dressed. Duo in costume.

The way his shirt fit. His pants.

"Get out of your school clothes", Heero would say, or something like that. Heero touched his fingers lightly to his cock, looked at Duo's naked sleeping body, let his eyes loose focus and thought about watching Duo undress.

He had such long legs. Heero loved his legs. Great body overall, slender, but not too skinny. Generally well-toned and flexible. Heero remembered Duo in yoga class. He remembered Duo trussed up in cordage and bondage gear.

Yes, need it. Heero closed his hand around his cock, tugged gently. His mind skipped ahead to having Duo naked and in his grasp. They would kiss. Heero did not act out the kissing. He just remembered how much he loved kissing Duo and for some reason a memory of Duo tasting like beer came to him.

Not what a good schoolboy should taste like.

That would mean punishment. Yes, at first, Heero had only done it because he was convinced Duo needed it, but he had quickly discovered that he liked the spankings and the bondage. He liked the sounds Duo made, and that eventual look of gratitude and peace that came to Duo's face.

Kissing his neck. Heero lifted his left hand and inhaled deeply. Yes, that was what he would smell as he pressed his lips to Duo's throat. He could almost hear the desperate dreamy sound Duo would make.

Two words: "Fuck me." Maybe Real Duo would say more, or make it wittier, but it was Heero's fantasy. Duo need only efficiently communicate his consent and desire.

Yes, Heero thought. He was breathing Duo's scent. He imagined it was Duo's hand on him.

"I want this", Duo would say.


He was doing it. He knew just how tight Duo would feel. He knew his smell. He knew the sounds he made. He knew that Duo would be submissive and compliant in this. He knew that Duo got off on it. He knew that he got off on Duo's enjoyment. He knew that he got off on fucking Duo Maxwell.

Heero was just lucid enough to keep from calling out to that passion-blurred figure on the bed before him. Heero was not the screamer that Duo was, but lately he had been calling out more. Duo had brought something out in him, helped Heero to discover for himself a means to letting go... completely.

I love you, Heero thought. His hand quickened; mimicked everything that Duo would be.

Heero visualized himself on the bed, giving Duo those quick deep thrusts that he liked so much. He would give Duo just the friction he desired; send him screaming into ecstasy.

Heero felt so close to ecstasy. He was going to...

The figure moved. Heero stilled himself immediately. His hand froze on his cock, the ball of his thumb microns from pressing against its head. He wanted...needed to move. Duo was shifting again. Heero was filled with a horror that Duo was awake and a thrill of exhibitionism at the possibility of being discovered.

Duo made some sound, a moan deep in his throat, almost a purr. It was nothing but erotic, so far as Heero was concerned. He held his breath and watched Duo rub his cheek against the pillow case.

His body turned, his limbs were rearranged. Heero was almost certain Duo was awake. Then he settled, moaned again and was silent.

Heero let out his breath slowly, not yet daring to move. Waiting had rid him of the urgency he had felt. Heero was not sure if that pleased him or not. He swallowed hard as he looked toward Duo.

He could not have shown Heero a more enticing position if he tried. Had he tried?

"Duo?" He rasped.


It was as if Duo were trying to show Heero his ass. He had reversed his position so that his right knee was drawn up along the side of his body. Heero could see his back and a wealth of brown hair spilled across white sheets.

Heero started working his cock again without planning to. He just looked at Duo and he touched himself.

Planning became irrelevant. Heero pictured himself there on the bed, his cock in Duo's ass, his hand on Duo's dick. It explained away the masturbation in his mind. Heero knew he was pleasuring himself, yet he was there, fucking Duo.

He was not even a meter away!

Yes... you feel so good... you want it deep... all of it.

Heero's hand worked his cock from base to tip.

Just like that... all for you.

He imagined Duo lifting his ass in attempt to deepen the stroke.

No. He had not imagined it. Duo had just made a slight pivoting motion of his hips. Not only that. His right leg was pushed straight and then dragged up along his side again.

Heero stared, excited, horrified. He did not stop. He began to use both hands. He began to thrust into his hands.

Duo pumped his hips against the futon. Heero could not tear his gaze from the flexing of Duo's buttocks.

A dream? Duo was having a sex dream.

Oh, please come for me, Heero thought.

Duo made a groaning noise. His hands clutched the sheets.

Yes, Duo... fucking you... deep... faster now.

Heero did not imagine it. Duo pumped the bed faster than before. He craned his neck, made a groaning sound. Hair was tossed. Hero saw Duo's face was turned toward him. The eyes were closed, but when Heero managed to focus, he could see the eyes moving quickly beneath the lids.

Yes, for you... feel so good... I will come... come for me, Duo.

He pictured the restraints attached to the bed, like the ones he had at home. He visualized the elastic cords clasped to Duo's bondage gear, the collar, belt, ankle cuffs and wrist cuffs. He was the one pumping Duo into the mattress. He was burning with need to release.

He was kneeling on the floor with legs spread, furiously stroking his cock with two-handed grip.

Heero's mouth opened. His throat worked; no sound was made, but the soft his of flesh against flesh that he could not bear to silence.

Duo was screaming. "Yes, Master! Oh, you are my god! Please don't stop!"

Duo was asleep.

Heero was shouting, "Come for me, Duo-chan. Now!"

Heero was gasping soundlessly.

"Uh, yeah, uh, uuuh, fuuuck..."

In his sleep Duo cried against his pillow, "Uh, uh, uh." His body tensed.

Heero nailed Duo to the bed as he came.

He bit his lip to keep from crying out and came onto his hand.

Heero bowed forward. His forehead touched the edge of the bed. Fuck, that had felt good. Heero waited half a minute then straightened and lifted the PMTs. He used one to wash his hands, the second to clean his cock and the third to wipe sweat from his body.

Heero felt he wanted to fall into bed and sleep. Mission accomplished, he thought. Finding the trash receptacle could wait. He pushed the used wipes against the side of the platform and climbed onto the bed, slowly.

Duo's breath was a bit rapid, but he seemed like he might still be asleep.

Heero lowered himself, not bothering to slip beneath the covers. He lay on his back, closed his eyes and felt his body begin to cool.

Not a minute passed before Heero felt a slight shifting in the mattress. He opened one eye and saw Duo push himself up from the bed. He was turned away from Heero, seemed to shake his head at something.

Duo turned over, obviously awake, eyes open, though sleepy. He scooted toward Heero then lay down again, close to Heero's side. "Mm, Heero... Did I... um, wake you?"

The knowledge of what had happened was too much for Heero to contain. He started laughing.

Duo pressed his forehead to Heero's shoulder. "Stop. It is not my fault if I have a dream like that. It was about you, too, and you wouldn't laugh if you knew what happened."

Heero tried to stop laughing, gulped for a breath. "Oh." He laughed. "Schoolboy uniform." Laughter. "Bound to the bed." Chuckle. "Deep and fast."

Duo shoved the heel of his palm into Heero's ribs. "Fuck you. You really gotta get those Newtype abilities under control!"

Heero swallowed the rest of his laughter and took a deep breath. "Ne, Duo-chan?"

"Mm?" He was falling asleep again.

"It was good for me too."

"Mm, best part of sleepin' with you."

"Sweet dreams."

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