Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 69

"Is it really safe?" Heero asked. He was reasonably sure all the noises he heard were fireworks and not weapons discharge but even so, explosives were being set off within a space colony.

"No, but the danger isn't in causing death holes. The impact tolerance of the glass is way above those small rockets and other areas are reinforced by their layered construction. The danger is actually stray rockets crashing through windows and your general fire and explosives damage to people and property."

Heero drew his hand from the blinds and stepped clear of the window. "They do this all night? It sounds like the city is being bombed."

"You going to be OK with that?"

"Why wouldn't I be?" Heero asked harshly as he walked into the tiny second bedroom.

"Heero, no offense, you know what I am talking about."

Heero sighed. "I did not mean to sound angry. I just do not like that I have this problem."

"How bad is it actually?" Duo came into the little room and he closed the door all the way. That was unusual for him, but the gesture did make Heero feel safer.

They sat on the bed, next to each other, both leaning against the wall. "I do not know if it is PTSD or something to do with ZERO. The flashes did not start until during the time I was away, and you know, they are not just memories, it is like the things happen to me over again and I am back there, so when it happens, I am really not in touch with present reality. Before that, before I left, I had other problems then. Sometimes I just suddenly felt shaky and unsure of everything. I think that was related to ZERO, and it has faded as far as I know. I was also getting very paranoid. I believe I have that somewhat under control now, because I know it is there. Do you understand that?"

"That's what they tell you if you go to therapy: that you recognize the deviant thought process first and then learn to control yourself when you start to feel like that and change your behavior."

"Right. I did reading on psychiatric disorders. I still get these thoughts, and I have to assume that normal people do not think this way. Example: today I really thought the driver of that ice cream truck was going to shove children in his freezer, or that he could. Recently dishwasher broke and I had this terrible dread of calling for a repairer because was so sure that if I let the technician into my apartment he would plant a bomb inside my kitchen appliances. I do it a lot, Duo. Sometimes I am so sure that the bad things will happen that I take ridiculous and extreme precautions. I do not realize it at the time, only later, the most logical part of me starts to think: that was paranoia."

"Yeah, I knew, but not the exact degree."

"Lady Une knew. Before I left, she knew about the edginess and paranoia. Then after I left I found out that she put me on a disabled list. Duo, she put me on that list so that I could not be called in for duty, because she really believed I was mentally unfit to be a Preventer agent."

"Are you? Unfit?"


"But she took you off that list?"

"I asked her to. I found out by hacking their system. I tried to make it look like I was doing them a favor in my arrogant way and I wrote up a nice report telling them how to keep me out and gave it to Une. The truth is, there was a time when I was away that I was so paranoid she had people following me. I hacked Preventers because I wanted to see if they did have tails on me."

"Did you find they had?"

"No... but Une has a lot of contacts and she could have had others following me besides Preventers!"

"OK, that's paranoia."

"Right," Heero sighed.

"I am not really OK either."

"You take a herbal antidepressant daily because you have a neurotransmitter imbalance in your brain which affects your mood," Heero said plainly, "So long as you take it, you operate and react normally. There is no worry about you loosing it on the job. Your issues with command are a separate matter and I think more a problem with your commanding officers not understanding your true potential."

"Which you, of course, would understand."

Heero shrugged. "You should be piloting in a very small group in a defensive and preventative capacity but not in sole command of said group. Otherwise, they should promote you just high enough that they can include you in mission planning where your particular expertise with mobile suit technology, communications, and terrorist methodology would be of value. They should put you in the field only when they have need of small versatile units to flush out active threats to peace. You could do that. If they do not have that kind of work for you, then you are better off using that time at Maxwell Technologies. There I expect you would eventually come up with a mobile suit that is highly versatile and mobile and just small enough to be able to maneuver through urban environments without tearing up roads or buildings. That is what the Preventers need and should buy from you. Tinman is right for Mars, but not for our defense force. I would suggest a variable mode mobile suit."

"That's why they use Tauruses."

"You could do better."

"Well, that's really getting ahead of ourselves."

Heero said nothing.

"They ought to call you in to do mission planning type work."

"They will not be doing so. Une and I spoke about this already. She took me off her disabled list, because I asked her to; we have an understanding that she is not ever going to call me in unless everyone else has already been called and they really need me. If the information had gotten out, it would have just looked bad politically. She is still very political, which is good, as she's Director. We need her to deal with the other politicians so that we can do the work that is needed. Those politicians would not like it if everyone knew that Heero Yuy the young war hero was mentally ill as result of the war. People do need to believe that there are heroes somewhere, it helps them get through life."

"But, that is not the truth. People do like to have heroes and gods, but they do not need them. People control their own destiny and it is everyone's responsibility to work toward the best future. You said as much yourself today. We cannot baby the populace."


"So, do you care if people know? Screw the politicians, do you care if the world knows what the war did to you?"

"If they knew, I would never get work. People still have prejudices like that. My work is important to me because it helps people. I can do it, Duo. I am entirely fit for mission planning. I am analytical by nature and understand the industry of securing and unsecuring property and information. If people knew I had problems, they would only pity me and instead of a war hero, which I do not wish to be, I would be some kind of pet cause, like a poster child for the horrors of war. What I really want is for people to see me as a person, not some ideal or cause."

"I totally get that, but it might not be something you can have. I just thought that it might be OK to tell someone. What if war were to start again because people started to forget how horrible it was? I wonder sometimes if there won't be a war in a generation or so. Younger people may not remember what was so bad about fighting. But, I think, it is true that people today do not understand the full horror of war. It is not just pointless battle that is wrong, it's the starving children and the broken families and the economic turmoil and the enormous numbers of soldiers and civilians who are mentally and physically scarred for life!"

"I understand the horror."

"Heero... it is your truth to tell, but maybe if you tell it, then it will help a few people. Maybe it is OK to be that kind of war hero. Then, instead of all those people blindly worshiping you, saluting you, and fantasizing about you there will be people who understand that you are a real person who survived a war and you have pain, like they do. Lots of people do still have that pain. I have that pain."

"I understand what you are saying, Duo. It would be good if people understood the more horrible after effects of war, because it might prevent war from starting up again, while anyone so scarred by the war survives. It might help others with problems like me to know that I can love and hold a job and leave my house without weapons on some days."

Duo laughed softly. "Right."

"We will have an upcoming opportunity to let the world know many things about ourselves. I do not know what I will say to them. They will allow us to speak on topics we choose, but I understand there will also be many questions of their choosing. Honestly, I am starting to feel very nervous about the interview. I even had a lawyer look over the contracts they sent me."

"Did you sign yet?"

"I did sign. The lawyer said everything was as I had specified. I did not really want them to speak to us separately, but they gave me all the conditions I requested, so I gave them that."

"I read the papers, but I didn't sign yet."

"You will, though?"

"Sure, if you did. No point in just one of us agreeing to the interview. I'll sign, because I'm sorta looking forward to the photo shoot."

"It's not as if we will be scantly clad."

"No, but I just like the idea of being in a magazine. I wonder what they'll want us to wear."

"On the phone, the editor said that they would take many more pictures than they will use. They will provide some clothes to us for some shots, keeping with my request that we look professional and/or glamorous, and we can bring clothes, which the stylist will select from. Also, there will be candids taken during the interview."

"That means we have to bring all the clothes we want to wear to Paris."


"I'm gonna have so much luggage."

"Probably more on the way home."

Duo grinned; Heero saw it though they were not looking directly at each other. "I'm gonna try not to spend too much money."

"You made our arrangements?"

"Yep! We're all set. I'm sure you'll tell me if the flat is not perfectly secure, but I figured the sublet would be more reasonable in all areas than staying at some big hotel where we can easily be tracked. We'll just have to care for all our own needs, but John's a kewl guy and the apartment will be cleaned and straightened before we arrive. I'll have the keys."

"I trust your judgment, but it is not even John's apartment."

"No, it's his cousin's, but that's how networking works, Heero. You do favors for people and trust that they will do favors for you."

Heero pushed up from the bed and moved to the space between Duo's legs. He looked at Duo from the corners of his eyes. "What kind of favors did you do for John?"

Duo laughed nervously. "C'mon, I didn't even need to flirt. They all get that I'm with you now and think it really cute. I just generally turn him on to kewl stuff I come across. We are paying them, so no one has a motive to set some horrible trap for us."

Heero frowned. He did not want Duo to tease him about that. Heero glanced to Duo again and then pulled his shirt over his head. Duo also took his shirt off, because when Heero looked at him after freeing his head from his shirt Duo was already naked to the waist. "That was fast," Heero stated.

"Yeah, I can be fast." He flashed a grin. Heero felt Duo's hand against his ribs, just beneath his arm. Duo was saying that Heero could lean against him, and that had been Heero's plan in moving.

He lay back and rested his head in the crook of Duo's neck and left shoulder. Duo's arms wound about Heero's torso. He kissed Heero's face once light. "Take of your pants," Duo whispered.


Duo made a low chuckling laugh. "You're wearing shorts, right? Of course, we could mess around if you want, but I just wanted to feel your legs."

Heero shrugged his left shoulder. He was not opposed to this request, so he unzipped the fly of his jeans then leaned weight against Duo to wriggle out of the pants. Heero passed the jeans to his hand, using his foot, folded them neatly and then placed them on the bed.

"You see, this is nice?" Duo drew up his knees either side of Heero and then rubbed his legs against Heero's legs. In some places the fabric of the skirt was between them, but Heero could also feel Duo's skin. "Been a while since I could do this properly."

Heero reached for the edge of Duo's skirt and lifted it to reveal Duo's left shin. There was a scar there, slightly raised and somehow paler than the rest of his skin. Actually, Duo's left leg was paler then the skin that showed elsewhere on his body.

"Didn't think I could tan," Duo whispered.

"Hn. It is just a different shade of white."

"Can't really argue that."

"The bone broke through the skin." That was obvious. Heero touched the scar on Duo's leg.

"I think I'll name the scar Gibson. Then I'll be this old shivering guy and I'll say, 'Gibson tells me it's going to rain.'"

"Do you think people can do that? Feel meteorological phenomena in their bones?"

"I guess. People who live on Earth can just do stuff like that. It like... the way some Colonials just see astrometric mechanics. I mean, I'm Colonial, but my education was sporadic. Quatre though, he's very much what a Colonial is supposed to be. He can just see a moving object and know where it will be in a given time or where it has come from and I would have to do some math to figure it out. I would have to calculate fuel amounts and relative angels and distances of bodies on the x,y and z planes and Quatre would just know that if he caused en explosion at a particular point in space time the resulting force would accelerate his mobile suit directly toward the enemies he wished to confront. Not many people on Earth would even know just how to calculate that kind of stuff without several computers, but Quatre just acts. You know? Sandrock was powerful but it wasn't very mobile or fast, yet it did all right in space battles, because Quatre could strike one enemy in such a way that the destruction he caused sent him toward the next enemy."

"I had not really noticed. I was often not in position to observe Quatre I those battles, and you were often his wingman. I suppose it must be true. Even with the advantage of being weightless Sandrock was not as inherently mobile as many other mobile suits, even after its upgrade."

"Trowa doesn't want us to talk about him in our interview."

"Why? You spoke to him?"

"No. Quatre told me that was what Trowa said. I don't know why he would say it. It's not like my plan was to dish about Quatre and him all during the interview. I just don't get them."

"We are not involved. They are our friends, but we have to let them work out their own problems."

"I thought things were going well, but Quatre doesn't seem convinced."

"He had to move back to Earth. He came off reserves to do a job and, when it was done, he returned to his previous responsibilities. I think Quatre did the right thing. If Trowa is not sure what he wants, that is Trowa's problem to solve."

"It's just Quatre calls me and vents and I feel like I should know what to say to him."

"You cannot fix their problems. Duo, you know Quatre has a lot of guilt and at the same time has a rather rebellious nature. He is a really good person, but he is... well... artistic."

"So, you're saying that Quatre is not serious enough?"

"No. He is very serious. He is... temperamental. Sensitive. Maybe that is a better word. He is intelligent and talented but he also can be very passionate, perhaps too passionate. He is exuberant and that can be overwhelming for those who are less sure of their emotions or how to express them."

"Right, like Trowa. But you... you aren't overwhelmed by me."

"I may have been at some point. We learned the hard way how to talk things out."


"Maybe you were right to say they should have sex. Quatre is happier. I know that he is sure he wants Trowa, perhaps sure enough to settle down a little and make both Trowa and his family happy. I am just not sure about Trowa."

"But... uh... we know they're having pretty hot sex."

"You had that before you had me. It did not mean you loved those partners."

"Trowa loves Quatre. Why else would he act the way he does with him?"

"I believe Trowa does love Quatre, but you have to understand that..."


"He's hurt, the way you said many people were by the war. He's been hurt, emotionally."

"No kidding!"

"He needs time to understand that he is feeling things. He has emotions, he just cannot always recognize that he does have them."

"And Quatre knows what he's feeling better than he does."

"Yes. You see how that is intimidating? How it wounds the small pride he has in himself? We cannot say it is right or wrong; it just is that way. They are clearly drawn to each other, but they end up feeling hurt. I think they are hurt because they know the other feels pity toward them or resentment. They can go on having sex if they want, but it will not satisfy them. They are both much too passionate. They are the kind of people who want to be in love, even if it is not with just one person for a long time. They want the romance and drama and fierce gravity of love."

Duo laughed, almost giggled. "Maybe I should send them each a tin of vanilla hazelnut and suggest they share it with each other."

Flavored coffee. Heero smiled. "Maybe you should."

"I would have thought having sex would have led to all that."

"They did not talk."


"When we happened to catch them on video. There was no talking... at all."

"I guess I thought they'd just have some connection that went beyond speech."

"They do, but maybe they cannot control it when they are together. I do not know, Duo. It is not our responsibility to solve their problems. I am being a friend to them as best I know how."

"I just thought that we would be the ones with problems. You know, back then, I happened to be with the two of them often, when you were elsewhere. I was sure they would be together and doubted I would get to be with you in any way. Even when I imagined it with us, it was pretty dark."

"I know." Heero rubbed Duo's knee to reassure him. "Things are not always as they seem. It seems they are fucking each other just to relieve tension and we are hopelessly and sappily in love."

Duo laughed loudly. "Not that sappy!"

"My ear is right there, you do not have to be so loud!"

Duo nuzzled at Heero's head and then nipped at his ear. "This ear?"


"Want me to kiss it better?" Heero felt Duo's tongue flickering hotly over the rim of his ear.


"Master." His lips closed on Heero's earlobe. Duo's tongue pressed inside Heero's ear.

"You know everything that pleases me."

Duo's voice came in a deep, sexy whisper. "I live to please you."

"What if I want to be the one pleasing you?"

"You are a kind master. You like your pet happy. I am as happy doing this as when you are rewarding me by exploiting all my erogenous zones. If you want to do that exploiting now, just say so. I will happily comply."

"What if I say I need you to be more than a pet?"

Duo removed his lips from Heero's neck. "Be more specific, please," He whispered.

"What if I need you to be more like a guide for me, because I am not able to be in control? What happens then, Duo-chan?"

"Atashi no Sensei, if that happens, I will serve you just as faithfully as ever. I will guide you as best as I can until you are on more familiar ground."

"Would you be happy, Duo-chan, if you were guiding me?"

Duo hesitated a moment then whispered at Heero's ear again. "If I saw that you were pleased with my ability to lead you, then I would be very happy to continue doing it."

"And afterward you would be happy to have me lead you again?"

"Yes, very happy. I already know that you are a capable guide. You make me happy."

"Arigato, Duo-chan. I may ask to rely on you to guide me sometime soon. Do you understand?"


There were sirens wailing somewhere outside the building. Heero told himself to relax; it was not an alarm that signaled evacuation but a response to a fire or possibly a bust of a fireworks launch. Heero put his hands to Duo's knees and pulled himself forward. He turned then so that he knelt facing Duo. He saw Duo's eyes rise slowly to his face. Heero pushed his shorts past his hips and then lifted each knee to be free of his clothing. Duo's gaze fell and then rose again.

"Get out of the skirt," Heero told him. He kept his voice soft, yet it was obvious he gave a command.

Duo worked the skirt from his legs. He was no more or less inherently beautiful than he had been a moment before, but at that moment, Heero happened to really look at Duo and he was struck all over again by his beauty. Heero really adored the lithe Elven one. He almost regretted telling Duo to get out of the skirt; he really liked his Duo in those garments that seemed more appropriate for ancient warriors than for females of any kind.

Heero could do without the skirt or any ornamentation so long as Duo had some amount of hair he could smell and touch. Heero smiled as he extended a hand to touch Duo's braid. "Take it down." The braid was more practical than Heero had imagined before becoming Duo's lover. It was leash, flail and tickling feather all in one. It was pretty, too, but the hair felt better loose. It seemed silkier.

Duo agreed with a slight nod and then reached for the end of his braid to remove the elastic.

"You are gorgeous."

"Yeah, but so are you," Duo said quietly. He combed his fingers through his hair. It did look closer to blond since he had been to Hawaii. The highlights had been bleached in by the sun and were going to last.

Duo's hair looked good, Heero thought. It was not blond like Quatre's hair or even Relena's. There were simply many strands of gold blended with the usual warm brown tones of Duo's hair. "One of us might get focused on sex," Heero began.

"I'm pretty well focused on it now!" Duo said before Heero could finish what he was saying.

"That's fine. I was going to say, that would be perfectly acceptable, but what I would like is to feel something besides the rockets and sirens grating my mental well-being." Heero looked away from Duo, though he remained in physical contact by resting his right hand on Duo's shoulder. "If it is 'sex' and it ends very quickly, then I would still like if you could stay with me and do something comforting."


Heero looked at Duo again and saw him grin.

"No problem! I can make you forget all about the bombs bursting in air."

Heero smiled. He felt greatly relieved to have confessed his weakness and need and found Duo both understanding and accommodating. In these times, Heero was happy for Duo's otherwise annoying ability to make any conversation hentai and light of tone. He bowed his head so that his nose touched Duo's. "All night. Until they stop."

"Ninmu kanryo! It was entirely my plan to be alone with you all night!"

"Arigato, Duo-chan," Heero whispered. He was enjoying the sensation of rubbing Duo's nose with his.


"I love when you talk like that!"

"You really don't hate it?"

"I think it terribly cute!"

"This is me begging for a kiss." Heero lifted his head to see what this looked like. Duo was batting his lashes and pouting.

Heero laughed and smacked Duo's nose lightly. "When I want you to beg, you'll be screaming for it." Heero touched Duo's nose with his once more. "Now lay down on the pillow there. You are not the only one who wants to kiss."

"Don't got to lay down to kiss."

"No, but I would like to." Heero watched Duo comply. He stretched his arms and then lowered himself to the mattress, his knuckles falling softly against the wall above his pillow.

Duo sighed. "Mmmm, this is much more comfortable than that tree." He winked up at Heero.

Heero smirked. "We could work our way up to camping. Alone. In the woods. At night." He put a hand either side of Duo's chest to support his weight and then lay down alongside Duo.

"Take those out, OK?"

Heero felt his teeth. He tugged on the fangs and they slipped of. Heero set the pair on top of one of the many plastic crates and then returned his attention to Duo. Heero slipped his right hand over Duo's chest. He touched his fingers to Duo's ribs and pulled gently, so that Duo turned toward him.

"I want you," Duo whispered.

Heero closed his eyes. That was probably the best thing any man could hear from his lover. To hear Duo say it to him was... neobiknovenno. It was that good. He might even be tempted to say it was miraculous.

The only way to respond to that was with action. He had to show Duo how he felt. Unless... there was one thing Heero could say that would be appreciated as much as action.

Heero opened his eyes and looked at Duo, so close he could taste his breath. "I want you, too." He did not forget to act. Heero hooked his right foot around Duo's left leg, bringing it between his.

"Need," Duo rasped. He sucked at Heero's mouth hungrily.

It drew a gasp from Heero, quite literally. He closed his eyes again and, wanting to be closer still, worked his left arm beneath Duo's head so that he could feel Duo's hair in his hand.

"Aw... missed you!" Duo stopped talking long enough for another kiss, this one more tongue than lips. His arms snaked around Heero to his back. "Ya... been here for hours..." Duo sucked leisurely at Heero's lower lip, for all the haste evident in his grasping hands and rush of language. "Mmmm, I still feel like I have been missing you!"

Heero just felt very turned on. He had supposed, before Duo was so close and kissing him, that he was in a mood to go slow, but now, the way Duo's tongue felt twirling around his and the smell of him...

Woods mixed with designer vanilla spice scented PMTs, Heero supposed, but at the moment, that was working for him.

He wanted Duo! His dick was sliding along the inside of Heero's left thigh. Nine days, Heero thought. Nine days until I risk everything on this experiment and see if we can't switch things up completely. Duo's movements as he kissed Heero were causing his stomach to glide over Heero's cock.

It was not as if Heero was just lying there feeling it all. He was participating entirely. Still, it was so easy to lose the sensation of his hand on Duo's ass or the other in his hair...

Heero felt something sharp and thought for a moment that Duo had missed a weapon or pick when taking down his hair. It was a twig. Heero passed it from one hand to another, glanced toward the gray-brown object momentarily, then tossed it to the floor and returned his hands to Duo's body.

Not too soft, not too hard. Heero felt his lips curl into a smile against Duo's face.

All of it was so easily forgotten when Duo's undulating caused friction against his cock. Everything focused there. Heero still had a will to please Duo, but it too was focused with his own pleasure.

Heero heard himself grunt softly; it had been an involuntary sound.

Duo lifted his head and rolled his eyes toward the ceiling as if in thought. "I think that means, 'I missed you a lot, Duo-chan. Suck me. Now.'"

Heero stared at Duo's face for several silent seconds, until Duo returned his gaze. "Aa."

Duo smiled wide. He was well attuned to Heero's slight expressions. He could read Heero better than anyone else could.

Heero smiled back. If they stayed together, Heero might just become more generous in his expression.

Duo put his lips to Heero's right ear. "Wanna do it six-nine?"

Heero felt a kind of lightness in his chest. "Now I do!" He arched, grinding against Duo and closed his eyes for just a moment before he scried into Duo's face. "Nnnn, do you know how good that sounds when you say it?"

Duo was gazing right back at him. "Do you know how much you make me want to do it?"

"I do."

Duo's eyes seemed to widen and his mouth curved up on one side. There was a moment of near silence and Heero honestly could not decide whether he wanted Duo kissing him or sucking at his cock. "I do," Duo said earnestly.

One more kiss, Heero thought. "You are skilled with all things oral," Heero whispered just as he pressed Duo toward him with his hand at the back of Duo's head. Duo gave no answer but a slight moan and shallow laps of his tongue within Heero's mouth.

Duo broke the kiss. His nose rubbed Heero's nose once more and then Duo pushed himself up. He leaned over Heero on hands and knees to flick his tongue across Heero's left nipple. Heero shifted to lie on his back. Duo followed to nip at Heero's chest.

"Feels great."

Duo flashed a smile.

Heero reached for Duo's left hand and tried to lead it toward his cock, but he felt Duo's resistance and loosed his grip.

"I am not ignoring you." Duo sat on the bed then, in the process of swinging his legs around. Heero sat quickly and twisted at his waist so that his clavicle touched Duo's leftmost scapula.

Heero reached around and touched the palm of his hand to Duo's dick. "Only interested in the one position, Duo-chan?"

Duo turned his head slowly and looked at Heero over his shoulder. "Right now."

Heero smiled and quickly pressed his lips to Duo's freckled skin.

Duo grinned darkly, lids low over his eyes. "It should all be quality time. In a few hours, or in the morning..."

"Any time."

"Mmmm." Duo closed his eyes.

"All the time." Heero stroked Duo's dick with his left hand. "You are my lover. I want you all the time."

"Ya have me," Duo whispered, eyes closed.

"I want to keep you."

Duo opened his eyes and looked at Heero. "I want to taste you."

Heero turned and lowered himself back to the bed. "Sounds good. Lay down here. I will suck you off."

"Now that's good to hear: Heero Yuy offering to suck dick for me."

Heero shook his head sadly. He looked down across his body to see Duo's hand reach easily for his cock as Duo lay down. He felt it Duo's touch. "I will take that as a compliment, if you think me doing you a favor, but I do like to see that I can make you... perfectly happy." Heero shifted his gaze to his left side. Duo was arranging his legs to be more comfortable. Heero could see Duo dick, all tinged with blood and pointed away from him as it lay against Duo's stomach. I want him calling my name, Heero thought, but I do also like the feel and taste of that in my mouth.

Duo made an amused sound, "Hmmn. And you like taking it in your mouth."

Heero smirked, eyes tracking toward Duo's face again. "I am sure you feel the same." Heero reached his right hand across his chest to hold Duo's dick. "You can be on top. I would be OK with that." They had done this before; Duo was taller and it did work better if he was the one leaning over Heero.

"Yeah..." Duo mounted Heero, as it were, swinging his right leg over Heero's body. Dick and balls hung over Heero's face. "Oh yeah." Heero thought Duo could feel his breath. "You get comfortable there. I really want to join in."

Heero lifted his arms and touched his hands to Duo's ass. Heero moved the fingers of his left hand slowly along the crack, past the hole, and caressed Duo's balls. Duo was a responsive lover. He communicated how he felt with a long wet lap of his tongue to Heero's cock.

That only made Heero want to show Duo how good that had felt for him. So, he sucked the head of Duo's dick into his mouth as he teased Duo's asshole with the fingers of his right hand. Tasting Duo's flesh, feeling it, was satisfying and that made Heero want to show Duo that he was appreciated even more. That made Duo respond in similar fashion.

Duo showed Heero how he wanted and appreciated him with warm tongue, throat and lips. His rough, fingers penetrated Heero. His teeth grazed Heero's flesh; the inherent threat caused a thrill in him. Heero drew breath through his nose in a sharp hiss. His automatic response was to gently work Duo's balls in his left hand.

Giving Duo the position above mean that his lose hair brushed softly against Heero's bare skin with the slight rocking motion of his body. Heero drew his feet up toward his body and spread his legs, wanting to give Duo access. Duo took one hand from Heero's thigh to grasp his left foot. Heero knew that was going to quicken everything.

This feeling most definitely qualified as miraculously good, as I fit was in fact against all probability and physical laws to be so pleasured at one time. Duo had a way of defying probability. Heero did everything he knew to show Duo how much he appreciated this feeling. He made Duo feel as inhumanly pleasured as he was able.

Surely, this could not last long, Heero half-thought. His innate sense of time was failing him and the moment seemed to stretch. He was aware then of everything Duo felt, without seeking. Heero summoned consciousness thought enough to command himself to filter. Remember what Quatre said, he thought, filter it. Create a buffer and process only what you can handle, just as if you were seeking data in that limited amount.

Take what you want, appreciate the feelings that radiate from him, but do not be so lost to the moment that you frighten him again. Duo needs you. He needs you here, now, not floating beyond consciousness.

All Duo's movements went shallow and Heero could feel his body tensing up. Heero swallowed what came from Duo; it was practically reflex now. He felt everything that Duo felt. He knew he had brought Duo to it... and Duo was still expertly working Heero's body with hands and mouth. In that instant, the sensations amounted to more than Heero could stand.

Fusion of pleasure. Resultant Multi-megadeath explosion of orgasm. Radiant fallout of afterglow.

Heero turned his head, licking his lips and thought: Duo Maxwell, you are the bomb, but I'll self-detonate before I let you tell me what a poor joke that is. Heero laughed.

Duo was lying motionless with his right leg and arm curled around Heero's torso and his left cheek resting on Heero's thigh. Heero heard him sigh and then Duo rubbed his cheek against Heero's leg. "Man, I'm so wiped out," he whispered hoarsely.

Heero smiled and scratched lightly at Duo's left leg. He chuckled softly.

"Baby, you better not be laughing at me," Duo whispered, not sounding very threatening at all.

"Let's just say I am perfectly fine with the sounds coming from outside now."

Duo made a contented sound and then went still again.

Heero felt entirely at peace and allowed himself to fall asleep. Later he was aware of Duo speaking to him. Heero opened his eyes and looked up. Duo was leaning over him, the fingers of his left hand stroking the hollow below Heero's right cheekbone. Heero smiled.

"Want to go get a bath or something?" Duo asked.


"You look different when you're really asleep than when you just fall asleep on a plane or something."

Heero agreed with a single blink of both eyes. "I am mostly likely only half asleep those times."

"Especially after you've had sex. You look more peaceful. It think, it's really kinda beautiful to see you look like that."

Heero smiled again. "Thanks."

"Oh, no, thank you for letting me see."

"I always did trust you," Heero said seriously.

Duo grinned. He turned away, but Heero thought he was actually blushing. "Let's go get cleaned up."

"I will put on some clothes."

"Ya don't need to."

"Hilde's out there."

"So? She's seen me naked. I can't believe you care if she sees you. How many various locker rooms have you unconsciously driven us all mad in before?"

Heero thought about this. "That is just not the same as walking around naked when you are the guest in someone's house."

"I live here and I am telling you it's perfectly acceptable."

Heero narrowed his eyes as he sat and looked at Duo. "If Hilde whistles or claps or makes any sort of comment about it then I am taking it out on you."

"Fair. Fair," Duo agreed.

Heero stood. He turned, trying to look at his own body from all sides. "Is there anything... visible?" He asked Duo who was still seated on the edge of the bed.

Duo looked. "No." He continued to look.

"Look in the mirror."


"I am not even as... attractive as you are."

"Yeah... you are. You can't be so unconscious of it now. Heero! You have a look. You've got gorgeous coloring and your body is just so... tight! And... and your face is just... I mean, to say you have great bones is kinda understatement. You're flawless."

"Why do you want me to have to repeat myself? It is not as if I have image issues. I do not believe myself unattractive. I am aware of being fit and basically well proportioned. That does not change the fact that you are what everyone wants. They might ignore you in your own home colony, but everywhere else schoolgirls on trains and boys on the soccer fields are saying that Duo Maxwell was the cute one among the Gundam pilots."

Duo snorted annoyance. "I'd rather they were saying I had the best piloting skills."

Heero shook his head.

"I wouldn't think you one to fall for that fashion doll standard, Heero."

The fashion dolls today usually looked nothing like Duo. Maybe Duo was the one to be affected by modern Sphere-wide social standards that made it hard to understand how there had ever been a place or time when pallid European bloodlines had oppressed others or convinced any majority that blond hair was more desirable than any other or that particular skull shapes should be considered ugly. In their time the majority of Americans on Earth or in the Colonies tended to be shades above white.

Heero sighed. "Duo-chan, just tell me which of us has a better chance of doing runway in Milan, Paris, London or Berlin."

"Well, I would, but..."

"New York or Los Angeles?"


"My point."

"It's just because runway models have to be sorta cookie cutter and I'm tall enough. If you were just a little taller they'd take you in Paris or LA for sure! And you could do Tokyo now! You could do Hong Kong. Man, Paris might even take you now just because you are that fabulous and alter the clothes for the show!"

Heero growled. "Shut up, Duo!" Tactical mistake using a fashion analogy with Duo.

"Colonial designers too," Duo hissed before he went silent.

"This is such a stupid argument! I am certainly aware of being attractive to some people and I know that you are very attractive. There is no point in fighting about this. You are the one who actually calls me on being arrogant, so I do not see why you would have to call me on being modest as well!"

Duo said nothing.

Heero rolled his eyes. "You can talk now."

"You did not even let me tell you how beautiful you were! You just saw me looking and disagreed with me and ruined the moment!"

"It is true that a lot of people find you attractive. Duo, I have met people that mainly want to ask me about you."

"So? I meet people that ask me about you." He raised his brows to suggest that he had met more people.

"I think you are beautiful," Heero said calmly.

"Thanks. I think you are beautiful, too."


Duo stood up and then shrugged. "If you smiled more, then people would find you attractive in an attainable way," he said casually. He opened the door and then stepped into the bedroom.

"I smile," Heero said. Duo could probably here, but at this distance, it was easy for him to pretend he did not.

Duo had left Heero to pass through the living room on his own. Heero avoided looking at Hilde and walked quickly, still, as he got to the hall she whistled after him. Heero clenched his fists and continued to the bathroom.

Duo was leaning his left shoulder against the wall, with his back to Heero, and watching the water fill the tub. Koi was sitting near his feet. "Hey..." Duo said.

Heero listened and tried not to frown.

"I don't want us to get into any misunderstanding, Heero, so I'm just going to tell you this..."


"It probably doesn't make you feel very good if I can be so irritable about something so soon after we've made love, ya know?"


"I am sorry if I seemed that way, it's just, I was in a good mood, but I was also thinking that soon we'd be apart again and I guess it made me a bit edgy. So, I'm sorry if I got upset over nothing or if I made you get upset. Sometimes I just act without thinking."

"That is probably not a bad way to be."

"Maybe, but now I think of it, I probably didn't give you the kind of message I intended to. I just want to set things straight. We don't always have a lot of time together..."

Heero's body was relaxed. He was not upset at Duo or even about Hilde's whistle. He stepped up behind Duo and wrapped his arms around Duo's chest. "I smile the most for you."

Duo laughed softly. "Yeah, I appreciate that."

They got into the bath, Koi guarding them from the floor as he often did when Heero bathed alone. They helped each other wash and afterward dried each other. Heero even helped Duo comb his hair, though Duo braided it. It went faster when Duo braided it.

"You want to watch some TV? We don't need to dress. Hilde's probably gone by now."

"She did whistle."

Duo put his hands to the wall and lifted his ass. "You better punish me while the infraction is fresh in my memory."

"Not while you are asking for it like a pain slut."

Duo straightened. "Oh."

Heero smirked and slapped Duo's ass hard, just as he was expecting it not to happen. Duo winced at the strike. He turned to look at Heero over his shoulder and his eyes were screwed up.

"You were right about getting punishment while you still remember your mistake. I only said I would not do it while you were asking."

"That was kinda hard."


Duo lifted a towel from the rack. "You better wrap this around you just incase Hilde is around. I wouldn't want anyone else to get a free show."

"Same to you. It would be different if we were both enjoying putting on the exhibition."

"Yeah," Duo sighed. He wrapped another towel around his own waist.

"It was very exciting."

"Oh, yeah!"

"We will have to do it again some time."

Duo sighed then opened the door. Heero patted his leg and Koi followed them into the hall. Hilde had left and the door to the bedroom was partially closed. Heero followed Duo to sit on the couch. Duo reached behind for a fleece blanket and then spread it over them both.

Duo pulled his towel out from beneath the blanket, so Heero decided he would do the same. Duo smiled at him.

He turned his head toward the equipment across the room then. The black screen lit as the monitor was powered on and then the picture displayed as the attached video components came on. "You are getting good at that," Heero said.

"I practice," Duo admitted. He seemed to concentrate again and the channel changed.

Heero glanced to the screen. "Anime."

"There should be some good shows on. They delay the signal so we get the shows at the same time of day as you do."

There was more than one channel of 24/7 animation available, but this one happened to originate in S4. Heero looked at the images of characters in the opener. "So, do you know this show?"

"I've seen it. It's pretty good. Sort of a 'guys fighting and dueling with super powers and mecha' type thing. There is a magical girl, but her part is rather downplayed most of the time. And there is a sort of team behind the one guy, but the show's not about the team. It's mainly the relationship between these two guys I gather."

"Aa. More characters for Hilde to write about?"

Duo laughed. "Maybe. I can sorta buy Akairo and Blaec together, but not these two so much. Sometimes I think it is satisfying when they just stay friends or allies."

"Then they are not dueling with each other?"

"Oh, they are. They are also enemies most of the time. You know, until they end up with a common enemy. They really cannot stand the way each other operates."

Heero smiled. "I see." He leaned against Duo and watched the show. "His voice sounds familiar."

"Uh, yeah. He does Akairo as well, that actor."


"He has green hair."

"I noticed."

"He's incredibly graceful. I mean, watch if he gets into hand-to-hand combat. He does not waste a move. It is all perfect and graceful."

"Sounds like an admirable character."

"Yeah," Duo confessed. "They have kewl fight scenes."

"Why, in anime, does one's transformation often result in hair standing on end?"

Duo laughed. Heero could even feel him shaking. "I don't know. Some kind of energies around them lifting the hair?"

Heero laughed. "It's fun to draw?"

"Maybe. Looks good on some characters."


"It doesn't ever bother you to watch fighting in games or movies?"

"No. Fighting and weapons in general do not bother me. It is just certain combinations of things together."

"Sorry, I was just curious about that."

"It's OK. I actually like fighting and guns in movies. I think I liked them in general. I just did not like the killing part."

"Right. That's understandable. Didn't much like that aspect myself."

"It is normal, for men at least, to be somewhat excited by fighting. Maybe dueling does seem pointless to some people, but there is a reason behind it. People want to test themselves. It is exciting to find an opponent that is a match for you and to test your abilities and to find your limits or to improve. That does not always have to result in death. It is sporting, really."

"We'll definitely get along then. If we spend a lot of time together, I am going to be watching some anime that does involve a lot of battles and probably a few sports matches. Do you like soccer or baseball or basketball?"

"I like them. I have not followed closely, but I enjoy playing or watching."


"Never tried to play, but I saw a few games before."

"And you can sit through the occasional epic fantasy or romantic drama?"

"Even musicals. If you do not mind watching Science Fiction or a few educational or how-to programs."

"I guess education is a good thing. I can get used to it."

"Good." Heero looked to the screen again. "I like his eyes."


"That is probably my favorite eye color for people to have, except for your eye color, of course."

"Hey, I could get contacts and have that sort of red tea color, if it turns you on!"

"I could wear contacts and dye my hair green again."

Duo cackled gleefully.

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