Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 99

When Heero woke next, he was back in his room in Quatre's house. Koi was in the bed with him. For a moment he thought to tell Koi to get off the bed before Duo noticed, but then he realized Duo was not with him.

"Awake?" Trowa asked.

"Aa." Heero was sure he had once again drunk too much the night before. He wondered if he had done something foolish. He remembered talking to Hilde in the kitchen. "Why are you here?"

"I saw Duo downstairs. He had to go out early to be sure to get everything done for the test tomorrow. He said he thought it best you sleep in."

"I drank too much." There was a pain in his side somewhere and he felt a need to urinate. "Need to..." Heero said and waved his hand toward the adjacent bathroom. He realized then he was in the other bed, not the bed he had last seen Duo sleeping in, not in his bed, but the bed Koi had claimed.

Trowa said nothing, but got out of his way. Heero shuffled into the bathroom and found the toilet. He heard Trowa calling to him from the door. "I thought you and I would work on our tans or something. Can't do that everywhere in October except buying time in a bed."

"A bed?"

"They call them that, the devices you get in to tan in a salon."

"I did not realize..." Heero washed his hands and then dared look in the mirror. He might be fortunate with the permanent bed hair that worked, as Duo had said. He actually looked better than he felt. Heero rinsed his mouth and brushed his teeth and then walked from the bathroom.

Trowa looked at him expectantly. He was wearing his cut-off fatigues, or one of several similar pairs he probably owned, and a tee as well. Heero thought maybe it was really Quatre's shirt, but he was not sure why he believed so, he was sure Trowa also owned tees.

"You don't have something to do with Quatre?"

"I'll go by myself if you have something else to do."

"Did Duo say anything?"

"Not really. Were you expecting something? I don't really care, actually."

"I was just..." Heero shook his head. "Being too suspicious of your motives."

Trowa laughed warmly. "Your paranoia is not new. If I want to fuck or go on a date I can call Quatre and he'll come at least halfway through the Sphere to meet me, sometimes all the way. I see Duo way too much at work. Wufei, you know." Meaning that Trowa and Wufei were not really friends only old allies from the war and associated with each other through Duo or Quatre. "I'll go by myself, but I asked you because I wanted to."

They were friends. Possibly almost at the spill your guts while sober without fear of embarrassment level. You really had to have respect at the least for the guys who bathed you while you were comatose. "I'll need some water. I think my liver hurts."

"Then lying still in a warm place is a good plan for you."

"Aa. I will need my sunglasses as well."

"And a sunbathing garment."

"Not afraid you will get lines?"

"I have my small one, but I do know a place here we can go nude."

"I trust your motivations, but sunburned cock is not something I even want to risk."

"You could try a leaf."

"I'll find something to wear, but a private place actually does sound good to me."

"No problem, it's part of the roof. Let's go get you some water and a bit of food before we go up."

Heero agreed with a nod.

Some while later, Heero followed Trowa through the upstairs hall and then through a narrow door to a narrow set of stairs that led up onto the roof. Heero could see there were sections of the roof sloped and tiled, some flat sections of concrete supporting network of sun-tracking photovoltaic panels, some metal ladders and catwalks for utility access to roof-mounted air conditioner units and security devices.

"There," Trowa said, pointing to an area presently behind Heero. He turned to see the watchtower there and a flat section of roof above it. They walked along the narrow access path between the glare of solar panels and into the unoccupied watchtower. "They only have this tower manned if they are already on a higher level of alert, the property can be monitored from other areas ordinarily," Trowa explained. It really did seem a secure property, very much a residence that could serve equally as getaway resort or military headquarters depending what was needed. Actually, it probably served as something of a conference center and business office as well. A rope and wood ladder led up to a trapdoor in the wooden roof above. Trowa suggested they leave their lunch in the lower part of the tower and climb up to sunbathe.

It was very like laying out on a wooden deck, though one without railing and which was several stories above the ground. The roof and tower had a clear view of all the rear yards and of the other sections of the roof. Heero could see there was another tower across the roof from which the drive to the villa could likely be viewed.

Trowa quickly stripped down to his small sunbathing suit and tossed his clothing down into the tower. He began applying suntan lotion then. Heero did the same, stripping down to a pair of undershorts and then borrowing Trowa's lotion. He was saying that in summer here it was even hotter and the villa's location got sun through most of the year and it never got very cold except at night, so it was better to use lotion with some protection than oil.

When he had applied lotion, Heero lay on his front on a borrowed towel and then after a moment's thought, wriggled out of his underwear. He would be sure to wear them if he flipped. Folded his arms in front of him and looked down on to the grounds through his sunglasses. He could see Relena and Gwenevere were both in the pool, along with some of Quatre's sisters. Heero had seen that Quatre's family believed in dressing modestly in public but when in their own home did not show the same regard for modestly. Heero wondered what Adin was doing, as there seemed only women at the pool.

Some people were playing tennis, Heero thought Seth Naquib was among them. Farther away, still in the villa's grounds, he saw some men on horseback playing polo and some others only spectating.

Later in the day, after Heero and Trowa had gone down into the tower for lunch and back up to tan their other sides, they heard Quatre calling to them from below. Trowa opened the trap door and looked down into the watch tower. "You always look cute in uniform."

Quatre laughed and the sound drew closer to say he was climbing the ladder. "Only dress uniform and upper class sport uniforms." He pulled himself up through the trapdoor and sat with his legs still hanging through the door. Heero looked up at him. Quatre had a scent of fresh perspiration and designer fragrance. That and the uniform said he had only just finished playing polo. "I'm not one who can look really sexy in fatigues."

"Whether you look sexy in camo is not what matters to a soldier."

"Might get you better prices when you get into town to visit whores."

"If there were any change in price for soldiers, I think it would have to be motivated by the fear of seeming to favor either side and not whether they were attractive or not," Heero said.

"Did you really visit whores, Trowa?" Quatre asked.

"I never said I did. You said ‘whores'. I think I saw a stripper when we were in the Balkans, but no whores."

"Did you Heero?"

"Yes, but not for the purpose of having sex with them."

"Someone arranged for me to have a lap dance while at a party."

Trowa and Quatre looked at each other in silence and Heero thought this meant they were deciding if this upset Trowa in any way. "I'll strip if you give me a lap dance," Trowa said decisively.

Quatre laughed happily. "You should probably come in from the sun now," Quatre told them. I am going to wash before dinner. I know Duo's team have been training the MCP's selected pilot on the Tinman controls all day, but I suppose they would come in to eat."

Trowa looked down along his body. "Usually one cannot tell how dark they got until they've been out of the sun a few hours."

"I am willing to go in," Heero said.

It seemed decided, so they all climbed down into the tower. Trowa and Heero dressed before leaving. Quatre led the way back into the house, following the same path Trowa had taken to bring Heero to the tower. They separate to their own rooms to wash and dress for dinner.

When Heero had dressed for dinner in black pants and white shirt, he left the room, thinking to locate the dogs. When he got to the hall, he saw many others in this wing and past the stairwell, as well, were either going down to dinner or coming upstairs from various activities to wash, so there was a bit of congestion within the hall. Duo spotted Heero quickly and put his right hand on Heero's left arm to lead him back into their room.

Heero supposed Duo's outfit was supposed to be his idea of warm weather business attire, but it came across more as someone's idea of a military uniform without any insignia. The shirt and pants were black and his tie, belt and tops of his shoes were all red. The tie was flipped between two buttons and tucked into the shirt so that it could not fall and get caught in anything, but that only made it seem more a military thing.

"I was going to look for the dogs."

"I'm sure they are both in the room with Quatre's dogs," Duo said loosing Heero's arm. He had one blue velvet bondage cuff on his right wrist. "I just need to talk to you for a second."


"Don't say anything," Duo said, as he crossed his arms, "I mean, you don't have to tell me anything. I am just saying that I know you drank about three glasses of straight rum last night after taking some painkillers and I think it was a pretty stupid thing to do and though the dumb shit acceptance still stands between us, if you do the same specific type of dumb shit again I will take you to have your stomach pumped and I will go through all your stuff and take all your pills."

"You will what?"

"I tell you this as partner, boyfriend, buddy, best friend and lover, Heero. I will do it. I don't care if you struggle or curse or decide you hate me for a while. I love you and I am not having it. Got it? That's my line and you are pretty near crossing it. I've seen this before. OK? I know kids that casually drop into conversation that their grandmother had a back problem and when she died they stole her prescription painkillers. I know about boys that take painkillers before going out to drink and dance thinking it's a brilliant way to loosen up...and maybe it doesn't hurt at all when someone's fucking their ass later, but I highly doubt they were making sober informed choices about who they let fuck their ass being so doped up. I want to know that when you grow old and get some random injury there is going to be a painkiller your body will respond to when you really need it."

"It was only two. I did not overdose...! It is not like some movie star with sleeping pills or...!"

Duo's eyes widened violently as he glared at Heero. "You poured three glasses of rum down your throat within an hour! Maybe you can't remember, but I'm the one who carried your ass up the stairs!" Duo drew his hands up in a gesture nearly like surrender that Heero took as Duo distancing himself from the argument enough that he could not touch some part of it any longer. His posture seemed to relax overall and when he spoke again it was quiet. "No one knows. Oh, Hilde knows you got drunk off your ass, but it's just me that knows, Heero. And, I'm not even going to ask what has you bothered..."

Heero drew a breath to protest but Duo cut him off.

"And I do not know what you and Hilde talked about. I just asked her about how much you drank and she told me you asked her about something but as far as she knew it was not my business. I don't care if you are friends with Hilde. It would be good for me if you could be friendly with each other, so...I don't need to know about that. And I know you are not a weak person or like some kind of brainless party boy, so you did it for a reason, but I'm absolutely sure whatever pain you are feeling, and I know it's pain, is not the type to be effectively treated with pills and alcohol, Baby. I really think if it was something I could help with, you would have told me already, so until you figure whatever it is out, as far as I am concerned, I don't even need to know what it is."

"What kind of thing is that to say to me? That you have decided I am in pain and you don't care why, so long as I don't upset you by displaying addictive behaviors?"

"For someone who professed to defend my intelligence, you sure act like I'm stupid sometimes." Duo said quietly, coldly. "I did not pull you back in here to fight, Baby. If you want to tell me what's going on right now, then please, tell me, but if not, then what I said stands, or what I am saying, as you cut me off. Finished?"

Heero nodded.

"You getting drunk that night with Johnny was different. It was getting drunk celebrating with a friend. I'm talking about your damn self-medicating. It makes little difference if it is painkillers, or sleeping pills or muscle relaxers...and before you interrupt, I do know the difference, I am saying it's not better it was only some OTC pain pill. Kinda worse given we discussed your potential dependence on them before."

"Duo! It is not like I am some addict!"

"I love you, and I can kinda understand your motivation, but I will treat you like some addict if I witness this behavior again, because the behavior is wrong. Something is bothering you and I'd have to be stupid not to notice. So, what I am saying is do what you have to, Heero. Do whatever you need to figure it out. If you need something from me, let me know. If you only need space, then I'll let you have it. But when you cross that line from working out your problems to hurting yourself, I'm going to step in whether you give me permission or not and I will not apologize about it. I care about your life."

"I care about my life. It was not...it was only one time."

"Except it wasn't. Heero. I know how it is, that somehow, when the war is ongoing, and you're out there, you can shut the emotions away when you have to do something difficult, just to keep going. Heero, you of all people should know..."

"We need our emotions. Even if you shut them out for a time, or something does it for you, the feelings still exist."

"Yeah. Baby. Having feelings is human. Sometimes, lately, I can see you trying to make yourself numb again. Don't do it. Heero, you know why it's important, even if it's hard. I know. Maybe you are having conflicting emotions; not knowing what you want most. We know I went through something like that, so it's not like I'm speaking without first-hand knowledge here. It's better to deal with it than try to make it go away, because it is not going away, no matter how much you drink."

"I did not do it on purpose," Heero rasped. "I did not want to hurt myself, or hurt you. I am not like those people. I am not an addict or crying for help."

Duo stepped toward him and put his arms about Heero. It felt better to be held. Heero truly feared that Duo already knew everything. He did not want Duo to know that sometimes he was really scared and sometimes he wondered if he wanted someone else. He wanted to be the perfect boyfriend Duo said he was, but he did not believe he was. He wanted to be confident and impress Duo, but he was doubting himself. He wanted to be someone who could really know that he could mean every word of a marriage vow, but he was not even close yet.


"I love you." Duo's lips pressed his right temple. "Let's go get something to eat."

Heero drank water with dinner. He spent a short while at his computer checking mail and banking information and status of Lowe client files. When he was sure his dinner was settled he changed into his swim shorts, which he had packed, and told Duo he was going to swim.

Duo had been lying in bed reading a book and said he might be down in a few minutes.

Heero stopped on his way to retrieve the dogs and let them outside and then began swimming laps. He did not think about anything except breathing, moving through water and reaching the far end of the pool, and it was good not to think. He did need to work things out, but dwelling on his inability to know the best path only made his head hurt, and swimming was not going to destroy his liver.

Koi caused a bit of a disturbance by leaping into the pool, but he paddled his paws and kept his head above water, so Heero did not worry. He looked toward Koi every time he did one lap, to see if he panicked or went under. When Koi began to look panicked and tired, Heero swam to him, pulled him to the edge and boosted him up onto the concrete surround. He did a few more laps himself before getting out. By that time Duo was sitting in one of the chairs near the pool, still fully dressed and reading. Hilde was nearby typing at a mobile computer, her own, Heero supposed.

"Chlorine and black clothes. You are not getting near me until you rinse," Duo said, hardly even looking up. Just for that, Heero planted his hand on Duo's shirt before calling Koi and walking back into the house.

He could hear Duo cursing him as he went inside.

Upstairs, Heero commanded Koi into the shower so he could rinse out his coat and then climbed in after the dog. Duo came into the room shortly, naked to the waist, and went straight to the sink to rinse his shirt. "You are such a child sometimes!"

"Same to you," Heero called.

Duo hung his shirt on the towel rack and then left the bathroom. Heero got Koi washed and then stepped out of the shower to dry Koi before letting the dog leave the bathroom. Heero still had some dog hairs stuck to his damp skin when he had dried Koi, so he stepped back into the shower, which was still running. Just as he stepped out of his wet swim shorts he sensed someone behind and turned to see Duo capturing a photo. "I truly hope you do not let yourself get distracted in class looking at all your photos and video of me that they have to confiscate your computer."

"I really don't think they do that in college." The camera clicked again, though Duo was not looking through the viewfinder. "I think I'll spend some time looking at my collection, or are you through avoiding me?"

Heero pushed wet hair from his brow. "Terrific way to be supportive and give me space!"

Duo laughed, because Heero really had been joking. "Hey, I think it's better to just admit it than make up some lame excuse about using the bathroom or wanting to sleep in the other bed to hide what I'm doing and have you hear the skin slapping sound anyway! Hell, I even said I'd be looking at pictures of you!"

Heero shut off the water. Duo was in the doorway, biting at his lower lip and watching Heero through the viewfinder. "You know about lap dances?"


"I'll have sex with you tonight if you do a lap dance for me."

"So, that's why the chair appeared?"

"I think Quatre did that while we were at the pool."

Duo seemed to consider the offer. "Uh, is the bartering for sex your contribution to the 'New Chaos'? You know it's not very chaotic at all when it has a name."

"Well, that was my contribution." Heero stepped out of the shower and walked up to Duo. "Do you accept the offer or not?"

"I give you a lap dance and I get to fuck you?"

"No, but I will let you choose your position."

"Deal." He swallowed hard. It was, in a word, awesome. It was a good feeling to know, even feeling so wretched lately, he could make Duo feel want and intimidation. Not that he wished to be cruel, really, but from his point of view, Duo was so often the intimidating one, possessing that combination of looks, skill and experience. It was good to think that Duo could feel the same way, even if it was not experience that affected him. "You need to get dressed."

"To receive a lap dance?"

Duo laughed and turned his back, then sauntered toward the conspicuous chair. "What a hitman wears, or maybe just what you wore to dinner."

The clothes were not really dirty he had worn them for such a short time today. He went to his luggage. "Why is it?"

"Well, what would you wear if you really went out to a nightclub to get a lapdance?"

"Underwear too?"


"I never actually went to a nightclub to get a lap dance."

"That's OK, I never actually performed a lap dance, but..." Duo set the chair against one wall, facing into the room, and then stooped to his nearby luggage. "fortunately I travel with an emergency supply."

"Supply of what?" Heero stepped into his pants and tried to view the interior of the bag Duo was digging in.

"Emergency relationship savers. Never know when I might need them."

"Am I supposed to be sorry about it?"

Duo shook his head. He sat on the chair to get out of his current clothing.

"Guess I'm not supposed to say 'supposed to' regarding a feeling."

"Yeah." Duo was quiet for a minute, stripped down to briefs and socks and contemplating something wadded in his hand. He lifted his head and grinned. "You have any cash? I think you'd want cash to give your dancer."

"Why is it your games always involve me losing money?"

"You owe me a shirt too!"

"Yeah? How much is that Heero Yuy designer in the bathroom worth?"

"Well, we'll see when it's dry," Duo said perkily. "Time to pick out my music?"

Heero buttoned his shirt. "I have no special request."

Duo gave a nod and crawled across the floor to his computer. He was damn sexy just crawling on the floor. "We need mood lighting as well."

Heero knew this. Duo had made him put fabric over his lamps once when they were playing their video boy game with each other. Heero stepped over to Duo's luggage, because he usually had things like scarves tucked away somewhere. "So, what else is in the emergency supply?"

"Well, if I told you...I mean it's for emergencies..."

"I understand it means you are holding out on me."

"Ha ha," Duo said, not actually laughing, "let's say 'saving something for marriage'."

He did not know if it was included in emergency supplies, but Duo had one of his dildos in his bag. Heero picked up a red scarf and went to drape it over the lamp between the beds. He ushered the dogs into the bathroom, shut the door, and then switched off the overhead light then returned to the chair. Duo seemed to still be fussing with the music selection. "I am a little worried that if I say you'll marry me you'll surprise me with something..."

"Like what?" He was naked and buckling bondage gear.

"I don't know exactly," Heero said as he sat down, "something hardcore, like golden showers or something."

Duo laughed loudly. "Are you totally turned on by being pissed on?"

"Decidedly not."

"Same here, so no worries." Duo showed Heero a little black leather garment no more substantial that the horrible sunbathing suit he had made Heero wear. Clearly it was meant to be his costume. "You really worried?"

"No secret to you I am spooked by marriage, and it not as if it is the only reason, but there is this sort of itchy tingle worry feeling."

"It's only your fear to admit you like doing what I'll let you do to me." Duo's voice had several times been equally as sexy and sultry, but never more. He raised the volume on the music player, stood, then walked toward the chair, and of course that meant sauntered. The rings on his blue bondage gear clinked and with the particular percussion in the song, it made Heero think of belly dancers or gypsies or some ancient black and white video that was all hips and scarves trimmed in coins.

Heero had expected something a little more cheesy nightclub with visions of shiny go-go boots and dioxins in the air, but he liked this music.

Heero dug the billfold from the pocket in which he had placed it and held the bills aloft between two fingers. Duo danced his way right up to Heero. Heero slid his legs farther apart. Duo stepped right between his knees and went into slow gyrations of his pelvis.

It was very much what Heero had expected a lap dance was supposed to be: someone, Duo in this case, performing erotic dance, or at least moving suggestively in time to music, in very close proximity to the viewer's lap.

"Did she just say 'cuffed'?" Heero whispered. Duo only continued his dance. If anything, he added some thrusting motions. Heero still admitted to liking the music, but he truthfully did not know that people sang songs like this with words like afraid, ashamed, attention, discipline, pain, masked, cuffed, rush, naked...

Duo did a turn. The back of the garment was made of nothing but vertical and horizontal leather thongs. It was a really nice view. Heero hissed a breath and awkwardly folded a bill over the strip of leather above Duo's right buttock.

Duo bent forward, giving Heero a glimpse of asshole before he straightened and turned around. This was such a good idea, Heero thought, good enough that he was not really upset Quatre was the one who had thought of it.

"Did she just say 'cock'?" Heero choked. Not only that...it sounded like: choked cock throbs in time liberate your sperm come in wondrous waves breaking through the walls of shame.

Heero wanted badly to touch Duo. He could not recall Duo saying it, but he knew touching was not allowed. If he did find a dancer who would allow touching, it would most definitely cost more to do so. Heero raised a hand and let the remaining billfold run down the center of Duo's chest and abdomen. Throbbing was correct. Duo had his attention, and then came his finale.

Rapid gyrating to the drumbeats of the song, hands caressing his flesh, head and hair tossed wildly. When the song ended, there was a pause, and then another began to play, but Heero understood this dance was over. Duo leaned forward, breathing hard. His nose touched Heero's nose and then he put a few centimeters between them.

Heero swallowed. "I think I want the leash," He whispered. "You think?" Duo teased.

"Get the leash, Duo-chan."

Duo leaned closer, breathed on Heero's ear. "As you wish."

A powerful lure.

Duo returned in a moment and presented the leash to Heero with both hands. Heero clipped the leash to the ring at the front of Duo's collar and then thread his hand through the loop at the opposite end.

"Put your hand in my pants."

Duo grinned, with delight, Heero thought, and slipped his right hand down the front of Heero's pants and into his shorts to stroke his cock. "Fast learner."

Heero gripped the chain of the leash in his left hand such as to give Duo less slack and brought his right hand up Duo's body to the ring through his left nipple. A little restriction for reminding Heero that Duo had once given him the same command. A tip of the head and slightest pull on the leash and Duo closed the rest of the space necessary to meet Heero's mouth with a kiss.

Nice. It was so nice, deep, wet, enough to make Heero not care that he was moaning. Duo's left hand went for the buttons of Heero's shirt. He tried to voice assent through the kiss, and Duo seemed to understand. Heero felt his way down Duo's torso and pushed one side of the thong free of his hips and then the other. He had to take one hand from Duo at a time to remove his shirt and continue to hold the leash, but he did so without a thought. Another half a minute and they were both naked, apart from some bondage gear and jewelry.

"Name it."

"Right there in the chair, or maybe, mm, bent over something or on my knees, you know, from behind."

"To start?" Heero asked as he sat back in the chair.

Duo asked for slack by shifting his weight against Heero's resistance. Heero loosed the chain so that Duo could move the length of the leash. "You'll do it for me?" Duo asked, flashing a condom.

"Tell me it is for a good reason."


Heero nodded.

Duo came back and stood before the chair. He waited.

Heero reached out a hand. "I'll roll it, you do a few more moves for me."

Duo straddled Heero and the chair and did a few torturously slow thrusts into the air, as Heero rolled the condom on. It was thick and pre-lubed, and Heero did not even try to guess why Duo had picked this one. Heero tried to catch Duo's dick with his mouth. It danced away from him.

"Tell me I can't," Duo whispered. "Say you'll tell me when to come, not 'til later."

"Can you?"

"Tell me what will happen if I cum too soon."

Heero understood. "If you cum before I say you may you will only disappoint us both. I will say when you can release. It will feel so good to do it, better than ever, if you wait on my command."

"Yes, Heero. What happens if I cum before you say?"

"Do not."

"Tell me what happens...please."

"I'll leave you in here alone and go sleep with Quatre and Trowa." There was a pause and then Duo smiled. Heero smiled back.

"I might say some things, but you don't have to listen."

"I will fuck you. Saying no will not stop me." Heero put his hands to Duo's ass and spread his cheeks to demonstrate his point. "I will trust your skills," Heero said.

"That's good to hear," Duo said, smiling through the mechanics of entry, though Heero was certain it caused something like pain. Heero could not actually see the way the bodies joined, but this position was one of the best for seeing Duo's reaction, and for Duo to see his.

"You are so..."

"I know. Oh. You, too." Heero touched his fingertips to Duo's dick, stroked lightly as he could. "Oh, don't. Don't even touch me." At that moment, 'don't' was not the word that meant not to do.

And some minutes later, when Duo was on hands and knees on the faux wood flooring, panting "Stop," that meant neither cease nor desist. But Heero did go slow for just a bit, because he knew Duo's task should be a challenge, not impossible.

When Heero came, cock buried deep in Duo's ass, with Duo begging, "please...I can't," he still would not tell Duo it was time to cum, because he knew how Duo really wanted things to end, without mindreading, and Duo was not ready yet.

"Soon," Heero groaned out, "on your back, it will be amazing." Duo turned and lay amid the litter of his luggage. Heero quickly slathered lube on Number Two, which he had freed from its protective plastic and Duo's bag during a slow moment. A few more seconds and he was pressing the dildo to Duo's ass. This time he could see the entry.

"What are you. Heero. Let me!" Duo said quietly.

"Listen," Heero said. He paused a moment, watching Duo take Two. He spoke quickly, "Things are going to get faster again. I want to do something for you with my mouth, so I cannot tell you the exact moment. Understand? Give me at least fifteen seconds. Duo. Fifteen seconds, then you can cum. You will cum so hard..."


The position was slightly awkward, a hand to steady Two, Duo's cock in his mouth, and the fingers of his left hand reaching for Duo's mouth. This was how Duo wanted to go out, fucked, sucked and sucking. It was brilliant to behold, so much involuntary twitching and thrusting, and no accidental biting at all.

Duo, having caught his breath, beckoned for a kiss, and so Heero moved to surrender the kiss. Light, but highly enjoyable. Heero did not notice Duo's hand going for his cock until it was in his fist.


"Ya know...because you really helped me..." Duo whispered, "If you had enough...but I want to."

"Hai. Find a blindfold, then." One of the scarves was already in Duo's other hand. It was almost like dreaming, but too sharply pleasurable to be a dream. It had been so good what they did, but it was true while Heero focused some part of his mind of what Duo was allowed that he did not completely give himself over to his own enjoyment. Duo made certain it was complete. He had Heero near shouting.

When Heero felt Duo's mouth against his lips, he pushed the blindfold from his face. He felt a rush in his blood when he looked into Duo's weirdly blue eyes. Duo made a rather dramatic sigh and Heero wondered if it was not a little forced and perhaps melodramatic. But, it made him laugh.

Duo made some small noise. He smiled. His left forearm was braced across Heero's chest and his fingertips stroked Heero's face. Heero could see his eyes were unfocused, as if he were looking somewhere past Heero. Maybe, Heero thought he was going to say something, but he only smiled.

Heero felt good, but now they were not actively having sex his sense of time and space reasserted itself and he realized they had somehow traveled very close to the bathroom door and that he felt that sort of stickiness of drying sweat and was probably bruised in places from contact with the flooring. Yet, Heero did not feel a pressing need to turn away or wash.

Heero decided Duo could be having similar thoughts, so he lifted his right arm, and understanding the offer, Duo slipped his left arm under Heero's arm and then lay his head to Heero's chest. Heero closed his eyes.


Heero's eyes snapped open. He lifted his right arm.

"No!" Duo said, loudly, and then lowered his voice again. "I mean, put your arm back, for a bit." Heero put his arm down against Duo's shoulders and Duo continued, "I only said the word so you could know that you can believe everything I say again."


Just breathing. Heero could almost sleep. He felt peaceful. "That time, it was really good for me," Duo said quickly. He moved then, kissed Heero, and got up from the floor. He said he would get a quick shower.

Heero thought he would just rest on the floor a while, but he heard the taps and pads of claws and paws on faux wood and sat quickly. Somewhere, in the litter of clothing and sex toys that had been Duo's luggage there was likely a used condom. Heero just did not feel right about letting the dogs find it first. It rather made him wonder how couples ever found the opportunity to have a second child.

By the time Heero had straightened the room enough to prevent fire hazards and embarrassing trips to the animal hospital, Duo was out of the shower. He came into the bedroom wearing a towel and combing his hair. "You need to use the shower?" he asked.

Heero gave a nod.

"Get in the bed with me when you're done."

In a way it was good Duo said it, so Heero would not wonder. Then, Heero had not wondered about sleeping arrangements until Duo reminded him of all the awkwardness there had been between them. So, it was bad that Duo brought it up. The reportedly satisfying sex really should have cleared up the issue for him. And there Heero was using 'should' again, and that often got him into trouble, particularly with Duo.

Duo's hair was already braided when Heero slipped into the bed. Heero reached around Duo to grasp the end of the braid. He pivoted his wrist such that the braid wrapped around it once, then drew the plaited hair over Duo's shoulder and held it close to his chest. "This way, I'll be sure to know if you suffer insomnia and get out of bed."

"You would know anyway."

"That's right. Your boyfriend adapted to life's trials by becoming a stealthy, bad ass light-sleeper and master of observation while feigning unconsciousness."

"Did you prepare that bit ahead of time?"

"Ha ha. Touché."

"But, point taken."

"Glad that is worked out."

"I am sorry, Duo."

"Just do better."

Heero said nothing else. He realized that his wishing to spare Duo rather than depend on him was a continuing source of conflict between them. Even when it was not the old competitive nature, and instead the willingness to spare one he cared for pain, Duo still ended up hurt or insulted.

Though Duo found ways to let Heero discover the error of his ways and to express that he felt insulted, he kept staying with Heero and taking the pain. Duo was not a weak person. It was just he did not judge the amount of insult and pain great enough to break up with Heero over it.

Heero smiled to himself and began counting backwards. Sometimes Duo did the dumb shit, and Heero had not broken up with him yet. Emergency relationship savers, be they toys or kinks, were good. Heero was certain he would fall asleep soon and sleep well. It was not that the sex really stopped Heero's worries, but it reminded him that he and Duo could do something better than make each other worried or irritated, and that was motivation to work things out.

There was no way Quatre was going to appear in any erotic dream of Heero's, unless maybe he was there to watch Heero and Duo go at it.

The last thing Heero was really conscious of was Duo making a small, pleased laugh at something in his sleep.

The next day went very well. It was taken up with the Tinman tests. A selected pilot and back-up pilot had been selected by the council to pilot the mobile suit during the live test. As well, a group of experts, titled the advisory committee advised the MCP council on the assets and draw-backs of each of the three bids and the related prototypes.

Both pilots, advisory committee and council had been given access to the Tinman Mars Type, as Duo had dubbed this particular suit, during much of the previous day, to analyze the suit, its systems and controls, and the materials from which it was constructed. They had not yet seen it in action.

Of course, the nature of such evaluation was that none of the present MaxTech staff knew what the council thought of the Tinman or how it compared to Wadjet's still secret prototype, which they had already tested.

Duo had informed Heero at breakfast that he was cleared to view the live tests. The observers were driven to a location some distance north of Quatre's villa where the ESUN had arranged to perform the test. They met there a number of Preventers from a substation in Riyadh who had been dispatched earlier to set up seating for the observers plus various devices and obstacles for the test.

The Tinman was also trucked to the site, and then tipped up onto its feet by the carrier rig. Heero, sitting beside the empty seat that awaited Duo, had his first clear, full view of the Tinman. It seemed changed from his impressions formed months ago in Duo's garage, and Heero supposed the team had modified Duo's original design to better fit the needs of the MCP. It still had the bright predominantly blue and white scheme with red and gold accents. It still had a certain Gundamness to its shape and decoration. Now, the boot-like shape of the lower legs and the feet seemed wider that Heero's previous glimpses had showed.

Heero saw Duo talking to the pilots at the Tinmans' feet and then passed something to them. Shortly afterward, Duo jogged toward the canopied seating area as both pilots used the cable lift to reach the cockpit.

There was some murmur among those seated, of which some had never seen the Tinman, debating why the mobile suit was a two-seater. Apparently this had not been a requirement of the MCP, but Duo had not changed his original design to present the previous unquestioned mobile suit tradition.

As Duo was taking his seat, Trowa, on Heero's other side, was saying that the Tinman was not only a tool to allow a human to do heavy labor in an inhospitable environment, but Transportation to the site where work would be done, like a rover. And if one had to spend months off-base on a surface survey or aquifer drilling mission, it was better to have another live human there for company.

Quatre said he had heard similar sentiment from his people on Mars and most vehicles there, light and rugged as they were, did carry at least two people.

A pair of large video screens with speakers activated either side of the seating area. An image of the pilots, within the cockpit, was displayed. It seemed regular a/v communication, with the pilots able to see the four members of the council and respond to their direction or questions. They were both civilians, called Narim and Lily. Narim was former Alliance military, with experience in piloting many models of land mobile suits, now a mobile suit pilot instructor, and Lily was a freelance pilot of land based mobile suits and exo frames used in various industries such as farming and construction, recently off a job surveying ice sheet thickness in Antarctica.

The pilots began, as instructed, by putting the Tinman through a series of basic maneuvers, such as one would do when testing for a mobile suit pilot license or in military mobile suit pilot training. Performed by experienced pilots, the maneuvers were also a good gauge of a suit's capabilities. The Tinman was made to put its arms in various positions, to lift each leg, to walk forwards, to turn around, to walk backwards, to lean and/or bend forward, backward and to each side as far as possible without falling, to go down on one knee, to bend at the knee and lift a cargo crate with its hands, to carry the crate, and then to set the crate in a designated location.

All these basic moves seemed to be performed adequately. Gwinter then instructed the pilots to go through the obstacle course. This was made of the natural tract of dry rocky ground before them, buried items to be found or avoided, a number of boulders, some man-made platforms to approximate changes in land level, test dummies and vehicles to avoid stepping on, and some sheets, slurries and flows of various substances and mixtures meant to approximate the effect of walking through such obstacles as sudden floods, ice, mix of sand and ice, and fines. There were also blowers placed so that the course could be navigated in sandstorm conditions as well as calm.

"This should be no problem, an average pilot could do it with Tinman, and they're really good pilots," Duo said. He did seem confident, leaning back comfortably in his chair. Hilde, however, looked nervous, sitting a row ahead of them, with Yuji and Meiser.

"You are really not worried?" Heero asked.

At that moment Duo's brow wrinkled in what seemed concern. "well, not worried about the test, just worried they'll pick another suit for the MCP. Tinman exceeds most of their requirements, I mean so that it can function on earth just as well as Mars. See? What this." Heero looked toward the test range where Tinman fired small jets on its sides to lift itself off the ground for the leap to a higher elevation. It cleared it and then some.

"I see, they scaled the obstacle to account for the difference in gravity, but Tinman could clear the distance required even when at 1g."

Duo nodded. "And this version has built in GPR in the feet, which was not mandatory, and still had the leather interior and a bunch of other stuff that might make it cost more. I mean..."

"Well, it is only a prototype. If they like it, but think it's a bit much, they can buy the lot for Mars stripped down without all the fancy options."

"Duo, you built in ground penetrating radar?" Quatre asked.

"Oh, yeah! I figure that'd be dead useful on Mars looking for changes in density below the surface like aquifers and all that! It was not something they asked for, but..."

"Not the color scheme I would for," Trowa said, "but it looks like they did not find its full range of movement in those test maneuvers, and it probably could have climbed to that elevation without wasting fuel."

"Yeah, but that'd require a skilled pilot, and though there's some brilliant scientists on Mars, some are there just on pioneering spirit and willingness to leave the Earth Sphere for years at a time. Some of them are even in the penal program."

"So, not all rocket scientists?" Trowa laughed.

"Not even all mobile suit pilots, though they understand the advantage in training to be. That's kinda the reason the MCP needs the mobile suits. People like Peacecraft see how they are really useful for that environment."

"I think MaxTech will win the contract," Heero said.

"You always think that," Duo complained.

"No, look. They're smiling." It was true. The video screens showed Narim and Lily were smiling as they piloted through the obstacle course.

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