Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 68

Heero climbed the steps slowly, Koi seeming to know the way better than he did, but then Koi had lived in this building for several months of his young life. Two children bounded down the stairs; Heero neatly pivoted out of their way to avoid a collision. "Stay to the right," Heero said quietly, but he knew they would not hear.

He reached the door to Duo and Hilde's apartment and knocked three times. Koi scratched at the door. Heero smiled down at him as the door opened. Hilde was there. Heero raised his head to look at her. The ring Duo had bought for her in Hawaii was hanging on a chain around her neck. She was starting to show. "Second trimester now. You look good."

"Thank you. Come on in."

"No," Heero said calmly. "Where is he?"

"Slacking on the couch. He does that every chance he gets."

"I do not imagine he gets many chances."

"That is true. You have been busy yourself. Your boyfriend is really getting edgy, especially since Midii has made it out here and you have not."

"I was taking business calls all that weekend so she could visit with you."

"Thanks for that."

Heero leaned over the threshold and saw Duo lying on the couch, looking back at him. "Come," Heero said.

Duo rose gracefully from the couch, scooped the loose length of his hair to his back and sauntered to the door without a cast or any sign of a limp. He moved Hilde aside with a knock of his hip then hung in the doorway with his hands on the frame above. He grinned at Heero. "You stupid fuckin' gaijin, you put your dog in gang colors."

Heero grinned back. "Explains a few things."

"Long time no see, Yuy." Still smiling.

"Twenty-four days." Heero smirked.

"Sure you don't want to come... in?"

"My what big eyes you have," Heero said.

"All the better to see you with."

Heero tipped his head and smiled. "Got a real picnic basket and everything."

Duo's eyes moved down Heero to his arm and he sighed. Those eyes rose again and Duo reached his right hand into the hall and took the red baseball cap from Heero's head. He put it right back on Heero, backward. "Looking sexy, Akairo." Duo winked. He lowered his hand to the windbreaker Heero was wearing. "Is this mine?" He asked, not sounding sure about the answer.

"Quatre said it might be."

"So, you've seen Quatre?"

"We had study dates. He found it at his house when he was packing some more things to move to Earth."

"I think it was mine, haven't seen it in years though." He smiled. "Looks good on you, kinda James Dean, ya know?"

"Not red though."

"Yeah, but the hat takes care of that." Duo raised his brows. "Sure you aren't coming in?"

"You will like my plan, Duo-chan."

Duo nodded. "OK. OK. So, where are we going?"

"The park." There was only one park in this colony.

"Are you insane?"

"I had someone do recon and did some research, we should be perfectly safe."

"Uh, sure, your funeral." Duo walked back into the apartment.

"Where are you going?" Heero called after him.

"Looks like he's going for his knives," Hilde said. She was still standing in the hall and had a better vantage point to view the interior.

Duo came back shortly carrying some socks and a pair of red cowboy boots. There was a knife sheath clipped inside each boot, complete with knife. When Duo had sat on the couch and pulled his boots on, he got up again and quickly braided his hair.

"Colony's running hot these days, might want to leave the jacket."

"Put your arms around me."


"Do it," Heero said patiently.

Duo flashed a grin then stepped out of the apartment and put his arms loosely around Heero's waist.

"A little tighter." Heero felt Duo press closer. "Feel that?"

"Yeah. Mmmm nice. I feel safe now. You sneak that through customs?"

"If I had, would I announce it to two Preventer agents?"

"What's it feel like?" Hilde asked. "I've seen his file. He has a few legal ones."

"It's legal," Heero said. He nipped at Duo's collarbone through the red t-shirt he was wearing.

"If you're not going to come into the flat, don't start before we get to the park," Duo groaned. Heero imagined he was rolling his eyes.

"All right." Heero disengaged himself from Duo. He swung his satchel into the hall within the flat and let it fall softly to the floor. Heero then took the bandana from Koi's neck and tucked it into the picnic basket. "Ready?" he asked Duo.


Heero looked to Hilde. "We will be back after our picnic."

"Have fun," she said.

Duo tipped his head to the stairs. Heero patted his leg for Koi to follow and then descended after Duo along the right side of the staircase. At the next landing, Duo paused and patted the weapon tucked into the back of Heero's jeans, through the windbreaker. "You might need this today."

"I doubt it," Heero said seriously as he continued down to the front door.

"Let's remember I'm a former terrorist. We like to attack on numerically significant days."

Heero smirked at the cheery tone. "Really?"

"Sure, Christmas, Anniversary of the Yuy Assassination, Independence Day stuff like that."


"Believe it or not, it was the paragraph of legislation that re-legalized mobile suit construction."

"I should have seen that."

"Not your job."

"Nice attitude."

"It was my job."

They came to the front door. Heero turned to Duo and spoke in a calm flat voice. "We are doing that thing. I think we need to have kinky sex to save our relationship."

"Hello! Why do you think I was trying to get you inside the flat?"

Heero smirked at Duo.

"I was mostly just being playful, too, FYI."

"I knew. You will like my plan." Heero pushed open the door and walked out onto the sidewalk. Across the street a crowd of children were crowded around a van that chimed music.

"Aw, I didn't know the ice cream truck was here! You want something?"

"Ice cream truck," Heero repeated softly. "Do they really just sell ice cream?"

Duo shrugged. "Mostly."

"They screen these drivers well before they hire them?"

"There's probably some effort put into it."

Could probably fit a child in its freezer, Heero thought, but he said, "That street would be the shortest way to go."

"Not the most pleasant walk, though. C'mon, let's go this way."

It was Duo's hometown, as it were, so Heero deferred to his judgment. They walked through the gray urban environment and talked about anything but how much they had missed being together. Heero approved of their mutual and silent agreement to focus on the fact that they were together now.

The Colony was running hot. Duo said the Colony planners attempted to provide seasons. In reality, this meant oppressively warm, almost stale air for some months followed by dank cold air the rest of the year. "Maybe that's exaggeration," Duo said, "we probably get a few good days each year."

They passed through commercial districts of taller buildings and somewhat wider streets and then came to one end of the park. There was an amphitheater and signs advertising a musical tribute that evening. Heero was not interested in the theater. He called up his mental map of the park and followed the paths toward his destination.

Heero understood Duo's trepidation. This colony was old and presently a bit over crowded. Wartime oppression had given way to refurbishment, retrofitting and rebuilding here, and the jobs had brought in new population. Many had been refugees from Earth or other Colonies who had lost their homes, but not their lives, to the war. That was no different than the recent history of many other Colonies. The predominantly American and very multicultural population had remained such, even with new influx of residents. The difference here was that the colony had economic problems.

The population was weighted toward the less affluent and without richer residents to put money back into the local economy everyone suffered. Wages and standard of living were fairly low for the colonies. The Colony imported more than it exported. They had determined local businessmen and unemployment was not a problem, but that might change if people did not begin to spend more. The problems, as in similar cities, had led to increase in crime, particularly theft and sales of stolen goods, but also some illegal drug trafficking.

The sad thing was, illegal drug dealing could help the economy. The products could be cooked cheaply and addicts kept on spending to buy it. Dealers and manufacturers profited. If they then turned around and spent their illegally gained monies locally, the economy might improve. The residents would have substance abuse issues, but the economy would improve.

Of course, the single large park within the Colony made a natural meeting place for the criminal element.

"Where are you going to do manufacturing?"

"We have to get the contract first," Duo said. He kept his eyes on their surroundings and did not even look at Heero.

"When you get it, where will you do the larger scale manufacturing?"

"Dunno. Maybe a lunar factory. Gravity conditions are better."

"Not really necessary unless you are making your own alloys and composites and that is better done in low-gravity areas within a Colony. Lunar leases and real estate are expensive."

Duo shrugged.

"You should do it here."

"I'm getting sick of this place. It's all going to Hell again and I can't let myself care about it, because if I do, I'll be the next Batman, Heero!" Duo stopped and looked at the structures above. "I'll throw away the rest of my life to keep this Colony safe. Do you know what happened to Bruce Wayne?"

Heero saw Duo looking at him, questioning, but Heero did not know those stories as well as Duo.

"Dick and Barbara and Selena all moved on. I mean, Barbara was married and Commissioner and Bruce was an elderly, bitter orphan in a cave using the new kid to continue his vendetta. He didn't let anyone stay around and he didn't express returning anyone's love, even if he felt it. Most of the city would have been happy to see him and his accomplices locked up in Arkham. I guess it sounds wonderfully selfless, but what about the people who had cared about him and... even Barbara thought he was pathetic. At least her way, she loved someone and she still worked to keep the city safe. But, I do that already, right? Preventer agent. There's only so much we can do here. What kind of life would that be? If I took on the responsibility again?"

"You have actually thought about it."

"I designed the mobile suit I was going to do it in," Duo whispered. Heero did not like the look in Duo's eyes right then. "I think it was right when I did it before. I took on certain responsibility. Protected the Colony even when they did not want me."

"Yes," Heero said softly.

"It is not right that I do it again. This is different."

"Also... we should have all learned that the right way is to not baby the populace by taking care of their problems for them, but to live by example and let people chose, even demand, what they want. If people here want a safer place to live, they must all work to make it so. If you took on fighting crime here, it would be pointless battle, because the people's hearts would not have changed."

"Right, which is why I'm about to just give up. I need to go to school, anyway. I found a school that is good and I am going, so I'll be on Earth, and I can't care what happens here."

"Yes, but is Hilde going to leave?"

"I don't know," Duo said.

"You know the problem is economic."

"Yeah, yeah, but it's not really my area of expertise."


"Let's keep moving," Duo said quickly.

Heero moved without question, calling Koi after him. After they had moved, Duo gave a nod and Heero spoke again. "You and your partners are local business. The best thing you can do is to use as many local suppliers as possible, to pay the highest wages that you can afford, and to hire local labor, as much as possible. A local manufacturing plant would make that possible. And, when you win the contract and sell mobile suits, it will mean outside revenues for this colony."

"Why do you say that? 'When I win.'"

"I just believe you will. I am as sure as I can be without having spied on the competition or swayed any judges."

"Don't even talk like that. I do not want to hear. Don't even talk about swaying judges to me."

"I did not do anything, really."

Duo sighed dramatically. "Man, I don't think I can take this pressure!"

Heero sighed as well. "I suppose your heartless construct may just stumble around in need of oil and be a complete failure."

"You're a heartless construct... no, I think you would have been more like the Scarecrow, because you doubted your own ability to make decisions for yourself. Wufei would have been the Lion. I guess that'd make Trowa the Tinman. Of course, I would be Dorothy, because I have the best hair and I can sing."

"No Quatre?"

"I guess we could make him Glenda." Duo laughed.

"Are you a good witch or a bad witch?" Heero asked in his best high-pitched Glenda voice, which was probably not a very convincing imitation.

Duo laughed anyway.

"Let me tell you, having the stuffing knocked out of you hurts like Hell!"

Duo wrinkled his nose. "Oooh, that was a bad one, Heero. You were trying too hard."

Heero shrugged.

"I'd skip, but it would probably turn on all the perverts hiding in the trees."

"This is a good place," Heero said.


Heero left the path and walked onto the yellow-green grass. "The kind of people that may or may not be here will not hurt us."

"Don't stray from the path!" Duo called.

Heero grinned to himself and reached into his pocket. He drew out a piece of tissue with two small, sharp dental crowns. Heero identified right from left and then discreetly pushed the coverings over his canines.

Heero stopped, licked the right fang to test that it was secure, and then turned to look at Duo over his shoulder. "Why? Are you afraid of wolves, Duo-chan?"

"Wolves?" He shook his head. "I'm not afraid of wolves."

"Well, you do not have to worry anyway," Heero told him, "I have got my hunting rifle." He winked at Duo then turned his head and surveyed the area more closely. They had walked nearly the entire length of the park to its other side and here is was all grass and trees, considerably more trees than elsewhere in the park. Not exactly woods, but coverage enough for all manner of clandestine activities that local children were warned away from the area. This meant of course that along with whoever else was inclined to enter, many teenagers dared to come here to drink or have sex.

Heero set his basket on the ground and stooped to remove the camp sheet. "What do you say we have ourselves a picnic?"

"Uh huh." Duo was standing nearby, looking confused.

Heero unfurled the sheet and spread it on the ground. It felt like fabric, but it was waterproof and folded down very thinly. Heero transferred the basket onto the sheet. He did not think taking off his shoes was a good idea here, so Heero just checked the bottoms and then crawled onto the picnic sheet.

Duo looked at the arrangement skeptically, shrugged, and then sat down on the sheet. "So, what are we having?"

Heero nodded. He opened the other side of the basket and began removing items and checking his mental inventory. "Pine scented candle in holder and lighter, check." Heero put the candleholder down on the sheet and then reached into his jacket for the lighter. Soon the candle was producing a lovely imitation pine scent, to create the atmosphere of real woods.

"Crappy American beer, check." Heero glanced up and noted that Duo was studying his mouth whenever he spoke. "Rotisserie pigeon check." Heero removed the roasted bird in its plastic container. It was not really pigeon, that was just what locals called the colony-grown game hen that substituted for chicken in most recipes.

"Pigeon's my favorite," Duo said.

Heero smiled, baring fangs. "Red skin garlic mashed potatoes, check."

"Are you going to eat those."

"Most likely."

"Then I will know you are not a vampire."

"Definitely not a vampire." Heero took some bread wrapped in plastic from the basket. "Cornbread, check," he said softly. "I do not even bite," he told Duo.

"And if I ask nicely?"

"Of course, if you ask nicely, I bite." Heero removed the slices of watermelon from the basket. "Watermelon, check." Heero took out the plates and then some pre-moistened towelette. "Plates and PMTs, check."

"You forgot forks."

"No. I did not."


"We are going to eat all of these things with our fingers. That should not bother you. We are the only ones here and we already exchange bodily fluids on a regular basis."

"Not regular enough," Duo mumbled. He looked up, smiling. "OK, I'm game."

Heero grinned at him. "Yes, you are."

Duo's eyes widened slightly and he went still. That was just the reaction a hunter would expect from prey.

Heero removed his jacket, looking around as he did for signs of life. There was only Duo and Koi snuffing the air. "Let me know if you see Koi take off. The chase instinct is strong with my companion," Heero said casually as he pulled the gun from the back of his jeans. He was sitting cross-legged and put the weapon beneath his right knee.

"Is it actually?" Duo asked.

"Yes. It is with the Hound breeds. I taught him Come, but it is best to use the command before he gets too far into a chase. He does not get to be in nature often."

"He's not really an apartment dog, I suppose."

Heero opened the various food containers. "I take him out for runs. The important thing is that he gets exercise." Heero handed a PMT to Duo. "We can clean out hands before eating."

"That would be best," Duo said as they were wiping their hands.

Heero tore a strip of meat from the bird with his fingers and held it close to Duo's mouth. Duo looked at the meat for a moment before he quickly snatched it in his teeth and finally took it into his mouth.

Heero pulled another strip of muscle from the bird to feed himself.

Duo looked over the food spread between them. He lifted the container of mashed potatoes and, using the first two fingers of his left hand, removed a scoop. Hesitantly Duo offered the potatoes to Heero. Heero opened his mouth, then keeping his eyes on Duo, closed his lips over Duo's fingers. The potatoes were soft enough that there was no chewing necessary. Heero swallowed with Duo's fingers still in his mouth.

He was feeling the fangs, purposely running his fingers beneath them. Heero was not entirely certain how Duo felt about them. He had suspected Duo might like them.

"I want to kiss you."

"Let's eat some more first," Heero said. Maybe it was because nearly a month had gone by that Heero had such control. He had grown accustomed to not being able to kiss Duo. He knocked the cap from one bottle of beer and offered it to Duo.

Duo took the bottle. He pushed his tongue from his mouth and traced the opening of his beer bottle. Heero stared as Duo wriggled his tongue inside the bottle. Duo then wrapped his lips around the neck, threw his head back and drank. Several seconds later he was licking his lips and staring back at Heero.

Heero knew he could not stand to make his moves slowly anymore.

They fed each other and as they did it became less about eating and more about sucking on fingers and getting the other to moan with lust. Duo went as far as to put food into his own teeth or on his tongue and feed Heero from his mouth. The first time Heero found Duo leaning into his personal space and offering the food he took it.

He took it without a word and thought: I would kill anyone else that did this. Tsukiyomi was just lacking the right partner.

Within minutes they were awkwardly leaning across the food containers, faces smeared with barbeque sauce, crumbs and watermelon juice. Heero was the first one to lap the food from Duo's face, but then Duo did the same for him.

Finally, it had nothing to do with food and they were only leaning across the sheet to make out with each other. Heero was sure that Duo did like the fangs.

"Come home with me," Duo said.

"No, I have a better idea." Heero quickly packed up the remaining food, not as neatly as he could, but enough that it could all be put in the basket without spilling. He put his gun into his waistband again, picked up his jacket and his beer and then stood. He tipped his head toward the trees. "Come with me."

"No way," Duo said. It did not sound like refusal, but disbelief in Heero's suggestion.

"Do you think you will not be safe with me?" Heero asked. "I will escort you safely through the woods, I assure you."

Duo just stared up at Heero for a long while. He licked his fingers then snuffed the candle. He gave a nod then rose to his feet.

They walked into the trees together. Koi barked once then bounded after them, when he noticed they had moved. Heero scanned the area. He detected some sounds of movement from their right, but he could see no one there from his position. He led Duo away from that place. The litter on the thin grass was evidence of the range of activities that went on here. Heero had learned of this beforehand and was not surprised. He was sure they were safe.

Heero took a sip of beer and let the liquid swirl through his mouth before swallowing. He did not really like the taste of it, but he was sure that this particular taste and smell was important to Duo's holiday fantasy.

Heero quickly surveyed their immediate surroundings for danger and finding no obvious threats grabbed Duo's arm and maneuvered him against a tree. Heero stepped up to him before Duo had time to move away. He leaned in, rising to stand on tiptoe within his athletic shoes. Heero did not kiss Duo, exactly, he only let Duo scent his breath as he tasted Duo's lips with his tongue.

"Heero," he whispered. It was just his name, but that could mean so many things. This time, it was almost like a question.

Heero pulled the bottom of Duo's shirt up from his jeans. He touched the bottom of his bottle to Duo's stomach and saw him stifle a gasp. Duo's eyes fixed on Heero's. Heero licked his teeth then kissed Duo.

When they kissed, Heero knew exactly what mood Duo was in. He was not playful or angry right now. He was already surrendering.

Heero took another swig of beer then kissed Duo. He could feel Duo testing the fangs again with his lips and tongue. They were not sharper than Heero's own teeth, only sculpted to be longer and thus more noticeable.

"I missed you," Duo whispered, very quietly. "It was good having the pictures and the reports and seeing you on the phone all those times, but I still miss you so much! I need you. Touch me. Do what you want, just touch me... Heero."

Heero touched fingers to Duo's face. "Duo-chan, you do not have to be that desperate. I missed you too." Heero leaned back and tugged at Duo's shirt so that he knew to move away from the tree. Heero put his beer into Duo's right hand and then he put his jacket over Duo's shoulders. Heero pressed Duo against the tree again and looked at him quite seriously. "I will make you see fireworks."

Duo said nothing.

Heero leaned in again to kiss Duo, only this time he used his hands to open the fly of Duo's jeans.

"Careful," Duo murmured through the kiss.

Heero acknowledged with greater pressure against Duo's lips. Once he pulled the buttons open, Heero could feel that Duo wore nothing else beneath. Heero bowed his head; he wanted to see. "You think you were the only one who missed this?" Heero whispered. He had his hands on Duo's dick; it was just as hard, silky and blush colored as Heero liked to picture it when they were apart. "I missed this!" Heero pressed his forehead to Duo's chest and breathed in his scent. "I missed this."

He could have a bad day and call Duo and Duo would listen, or talk and cheer Heero up. Heero could talk to him on telephone through satellite relays over all the kilometers of space and absolutely know that they loved each other. He could bring himself to orgasm listening to Duo's rapid breaths through headset speakers, but Heero could not taste, smell, or touch Duo when they were apart.

This was part of love. Heero thought Karen's theories were correct. Sex could be casual of course, but sex could also be part of loving someone. When you did not have it, you could still be in love, but you could start to forget why that person was your match. Even if you were not capable of fucking, you needed some manner of affectionate touch.

"Uh... uh... Heero..."

Heero nodded, though he did not think Duo was looking directly at him. He knew what Duo needed. He shimmied down and touched his tongue to the head of Duo's dick. He closed his eyes at the taste; he thought the taste would be sensed more clearly if he did not look.

"Uh... careful." Because of the fangs, Heero thought. He opened his mouth wider and pushed his face toward Duo experimentally. He was fairly certain he would not hurt Duo, though he might end up cutting his own lip, or at least rubbing it sore.

There was another way to do this, Heero thought, and Duo would like it just as much as having Heero take him fully in the mouth. He slathered his tongue over the length of Duo's dick until it was slick with his saliva and then Heero curled his left hand around the shaft and tugged firmly.

"Yeah... Baby... need it... do me quick!"

"Ryokai." Heero continued the quick stroking and then worked the head with firm laps and twirls of his tongue and light touches of his lips.

"Fuck... uh... Heero... ah... God!"

Heero almost smiled. He really loved Duo calling out to him. He could feel Duo's fingers in his hair and the cool bottle against his neck.


"Stay still and I will not hurt you," Heero growled.

"I can't... God... I can't."

Heero brought his right arm up and barred his forearm across Duo's hips to keep him pinned against the tree trunk.

Duo came and Heero mostly caught it in his mouth. He flicked what had dripped onto his hand to the ground. Otherwise, a few tiny droplets had hit his shirt, but Heero did not think that would be very noticeable, as his shirt was white. He stood slowly and offered Duo his left hand.

Heero honestly did not mind swallowing and tasting, but licking the cum up afterward was not what he liked. Duo seemed more OK with it. Kissing Duo when either of them had the taste of it in their mouth was good, Heero thought. Heero pressed the length of his body against Duo and kissed him then. He touched Duo's face and hair with his hands.

"You gonna fuck me, Heero?"

"Aa... if that's what you want."

"Well, there's definitely sparks flying, but I want to really see stars."

Heero smiled. "How do you want it?"

"Wha... what do you mean?"

"You know. 'Not too hard' is not the only way you like it." Heero knew, the way his voice was weighted by his lust, it must have seemed he was growling.

Duo's eyes closed. "I never liked it that way with anyone else. You just did it that time and I didn't stop you." His eyes opened and he looked at Heero from the corners of his eyes. "I liked it."

"You wanted me to do it again."

"I did. Yes. I told you to do it."

"So, tell me, Duo-chan. I will not hurt my pet, but I warn you, I am feeling ravenous."

"Ravenous," Duo repeated. He swallowed hard. "Do it how you want then, I can take it either way."

Heero reached for the zipper of his own jeans. "You know I will not just order you to do it, if it's sex. If you want it another way, just suck me off now and I'll do it to you later. That is not a problem for you."

Duo rolled his head back against the trunk of the tree. "Fuck, just do it, Heero! I'm already flying, I don't care if you only last two strokes, I just wanna feel you! I need it! I missed it!"

Heero made a fist in Duo's hair and growled at his opposite ear. "I am going to fuck you, so listen. I want you to get out of your pants to do this, at least one leg. Keep the boots on. You hold my gun. You watch my back. I nail you to this tree like Christ. Understood?"


Heero decided he was going to use a condom for this. He reached into the pocket of the jacket Duo was wearing and retrieved the small packet with some lube he had put there. He felt the gun lift from his waistband. He pushed his jeans and shorts out of the way as Duo was demonstrating his flexibility by drawing his left leg out of his jeans and then stepping back into his boot.

Heero got the condom on quickly and then looked up at Duo. "Get your legs around me. I will not let you fall."

"I love you," Duo whispered. He gave Heero his right leg first.

Heero smiled. "Ore no okini'iri... suki da zo." Heero closed his eyes to work the mechanics of entry. He heard Duo speaking to him.

"Okini'iri ka."

"Ore no Sukina..." Heero groaned. He shut his eyes tightly. "My Pet," he said.

"Anata no okini'iri. Anata no." Duo panted his breaths.

Heero opened his eyes and hissed through his teeth. "Stop twitching."


"Fuck!" Heero whispered. He lifted Duo's left leg.

"Atashi wa anata wo ai shite imasu."

Heero blinked quickly, listening to the words Duo was saying. That is good to hear, he thought. Heero set his teeth lifted his eyes to Duo's face and snapped his hips in a powerful upward thrust.

Duo screamed wordlessly. Heero watched his eyes swim without focus. He could feel the hard ceramic surface of his gun against the side of his head and knew the barrel was not aimed at him. Heero saw Duo's eyes regain focus, the scanned the area behind Heero and that made Heero feel loved. If Duo had been hurt, he would not have watched Heero's back.

"Yes!" Duo's eyes squinted but he kept his watch with Heero staring at him all the while. "You fuck! Fuck! Nail me like Jesus! Nail me!"

He was. Heero was fucking him hard. He could not even tell Duo how good it felt. He could only growl and make desperate dry grunts. His whole body burned and sweat. His cock, his heart, his brain, every nerve and every blood vessel was glowing on the verge of explosion.

Duo had stopped speaking, but he was still breathing. Loud, hard breaths. His body was trembling as Heero's fingers dug into the flesh of his thighs. His face twisted and he bit at his lower lip.

It all melted away when Heero climaxed. It was all good. Heero was only half aware of letting Duo's legs slip from him and the pounding of Duo's heart within the cage of his chest.

The gun's safety was slipped off. Heero heard the slight sound just behind him and slowly moved to lift his head.

"Green," Duo said hoarsely.

Heero remained still and listened.

"They aren't coming this way. Everything's green. We're clear," Duo reported.

"Thank You," Heero said.

Duo chuckled; it made his chest shake. "No, thank you. I saw every color of fireworks."

Heero went about cleaning himself up and arranging his clothing. Duo did the same. "Do you want to go back to your place?" Heero asked finally.

"I think... it is not so bad here. We are the only lunatics we have to worry about."

Heero smiled. "Yes. Lunatics."

"We could lay on the blanket and rest a while, or play fetch with Koi. What do normal people do in parks?"

It sounded like a good idea, and so they did what normal people did in parks. Duo lay on the sheet and rested while Heero ran around with Koi and threw sticks for him to catch. Every so often Heero jogged back to the picnic site, threw himself at Duo, laughing, and told him how glad he was to be with him again.

After a couple hours had passed, they decided together to head back to Duo's flat. Heero held Duo's hand as they walked, carrying the basket on his other arm. Koi pranced along at Heero's side.

Hilde was in the kitchen when they arrived. "She's been eating like a fiend," Duo stage whispered when he saw her looking into the refrigerator.

Hilde turned and glared at him.

Duo laughed. "Well, I'm going to go slip into something more comfortable! Do you need to get changed Heero?"

"Aa. It was hot out. I think I will just go to the bathroom and change me clothes, if that is alright."


Heero took his satchel from the floor and went into the bathroom. He got in a cool shower for just a few seconds, long enough to rinse the most obvious scent and sweat from his skin. He put on clean shorts and shirt, but pulled on the same pair of jeans.

Heero took his things back to the living room. Hilde was sitting on the couch then, petting Koi, who was sitting on the floor at her feet. "There is a piece of watermelon and cornbread that we did not even touch, if you want them," Heero said.

"Watermelon? That sounds so good."

Heero smiled. He stooped to the basket and retrieved the wrapped piece of melon. He brought it to Hilde. "I will put the rest in the refrigerator. We did eat with out hands, so..."

"You got fangs made?"

Heero touched his lips. "I almost forgot I still had them in." He took the basket to the kitchen.

"They look nice," Hilde called after him. "I bet you would look so cute as a neko or kitsune!"

Heero froze still as he was unpacking the picnic basket. He knew the way some girls thought... but he was surprised she had said it aloud to him. Hilde should not be the one imagining Heero in costumes!

"Can't you tell he's an okami?" Duo asked her. Heero looked up through the pass through window and saw him walking from the bedroom.

"How can you tell without ears or a tail?"

"Because he was wearing a red hat and carrying a picnic basket."

"Wouldn't that make you the wolf."

"Uh... I think he's more like Little Red after the wolf got to her and now he's in the woods trying to lead others astray," Duo said. This was exactly Heero's intention, so he was glad Duo had understood.


"Like, you know, the wolf walked and talked and fit into her grandmother's clothing, so it wasn't like a natural wolf."

"Oh! A werewolf. He's playing at being a werewolf."

"Right," Duo sighed, "I guess I should have just said that, except he's also my sexy Akachan."

"You know 'akachan'?" Hilde asked.

"I know you do."

Heero came from the kitchen and Duo smiled at him. He was wearing one of his skirts and some old t-shirt. "I brought a movie we could watch. Maybe you saw it before, but I had not heard of it until Shizen told me about it. I put a download on disc."

"You want to watch a movie? What is it?"

Heero put the empty basket near his satchel and small pile of laundry. He opened his satchel and removed the disc. "It is called The Company of Wolves. It is very good. Hilde might like it."

Duo laughed softly. "I haven't seen it, though I think I may have heard about it once."

"It made me understand that faerietale about Little Red Riding Hood." Heero stood and presented the disc to Duo in its plain case. "Actually, it helped me understand all the kinds of stories in which girls of a similar age find themselves in a surreal or magical adventure."

"Everything's about sex," Duo said knowingly. "I like some magical girl stories better than others." Duo put the disc into the appropriate machine and powered on the monitor. Duo straightened and looked to Hilde. "Could we name the Spawn Hitome?"

"No, Duo," Hilde sighed, "We already decided. Helen Maxwell if it's a girl and Solo Maxwell if it's a boy. I get to pick the middle name either way."

"Solo for a boy?" Heero asked.

"Yeah, I threw it out there and Hilde actually liked it."

"It goes very well with Duo," Hilde said.

"Hilde was going to give him some weird pagany Gaelic name until I suggested that one." Duo rolled his eyes. It was the Gaelic he took offense to. Too much like naming your child after anime characters you liked.

They sat down to watch the movie. Heero had seen it recently, but he did not mind watching again. He was glad when Duo and Hilde said they liked it. It was more surreal and fantasy-themed than most movies Heero watched on his own.

When it was over they watched an old Christmas movie called Miracle of 34th street. It did not really have anything to do with wolves or July, but Heero suspected Duo just wanted Heero to be thinking about the Holiday List. When that was over the pops, bangs and screams began outside. Heero really thought there were gunshots until he remembered about the fireworks.

They sat on the couch for a while, listening, and watching the end of a horrible American movie in which two LA cops killed pretty much all the yakuza in Little Tokyo. It had just happened to be on TV when their video was over. It was bad, Heero thought, but it had both Duo and him laughing until they cried.

Hilde said she was going to watch Independence Day. Heero had seen it before and he wanted to watch, but Duo was really trying to convince him to go into the other room with him.

"You saw it before," Duo whispered to him. "I'll let you borrow the disc."

"It is not that late. I said I would stay the night. You could watch it with us."


He looked at Duo.

"Hilde is a really kewl person, but you are my boyfriend. I just want to be with you... alone."

"All right." Heero understood. Duo was not suggesting they do anything in particular; he really did just want time alone with Heero.

They went into the bedroom. Heero actually went first while Duo whispered something to Hilde. Heero was looking out the window when Duo stepped up behind him. The Colony's interior lights were not even at their nighttime levels but the sound of fireworks was already nearly constant.

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