Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 88

Heero was alone in the shower. Duo had been with him, but left after washing quickly with the hand-held. Heero finished washing up, toweled dry, straightened up the bathroom and then went into the hall. He knew Duo had already gone to the garage, but he was contemplating finding the dogs and giving them a bath. It might mean making a mess of the bathroom, and making a mess right after cleaning seemed in some part illogical, but leaving a mess just because the room would be used again in the future had not seemed a good habit to develop. Koi was in the hall, resting on the floor, and looked up when Heero approached. Heero could not find Nu, even when he looked in other rooms, not even in the section of the house sealed off by plastic.

Heero glanced into the yard through windows on various sides of the house and then supposed it was safe to assume Duo had taken his dog to the garage, as the yard was fenced and the gate was closed. But then, Nu had come to them in the first place because he had dug under a fence.

Heero sat down to dress and lifted his phone from beside the bed. He dialed Duo's phone. He answered, audio only, knowing Heero called. Heero smiled at the, "Hey Baby!"

"Nu with you?"

"Yeah. We're working in the garage. Miss me already?"

Heero laughed. "Always." He pulled his tee overhead.

"He's not digging under any fences. I'll make sure he stays clear of heavy machinery. I need my practice." For when he had a child he meant, even though he had not had luck with Koi. It was true that certain breeds of canines could be ill suited to a person, or that certain types of people could be ill suited to a breed of dog. Maybe Nu was Duo's type.

Heero considered then that he had not yet seen the inside of the garage since Duo had moved in. Something inexplicable told him that he would do better to leave that space to Duo. Truthfully, apart from future need to store vehicles, Heero did not need the large garage at all. He needed a bathroom, a kitchen, a place to sleep and a place to set up his computer and peripheral devices.

"Do you need any help?" Heero asked, just to be sure. He pushed both feet into the legs of his jeans at once and then pulled up the waistband.

"No. Dunno. I kinda want to work on the barbeque, but the garage isn't quite set up yet."

"You probably know better what you need to do, but if you need a hand, give me a call."

Duo's laugher was clearly transmitted. "I have a pair of strong hands here, don't worry about it." Heero remembered that Duo had been locking up the garage when he arrived home and Heero had no idea how much machinery Duo might have trucked in from contacts on Earth, or even shuttled down from the Colonies. If it was equipment that allowed Duo to continue his work here, the cost of shipping would have been offset by future opportunity for income. "You're free to play with game machines or whatever you want to do. Call me if you need me, though."

"Understood. I thought we might wash Nu later."

"He doesn't smell so bad," Duo said slowly, "but he might get dirty in here, so I guess it would be OK."

"If it seems OK to you", Heero clarified. "I will let you go."

"Later." Duo disconnected.

Heero could work on his report for Zodiac, but then he could consider the holiday weekend holiday and do something constructive and entertaining, like go through his now quite large collection of game systems.

For about half a minute Heero thought he might set up the devices in the office, as he would spend a lot of time in there and that would be where his computers would be, but then he admitted to himself that he would be distracted if his toys were in the office. It seemed fair to use the living room. They had already placed an order for a monitor for the living room, and when they were not using it to watch movies or anime, as Duo would like, they could play video games.

The living room, as the adjoining dining area, had a great deal of built in cabinetry and shelves. The shelves seemed suitable for books, but in Heero's mind, they also seemed suitable for sheltering game consoles of various shapes and sizes as well as carts, game discs, and movies and music recorded on various media.

Heero sat down on the floor, thinking they should eventually get a rug for the floor, or some floor mats, when they decided on the colors with which to decorate the room. Heero wondered what would be a good accent color to use with red. He started by sorting the collection from the boxes it was in. He placed each brand of system in a separate pile and placed those games, controllers, and various cables with the corresponding system. A few items Heero did not immediately recognize, and so used his mobile computer to do some searches until he had identified all the parts.

When the sorting phase was completed, Heero took Koi out into the front yard and let the dog roam. The weather was warm, and the sun was bright overhead. It was brilliant when seen from space, being such a close star, but refracted through the many layers of Earth's atmosphere, in a deceptively blue sky, it dazzled.

Koi jogged toward the gate and then barked for Heero.

"Hello?" a voice called from without.

"Hello", Heero said as he walked toward the fence. His right hand clenched, as if wanting an absent firearm.

"I just dropped an invitation in your mail slot."

Heero came to the gate and signaled for Koi to sit at his heel. The dog snorted and then walked in a circle until he was at Heero's left leg, and sat. Heero opened the mailbox attached to the back of the new fence and peered inside. There was a single tri-fold piece of off-white paper. On Earth, postal services declared that one day a week no deliveries would be made, and so there was no other mail, but if there had been, it likely would have all been junk addressed to `Resident'.

Heero retrieved the invitation, it welcomed neighbors to an address several numbers up the street for a Labor Day Cook Out given by Mitchie and Candy. Heero opened the gate and looked at the woman standing in his drive. He thought she was one of the people who had come by Free Rocks to ask when the trucks would be moved from the street so that children could play in the street again.

"Thank You."

"So, will we see you there…?" the way she put emphasis on the words, Heero knew she wanted him to say his name. He expected she had heard his name already. Heero understood that it would not long be a secret he and Duo lived here, if it was still now.

"Heero. I think we met before. You were concerned about the children being able to play in the street." He wanted to ask if they would have the neighbors eat barbequed food in the street or if it was only children they sent out of their yard, but he supposed this was probably going to sound mean and that depending on their age, it might be that children asked to go into the street because it was considered a sort of neutral meeting space away from direct parental control and that normal children would enjoy such a privilege.

"Yes." She blushed. "I'm Mitchie. Michelle. You can call me Mitchie."

"But that would be your familiar name", Heero said flatly.

Her unspoken response said she thought his statement rude, but it was true this was a familiar name, and they were not familiar at all. Americans were very familiar people, if Heero could generalize, even among Colonials.

He made a purposeful clearing of his throat. "Mitchie."

"We have frequent neighborhood parties. Sometimes people like to bring food to share, but it is not necessary. We would be glad to meet you, to meet all our new neighbors who live here."

The lesbians, Heero thought. He recalled Marcus's gossip about the various neighbors. He did not think that just because Mitchie lived with, or perhaps loved, another woman, that he should for that reason feel compelled to share that he was also a person that happened to have a lover of his same gender, but if he did go to the cook out, it would at least become obvious he and Duo lived together, and it would not accomplish anything that seemed worthwhile to lead others to believe they were merely old war buddies, though they were that as well. "Duo lives here also," Heero said, "but we are a little famous, or infamous, so we would prefer our neighbors did not tell many people that we live here, if it is not too much trouble to ask that of you."

"You were Gundam pilots", Mitchie said quietly. She only said that, but Heero had a slight suspicion, just a suspicion, that she was thinking of the news stories she had seen on television and wondering what sort of relationship the old war buddies really had. Then, he might only be paranoid.

It was not that he did not want people to know he was in love with Duo, it was just that he did not want them to know. That made no sense at face value, but it was true that he both wanted and did not want people to be aware of his personal life. Perhaps in a month's time, everyone would just know. For now, Heero hesitated. He wished to let people know, because his life was good now, and it was preferable to having them believe falsehoods, but at the same time, he wished it was possible he could not be The Boy Who Saved the World and just live anonymously.

But Heero had tried that, and found it lonely and returned to his friends, and all of that had brought him here.

Mitchie was attempting not to stare, but her averting of eyes was in itself uncomfortable.

"I will ask Duo about it", Heero promised. "I think I would like to be friendly with neighbors. We know the MacDonald's so far and find them neighborly. Duo is more social than I am. I think it depends on whether he finishes building his grill; he believes barbequing an integral part of honoring workers."

"Well, you can always bring your grill. Candy won't tolerate other cooks sharing her grill, but we can always use more cooks. You are welcome to bring the dog too."

"Perhaps I will see you soon."

Mitchie smiled and seemed expectant, but Heero really could not think of more to say. He bowed once and then shut the gate.

He contemplated going to the garage and showing Duo the invitation, but took Koi back into the house instead.

Heero called Duo one more time, as he was pouring dry food into Koi's bowl, to suggest that if he planned to often have Nu accompany him to the garage, he place food and water there for the animal. Duo said he had already given the dog water, but he was not mad Heero had called to remind him. The garage was not plumbed itself, but there was a line for a hose immediately behind it. If Duo had need of a water line into the garage, it would not be very difficult to tap into that line.

Duo sounded busy, so Heero went back to his game machines, while Koi ate and drank. They were sorted, so Heero began systematic testing. He had to borrow the monitor from his office computer to confirm that the video game systems worked. When a configuration did not work, Heero tried alternate cables and converters and games until he determined whether it was the console or merely, power, video or audio feeds.

Slowly, Heero made progress in sorting complete working sets from the larger piles. He made a list using his computer of components he thought he would need to repair or complete systems as well as a catalog of extra parts and duplicate games he would be willing to trade or sell. He had already sold, traded or given away the spares from the collection Duo had acquired in Moscow, and he had kept several working systems, so that now he actually had two complete working systems of some types. He thought he could sell those as well.

Duo came inside, with Nu, for lunch, so he said, but Heero knew it was late for a meal to be considered lunch. He was assigning game systems to various shelves then and mentally planning out how he might run various cables to the monitor and power outlets. Heero subconsciously noticed that Duo was searching for junk food, just as he came upon the idea of devising a hidden console port composed of audio and video inputs leading to the monitor and a new wall outlet, such that he would take a console from its shelf and place it on the ledge atop the bookcases to use, rather than attempt to permanently switchbox and wire each system.

"You need to eat real food", Heero said. "Want me to make you something."

Duo held a bag of potato chips, as Heero turned to look into the kitchen. He also looked dirty, like he had been dealing with something mechanical and perhaps cleaning or lubricating parts. "You don't have to do that. You're right I guess. It'd be more healthy to eat real meals. I can manage something."

"I would not mind. I am getting hungry too." They would likely do this for a while, Heero decided. They had stayed at each other's houses, but not really lived together, and so they had not fallen into any easy arrangement of who prepared meals for whom and when. Heero had to wonder if people did fall into such arrangements easily, or if even married and loving couples had to discuss the issue and devise a schedule.

"I want to get back to work. I was going to just make some instant ramen. If you can tolerate that, I'll make enough for two."


"Work going well?" Duo set down the chips, turned to wash his hands and then went about searching for a suitable pot and packets of ramen.

"It's not really like work", Heero said as he went to the kitchen. "I have been sorting and testing the game machines."

"We could be popular with neighborhood kids, if their parents don't accuse us of corrupting minors, one way or another."

"Yes." Heero first thought of their terrorist background, and then realized there might be some accusations of corruption in a sexual manner. It was not so much gender or preference at issue, Heero decided, but probably just that they were two eighteen-year-olds with a house of their own, in a neighborhood where there were likely many teenagers who waited for occasions when their parents weren't home to do whatever taboo things they thought terribly grown up and fun. "We will just have to do background checks at the door and verify they are at least seventeen."

Duo laughed.

Heero folded his arms across the concrete breakfast bar. "Do you think we would have things in common with normal teenagers?"


"You really think we could have friends and not only make polite acquaintances of the adult homeowners of the neighborhood?"

"Well, like, I made friends at my last home, and it's probably true most of them hadn't been homeless, thieving, terrorist war orphans that happened to be able to pilot mobile suits, but some of them were one of those things I was, and even though some were none of those things, we managed to find something to do together. I mean, there's some things all teenagers like, right?"

"It would be very irresponsible to fuck all the neighborhood hotties, Duo-chan, it would only inspire obsession and jealousy among them."

Duo laughed.

Heero smiled.

"Couldn't just make out with one?"

Heero gazed levelly at Duo and waited.

"I was joking", Duo warbled.

"I am certain."

"But we could let them come over and play some games, or offer them soda, or trade skateboarding tips, for example."

"They will think us strange."

"We are strange." Duo glanced up from the pot he was watching. "We are. Maybe there are some kids who are special, or orphaned, or were conceived naturally and gestated artificially or involved with suspected organized crime syndicates or underwent high gravity training, or were child assassins or mobile suit pilots or who happened to save a lot of people, or had green hair, but how many are all of those things?"

"Even you are not all those things."

"Right, but we get along. I mean, what's the worst we really did to each other?"

"You shot me."

Duo laughed nervously. "Yeah, but I mean, it wasn't like I really tried to kill ya!"

Heero snorted.

"We got really competitive."


"And we learned how to suppress that and appreciate our differences, I think."

"We actually complement each other well", Heero admitted. "In work situations, but also personally. Maybe we should just decide how to divide chores."

"I'll do laundry. I said it before. There's nothing else I really feel qualified to do best, I mean, domestically, but if you need something done, you can just let me know, and I'll pitch in. I don't have a problem with work, if you don't have a problem with needing to remind me something needs doing. I don't sweep or dust under my own motivation."

"I could have you naked on your hands and knees waxing the floors."

Duo raised his eyes; his face actually colored, though it was not easily noticed hiding under his fringe of hair. "You could."

"I would not make you do that", Heero said casually, "but there could be some combination of nudity and domestic chore for you, depends what mood I am in when I see the state of the house on any given evening."

"When I start work and school, I'll really be too busy to do much around here. I guess we could make one day a week chore day and get it all done with at once."

"Sunday", Heero decided. "I will do chores too, of course."

"In a maid costume?"

Heero smiled. Maybe he did blush. When he was not actually doing it, he could not understand how he found the combination of daring and self-degradation to go through with wearing those costumes. It must be that he anticipated Duo's passionate responses to each; thus far he had not been let down. He had a bunny costume hidden away and had intended to wear it sometime during this month, but he did not have a day yet. He thought the 12th, but often the wearing of the costume coincided with some vacation or event.

"How many do you have, or do you go pick out a new one each time?"

"I have a few hidden away", Heero admitted to Duo.

"You wouldn't put one on now, would you?"

Heero shook his head. "I would not get to see such special reactions from you if I did it all the time."

"I have pictures," Duo said. That was true; somehow Duo had gotten away with capturing the schoolgirl, maid and faerie costumes with various digital imaging devices. He noticed the boiling water and dropped the noodles in. "I wanna go look at them right now!"

"I need to get some nice pics of you before you go back to school. Even though we are living together now, it will be almost like it was during our trial. We might get one long weekend date and if we are lucky a few short dates during the week."

"Yeah…a lot depends on my work schedule too."

"I will keep the home fires burning, as it were."

"I expect I'll always find you hot."


"It was so good."

Heero swayed with arousal. He wondered if Duo pheromones traveled across the countertop to his body or if it was entirely mental. It might have been something closer to learned association based on past experience. He knew that when Duo's voice dropped and his tongue played across his lips he was interested, and Duo's being interested was a trigger to his brain.

Duo continued talking, and Heero listened, but it was all rapid fire noise to his brain. He walked around the counter, turned off the burner, pushed Duo away from the stove, put a hand in his hair, and kissed him quite forcefully.

Then Duo's stomach rumbled loudly and Heero stepped back and felt bad for pushing Duo away from the food he was preparing, while Duo just looked embarrassed.

"As soon as we eat."

"What?" Heero asked.

"We could add a room."

If the attempt in the bathroom was counted and the hall was counted as separate from the adjacent living room then they had covered four rooms so far. Until construction was complete, this only left them the kitchen, office and dining room. The office was not quite arranged yet, though they had acquired some furniture, the computers remained on the floor. The dining room had been completely empty until they moved the kotatsu from the temporary bedroom. Heero thought it might return to the rear room when the new master suite was completed and then a new dining table would have to be found, made or purchased.



They stared at each other. Heero still wanted to grab hold of Duo.

Duo made a small purposeful cough. "Artificial beef flavor packet", he said. He continued on, preparing the ramen, dividing the noodles into bowls and pouring out broth and chattering all the while about whether they raised cattle in Japan or not and if Heero had ever just drank a broth made of bouillon cubes and water or other type of dried flavoring, and did Heero understand how good that tasted when you had nothing else to eat.

"It has a salty taste and rehydrates the body so that one can survive a few more days to find food", Heero said calmly. He was thankful for Duo's distracting chatter.


Heero did not doubt Duo had done his best to make the portions equal, but one bowl seemed to have a little more noodle, and the other more broth. Heero selected the one with more broth. Duo took the remaining bowl without a complaint and began to eat, using a fork, standing at the counter. Heero used a pair of chopsticks, but kept Duo company in the kitchen.

"It really is going to be good living here!" Duo said between mouthfuls. His eyes flashed to Heero and it seemed Duo had that interested look again.

"It is just because we have a new arrangement. It is the same for newlyweds, or people just starting a relationship. There is additional excitement inherent in the change in status."

"I know! God! I was so into you, when it first hit me that you were back and you might actually want to have sex with guys, I mean, with me! And you were only ready to go so far so fast! Man, I wanted you, like all the time! It's not that I don't want you much usually, but I was having to jerk off all the time just to have some control over myself!"

Heero laughed, but only out of need to relieve tension. He took Duo's words seriously, even though they were said in rapid playful tone.

Heero took Duo's bowl from the counter, glanced briefly at Duo to see that Duo did not argue, and then slowly lowered the bowl to the floor. Heero remained stooped there, over the cork flooring and the trap door to the food cellar, waiting. Duo bent, glanced questioningly at Heero and then lapped broth from the bowl.

His braid slipped, and so Duo repositioned his hands and tossed his head to keep the end of the braid from the bowl. He bowed again, rounded his lips to suck broth from the bowl. Heero watched and Duo looked up from the bowl. His jaw was slack and his eyes wide.

Duo's expression said at least a dozen things at once: Are you pleased?
I don't give a shit what anyone thinks if I can please you.
It is my own desire that you be pleased.
I didn't know I would do that, but I did it.
Didn't know you wanted me to do that, did you?
What should I do next?
Make me do something else.
I want to play this game with you.
Is this a game you really like?
I think you like this game a lot.
Play with me.
Aren't I your pet?

Heero fell from his crouch onto the floor and sat with his legs arranged carelessly before him, certain that the expression on his face mirrored Duo's. He had thought once before that he would have Duo eating from a bowl on the floor, or perhaps it had been lapping milk from a saucer, but he had actually moved the bowl on a sudden impulse and without recent forethought.

He had liked it, the watching, the seeing that Duo understood and obeyed. It was a game. There was no part of him that forgot it was the brilliant former Gundam pilot in the kitchen with him, but given that, it was also true it was his pet awaiting a command.

"Yes", Heero said.

Duo smiled slightly and then lowered his face to eat. He actually got enough of his face in the bowl that he could slurp up noodles.

"Good boy. Eat up."

Duo pushed the bowl toward Heero, using his nose.

"I have my own bowl."

Then eat it, Heero understood.

Heero rose onto his knees slowly and retrieved his bowl from the counter. He sat again, his back against the cabinets this time, and ate. Duo continued eating from the bowl on the floor, using only his mouth. There was broth dribbling down his chin, and he licked at his face to clean it between mouthfuls.

Heero really did not understand why he wanted to see Duo do this. He had a canine pet, and unlike the Human pet, he had no sexual attraction for him whatsoever. It was a game, Heero decided. Koi really depended on him constantly, to be his human in human society. Duo did not really need anyone to care for him. Maybe Duo might like to feel that someone cared for him, and maybe Heero really did like to feel that he could care for others, that he could keep things safe and alive. Maybe acting out having a pet was safer in his mind then acting out the role of Duo's Daddy. Maybe.

Duo was OK with that game, but when they played it, Heero did not feel so…so…enthralled.

Heero suffered, not understanding, as he watched Duo. He was fully dressed and not wearing his collar, but Heero was still entranced by Duo as he leaned over his bowl of ramen, his ass high in the air.

Heero rose again, put his bowl and chopsticks on the counter, and took the bag of chips from the bar above. He picked a chip from the bag as he sat again, and then extended his hand toward Duo, palm held flat as he offered a potato chip. Duo pushed the bowl aside and crawled to Heero. He took the chip from Heero's hand, his lips gliding over the skin of Heero's palm. Heero held his breath as he watched Duo chew and swallow.

Heero reached and Duo climbed into his lap. Heero licked Duo's face clean, tasted the instant beef flavoring on his skin. It tasted like he had not eaten anything in days.

Duo moaned and then shifted his weight to put his lips to Heero's ear. "It does not matter why", he said.

Heero slid his right hand to Duo's back and lifted the hem of his shirt. His left hand pressed the bare skin at the small of Duo's back, and then both hands traveled up, either side of Duo's spine. In a minute he was out of his tee.

They kissed frenziedly. It was wet and sloppy and involved a great deal of licking of faces and necks, but Heero thought it entirely enjoyable, and Duo did not seem hesitant about it. In fact, he was laughing in a most gleeful and sexy way.

Heero pet Duo's hair and rubbed his back. He dug his fingers into the back of Duo's jeans where they gaped slightly across the crack of his ass as he leaned in toward Heero, they were worn so low.

"What do you want?"



Heero put his hands to Duo's waist and drew his head back until he bumped into the cabinetry, so that he could focus on Duo's face clearly. "It's true? You can do it…auto?"

Duo's jaw fell and his gaze shifted to one side. "It's true."

"I want to see."

Duo's eyeballs rolled so that he looked at Heero directly. "If you said you could do it I suppose I would want to see it. You want to see right now?"

Heero nodded. "Do it for me. I want to see it."

"OK, I'll do it like I said, I'm not against it, it's just I'm not sure it looks as kewl as it sounds, and it takes a little preparation."

"That's OK", Heero said, petting Duo's hair. "You tell me what you need. Let me see. You do not have to be able to do it long."

Duo leaned to the side and pressed the fingertips of his right hand to the floor. "This is better than the wood floors, or even the bed or couch, but a blanket over it would be better. I would need to do a few stretches. And, of course," he looked back to Heero, "I would have to be suitably aroused."

Heero smirked involuntarily. He gave a nod to his side. "Sit." Duo slipped from his lap and sat upon the floor. "Stay", Heero said, and then climbed to his feet and went to find a blanket. He found a few other things he wanted and brought them back to the kitchen with the blanket. The dogs followed, and Heero knew that Duo disliked the animals nearby when they were engaged in sexual activity, so he gave the signal for Koi to move away. "Go play", he said.

Heero waited as Koi nipped at Nu's closest ear and the dogs moved back into the bedroom.

Duo smiled when Heero looked at him again, he had not moved from his spot, and his eyes tracked the dogs. Heero had known Duo would appreciate their leaving. Heero put his things on the counter then shook out the blanket and began to refold it neatly. "You show me how to place it."

Duo scooted back toward the window. "No, unfold the last fold. Yes, now lay it down here."

Heero lay out the quartered blanket on the cork flooring between the rows of cabinets and appliances and then remained crouched, watching Duo. "I suppose the pants come off."

Duo gave a nod and stood. He sloughed off the dark jeans and underwear beneath quickly; Heero saw his dick was in that state past being limp, but not yet as hard as it might be. He thought if he just waited, he could see it rise, but his need to control things launched him forward and he fell to his knees right in front of Duo. One warm exhaling of breath and a nip of teeth to Duo's hipbone and Heero saw it rise.

It was gorgeous. It always was. He had seen pictures of others and the real thing in various locker and shower rooms, and he still was convinced that he and Duo were fortunate to have this one. Not that Heero lacked for pride regarding his own cock, but it just was not the same thing, because it was his. It was one of the large deciding factors in deciding that he must be homosexual and not just `in love with someone who happened to be male'. There were no piercings or scars or nearby tattoos, Duo's dick always looked very clean and natural. The surrounding hair was a fairly light brown and always seemed well groomed, even if Duo did not seem to do anything in particular to it. The dick always rose very straight and shifted from a very pale, fleshy rose to a near red-violet when Duo was most desperately in need of release.

Duo's dick glistened with precum, and it made Heero think of some haiku he had read once about the dewy path leading to the tea house, which it had done before, even though he was aware, if the poem was not really about tea, it more likely was about a woman. Heero knew he was not really normal, not in many ways, and including in his theories regarding poetry.


"If you are still with me, never have it pierced. I like it so much how it is."

"Oh, God!" Duo grasped the edge of the counter. "Please."

Heero pressed the palm of one hand to Duo's balls and then flicked his tongue over the shaft of his dick. It brought a satisfying moan from Duo. "Show me now, Duo-chan. You will not regret pleasing me. You know I spoil you."


"I spoil you too much", Heero said quickly. "You are mine. I could punish you even if I only think you need it. I do not even have to say what it is for. I could just suspect that you deserve it and show you the consequence of disappointing me."

"I'll show you, just let me do a stretch or something. People have been hurt trying it. You know that?"

"Have they?" Heero asked as he sat back.

Duo raised his arms and seemed to stretch out his back. "Yeah. A lot of guys would like to be able to do it. Maybe they saw some guy in a porn do it or heard about it." Hero had heard about it from Duo. "Actually, I think the majority of Men can't do it at all, mostly it's a combination of body proportions, flexibility and length."

"That is good to know", Heero said. He meant it seriously. He appreciated Duo's explanation. "I tried it, but I could not even figure how to approach the matter."

Duo sat down on the edge of the blanket and Heero moved aside to give him room. Duo turned his head toward Heero then. "I can't actually blow myself, it's not like that, I mean, you'd have to be freakishly long along with having impressive flexibility to do that."

"Then what do you do?"

"I can get my lips over the head, it's just I can't do much up and down action, like I could on someone else, but as my tongue is pretty impressive," he winked, "it's still a pretty kewl thing to do every once in a while. That and a hand does very nicely."

If Duo could even get the tip of his tongue to touch any part of his own dick Heero would be impressed. He believed Duo that this ability was rare. He wanted to see it, very much. Heero wondered how it worked, as far as the position of the body was concerned. He had always tried bending over when seated, but Duo seemed to be starting by lying on his back.

"Ready?" Duo asked. "I never did it with anyone watching before. You can be my spotter, `K, Heero?"

Heero nodded and then watched as Duo kicked his legs up into the air. He balanced for a moment, with his shoulders pressed to the blanket, his hips well off the floor, and his legs extended toward the ceiling. Slowly then, Duo shifted his legs so that their weight drew his hips in a curve, down toward his head. Another shifting of position and Duo's knees bent and spread apart as if aimed at each of his ears.

It was hard to see Duo's mouth or his dick, so Heero flattened himself against the floor. Then he saw it, Duo's dick was lowered directly over his mouth, Duo's tongue extended from his mouth and slathered the head of his dick, and then slowly, the head was caught in Duo's lips. It was the single most erotic thing Heero had ever seen to date. His pelvis involuntarily ground against the floor as he watched.

Duo carefully lifted his right hand, which was the farther from Heero, and made a ring of several fingers about his dick.

Heero knew that dick, that hand, that mouth. It was as if he could feel it himself. It was so kewl. He thought, It's so hot Heero looking at me like that, and then realized it was not his thought at all. He actually was feeling what Duo felt.

"Let me," Heero said. He understood that it was best for Duo to uncontort himself slowly, but it was torture waiting. As soon as Duo lay flat, Heero pulled himself close enough and put his mouth to Duo's dick. His saliva mixed with Duo's saliva. It was a strange realization; he felt as if he had been sharing his lover with someone else. It was simply not the same thing as letting Duo suck on his fingers before giving him a hand job. Some other mouth had actually been on his lover's dick, even if that mouth was his lover's.

"Yes. Oh, yes. Heero. I love it when you are like this!"

Like this, Heero thought. He knew his technique was not the same as Duo's. Duo had taught him a lot about sex by example and his feelings for Duo were probably similar to Duo's feelings for him, but they were not identical. Their mouths simply were not identical. There was no way that Heero could make Duo feel what Duo might make him feel. There was not even a way he could make Duo feel what Duo could make Duo feel if he had been cloned at an early age. Heero was Heero, and even if the things Duo did made him mad with pleasure, he could not reproduce those actions exactly. Yet, he could still drive Duo mad with pleasure.

It was a very important lesson to acknowledge, Heero thought. He did not have Duo's lips or tongue or teeth, but he could still give Duo mindblowing oral sex. His way could be equally good, even if it was different.

It was the same with fucking. Duo did not even like to receive it the way Heero did, and fortunately, they had learned to give it in a way that the other enjoyed to receive.

But WOW, it was still totally kewl to have a boyfriend that could manage auto-fellatio! The Boy Who Saved the World deserved no less special a partner, and didn't the one who had perhaps played the largest part in keeping him alive, not that there had not been others who helped, deserve him.

The way Duo was shouting, Heero knew he would come soon, so he drew up his head. He did not swallow this time. He held the cum in his mouth and used his arms to pull his body up, so that he could tender unto Duo what was Duo's. Duo took it, scraped Heero's tongue with his teeth and lapped at the inside of his mouth. Duo seemed to have no remotely negative associations with swallowing or tasting.

Duo coughed. He made a face of disgust, which surprised Heero, and put a hand to his mouth. "It's OK if you want me to swallow my own cum, but I draw the line at hair, Heero!"

Heero smirked. His throat felt sore. "Make me some tea", he rasped.

"Did ya know not everyone can manage deep throating either? It's pretty impressive you can do that. Not like I'm the largest, but I'm not too small either. It's pretty impressive.

"I will punish you for being too slow."

"Tea! Right!" Duo sat, shook himself, and then climbed to his feet. He filled the kettle at the sink, and then looked down as he turned back toward the stove. "You OK? Cream your jeans?"

"No." He had done that only a few times, and under unusual circumstances, yet he knew Duo would continue to tease him about it. "If you tease me about that again, I will punish you."

"Punish punish. Yeah yeah. Are you OK? Why did you tell me to suck you off or something?" Duo put the kettle on the stove and turned on the burner. "Your throat hurt that much?"

"It hurts a little. You can do it with your hands, now you have the water started.

"Just my hands?"

"And the oil, there, beside you."

Duo found the body oil, which meant he also saw the other items Heero had placed with it, but he said nothing. He did lift the collar and put it on. He knelt then, holding the bottle of oil. "What is it?"

Heero turned over and frowned. "Just help me out of my pants. I cannot bend."

Duo nodded seriously. "Kinda trapped in the jeans."

Heero nodded. "Shifted to one side and I have not been unaroused enough that it will go down, even though it hurts a bit, and it hasn't shifted to a more comfortable position."

"Why didn't ya just open your jeans?"

"I was busy paying attention to you. Just help."

Duo popped the jeans open. "Aren't wearing undershorts today."

Heero nodded. Sometimes, the mechanics of having an erection went more smoothly inside silk garments than with cotton. The denim was usually soft enough, it was not as if he'd caught himself in a zipper, but the pocket fabric had just somehow bunched up against his cock and caused discomfort. Or, he chose jeans with too tight a fit.


Duo's hand was on his cock, of course it was better. "Much."

Duo tugged the jeans down over Heero's thighs and then off, past his feet. "Really only want a hand job?"

"I know for certain how talented your mouth is, but I have confidence in your hands as well." Heero reached out and caught Duo's right hand between his. "I like your hands. My calluses faded."

"I still trust your hands", Duo said. It was absolutely romantic, because he meant he would always trust Heero to pilot a mobile suit. Heero could appreciate romance. He did absolutely love Duo, and it was not all based on chemistry.

"You can do it how you want, so long as you use your hands."

"Can I get your shirt off?" Duo whispered as he was rubbing oil between his hands.

Heero nodded, but rather than allow Duo, he reached behind his head, grasped his tee and pulled it off over his head.

For a second, Heero was blinded as the shirt passed over his eyes, and when he could see again, Duo was already too close to avoid. Not that Heero would have tried to avoid a kiss. So, that was how Duo wanted it: sitting before him, working oiled hands over Heero's cock, kissing him deeply. When Heero glimpsed Duo's face, he saw his eyes were closed, and after that, he closed his eyes as well, and did not even try to see Duo's hands on him. That visual stimulation would have seemed desirable at another time, but Heero simply did not need further stimulation to be satisfied.

The whistle of the tea kettle cut through the ringing in his ears as he came and left Heero dazed for a moment, wondering how Duo had caused the howling in his head. It was the baying and howling that brought Heero back to a fully conscious state.

He saw Duo smiling at him. He noticed then Duo was wiping his hands on Heero's shirt. "I suppose you will do laundry tonight", Heero said drowsily.

"Punish me if I don't."

"I will."

Duo stood and removed the kettle from the burner. Tea and related paraphernalia they were not short on, as these had been included in the gifts others gave to Heero when he moved. "What tea would you like?"

"The green with jasmine one. Duo, Would you like to sit in bed and watch a movie with me?"

"I really would", Duo said and sounded very sincere. He turned to open a cabinet to collect tea and cups. "I do not really feel tired. After tea, I should probably try to get some more work done."

"If you believe you should, please do that, but if it is the grill you are concerned about, well, we can still have barbeque food if you do not make the grill. We received an invitation to a neighborhood cook out."

"We did?"

"From Mitchie and Candy. I think they live in a house the other side of Marcus. Apparently Candy barbeques."

"She probably only grills. I did not know the difference either until Trowa explained to me once during some Preventer training on Earth. That was when you were away."

"Oh. But, what do you think about going to meet neighbors tomorrow instead of spending the holiday together?"

Duo did not answer immediately and Heero believed he was thinking over the matter. He got the cups, spoons and various ingredients they would need and placed them on a tray that had also been included among the gifts. "Dining room?"

"That is fine."

"Go sit. I will clean up quickly and then bring you your tea."

Heero stood, no longer feeling so dizzy from recent orgasm, and went to sit in the dining room. They still did not have proper cushions to place with the table, but had left some folded spare blankets there instead. Heero sat facing the kitchen. He could see Duo duck down to collect things from the floor and then walk barefoot across the hall to the closet where there clothes washing machine was housed. He washed his hands in the kitchen and then carried the tea tray to the table in the dining room.

Duo did not ask how Heero liked his tea, but only prepared it for him from memory, with a little sugar. Heero smiled watching Duo make tea. He was naked and in a collar and making tea. Heero was so happy, though he was aware this might not seem a good reason for happiness to others.

"Arigato", Heero said as he accepted the small china cup that was part of one of the gift sets.

"It is tradition that the last barbeque of a year be on labor day," Duo said, "but it is not wrong or unlucky to do it afterward. The method works fine in colder weather, it is just that most people reserve the method for large outdoor gatherings, and these usually take place in summer. I can build our grill when I have spare time. We could have barbeque for Christmas if that was what we wanted. Tomorrow, we should go meet the neighbors. It could be awkward, but I think it is best we make the attempt to be neighborly. You managed to make friends in your last neighborhood, and so did I."

"I agree."

"What time is the gathering?"

"Beginning at 2pm."

"After tea, I would like to go to bed and watch a movie. I can continue my work later, or tomorrow." Duo laughed softly. "I will have plenty of time when the construction starts again, but I only have so much time alone with you."

"You can pick the movie."

"So that I will sit still and not fidget while you groom your pet."


"Should I get the brush and…accessories for you?"

Heero knew they had been left on the counter. "After tea."

Duo smiled and sipped from his cup. "I will have to be careful with these snacks, or you will have to comb crumbs from my hair."

"Duo-chan, you should know to put your napkin in your lap. I will have to punish you for that."

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