Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 86

Heero's negotiations with Zodiac Tech went better than he expected; he had gone into them expecting that, as soon as he disclosed that he was a personal acquaintance of the owner of their rising competitor within the industry, they would end discussions there. Instead, the representatives Heero spoke with in video conference assured him that they wanted him mainly because he was associated with Duo Maxwell, and secondarily because they knew of his activities against OZ, from which many of their personnel had come, during the war. In short, they wanted to pay Heero to purposely do what they feared Duo would convince him to do, not knowing, as Heero did, that Duo had too much integrity to consider industrial espionage. They were going to pay Heero to do what he would have liked to do just for fun but hadn't, out of respect for Duo.

It seemed to Heero that having a contract and making payments was their way of controlling what they feared they could not control, and this way, if Duo's project seemed too similar to any technologies they had developed, and won the bid, they could then sue Heero for selling confidential information, ruin his reputation in the security industry, and drag two former Gundam pilots through the court of the media.

It seemed a large risk, and rather like being manipulated, but at the same time, it was a very large sum of money they were willing to pay for his expertise and confidentiality and Duo said he didn't care if Heero did take the job, because he knew his people had done their own work and desired only to win on their Tinman's merits.

Heero had taken the job. It gave him something to do other than to indulge paranoid thoughts that the house was being sabotaged.

The work involved a week of remote research and neatly logged attempts at breaking Zodiac Tech computer systems. Heero then flew to Detroit, where the prototype Sagittarius was being assembled, from parts brought from ZT factories across the Earth and Colonies as well as several third party suppliers.

He surveyed the complex for several days, formed his plan of attack, and then spent several more days carrying out his plan. ZT Security was tight, and as with certain other things, in security, tight was good. The only way Heero had a chance of infiltrating their facility in order to prove whether the actual prototype could be touched, as opposed to having the project sabotaged virtually, was hiding in plain sight.

He figured, these people would suspect something sneakthief as traversing air ducts or as typical of his former work as blowing shit up; they would be prepared, and so he figured it was more efficient to test the least expected route. After all, his job was to make an accurate report of his client's security, but there was a point at which repeated tests invalidated any and all tests, as the pattern of attempts could be seen as an alert. It was important to select the live tests carefully.

Heero felt a little bad about they way he had acquired the necessary information to forge identification. He had not been able to view enough information using the computers or zoom function of his camera or binoculars, he had needed to get a close look at actual ZT company IDs. Heero had decided he would have to contrive a meeting with one of the employees off the zodiac factory compound. He was nervous about doing so, because it was a scheme he had seen done in movies and Midii said he was no good at using seduction as a means of persuasion or investigation.

Choosing the target had been a difficult choice between several accessible individuals of the appropriate clearance level. Ultimately, Heero had decided to arrange contact with the single homosexual male among them. He had really labored over the decision between the last two and questioned whether his choice meant something about him and whether he might think particularly highly of one gender over the other, but then he told himself that it was business and made his choice. As of that time, Heero believed that most of the Sphere's populace would not assume that Heero Yuy was gay and therefore it was less likely he would be recognized.

Some time with a blow dryer and a brush Jose had given him, brown contact lenses, and two shades of powder to slightly alter the apparent contours of his face and Heero was ready. The meeting in a bar near the factory had not been so difficult as Heero imagined. The nervousness only made him seem someone who was interested but bothered that such interest might be inappropriate or unwelcome.

Heero had commented on the inherently bad nature of all ID photos and improbably theory that there was a major Sphere wide supplier of bad ID lenses selling to the major manufacturers of industrial digital cameras marketed to government and corporate issuers of identity authentication materials. Heero saw his target took the appropriately geeky bait, and then presented his fake bad ID from the engineering department of an area automotive company. Heero waited as his target studied the ID and his face and then said in his best not-too-flirty voice, "I think you just blew my theory."

"Can I touch it?" he asked then and was rewarded with the opportunity to study his target's Zodiac Tech ID tag. Heero smiled and memorized the various details and security features, the font, the placement of holograms, the make of the smart chip, the thickness of the lamination, the type of clip that enabled bearers to wear it.

Heero stayed for another drink, talked about what kind of cars he liked. He said things like, "I like a car that will talk to me, ya know, with elite onboard, but I still wanna feel the road under me when I ride."

Heero finished his drink, declared that was enough and got up from the stool to leave.

"Can I get your number?" his target asked.

Heero hesitated for a second, uncertain how to answer and then said, "I live with someone."

"Uh, then here." His target produced a small foil business card from a pocket. An additional number was handwritten upon it in marker. "Call me sometime, even if you just want to go out for drinks."

Heero took the card, tried to smile, and left the bar. He looked at the card again when he was outside. I suppose this is how cheating happens, he thought. Heero put the card in a jacket pocket and made a note to tear it once his current job was finished.

It took him one day to make the fake ID.

He had logged a lot of hours in two weeks, but it was worth it, Heero thought, when he was sitting in the cockpit of the Sagittarius. It was a nice machine, as like the Tallgeese in physical structure as it could be without violating government regulations on mobile suit size and power or the copyright on the designs for Tallgeese. Zodiac had the rights to most of the OZ Zodiac Series, but not the Tallgeese. The sole surviving member of its design team had somehow ended up with that right.

Internally, the Sagittarius was much more modern and adaptive than the Tallgeese. The controls in that suit had looked 20 years old. These cockpit controls were a new design. Heero was very tempted to call Duo from the cockpit; he thought Duo would be more upset at potentially gaining knowledge than Zodiac would be that anyone was calling Maxwell. It was a moot internal argument, radio transmission from and to the large lab was dampened.

Heero took a button from part of the cockpit interface and then left, much the way he had come in. When he came to the reception area he asked if he could add an envelope to their outgoing mail. The woman on duty gave him a look that said he should know it was against policy, but she groaned, "Sure, go ahead."

It was not as if there was a bomb in the envelope, even a fake one. There was only a button and a handwritten note, addressed to Security, as the envelope itself, saying that the tests were complete and the analysis would be available in one week's time.

Heero had been on the Zodiac job just over two weeks, when he returned home, and he had been away from the house for half that time. The Dogs had both been left with Marcus; it was a fairly long stay for them, but Marcus's children were home to help him and Heero had convinced him to accept some reimbursement.

Heero had thought the arrangement better than having the dogs suffer through domestic airline flights. Heero did not want to suffer such flights. He trusted space craft more. The flights that hopped from city to city within the boundaries of a continent felt like trains without the romance.

Heero knew there was a chance Duo would be at the house when he arrived. They had discussed the possibility even before Heero accepted the contract with Zodiac. Duo had thought that if Heero had nothing personal against accepting the job that he should not worry about whether acceptance might ever compromise MaxTech and had said he thought someone who had recently begun mortgage payments should take the money.

They had spoken on the phone, while Heero was in Detroit. Duo had known that he would be piloting a shuttle to Earth and then had some meetings in California and was not sure how long it would take to get to the house.

Heero had imagined that, when Duo arrived at the house to move in, he would be there to greet him and help him. Duo had told him not to worry about this either. Sometimes, the thought counted, he reminded Heero. It was nice to think that Duo would find his boyfriend waiting, willing to carry furniture, with dinner prepared, as well as plans for a night spend in, but Duo was a `big boy' and he could take care of himself and he would be just as happy to see Heero if he was the second to arrive.

Heero left the taxi at the gate and stepped up to the security panel to announce his name and input his passcode. The two parts of the gate swung inward, the old Free Rocks sign and the new set of house numbers remaining visible as Heero walked past the fence line. He knew Duo had arrived before him then. The Dogs were bounding toward him, there were lights on in the house and he had not yet come to the stage of construction at which he could program patterns of on or off when he would be away, and there was what seemed a pile of old junk lying alongside the asphalt.

Heero saw Duo at the garage doors as he reached the highpoint of the sloped driveway. He smiled and walked toward Heero, looking like he had been working with something mechanical; there was grease on his face again. Heero could still remember that day he had returned to the Colonies and seen Duo outside Une's office. His shirt was closed this time, a blue and white striped snap and button down with a faded company stamp over one pocket and a name patch that said `Dale' on the opposite side. He attempted to smooth stray wisps of hair into his braid with the back of his hand as he approached Heero.

He would have rushed to kiss Duo then, but the Dogs had found him and Heero was being pawed and panted at.

"Welcome home," Duo said.

Heero pet the dogs with both hands, but looked only at Duo. "You want to go inside?"

He gave a nod. "Yeah, I was just locking up the garage. Can I show ya something first?"


Duo stepped up to the pile of junk. "What do you think?"

Heero disengaged himself from the dogs and looked more closely at the items within the pile. There were a lot of metal rods, tubing and hardware; his first guesses were salvaged plumbing supplies, some manner of stripper poles or fixtures removed from a commuter train car. He saw the row of brightly colored plastic, or possibly fiberglass, seating that seemed befitting either a fast food restaurant or an old subway car. Under some of the poles, Heero could see a beaten electronic marquee and decided these items must all be parts from a subway train. One of the seats had remnants of a sticker on it that read `give up this seat to the elderly and infirm', so Heero supposed it was from a transit system somewhere where English was spoken, but that did not really narrow it down very much. The seating was probably manufactured in Japan, even if the train it was from had never run there.

"Things from a subway car?"

"I meant, what do you think, for the bedroom?"

The bedroom? Heero remembered that conversation a few weeks before about Duo volunteering to find something that was not exactly a dungeon. "Do you mean, you might end up chained to one of these poles?"

"Chains, huh?"

Please do not make some joke about `ball and chain', next, Heero thought. He said, "It is interesting, Duo, but I am not sure how it will look with the materials and textures we discussed for the bedroom."

"Nah, it'll look kewl, like Industrial in a good `clean lines' way. You don't think you'll like it?"

"It is not really about `like'", Heero said. "I am just saying I am not confident at this stage that salvaged subway fixtures will look right in anyone's bedroom."

Heero feared Duo would be disappointed. It was Duo's house as well, and Heero had not actually said he could not put these things in the bedroom, but he expected that next Duo would look sad and defer to him and say it was OK if they did not use the salvaged pieces in their bedroom. When Heero looked at Duo's face, he was not even a little sad. He looked full of confidence. "No. They'll look good. You'll like them. Really."

Heero had really thought Duo would have backed down there. He did not wish to fight with Duo, so even though he thought the idea rather strange, he decided he would wait to see what it might look like when installed before he decided to argue the matter further. "So, how are you? Tired?"

"Not really. You? Bad flight?"

"I hate those short commercial flights!"

Duo picked up one of Heero's bags and let him get the rest. The Dogs followed as they moved toward the front door of the house. "I really did want to have dinner made, or something, but I got side-tracked and didn't realize the time."

It was closer to tea time. "Did you send the workers home?"

"They took a four day weekend."


"You know what Monday is?"

Now Heero remembered. One of those holidays celebrated by some, one designed to honor workers. All levels of personnel were important to society, but for some reason, `Labor Day' made Heero think of Communism. Duo wanted some kind of grilled food. "Grilled food?"

"Barbeque. You know barbeque. It's not the same as grilling. You have to slow roast meat over a wood coals to do real barbeque, and have just the right sauce." Duo opened the door, let Heero walk past and closed the door after the dogs had come inside.

"We can do barbeque Monday. I have a week to write my analysis. I can take a four day weekend."


Heero put his bags down and then turned. Four days, all alone, in their house.

Dinner, unpacking and sleep could wait, they had time. Heero sat down on the floor, his palms pressed to the polished wood boards and his legs drawn up slightly before him. He tipped his head up to look at Duo, and Duo seemed confused. "Tell me,' Heero said, `in that reoccurring dream you have, am I sitting exactly like this, when you take me?"

"Uh…" Duo's hands clenched and his face flowed through several micro expressions as he tried to decide what Heero wanted and what he should say. It seemed to Heero that Duo was trying to decide if the Heero he knew was the type to do what he thought Heero was doing.

Heero leaned back, resting his weight on his elbows and forearms. He scooted a short distance to his left and then parted his legs somewhat. "Or, was it like this?"

"Exactly. You were there. Exactly like that."

"I was wearing this same jacket, ne?" It was the green and black racing jacket with Duo's school letters sewn on the back. "I could not remember the other clothes I wore; they always came off so quickly in your dream."

"Oh." Duo still had not joined Heero on the floor. Heero did not try to read his mood or thoughts, and he could not quite guess what was going on inside Duo's head. He was surprised Duo was hesitant. It was rare Duo would refuse an offer like this, and it was always with some reason, even if Duo did not let on what that reason was at the time.

And then Duo fell. He slid across the smooth surface of the floor, his knees slipping beneath Heero's legs, and his hands immediately lifting Heero, so that he was nearly drawn to sit on Duo's lap. His cheek touched Heero's and then Duo's lips were on his ear, and then his neck. Duo smelled like someone who had just been fixing a car. Heero only had guesses as to what vehicles were in parts in their garage.

There had been a time when Duo would have just sat around and talked while others repaired their mobile suits and his, but he had obviously worked hard and learned a lot since then. Not only could he design a mobile suit, but he could fix things like cars and dishwashers. Duo had many skills; Heero even liked the smell.

"Heero," he whispered, "you are saying you want to do the things that I dreamed about?"

Heero laughed, but only a little. He was certain guys did not really like their lovers to laugh at them, and nice men did not like it either. "Was this the one time you were not checking out my ass, Duo- chan?"

Duo made some sound of protest, but his left hand slipped to the back of Heero's jeans, which had actually belonged to Duo once, and found the small container of lube. He would have come upon the condoms if he searched the other pocket, but Duo did not bother continuing the search.

"If I told someone you did things like this, they would not even believe me!"

"I can think of a few who would believe", Heero said in monotone. Then, he wondered if he came across as completely unimpulsive, or only unlikely to be submissive in any way.

Duo kissed him on the lips, but it was brief. "Thank you! This is an excellent house-warming! You are so kewl! You will tell me if you don't like something that I dreamt?"

Heero smiled and looked Duo in the eyes. His Duo-chan was truly precious to show such concern for a lover. He was a very good boyfriend. "It has been over four months." Heero lifted a finger to Duo's lips. "I would not insult you by saying I did not like something that you wanted, I would just use our safeword so you knew I needed to stop for a while and maybe offer some options. Now, C'mon, Baby, you know you want to fuck me."

"Aw, yeah, I like that. Kiss me, then say that."

Heero lifted his head, opened his mouth and kissed Duo. Duo's tongue ran over his teeth, and Heero ran his tongue over Duo's. Their mouths were sealed to each other and then parted; it made Heero's heart race and his cock feel heavy. Duo began groping at Heero's clothing and Heero was forced to put one hand to the floor to support some of their weight, or else fall hard, and he did not really want to hit his head again; he had probably lost enough brain cells for a lifetime.

Duo lifted his head and looked from side to side. For a moment Heero thought he was looking for the dogs, but then Heero was not so certain. Just when he had gotten really into things Duo was stopping; it was a terrible tease. Duo did not tease, he said. "What is it?" Heero whispered.

"Ne, Heero, when I had that dream, it was this room, wasn't it?"

"Looks like it."

"But I have been having a dream like that for a while, from before I thought of finding a house and saw this one."

Heero sighed. "You are thinking too much. You realize I am on a floor and offering to let you have your way with me. Duo-chan, your way. It was getting hot…"

"Heero." His eyes flashed back to Heero, but then he looked away again. "Maybe it was not exactly this room, and only the recent times I had the dream it became this room, because I wanted it to be."

"I am sure that could happen. Maybe I influenced your dream. I remember it started with us coming home on the bikes and sometimes things did not get past us being on a bike, then, if your sleep was not disturbed, there was the house with trees and the wooden floor."

"Yeah, yeah."

"You bought the bikes."

"Yeah," Duo sighed.

"Tell me so we will not interrupt each other again. How did things go at work, and when do you have to be at school?"

Duo looked again at Heero and grinned. "Finished all my work on the Tinman until a presentation or live test is asked for. I don't go to Stanford until the 18th."

"Then, C'mon, Baby, fuck me. If you can come for me within two minutes I'll let you do it again, but after that, I will enjoy pumping your ass for the next two weeks."

The threat had an obvious effect on Duo. "T-two minutes from now?" he asked.

"I start counting as soon as you have us out of our clothing, except for the jacket, of course."

"Heero." He fell to kissing Heero again, and it was hot. Duo had them out of their clothes and Heero back in his racing jacket within two minutes. He offered the lube to Heero then. "Will you do it for me?"

It would help Duo along if he did, and since Heero really did feel like playing for more than two minutes, he wanted to enable Duo to do what he asked of him. Heero took the tube from Duo and opened it, crunching his abs to remain sitting upright as he did. Duo's hands were on his thighs.

Heero looked down to work the clear gel onto Duo's dick. He heard Duo's irregular breaths and glanced up to his face. He did not think it would take Duo so long as two minutes. It had been almost three weeks since they had been together, and there was no sign Duo had spent his time masturbating the last couple days, only that he had been piloting a shuttle, negotiating with salvagers, moving furniture and likely working on motorcycles. His hands were not even clean.

Duo's hands felt good, so Heero did not even care that he was getting dirty. He had Duo's dick in his hands again; he was happy. Four days alone, two weeks to spend nights together, and Duo didn't have to start Preventer assignments until October 2nd. They might both be very spoiled this month.

"You wanna just bring me off now?" Duo asked.

Heero shook his head. The point here was to see how great Duo looked when he was allowed to nail Heero to the floorboards, just like in his dream. Heero took his hands from Duo, leaned back and rested his weight on his elbows again. He needed something appropriately dirty to say, or wanted, because he knew Duo would like it. "Now! Just nail me to the floor, right now!"

"Say you want me," Duo said, but his voice was pleading.

"I want you!"

"Lie back."

Heero lowered his head slowly to the floor and spread his arms to his sides. He could see Duo looking down at him and licking his lips. Duo's dick nudged his ass, and then the nudge was followed by a determined push and Heero closed his eyes. Ichi, ni, san…

When Heero forced his eyes open he saw determination and glee in Duo's face. It was good. Duo's braid slipped over his shoulder and swung back and forth, striking his arm or Heero's leg, as he moved. His hands were on Heero, sometime grasping one of his hips or the other, sometimes pressed to abdomen or thigh.

Duo's movements were intentional; shallow and steady. His eyes seemed fixed on Heero's body, perhaps even on his cock. Neither of them bothered to touch it. Heero was confident he would get plenty of attention in the future, and Duo did not have the time.

He raised his eyes to Heero's face and Heero could see the realization in Duo that Heero had been watching his face all along. So, he knew that while the offer to play out the fantasy was very much for Duo, it was also done so that Heero could see what his lover looked like when given permission to pleasure them both as he pleased.


Heero smiled.

Duo's movements became rapid and more forceful. "You bastard," he said, but his eyes remained on Heero's. Heero did not believe Duo was truly angry, only working out frustrations with Heero's smugness and demands. Frustrations were best worked out, Heero thought.

"Show me! Show me what you can do!"

"Bastard, bastard, bastard!"

That look came suddenly upon Duo's face and his body seized. In a photo, it might have just seemed funny, but the expression fascinated Heero. Duo's brain locking and crashing all for him; it was just the best.

Duo almost fell, but caught himself with his arms and leaned over Heero, looking at him. "I hate you so much," he said, but Heero knew he absolutely meant the opposite. It was not a lie, only teasing.

"You're language processor is toast; you love me." Maybe his tone was flat and tinged with smugness.

Duo sucked in a breath, nodded, laughed. "I do. I love you. You are so fuckin' full of yourself sometimes!"


Duo lowered himself; Heero could feel his weight and skin pressing down on his body. He kissed Heero's face. "So, how was I on time?"

"I lost count."

"I think I should get an automatic win for that!"

Heero smiled. "I think so too, though, my estimate is that you really were under the two minutes."

Duo kissed the right side of Heero's face, close to his ear. He whispered to him then, "I know you are not really so self-centered, but it is irksome when you seem to enjoy your power over me a little much."

"You would rather I did not enjoy seeing you feel pleasure?"

"Well, no."

"Then, what?"

"You weren't `tuning in'?"

"No. I was not, but you gave me permission to do that. Are you not mine, Duo-chan?"

"No, I am. It's just I can feel kinda uncomfortable, because sometimes I get this weird vibe, like, you seem to enjoy the power more than me."

"No, Duo. It was never like that. You are mine to use and keep and punish, in love. Duo, you made me lose count. I was not coldly watching you work for a climax or feeding from you like some… vampire. It was my ass! I felt it all. You were fucking me."

Duo laughed.

"My ass is twitching and sore. I am lying on a hard floor with your letters on my jacket. And I am being smug?"

"I am pretty good," Duo whispered, his lips gliding over Heero's cheek. "I don't know what I was thinking, being all depressed. That is so unlike me." His tone was all glee and playfulness

"It is a fact that sex alters biochemistry," Heero said and was prevented from saying more by Duo's mouth sucking at his. Heero fed Duo his tongue and willed the rest of his body to relax. It seemed several minutes passed and then Duo broke the kiss and lifted his head. He flashed a particularly mischievous grin and then ducked to put his mouth to Heero's chest.

Heero could not see what Duo did very clearly, due to the position of his head and Duo's hair, but he could certainly feel Duo's teeth on his left nipple and the hot shiver that sent though his body. "Please," he said.

Duo laughed. His teeth tugged at Heero's nipple.

"Duo." The two minutes Heero had given Duo to bring himself to climax had felt good to Heero, but had not included quite enough mental or physical stimulation to bring Heero to orgasm. His body wanted. He wanted. "Duo-chan." Heero pivoted his hips in effort to work his cock against Duo's stomach.

Duo lifted his body slightly, seemingly to deny Heero. He raised his head then as well, so that only some part of his legs, his braid, and one finger remained in contact with Heero. He circled that finger about Heero's right nipple mercilessly. "You know what I think?"

Duo would tell him. "What?"

"I think you're in a `fuck me' kind of mood."

"What are you talking about?"

Duo chuckled. "Really, are you? I can't read minds. I think you are though. I'm pretty confident in my abilities, but you have to admit, you coming to see me and offering to bottom without some elaborate girly costume seems just a bit out of character."


Duo smiled down at him. "So, are you? It's OK if you are. I think everyone has days when they just want to get fucked!"

"A girly costume would not have worked for that fantasy, would it?"

"No. No, but I did not ask you to do this, and I have not even finished assembling the bikes, and yet, you chose today to play this out." Duo grinned. "Chose today and challenged me to do it once quickly so you could have me fuck you again properly."

It was all probably true, and there was no shame in it, but at the same time, Heero did not really like that Duo had realized something about him that he had not himself previously realized. He also did not like that Duo was teasing, even if it might not be teasing, since he was likely going to completely satisfy Heero in the near future. "Yes, well, even if it's true, there is nothing wrong with it. As you said, sometimes people just get in a particular mood. And if I do want to get fucked today it is probably your fault for telling me those bedtime stories!"

There had been several episodes told over the phone in the past couple weeks and though Duo had included scenes involving the sexual activity of many of the characters who were clearly inspired by Heero, Duo and their friends, the majority of the scenes involved the most Duo-like character completely dominating the most Heero- like character, and most recently, this Heero-like character was finding his enslavement emotionally, intellectually and physically satisfying.

Heero was fairly confident that he was unlike that character and he knew his own desires, but Duo told the stories in such a way that Heero found them arousing.

So, maybe he had subconsciously wanted to be fucked today. Heero felt like being Master, or Dom or Top with Duo was very satisfying, but he was a man, with a perfectly male body, and he was well aware that he was attracted to men and liked dick and yes, he liked being fucked. Now Duo had brought it up, it was not really subconscious. It was conscious and certain in Heero's mind: he did feel like he wanted Duo to fuck him today. Repeatedly or hard would be a good way for Duo to go about it.

Maybe, he did not want to be in control. Duo had understood that about him before, Heero knew. It was not so much that Heero sought to be dominated himself, he actually did not find that satisfying in the way that Duo could. It was more that there were days when he did not want to feel in control of Duo, or himself. Heero thought, analytically as he could still having a hard-on from thinking about fucking and dick so much, the days when he was most stressed, he wanted to feel mindless lack of control and Duo fucking him was a really good way to get to that feeling.

Without Duo, he might have eventually abused drugs.

Fortunately, though Shinigami was a bottom boy, as Duo said, it was also true Duo could fuck like a machine and probably felt safe enough with Heero now that he could accept control, even if he still got off on the bondage and discipline. Heero was sure of that, Duo got off of the restraints and punishment and Heero playing at being Master, but he did not constantly require it to remain satisfied with the relationship.

Maybe, their time together had brought things to a different kind of balance. The large amount of time Duo wanted to be dominated was balanced by the large amount of time Heero was willing to dominate him, and the smaller time Heero wanted to be out of control was balanced by the times Duo was very amused to take control. It was still well balanced, only sometimes they passed each other on the teeter-totter; Heero had seen children do that, it was a pretty daring stunt.

Heero looked and saw that Duo was looking at him, not really mischievous or amused, only waiting for an answer. "It is true. I am in one of those moods. You can help me out, can you, Duo-chan?"

"Loyally and faithfully, Heero-Sensei. I was only waiting to hear what you wanted."

Heero nodded; his head slid easily on the floor to allow the slight movement.

"Do you still have that pair of red bondage cuffs?"


"I think you can use them in a mood like this. We both know you could break out of them if you had to, but it isn't really bondage that works for you. Role-play does, and they make an excellent prop, don't you think?"

"They are in the trunk," Heero answered honestly.

"Can you go put them on? I want to look for a few things here. I promise I'll be there very soon and do just what you need. I want to. I'll have a lot of fun helping you work through this stressful mood."

Duo got up, and freed, Heero was able to sit.

Duo moved into the living room, which was now even more full with boxes and small pieces of furniture wrapped in sheets of cloth or plastic. "Hey, how did your job go?" Duo asked casually. "You didn't cheat on me while you were away and offer me your tight ass out of guilt?" He laughed.

Heero really did not know what he was going to say until he heard himself speak, "I flirted with a man in order to gain information, he gave me his number, even when I said I lived with someone, and he may loose his job because I chose him as a target over the woman in his department."

"So you want it hard then?" Duo asked. His toned sounded casual.


Duo said nothing else, but moved around the boxes and furniture in a search, naked, with hair falling loose. Heero rose slowly and went into the room where he kept his bed. The trunk was there too, and the pair of red velvet bondage cuffs. He found them linked by a padlock with key dangling, but he remembered that he had put the lock there one day.

Heero did not really noticed Duo bringing the mirror into the room or propping it up aside the bed, not until Duo was already behind him and touching oiled hands to his back. Heero had not noticed the massage oil either; he had just sat looking at the cuffs and wondering.

"Tell me which of us can force you to wear those cuffs?"

Heero thought for a full second, just to be certain of his answer. "Only me."

Duo leaned forward over Heero's left shoulder and nibbled at his ear. He whispered to him, "What can I do?"

"Let me call you `My Prince' and call me `slave', or `Yuri'."

"Hands behind your neck, slave, I will see for myself that these cuffs are properly fastened."

Heero put his hands, wrists loosely in the pair of cuffs, behind his neck, and then he felt Duo tighten each cuff at the buckle and finally heard the lock click closed.

"Lean forward, eyes toward the mirror."

Heero leaned, awkwardly. He rested his weight in his knees and elbows and raised his eyes to the mirror. He could see Duo behind him, looking pleased. Heero could feel Duo's hands on his back. He felt Duo's fingers slip between his buttocks, and the contact with his anus.

This was what he desired today. The position and the mirror before him and the role-play did not really matter. He wanted Duo's dick and he wanted Duo's hands on his body, and he wanted absolutely mindless climax of pleasure. He was sure Duo would know that he wanted it hard. If it hurt, that would be OK with Heero. He would accept the props and such if it amused Duo; it might even amuse him as well.

Maybe there were people who wanted to see their reflection in a mirror as they fucked someone, but Heero was sure Duo was someone more interested in seeing his lover. That was how Heero felt. He would not look at himself, if his eyes moved over his own reflection, they were unfocused. He focused on Duo. He might have been as interested to watch Duo fuck someone else, but that would have caused strong negative emotions.

Duo was always looking back.

Duo was always looking right at him.

It caused phenomenally strong positive emotions. The intense spikes of pleasure did not hurt his emotional state at all, but in theory he did not need Duo to feel sexual gratification, but without Duo, he would not have had the emotional gratification added to all the seriously hot sex. Duo reached a hand toward Heero's head and grasped a handful of hair. "Up. Sit back." He pulled, and so Heero shifted his weight as best he could and took the pain in his scalp and the pressure on his right arm as Duo lifted him. "Here", Duo said and Heero's cuffed hands were lifted over Duo's head.

Duo put his hands to Heero's chest and nipped at his earlobe. "You are still thinking", Duo whispered.

Heero did not answer, except to moan at the new position.

"You are still tense. I can feel it. Look. Look at the mirror, not at your face. Look what I am doing to you."

Heero felt Duo's hands move quickly, the right to his cock and the left across his chest to his right nipple. He shifted his gaze and looked. He was penetrated, embraced, stroked, pinched, nipped and he could see it all happening.

"We both know you can do it. Let go."

It was getting hard to do anything. "Feels good."

"With me? Let's go! You're with me, Baby, C'mon."


"With ya! C'mon. None of your lockin' and crashing, either."

He meant…Heero tried to think, something about Heero forgetting to breathe. Heero could hear his breaths coming quick. Everything was about to almost…

"Yeah, Oh, yeah, Baby! Yeah!"

Heero's vision was going black at the edges and he felt his insides about to flood up and out his ears and it was like some small, very pleasant thermonuclear device was set off within his body.

"God, yes, Heero, uhn!"

Mindless, except, he knew Duo was with him.

The next thing he was really aware of was his hands being free. Heero lay down and was aware that Duo lay at his back. His left arm was between Heero's arm and his side. "I love you so fuckin' much", Duo said. His lips touched the back of Heero's neck.

Duo shifted, his arm drew away from Heero, but a few seconds later he slipped his hand beneath Heero's arm and braced his forearm across Heero's chest. "Found this on the bed."

Heero opened his eyes and reached for Duo's hand. The fingers opened easily and Heero found his ring, Duo's old class ring. "I take it off for mis-for jobs."

"I know." Duo's tone said he understood completely. He just wanted Heero to have it back now. There was a ring on Duo's left hand, and a watch on the wrist. It was too early for bed.

"You want me to set the alarm? We could take a nap, get up and have something to eat."

"We should get a shower, then fix dinner together."

"We try that before?"

Heero had to think about it. "No. One of us always fixed food for the other. I do not think we even shared a bill at a restaurant."

"Mmmn. I think our kitchen is big enough."

"You can be my sues chef."

"Fine by me. After dinner, you want to…?"

"We could start sorting through the things you brought, unless you want to get back to the garage?"

Duo took a moment to think before his reply. "I don't need to be anywhere yet. I can work on the vehicles tomorrow, or anytime."

"It will not really be very comfortable here until the construction is more complete, but we should make certain you have access to the things you really need until then. The rest can remain piled in the living or dining room. If we get though it, we will have an idea what we still need to get for the house."

"If we got married, we could register for gifts."

Heero laughed. "Or we could throw a housewarming party when the construction is complete."

"We could do that."

"I am not really mad that you keep mentioning it", Heero said quietly. "Give me at least twenty minutes to rest."

Duo withdrew his hand and Heero heard the series of small beeps behind him. When the watch was set, Duo's hand came back around Heero, but this time, Duo did not wear the watch. He knew Heero found the sound of his alarm jarring.

When Heero woke, the alarm had already been shut off and Duo was squeezing him. It really did amaze him, when his body just knew Duo was not an enemy. He had probably known it subconsciously before he ever realized. "Wanna get a shower?" Duo asked, perkily.

"I want to use the toilet first", Heero said quietly.

"'Sallright!" Duo assured him. Heero felt his arms slip away and the slight shifting within the batting this futon was constructed of. "I'll go run a bath, huh? And then you can have a soak while I'm busy with my hair. OK?"

Heero propped himself up, while Duo rant to the bathroom. Heero knew he was going to feel sore. Such was the result of allowing the injurious activity infrequently, yet always asking that it be done hard.

When Heero moved through the sliding doors between the toilet and bathing areas, the large tub was half full of steaming spice-scented water and Duo was already standing under the overhead rainfall shower fixture. "It's hot", he said.

Heero stepped up to Duo, to be under the spray. Duo reached behind to get a puff and soap.

Duo raised his voice to speak over the water as he turned back around. "If we rigged the shower for voice control, I could just tell the wall massage jets to spray."

Heero turned and took the hand-held shower head from the cradle on the wall and then pushed the button to direct water through it. He had intended to rig much of the house for voice control; it had not seemed worth doing in the rented apartment. "The running water amounts to white noise where the mics are concerned. Voice controls are only viable for programming temperature and settings before the water begins to run," Heero said flatly.

For about half a minute they did not speak. Heero used the hand-held to rinse his body, and without invitation or orders, Duo washed Heero's back.

"It was a good thought", Heero said then.

"Uh huh."

"I already planned to program most of the house for voice control. You will have to read a chart for me."

"No problem." There was silence between them again, for about ten seconds, and then Duo shut off the flow of water. The room went very quiet, but for dripping, lapping and sounds of breathing. "Man, listen, you don't have to say, `I love you, you were great', every time, but is there something else you wanna tell me, because you're really edgy right now.

"Duo", Heero sighed, his back to him.

Duo walked around so that he could see Heero's face. "Hey, get in the tub, I'll be right back."

Heero saw Duo was leaving the room, dripping wet. "Duo, we have wood floors! The water!"

"Damnit, I'll clean it up real quick. OK?" He was already in the hall.

Heero climbed into the tub. He did not feel great or wonderful, but his lack of bliss was likely due to something entirely mundane like lack of sleep or low blood sugar, so he saw no point in mentioning how he felt. He certainly did not blame Duo at all, and he did not believe Duo was obligated to make him feel good all the time, so there was really no point in complaining to him. There had been no problem with the sex.

Duo came back and Heero stammered half a word before he realized Duo was gone again. He had dropped some things in the sink, grabbed a towel from the shelf high on the wall, and gone into the hall to wipe up puddles.

When he saw Duo again, hanging the towel, Heero told him what he had meant to say. "There was nothing wrong with the sex, Duo. I liked how you chose to do things. If you are reading something into my words and actions…I mean, I am probably just tired or hungry, and I did not want to upset you, so that is why I did not tell you how I feel."

Duo shrugged as he was lining up items along the tiled edge of the tub. Heero saw a small bottle of French-labeled painkillers, a half liter bottle of water, a complimentary inflatable pillow Heero had gotten on a commercial shuttle flight once, a gel-filled eye mask he had not seen before, an orange candy stick from Tangs, and a box of chocolate pocky Heero had ordered with the groceries. Duo said, "Oh, here," and added Heero's soap, taken from the hollow in the wall, to the end of the line.


"Guys like to fix things, right? And when did your not asking me to help ever stop me from helping you anyway?"

Heero could not recall such a time. Maybe there had been recent instances when Heero had actually asked Duo to help with something, or hinted that he had need of help, but in the past, he had never asked, and Duo had still saved his life, or watched his back, or given him something he needed. He had probably done the same for Duo, though he had probably thought it insanity at the time, until this year. "Thank you, Duo-chan", Heero said quietly.

"Pazhálusta." Duo moved away from the tub, but only a few steps, as the room was not large, and touched the controls to start the shower again. "I'll be washing my hair now", He said over the water. "Let me know if you need anything."

Heero made use of the painkillers first; he only took one. "Apparently, I will not need for anything, so long as I have you," he said loudly.

Duo turned his head slightly, as he was lathering shampoo atop his head, and flashed a smile. "I expect lots of favors in return, of course."

Heero put the pillow behind his neck, placed the mask over his eyes, sipped some water, and then put the candy stick in his mouth. It was a very relaxing bath, he even fell half asleep, until he was roused by Duo's hands on his shoulders.

Heero felt better and ready to fix dinner with Duo. Duo deserved a lot of favors. He deserved everything and anything he wished, because he was not only a good man, but he was an excellent boyfriend. Heero smiled at him and touched the collar of the red satin robe Duo. Some day they would have to go back to that hotel and pick a very interesting room to stay in.

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