Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 71

"That is not fair," Heero said, dropping his hands. Safewords? "We discussed this before."

"I'll do it with safewords," Duo reiterated.

"No. That is not fair. When I suggested it before, you said no. You said you would not use them. It is not fair."

Duo shrugged. "I didn't say you couldn't give me safewords, I just said I wouldn't use them."

"That is just the same!" Heero growled and left the room. They had gone over this, in Heero's room, after one of Heero's self-appointed research sessions. He had told Duo that other people that played games similar to theirs did use safewords. He had told Duo they should have some. Somehow, Duo had convinced him there was no need. Heero had felt unsatisfied about the encounter and pushed it to the back of his mind. He wondered if it would have helped in San Francisco.

No, Heero had been so determined to help Duo at any cost that he would not have listened even if Duo had known safewords to shout at him. Heero sighed. Maybe it would not be so wrong to agree with Duo. It was not as if it was guaranteed he would say the words.


Heero closed his eyes.

"Heero." It was nearly like a purr. Heero hated they way Duo could get to him. Well, he did not really hate it, he just disliked that another could control him so simply. He loved hearing Duo say his name like that.

"Yes?" Heero sighed.

"I know it does not sound fair, and if I wasn't stubborn and insane maybe I would have just agreed to have the words when you first suggested it, but I didn't think we needed to be just like other people. I thought I was sure I would never resist your wishes. I thought I needed to believe I was working without a net. I thought I wanted that kind of treatment."

"I will agree, if you agree," Heero said quickly.

"You will?"

"Yes. It was not wrong for you to ask any more than it was wrong for me to ask. I only let you convince me because I knew it was true: that I would be able to just know when you needed to stop better than you might know it about me."

"Uh, I doubt that's really true. Not that I lied, I just think I've changed my mind. I can read you pretty well. I still would feel better if you had the words. I just don't naturally feel I should be that way with you..."

"I know." Duo knew very well how to take what he wanted and lead a lover; he just felt no drive to do this with Heero. Heero supposed he should feel somewhat honored that Duo was different with him. A normal person just was not going to get Duo Maxwell to be that submissive. They might use extortion or force, but he was not going to like what they made him do. Heero could make him like it, and not for pandering to Duo's particular tastes. "I know, Duo. But I do not want to... to tell you how to do this."

"Seems like we'll have to compromise. If you are telling me you want something but you can't tell me you want it..."

"No!" Heero turned around to face Duo. "It's not that. I want you to fuck me, Duo." He saw Duo smile. Heero nodded slowly. "I know I want it, just... do what I ask this time. I do not know what will happen later. I just do not know."

"Hey." Duo stroked Heero's cheek with his fingertips. "It's OK. I'll do it. I'm kinda excited that I get to show you what I can do. I know how it's all done, so I'll take care of you until you let me know you want to act the part of Master."

"I do not even know how I am going to feel about it. I just know I need to try it. That is why. I just need to know, Duo. Even if it is only once to understand what it might be like for you."

"OK." Duo looked thoughtful, his gaze shifted to one side. "You might like it. You might be like a switch or something."

Heero smiled. "I might. I want to find out."

"Yeah. I understand. It's not a bad thing. Actually, I think it's a good idea you asked. I really will take good care of you."

"But I will not call you Master."

"You will if I say so."


Duo laughed. "That's OK, I might like you to call me something else anyway!"


The way Duo laughed, Heero knew he had guessed correctly. "OK... so, we got that out of the way. You want to get dressed now? I really want to see what the costume is! I didn't peek!"

"If you did not peek, then how do you know it was in the box?"

Duo looked at Heero again. "Because I looked everywhere but in the box. You just said not to look there. It must be in the box, Heero!"

Heero smiled. "It is. You will like it."

"So, you wanna do it now? You are driving me insane standing there in nothing but your anklet."

Heero was feeling very excited himself. "It is all understood then?"

"Yeah. I mean, it is, right? I can do anything I want to you?"

Heero pressed his lips together, his eyes low. He spoke then, "Within reason, Duo-chan, I would not suggest doing anything you would never consent to, though... just for your information, I can take a lot more pain than you can."


"That was not a request, just advice, should you suppose you would get to me that way."

"Right." Duo grinned. "I know how it works. The same stuff does not work on everybody. Trust me, I'll pay plenty of attention." He was really sounding very confident about this, Heero thought. "How about... 'verdigris'?"


"For our safeword. It should not just be stop or no, that's just the usual advice, right? Like, when no doesn't mean 'no.'"

Heero nodded. "Some people get deeply into role play or lose right to give or take certain levels of permission when they consent to play."

"And it should not be a word we would just say while messing around or having sex."


"We don't need a whole system or code, just a word that means stop, I suppose."

"That would mean you cannot gag me."

"Hmmm." Duo seemed to think about that. "Well, I wasn't thinking of gagging you, but I guess I see your point. Should neglect to say stop be considered permission to continue? Man, I guess some people might need a more elaborate code, but do you think we do? You're probably determined not to use the word, just because I didn't."

Heero shrugged one shoulder. That was mostly true. He did not anticipate that he would say the safeword, but he could not be certain until he was in more controlled circumstances.

"Look, we'll just have the one word for stop, OK? If you want to start again after you say it, that's OK. You can say 'verdigris' even if you just need to stop for a little while. Though, Heero, I have to say I'm not planning to mess you up too much. I mean, it's not stuff that would freak me out, anyway."

"I agree, for the record, that we will use this one safeword when we need to stop."

Duo nodded. "OK, so, just say it a few times so I hear you."

Heero rolled his eyes. "Verdigris. Verdigris. Why verdigris?"

"The sink and tub in the bathroom are aged copper."

Good enough reason, Heero supposed. The word need not be symbolic in any way, just agreed upon. Heero took a deep breath and then released it slowly. "I will go get changed in the bathroom. When I come out, I will act as someone who would be wearing my clothing and I will be yours to play with, until I tell you to stop or you tell me you are finished."

"Sounds fun."

"I will just move around you then."

Duo laughed nervously. He had been crowding Heero against the bed. He stepped out of the way. Heero went to his trunk, which Duo had left open, and retrieved the cardboard dress box.

"I'll be here making inventory of all the toys I am going to use on you," Duo announced.

Just for a moment, Heero froze when he heard that. Then he told himself not to be so surprised and hurried to the bathroom. Heero closed the door and opened the box. He cursed himself silently as he realized he had forgotten something.

Heero opened the door to the bedroom slightly. He saw Duo sitting on the edge of the bed, sans towel and twirling a pair of black lace panties about one finger. "Forget something, Baby?" That term of endearment sounded suddenly demeaning.

"I need those."

"Come get them."

"I am not ready to come out. Give them to me, Duo-chan."

Duo stopped the twirling and rose from the bed. He handed the undergarment to Heero then leaned forward to whisper through the narrow opening. "As you wish, Atashi no Sensei."

"Arigato, Duo-chan."

Duo flashed a smile as Heero shut the door on him.

Heero pulled on the undergarment Duo had given him. Everything else was more complicated. Heero sighed and started with the matching bra. When that was on, Heero shook out the three largest segments of the costume: underskirt, overskirt and blouse. Before he put those on, he would have to sort out the stockings and garter belt, fix his hair, and put on some makeup.

Heero had not practiced this. It probably would have been logical, but he just had not wanted to dress up like a girl without Duo there. He got the fishnet stockings up his legs and then took significantly more time getting the back seams straight and attaching the belt. Doing his hair was even more difficult than that.

It was still damp and Heero had packed the hairdryer Josť had given him, because he thought wispy hair would be more girly. Admittedly, Heero was not very good at hairstyling, but he understood that if he pulled the brush along the underside of a lock of hair and held the dryer above that the hair would become somewhat more straight and sleek.

It took too long, or else made distinctive noise, because Duo knocked at the door. "You really have to do your hair as well, Heero?"

Heero growled as he combed out a part that had gotten too sticky with styling gel. "Yes!"

"I probably could help you with that."

"I will manage!"

"OK. I'll just be here waiting for you, I guess."

Heero went back to fixing his hair, thinking Duo probably would have done a better job. He looked at himself in the mirror. Do it for Duo, he thought. Just think how happy he is going to look when he sees you. Ryokai, Heero told himself.

When his hair was as wispy and smooth as he could get it, Heero applied some makeup. He brushed on a liberal amount of rice powder over his face, neck and chest to lighten his complexion. Consulting some online fashion magazines, he had decided that pink was a French sort of color, so pink lips, cheeks or eyes would look French. At least, this was Heero impression after looking at recent magazines. Perhaps a skilled hand could have made smoky eyeshadow or red lips work, but Heero was not sure he had those skills. He did his best to make his cheeks and eyelids a delicate pink shade. He used a slightly darker rose color on his lips. The lipstick had a matte finish that he imagined looked demur and French. Heero applied a clear mascara, it did not really make his lashes look longer or fuller, but it glossed them a bit and added a bit of curl, so they would look pretty. He then took up a particular white pencil and colored the underside of his fingernails where they grew above the fingertip. He supposed that authentic or not, it would make sense for a French Maid to have a French Manicure, or facsimile thereof.

The blouse had a row of buttons all down the back, but fortunately, it also had a hidden zipper along one side so that Heero could dress himself. When that was in place, Heero stepped into the layers of black and white skirt. He fastened the skirts at the waist and looked to his box. Only the shoes remained. Heero was sure he would fall over in these ones. The heels had almost no surface area. Even if he managed to stay balanced, his feet were going to ache from the focused pressure.

Heero was never going to understand girls. He could only assume they would withstand just about any torture device if it meant getting dick. He would have to admit, that seemed a good incentive. "Well, I will find out for sure," Heero said quietly as he stepped into the shoes.

Heero looked himself over in the mirror and then scanned the litter strewn across the vanity. The hat and the duster. That seemed all the accessories Heero had left. He pinned the hat into his hair without very much trouble, then tidied up the vanity and finally dusted it free of pink and white powder.

Heero looked into the mirror one more time and tried giggling. "Sorry, girls, boys only!" he giggled, and then winked his left eye. Well that was just... genki. Duo better appreciate his efforts!

Heero opened the bathroom door and peered out. Duo was not on the bed. Heero took a step out of the bathroom and made a visual scan. As he came finally to the area immediately to his right, he saw Duo's legs coming from behind an armoire. There was a chair there, as Heero recalled, near the door, and Duo must be sitting in it.

So, the game was begun. Heero took one small step toward Duo and then another and then he saw Duo was not even looking at him. He was sitting there with his pants open and dick in hand as he looked at some magazine! And he was wearing a suit!

"Umo... um..." Heero did not know how he was supposed to act. He could not tell Duo he was being naughty for masturbating while he was right here, or scold him for not inviting Heero to watch, because Heero was not supposed to be his master now. He was supposed to be submissive, and he was supposed to be the maid! "Pardonez-moi, Monsieur! I was zhust delivering zee towels an' I deed no' see you zere."

Heero held his breath as he watched for Duo's response. He saw a smile play across Duo's lips before it was forced away. Heero thought the amused smile had been for the very bad accent, but now Duo was very much in control and playing his part. He lifted his face. His hair had dried without use of styling products and the bangs appeared longer and more wispy, as Heero's hair did. As the hair parted naturally to either side of his face, Heero could see that Duo was wearing a pair of thin-framed glasses. Did that mean Duo was also in a costume?

Duo did nothing but look him over, quite lecherously, and Heero decided that he could not stand to do the most submissive thing, which was to stand there like a frightened animal and let Duo watch, so he did the next most submissive thing he could think of, which was to insist that he should leave because he should not be allowed to see Duo as he was.

"I must go!" Heero said quickly. He darted for the door, but when he reached for the doorknob he touched only Duo's hand. So this is what it is like, Heero thought. Duo had beaten him at something already. Now Heero was pressed against the door with Duo's arms either side of him and Duo's body behind. He could feel Duo's breath on his neck, hear its heaviness.

"Turn around," Duo commanded.

"Si'l vous plait, Monsieur!"

"I do. Turn around."

Heero turned slowly between Duo's arms. It was easy for Duo to look intimidating because he was taller. He did not have to take a particularly strong stance, he could use his size to advantage, but Duo's pose did seem intimidating. I could take him, Heero thought. I am stronger... but I am the maid, so I cannot think like that. Heero looked up at Duo's face. He really did not know what to say.

He wondered why Duo was wearing the glasses. Wufei sometimes wore glasses to read and though he did not want anyone to know, Trowa had a pair of glasses he only wore while mending clothes, but Heero was certain Duo did not need them, especially not for this. "I suppose I am quite stunned by such a pretty face in glasses?" Heero tried.

Duo smacked his face lightly. "Try again and sound more sincere, Heero," he hissed.

Heero was stunned that Duo had struck him, even lightly. He tried again. "Get off me, you pig American!" He demanded and then spit at Duo as he beat his fist against Duo's chest.

Duo glared and when he spoke, he sounded even more threatening. "You do not even want me to play that game." He wiped the spittle from his jacket and smeared it on Heero's face. That was just insulting, his own cold spit wiped on his cheek. "Try again, and get it right."

Get it right? How was he supposed to know what Duo wanted him to say? Heero turned his head and thought. What would Duo want the damn maid to say? If he did not think of something to say, then Duo was going to be mean and humiliate him some more.

Heero opened his mouth as if to speak and he realized it. He was already being controlled. This was beyond deciding to take a particular course of action because he believed it would please his pet and his pet deserved positive reinforcement. This was not sex. This was more intense than his usual fear of failure. He had been in the room minutes and his heart was speeding.

He dropped the feather duster to the floor.

No. I can't be this easy for him to control. I can't! Heero looked back toward Duo and glared, and just as he did he felt Duo's hand on his cock. He could not help the reaction. His mouth just gaped and his gaze softened. He wanted more, but Duo's hand had already been withdrawn, it had been so fleeting that he did not even have an erection.

Heero tried to slow his breaths. Do you feel like this every time? Do you feel these highs and lows every time I touch or scold you? Do you like this, Duo?

"Try again," he whispered. Duo was not satisfied with him.

Heero drew his arms up over his head and stretched them against the door. He gave Duo half a smile and said in his most sultry bad French accented voice, "A teep iz usually customary for my service."

Duo raised one brow.

Heero felt so giddy. He'd done it. He felt like he'd just cracked code.

"Put your hand in my shorts."

"Iz zat vere you keep your money, Monsieur?"

"Try to keep it a fake French accent and not slip into Russian," Duo whispered. Then, he said in a more forceful tone. "Put your hand in my shorts."

Heero frowned, but lowered his right hand. He made certain to touch his fingers to his own neck and chest on the way down, hoping this would tease Duo enough to give him some measure of torture in payment for what he gave Heero. When Heero's hand reached his waist, he pushed it forward so that the back of his hand touched Duo's shirt. He slid his hand down, fingers pushing the waistband of the shorts out of the way, until Duo's dick came into his hand.

Before he had time to attempt to crack a joke or ask a question Heero saw Duo was holding a large billfold before his face. "This should be enough."

Heero's jaw fell slack. He had a suspicion that it was his money Duo was playing with. "You want to do so much?" Heero asked.

Duo leaned closer. He almost kissed Heero. Heero stood there thinking: kiss me, damnit. He just stood there wishing for it and did not take the kiss. It would not have been submissive. "If you let me do everything I want, I'll give you this money."


Duo tossed the money to the chair he had been sitting in, his face was still pressed close to Heero. "Remember this: as far as you are concerned, my name is now Dieu."

"Mon Dieu!"

"And what is your name?"

Heero struggled to think of a name. "Dolores," he said, "But you can call me Lola, if you want to."

"Lolita, then."

Heero smiled, that was where he had gotten the name. Nabokov had first begun Lolita as a short story while living in Paris. "Da... I mean, oui. Oui, Dieu. You can call me Lolita."

"I do not need your permission. That is just what I will call you."

"Oui, Dieu."

"Are you just going to stand there and not do anything with your hand?"

"You... Dieu has not told me what to do."

Duo smiled and then kissed Heero on the mouth. Heero was so hungry for it he felt his cock harden almost instantly, as Duo's tongue entered his mouth. His fist working Duo's dick was reflex. His other hand clutching Duo's shoulder was purely a gesture of desire.

"Mmmm, you taste good," Duo told him. Heero felt embarrassed and hot. He had not washed out his mouth or brushed his teeth since he had been sucked Duo off earlier. And Duo tasted like toothpaste.

Heero did not know what to say.

"I like that you want to touch me, but don't grab too much, unless I tell you too."

Heero with drew his hands. He questioned Duo with a glance.

"C'mere." That voice; it made Heero feel so weak when Duo purred like that. Duo backed away from Heero and then sat down in the chair, on the scattered bills. He beckoned Heero with a hand.

Don't go, Heero told himself. What else could he do? Duo would find some punishment for him if he did not go. Heero would not find out how he really felt about this unless he continued. Heero stepped around to the front of the chair.

Duo's pants and shorts were pushed down to his ankles and he was slouching in the chair. Heero thought it was fairly obvious what he wanted. He went down onto his knees. He opened his mouth as he leaned forward.

"Ah, no, lower."

Heero questioned Duo silently as he positioned his body even lower and stuck his tongue out from his mouth.


Heero glanced down. What was lower? Then he understood.

"Yeah, lick 'em."

He had to lick Duo's balls. Somehow, when it was not his decision to torture Duo, it seemed a humiliating task. He was kneeling with his legs wide and his ass in the air, on the floor before the chair, with his tongue lapping at Duo's balls. It really was an inelegant position.

"Yeah, that's nice. Lolita. I like the sound of that. Lo-li-ta. But you aren't a proper nymphet are you? Nympho, maybe, but apart from that definitely more like an elf."

Heero was not sure he understood that.

"Your flower comes with a thorn." He was saying Heero was not a girl. "That's OK, I'll still take it." Duo moved a hand toward Heero and put his fingers to the soft flesh behind his chin all Heero could think was: place to put the barrel of a gun.

Duo used the force of his fingers to guide Heero's head upward. Do not toy with me like this, Heero thought. Just throw me on the bed and take me. He said nothing.

"Sit in my lap."

Heero blinked assent. He stood slowly and then moved to straddle Duo.

"No, with your back to me. Sit in my lap. You can do it, just spread your legs wide so I can support your weight."

Heero frowned. He stood still for a few moments, not really wanting to put himself in this position. He wondered if Duo would fuck him in this chair. Heero had not tried anything like that with Duo, though he had allowed Duo to be on top. Heero was starting to think he needed to do research again. Or he was going to have to ask Duo to teach him.

Heero made a mental note to look through his pillow book when he got home again. They had still not tried many of the positions it demonstrated.

Heero turned and slowly lowered himself to Duo's lap. He spread his legs wide and found that he could sit somewhat comfortably with Duo's legs between his. Heero could feel Duo's dick between his buttocks.

Duo's wrapped his arms around Heero. "You're really very pretty," Duo whispered, "I've always wanted to do a maid, did you know that? I think I am just mad for legs like yours in stockings like this... with such a short skirt." Duo was confessing, so he should have sounded weak, but he was touching Heero as he spoke and Heero only ended up feeling that Duo was strong and he was a toy.

Duo's lips touched his neck and Heero found himself tilting his head to provide Duo better access. The truth was, he wanted Duo to be able to touch him, even if he hated the humiliating positions Duo put him in.

Duo's rather skilled hands had quickly unfastened the garter belt from stockings and Heero's waist. He was slipping his hands into the underwear then. Duo put a hand before Heero's face and Heero knew he was meant to lick it. He did as he should and made Duo's palm wet with saliva. He moaned when that hand pumped his cock.

"I want to hear you say you like it," Duo said, his tone full of threat, "Let me know what you like or I stop doing it. Let me hear that I am the one you need."

Heero did not answer right away and Duo with drew his hand. He was really going to stop. "Mon Dieu!" Heero called. "O, Mon Dieu! Oui! Touchez-moi!"

Duo's hand moved beneath the skirts again. "If you want more, give me more."

"Dieu! Oui!" Heero was not even exaggerating. He wanted Duo so badly, and this was his only way of asking. He wanted Duo to know. It felt so good to be touched this way, and he wanted Duo to know that as well. "Nnnn, Dieu! O Mon Dieu! Aaaa. Dieu!"

"Tell me you're going to come!" Duo hissed at his ear.

"Oui! So soon! O, please do it faster!"

Duo moved his hand more slowly. The other one was undoing buttons along Heero's back.


Duo shoved Heero lightly. "Go to the bed and wait for me."

He should not have asked to go faster. Heero started to pull himself up, but it was difficult, being so aroused and annoyed and in heels.

"Go," Duo told him.

Heero staggered to the bed and crawled over the array of sex toys to the middle of the mattress. He saw Duo moving toward the trunk. "Oh, no, Duo, please!"

Duo turned, holding their camera.

Heero straightened slightly, but his blouse was threatening to fall from his body now and Heero froze still then moved his arms to cover his chest instead. "Duo."

Duo ignored him and captured a picture. "I'll be fantasizing for a month over this, you know."

"What if someone sees?" Heero frowned and tried to keep his shirt from slipping.

Duo put the camera down. He walked toward the bed, still wearing shirt, tie, jacket and socks but nothing else. Well, there was the purple bow in his hair and those glasses. Heero supposed that in a generic sort of way Duo did look like an anime character. The bishonen with long hair and glasses. He did have long legs and broad shoulders. His Fay facial features would lend themselves well to reduction to a few quickly drawn lines.

"You are hunting Aphrodite, Monsieur," Heero said. That was something he had picked up in one of the schools he had attended while studying the Classics of Western Civilization. To say a man hunted the Goddess of Love and Beauty was to say was to say he aimed to bait others with his looks, that he was a dandy or possibly homosexual.

Duo launched himself onto the bed and Heero. He knocked Heero to his back and leaned over him, his hands holding Heero's wrists above his head. "I don't know about that, but I do have the arrow that will shoot straight to your heart, Lolita."

Heero bit at his lower lips and tried to calculate a way out of this position. He was stronger than Duo, but that did not mean he could use force to get out of every circumstance. There was a certain mechanical advantage in Duo's being on top of him. A disadvantage in having Duo's weight pinning his hips and wrists to the mattress.

He could escape, but then Duo would find some means of humiliating him, Heero was certain he would.

Duo shifted his weight. He freed one hand and then pulled Heero's blouse from him an arm at a time. Heero rolled his eyes to the side and saw Duo reach into the pile of toys he had left on the bed and lift the pair of red wrist cuffs Heero had worn once before. They were clipped together by a D-ring of dull gray material, in fact the slave rings did not seem to glint like steel as they had before. Heero swallowed as he supposed the rings were made of Gundanium. If he tried to pull his wrists free, he might only succeed in tearing the fabric of his cuffs, and that would not be easy, given the leverage and force necessary in snapping the reinforced layers of leather, velvet and nylon. He would likely hurt his hands first.

Duo buckled one of Heero's wrists into a cuff and then the other. Then he pulled a red scarf from the bed. Heero could not see over his head but he thought Duo was threading the scarf through at least one of the rings. What was Duo doing, surely the scarf was the weak point in this system. Its flimsy material could not be that hard to tear.

Duo put a hand behind Heero's neck and lifted him. He tugged at the cuffs until Heero was forced to bend his arms and put his hands behind his head. He felt the ends of the scarf caress his throat and understood.

Duo tied off the scarf and then looked sternly down at Heero. "As long as you are relaxed and do as I say, you will be fine. If you struggle, you will only strangle yourself. Tell me you understand."

"Je comprends," Heero whispered. He tried to move his hands, but not only were they trapped beneath his head, but when he moved them a little the scarf dug into his throat.

"Stupid!" Duo said. He reached over Heero and from somewhere above drew a knife. "I won't use this on you, but I'm keeping it close by in case you try something really stupid. I'll cut the scarf to save your life, but I really do not suggest you make me do that. If I have to start over, I'll really make you feel like shit!"

"Oui, Je comprends," Heero whispered. He had trussed Duo up quite thoroughly in the past, but not like this. This could kill him. Well, only if he fought. That was the horrible thing. Duo was giving Heero only two options, obey or try to kill himself. Even with doctor J there had usually been three options, often one that went something like 'disregard the system' or 'refuse all other options.'

Heero couldn't even kill himself. He could try, but then Duo would cut the scarf at his throat and punish him more. He did not really have a choice but to obey, did he?

Duo had not bound his legs. Heero had to try something now. He was going to go insane if he just allowed Duo to do this to him. He lifted his legs and kneed Duo in the side of the head. He saw Duo waver, just for a second, and then Heero felt the hand crushing his testicles and screamed.

"I didn't squeeze that hard," Duo said, leaning over him again.

"You did," Heero ground out through his teeth.

"Well, Bitch, you kneed me in the head. I am the one keeping you alive here. Pretty stupid to try to knock me out. Were you going to try to untie the knots with your toes?"

Heero refused to answer. He could refuse that at least. He would have figured out something. Maybe he could have gotten the knife in his fingers and managed to slice the scarf without cutting himself.

"I'd hate to bind your legs, but I might," Duo told him. He pulled the lace underwear from Heero and twirled the garment about his finger again. "I do like these. And this too!" He dropped the panties and touched a finger to the bra Heero was wearing. "Mmmm, damn! I think I'm going to have to bind at least one leg. Don't even think about kicking me."

Heero simply refused to speak or look at Duo, but he was afraid this tactic would be pointless if Duo happened to use pleasure against him.

Duo produced a length of red ribbon and wound this about Heero's right ankle. When he seemed satisfied that it was secured, Duo bent Heero's and began winding the other end of the ribbon about his thigh. There was a small amount of slack, but Heero could do nothing with it. If he pulled against the ribbon, he was only pulling against his own resistance, causing the ribbon to cut into ankle or thigh.

"Oh, that is just perfect. You look so cute, with bows and everything!" Duo left the bed. Heero looked for the knife, but when he saw it, it was in Duo's hand. He had gone for the camera again. This time he climbed back onto the bed and stood up on the mattress. Heero gazed up at the camera numbly and Duo captured the photo. "I'm going to get a giant print of this and hang it over my bed!"

"Duo, no!"

Duo lowered the camera. "What's that? Do you have something to say to me, Heero?"

The safeword, he meant. No. Heero was not going to say it. He shook his head.

Duo grinned. "The picture might look pretty bad out of context, but I'll know that you could have said the word to stop me, and you didn't. That means you did all of this willingly. It's just perfect the way you try to resist, but you'll get over that soon. You'll see."

He sounded like Dorothy. She could get so passionate about people and their strengths and weaknesses.

Duo knelt at Heero's legs. "I love these shoes, but they could be used as weapons, so they need to go now." He removed each shoe, gazed at it, then tossed it to the floor.

Duo turned his eyes toward Heero and licked his lips. He bowed his head and kissed Heero along his collarbone. He worked his way down Heero's chest, slowly, with light teasing kisses. He straddled Heero's left leg, so that all his limbs were trapped in some way. Duo's left hand reached beneath the layers of skirt to stroke Heero's cock.

Duo had made that area pleasured and then neglected and abused and now Heero felt pleasure again. All the urgency he had felt, sitting in Duo's lap, had faded with the torture and now, slowly, Heero felt the build-up of ecstasy. He wanted it to continue. He wanted it so much.

Duo's lips and teeth were working over Heero's left nipple, right through the lace of the bra. Heero's heart was racing again, with arousal on top of fear and hatred of his captivity. Duo lifted his face for a moment. "Let me hear," he said.

Last time, Duo had stopped when Heero told him what he wanted. Duo had not asked for that. He had only asked for Heero to tell him when it felt good. Heero felt he was beginning to understand the operation of this system. "Oui. Oui, Mon Dieu! Zat feels so good."

Heero barely noticed what was going on around him. All he thought was: Do not let these good feelings stop.

He felt Duo's finger enter him. He felt it wobble and seek. He felt he felt the jolt of bliss shoot through him. "Arrow," Heero whispered.

"Not yet," Duo told him. "Heero," he said, his voice non-threatening, "confirm status, Heero."

"Safe," Heero reported.

"Now, tell me you want your first time to be any way I choose or tell me to stop."

"I need more. Do not stop."

"Copy that. Don't stop." Duo's voice shifted again. "Lolita, I am going to blindfold you now."

Heero found that he could not move very much, even if he tried. He could lift Duo on his thigh, but not in any way that hurt Duo or forced him from Heero's body. He could flex his right leg slightly, but that gained him nothing. He could twist and Heero could contract his abdominal muscles to sit if he was careful to move his neck and arms as one, but then he was just sitting up in front of Duo and making it easier for him to place the blindfold.

Heero could turn his head, but not fast enough to stop Duo.

"You know," Duo whispered, "I will keep that money if you do not let me have my way."

Heero's eyes might have glared or widened at Duo, but he was blindfolded. All he could do was whisper a weak, "No." That was his money Duo had shown him, lifted from his luggage. The earlier investments that made having that money possible might have been ill-gained or inherited but the money Heero traveled with now was all earned honestly. It was his money! He had pretended to be other people and cracked codes, gotten into scuffles, spent sleepless days at a computer and sometimes risked his life to earn that money.

Duo could torture his body. Duo could hurt him. Heero did not really care that much. Duo could even humiliate him in secret. But he was not going to just let Duo Maxwell steal his money. And Duo dared to call him a thief? Duo had stolen more than Heero and he had been just as mercenary in attitude as Trowa ever had.

But... Duo was saying the way to save his funds was to obey. Could he do that? Just obey to get the reward he wanted? He had done it before. Days running in the cyclotron because Dr. J promised him a new toy. Days of hard fought battle because he just wanted there to be peace afterward. Keeping false names straight and remembering to call Adin Father in exchange for a promise to be able to use a new, more powerful gun later. Heero was very good at obeying. He was a good little soldier.

I am so weak! I am so weak, Heero thought.

"I am going to turn you over, no fast moves, you'll only hurt yourself."

Heero's body obeyed. His body let Duo move him. He felt that Duo was arranging a pillow beneath his head and elbows. He felt Duo's hands positioning his knees on the slick satin sheets. He could hear Duo breath. He could smell arousal.

Heero's mind was engaged in combat against himself, against his body. I hate weak people! I hate them! They rely on strong people to take care of them. They cannot do anything for themselves!

Heero could feel something blunt pressed against his anus. He could feel the slick warm thing push inside him. He knew that was not Duo, not yet. It was just one of those toys Duo liked to play with. This was not entirely new. Heero had tried something like this, himself, at home, in secret. He had wanted to know what it felt like. But, this was also very different. He had no control over it. Duo decided when to push and when to pull. Duo decided when to wobble and stretch. Duo decided.

His body was saying that he should submit. It was telling him that Duo knew how to make him feel good. Duo could save him. He could feel it, the opening, the ache, the fullness. He could feel the control Duo had over him. He could feel the sparks igniting in his soul. There is really Hell and Torment and this is Hell. It felt so blissful and so horrible at the same time.

He could hear Duo's voice droning on, "Oh, you take it so well. You're just gorgeous. Tell me you want it. Tell me what you want."

This was not the way it was supposed to be, was it? "More, yes. I want you to fuck me."

He did. He really did want it, but at the same time, he felt insane and outside himself. I cannot be this weak, Heero thought. I cannot be this weak. If I am this weak then I have no reason to live. I am not even useful to Duo!

"How about this? Yeah? You like this?" It could not be seen or tasted, heard or smelled by Heero. He could only feel the touch of 'this.' It was thicker and longer than the previous toy, at least it felt that way. It was still not Duo. It was just too unyielding and cold to be real. It was too plastic. Yet, Heero's body could not deny that 'this' could make him feel good. Even if he wanted to deny it, 'this' made his body tremble with pleasure, made him burn and glow and gasp. 'This' had him moaning into the pillow below him and spreading his legs across the sheets.

Yes, he liked 'this.'

"Oui. Oui. Mon Dieu!"

"Yeah, I think you really do. Fucking resilient... high threshold for pain?" Were those compliments? Was he taking the fuck very well? Was he adjusting quickly and to Duo's liking?

"Mmmm, so tell me how you like this one!"

Heero moaned. This one was Duo! Yet, there was a false feeling as well. So, this is what it feels like with a condom, Heero thought. This was Duo inside him. It struck him so full of awe he could hardly breathe.

Something slapped his face and Heero gasped and sucked in air.

The way he moved, it was different than toys. There was weight behind the motion, real force. Heero could sense the straining of every part of Duo's body in each thrust he made. He fit. Heero did not know if he should call it perfect, because he was feeling so helpless, but the level of friction and tightness between them seemed a good thing.

"Aaaa, gaah, fuck! Aaaw fuck! You're cherry!"

There were tears in his eyes, hiding behind the blindfold. Then... am I really this weak? What good am I to him?

But, oh, the pleasure! Duo knew what he was doing! He knew! He would never live it down if he mocked Heero about the ratio, because he had the same problem. Maybe he did not obsess, and that was the difference. But if not, then Duo just accidentally happened to fuck like a perfectly tuned and lubed machine!

The tears leaked from Heero's eyes. The pleasure. He was feeling it. Yes, this... I know this. This is the feeling that knocks me out when I feel it through him. This is the inherent goodness in anal sex. This is just like... just like...

It is just like the blissful reward of willingly merging with ZERO!

Heero could see everything. He saw Adin shooting his parents. He saw his womb in the lab. Karen's carrots. Adin telling him to do what his heart told him. He saw a Leo taking the missile he meant for the Alliance base's tower. He saw Adin dying. He saw J. He saw the training. He saw the girl and her dog. He saw Relena and her father. He saw Wing. Zechs. Relena. Duo. Sally. Howard. New Edwards. Wufei saying that Treize Khushrenada had used them. Tallgeese. Lady Une using the Colonies as Leverage. Dying. Reviving. Catherine Trowa. Mrs. Noventa. Sylvia. Lucretia. Antarctica. The Tauruses. Duo in that cell. Vayeate and Mercurius. Trowa in that uniform. The Scientists. ZERO. Vayeate exploding. Quatre. Trant Clark. The system. The dogs on the beach. The town that had not been evacuated. Relena. Dorothy. Treize. Epyon. Libra. Chris and Ralph. X18999. Altron. Brussels. Mariemaia. Une's disabled list. A subway car in New York. Sakhalin. Trant. Midii. Ursula. Duo. Koi. X18999. Vasili. Duo. Duo. Duo.

"Yes. I see. The one who toys with my life. You are my enemy."

He could see Duo's thoughts: How far do I have to push you, Heero, before you learn for yourself that there is another way to go about this? I will keep doing this for you, Heero, but please tell me to stop, because I do not think this is what you need.

No, Heero thought, Duo is not my enemy. I am my enemy. I am my enemy as long as I am weak and let others control me. Duo will back me up, but he cannot do everything for me.

Heero saw the future.

"VERDIGRIS!" He pulled his wrists apart and the scarf and D-ring tore and broke.

Heero could hear Duo but he felt no one touching him. "Heero, you fool! Why didn't you say it sooner?"

Heero was crying silently. He could feel the tears on his face. His throat and wrists ached, but he could breathe and move his arms. He reached for the ribbon on his right leg first and pulled on the bow at his thigh. Heero was free then. He removed the blindfold and used it to wipe his face.

Heero sat up, reached behind his back to unfasten the waistband of the skirts, and then pushed them from his body.

Duo looked just horrified. He was sitting with his legs drawn up in front of him, hugging himself. He was still wearing half a suit and those glasses. Koi was pacing beside the bed, looking up toward Heero.


"Oh, shit."

"I want you to fuck me again."

"Are you kidding me?" Duo shouted. "I didn't even finish it once."

"I did. Either way, I want you to fuck me some more."

"No. I can't."


"No, I really can't. You scared the shit out of me. You started twitching and screaming and that is NOT WHAT A GUY WANTS TO SEE WHEN HE'S HAVING SEX!"

Heero scooted closer to Duo and put his arms around him. "I am all right, Duo-chan, I just cannot ever let you be Dom again. I can still let you fuck me. I want you to do it. I didn't really feel it properly last time, but I think it was really good."

Duo laughed hysterically. "Thought is was really good? Christ! I thought..." He averted his eyes. "I thought."


He looked up at Heero again. "I thought you were going to die or something! And it was all my fault!"

"Duo." Heero tightened his embrace and kissed Duo's throat.

"You can't just make me get in the mood again. Heero, what if something's really wrong with you? I had to make you breathe again. I can't handle this!"

"That's why I am taking responsibility again, Duo-chan. What you did tortured me, because I allowed it. I found out what I needed to know. We are different. Our minds work differently. I cannot let anyone control me that way. But, you can handle that. You can feel safe if I am in control."

"Yeah," Duo whispered.

Heero kissed Duo's face. "You were good at it. You make me feel like I need to be more creative, or do more research."

"No. Different stuff works on different people. I knew pain alone wouldn't do much for you. I knew I couldn't put you into restraints unless I convinced you that you were helpless beforehand. Only humiliation was going to work. I had to talk you into it. That isn't what I need."

Heero smirked. "No. You need this." He grabbed a fistful of Duo's hair and threw his weight backward, pulling Duo on top of him. Heero lifted Duo's collar from the bed and then fit it on him. He hooked two fingers through the slave ring and pulled Duo's face to his chest. "You liked the costume."

"Oh, yes, Oh, Heero!" Duo put his lips to Heero's skin.

"You pushed me so hard, just like I told you, so take your reward, because I say you deserve it. Right now, play with me and fuck me, because I say you are allowed."

"You mean it?"

Heero pulled himself up. His chest bumped Duo's chest as he rose. His cheek slid across Duo's cheek. Heero kissed Duo's neck. Heero reached between their bodies and felt for Duo's dick. It was not hard, the condom had slipped off, and traces of lube were left to make it slick. Heero curled his hand gently around Duo's dick and stroked it. "Just relax. You want me, don't you?"

"Yes. Of course I want you."

"There it is. How is that?"

"That feels so good," Duo sighed.

"I like how it feels, too. I want it just like this. A little more lube, maybe, but no condoms, OK?"

"Did you think... I mean, I only partly did it to deprive you. Mostly I did it because I was afraid I'd cum the second I was in you."

Heero smirked. "Well, try to give me more than a few seconds, but whatever you can give me is fine for now. I have tired you out this evening."


"Got the lube?"




Heero lifted an arm to cradle Duo's head and whispered into his opposite ear. "Je t'aime."

Duo turned his head so that he kissed Heero's lips. "I love you, too," he whispered then.

Heero lay back on the bed again. He kicked his legs up into the air. "I am ready now."


"Yes. Fuck me. You can do it rough. You can even talk dirty to me as much as you want."

Duo leaned over Heero, his dick pressing against him without entering. "I see. You are the one who really likes it rough, so long as you make the call to do it."

Heero smiled. "Yes. Come on, My Little Sex Machine. Show me what you've got."

Duo grinned. "I'll show you!" Duo whipped the glasses off with one hand and pulled the bow from the hair with the other. It was all very dramatic and he suddenly looked more masculine, Heero thought.

He showed Heero.

It was just like before, only now Heero had no fear and no conflict within. This was what he had really wanted all along. He wanted his Duo-chan fucking him on command. Now he was free. Now he could just let go and enjoy it.

"Oh, God! I love you!" Duo shouted slowly. "Aw, that is a trillion dollar smile! Tell me that's for me."

"Hai. All for you." Heero was beaming. "You know I am superhuman. You can fuck me a lot harder than that."

And he did. Duo grabbed Heero's hips and just nailed him to the bed until its frame was rocking.

The room faded. All Heero knew was that his body was roughly used, his soul was absolutely worshiped, that he felt incredibly happy, and that Duo's body and soul radiated utter satisfaction. This was just what he had wanted. He did not want to be entirely controlled; he just wanted to give up his body to Duo for a while.

What Duo did with his body just happened to feel really good, even as it made him ache.

How Duo could get his mouth onto Heero's cock while fucking him, Heero did not now, but Duo had always insinuated that he could do it to himself.

The orgasm sucked all other orgasms into its gravity well! It made the universe swirl.

It was like being in Heaven.

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