Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 81

Heero was alone in bed when he woke. His left hand was already reaching for another body, though it had found none. Heero opened his eyes then propped himself up on his elbows to survey the room. The psuedo-Japanese décor was pleasant enough in this light. It must be well into morning, Heero thought, from the strong light, artificial or not, that penetrated the bamboo blinds.

This was another of those mornings. Heero had not adjusted to local time and Duo had woken before him. This morning it did not bother Heero. He felt quite good.

He remembered what he had done the night before, and Duo's reaction. Duo had seemed only half awake when they had spoken; Heero wondered what Duo remembered. The doors to the sitting area were closed.

Heero turned his head. The doors to the bath were closed as well. He thought he heard water running. "Duo?" Heero called, his voice unexpectedly scratchy.

The doors between bedroom and bath were slid open. Heero saw Duo walk into the bedroom from the corners of his eyes. He lost sight of him for a moment as Duo moved directly behind, then saw him approaching from the other side of the bed. He was wearing a robe that seemed to have come with the room. It was light blue and seemed rather feminine.

"I didn't mean to be gone when you woke", Duo said brightly. "Do you want me to snuggle until you wake up?"

"I am already awake."


Heero saw that Duo was the one who wanted the touching. Chipper as he seemed, Duo was the one who took longer to wake in the mornings. "Of course, you are welcome to hold me quite possessively and protectively, if that is what you want."

Duo laughed softly then crossed the bed to lie at Heero's side. Yes, Heero admitted to himself, he liked the holding too. Duo knew that he did. It had just seemed correct to indicate that the reason for the holding had nothing to do with needing help in preparing to meet the day.

Having Duo in bed did nothing toward convincing Heero that he should leave said bed to begin work or daily routines.

"How do you feel? Did you sleep well?"

"Quite well", Heero answered.

"I'm sorry if I was short with you last night, Heero. I was desperately tired. I did not mean to brush you off like that. You know that I..."

"There is no need to apologize. Your mind and body absolutely required sleep. I cannot fault you for that. Besides, your advice helped. I called someone else that I trust. Quatre was able to help me."

"Oh." He sounded disappointed. "That's good I guess. You can tell me about it if you want."

Heero smiled and turned toward Duo to hold him closer. "I was just confused about something. I thought there might be something that could come between us, but there was not."

"You really thought that something could come between us and you didn't tell me?" Duo asked loudly. He did not move away, but his hand did squeeze Heero's arm quite forcefully.

"Duo-chan, relax, I only said I thought there could have been. I did try to talk to you."

"You just said 'therapy' you didn't..." Duo sighed.

"Duo, I am not going to leave you."

"Did I say I thought you would?" He was angry.

"Duo", Heero sighed.


"Duo. Duo-chan, listen to me. The timing was unfortunate. I had a concern and you were very tired. You would have helped me now, if I were still upset. We both know that I can rely on you. You were the one who told me to call someone else if I needed to, and Quatre helped. You probably would have realized the same things he did."

"I guess. But, what did you think could have split us up?"

"Sometimes... I do not believe I am strong. Even when other people believe I am strong, I still need to prove it to myself. It is just something I must realize about myself and work to overcome. I may not always react logically in regards to this issue. Yesterday, I was very uncomfortable taking orders from you. I thought perhaps, that meant I was weak."

"You're not..."

"I know. Quatre explained it all very logically. Being someone who can take orders was not the thing that truly bothered me, though I thought it might be. The thing that really bothered me was that our superiors assigned one of us to command the other, though we are involved. I was feeling a conflict of interest."

"I thought we decided to be as objective as possible, to not even use familiar names."

"Yes. Duo, it was not anything you did that upset me. Actually, I was very proud of you."

"You told me you'd punish me if I did not lead to the best of my ability. I do not know if I could have gotten through it, except that I really did not want to be a disappointment to you."

"Even though it worked, that may not have been the best thing for me to do for you. Duo, I do not think that two people who are involved should be assigned to work together when one must command the other. I know we tried to be objective. I worked hard to complete the mission, still, I felt uncomfortable doing it."

"Wufei and Sally do it."

"Well, if they are involved and she commands him on missions and Lady allows it, then that is their concern. I only know that at present I am convinced that it would create a conflict of interest."

"You do not think we could do the right thing, despite being involved?"

"We could, Duo, but the strain of having to second guess myself where you are concerned could potentially lead to mission failure. It just is not a good idea. You should never have to decide between putting your boyfriend in a dangerous position and putting some other agent in the same position. I should not have to do that either."

"I guess that is right. Maybe it was best you called Quatre."

"Yes. He told me to say hi to you."

"That's nice."

"Would it be OK with you if I sent a note to Lady requesting that neither of us be placed in command of the other?"

"If that is what you want... I mean, I guess I never thought about it. I can work with..." Except he could not. He could not lead Hilde, Gibson and the rest of the PDS effectively, because he considered them friends. It had been difficult for Duo to command Heero to take the assignment that he had. He had needed persuasion from Heero to do what he should have done without hesitation. "Yeah, I guess I see it now. Attachment really gets in the way of that kind of work. When you are in command, you might be sending people to die. I guess I wanted to believe that I was not going to be that cold. I wanted to...I don't know...I thought it was better if I at least thought them friends, like maybe it would be better to have someone who cared do it so they could mourn you. I'm not sure what I thought."

"Being a good commander does not mean you are cold. You should know their names and you should take losses seriously and honor those who made sacrifices, but in doing that, you cannot get personally attached to one subordinate over another. It will cloud your judgment, even if you do not realize it. You owe it to the cause you are serving to remain as objective as possible, so that you can be sure to keep as many subordinates alive as possible, by not being in love with them."


"I could potentially be a good officer, Duo, but you would have to avoid fraternizing with your men. They need you to be above them. They need to rely on your objectivity, even if sometimes that means you seem cold or even cruel to them. It is for their own good."

"You are so good at it, Heero."

"I just understand the roles. Sometimes I think that I am not the best thing for you. Sometimes I think I should just pay some dominatrix...or dominator to punish you when you really need it."

"That isn't how it works..."

"I was going to say, 'but I know that is mistaken now.' It is not battle or work. It is a game. Maybe not a game in that it is purely for amusement or diversion, but a sort of game, with rules...that is not the same as real life. In real life, I cannot command you, but in a game, I am the best person to command you, because I am involved with you."

"Yeah. Though, some people do value those professional Doms, I do not think that is what I need at all."

"You wouldn't mind it every once in a while."

"Hmmn, that may actually be true, but I do not require it. I require you."

"Yes. I require you as well. You know me. You can get inside my head, and at the same time, I absolutely trust that you would not use what you know to seriously or permanently harm me."

"A few marks being acceptable harm."

"Yeah, I choose to accept that level of harm from you."

"I think I really liked you being rough."

"Yeah. That's OK."

"Maybe I even wanted to feel pain."

"Some people do."

"You do not think that is wrong. I do not seek pain in my life generally, do I?"

"What turns you on, is just what turns you on. There isn't really right or wrong. There may be more of less mainstream, but that indicates very little, except how completely average and unoriginal you are."

"But... how do you know... I mean, what if children or dead bodies turned me on?"

"Do they?"

"No, but..."

"I think I see what you are saying. You want me to tell you there is a way to know if you stepped over the line. You want to know there is a line. Right?"

"Yes. When you read about people who did things that are deviant to the point of being illegal, sometimes they had something happen in their childhood that encouraged their behavior. It is not certain if they were born deviant, but it is almost certain that the behavior was encouraged or rewarded by certain factors, so they continued, instead of trying to change. How do you know if you should just try to change?"

"If it hurts other people, that's how. If what you want to do takes away other's right to consent and right to pursue their desires, then you are wrong. The dead, young and insane cannot really give consent, so they are off limits. Everyone else you can convince to act out your fantasies is fair game, so long as they are convinced to consent to what you are going to do."

"Do you think I am sane?"

"Mostly." Duo laughed. "You and I are probably equally insane, so unless our friends step in and do an intervention, we are probably doing OK."

"Does it interfere with you pursuing your desires to be very rough?"

"No. I mean, I wouldn't want to do it all the time, but relationships are about compromise, right? I'll try to do what you like as much as possible, if you try to do what I like."

"Aa... but in particular, I seem to no longer wish for roughness in general, but specifically when receiving anal sex. Do you think that means something? Like I have unhealthy associations with that act and want it to hurt?"

Duo laughed. "Heero." He kissed Heero's face. "Baby, I think it just means you like it hard, but maybe wait to you try it a few more times before you start to worry that you're a sicko."


He laughed again, lightly. "I know... it's been bothering you all along. You are still learning Heero. We both are. I've told you this before, I think. If I haven't...well, I mean, we'll just keep experimenting and figuring out what we like. If you told me you wanted me to make you bleed, that'd be crossing my personal boundaries of acceptability, but otherwise, I am Ok with dishing out roughness, so long as I do not have to take it much, but you know that, don't you?" Duo grinned down at Heero. "You know exactly what sweetens my dreams."

"So, you did have a sweet dream last night?"

"Mm. Several I think. Could you just tell me..."


"Last night... you were awake. Had you done it on purpose that time?"

"Not exactly."

"I'm OK with it, that sometimes we have the same dreams. I know you are special in some ways...I trust you wouldn't hurt me."

"I would not hurt you. I did not mean to make you dream, but I...I saw that I had started doing it without meaning to...and I continued. I kept doing it...and that part was on purpose."

Duo grinned again. "You were masturbating, weren't you?"

Heero made a slight nod.

Duo laughed, it was that low sexy laugh. "Nothing wrong with that, but...you could have woken me up if you really wanted to."

"I considered waking you, I wanted...I mean, I just felt so good and relaxed after I had talked out my concern with Quatre and had a bath. I could not sleep and you looked so pretty. I just thought I should not wake you. You had been desperately tired."

"Yeah, I guess I really did need the sleep."

"So, what do you think about that? Is it OK to get off alone even if your lover is nearby?"

"Sure. Of course. Well, maybe not if you do it all the time instead of being with your lover. I mean, if they want you and you deny them to jerk off, that'd be a pretty unhealthy sort of relationship, but sometimes you just need to do it, right? Or you want to just be alone for a bit."

"You do it, don't you?"

The nervous laugh. It was higher in pitch than the sexy laugh, and its rhythm was different.

"When I was in bed with you?"

"Let me think about that. Not so much recently. Of course when we are apart, the whole long distance thing, I am doing it."

"Of course. I do too."

"And sometimes, even if I know you are going to arrive for a visit, I do it before you get there instead of waiting."

"I can see that having logical purpose."

"And back when we were dating and had the trial, I did it all the time, like if you were in another room or asleep. Even when you were in the same bed."

"I did not notice."

"I know."


"Maybe, but I can't think of a particular event that I could offer as example. But, uh, if I'm having wet dreams and I've got a lover...I mean, clearly my body is up to doing it quite often."

"I thought doing you in your sleep would be outside bounds of consent previously established."

"Yeah. Maybe if it was after we had already been asleep and you wanted to wake me up that way...maybe...you'd have to use careful discretion in deciding to do that."

"Maybe... no penetration, until you are awake?"

"Yeah. I think that would actually be OK. Yeah. If it was you, and I'd already gotten a good amount of sleep, you could start something. No penetration between us until I am awake, though."

"I will have to try that one day."

"Same for you?"


"Kewl! You wanna get a bath with me now?"


"OK." Duo pushed himself up from the bed and went to the bathroom again. Heero collected his various toiletries and followed. The tub was full and Duo was standing beside it, removing his robe.

"I will just..." Heero indicated the other door to the toilet area.

"I'll wait."

Heero went into the toilet, closed the door, took care of necessities, washed his hands, used the sink to brush his teeth as well and then returned to Duo. He was sitting on the decking.

"You are so not ashamed of your body", Duo said, looking at Heero, who was still naked.

"I do not often notice you being shameful. Please do not suggest I should be."

Duo smiled. "No, I was not suggesting that. I was just noticing."

Heero nodded and then sat at the edge of the tub. The water was still quite hot. He glanced to Duo, who eyed the water skeptically, and then slipped in. "It is not dangerously hot. You will get used to it."

Duo nodded. He lowered one leg; his face screwed up. Duo then plunged into the water, even wetting his hair. He came up crying. "I feel like my skin is burning."

Heero laughed. "Would you like me to wash you?"

Duo nodded.

Heero nodded in return then reached out of the tub to get the container of body wash Duo liked to use. "I cannot take too long. My other pet probably needs to go outside quite badly."

"I have not heard from the others yet. Do you think it is very irresponsible for me not to call to announce I am awake?"

"They have permission to contact you if they need you. They have not called."

"I am expecting they will call any second. I wish they wouldn't. I want to stay and mess around with you."

"Yes. That would be nice." Heero tried to make the movement of his hands soothing as well as efficient in cleaning.

Duo turned his head. "Is my face entirely red from the heat?"

"Mostly red", Heero answered honestly.

"Oh, good, then you can't see me blushing."

Heero chuckled at that.

"This is pretty kewl, like I'm in some erotic period movie or historical porn."

"The hotel is interesting. I thought you would have chosen to retain the Plum room."

"Well, if... I mean, when they get Playa Del Stardust restored, we could come here again. It does seem a shame to have so many bad memories about a place. There are some nice things here. The first time you..."

"I remember", Heero broke in. "That is one of the good memories."

"I guess we'll be living on Earth by then, but this might be a good place to visit. We could look through their catalog and request rooms we really like."

"Spice is a good thing."


"Should I wash your hair as well?"


"My pleasure." Heero reached for the shampoo. "I love how you smell", Heero sighed as he poured the opalescent shampoo into one cupped hand.

"Yeah. You're very... I mean... some people do not seem to notice or care how people smell...not so much as you. It's kewl though. At least you don't tell me I smell bad."

"Duo... even with weeks with only sonic showers or days trapped in an astrosuit you never smelled bad."

"Well, after a day or so battling within astrosuit and Gundam cockpit, even you would be pretty rank, Heero."

"OK, maybe then. I suppose I was acclimated to that...teenage male environment."

"I can see how that environment just seemed really comfortable and safe at the time, no matter how it smelled."

"Not that I... no. There were some good memories, but there were bad also, so let's talk about something else."

"Oh, Honey that feels so good. I love what you do to me. Do it harder."

Heero said nothing, did nothing. He thought that sounded like Duo's phone voice.

Duo laughed his sexy laugh. "Dramatic, but not a lie. I like you washing my hair!" He even lifted his right index finger in some gesture Heero supposed to mean Duo was presenting a point of argument.

Heero scrubbed Duo's scalp more forcefully. "Dramatic is more than acceptable."

"Mmmm, Baby, tell me what else you want to do with those hands."

"I want to drown you in the tub, snap off your head and fuck your skull", Heero said in complete monotone, then pushed Duo's head beneath the water. Of course, he lifted his hands as soon as Duo submerged to allow him to rise.

Duo lifted his head, swatted his wet bangs from his face and laughed. He looked at Heero and his expression said 'challenge accepted'. "Yes! Oh, Yes, fuck my wet, dripping, decapitated head with your hard cock! Let me hear you squick me, Baby! Squick every hole in my skull, Baby!"

"That's pretty impressive. You did not laugh outright. Though, they probably would have wanted you to sounds scared or confused."

"Probably." Duo shrugged. "Excuse me while I move your number to the bad list in my database."

"What about, 'please, no, let me live, I'll do whatever you want'?"

"Well, yeah, maybe if you want the call to last longer so you can get paid more and can sit through all the 'dirty slut blah blah blah', but there will be other callers, so you do not really need to listen to shit like that to keep your average up. Besides, your way might be some of that 'encouraging and rewarding wrong behavior'."

"Not really my way. I was just asking."

"The job wasn't that fascinating."

"You posed as a girl, otherwise I imagine it would have been specifically fascinating."

"Right, etymologically."

Heero nodded. "Do you need more kinds of washing?"

"No. Thanks. I'll get out to do the leave-in."

Heero nodded then reached to his basket so he could quickly wash. He did wash quickly, but then Duo had noticed Heero trimming his toenails as he finished applying conditioner to his hair.

An offer to Duo a pedicure had followed. Heero had, of course, accepted. Duo had exfoliated, scrubbed and re-soaked Heero's feet then trimmed and filed his toenails. He was in the process of massaging moisturized into Heero's feet, including, ankle, heel and every toe, when the phone rang.

"Your phone", Duo said.

"Aa... do not stop! Please."

"Seriously enjoying your enjoyment, but you always tell me not many people have that number. What if someone has died?"

"They will leave a message. Oh, shit. That feels so good, Duo."

His thumbs... and... Maybes... it was not just like orgasm, but it was a feeling that was close to that good. Heero felt his eyes starting to roll.

"You can answer the phone while fucking me, but you can't now?"

Heero tried to laugh off the comment, but he knew Duo would be insulted if he did not answer. Heero lifted the phone from his basket and answered. He knew the number. It was Midii. "Midii."

"Heero. Were you busy? It is afternoon there?"

"Not... in... Paris."

"Where... what are you...y ou are with Duo, aren't you?"

"Da, da."

"You often answer the phone while having sex."

"I am not having sex."


Heero bit at his lip and hissed a breath. "Something else. What do you want? Everything under control?"

"Are you still on Earth? Because I have an assignment that came in and I thought you might be leaving Paris today, so I thought you could take it, since it looks like an easy job and you're already on Earth."

"Not on Earth. What is the job?"

"Just a basic residential security check. The house is being sold and the prospective buyer wants a check and suggestions for improvements to security of the lot and house before they sign. Not a large income job, but they can pay the fee we set for jobs of this size. The house is currently vacant and both the buyer and seller have approved the test. Should I refuse? If you are not on Earth...they do want the test done as soon as possible, since the negotiations cannot proceed without it."

"Where on Earth?"

"Let me check..." Heero could hear typing. "Sitka, Alaska, that's Presently the North American West district." Almost no one outside of government used the arbitrarily designated districts of the ESUN. Even postal services used old state, territory, or country names and codes combined with city and street addresses to identify locations.

"I know Sitka. I did that cruise line job."

"Midii?" Duo asked.

Heero nodded. He mouthed, "Harder."


"Harder", Heero said.

"What is he doing?" Midii asked.

"Foot massage."

"Aa. So, you want to do the job, then?"

"When is the deadline?"

"They want it this week, but ASAP is stressed."

"When is the latest we can accept or refuse the job?"

"Today would be helpful to my scheduling, but again, ASAP."

"I am willing to take the assignment myself. It would not be any more efficient to have you or Adin take it."

"No. He is doing well, though. I had him take that residential job over in... which side is it? Two or Five? At LaGrange Point 4."

"Sides Two and Five both orbit at that point."

"Well, it's that job I mailed you about."

"Right. I did look over some of the business, but I have been busy."

"Right. Not just vacation. How has it gone? Did you find a lead, if you have left Earth?"

"Yes. I think others will take over the rest of the investigation from here. Enough people know what is going on that there should be no motivation to target Duo or me to protect their secret."

"That is good. So, were you saying you are able or only willing."

"What I meant to say was that I am willing, but if time is a concern I must check that I am able. Today I should be meeting with some others and will later have a much better idea of when I will be available. Also, I will now need to arrange transportation."

"Would it help matters if Adin or I piloted a shuttle to you? You did not say which colony you were in. Or are you on the moon, or on a spacecraft or satellite? I suppose 'not on Earth' could indicate many places."




"Should we bring a shuttle?"

"Do a cost calculation for me. Piloting one of our shuttles from its current port to X18999, then to Earth and back to the homeport versus a commercial shuttle flight for two passengers from X18999 to the spaceport nearest Sitka, continuing transport into Sitka, transport to its nearest airport, passage for one to TKI in Paris plus a shuttle flight for one passenger from the Sitka area to home."

"Who is traveling with you?"

"There is a girl I know consulting on this project. I promised to help her get back to Paris."

"I am calculating the costs now. There are some specials we might take advantage of with the commercial lines and we will have a discount on fuel using our own shuttles."

"What's it look like?"

"This is a complicated calculation. I am trying to figure the best route and mode of transport."

Heero waited and smiled at Duo. He was kissing Heero's feet.

"If you can leave from X18999 late today and take a specific series of connecting flights the commercial way is marginally cheaper, even for two people. Otherwise, our now plentiful discounts on fuel, port fees and lodging do make our way cheaper, even with a shuttle being used for one passenger."

"Did you calculate Koi?"

"I did."


"Same difference. The commercial way would be faster. Or, we could, I think spend more fuel to make the shuttle flights faster, but then it would cost more."

"S7 is the farthest away from home."

"Which way do you want to go?"

"Commercial for now. When I get back, I will be sure to catch up on all our files. What is our situation with finances?"

"Personally we are fine, because we have direct control of the other businesses in the family now and they brig in decent profits, for the most part. Lowe Security is borderline right now."

"I was thinking, if I could get some operatives on Earth and others I the Colonies, then the travel expenses would be much less. We could dispatch local agents."

"I could move back to Earth."

Heero had not told Midii about his plans to live with Duo, yet. "You could, if that is what you wish. Midii, I agreed to live with Duo. I suggested it, but he was going to ask me if I had not brought it up. He is going to be in school, so I would be living on Earth."


"Don't know yet."

"Well, that is good. Living together."

"It does not mean you have to stay in the Colonies, unless you want to. I mean, I think it is true that we need operatives in both areas, but we can hire others. Neither of us should feel restrained. We can still work together. I will probably still have many friends in the Colonies that I will want to see."

"Sure. One nation, right? There is no reason you could not have friends on Earth and in the Colonies. You could probably afford to travel so that you could have frequent visits."


"Heero, I will make the reservations and mail you the info. If you cannot make the flight, we will figure something out."

"Is the data on this assignment on the server?"

"Yes. You can access it from your mobile. I have been doing regular uploads to your computer."

"Thank you. I will be I touch."

"Good luck."

Heero disconnected and put the phone into the basket again. He raised his eyes and saw Duo kiss his knee. "Worried that you will miss the friends you have made in the Colonies?"


"That is normal, but I am sure you will have opportunities to visit. Hilde is going to stay in the colonies." That meant Duo would return for visits, particularly around the beginning of the next year when their baby was due.

Duo Maxwell with a mortgage and a child, working toward a degree. They were both very... grown up... and just eighteen.

"Got a job?" Duo asked.

"Yes." Heero beckoned Duo toward him, though he was already kneeling between Heero's legs.

"Leaving for Earth, again?" Duo's breath fell on Heero's throat.


"Need to take Koi for a walk, don't you?"


Duo kissed him.

Heero closed his eyes.

"I'll probably get stuck in meetings and debriefing all day."


Duo breathed into Heero's mouth, licked Heero's lips.


"Probably have to leave ASAP?"


"Might not just be some rich idiots wanting their money safe. Could be one of those jobs you feel you should take, because it will help people."


Duo kissed him again, deeply.

Heero made an affirmative humming sound as Duo kissed him.

"You know we have to stop?" Duo whispered.


"Tell me to stop."

"No." Heero lifted his hands from the floor and held Duo's shoulders. He pressed his lips to Duo's lips. "I do not want to...stop."

"Are you telling me to stop?"

"I want you!" Heero sucked at Duo's mouth, at his tongue, his lips. He could feel Duo pulling away.

"Please tell me to stop."

Heero shut his eyes tight and turned his face from Duo. He drew his hands toward his chest. "Stop."

"Yes, Master." Oh, he even sounded like Obi Won when he said it.


He sounded too far away. "Lover."

Heero opened his eyes. Duo was sitting nearby, pulling on his robe. "We sacrifice a lot."


"Heero, if there's time, if I am done with business before you must leave to catch whatever flight you are taking...let's meet here."

"If there is time."

"Sex, Heero. No talking. No work. No worrying. If there's time between me coming and you going, we'll just have sex."

"I want that too. I have been needing it."

"Me too." A pause. "Heero."


"If there is not time..."

"Then when I complete my assignment, I will find you. I do not like waiting. I do not want to wait until our next vacation to be with you."

"Yeah." Duo's tone said that he was still going to be busy. The facts that he had a pregnant girlfriend, a government bid proposal due, a house to buy and university to prepare for had not changed. Duo was saying that he was not sure there would be an August vacation.

Heero stood up. "I will get dressed and take Koi out. I will wait here as long as possible today."

"I will try to be done as soon as possible."

Heero went to dress and before he had collected Koi and their things, Duo's phone was ringing. Heero knew he would not be in the room by the time Heero could return.

Heero took Koi for his walk, a long walk. He bought breakfast and sat at yet another café reading mail from Midii.

As expected, Duo was gone.

Heero busied himself with work. He tidied up the hotel room, though he knew that there were maids on staff. He packed his trunk and transferred everything he might need before arrival on Earth to his satchel. He gave Koi lots of attention. He caught up on some files Midii had been uploading to his computer at home.

Lunch time came soon. They had started the day late, so Duo had not been gone very long when he called. "I can't leave for lunch", he told Heero, "Lady Une is here. You know I was transferred to her staff since...and she's told me that she needs me. It seems true. There seem to be no end of matters that actually need my input."

"Maybe she will give you that transfer you want, if she is pleased with your work."

"I have kinda been wondering about that. She has purposely put off processing my request. I am not sure I want to know what she has planned or me."


"I gotta go... lunch meeting. They are bringing food in. I suppose eventually they will make a report available to you. There's really a lot of stuff going on. It's good we caught this, Heero."

"You are doing good work."


Heero returned to work, finding things that he could do without leaving the room. He looked over the residential security test for Sitka. He studied the plans of X18999, again, to calculate the quickest route to the port. He figured out the last minute he could leave the hotel and still make the flight out.

In the afternoon, Quick came to the room, bringing Heero some food and a note from Duo. She also brought her own small amount of luggage and confirmed that she would be able to leave with Heero.

Heero ate, since he had not thought to feed himself lunch. He listened to Quick tell him what she had heard or intuited during the debriefings. Heero was not surprised he had not been called into a meeting. He had given statements enough in Paris and they had Janice as well as the recording of his mission. Lady and Duo would both desire to spare him whatever stress to which they imagined he would be exposed.

Heero was not weak or completely insane, but he was aware that Lady had witnessed certain instability and Duo had more than once witnessed Heero caught in a flashback.

As the afternoon wore on, Heero began to check clocks. He usually had a natural sense of the time, given a certain margin or error in adjusting for local times when he had been traveling. Now, he did not want to believe his internal clock. He wanted a device to say there was plenty of time before he had to leave.

Maybe, he thought, if there is time for nothing more, I will get to have one kiss goodbye.

That sounded so pathetic in Heero's head.

Heero started to calculate in his head how long it would take to rip open garments and bring both Duo and himself to orgasm. There were too many variables to know for certain. Heero was only sure that if he became too preoccupied with the time, it would probably take even longer.

Everything was packed, even Koi's things.

A few supplies had been lain out on the bed. Heero began pacing nervously and wondering if the neat row of sex aids might seem sad to Duo if he found them after Heero was gone.


Heero ran into the other room; nearly fell over the unused kotatsu. Duo was standing there, panting breaths. "I'm sorry!"

Heero pulled his phone from his pocket, tossed it to Quick and said, "Call the porter for help with the luggage and then call for a taxi." He turned to Duo. "No talking. Bedroom. Now. Seven minutes."

Duo rushed to Heero, throwing his arms around him just as Heero stepped backward. They fell into the bedroom. Heero managed to get the doors shut as Quick was still staring at the phone. A split second later Heero had his hands on the fly of Duo's jeans.

Duo's hands were opening Heero's pants. It was good they anticipated each other's needs. Duo wriggled out of his pants as he crawled backward onto the bed. Heero crawled forward, grabbed the lube from the bed, and then squeezed some onto the fingers of his right hand. He got himself slick, while gazing down at Duo, then he went added lube and went for Duo's dick.

Duo looked like he wanted to speak, but Heero had told him not to, so he only made dry choking sounds and stared wide-eyed at Heero.

"You may talk only to say what you need or what you like or to answer my questions. Understand?"


"Anything else? What do you think? Going to be very tight?"

A nod. "Do it. Oh, God, just do it!"

Heero spread Duo's legs, pushed his knees toward his shoulders. He looked down to get the position right, used one hand to steady himself to enter Duo.

Tight was understatement.

Duo squeezed his eyes shut, "It's OK." Maybe he believed it, but he was groaning such that he sounded pained.

"Hand", Heero commanded. He reached and lifted Duo's right hand in his left. He let Duo squeeze his hand.

You have to pace yourself perfectly, Heero told himself, go slow now, so Duo is OK, and make up for it in the last minute or two.

Heero tried not to think about how much time was left, yet he had to try to pace himself. He put his right hand to Duo's dick, focused on working its head with slick fingers. "Oh, God, Heero! Thank You! I need this. I like it."

"Need." Heero pushed his cock into Duo. He needed.

Duo breathed in gasps. He was not relaxed as he should be. "Heero, it's OK, I mean it hurts some, but I want you..."

"I did not say tell me all about your feelings!" Heero growled.

"I need you to come!"

"Kiss me!" Heero saw Duo crane his neck and he leaned forward as far as he could. They kissed and Heero made it as hot and wet as he knew how. He heard Duo moan, felt his body relax. They remained joined like that for a minute. Heero's hand pulsed open and closed about Duo's dick, Duo's body pulsed around Heero's cook and their mouths were sealed in a kiss.

When that minute had passed, Heero said, "I need to do it faster now."

"Yes", Duo agreed.

Heero did as he said. Deep. Fast. He thrust against Duo, gradually pushing him toward the end of the bed. His hand continued to work Duo's dick, mainly squeezing, sometime pumping. Duo cried out, but did not talk. The sounds were enough for Heero to understand Duo was getting all the kinds of stimulation he required to reach orgasm. The sounds even gave Heero an idea of when Duo would be made to come. All that remained was Heero making sure that he got everything he needed.

He had Duo screaming like a banshee, announcing the Little Death that was to come. Come on, Heero told himself, feel it. Don't think what time it is, just feel it.

He felt like all his body was focused in his cock. He felt desperate and hot and everything about Duo's body felt good. There was just that little bit more of something that he needed. It was just out of reach... and then he had it. He had it and it made him tremble.

Duo was so perfect.

Heero shook himself, the timed alerts he'd set up within his mind flashed at him. He took a PMT and a fluffy hotel towel from the bed, where he had put them, and got cleaned up. He checked his clothes and hair for any spills of lube or anything.

Heero stood and zipped his pants. He checked his pockets. "Here", he said, tossing the contents of one pocket onto the bed. "Keys to the room and a cash card to take care of the bill."

"OK." Duo looked a little lost, so well fucked and the bed in disarray with keys and money lying between his legs. It was a tawdry scene.

Heero laughed. "Come on, Duo-chan, give me a kiss goodbye."

Duo stood on the bed. He bowed and kissed Heero. It was a truly lovely kiss. Heero wanted it to last, but he turned from Duo, licking his lips.

"I love you."

Heero smirked, He reached out and smacked Duo's ass with his hand. "I did not tell you to talk about your feelings... but, I love you too."

Duo grinned. "Ja ne?"

Heero smiled, nodded, moved from the bedroom. Let it be 'ja ne', because then it never sounded like anyone was going off to die.

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