Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 84

With Duo gone, Heero felt strangely alone in the large unfurnished house. Drifting in space did not feel so alone. Heero started working immediately, sitting in his bed with his computer, typing up shopping lists and schedules. The grocery delivery service required a minimum number of hours to pack and ship goods, so Heero located the number of an 'Asian take-out' place and ordered some food for breakfast and lunch.

After showering and eating some food, Heero started ordering parts and equipment he needed to complete the security and electrical work on the house using personal accounts as well as the business account attached to his electronics store. He then placed an order for some kitchen wares he would need to prepare meals for himself until Duo returned.

By afternoon, Heero was feeling restless, having things to do, but waiting on deliveries. He had some soup and rice, which calmed him somewhat, and then placed a call to Ken, to confirm which tasks Duo had given him. When he had that list, Heero busied himself with further calls, confirming or scheduling work orders for trees to be felled, fencing installed and driveways paved.

In the evening, Marcus came to the front door with Nu. Heero invited them in, and just as they began discussing care of the dog, the groceries were delivered. Heero directed the delivery person to the kitchen and helped him to unload the large plastic crate onto the floor and counters. Heero gave the young man an extra cash tip, hoping that he would not tell many others if he had recognized Heero.

Heero invited Marcus to have some tea. A full tea set was among the things Heero had brought among his house warming hand-me-downs; actually, he had ended up with two. Heero put a lightbulb in his new lantern and then sat with Marcus in the rear room and served the tea with a few snacks.

The dogs were given food and water in their own separate bowls, and Heero scolded them firmly if either dog stole from the other's bowl. Marcus discussed pets with Heero and the neighborhood.

Marcus and Moira had two pre-teen children that were with Moira while she was away filming on location in San Francisco. At the other side of Heero and Duo's house some bachelor lived, did not talk to many neighbors, and was often away from home. Heero said that it was unwise to make it obvious to many when one was away, as the residence might be targeted for burglary. Marcus continued listing the neighbors.

Some families lived across the street with children of various ages and some pets. One of the men on that side of the street was in the computer or information industry. A woman in another house nearby was a local newscaster. Several houses down the street were a couple of women and their children, who often held what they termed 'block parties' and invited many neighbors. Marcus did not remember the names of all the neighbors, but he knew their pets...Tiger and Mr. Noodles and Spinoza and so on.

When Marcus left, Heero spent the rest of the day keeping the two fogs close and giving them lots of attention, so they would learn to get along with each other, and with him.

Heero took the dogs out into the yard on their leashes, in evening. He walked them around, just admiring the trees and not bothering to clean up after them.

For dinner Heero had a sandwich and then after checking some messages and mail, went to bed early.

No deliveries or workers arrived on Thursday, so, Heero kept busy sending mail to business partners such as Midii, Karen, Vero and Tobey. Midii said she would let him know as soon as any assignments needed his attention. The rest of the day Heero trained his dogs. He went to bed early.

On Friday, Heero wrote letters to all his business partners and friends such as Yanagi, Claudia and Relena, telling them about his new house and reconfirming for them his updated contact information but reminded them that he was using his mobile devices presently and none were connected to the local hardline. He wrote about the new dog, Nu, and how he seemed more playful than Koi, and that Koi sometimes nipped at Nu. As he was quite bored, Heero included a lot of superfluous information about his plans for the house and how grateful he was for the furniture friends had given him.

When he had finished that, Heero called Duo, but he got the recorded message.

On Saturday, Heero took both dogs on the bus and into Sitka's older downtown parts. Heero needed a few more supplies to care for Nu, and he wanted to see how the two dogs would behave together in another environment. Koi could be temperamental or high strung at times, but he took well to a leash or harness and seemed eager for commands and almost proud of his accomplishments and better behavior. Nu was rather more mellow and would rest if not given a command. He did not really respond well to Heero's vocal commands as yet, but a tug on the leash or a signal from Koi and Nu would move.

When Heero brought the dogs home that day, the delivery of pots and pans had arrived. The cardboard box had been left on the steps before the front door where anyone could take it, but Heero supposed this to be fairly common practice. It was a detached house and private residence, so it should not be assumed that others would take the package.

Heero took the dogs from their leashes and then brought the box in to unpack and wash or condition the new cookware. He was eager to cook something, as he had been eating take-out and pre-prepared foods for several days. As Heero was at work in the kitchen, some phone calls came.

Some of the contracted workers were confirming or supplying the times they would be on site. Heero typed all the times into his mobile. Only after the last call, did he realize that Monday Free Rocks would be invaded by work teams.

Heero left another message for Duo Saturday night. He supposed Duo was back to working until he crashed.

Sunday afternoon a huge truck pulled into the drive and two men came from it toward the house. Heero saw their approach from the greatroom, where he was considering arranging furniture in this room, as it would not be under construction. Heero went to the door and greeted the men. One presented an invoice and a pad to sign.

"You are going to unload the containers from the truck?" Heero asked. He could see several stripped vehicle frames, various large boxes and shipping containers on the flatbed.

"Where do you want them?"

"The garage. There."

"No problem. Just sign for the delivery."

Heero signed the pad, the device rendering his signature less telligible that usual.

"How do you spell the last name?"


The man typed the name into the pad and then looked up slowly to Heero's face, and then back down to the delivery address, including Duo's name.

Soon, Heero realized, no matter how he tipped delivery men or offered workers beverages, all the Sphere would know he and Duo lived in Sitka. It would not be the fault or doing of any one delivery man. Every delivery person, packer at a warehouse, neighbor, construction worker, receptionist, and computer operator with legitimate purpose to learn their address would go home and tell one trusted person that Heero Yuy and Duo Maxwell were living together in Sitka, and then those people would tell one trusted person...

Heero smiled. Let them know, he thought. He would soon have the security system installed. It would be a good one. He would make the house safe for Duo and the dogs...and for Solo, Duo's son.

Heero leashed the dogs and walked them from the house to the garage. It was surfaced in faux stone and sat in a lower part of the lot than the house, or it might have been an eyesore, for its size. Another couple might have made this into a guest house, but Heero suspected they would need the space as a garage.

Heero watched the men use the trucks rollers, hydraulics and detachable fork lifter to move the cargo into the large vacant interior of the garage. In the future, Duo would probably bring a lot of tools and equipment here to work. The garage would need a good security system of its own, tied-in to that of the house.

As soon as the fence could be placed and some deliveries arrived, Heero could start his work. When the framing of the second floor went up, he could start work within the addition. When the house was finished, he could install the final control panels and monitors.

Until then, Heero and the two dogs would have to keep Free Rocks safe.

On Monday, Heero had still not heard from Duo, but he knew from Hilde that he was alive and eating sometimes. Heero trusted that Duo was merely trying to get his work done as soon as possible so that he could come home.

Heero did not have much time to worry over Duo, as of that day; from early Monday morning, vehicles and workers were arriving. Heero went out and spoke to the various foremen and gave what information they needed to work. Ken arrived midmorning, followed by a truck with a portable toilet, a trailer containing a mobile office, and further vehicles.

There were tree doctors cutting branches from trees and fencers surveying the boundary of the property and delivery people asking where the homeowner could be found, and even neighbors arriving to ask what was going on and how long it would last.

Heero was on his feet most of the day, answering questions when he was not asking them, keeping track of what was being delivered to whom, making sure that the drivers understood that they had to park on the street after 5pm that day, so the pavers could begin their work on the drives, paths and basketball court.

Heero moderated disputes between salvagers and tree doctors, both wanting to walk on the roof and both tossing items off the roof. At the same time, Ken was trying to explain to a neighbor that the trucks would not be parked in the street every day and soon their kids could play street hockey safely as they had any other day.

The noise was disturbing the dogs, as well was the movement of all the strangers in and near the house. The dogs became noisy themselves, barking at the windows and lunging at people, so that Heero had to shut them in one room.

In the evening, things settled somewhat. The pavers arrived and other teams quit for the day, leaving piles and vehicles and equipment, but taking much with them. To Heero, the actual number of hours they worked in one day seemed small, but he understood this was the way of such things and that the work was physically demanding.

Heero took the dogs out and got them calmed down as much as he could; the fumes of the asphalt disturbed them.

When the dogs were again in the house with him, Heero collected some of the materials that had been delivered and began work on installing the security system and special lighting and electronics. In some places, he needed to cut into walls or floors, be he had mentioned this to Ken and was now confident that the holes could be patched during finishing on the addition.

Sometime in the middle of the night, when even the pavers had left, Heero's phone rang. He fit the set to his head and answered.

"I need you," Duo said.

Heero could not honestly tell whether Duo was interested in sex or needed Heero to fly to the Colonies because someone had died. The blind was on. "What?"

"You don't have to do anything you don't want to, just talk to me, Baby. Let me hear your voice. I need you."

Sex, Heero decided. It seemed a little unfair that Duo had waited to call until he wanted sex...for a nanosecond, and then Heero was just interested. "I have been waiting for you to call, Duo-chan. I was just fitting some cable. Can you give me a minute to get more comfortable, or do you just want me to talk you through?"

Duo's silence said he would settle for Heero talking him through without joining, but he knew this probably sounded selfish. After a length, Duo answered. "I'll give you more than one minute if you would promise to set up your remote lenses."

Heero had forgotten to unpack the lenses since moving. "Good idea. You will not start without me?"

"I might have started, depends on how you define 'start', um, but I'll try hard not to have fun until I get you online again."

"I will see you soon..." The connection had already died.

Heero scattered his tools as he sprang to his feet and ran from the hall to the remaining boxes in his room. He pulled his shirt over his head as he rifled through the neatly arranged contents of the box he was certain contained the lenses. He found two remotes, tossed them to his bed and sloughed off his pants.

In just under a minute he had both lenses stuck to the walls and aimed at his bed and the mobile computer ready to receive the call and select cameras. The phone rang a minute later and Heero was already breathing shallow by then, expecting Duo's call and knowing what direction their conversation would take. He still wore his undershorts, but as soon as he saw Duo's number displayed, those were removed, and Heero switched off the blind and answered. "Hey."

"God you look good."

Duo looked lust-filled and somewhat weary. The number was his, but he was calling from within what seemed the software lab at the garage and he had allowed stubble to accumulate on his face again. Heero looked at the monitor and saw Duo grin at him. His mind and mouth might be up to describing interesting positions and athletics, but his body was not up to such. This was, Heero decided, the asset of phone sex; two people might describe an encounter that their bodies were not presently capable of, and please each other in doing so.

"How do you want to take it, Lover?"

"Yeah…" Heero saw an additional camera come up on his display and quickly selected it. He could then see Duo's entire body upon the monitor. He was leaning back in an executive chair with his right leg hung over the arm; he was naked. "Any way you want, Baby. I miss your cock."

Heero could see that he may have to do most of the talking. Duo really needed him. This was not to say Heero had no needs, but it mattered to Duo who did more of the talking, and at present it did not matter to Heero. Knowing Duo listened was enough for him.

"Show me, Duo-chan, take it in your mouth."

"Mm." Duo's fingers went into his mouth.

"Aa, not so hard. Enough to get me wetter. You can taste how wet I am already."

"Mmm Hmm."

"That is enough, Duo-chan. Good. Now I will knee in front of your chair…"

Duo gasped.

"I bite down on the inside of your thigh hard enough to leave a little mark."

"Uh, yeah, need you!"

"Loll my tongue over your dick. I want a taste of my pet." Heero smiled as he said the words. Duo's taste was clear in his mind. "and then hold your dick in my hand as I go lower to mouth your balls."

"Fuck! Uh, fuck, Heero!"

"And now I will open you up with my tongue."

"Yeah! Oh yeah!" Heero saw the dildo in Duo's hand.

"I think you are ready now, and I want to fuck you."

"Fuck me!"

"Lift your right leg and put it around my waist…and my hand on your dick…I bury my cock in your ass…nail you to your chair."

Duo groaned wordlessly as he pushed the dildo into his body. He groaned, yet he grinned. It was amazing to see, beautiful, even on the small monitor. It was difficult for Heero to keep talking, but he knew it would work just as well for Duo to hear his excited breaths as it worked for Heero to hear Duo's every wordless response.

With his hand pumping his cock and Duo's writhing figure on the small screen and Duo's ragged noises at his ears Heero could easily recall exactly how it felt to be with Duo. It felt as if he were with Duo.

Duo went quiet. Heero nearly came then to hear his absence of noise and curses. Sometimes, when Duo felt really good, he went beyond shouting his pleasure and expressed it in slight wavering breaths and barely audible grunts. Heero felt Duo's release and let himself surrender as well.

Half a minute later Heero looked at the monitor and saw Duo sweating and slumped in his chair. Duo did not seem to know; Heero had felt his orgasm across all the miles of space.

Duo, he thought. Heero willed Duo to hear him.

Duo opened his eyes and gazed low-lidded at Heero through lenses, circuitry and plasma. "I should go clean up."


"Later, Heero."

Heero fell back to his bed as Duo disconnected. He laughed, feeling giddy and tired. Heero got himself up and went into the bathroom. He set the shower to a cool temperature and then stood on the tiles, beneath the spray, until he felt clean.

Duo was a wonderful person to know, and Heero now knew that the distance between them did not matter.

When the bathroom was cleaned, Heero returned to his bed. He lay down in the dark, listening to the dogs pad across the wooden floors. These were the sounds of his house at night.

The phone rang.

Heero ignored it. He knew this was unlike him, but he would rather lie in bed remembering Duo.

The ringing stopped.

Then, the ringing started again.

Heero reached for the headset and fit it in place. He hit the button to accept the connection and then removed the blind without speaking a greeting.

"Heero!" Duo. He looked…frantic. "Are you mad? Heero? Why didn't you answer? I-I'm sorry I didn't call until I was horny, or let you know how things were going…"

Heero covered his mouth with one hand as he tried not to laugh. He failed in his attempt.




"Duo-chan, I am gay, not a girl!"

"Oh, Christ!" Duo sounded relieved and maybe he felt foolish for misunderstanding. "You said 'gay'!"

"It sounded snappier", Heero said coolly.

"It did!" Duo laughed. "Um, so, before…I didn't even say thanks. I mean, I wasn't trying to say I thought you were sappy, but, I mean…"

"Thank you, Duo. Thanks for sex is not sappy, just polite. I thought it was good, so thanks for that, and thanks for calling back to let me know you appreciated my part in it."

"Right! Um, I'm glad, you know? About the 'gay' part, I mean. I really do get turned on by girls sometimes, but I had really been missing your cock."


Duo laughed, nervously. "We have these new contractors, techs, working for us. They mostly seem pretty straight-acting guys."


"I didn't tell them I was with you, but I didn't really lie either."


"I don't usually have a problem revealing things about myself…" Heero did not think that was an entirely accurate statement, but he did not think Duo realized his statement was inaccurate. Duo was usually very willing to talk, even about himself, yet a lot of what he said and did seemed subterfuge and distraction. It was true to say Duo revealed things about himself, but not true to say he revealed many deep or important things about himself.

Duo continued, "They were talking about women and I…do you think…that's bad?"

"Duo-chan, the only mistake you made there was to fraternize with employees. It is not their business whom you have sex with…but that is not you are really asking me, is it? Whatever you tell people about being with me is fine, so long as you do not lie. There is no worry there, ne?"

"Hai, hai. I never lie", Duo said almost wearily.

"It might be more difficult to explain to someone you are with a man when you have already told of your exploits with women, but all Colonials are thought to be bisexual, so they cannot be very shocked, even if they are from Earth."

"They are!"

Heero laughed. "Maybe I will have to dress as a girl when visiting you at the garage."



"You said that so seriously. It's a joke, right?"

Heero smiled. "Tell me how you have been missing me and all the things you have been wanting to do with me while you have been stuck there with all the straight geeks that talk about the women they never laid around the water cooler."

Duo made a contented sound, like a purr. "Just who is calling whom a geek?"

"At 02:30 hours initiated rough, slangy banter over the phone in order to arouse partner", Heero said as if reading from a mission report.

"Baby, when I see you, you are getting some serious head!"


"Baby, you have no idea! It's maddening how I want you more when I don't see you. I'll suck you dry!"

"Good to know your mouth is good for something", Heero said flatly. He rolled his thumb across the head of his cock as he listened to Duo's breathy laughter.

"You are completely naked, aren't you?"

Heero had not activated the remote lenses for this call. "Yes."

"You'll keep me up all night."

"You did not call for days!"

"Shit, you didn't even touch yourself, did you?"

"No," Heero admitted.


"Sometimes I can do it, but it is always better with you. I just found other things to do with my time."

"You were mad."

"No. I am not mad at you. I was not before. But maybe I was a bit lonely. It would be fine if you did only call to let me listen to you jerk off. Or, if you wanted to talk, that would be OK."

"I get really self-centered when I get into a project."


"You are… you're doin' it now?"


"Can I join ya?"

"If you can do it low tech with me."

"Yeah. Were you thinking about anything in particular."

"Nothing at all, just listening to your voice."

"I'm with ya. Feels good."

"No. You have to talk about something else."

Duo chuckled. "You are a pervert. Doing it all stealthy like while I try to have a normal conversation."

"It is not perverted if you are in on the arrangement."

"It's an interesting idea, you secretly wanking while watching me."

"You are such an exhibitionist. Tell me again how you act straight at work."

"I told them the story about how I did this chick on the floor and got wicked carpet burns on my knees."

"Nn. Sounds fun."

"I like having a boyfriend. I can fuck or get fucked, ya know?"


"Suck or get sucked, right? It's like all the bases are covered."

"Even Home."

Duo laughed. "And I don't have to wonder if it'll be worth it or if I'll be turned on when they get out of their club gear or whatever. Even if a boyfriend was bad, you can kinda train them, ya know. They're there for you and you can learn all the best ways to get each other off."

"Boyfriends are good", Heero agreed.

"Mm. Good."

"Experimental boyfriends…"





"Oh, yeah!"








"Aaaw fuuuck!"


"Yeah, oh, yeah, that was good. Needed that."


"I want to see you. This is good, but I want to see you."

Heero sighed. "I want it too. Soon. I want to see you too."

It took Heero four days to make arrangements to leave Earth and to reach V08744. Koi and Nu had been left with Relena temporarily while Heero continued to the L2 colony to see Duo. He had not told Duo he would be coming.

Heero knew that Duo had gone to Hilde's to sleep after working several days. Howard let Heero into the garage itself, and then he left him alone to return to his own work. Heero let himself into the software lab. It was difficult to break the electronic lock, but by no means impossible.

The lab was surprisingly clean and orderly. Heero had expected, since Duo was the one who worked in the lab, that it would be much more cluttered.

Heero expected Duo to return to the lab within several hours and so he used the remaining time to change into his costume. He was rather proud of this one, as it had been custom made; it was green, glittery and entirely scandalous.

Duo arrived earlier than Heero expected, and though he was completely costumed, including body glitter, green contacts, silver eyeshadow and pointed ears, he had barely had time to clean up the mess he had created while changing. Heero hid behind a server tower and hoped the few things he had left in the open would not ruin his surprise.

"Heero?" Duo whispered.

Heero peered from behind the tower. "You knew I was here?"

Duo looked as if he meant to explain, but then he froze looking at Heero. He was silent for a while and then he spoke in a rasp, "Come out where I can see you."

Heero smoothed his skirt such as he was able and stepped from his hiding place. He could feel Duo's gaze as clearly as see it. "Green fairy", Duo said under his breath, "Goddamn, a green fairy."

"How did you know I was here?" Heero asked in a quiet voice. He wondered if he could have overlooked some element of the security system.

"Fuck that! Look at you!"

Heero shook his head.

"Baby, you can't act bashful now. You're the one breaking into my software lab dressed in…in a fucking gorgeous faerie costume." Duo made a small sound, perhaps to clear his throat. "It's not really a subtle gesture."

"Would ye dwell in faerie realms with me, Beautiful Child, even if it mean forsaking the mortal world fore'er?"

Duo's jaw hung slack. Heero wondered if his accent had been too much.

Heero smiled.

"That almost sounds like a proposal!"

Heero stood stunned for a nanosecond and then replied, "Only a proposal that you take advantage of me appearing here in this costume and fuck me. Do you accept or not?" Heero asked flatly.

Duo laughed. There was no coldness in it at all. "Oh, yeah, I accept, but not before I put my lips to your faerie wand."


Duo reached toward Heero and grasped him by the hips. Heero felt he pulled a bit roughly, but he liked the pulling even so. "That is all right. Treat me just like some girl you want."

Duo made some dry sound, wounded, Heero thought, as he heard it.

Heero lifted a hand to Duo's neck. He could feel the blood pulsing beneath his fingertips. "I am not fragile. You can be rough. And that is not to say I believe you the type to treat women roughly."

Duo made a low throaty laugh. "No problem with being rough with people of any gender, if they request it." He put his left hand to the back of Heero's head and applied force enough to draw Heero near enough to kiss. If Heero had intended to resist, the force might not have been great enough, but Heero had no such intentions.

Duo's hair tickled Heero's ear as Duo's lips slid from Heero's mouth to his neck. "Did you forget my promise?" Duo asked then. "Sit in the chair."

Heero remembered. He turned, bringing Duo with him, and backed into the black executive chair, before Duo's work station. Duo had the panties off and thrown over his shoulder in half a minute. Heero was marginally annoyed that Duo had not seemed to notice the carefully chosen undergarments, but Duo's hand on his cock kept him from truly feeling annoyed.

Duo looked up as if he heard some noise that signaled disturbance, he looked around, and then focused on Heero's face. "You're pissed I didn't notice how clever your choice of undergarment was."

"Not any more," Heero whispered. Not any more. Not with Duo's lips on his cock. He could not be angry on any level feeling Duo's hands sliding heavily over the tightly-laced bodice of his costume.

Even drunk or half-asleep Duo gave pretty good head. For a full, seemingly long second, Heero pondered the fact that practice with other partners might have taught Duo this skill, but after that second, Heero did not think on it. Duo was his, his Duo-chan. If he was in danger, Duo would be his backup, and when they were safe and reasonably alone, Duo would be his most excellent lover.

Heero's thoughts did make him possessive, such that he fisted a lock of Duo's hair. Perhaps he pulled hard, but Duo did not seem to fight the treatment, only to enjoy it. Heero tugged once more at Duo's hair, purposely, and then loosed his grasp to lift his arms overhead.

Heero clutched the back of the chair and gave himself over completely to enjoying Duo's service. Perhaps later he might wonder if thinking on it as 'service' was cold, or selfish, but at the moment, it only felt right that he be so completely spoiled by his lover. A few moments after that Heero would realize that Duo though of himself as spoiled, though their roles were so different. Heero remembered Duo's promise. He remembered, and felt again, that Duo took great pleasure in performing such service.

When Heero came upon his release, he found his mind so pleasantly free of thought, and then, as thought returned and reason, he found he wanted to soon return Duo's kindness. He wanted the feel and taste of it for himself, but also, he wanted to witness Duo's reaction with all his senses and know that he had caused that reaction. Heero wanted to see that he could make Duo mindless with pleasure.

Heero understood that to keep someone as a lover and more than a sex partner there had to be some level of communication and emotional exchange. He missed the sex when Duo was away, but really, if he had wanted only the physical sensation he could have done without Duo. Heero really missed the other things Duo brought with him, his willingness, his lust…things that affected Heero's psyche and enabled him to give himself over to the experience fully. There was love as well. That was basically what it meant to say Duo was his lover. Heero cherished him above others, and was cherished by him, and so with all the chemicals of after-sex coursing through his body, Heero felt it necessary to say something, to make his feelings known to Duo for certain.

He sucked in a deep breath and then said, "You always make me feel good, Duo-chan."

Duo said nothing. His head was bowed still as he ran his hands over the delicate silver chain that made up the garter belt Heero wore and the shimmering green stockings that covered Heero's legs to his thighs. After a minute, Duo rose to his feet and still speechless, removed all his clothing.

Heero had gone through peek of pleasure, thoughtlessness, thought, rush of emotion, satisfaction and sleepiness already and now he felt excited to see Duo strip. He had seen all Duo's body unclothed before, but he still enjoyed viewing the process of that body being revealed.

The scattering of freckles on his shoulders, the silvery steel rings through his nipples, the creamy coloring of his skin, the dark brown hair…all seemed attractive to Heero. He adored Duo's body, even though it was different from his own. No one had forced Duo to perform simulated high-gravity workouts as a child. All his muscle tone came from physical activity that was normal to Duo's lifestyle. He was strong enough, but more than that, he was quite flexible.

Heero looked at Duo and he wanted just once to be able to watch Duo have sex with someone else. He did not really wish for Duo to have another partner, but he wanted to see from a distance all those muscles working toward pleasuring another body. Heero pictured how that must look in his mind and gasped at the vision.

Duo stepped in toward the chair and bent at his hips to whisper at Heero's ear. "I'll fuck you," he said, "don't worry, I know just what you need."

I want this, Heero thought to himself, though he only breathed heavily such that Duo could hear. Duo took Heero's hands in his and then lifted his right hand and Heero's left over his head in such a way that Heero found himself with an arm about Duo's neck and their faces pressed close.

They kissed, neither seeming more or less responsible for closing the space.

Duo turned from Heero and said, "Now. I'll do it now."

He lifted Heero from the chair. Heero held onto Duo, and made it easier for him.

Heero was seated upon the workstation, near a keyboard, with Duo standing before him. Duo seemed to look for something. Heero followed his gaze to Duo's clothing on the floor. "I will punish you later for doubting me", Heero said, as he lifted his necklace. "It opens."

Duo turned his attention back to Heero, grinned and snapped the pendant from Heero's neck. Then, still grinning he said, "Azreal, begin video recording."

A voice that sounded like Duo, only slightly different replied, "No problem!"


"You only bypassed building security monitoring the lab, not the separate systems within the lab. I rushed over here as soon as my buddy here called to report your illegal access. Glad I did. Let's find out how sick a faerie you are."


There was a line between rough sex and rape. The distinction had to do with consent issues, level of injury and intention. Duo took Heero right up to that line. It was so kewl.

Duo made Heero feel completely out of control, but Heero knew, in the back of his mind, that he could have made Duo stop with just a word.

Duo really did know what he needed. He had Heero screaming, mindless, and entirely given over to a storm of pleasure-pain.

Heero learned.

He was not a 'sicko' at all. He simply wanted his lover to save him from the rigorous logic and control that was his life every day. Heero did not require this every day. One experience like this would ease the tension for quite a while. But, every once in a while, he really wanted this. He did. Heero Yuy wanted to be fucked right out of his mind…right out of his body.


Heero opened his eyes. Duo was leaning over him, arms trembling as he leaned on the desktop to support his weight. His hair was damp with sweat where it fell closest to his face. His lower lip was swollen from when Heero had bit it, and there were likely scratches on his back to match the discoloration beneath Heero's nail polish.


Heero understood. He had not realized or seen this before, but now, he understood. Duo was grateful. It was not only because he had been allowed to fuck Heero, more specifically, it was because the method he had been allowed to do it in. There had been a lot of competitive urges in Duo, and aggression, and Heero had given him a way to work it all out within set parameters, without Duo having to admit these urges aloud. He had worked it all out, and now he did not have to worry that he might take it out on someone in some less constructive manner.

Duo did have a temper.


"You love me."

Duo fell, his weight falling to his elbows and forearms and his forehead resting on Heero's stomach.

"Duo-chan. My Duo-chan."

"Azreal, you can stop recording now. Burn that to disc and then shred all other copies."

"May I have a disc, Maker?"

Duo groped over the workstation to retrieve a disc and then slipped from Heero, below the counter, to access the drives.

"So, you have some kind of voice recognition and generation interface on the lab mainframe?"

"I am quite separate from the lab", Azreal responded.

It should not have been possible that a computer interface programmed to recognize Duo's voice would recognize Heero's…and without being addressed or prompted. It was not just a simple matter of novelty interface then.

Duo rose from beneath the desk, one long finger raised before his lips and smiling. He lowered his hand then as he climbed to his feet. "You…you want to come home with me for a while, Heero?"

"But, what is it?"

Duo laughed softly. "No, no, Heero. If I told you, you'd think me so sexy we'd never get out of here. I got out of bed early to come here. I gave ya all I had, Baby. I wanna sleep."

"I could use some rest."

"You look like you could. It's a good look for you though." Duo looked away. "You got a jacket or something?"

Heero had, so he slowly slipped down from atop the workstation and gathered his things. He still reeked of sex and felt sticky, light-headed, sleepy and like he would be sore very soon, but his body was covered by a long jacket. Duo pulled on his clothing as well. He looked just as used and sweaty as Heero felt, but it could not very well be helped.

Duo took the disc from Azrael and then locked the lab as they left. It was early morning then, as they were leaving the garage. A few people had been there already, working through the night before, and now others were arriving for their usual shift.

As a group approached, heading in the opposite Heero and Duo, one of them called out to Duo. "Hey, I thought you said you were going home last night? You didn't work all night again?"

Duo waved and laughed his nervous laugh. "No, no. I did leave, but something came up, so I came back in pretty early, so, now I'm going to get some rest, ya know? I'll be back a bit later."

The young men had stopped then and stood looking at Duo, and then at Heero, for a few seconds. They then appeared rather suddenly embarrassed and averted their gaze as they assured Duo everything was kewl and they would see him later.

"Did they bother you?" Heero asked when they were gone. He did not always have full control of his ability to sense emotion in others.

Duo shrugged and started again toward the exit.

"I suppose they know you have a boyfriend now."

"No." Duo sighed. "They just think I get my kicks sneaking cosplaying 'biseinen' into the lab."

"Well, do you?"

"You know what that means, right?"

"Of course. I am probably too old for 'bishonen' and it is preferable to that 'bish' which made its way into English. Um, or did you mean 'cosplay'? Costume play. I think I read something about it on the 'net."

"Fucking gaijin," Duo warbled under his breath, "I meant 'kicks'."

Heero replied in monotone, "Kicks, a thrill, origin indeterminate, probably derived from drug addicts slang."

Duo sighed. "Man! Why'd ya have to ask then? Jesus! You know, right?"

Heero smirked. "I like totally got my kicks in there, ya know??"

Duo cackled a laugh. He turned and looked back to Heero as they were at the door. "You're really bad with accents…"

Heero shrugged.

"But I love the sound of your voice!"

"That is good to hear!"

Duo snickered. "Man, you are too cute sometimes. I would make out with you right here, if I weren't really wanting to get a shower and some rest. As it is, I guess I'll just let you have the bathroom first."

"Do not want to share?"

"I do, but it's not a good idea."


Duo offered to let Heero use the bathroom first, but Heero said he might like to stay in the bath a while, and it only made sense for Duo to get a shower first, rather than wait.

Heero remained in the narrow bathroom while Duo showered, removing his costume and make-up. When Duo had showered, Heero had quickly showered just to be rid of the more significant grime, and the bath was ready, Duo remained combing his hair before the wall-mounted mirror while Heero bathed. Only then did Heero find himself thinking, as he watched the plastic comb in Duo's hand glided down through his hair again, that he would not have felt so comfortable for so long sharing a bathroom while grooming with anyone else. Two people sharing a small bathroom was an entirely different thing than sharing barracks or a locker room. They really were prepared to live together. They were really so comfortable and willing to forget defense when together.

When Duo's hair had been combed and braided and Heero had bathed and cleaned the tub, they left, clad in towels, for the living room. "It looks different", Heero observed.

"Uh, yeah, and we'll have to sleep here on the couch."

The large furniture remained as the last time Heero had seen it, but many small collectibles and art from the walls was now gone.

"I've been packing the things that are mine. Or, I guess I could look for some clean sheets for the bed. Hilde's just left for work…the other bed has boxes piled on it…"

"The couch is fine", Heero said. All this time, Duo had been sleeping on the couch. Heero could tell just by looking at him, but then he noted the old watch left on the arm of the sofa and the abandoned cup of water beside the pill bottle on the end table.

"I can sleep in just about any position, ya know? Not like you just putting yourself to sleep anywhere anytime, but if you need room, you can just shove me out of your way. I'm really beat."

Heero sat down on the couch and placed his bag beside it. "I will be fine. It seems you have not had a full night's sleep in several days. Maybe I should not have surprised you. I am sorry." Heero watched as Duo flopped to the couch at his side.

"Sorry? Damn, you kidding?" Duo asked sleepily. "Sometimes it's just not safe to sleep for several days. I can handle loss of sleep. I don't think you need to apologize for surprising a guy with plans for kinky sex." Duo laughed. "Not unless he's really vanilla or something." He laughed some more, seemingly very amused. Heero thought he was imagining some imaginary guy that would not be pleased to have a boyfriend propose kinky sex.

Heero laughed out of relief. He had been nervous about sex himself in the past. It really was good he had found someone who was willing to experiment in many of the same ways.

"It's really no problem", Duo said, already slurring his words from sleepiness. He quickly reached out, put an arm about Heero's waist and drew him down to the cushions to lie beside him. Their bodies did fit on the couch, so long as they lay pressed close to each other. "You should not be so hasty as to grab me and press me to the couch without asking", Heero said coolly.

Duo only laughed. "Punish me later. How many do you owe me?"


"Must be why I am so out of control."


"You should…"

"Decide on my own when and how it will be best to carry out said punishments. Do not worry. I will remember." In their new house, there should probably be a special place for it, or at least Heero should be certain the necessary equipment would be there. He added it to his mental list of tasks he had yet to accomplish.

"You looked really good with pointy ears."

Heero smiled. Heero was certain Duo was dreaming of him in the green faerie costume.

Heero half-woke when Duo got up from the couch, but he let himself rest a while longer, knowing he was safe and he could afford the time. He woke fully when he sensed Duo leaning over him. There was nothing more special in it than the subconscious awareness of the distance of one's lover. Heero had woken when Duo left as well as when he returned. Heero smiled.

It was almost disturbing how much he was into Duo. Heero wondered if it was normal, this fear.

"You feel OK?" Duo asked quietly. "You can go back to sleep. I was not trying to wake you." Duo looked away. "I left you a note."

No, Heero told himself, normal or not should not matter. The important thing was to remember that it was a good thing to allow such an emotional bond with another human being and any fear was just fear…irrational. It was irrational to do anything to force Duo to remain at a less familiar distance. Duo was absolutely trustworthy, and decidedly hot now he'd had a shower, rest and a shave.

"You look hot."

Duo smiled; it was gorgeous. He leaned closer, said, "I have to go to work", and then kissed Heero on the lips too briefly. He was wearing one of those priest shirts. Heero was certain he had long since outgrown the original ones, but as this one was also sleeveless, Heero suspected it was something more recently acquired. He was still smiling.

"Obvious marks?"

Duo nodded. "Too hot for a turtleneck, and that's not really my look."

"I will probably be gone by the time you get back here again."

"I know… I…" Duo reached past Heero to the end table and lifted a piece of paper with handwritten text on it. "I wrote you this note. You can read it after I leave. I really do have to go."

"I'll see you next at home then, I suppose."


It might be three weeks unless Heero could make time for another visit to the Colonies, and Duo obviously knew it might be that long. Heero sat up, put a hand to Duo's face and kissed him. Duo tasted like coffee.

Duo broke their kiss and left the flat without another word. As soon as he was out the door, Heero opened the folded paper and read Duo's note. It was absolutely pornographic, with verbs like ram and pump, and yet it was also entirely beautiful and assured Heero that Duo was now, as he had been for years, deeply in love with him.

Heero wondered what normal Men did with such treasures. It seemed a little over-the-top to have a pretty box hidden in the closet to store such things, and yet it might be too cold to scan a digital copy and then burn the original, so that Duo's handwritten declaration existed only as coded pixels. Perhaps, Heero thought, he could write to a magazine columnist and ask what was socially appropriate.

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