Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 92

Another week together and the cohabitation was going more smoothly than roughly. They had the absolutely necessary furniture for the absolutely necessary rooms to maintain sanity while they lived through the house's remodel and they had worked out rules to govern themselves, either by discussion or silent evolution. Cleaning of dishes, clothing, and spills was done an as needed basis and major cleaning tasks were saved for Sundays. Whoever was there first, when the dogs needed to be fed, would feed both dogs.

Heero put things away the first time, but if Duo left anything out without putting it away three times, Heero would consider this a sign that the item's home seemed wrong to Duo's way of thinking and would assign the item a new home, until Duo indicated his choice made no sense. If Heero left something out, Duo would put it away. When Heero could not find something, he would ask Duo where it was, in very polite terms.

They took turns in preparing meals, but did not always take the turns one after the other or in equal share, regardless, the one who did not prepare the meal usually helped by loading the dishwasher or setting the table, unless they thought of a good excuse to do something else, and then the cook would also clean. That person was not always Heero.

Sometimes they bathed together, but then sometimes they each spent time alone in the toilet or bathroom, sometimes a long time, and the other one did not complain. Duo thought it was OK to keep reading material in the bathroom and Heero objected on the basis that paper goods kept in a damp environment and handled while in the toilet area were likely to become host to germs. Duo produced data that said that more germs were spread in touching the water controls at a bathroom sink than in touching magazines or books kept there for reading, so Heero put a spray can of disinfectant on the shelf, beside the small vessel sink in the toilet, and went online to search for disinfectant can cozies, bathroom magazine racks, and motion controlled plumbing fixtures. He found plans and instructions for making a wall mounted combination magazine rack and toilet paper holder, with a fold-out reading surface, out of wood.

The office had silently become Heero's office, and the garage had come to be considered Duo's without question. Duo never told Heero he could not use the garage, and Heero never told Duo to leave the office, but Duo took his drafting table out of the house to the garage, while Heero resolved not to enter the garage unless invited or collecting a vehicle or tool for use. They both seemed happy with the arrangement, though the office was small and the garage poorly cooled or heated.

While the workers were about, Heero either remained in the office at work, or he moved about on site, installing various security devices and electrical gadjets to make the home more modern and 'Colonial Friendly', such as voice-activated environmental controls. Duo mostly stayed in the garage, secretly working, like a mad scientist. After a few days, the construction workers began to wonder what caused the sounds they could hear over their noise. Heero would usually answer, "Working on the car", but sometimes, if he was in a better mood, he might say, "Do not worry; I am sure he is not building a Gundam."

Duo would take breaks from his work, and then someone would see him standing in the yard, seemingly playing with Nu, or lying on the grass and leaves, or attempting to climb up a tree. He was not very good at it yet.

Heero got himself back into a routine of daily exercise, sometimes going out for a run with Koi in the morning, and other times running, after leaving the office for the day, before heading into the house for a shower and dinner. He had some free weights and usually did his workout in the bathroom. When he took breaks, it often meant playing video games.

Duo said it was strange, because when they met again at Relena's house, Heero had seemed unfamiliar with controllers and games. Heero had to admit, to Duo or himself, that it was a rediscovered pleasure. He had been allowed some games when he was younger, when he was good, and had then been encouraged to consider them child's things and treats given only to children who were not strong enough to discipline themselves, like candy. Heero liked candy now too.

They discovered together, that even being a small city determined to keep its heritage for tourists to witness, Sitka did have fun things to do. They even had a skateboard park downtown. Pete told Heero about it one day when they met on the street, each engaged in various exercise. Besides that, there seemed a myriad hiking trails, and even having lived for a short while on a forested island before and having now and then hidden out from enemy soldiers in 'wilderness' areas, Heero had little experience with hiking. It was just like going for a walk or a run, but purposely choosing difficult terrain.

Gory, Ester and some of their friends enlightened Heero as to the assets of outdoor activities, when he met them at one of the downtown cafés where Gory's band, Waterfall, played, while out with Duo investigating the fun potential in messing with pay computer terminals in the café. They said that going hiking often meant one found themselves in a secluded natural setting, alone with someone. And, sure, the physical challenge could be interesting, they supposed.

"Yes," Duo whispered, "kids who live with their parents spend a good portion of their time devising ways to escape the house to drink or have sex while seeming to be involved in sanctioned activities. It's funny to watch sometimes" And then after a pause he continued, "in a few cases sad."

Heero wanted to climb the Mt. Verstovia trail, because it had difficult steep terrain, but Duo said he would not mind checking out the Indian River trail, which was longer, easier to climb, and led to a waterfall. Heero wondered if the hiking trail one wished to climb said something about their personality or desires, but his thoughts were interrupted by the kids explaining how a lot of students walked along the Sitka Cross trail, which now was a strip of wilderness that cut through the suburban sprawl of Sitka, which had grown over the city's centuries, although it was still dwarfed by the vast areas of well preserved wilderness around, and through it. Sitka Cross was accessible from the back of the High School, they said and Heero and Duo could join them sometime if they wanted. The eastern end of Sitka Cross ran into Indian River.

Heero and Duo had not yet tried the hiking, they had closed on the house six weeks ago, but had not been their together very long, and in the time Heero had been there alone, he had only known the neighbors as people who came to ask about the construction. Going to Mitchie and Candy's cook out had helped them learn a lot about their home.

There were so many outdoor activities they had yet to try, and quaint shops, tourist centers and restaurants to visit. Sitka seemed, compared to the interior of any Colony stuck in the space above Earth, like a setting from a fantasy novel. There was some natural vegetation, animal, body of water or land form visible at all times. The buildings were rarely higher than two stories, and some only had one. There were buildings that were older than any Colony, and so everything appeared so aged to them.

Even Duo had been to Earth before, not only to commit terrorist acts, and they had visited historic sites together, but the longer they stayed in Sitka, the more it seemed, to their eyes, utterly magical. They understood that the locals, though most enjoyed their home, even if those of a certain age did not seem to admit it, could not truly see their home as someone born in space could see it. There was so much water!

Heero's home colony was designed to reproduce the environment of a cool, damp northern city, with a real man-made waterfront area and stocked fish and carefully selected flora and fauna imported from earth and placed in carefully located 'park' areas, but Colonials still starved for greenery, and Heero knew he was never going to be very impressed with the artificial waterfront area in the Colonial Capitol again.

They could leave their house and walk to a lake; they lived on Lake Street.

As much as it seemed necessary for them to own a vehicle to get around town, there were people who lived in Sitka and did not own a car, and used their own legs or a bicycle to take them where they needed, because the fact was, you could not drive out of Sitka unless you loaded your car on a ferry. The city was not itself an island, but the larger island it and several other Alaskan cities were on contained rivers, channels, bogs, lakes, mountains and forests such that major highways had never seemed so viable as the ferry system. Other cities could only be reached by water or air.

This seemed so alien to Heero, even though in the Colonies one traveled from city to city either by shuttle though open space or by train through tubes between linked Colonies. It seemed strange that on Earth there would be an area where there was so little call for automobiles over such a spread area.

At the same time, Heero thought he might like it. Duo would still provide vehicles, because they might have want or need to carry cargo larger than could be carried on bicycle and it would certainly be convenient for rainy days to have a vehicle to run into town on his own schedule. And two dogs would not fit very well on a bicycle, though Heero had seen someone towing a weird dog trailer behind their mountain bike in town one day. And, they might just want to load their vehicle on a ferry and go to Juneau, or somewhere else.

Heero had forgotten all fears that Duo would not survive living so far from Earth's major metropolises. As soon as Duo was going to school, he would be seeing San Francisco frequently. He had also mentioned taking on some jobs now and then with some people Howard was connected with, in architectural salvage, and having spoken to these contacts, Duo thought they might take advantage of his being a young, fit, pilot who owned a plane and had a reputation for making profitable deals and have him island hop to Juneau, or Vancouver, or Portland or Seattle to make bids for salvage rights or arrange transportation of cargo.

There was less than a week before Duo started school and though he teased the workers about the noise from the garage, Heero had not seen what Duo was doing in there. There was no mention of any vehicles being completed and Duo still went into the garage every day, sometimes taking Nu with him. On Tuesday, one of their little anniversaries, Heero was distracted from his work; the Zodiac report had been completed and submitted and now he was supposed to be giving attention to reports from the managers of the businesses he owned and reading over the offers from potential new clients for Lowe Security. He kept trying to read the text on the monitor, but his eyes lost focus, or he would stare out the window at the tops of the thin line of trees at the front of the yard, and he would wake later, realizing that he had been playing out sexual fantasy scenarios in his mind, involving a bunny costume he was hiding and surprising Duo either in the house or in the garage.

Despite the existence of the fantasies, Heero did not consciously think or feel that he wanted to get into the costume just then, he only wanted Duo. Perhaps he had not truly adjusted to their living arrangement. Over the past week, they had developed a system in which they worked in separate locations during the day, often met to share meals and shared some entertainment or diversion in the late afternoon or evening, perhaps including going downtown, and then slept together. They did not have what Heero would define as sex every day, though there was always some level of physical affection. Overall, this was very satisfactory to Heero. He knew well enough that as a couple, they were still having sex more times than was considered average in any given week. Still, when it was that day after 'only holding each other possessively' Heero started to daydream. And doing that, he would think: this is the reason soldiers must be devoid of attachment or else make time to engage in casual mutual release of sexual tension frequently so to keep their focus the rest of the time.

He might be looking at the monitor or tightening a screw down on an electrical connection or watching the frame of a wall go up and he would think that Duo was just there in the garage and it was no so far away.

Heero wavered in his thoughts and argued with himself. It was important, normal that a man worked and it was only healthy that a couple maintain separate workplaces and jobs. So many companies had rules against fraternization and couples working too closely together. That would only cause on-the-job distraction and inefficiency. But then, Heero and Duo worked so well together. But then, that was mainly where there was real or perceived life-threatening danger to force them to focus and cooperate. They were more likely to get competitive or sexually involved, perhaps even both. But it might not be that Duo was doing work he was paid for. Maybe he could afford to just stop working on the vehicles. Maybe it would be OK for Heero to enter the garage and seduce him away from work. But then, maybe Duo would be upset if he did. But then, maybe Duo wanted him to do it.

He was not going to get any work done as it was, trip to the garage or not. Heero checked a clock to be sure of the time. It was past lunch and he had not heard Duo come in. Stealthy as he could be, Duo had gotten into the habit of announcing his comings and goings from the house in perky Japanese phrases, like an anime schoolgirl, though he was in nearly every other way, very unlike an anime schoolgirl.

Heero had mainly ignored all anime before meeting Midii and Duo and had possessed only a general understanding that it was an artform seemingly expressed through animated genre stories. In the past week alone, he had learned of Duo's theories that though not all anime could be said to be 'genre', creating a good genre anime was an art in itself and it was not simply plugging character names into a formula to achieve 'magical girl' or 'space mecha team' results. And though there had been very many magical girl anime in the past, that did not mean it should be considered uncreative to produce yet another, because crafting a magical girl anime was as traditional an art as flower arranging or whatever and successful variations were all beautiful.

Duo had also explained his love of well done genre blending anime series, such a shows that could be considered both 'mecha' and 'magical girl' or 'romance' and 'fuedal adventure' or 'horror' and 'cyberpunk'. Heero supposed this was interesting, but he said that there were probably some combinations that really could not be done, 'fuedal' and 'cyberpunk' together for example. But, Duo got very excited and informed Heero that there was a very excellent anime showing in the current season that blended these genres and that he was fairly sure it had not been the first. Heero was skeptical, so Duo found downloads of the past episodes of 'feudal-prompt', in which a virtual construct of feudal Japan linked computers across the globe and systems were cracked and hacked by breaching castles and manipulating court politics within the construct. It was never adequately explained to Heero why the net was feudal Japan, but if he accepted that it was, the series became very entertaining, especially when certain characters gained the access to alter or bypass certain code in feudal Japan such that they could then attack a castle with a tank or transform the interior of a teahouse in Kyoto into a modern nightclub, with interior space that did not conform at all to the exterior shape of the teahouse. It was suspenseful as well, because it was often unclear whether a person existing in feudal Japan was user controlled, AI or sometimes on or the other. It was unclear whether the 'real world' was much more real than feudal Japan and certain characters known to exist in both worlds suffered temptations and pleas to stay in one world in particular to deal with events there, while having similar obligations in the other world. It was very complex. It was Heero's new favorite anime, if he could be said to have had one before.

Heero tried to sit in the living room and watch their recorded eps. of fuedal-prompt, but he found, as much as he did like the series, watching episodes he had seen before on a day when he was already distracted only caused him to imagine pairings within the cast. Heero felt very foolish doing so, and shut down the monitor they had recently installed.

He went into the kitchen and decided he would prepare Duo a boxed lunch and that would be his sad excuse for visiting the garage when it had been quietly assumed Duo's territory. If he went there and Duo really was busy, Heero would only deliver the lunch, but her really wanted Duo to give him some signal that getting fucked right there and then was agreeable to him. If Duo was busy, Heero feared he would hide himself in the office and masturbate.

When he and Duo had lived apart with all that space between them, he had thought nothing of doing it. He did not always have to call Duo on the phone, Heero was more secure about sexual things now and if he started to get distracted, he just took care of things. When he knew that Duo was so close, he stopped himself. He started to imagine that if he made the attempt, Duo would chose that moment to come in and would be upset Heero had not done something so simple as seek him out.

Maybe Duo would be happy to discover Heero pleasuring himself, but Heero was not really certain of that. He wondered if he should just ask.

The rice came out of the cooker and Duo was still not in for lunch. Heero boxed up the food he had prepared, washed his hands, stopped by the bedroom to pick something up, and then left the house through the back door.

When he came to the doors at the front of the garage, Heero could hear loud, fast music coming from the open windows high in the faux stone walls as well as vibrating through the doors. He could hear some noise that he suspected was not part of the music, though metal on metal sounds were not completely uncommon to the styles of music Duo enjoyed.

Heero opened the narrow door beside the pair of wide garage doors and entered the interior. He had seen it before Duo had begun work and knew the interior to be a large space with cinderblock firewalls, concrete flooring and steel skeleton, which overhead supported the roof, shiny inner lining of the insulation materials and industrial lighting. He did not expect the elaborate scaffolding at the rear of the garage, colored acetate hanging over the windows or the large crucifix.

Church-like atmosphere had been established. Heero then noticed the large walker exo-frame, which explained how Duo managed to manipulate the heavy parts and machinery on his own, and the collection of nearly complete vehicles. Racing bike, chopper, military APV, Corvette. Duo was sitting on the hood of the primer-coated 'Vette, grinning at Heero. He was wearing another of those workshirts with someone else's name on it.

Heero felt a lot like an intruder, but Duo's posture seemed relaxed enough, so he walked closer. The shirt he was wearing was navy with a patch that said 'Jiffy Lube J Team' on one breast, Duo had rolled the long sleeves up past his elbows. Heero could not determine if he was more excited that they owned a Corvette, or that Duo was sitting on it grinning at him. He felt like the least sexy man in the garage, because Duo was looking so good. "So," Heero started, managing not to stutter, "who is Patrick and what did you do for him to get the shirt?"

Duo only laughed. He kept smiling. "I could be Patrick, if you like." He did not try to speak over the music, but assumed Heero would be able to read his lips, which he was.

Heero nodded, only in understanding. He liked Duo well enough. He thought, for a brief moment, that maybe having lost any prior given names, made Duo more inclined to enjoy trying on these shirts.

"I brought you lunch."

"Yeah." Duo closed his lips and looked at Heero a while and sighed. The music lowered in volume, though Heero did not see that Duo used a remote or gave a command. "I'm glad to see you here. I guess we sorta decided this was my turf."

"It definitely looks like it is yours."


"Do you want to eat?"

"Did you really come just to bring lunch?"

Heero shook his head. He stepped away from Duo to place the boxed lunch on one of the part-strewn worktables, careful not to disturb the chaotic arrangement of parts, as he suspected it seemed orderly to Duo's mind.

"So, we have a Corvette?"

"It's for you. They are all for you to drive, except that one." Duo pointed and Heero knew he meant the partially assembled chopper. "The bike fits in the plane. Don't know where I would need to go that I couldn't get there using bike, plane or shuttle. If there was such a place or the weather got too bad, I figured there would be public transit, or I'd ask you to drive me."

"That's new, you asking me to drive."

"Just because I'm the better pilot, doesn't mean I don't trust you to handle any type of vehicle." He winked!

"Is my 'Vette almost finished?" Heero asked, leaning in toward Duo.

"You want to help me finish it?"

"Can I?"

"Sure. The frame and mechanical parts are together, drive shaft, axles, suspension, engine…needs the electrical system wired up and the interior panels, seats and trim installed, wheels attached, and then we can take it to the painter. You like red?"

Heero shook his head. "Not really. Good for a Corvette, very sexy, but maybe too flashy for me to drive."

"Not green", Duo said firmly. "Maybe something blue or black though?"

Heero thought about it as he stepped toward the car, sleek, curvaceous hardtop that it was, close enough to put his hands on Duo. "Maybe white with orange pinstriping?"

Duo chuckled. "No American would paint a 'Vette that way, but I think they could do some kewl retro look with those colors. I'll ask them about it when I take it in."

Heero put his left knee to the hood and his hands to Duo's hips. "I cannot concentrate on anything", he said breathily, because Duo affected his breathing and pulse rate.

"Except me?"


"That's so illogical and inefficient of you, Heero", Duo teased. "You can't afford to be so distracted. Gotta find a way to take care of those urges."

"Shut up!" Heero growled. "Just because you are in here jerking off for Jesus!"

Duo threw his head back and laughed loudly.

Heero slipped his right hand into the back of Duo's jeans and squeezed his ass. "You are mine. I have an urge to fuck you right here!"

"Oh, please do! Wasn't Jesus' image I was looking at when I got off, wasn't calling on God either, Heero!"

"You were calling my name", Heero said as he pulled open the fly of Duo's jeans.

"I was", Duo said, his head tipping to one side and his eyes nearly closing as Heero touched his dick. "Heero."

"I want you naked on the hood of the car."

"I've been waitin' for this. Help me get my boots off. I hoped you would come in here."

Heero reached down and picked at the bootlaces with his fingers. Duo was unbuttoning his shirt. "Take down your hair, too."

"Yeah, OK." A smile flashed and then disappeared from his lips as Duo's mouth fell slack. Heero leaned in and sucked at Duo's throat. He heard the boots drop to the floor and then pulled Duo's jeans down his legs. The shirt was thrown aside and then a hair tie and several pins were thrown the other side of the car.

"You want to lie back or draw up your legs or…?"

"Huh? Oh. Can you open your pants first? Can I? I wanna get my hands on it."

"You can." Heero dropped his left leg so that he stood just in front of the 'Vette and let Duo reach toward him and open his jeans. Then he stopped, with the fly open, and Heero aching and he gave Heero this absolutely sly, sexy look, with his lips pressed together as he smiled.

"You like how I look, right?"


"You like my dick too. I know. You might not even know why, but you do. You just like how I look, how I feel, right."

"Hai", Heero whispered.

Duo put his right hand inside Heero's pants, so that his forearm touched his cock and his fingers cupped Heero's balls. It forced an involuntary hiss from Heero. "Remember," Duo said, "don't forget, that I like you that same way."


"Don't forget. If you feel like having sex with me, you can just let me know, even if you think I have work to do. Work and school and shit is important, but so is this. You can come into the garage anytime, if you're offering sex. You can call me anytime."

"You could have called me", Heero said slowly.

Duo grinned. "Ah, but it's so rewarding when you come to me, being your generally less social."

"I will remember." Heero leaned toward Duo, put his right hand to Duo's bare freckled shoulder, and then kissed him. It was hot.

"Hot", Duo said.

"Lie back."

Duo complied and Heero put his hands to Duo's hips to draw his body down the sloped hood of the Corvette so that he could reach him better. He spread Duo's legs and bent his knees and saw Duo watching him. Heero gave him a smirk and then bowed to put his lips to Duo's chest.

He got the lube from his back pocket with one hand and opened it with two over Duo's stomach. Once he had the lube on his fingers, Heero was able to work his fingers into Duo's ass, while his tongue lapped his chest, or his navel or his dick.

He waited until Duo asked, until it was obvious the penetration was only pleasurable, and Duo was shouting about how good it was, before he withdrew his fingers. Heero did not undress, but pushed his pants down his legs and then hooked Duo's left leg over his shoulder.

Duo shouted about how much he liked it, wanted it.

Heero did not shout, he usually would not, but it always took a few moments to get used to it, to not just come right then, and to be able to move. Somehow, Duo could cackle gleefully when he saw Heero at that moment.

Heero got past those moments and he looked down at Duo and he gave that little smirk that Duo loved, but thought Heero did not realize. "Shinigami's a bottom boy?"

"Oh, fuck yes!"

"You are so mine", Heero said, and pushed until Duo had the entire length of his cock inside him. Then he rocked forward, forcing flesh to compact until there was that little more inside.

"Ah, yes! Fuck me!"

Heero had felt this. He knew what it was like, the fullness, the pulsing of flesh and blood, the heat of friction, the sharp pleasure of stimulation to so many bundled nerves. Heero mostly liked the stimulation, even if it meant it came along with a bit of pain. Duo…Duo could really get off on the fullness, Heero thought. That, and the knowledge that he'd coaxed some guy, namely Heero, into fucking his ass deeply and gently, really got him off.

Heero loved doing it. He loved it so much, all that fullness Duo felt was tightness for him and there was the friction and…he just loved it, loved that Duo let him do it.

"You always take it so well; I do not think I could get any deeper."


"I wonder if I pulled back and tried again I could get deeper."

"Oh, fuck!"

Heero made the promised draw and thrust. It felt good, but so long as he did not go very fast, he could usually be sure that Duo would come first. "I could do this forever."

Duo took a few rapid breaths and then yelled at him, "Because you're a fucking machine, Yuy! You know you just want to get a sharper angle an' fuckin' ram the head of your cock into something just yielding enough over and over and over and just spill inside me!"

Heero shifted Duo's leg on his shoulder. "Where is that thing I want to ram? There?"

Duo screamed; it was a really good sound.

"Nnnn, fuck, that was good for me too. You want to just come or you want to fuck around a while?"

Duo seemed to be trying to catch his breath and began breathing through his nose. Even if they did not move very much, there was still a lot of stimulation for the brain to manage. "Won't your husband be upset that you're here fucking me?"

Oh, so he was Patrick. Heero nodded. He realized then Duo had used 'husband'. He smirked. "I will still have something to give to Duo later, so, do you want me to drive you into mindless pleasure now, or play around showing you how long and slow I can go?"

"Heh, I don't care about that 'deeper' shit like your husband. You're here to fuck me, right? Get to it already! You better make it good for me!"

Heero slapped Duo's thigh with the flat of his hand. "Behave, Patrick, or I will just go home to Duo."

"Fuck me!"

He did, over and over, until he spilled. The experience left Heero lying across the grey primer coated hood trembling, vision hazed, and mind still reeling with pleasure. Duo was happy. He knew. Duo was happy, and he wanted more later. Heero smirked, and he did not do it on purpose. Duo was not even watching.

"I'm going to go try and clean up a bit", Duo said.


Heero lifted his head and blinked in effort to focus. Duo climbed a ladder built into the scaffolding. Heero could see that he had put boards across the bars so that he could have workspaces on two levels at the rear of the garage and save floor space below. In all likelihood, the seemingly temporary nature of the scaffold construction meant that no building permits or inspections were needed to put it up, and Duo intended it to be permanent, if not fixed.

Heero pulled up his jeans enough that he could walk and followed Duo. The large crucifix was hung on the wall just over the area reached by the ladder. It was damaged, Heero could see at close distance. "It's from my church", Duo called to him.

"Your church?"

"Yeah, Maxwell Church. I tracked it down and acquired it a while ago, just never had a place to hang it."

"So, some of these wounds are battle damage."

Duo laughed.

Heero turned from the crucified figure and went to his left, where Duo sat in an office chair in front of a desk, where one of his mobile computers was set and open. Duo moved a hand to point out the low shelf where there was a container of PMTs and some towels. Heero leaned across Duo to reach them, so he could clean off.

"I see this is where you do your business."

"Asshole", Duo said.

"I love you, too."

"The trash is there."

Heero tossed the used towelettes. He buttoned the waist of his jeans and then zipped up.

"Ne, Heero."


Duo was still naked, seated in his chair. He looked comfortable. "You remember you were going to build me a new mobile."

"Yes. I thought if I waited until you had to go to school it would be enough time for you. I did not forget."

"OK. Good. But, do you know about other computers? I mean, you do, right? In general."

"Yes. What do you need."

"I need a second programming computer for here, I guess I could just buy all the same components that I have in the Colonies, but actually, there might be better or different ones available now. It has to be really powerful, because mobile suit OS programming and AI programming in particular suck up a lot of processing and memory capability because of the kinds of calculations. Actually, I should say, the writing of the code itself can be done on a very basic system, it's the running and testing that needs more power."

"I could help you out. I know people. I could get you components at cost, or less, if you let me know what you need."

"Kewl. Thanks. That'll help me out a lot."

"No problem."

"Did you make enough for two, in the lunch?"

"That would have been suspicious."

"Yeah. I think I could eat. You maybe want to go inside and have lunch with me?"


"And then, do you still want to help with the 'Vette?"

"I would not mind."

"We did build the model together."

"Where is it?"

"The model. In one of the boxes."

"If we find it, can I put it in here?"

"If you want it, that would be OK with me, Duo. I remember that day too. It is a good memory."

"Our first date."


"Todays' one of our little anniversaries, huh?"

"The twelfth, it was Prom night, when we decided to be together. Exclusive."

"Yeah. That was a good night. You want me to find those clothes and wear them tonight? What is it? Four months?"

"Yes." Heero was a little surprised by the offer. "you would wear them?"

"Yeah, if you would like it. It can be fun, dressing up, if you know the person you are with likes it."

"I think I would like that."

Duo made a little laugh. "So, after lunch, we'll work on the car together and then maybe later tonight, do something fun together."

"Yes. That sounds like a plan."

"You see how I try to make you happy."

"Yes. I appreciate it."

"Four months, for two guys like us, and to be monogamous and everything, it really is something to be proud of, don't you think, Heero."

"Well, yes, but I am not sure what you are asking exactly. Do you mean, we should be proud of our ability to be monogamous?"

"I guess I mean…well, even though I know you weren't with a lot of people before me, I know you enjoy sex now, and you are really gorgeous. There must be times when you could have cheated if you wanted, or people hit on you."

Heero thought about that seriously. "Yes, there have been some opportunities, but mostly, my severe personality keeps people away."

Duo laughed. "So we should be proud you have managed to keep me with you, weird personality and all. And we should be proud we didn't cheat."

"Sure. It is OK to feel proud about that."

"My personality is…it doesn't make people not try to get with me, it just makes them not want to stay very long."

"You are weird, Duo, but you are also really good looking, and exceptionally intelligent and talented."

"So, would I be the sort of person you could marry?"

"I do not want to talk about it again."

"All right. I'm sorry. I just thought it would be OK to ask."

Heero sighed. Duo looked so happy, that Heero was sure he was faking just a little. "Duo, it is not wrong for you to ask, but I still feel like I can't give you any answer you will like, and so I do not like you to ask, because then I have to say I do not want to talk about it, or we are too young, or I am not sure what I think about marriage in general. What we are together seems very special to me already. It's the most special thing I've done or been with anyone. I think recently, we've made it clear to each other how we really feel and that we will not be separating any time soon and that we can tolerate the bad for all the good that comes with it."

"Yeah, and all that is why I thought it might be an OK time to ask," Duo said sharply, but I guess it wasn't."

"What should I say? All I can say is that is true." Heero turned back to toward the ladder.

"Heero!" Duo reached out and caught his arm as Heero began to walk.

Heero turned again and looked at Duo, holding his arm.

Duo dropped his arm. "What did I say you should do when I got needy?"

"I should slap you", Heero replied flatly. "I do not…" Heero started to speak and then saw that Duo was moving away. He faced his desk, put his hands to the desktop, and stood still with feet apart and pelvis tilted back to draw focus to his buttocks.

"So, you gonna slap me?"

Heero lifted his eyes and looked at Duo's face; he was looking at Heero over his shoulder. "It's like porn. Sometimes it is like looking at porn."

"Hey, Baby, enjoy the hotness while it lasts!" He winked. "I am aware I lucked out in the looks department, but I'm really not sure how gracefully I'll age. You want to spank my ass for not knowing exactly the right time to ask the question?"

"Sometimes, Duo, I just want to deck you."

"Only if I get to hit you first, right? But you can do this. I've consented."

"All right." Heero took one long stride to reach Duo, drew his right hand back and gave Duo's buttocks a hard spank.

"Mmmm, can I have another."

"I do realize this is not so much punishment for you as me making up for being upset."

"Good. It would be so bring living with you if I could fool you so easily. Can I have another? Really."

Heero relented and gave Duo another hard spank.

Duo made a strange yapping sound and pushed his ass back toward Heero, asking for more.

Heero shrugged and gave him a few more spankings, at which Duo squealed and yapped, and then he had another idea. He told Duo that he had a better idea and then grabbed him by his waist and pulled him into the chair. "This is online?" he asked, scooting the chair with Duo and him in it toward the desk and touching his finger to the mobile's pad. "Where's your phone?"

"What are we going to do? Please say 'Call a video boy for a threeway, Duo'."

Heero laughed. "Do not be an ass. You are in a really strange mood today."

"Yeah, guess what, Heero Yuy came over to my garage today and fucked me on the hood of a vintage 1980s Chevrolet Corvette, no seriously, yeah, I wish he was my boyfriend too, he's so intense, but he's with that obnoxious Duo Maxwell, don't you hate him?"

Heero laughed a lot. "Come on. Really. Where is your phone?"

Duo lifted the phone from the clutter on the desk and passed it over his shoulder to Heero. "And then we were in an office and he bent me over the desk and gave me spankings, no I'm not kidding, I know, that was my fantasy too, but it really did happen, honest, yeah, and then he pulled me into his lap, uh huh, I was still naked, but he had clothes on, it was so kewl how he was rough and just grabbed me."

"Quiet for a second. I am calling Quatre."


"Yeah, totally, I'm really calling Quatre Winner, don't you think he's so hot? Yeah, I think so too, especially since he grew a beard. Facial hair is so totally kewl. Seriously? That is so funny, My boyfriend wishes we could have a threeway with Quatre Winner too, but, like, that will never happen!"

"You should totally talk like that all the time, Heero!"

"Yeah, right." Heero rolled his eyes, behind Duo's back where he could not see. "Quatre?"


"It's Heero."

"Touch my dick. Tell Quatre you are touching my dick right now."

"Heero? This is Duo's number."

"Aa, I am using his phone. Were you asleep. I would have calculated time zone difference, but I was not certain where you would be now."

"I'm in San Francisco."

"Not on business?"

"Vacation. Sleeping late. What do you need, Heero?"

"Tell him about my dick!"

"I am touching Duo's dick right now."

"Are you drunk?"

"Duo wanted me to tell you that. Quatre, do you know a place in San Francisco where they sell what would you call it, Duo?"

"How the fuck do I know what you called Quatre to ask?"

"Sex toys and that kind of stuff. Quatre?"

"Are you both high?" Quatre asked sleepily. "You didn't even know where I was, but you called me up to ask where in San Francisco you could buy adult toys?"


"You aren't in San Francisco now, are you?"

"No, at home."

"Oh, how is it there? Sitka, right? Are things working out?" Quatre sounded more alert and rather perky.

"Sure. We met some of our neighbors and we are getting to know the area. It is really beautiful here."

"Oh, that's good, Heero. Why do you think I should be able to tell you where to buy adult toys?"

"Do you know a place or not?"

Quatre sighed. "I know."

"So, can you help me out. What is it called?"

"Which one?"

"I do not know. One that is good, reliable."

"Hold on." There was a rustling sound and then Heero could faintly here Quatre say, "Trowa, wake up. Trowa, what was the name of that place we went last night?"

Heero laughed.

"What is so funny?" Duo asked.

"He's asking Trowa."

"Oh? Are they together? Where is Quatre?"

"San Francisco."


"Yes, on vacation."

"With Trowa. Kewl!"

"Heero?" It was Trowa.


"Why the Hell are you calling my boyfriend to ask where to buy sex toys? I thought you worked out those issues. Ask Maxwell. Quatre only answered the phone because he was afraid Duo was calling to say someone had died or planned to drop a colony on Earth."

Heero laughed.

"What?" Duo demanded.

Heero shook his head. He could not tell Duo. "You sound cranky. You are on vacation with Quatre. You should be pleased."

"Yes, we are still dating. We have sex. It's hot. We both switch top and bottom. Yes, Quatre's cock is really big. We've on Vacation together in San Francisco. It's absolutely lovely here. We went out last night and bought a mask, a riding crop, over-priced chocolate body paint and assorted intimate apparel. The place was called Pleasure Chest or Treasure Chest or Pleasure's Little Treasures or something like that, I don't remember. Is that everything you are curious about?"

"Sí, sí, let me talk to Quatre again."

"De nada."


"Is Trowa OK?"

"We were sleeping."

"Sorry to wake you. Thanks for the information."

"No problem. Maybe I will see you soon. Goodbye, Heero."

"Good…" Quatre had already disconnected. "They were asleep", Heero told Duo.

"Mmmm." Duo lifted Heero's left hand and sucked his fingers into his mouth.

Heero tried to ignore the sucking, put down the phone and typed with one hand to input 'San Francisco' 'Pleaure' 'Treasure' and 'sex' into a search engine. Then the results came up. "Damn Trowa, I'm just getting all these porn hits."

Duo took Heero's hand from his mouth and lowered it to his dick. "Do you use the 'net for everything but porn?"

"Yes! 'Net porn is so common. And many sites dealing in porn use clever technology to make certain you find their pages and can't get out again."

"Would think you would respect those tactics."

"Not really, it just means it takes longer to configure my system to keep remote sites from controlling what is or is not on my computer or how sites will be displayed. I dislike when pages autolaunch with a specific size. I want to view things as I want to view them."

"Don't stop moving your hand."

"Thought you wanted lunch."

"Lunch can wait. Go there. What's that?"

"It's a porn media corporation website, movies, books, the whole deal."

"Maybe people who code webpages want their work to be seen as designed and not defiled by your preset parameters and so they devise ways to make sure their work takes up your entire monitor or whatever."

"I do not mind 'best viewed with' comments, but I do mind having control usurped from remote."

"Which is why you have come to know so much about computer security."

"Did not take you long to recover. That is pretty hard, ne? Three times today?"

"Uh, what do you mean…?"

"Three, Duo. Three times. My hand, whatever you did before I got to the garage, and in the shower in the morning. Three."

"Oh, uh, yeah. I didn't know you knew about this morning."

"I knew. It is OK. Sometimes that just happens, the morning thing. Sometimes I just want to get up and get in a shower."

"Yeah, I mean it wasn't like I got really turned on by you and then didn't even offer to let you help me out. I mean, you were there, but it was just one of those things."

"You want to wait?"

"No. Keep going. What are we looking for?"

"The store where you are going to spend your allowance."

"Oh." Duo typed at the keyboard and quickly a new set of results came up, the second one of which was the store they were looking for.


"I finessed the search engine."

"What do you want?" Heero asked. He gave Duo's shoulder a kiss as he looked over it.

"We are going to shop now? I thought you would just give me a cash card to pick stuff up."

"I will. We can just window shop."

"Like you would have used Windows."

Heero laughed. "Yeah, would have preferred Unix, right? Everything today has 'windows', all that stuff went public domain a long time ago."

"They all stole from the PARC."

"Yeah, Smart Boy, you are going to Stanford. You can go hob nob with boys at the PARC."

"Think I could get an internship there?"

"Not sure. They traditionally go for Physics or Electrical Engineering majors, those sorts of things."


"You could, Duo, if you got an interview. They would see. You could not be such a good space pilot if you did not grasp physics. Mechanical design is good for you, but if you get a chance, get in as many physics and theory and programming classes as you can. Those will be valuable to you."

"You are going to slow."

"No. I am not. I am going just this slow on purpose. Thought you were a genius."

"Only you say it."

"You are a genius, Duo. You will do fine at school, more than fine. Now, pick out some toys."

"There, no click there. Yeah. One of those."

"A cat."

"We need a nice cat. You will learn to use it perfectly."

"As you wish."

Duo moaned wordlessly and reached for the keys. He brought up a video and made it play. It was captured from the security cameras in his software lab and it showed Heero there, in the faerie costume, being fucked. "Tell me again how smart I am."

Heero quickened the movements of his left hand on Duo's dick. "You will be the best looking intern at Xerox Parc ever."

"Prettier than the girls?" Duo asked, voice rasping.

"Prettier than the virtual girls they create in their spare time. And smart. You'll blow them all, with your mind."

"And if I don't get offered an internship?"

"I'll tell their computers that you did."


"And as soon as you graduate we'll get you away from there and into a lab of your own and the girls will make sure the stuff you create is successfully marketed and you will never have to brilliant yet penniless again."

"Huh, Uh, Yes! Heero!"

"You will have me, Duo. I will buy you computers and sex toys before you go to school. I will take care of you. I will stay with you."

"Heero! Aw, yeah! Oh, fuck!" He collapsed back against Heero's chest and went still. "Baby, I love you."

"I know."

"Azrael, stop recording."

"Recording stopped, Duo", the Duo-like voice said from hidden speakers.

"Where is it?"

"There." Duo's right hand lazily waved toward an average looking home computer tower. Heero realized it was only the chassis of a home computer and Duo's AI was inside the box.

"We should probably permanently delete the part about me hacking Xerox PARC."

"Right, like you could."

"Is it recording now?"

Duo laughed.

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