Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph

To onlookers it might have seemed there was nothing wrong. As Heero traveled he went about his activities as if on a mission. Only, this mission he gave himself. He planned out where he would go and in what building he would stay and what mode of transportation he would take. He acquired and wore clothes that appeared most similar to the natives. He memorized at least one local dish and how to order it specifically. Heero blended by always appearing he knew what he was doing and by keeping to himself and drawing little attention with his appearance. He thought about many things, mostly trivial things, such as which toothpaste he would prefer to buy when he ran out. Heero no longer believed he was a weak person who had no opinions of their own and he found some small satisfaction in controlling what he did, even if it was only buying toothpaste. Heero did not think very much about the fighting itself, though he knew he had been involved in the war. He went on, traveling and feeling nothing very much about what he had done and what had been done to him.

But Heero had never been able to rid himself of emotion, even when he wished he might. He might manage not to express the feeling so that anyone noticed, but he felt.

One day, in New York, everything had come back. Everything in rapid flashes, in a subway car, in a tunnel as lights flickered. Truly, it felt like some precognitive ZERO effect; only it was post-cognitive, as they were memories. Afterward he thought he'd screamed and appeared spastic. He was not able to determine the most accurate version of events. The car's camera had previously been vandalized and once he'd started screaming the car had cleared out quickly. There were no witnesses to question.

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