Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 70

Paris was remarkable in its post-war condition. Heero thought that was what had drawn him to the city the last time. Brussels and other parts of Belgium had been unfortunately torn up by mobile suit battle two years before. Luxemburg had been devastated the year before that. Parts of the Riviera had been occupied during the wars, but had not seen much battle. Parts of Europe East, North and South of Paris had been greatly affected in the years of war previous to that. Paris was unscathed and possessed of luxuries and technologies that much of Europe had not recovered since the war.

Perhaps it was a sort of city's karma... justice for the state Paris had been left in by wars of centuries past. Whatever the political or military reasons had been, Paris was a financial and cultural capitol of Europe. Cities such as London or Berlin were by no means in the Dark Ages, but they lacked some portion of their former financial and cultural influence. Brussels still held political power, but its population had moved to Paris, if they could afford it, or else someplace like Antwerp.

All they lacked was a dedicated spaceport. Traffic from the Colonies was made to land in Mediterranean, Baltic or North Atlantic spaceports and transfer to jet for a flight into Paris' several times renamed airport, which was presently known as Treize Khushrenada International.

Heero sat in the back of a taxi with Koi, watching the scenery out his window as they sped along highway between tall, modern buildings with window washing droids, through wide avenues surrounded by monuments, centuries old architecture or glittering megastores, around circles, and down old, roughly paved streets lined with tall trees, quaint shops and row houses.

Heero had a sort of cozy almost closed-in feeling, being in Paris. Unlike many other large cities, its tallest buildings were on the outskirts. The terrain was fairly flat and the peculiar layout gave the roughly circular city the feel of a gigantic fort, with its outlying skyscrapers and lower, more traditional buildings within.

More traditional was relative. The inner parts of the city included some very modern and experimental architecture where older buildings had been replaced with newer construction. It gave some streets a surreal look, particularly in the older sections of the city. Looking onto the Île de la Cité, Heero could see shining angular construction against the stone background of a Gothic cathedral.

The flat Duo had arranged for them was located in the Left Bank and now Heero had to wonder who this vague acquaintance was to afford such a residence. Of course, salaries were matched to the standard of living in Paris and jobs here did pay well.

The driver announced they had reached the address Heero had given him. Heero had been reading the street names so he believed this was accurate. He opened his wallet then opened the door and stepped out onto the sidewalk. It was nearly dark now and streetlights were beginning to glow. Heero waited at the back of the vehicle. It was one of those hybrids, which were not exactly wagon, van, jeep or truck that Heero had only seen in Paris and a few other European cities.

The driver walked around to the back of the vehicle and opened its luggage compartment. He asked Heero if he needed help carrying the large trunk. "No," Heero said. He counted out the fare and handed the stack of Esdees to the driver, who looked at the bills disdainfully.

Heero called Koi once then easily lifted the trunk from the taxi, by its handle. He glanced to the numbers on the houses along the street and then walked over to the correct door. A quick glance told Heero the driver was still staring after him. Someone Heero's size should have needed some help carrying the heavily loaded trunk. Someone normal.

The front door was closed, but unlocked. Heero opened the door, ushered Koi through and then maneuvered his luggage inside. He closed the door, locked it and then started up the stairs.

Duo's directions said they were in #2. Their work schedules had been different enough that they had agreed to meet at the sublet flat rather than try to get a shuttle together. Aerospace flight had advanced enough in past years that direct flights between S3 and Earth were possible, though not often of desirable duration. It was still faster, in this case, than Duo getting a flight to S4 and then transferring, or having a layover before continuing to Earth. Flights to Paris had not been easy to get at this time of year. They were crowded most of the time as it was.

Heero reached the second floor and spotted the pair of narrow doors nearby. French doors, he thought, and truly so. One of the doors was open. Maybe Duo had left it open as an invitation, but maybe not.

Heero set his trunk on the floor and reached into the satchel slung across his chest. He motioned for Koi to stay low and be quiet. Heero thumbed the combination on the box inside his satchel then, in seconds, assembled and loaded the gun within. Heero made his way into the apartment, cautiously checking the area he had the slightest cover from and when that was cleared, turning his back to that position to check the next location. He proceeded that way, making his check and then putting his back to a secured wall or door to turn and check the next area.

Heero could hear voices accompanied by music and sound effects. It sounded like a television was on, showing cartoons in French. Heero turned and aimed his weapon into that room and quickly registered a gun being pointed back toward him. Heero steadied his hand and poised himself to dodge, then recognized that it was Duo holding the gun on him.

Heero remained still. He saw Duo grin. He saw that Duo was naked but for blue velvet bondage gear. "Can you confirm that the safety is on that weapon?" Heero asked coldly.

"I know it's off."

"Point that weapon away from my person now and switch the safety on."

Duo tipped the barrel upward, withdrew the gun and flicked the switch.

Heero nodded and lowered his own weapon. "Good to see you."

"Did you lock the door?"

"Not yet."

"Did you bring the clothes I suggested?"

"Yes. My luggage is still in the hall."

"Then I'll be the third thing you do?"

Heero turned toward the pair of doors between bedroom and living room, but he kept his gaze on Duo. "If that is what you really want. Are you sure you do not want me to get changed first?"

Duo nodded, grinning. "I'm sure I want to get fucked today. That is, if you're up to it."

"You have everything I might need?"

"Uh huh."

"Then I will be up to it. Third thing I do." The first was to carry his trunk into the flat. The second was to lock the doors to the hall. Several seconds later, Heero was on the borrowed bed, with his fingers in the ring of Duo's collar, kissing his lover. About a week they had been apart, but not so bad as the several weeks they had been apart last time.

Heero loosed Duo's collar, pushing Duo away with the same movement. "Undress me," he commanded, "make it interesting."


Heero closed his eyes. I need to know what that is like, he thought. I need to know if I need that for myself or if I can be this for you always. "Duo-chan." Heero opened his eyes. "I am going to have to punish you for making me worry rather than just answering the door. I hope you can be good afterward. I want to try something different today and I need to know I can trust you entirely to be a good boyfriend."

"I'll be good." Duo carefully took Heero's gun and satchel from him. "The gun was in case it was someone else. I thought it would be fun for you to come in and find me here."

"I do like the outfit, but you should have just kept the door safely locked and answered when I knocked."

Duo opened buttons on Heero's shirt with his fingers and followed his hands down Heero's chest with kisses. It felt good, but seeing Duo naked but for bondage gear was what really got Heero hot. He had been thinking about this day all week and been prepared to get into his costume first thing, but this was a nice surprise.

"How do you think I am going to punish you for pulling a gun on me?"

"You had a gun on me too."

"And pointing out the obvious to me?"

"Spankings?" Duo asked. He nipped at Heero's collarbone as he pulled the shirt down off his arms.

"I think your punishment will be getting fucked the way I want to do it, not the way you might want it done to you. Of course, as per all past agreements, this would not include permanent damage."

"Is that right, Master?"

"Yes. I said I would not punish you for they way we had sex and I said I would not force you to have sex, but you already expressed consent regarding getting fucked by me today, and I never said I would not punish you by limiting your options regarding sex. You seem to think it fair. You denied me sex entirely when you were upset with me."

Duo removed Heero's shoes and his socks. He rubbed Heero's feet. "I could make it difficult for you," He suggested.

"Make it difficult, Duo-chan, and you do not get any either. You are the one offering yourself in bondage gear and you are my pet. Sex or not, if you are being difficult, I'll put you in restraints and entertain myself. That should be easy; you brought enough toys."

Duo grinned as he was massaging Heero's feet. "Well, you just tried lectures and spanking and leaving me alone before, but I guess it is a fair sort of punishment. I guess I was testing you in a way. 'Do not put the Lord Your God to the test' they say. The punishment's fair."

"There's a good pet." Heero let his back fall to the mattress. "Do that a while longer, and press harder."

Duo's thumbs pressed hard against the sole of Heero's left foot. It was so nice. It made Heero feel relaxed.

"Nnnn, just do the other foot, would you? And then you can get my pants off."

Duo put Heero's left foot into his lap and lifted the right. Heero did not think this qualified as a fetish, but he surely had a most sensitive erogenous zone in his feet. That or Duo knew an awful lot about body work and he was exploiting pressure points along the bottom of Heero's foot that signaled his body to be relaxed and pleasured all over.

He thought he could repay the favor just a bit by rubbing his foot against Duo's dick. He thought better of it after a moment and went for Duo's balls. "Damn! Oh, damn!" Duo dropped Heero's foot gently and ran his right hand up Heero's leg to the crotch of his pants.

Heero smiled slightly as he felt Duo's hand grasping for his cock through the dress pants.

"That feels nice. That's what I want," Duo said.

Heero focused his eyes on Duo's face. "Just open the pants."

Duo leaned over Heero. He pressed several soft kisses to his abdomen as his fingers worked the clasp and zipper to open the fly. Heero felt the slight change in temperature and the movement of air as his pants were opened.

"Oh God! God! Heero!"

Heero smiled, perhaps even smugly. He had been wearing the black lace underwear beneath his pants since the airport. "Think of it as a preview of more to come."

Duo peeled the dress pants down Heero's legs. "Oh, shit I did not expect that!"

"You remember what you said about laces, clasps and striptease?"

"Yeah..." Duo was staring down at Heero's barely clothed body. "Yeah, perfect. I like!"

"I wore it for you. I like to see you stimulated."

"I'm stimulated." Duo sat straddling Heero, eyes closed, the hard length of his dick stroking Heero's cock through the black stretch lace fabric.

"We will have more fun if you get me out of these and just do everything I say."

Duo removed the undergarment from Heero carefully. He said nothing, but his tongue running along his teeth and the low-lidded eyes communicated enough. Heero pushed himself up to a seated position, and then supporting his weight on his left arm, he lifted his right to grasp the slave ring on Duo's collar.

Heero's jaw fell slack as he drew Duo toward him, his breath just barely under control. Duo moaned right into Heero's mouth as their tongues touched each other. His hands rose, fingertips grazing Heero's throat and neck, and then lovingly cradled Heero's skull. Heero worked Duo's mouth open. His kiss was slow but deep. Duo perfectly gave and took as much as Heero.

Heero knew it was love. He could have felt it without special abilities. A boy offering himself in bondage gear could have meant something else, but this kiss was love.

Heero reached to his side where Duo had lain out his supplies. Heero grasped for the black satin blindfold; it would match the sheets on this bed. Not the best surface for gaining traction, but it should feel nice for Duo.

Heero broke the kiss, his left hand caressing Duo's face with the satin fabric of the blindfold. "Tell me you are mine," Heero said. He was sure his tone made it much more suggestion than command.

Duo kissed the hand that held the blindfold and then raised his eyes to Heero's face. "Yes, willingly. Yours, Heero."

"I am going to put the blindfold on you."

"As you wish."

Heero pressed the cloth to Duo's face and then reached behind his head to tie it off. Duo was a strong man and right now he was very much in Heero's control. Heero liked this feeling, being trusted with something precious. Sometimes Duo might struggle a bit. "I am going to bind your wrists to the bed," Heero announced calmly.

Duo hesitated only a spilt second before offering his right arm. Even the times when he did struggle or express fear, if Heero used a little force and possessed enough patience, he would later see Duo was satisfied and that felt very good. Heero did still have a strong need to see he could please his lover. That was healthy and as it should be; he had a matching need to please himself.

At the moment, Heero was greatly in need.

"This way," he said softly as he guided Duo into the position he had decided on. Heero knelt at Duo's left side, facing the head of the bed. He quickly threaded a length of cord through the ring on Duo's right cuff and then reached across Duo to tie the cord off at the bedpost to their right.

Heero noted the slight shift in Duo's color and breathing pattern as he was likely trying to figure what sort of position Heero would put him in. Blindfolded and face down was not Duo's favorite position to be in, but that was why it worked so well when Heero had decided on using some means of bondage. Duo could not look at Heero, or see if Heero looked at him. If Heero did not touch him, Duo was often not sure that Heero was even there.

Heero lifted Duo's left wrist by the blue cuff. This arm did not come with quite so little resistance, but it came without Heero having to use any impressive strength or give a verbal warning. A violet scarf bound this cuff to the left side of the worn, wooden headboard.

Heero thought Duo might be able to release himself in time. That was fine with him. Maybe, in the future, Duo would not want this at all. Maybe he would be so free of fear that the bondage did nothing for him anymore. That would be all right. Heero would still be there. He would still make certain his Duo-chan soared with pleasure by some means. He would still be satisfied by his lover.

For now, Heero could admit to enjoying having the moody and often exuberant one so under control. Maybe it was just some basic human and male competitive inclination. Maybe Heero still viewed Duo as an opponent in some ways. Getting Duo Maxwell naked and bound to a bed felt a lot like victory.

Heero smiled to himself. Basic human needs should be satisfied so that they did not distract one when they were focused on pursuits of a more cerebral nature. Later Heero would love to talk with Duo about art or philosophy, but right now, he just wanted to fuck him until he called Heero God.

"What are you waiting for?" Duo asked, annoyance and anticipation obvious to Heero.

Heero lifted the end of Duo's braid and ran it along Duo's spine. "Have more faith in me," Heero said. He sounded reasonably cool, though he had been wondering himself how much longer he could stand to wait. He scanned the things Duo had lain out. Heero pushed aside a few articles he might need and quickly scooped the rest back into Duo's bag, which he pushed to the floor.

"Up on your knees," Heero said.

Duo arched, strained against his wrist cuffs and then walked his knees toward the head of the bed. He laughed nervously as he slipped on the sheets. "Well, spank me for bringing the satin sheets along."

That answered a question in the back of Heero's mind. He moved to kneel just behind Duo. Just as he settled, Heero lifted his left hand to spank Duo's thigh. "I will spank you for being so thoughtful as to bring our own sheets."

Duo turned his head as if he could see over his shoulder. "Spanking me for doing a good thing."

"You like it a bit much. I may need to find a harsher punishment."

Duo sighed. He did like the spanking. He hung his head again. "Please don't stop. It hurts when you do it. I'll be the best lover. I'll be the best boyfriend."

Heero caressed Duo's buttocks with both hands. He closed his eyes momentarily and smiled slightly. "Duo-chan, when I have a chance to unpack my luggage I will find the brush and give you a proper spanking for that pathetic attempt at negotiation." And damn you, Heero thought, I like doing it.

"Fuck me already."

He wanted to. Heero reached for the lube, which he had left out. "It's been a while."

Duo groaned. "You say that as if I haven't fucked myself with a dildo as per your commands, like a proper video boy."

Heero smiled. It was true. Heero did enjoy some aspects of their long distance relationship. "Aa, but I bet you would like this first." Heero used his hands to spread Duo further and then leaned in to touch his tongue to Duo's asshole. He felt a shiver move through Duo's body.

"Yeah, Baby! You can give me some of that first."

Heero said nothing, but continued to work his tongue rapidly over the hole.

"Mmmn, that is damn kinky intimate shit, but you could make me a junkie for it."

Heero tried wriggling his tongue inside; that shut Duo up for a while, rather, it kept him from forming words. Heero felt his body was burning, he wanted Duo so badly. It was another thing to abstain when Duo was injured, angry, tired, or not even present. This was the worst: having any reason not to fuck Duo when Duo was there and interested. Sometimes Heero waited because they were in too public a place, but usually it seemed his obsession with doing things right was the cause of his pain. That had to be a disorder.

Heero shook his head. Or maybe he was borderline masochist. Otherwise, he felt, though the urgency itself was negative, feeling the need and not surrendering yet felt an awful lot like victory. That was surely the reason he did it. Weighed against the awesome mental high that came with achieving set goals, the physical pleasure of finding something to rub his cock against did not seem that necessary.

The low sounds Duo was making really got him high. Heero was sure he could play with Duo for days; his lover just made every second so satisfying. Of course, if he was going to go for days, Heero would be sure to get off quite a few times. No one should discount orgasm; though waiting for it was OK.

Heero worked lube through the fingers of his left hand to warm the thin gel. Just to torture himself more, Heero put his hand to Duo's dick, rather than touch himself. It felt great. Heero had known that he liked this cock since the first time he had seen it bared. He felt like he wanted to have it in his mouth. Actually, he felt like he wanted to be fucked by Duo.

Enough holding out.

Heero picked up some cording from the items he had set aside. It seemed Duo had packed every bit of the sex and bondage paraphernalia from his apartment. Heero straightened, twisted and bound Duo's left ankle to a post at the foot of the bed.

"What...?" Duo asked.

Heero made no response until he had bound Duo's right leg as well. These cords were somewhat elastic, and so Heero would be able to position Duo, as he wanted him while still having Duo feel very much restrained.

"How are you going...?"

"Remember," Heero said as he looked down at Duo and put some lube onto himself, "I get to do this my way."


You will like it too, Duo-chan, Heero thought. It was just more fun for them both if Heero implied that Duo could be taken advantage of. Heero slipped his knees beneath Duo's hips. He put his right hand to Duo's side and pulled himself forward. Heero wanted Duo, yet he teased them both by letting the only tip of his cock touch Duo.

Heero closed is eyes and waited.

"Onegai. Onegai shimasu," Duo said quietly.

"What would you like?"

"You. I would like you to fuck me. Please." The nonverbal groan afterward said Duo did not understand how Heero could not be doing what he wanted already.

Not easily, Heero thought. He pushed. Duo wailed, though it was a gorgeous sound. Heero unwillingly made his own nonverbal cry. It was good; this was good.

Thank you! That was Heero thanking himself for surrendering to the need. Thank you, Heero told himself, this is perfect, thank you, let me do this and I promise to stay strong and fit and keep myself alive.

"Aaah! I hate this. I hate this! Fuck me!"

Heero smiled to himself. Duo's precise position within his bonds kept him nearly swimming in air. Heero's legs lifted Duo up off the bed and the elastic cording contracted as soon as Duo failed to resist, and pulled his limbs toward each bedpost. If Heero let him down, perhaps then Duo could find some pleasure for himself, but as it was, he was very much dependant on Heero.

Heero could gain traction by holding Duo's body. He had both hands freed then and reached for Duo's braid with his right hand. He wound the end of the braid around his hand once and tugged gently. Duo's head came up gasping. Heero rested his left hand on Duo's hip and made his first few experimental thrusts, testing the position and Duo's body.

Duo bent his knees further and tried to gain a footing on the bed, but it gained him nothing, except for the delightful sound of bells jingling from his ankle cuffs. Heero saw Duo give up after a minute. Duo kept his legs relaxed and Heero was able to shift them easily when it was necessary to control the angle of penetration.

He is mine, Heero thought. I love him; he is so mine. Now I give us both what we really need.

Heero did not need to see, so he closed his own eyes again. His thoughts were slow or raced wildly with the chemistry of arousal, and he gave up trying to calculate. The calculating part was done. Heero's body just knew how to do this and his responses to Duo's signals came without much thought.

Her knew he was going to go deep first. Slow and then faster, approaching from slightly different angles. Duo liked this and Heero certainly enjoyed it. When Heero could not stand to do it that way any longer, or when Duo begged, Heero was going to fuck him hard. It might be deep, or shallow, but that did not matter. What mattered was that Heero would make some subconscious effort to make the angle pleasurable and that there was force in his movements.

It was not really a plan, because there was no conscious calculation in this. It was more like the destiny Heero knew he was bound to meet. He knew it was going to be this way and it was. Knowing did not make it any less fantastic.

By the time Heero felt he really needed completion, Duo was practically begging. He had gone past screaming and shouting, struggling or being afraid. Duo breathed slowly and deeply and spoke to Heero in a soft low voice. "Do what you want, just hit me right there again. I promise never to complain about the ratio."

Heero opened his eyes, adjusted his grasp on Duo's braid, and then pounded into him. He knew Duo was calling his name, but Duo was not the one making the most noise. Heero could not help it. Part of him did not like the sounds, but his body had to vocalize.

If neighbors overheard, it would not be the same as if guards posted at an OZ base heard Heero coming.

And his body would not last long feeling this; he was going to come.

"You're my god. You're my god," Duo rasped.


The delicate ring of the bells became a constant shimmering sound.


He looked perfect, the way his mouth fell open and his throat was stretched. Not being able to see those indigo eyes was all part of the kink.

Heero's eyes rolled involuntarily. He lurched forward, his body caught up in orgasm.

Heero was just breathing, lying with his forehead pressed to Duo's spine, his hands on Duo's sides. He could feel Duo's irregular breaths. When the sound of his own blood pumping was not quite so audible, then Heero could tell Duo how pleased he was. For the moment, he slipped his hands around Duo's waist.

His fingers found Duo's dick hard, still wanting. Heero had no doubt that Duo felt satisfied. Sometimes, even when Heero stayed clear of his dick, the fucking triggered ejaculation. Sometimes it did not. The inherent goodness in receiving anal sex was not something Heero fully understood, though he wanted to. He knew about it, but he did not understand.

Duo moaned as Heero lightly stroked his dick. Maybe Duo was happy, but it still felt like a task was left undone to Heero.

Without a word, Heero rose and unfastened the cord from Duo's right ankle cuff. He slipped beneath Duo's body and took Duo's dick into his mouth.

"Oh, Heero," Duo whispered, "Heero. I love you."

Heero did not try anything fancy. He just sucked steadily.

"I want... I wish I could get my hand free."

Heero thought it would be nice if Duo could touch him, but the thought of it was almost as nice. Heero continued to work quietly.

Duo almost made a sound. Heero thought it was the quietest orgasm Duo had ever had. It was a beautiful almost sound. Heero lifted his head and licked his lips. He shut his eyes and listened. His blood was silent. Duo's thoughts said he wanted to touch Heero, to hold him. Bugs and Daffy were arguing in French.

"There is no spoon," Heero said quietly.


"Believe you can free your hands."

"But I..."

Heero opened his eyes. No need to quote Yoda. Duo was not going to do it himself this time. It had been worth a try. "Another time then. I will free you." Heero pulled himself up and untied each of Duo's cuffs from the bed.

Duo was still bound to the bed by his left leg. He reached for Heero and put his arms around his waist. Duo made a happy sound rather like a hum and then was silent again. Heero sat on the bed and looked down at Duo. He lifted the end of Duo's braid and brushed Duo's shoulder. You are right, Heero thought, words cannot touch that time. I am thankful too.

Heero lifted the braid to his face. Duo's hair smelled like cloves. He let the hair sweep his neck and glanced across the room to the television monitor that was still on. Bugs was within his rabbit hole being interviewed by remote and Daffy was there trying to steal camera time. Meanwhile Elmer had been insulted by something Bugs had said in the live interview and rushed from his living room to the entrance of Bug's hole with his rifle. Heero just knew Daffy was going to end up being shot.

"This dub is criminal."

Heero felt Duo's body shake before he heard the laughter. "At least the physical comedy does translate well from English to French."

"I wonder if I should look forward to a lack of cultural differences within the Sphere."

"It's nice when the different flavors remain to blend together."

"Spice is good."

"You're still My Wasabi," Duo murmured. His face was at Heero's hip and he had not bothered to remove the blindfold.

Heero sat still for a moment, and then he lay at Duo's side. He felt Duo's arms rearrange themselves easily. Duo's right arm fell across Heero's chest and his fingertips touched Heero's shoulder.

Heero reached across to Duo's blindfold and pushed the fabric into Duo's hair. Duo smiled. "That's how I thought you'd look."


Duo lifted his right hand and combed Heero's hair away from his forehead. "Sweaty afterglow," he sighed.

"Right. Same to you."

"I was already feeling it." Duo's fingertips settled on Heero's ear. "By the way.. thanks for that, Heero-sensei. Let me sleep a bit before you demand more of me?"

"Mm, if you wake first, feel free to wake me."

Duo agreed wordlessly and then pulled the blindfold back over his eyes.

"By the way, I love you, too."

Heero felt Duo's fingers gently squeeze his ear; a few moments later, his limbs became heavy with sleep.

It was the sound of the shower running that woke Heero. He turned his head and saw the narrow door on the far side of the bed was open and that the sound and steam came from there. Heero saw Koi lift his head from his curled position on one of the upholstered ottomans.

Heero had not really noticed the interior in detail, as he had been so focused on Duo before. It was somewhat like he expected. Highly carved wooden antique furniture was mixed with functional space saving modern pieces. There was more glass and metal than plastic or composites, which would have been found commonly in the Colonies. New and old furniture here was richly upholstered. It looked like an apartment a woman would live in, without seeming overly feminine. It seemed personal items had been hidden away, if there had ever been any left out.

The walls were separated into panels by various moldings and the doorways were fairly narrow and set with tall paired doors, so even if there had been restoration done, the flat appeared as it might have for many centuries.

Heero thought he might not mind living on Earth. He did love the Colonies, but knowing that the Colonies were safe and that no people were forced under another's rule, Heero felt no longer felt any need to remain with the Colonies. The Sphere had survived his wandering. The Sphere would survive whether he lived in Space or on Earth.

Heero would still want to visit friends he had made in the Colonies and do some business there, but he lived there now and managed to make trips to Earth. Heero looked back into the bathroom. Duo had all but asked. He had hinted strongly that he was going to move to Earth and that he wished for Heero to live with him.

Heero had been willing to share a household with Duo for some time already.

All that remained was for Duo to find a house that he believed they would both feel comfortable in.

Heero glanced to the matched set of blue velvet bondage gear lain out neatly on the bed and smiled. He slipped to the floor from his side of the bed and walked around to the bathroom.


"Yeah?" He looked through the slightly fogged glass wall of the shower, hands working through a pile of hair, and smiled.

"May I join you?" Heero saw that the bathroom looked more modern than the overall structure of the flat. Probably this room had taken over the space of an adjacent closet as well as an older bathroom. It was large enough for a separate bathtub and shower as well as a wide vanity, toilet and separate bidet. It would be nice to have a place with a large bathroom.

"Kinda almost done," Duo called. The shower was not airtight and his voice traveled over the top of the glass. "You can come in if you want. I'll warm the water up for you."

Heero opened the shower door and at once was hit by steam and water. "It is just hot enough."

"I'll have to remember that!" Duo stopped and read the display on the wall. The controls were disguised as antique knobs, but the workings and readout were digital. Duo turned again, his back toward the main spray of water. "I'm about all rinsed. Want me to go get your stuff?"

Heero must have been tired or just eager to see Duo again, to forget that he had not unpacked his own toiletries. He nodded. "When you see the box, do not look inside."

Duo grinned. "And I'll know what box you are talking about?"

"It will be obvious. Do not look inside it, Duo-chan."

Duo snapped a salute. He left the shower, wringing out his hair. He took a minute or so to wrap his hair and body in towels and then jogged from the bathroom. He returned two minutes later with Heero's mesh bag containing his bath supplies. Duo passed the bag around the edge of the door and then stood smiling at Heero through the glass.

Heero supposed if Duo looked incredibly sexy while dripping wet then Duo likely thought the same of him. Heero turned his back and went about washing. "I had a dream," he called to Duo."


"Not very. You were someone important, like a leader of a group of people or a nation and I lived in another country, or I might have been a sort of regent or ambassador of another group also under your rule. That or I was your ally and likewise a leader."

"I was President of the Sphere or something?"

"No. I think it was in much more ancient times. I remembered the dream when I woke up and saw Koi. I think Koi was there. You gave him too me."

"In your dream?" Duo called back as he was combing his hair.

"Yes. You had a wife." Heero paused in case that surprised Duo, but Duo said nothing, so he continued, "And you were sick, or you had a condition... there was reason for you to expect that you would die in a relatively short amount of time. And you told me that you were going to die. You were worried that all your work would be destroyed, that your kingdom was unstable and that without you all your work and all the improvements you had made would be forgotten. I knew that I could not help you very much. I could only try to lead my own group as best as I could and preserve our ways there. We decided that we would have to rely on your wife."


"Ultimately. We were not really wrong to trust her. I think, in this dream of course, you loved her very much and she probably loved you. The problem was that you had many strong political opponents in your own nation. They were looking for weakness in your reign already. They did not catch on when you made your wife co-ruler, but after that, it became common knowledge that you were ill and that she was really the one I charge. Your enemies began making threats against her. She opposed them for a long time, but you and I were not able to continue to help her. There had been Queens, but only in the best of times and if she continued to follow your teachings, then they would tear down your house completely. Ultimately, she became their spokesperson, thinking that even if they gave her a false power, she could still use that position to do some good."

"Ah, like Relena being Queen of the World?"

Heero thought about that. "I suppose it was like that. In the dream, she hoped to hold onto power long enough for another strong ally of ours to arrive in your land, so that she might marry him and make him king. If he had arrived, he would have been strong enough to hold power and oppose your enemies."

"And I was dead by then?"


"Were we lovers, you and I?"

"I do not think so, but we were very close. You were someone I thought brilliant and whom I respected very much. I mourned you."

"And what happened to my wife?"

"The ally she was to marry was assassinated, so the marriage never took place. Her rule passed to some younger relative, who was easily manipulated by your enemies. That is all I remember."

"You really have some strange dreams, you know?"


"Did I have children, in the dream?"

"Daughters I think. This was part of the problem. A male heir was preferred. If your Queen lost power, then rule would pass to in-laws or nephews or cousins, all of whom were less motivated to honor your philosophy than your immediate family and the people."

"So, the people loved me?"

"Yes, but the common people were always afraid of those in power. They could not afford to be loyal to you."

"Then, they were not very brave."

"No. It takes a lot for humans to oppose the strong and demand their rights in sufficient numbers to be heard."

"Guess we can't always have revolutions," Duo said.

Heero said nothing in response and finished rinsing off his body and hair.

"Should be some nice parades to see tomorrow. And we'll be busy with the interview Saturday. You want to go out and do anything tonight... or just stay in."

Heero stepped from the shower and took a towel as Duo handed it to him. The light overhead warmed and dried him while he stood in the middle of the room. "There is something I want to try. You know that."

Heero saw Duo's smile in the mirror. "Yeah. I guess that was what I was getting to. You were the one to say we should set the date. Did you mean tonight, or just sometime while we were in Paris?"

Duo's tone was fairly serious and Heero answered in the same tone. "My original plan was to get to it as soon as I saw you, but if one of us did not feel up to it for any reason, my back up plan was to bring up the subject tomorrow."

Duo looked at Heero over his shoulder. "I'd fuck you right now if you let me, but..."


"I've had a little practice reading desire in people, I think I know you pretty well... and I'd be willing to bet you want a little more than that. Or am I mistaken, Heero? You do not really need to wear a costume just to give me your consent, because we've set the date."

Heero had not even considered that. When they had discussed this in Hawaii, he had told Duo that he would wear the costume in Paris, but logically there was no need for the costume, unless Heero just wanted to wear it. It was also true Heero did want more than just a fuck. "There is more," Heero said quietly. "You did like it last time I wore a costume. I know you did like it a lot."

"Oh I did! I totally did!" Duo turned around. He looked about to say something. His mouth closed. Duo opened his mouth again. "Hold on," he said. He left the bathroom, only to walk as far as the bed. He lifted the violet scarf from the bed and tied it in his hair, at the nape of his neck. He flashed a grin as he walked back to the bathroom. "Very shojo manga, ne?"

Heero quirked a smile. "And either of us would know shojo manga because..."

Duo lifted his arms and put his hands behind his head. Heero had seen this gesture before. In Duo, it communicated nervousness or embarrassment. "I mean, I like the battles and mecha and all... but manga and anime for girls often has such tall pretty guys and dark romantic themes. Life's not all love or war, so I guess I sometimes I want to sit on the couch with a drink and watch pretty angst-ridden young men risk their lives for each other."

Heero shrugged. "I might have seen some promos. I just got the idea that those shows and books were overly romantic and sappy... and some of the boys look quite femme as if they are not boys at all. I suppose it never interested me to watch boys suffer over other boys who may as well be girls but for lack of breasts. The stories I would like have many different types of characters, strong women, weak men, strong men, weak women, good people, evil people."

"Not really amused by watching boys chased around by half a dozen love sick girls with the whole array of breast sizes then?"

Heero shook his head. "You changed the subject." He almost glared.

"No, no, what I was trying to get at is..." Duo cleared his throat. "Well... I would never think you one of those femmy boys. I'd be with you if you never even wore a skirt. But, it's because I think you so strong that it just blew my mind when you said you'd have to wear skirts to keep me interested! I mean, it's not true that you need to, but... then you didn't just wear a skirt, you wore the makeup and everything. Even shoes!" Duo sighed, his eyes swam toward the ceiling. "It was one of the kewlest things I have ever seen! It was so hot. I felt so giddy, like it was something no one else could ever see."

"No one else will see," Heero said flatly.

"I guess I was just wondering if you were going to do it again. Would you do it, even if you didn't want me to fuck you?"

Heero smiled and put his right hand to Duo's shoulder. "I liked that you played along, like I was someone else, and you were also."

"You did?"

"I liked when you suggested I be Lando. I thought I was going to hate that idea."

Duo snickered. "You were brilliant as Calrissian!"

"When I went to look for the costume I wanted to wear tonight, I bought more than one."


"Whatever happens, I know that I like that game, Duo. I want to play that game again, if you do."

"Yeah. I do want to play that game."

"So, I you are good, I will find other special occasions to play with you. If you have any ideas for roles, you can tell me."

"You said tonight!"

Heero grinned back at Duo. "I did. I said tonight."

"Oh! Go get dressed! I want you already!"

Heero put both his hands on Duo and held him by his shoulders. "Duo-chan, there is something else I want to try and I need you to help me."

Duo nodded and then kept his head low. "I think I suspected since I saw you on the Fourth. Go on Heero, tell me what you need. I'll do it."

"Duo, I know I want you. I know I want you fucking me, but I do not know any other way to go about it... Duo, I need you to be Dom."

Duo lifted his head. "I'll do it, if you agree to use safewords."

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