Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 63

Heero hopped to the sand and lifted his board in one arm as he came to the shore. Betty gave a nod of approval and Koi danced from side to side over the wet sand. Heero turned and saw Quatre coming in. He rode the board right into the sand, several meters along the beach from where Heero stood.

Quatre grinned. He picked up his surfboard and joined them as Koi chased a wave as it traveled up and down the shore.

"You both did very well. I find it hard to believe you never surfed before," Betty said. "Especially you, Quatre. No boarding experience at all?"

"Afraid not. I wish I had. This is fun!"

Betty smiled. "I have to get to my next class. Maybe I will see you around?"

"I will check that 'net site you mentioned," Heero promised.

"I can take the boards..."

"Our friends are closer to the rental place, if that is where you are going. We can walk together."

Quatre started after Betty and Heero called to Koi. He was wet and now shook himself, spraying seawater from his fur. Heero smiled at the dog. They were going to both need a shower. Heero did not mind that. Koi was having a lot of fun on the beach.

They returned their rented surfboards and then oriented themselves on the beach in order to get an idea in which direction their would find the others. Quatre was wondering aloud about whether one could surf in the Indian Ocean when Heero spotted their umbrella and chair. Wufei was sitting in the shade rather than Duo. As they got closer, Heero saw that Duo was sitting with Trowa on a towel.

Heero and Quatre had only been gone a few hours, but Heero was sure Trowa did look darker already. Of course, he had actually worn oil rather than sunscreen. If he wanted to risk getting skin cancer and going to doctors for treatment, that was his business.

Duo was sitting behind Trowa, weaving slender braids tightly against Trowa's scalp. He smiled at Heero. "How was the surfing?"

"It was really kewl!" Quatre said.

"It was fun," Heero said, "but it involved a lot of jargon... things being tubular and glassy and so on."

Duo laughed. "Yeah."

Heero knelt on his towel. Koi stood in front of him and Heero pet his damp fur. "Did you pack Koi's things?"

"I have a bag for him," Trowa said, "It's in our room, over at Ali'i tower."

"Heero!" Duo said, "Since we talked about it before, I knew it would be OK if I decided for you. We're going over to Howard's later. He's having a luau tonight and we can hang out on his beach tomorrow, as long as we want, before coming back here."

"That sounds good. I will want to get a shower with Koi before we go."

"Yeah, dog in seawater is not the best smell," Duo agreed. "We thought, if you two didn't feel too gross and wet, we'd stop at the café in a little while. Then we'll all have time to get changed before meeting the plane."

Heero nodded understanding. It was well into afternoon, but the strength of the sun's rays and the day's warmth were at their peak. Heero combed fingers through his hair and then stretched out his legs and leaned back on his arms to dry.

Duo finished with Trowa's hair, but he hardly looked like Trowa. He looked like someone that should be found at a tropical beach resort, but not like Heero expected his friend to look. Quatre knelt in front of Trowa and touched the braids. "Looks good."

Duo and Trowa both said, "Thanks!"

Duo laughed and crawled over onto Heero's towel. "You look sexy when you're wet," he said.

"Take a picture; it will last longer."

"Oh! I do have the camera in the bag!" Duo laughed to himself as he went to fetch the camera. "I need some photos of Quatre and Trowa looking like that."

"Oh, please, Duo," Quatre asked. He did not seem to want his picture taken.

"I'll strike a pose for you, Duo," Trowa said.

"You will?"

"When we're on a private beach."

Duo shrugged "Fair." He captured a quick snapshot of Heero instead.

"Café?" Wufei asked.

"Sure." Duo shrugged. "Everyone OK with that?"

"I am a little hungry," Quatre said.

As it was agreed, they packed up their things and headed for the bazaar where the café was located. They found a table first, then Duo and Quatre went to get everyone's orders.

Wufei was trying a flavored Cola and sharing bagel chips and hummus with Quatre. Trowa had opted for a coffee drink and a chocolate ice cream cone. Duo and Heero were having smoothies again, with lots of energizing additives.

Duo captured some candid photos of them as they ate. They talked briefly about Wufei's work and about Trowa's job. Duo told the others some of the things he and Heero had been doing on their vacation.

Heero and Duo walked to the suite where the other three were staying, to collect Koi's luggage. The hotel and their suite were more luxurious than the room Heero and Duo were staying in. Each bedroom was larger and they had a sitting room as well. The bathroom had more features and the refrigerator had more things inside.

Wufei excused himself to go to his own room. He, Quatre and Trowa had come to the beach as soon as they had checked in and changed their clothes, and Wufei wanted to pack for the day trip and take a nap before they left.

Trowa brought Heero a shopping bag with Koi's food and other accessories. Heero checked it over.

"I'll get a shower now, if that's all right, Quatre?" They were sharing a bathroom.

"Sure," Quatre said. He was rubbing his bruised eyelid.

Trowa left for their bathroom. Heero looked to Duo, to say they should leave.

"Why aren't you going into the shower with him?" Duo asked Quatre.

"With Trowa?"

"Yeah," Duo grinned, "You know."

Quatre shook his head. "What makes you think Trowa would want me to do that?"

"Some people do want to be alone to wash themselves, Duo," Heero said.

"He won't be doing anything too embarrassing if you hurry," Duo told Quatre, "Just make sure you get the sand out of everywhere before you do anything else." Duo winked, "And, Quatre, keep your eyes open when you're going down on him. We wouldn't want you to poke your other eye out!"

"I had my eyes open!" Quatre shouted defensively, pretty much admitting what had happened.

Duo laughed. "Quatre... would have thought you expert at zero g maneuvers."

Quatre glared at Duo. "You try giving up any kind of oral sex for a month and see how patient and careful you can be when the time's up!"

Heero snickered. It was pretty funny.

Quatre was shaking his head.

"Just ask if you can join him. I bet you he's thinking about you anyhow."

"Well, I will not bet..." Quatre said, but he did go into the bathroom.

Duo tried to follow, so he could listen at the door, but Heero took Duo by the wrist, as he called for Koi, and lead them both from the suite.

Duo said he would get a quick shower by himself, when they got to their room. He did not want to be in the shower with Koi.

Heero put out some water for Koi and a small amount of food, while they waited for Duo. Duo came out shortly, not having bothered to wash his hair. Heero took Koi into the shower and got them both clean.

Heero dressed then dried Koi and brushed his fur. Duo was half dressed and standing outside on their balcony. Actually, he was only wearing one of his flimsy costume kilts. Heero stepped up behind him, swept the braid aside and kissed Duo at the nape of his neck.

Duo said nothing. He did not move.

Heero pressed his lips to Duo's skin again, then stepped back slightly, his hands still on Duo's hips. "Your freckles are coming out," he said as he noticed them.

"Are you serious?" Duo asked, voice quiet but panicked in tone.

"Only on your shoulders. They are brighter than they were before."

"Guess I should have expected it," Duo whispered.

"You do not like them? I like your freckles. I think they look exotic." Heero kissed Duo's bony freckled right shoulder. "Your color is just as pretty as any other. I like you pale with spots."

Duo suddenly made a growling sound. It was a rather feline growl and very sexy, Heero thought.

Heero took his right hand from Duo's hip and reached forward to the rail. "How is my color?"

"Not dark, but darker than you were before." Heero could feel Duo's fingers on his arm, moving over the fine hairs on his skin more than actually putting weight on him. Heero almost shivered, he just felt his whole body go rigid instead. "It's a healthy color for you, Heero."

Heero had thought Duo being sulky, but Duo's attitude was definitely more sultry than anything else. He looked up into Duo's eyes as Duo turned. Duo had a somewhat amused expression on his face.

"You want to mess around, or something?" Duo asked. His lips grazed Heero's cheekbone.

Heero lifted his face and kissed Duo's lips. He could feel Duo smile.

"Ah, I could stop. I've been getting so much of you lately, so don't do it only because you think I want to. I just wanted to offer, in case..."

"Offer accepted," Heero whispered rapidly. He put his arms around Duo's shoulders and kissed him deeply.

Duo drew away, just enough to speak to him. "Come inside," he said and Heero moaned. "Come into the room with me."

Heero did not want to stop, but he did not have to, because he could walk backwards well enough. They made their way through the sliding doors and around the desk. When Heero felt the bed against his legs he let his weight fall back and drew Duo after him. The kisses continued and Heero groped at Duo's buttocks through the flimsy pleated fabric of his kilt.

"Oh, Heero, can we go slower?" Duo asked, almost breathlessly. He grinned at Heero. "Just a little? Unless... you really were set on a quickie?"

Heero sat, hands pressed to the mattress, trying to calm his breaths. "I-I did not have anything specific in mind. I just was enjoying the kissing very much."

"Yeah, me too." Duo smiled. "You want to sit on the corner of the bed there and take off your shirt for me?"

"You have something in mind," Heero said, accusingly, and yet amused.

"Options," Duo confessed, "I only have options in mind."

Heero decided he would play along. He scooted to the corner of the bed as Duo moved out of his way. He saw Duo bend over the side of the bed and reach beneath. He had a bag there, which he had sent to Hawaii with Howard and then hidden when Heero was doing their unpacking. That was how Duo had surprised him with the costume.

The kilt was slipping up onto Duo's back as he leaned over, but Heero made himself avert his eyes. Duo had asked to slow down, and if Heero wanted to go slowly, it was better he not stare at Duo's ass like that, just yet.

Instead, he looked at the blank television screen.

Duo sat up. He did not appear to have anything in his hands. The bag was probably made more accessible for later, though. "Let's see what is on TV," Duo suggested. He lifted the remote from the bed. Heero watched the channel guide as Duo scrolled through the menus and selected a program.

Heero was about to ask what Ivy League Escapades IV might be, when he saw.

"Ah, this is what I thought it was," Duo said happily as he sat down just behind Heero. Duo's breath fell hotly against the back of Heero's left ear.

It was a porn movie. A cute American college boy was undressing in his dorm room and talking, apparently to himself. "Man, Poly Sci really has me whipped..."

And then Heero saw that the now naked boy was not alone. Another cute American college boy was in the room with him, wearing only a pair of leather pants, and holding a whip. "I told you I'm the only one who can do that. Now, assume the position. I will make you feel all better."

The naked boy put his hands to a wall and spread his legs. The other boy then gave him lashes with the whip.

"This OK for you?" Duo whispered at Heero's ear.

Heero wanted to say it was, but his voice did not work, so he nodded. He was watching a porn movie featuring kinky American college boys, with Duo.

"Mmmm, good."

"Is it?" Heero rasped, "OK for you."

"Yeah, of course. I like guys, too."

The scene in the movie ended with ecstatic cries from the punished boy, but no sex. Instead, the video cut to another boy sitting at a desk with computer active, only the boy was moaning gorgeously and obviously pleasured by something. It then was shown that another boy was beneath the desk and sucking on his cock. The way his head bobbed up and down on the other boys large cock got to Heero. He felt completely aroused by it.

Then Duo reached around and twisted each of Heero's nipples viciously. Heero hissed a breath. "Too much?" Duo whispered.

Heero shook his head.

Duo pinched his nipples again, hard. "Some kinds of pain can be good, get you excited and all?"

"Do it again," Heero said as the boy in the chair was coming. He felt Duo's fingers twist his nipples again as the boy on the screen was licking cum from his lips.

"I needed that," said the boy in the chair, "Now you come work out these problems for Astrometrics..."

There was a loud sound in the background, like a door closing.

"Astrometrics has been giving me problems..." the boy was saying as he climbed off the floor.

"Transfer student," said the boy still in his chair as he was zipping his pants.

"Maybe he wants to join our study group."

"If he's from the Colonies, he'll be just the thing to help us with Astrometrics."

The transfer student was across the hall, putting away luggage and then getting undressed. Heero gasped softly. This actor was the same one who had played the fake Heero in the Preventer porn movies.

Duo got up from the bed. "Keep watching," he said. He then knelt in front of Heero and put his tongue to Heero's sore nipples.

"That feels so good," Heero told him. Still, he stared at the monitor.

The dorm room's door opened and the boy that had been sitting in the other room stood leaning in the doorway. "Hey," he said. "Transfer student?"

"From S4U."

"Mm." He gave the new student a once over.

"Who do you do around here for fun?"

"Are you hitting on me, or do you have trouble with English?" His smile said either way he was pleased.

"I am hitting on you," The transfer student said cockily as Duo nipped and then sucked at Heero's chest.

"Hitting, hm? What are you batting with?"

The transfer student stepped out of the shorts he had been wearing and revealed his erection. It was impressive, Heero though.

"You can keep watching the movie," Duo said as he moved away from Heero. He took some things from the bag near the bed, but Heero did not pay attention closer to what he was doing. He was following the porn movie.

"You could hit a home run with that. So, if you're at bat, I guess I'm catching."

"Aa, we should be on the same team," said the transfer student as he stepped up to the other boy and began to kiss him hotly as he pulled off his clothes.

Heero then noticed what Duo was doing. He had removed the kilt and stood with his back toward Heero. Then, legs spread, Duo had bent over, back straight and one hand braced on the cabinet surrounding the monitor. Duo reached beneath his body and inserted a finger into his ass. It was better than porn.

"Mmmm, Heero, it's OK if you keep watching the movie. I want you so hard and wet when I say I'm ready. Say you'll fuck me."

Heero could not say it right away. He could just make a sound like, "Uhnn."

Right above Duo the video showed the two boy's erections straining against each other. The legs and heads were cropped out, all Heero saw was muscular torsos, buttocks, and cocks rubbing against each other. Below, slightly to the right, Duo was preparing himself with two lubed fingers.

"I want..." Heero started. "I want to fuck you right now!"

"Wait," Duo called through a moan. "Just enjoy the shows. You do like to watch."

Heero had to admit he was a bit of a voyeur. This was all getting him really hot. Still, he wanted the watching to lead to action. He would like Duo's show better if he could see his face.

Then, the video showed the boys getting on the bed; the one boy's ass in the air and the other positioned behind. The video cut quickly to show in close-up the entry of the one's large, hard cock into the other's tight ass. Then, the video cut back again to show the boy's faces as the one entered the other. They showed desire and pleasure. They started calling out to each other immediately, saying how they wanted each other to go on and how good it felt.

Heero wanted to be fucking something. Duo putting on this show, and the sound of the boys...

Heero pulled off the rest of his clothes, and then, sitting down again, rubbed the palm of his hand over his cock.

Duo made a low moan. "Heero," he said, "Come if you need to, but you better recover in time to fuck me when I want it!"

Heero did not know just how long Duo would take, so in his mind, this meant he could not let himself climax before Duo was ready. He continued to touch himself, only he made his touch very light.

The boys on the screen were fucking, it was fast and hard, and they both seemed to like it a lot. When the transfer student was about to come he withdrew and both boys finished off with hands pumping their cocks and ejaculate arcing through the air in slow motion against the background of their blissful faces. Their orgasm seemed to go on forever.

Heero only took his eyes from them when he heard Duo make a particularly satisfied sound. Heero's eyes widened in surprise and he looked intently toward Duo, questioning what he saw. Duo had some manner of plastic dildo in his hand and was pushing it into himself. Besides being slick, veined and purple, it was huge. It did seem to be within human range, but it was more than Duo needed to be ready for Heero. It was more than he would need to be ready for most people.

Heero was not shamed by its size, rather, he found himself wanting to see if Duo could take it. Slowly, a centimeter at a time, it was going in. "Oooh," Duo said and then, "Yeah, yeah, aaah, yeah!"

A moment later Duo stopped and seemed to tremble. His breath hitched. But then, Duo made his breaths deep and slow and relaxed. He was able to take even more of the toy's length.

Heero looked up, noticing similar sounds from the movie. The video had gone back to the kinky pair of boys, but instead of a whip the domineering boy had a dildo. It was very similar to the one Duo had, but red in color and perhaps even larger. Or, it might have just seemed larger on this monitor.

The video cut to a close up of the toy being pushed deeply into the college boy. His moans sounded approving and grateful. The other boy began to move the toy in and out, and then, after a few passes, he did it faster. This brought even more gorgeous moans from his sub.

"Duo, I need..." Heero said.

"Soon. I'm not ready yet."

Heero looked and Duo was just beginning to draw the toy out. He had missed seeing how much of it Duo had taken already. Heero watched as Duo brought the toy all the way out and then pushed it all the way back in again. He went slowly, but he could take all of it. On the next pass he was able to move fractionally faster.

"You could." Duo swallowed then took a breath before finishing. "Get yourself lubed up for me."

Heero saw that Duo had the bag near his feet. Heero found some lube that he liked and sat on the corner of the bed again. As he was applying the lube he looked at the porn movie. The dom boy was removing his pants. His cock was exceptionally large. He probably had really needed to prepare his partner with that toy. Heero half wondered if it was real of some porn movie trick. He decided that he did not care. It was exciting to watch.

"Almost ready," Duo said. He was working that purple toy in and out with more ease now. "I really want you, Baby."

"I want you," Heero said automatically, but he was actually staring at the monitor. He did not know how the moviemakers had positioned their camera, but there was a close-up view of the domineering boy's large cock entering his sub and the point of view seemed that of the boy looking down at himself as he fucked the submissive boy. "Duo... you saw this movie."

"Yeah, but I didn't know it would be on until I turned on the TV."

"Improvised. Nice." Heero was staring at the point-of-view video, which showed the college boy's long thick cock penetrate the tight ass of the other boy. There was no question at all about which sex aroused Heero.

"Oh, now, now Heero!" Duo called. The toy he had held fell to the floor with a thud. "Fuck me. You can do it rough if you want."

Heero stood up. "Rough? Are you serious?"

"I know you are strong and could hurt me if you tried, but Heero... I know you won't try."

"Just a little harder than usual," Heero told himself, loud enough so that Duo also heard.

"You can keep watching the movie. You can watch while you do me."

At the moment they were still on that POV type shot. Now the dom boy was thrusting faster and harder.

Heero grasped Duo's hips and worked his cock into his ass. It was awkward at first, as Heero found the best stance and position on the floor from which to give both Duo and himself what they needed. Just several moments and then Heero was entirely sure of himself. There was nothing loose about Duo, there was still pressure all around Heero's cock, but it was easier to get depth right away, as Duo had already been entered in this position.

"Yes," Duo called to him, "Oh, God, fuck me!"

Heero kept on thrusting. Then, as he got as deep as he could, he pulled back on Duo's hips, and got that extra depth for as long as he held Duo and pressed his own weight forward. Duo seemed to like this a lot, so Heero released Duo as he withdrew and pulled on Duo's hips each time he thrust. It was not very rough, compared to things Heero had seen in porn movies, but it was probably what Duo wanted: to be pushed and pulled around a bit more.

In the movie, the two kinky boys were coming. Heero could hear them as he looked down and watched himself fucking Duo's ass.

Duo was crying out with approval again. "Aaah, yes, just take me! Yes!"

A little later Duo said he wanted to change position just a little. He asked Heero to step back when he did. Duo lowered his back below the 90-degree angle from his legs it had been and pushed off the armoire the video system was in, walking his hands down the wooden surface. Heero stepped backward with him.

Heero continued, pulling Duo close to him as he thrust and then relaxing his grip as he prepared to thrust into Duo again. After a few more thrusts Duo called to him again. "That did it for me. Oooh, Baby, anytime you wanna... come, do it! I am in heaven now!"

Heero did not know if he could speak, because seeing the position Duo was holding excited him, but he knew Duo liked to hear him. "You want to stay in Heaven a little longer?" Heero asked him, grasping for Duo's braid

Duo did not speak. He only moaned as Heero wound the braid around his hand, lifting Duo's head.

Truthfully, Heero was not going to last very long. It was only focus that had kept him in it this long. He could endure when he put his mind to it. The combination of mental and mechanical factors that caused Duo to orgasm when being fucked was difficult for Heero to predict, so he usually tried to wait until Duo said he was satisfied to really let himself go.

Heero could see that in the movie the second study partner had found his friend with the transfer student and now all three were kissing and preparing to fuck each other.




"Oh, God! Put your hand on me!"

Duo's impressive bent position made reaching him challenging. Heero loosed Duo's hips completely and managed to reach beneath him and rub one hand against Duo's dick while holding his braid in the other.

"Thank you! Yes! Aaah... I can feel... Uh, uuuh, uhnnnn... Heeroooo."

When Duo came, it made his body spasm, and his insides pressed on Heero's cock; and the increased friction as he thrust that one last time brought him to climax. His own body spasmed, he called out softly and then he pulled Duo toward him by his braid and collapsed against his back.

Heero felt really good.

"I'm going to Stanford," Duo said.


"Heero, I am going to Stanford. I was accepted and I'm going. That was where I went when we were in San Francisco. They have two semesters and a half semester each summer. I star classes in September. I already told Hilde and she thinks it is OK that I will have to move to Earth, even while she is pregnant and while our baby is young. I think that it is the right thing to do, because I can be a better sort of father later, if I've earned a University education and a degree. I can get hired to better jobs, if my own projects don't pan out. I can put what I learn into my own projects. I want you to approve, Heero, even though I've already decided. Do you approve of me?"

Heero blinked slowly, his eyelashes touching Duo's back. That was a lot to comprehend just after having sex. Heero was surprised Duo had gotten it all out. He must have rehearsed. This explained a lot. Duo had not flirted with that boy Todd; he had only been interested in where he was going to school. This was the secret Duo had been keeping. This was why Duo had persisted in asking Heero questions about where he wanted to live and whether he had settled down, during the cruise. Duo had known about this before he had met Heero in Sitka. His meeting in San Francisco had finalized things. He must have doubted whether Heero would be happy; though Duo was strong and would make the decision he felt was best for himself and his child, whether Heero approved or not.

"I think it is a great idea," Heero said.

"Oh, good. Can you manage it to the bed?"

Heero pushed himself up and moved awkwardly to the bed, where he fell onto his side and closed his eyes. He felt the mattress bounced as Duo fell beside him.

"You don't have to do anything, Heero. School is important to me, but somehow I am going to work out time to help Hilde. I've already been talking with Howard about working out ways for me to work while on Earth. I've figured out my finances. If you're with me, I'll make time to be with you, Heero."

"I will always be with you."

"Heero? But... I meant, with me."

Heero stared at Duo for a moment. "I never want to not be with you."

"What do you mean, exactly?" Duo asked seriously.

What did he mean? He wanted to be someone in Duo's life. He wanted Duo to be someone close, not just for a set number of days or until the end of a year. "I did not really think about it before I said it," Heero admitted, "But it is true, or rather, it has become true just now. I want to be with you and not just for a year. For all the days. I want to be with you for all the days, Duo."

Duo grinned at him. "Damn, you're romantic! Come here and kiss me!"

Heero smiled, and then he scooted across the bed until his lips could touch Duo's lips. He rolled to his back as Duo rolled over him. They kissed and they held each other. They could hear the porn stars grunting and calling out to each other.

When they parted, Heero looked up and saw Duo smiling down at him. "I really love the way you fucked me, but I also just luv ya, ya know?"

Heero smiled and nodded. "It was not really very rough."

"Hmmm, not too rough, I guess. Maybe next time I feel like asking for that you can try to be just a little more forceful, but until then, I'd appreciate 'the usual'."

"The usual works for me," Heero assured him, but he realized that he was not the only one who had a reservation regarding sex. Duo was not really as sure about not wanting to be fucked too hard as Heero had thought. There had been something Duo was not ready to ask for.

The porn boys were shouting.

"Fuck me!"

"Yeah! Take it!"


Heero pushed himself up jus enough to be able to see the screen. The study group boys were involved in a threesome. All of them were fucking or being fucked. It was interesting to watch, the way their bodies moved against each other all at once. It was hot.

"Hey," Duo said at Heero's side. "You know what this means?"


"I'll be your college boy toy."

"My what?"

"Mmmm, maybe they call it something else where you are from. I think with girls it's 'college mistress.' You know, the college aged girl an older professional guy is secretly dating or sleeping with. He uses her for kicks and she gets gifts and dinners and imagines he'll actually marry her."

"I would not actually use you," Heero said automatically, watching the movie.

"Yeah, but you let me be your li'l schoolboy, Daddy. Can't I be your college boyfriend?" He nipped at Heero's ear. "Can't I be your young, hot, well-hung college boy?"

Heero smirked. "What is my part again?"

"You get to be the older professional type that got over pinching high school boys on the train and got yourself a college boy. You like to suck big, hot, hard college boy dick and fuck young, hot, tight college boy ass. You can't show me to your real friends, because they'd be scandalized, but you like me enough and help me with homework occasionally, and you buy me presents of course. 'Cause I'm not a whore, just your college lover."


Duo laughed sexily. It was a low rolling sort of laugh. "Does that turn you on?"

Between the three porn actors shooting off in slow motion and Duo's fantasy Heero was hard again. It was a nice fantasy, but in reality, Heero was the same age as Duo and just as plagued by hormones. He could only pretend to be the cool older man that put up with Duo's libido. His sex drive was a turbo.

"Yes, Duo, but it is not necessary to fuck every time one of us feels aroused."

Duo laughed aloud. "That's what you told me this morning in the shower. C'mon. I'm in fuckslut mode. I want it again, now. I know you're up to it. Twice is no big deal for you. You haven't done it otherwise since yesterday evening."

"Do not beg," Heero told him. He kissed Duo's lips quickly.

"I will," Duo threatened. He slid a leg over Heero to straddle him. "You want me."

Heero gave him another quick kiss. "I always want you. Remember what happened that one night on the ship?"

Duo chuckled at the memory of having sex so much after leaving Juneau that in the end they had not even been able to come when they tried and had agreed to just stop and try to get some sleep. "Oh, C'mon, just let me feel it for a minute," Duo pleaded as he nudged Heero.

Heero closed his eyes and told himself not to give in. He was not mistaken here. "You like dick a lot for a boy who is only bisexual."

"Thought you didn't like labels," Duo teased, "Besides, you haven't really seen me fuck, Heero. You don't know what I like about girl parts."

Heero snickered. "Girl parts?" he repeated.

Duo sat back on Heero's thighs and it seemed he blushed. He cleared his throat and then said, "Hey, I like... pussy!" It was not very convincing.

Heero snickered again.

"OK, you try living with a nun and then being vulgar and disrespectful when speaking of women!"

"So, you are a gentleman, it's just sex with men that you have to make vulgar and dirty," Heero said flatly.

"Jesus! You knew I'd lived in a church! I was still wearing the shirt in memory. But it doesn't mean I can't sincerely make love to you, Heero!"

Heero smiled. "I know," he said, "but it is interesting to discover these issues you have."

Duo pouted.

Heero lifted a finger and ran it down the center of Duo's chest and stomach.

Duo closed his eyes and smiled. He made his expression blank and opened his eyes. "Don't try to seduce me out of an argument."

"We were not arguing," Heero stated calmly.

"Well! Anyway, I do like girls, Heero, but get over it, I'm with you by choice. And, I do like getting fucked by you, so just fuck me!"

Heero wanted to, but he had set his mind against it. He wanted to wait for later. He thought he had found a way to convince Duo that would be entertaining. "What about breasts?" Heero asked calmly. "Breasts are girl parts."

Duo made some wordless cry and then, "Heero!"

Heero waited.

Duo looked briefly at Heero's chest and then away. "Yeah, yeah, I'd say I like tits as much as the next guy, but you're here." He laughed. "Can't explain it though, if that's what you want. They're just fun to play with I guess."

"I know this one too."


"Educational programming. It is an evolutionary adaptation in human beings to encourage the front entry position in copulating. You notice, ape females do not have large round breasts. Male apes are visually attracted to their buttocks. Human female breasts are an adaptation that mimics the rear cleavage with a front cleavage, to attract males... though, I am not sure why evolution would favor the front facing position in particular."

Duo grinned and sucked in a breath. "Well, Heero, if you passed the ordinary levels in Sex Ed you must know what a clit is, disinterested in them as you are!"

"Clit?" Heero asked flatly. He did know, he was just usually disinterested.

"Clitoris, Heero! It's like this li'l magic button. A bundle of nerves like a tiny shrunken 'penis'," He grinned. The terminology was meant to be for Heero's benefit, "that serves no real function but to make sex pleasurable for women. Due to it's particular position within the body, entry from behind is much less pleasurable, so front entry is favored, otherwise we, males rather, would literally be beating women into submission in order to increase the species. So, you kinda need the breasts I guess, to insure that we have a species. I doubt we'd really last long beating our women. They're pretty crafty."

"The adaptation of upright stance and legs designed for walking necessitated evolution of breasts as the chance in stance shifted angle of the pelvis," Heero said softly.

Duo, though, was still distracted. Mission accomplished, Heero thought. "They're craftier than God, or else we've a Goddess, because women know they don't need a dick to be pleasured. They don't have to risk pregnancy or carry any jerk's offspring so long as humans have tongues. Man, you haven't heard a girl scream until she's found someone who knows what to do with their tongue. This is what makes threesomes and moresomes with girls so kewl! You just find one person willing to go down on her and she'll put so much love into sucking your dick or give you the kiss of your life or do pretty much whatever you want."

Heero was sure Duo had not even realized that he had left. He went into the bathroom and started the water for a bath.

"Heero! You crafty bastard!"

Heero smirked to himself. Crafty seemed to be quite a compliment.

When Heero was already in his bath Duo came to the bathroom. He did not enter, but leaned in the doorway. "Heero," he said much cooler than he had been before.


"Why didn't you?"

"Because, Duo, if Howard's house does turn out to be a very interesting or fun place, we may want to celebrate together. And if Howard's house turns out to be more what you expected, we may want to commiserate together. Before you met me in Sitka, we were lucky to have entire days together. I wanted to have sex with you all the time, and I think it was mutual. But, did we not learn why 'all the time' is a bad idea? I wanted to have something left. I wanted to have plenty of energy in reserve to deal with tonight's events."

"Why didn't you just say that?"

"I started to explain, but you did not take a hint. In fact, you teased."

"It was not teasing, if I intended to go through with it."

"You 'seduced'."


Heero spoke before Duo could continue. "It was not wrong; I just decided I wanted to resist that time."

Duo laughed quietly. "Um, I need to use the toilet. Would that be OK? Not really my fault they are in the same room." That was different. If Heero wanted to be alone in this sort of bathroom, he just told Duo to get out. And Duo's usual way of making his request known was to preface his statement with, "Think you'll be long?"

Heero was not really sure how to answer, especially as Duo's manner of asking had shifted. "It's OK," he said finally.

Duo walked into the room and sat down on the toilet. He folded his arms over his legs only really saw arms and legs below his waist. "You don't have to stare, though," Duo whispered.

"I..." Heero started but then he just closed the curtain over the shower enough to obstruct direct line of sight between them. He was thinking that there must be few times when one had to use a toilet in front of others. Sometimes, when one was sick or injured, but for the most part, only when one was a prisoner. Part of being made a prisoner was loosing the right to privacy.

Heero could think of only one time he had been a prisoner and kept with other prisoners, and Duo had been there. Heero tried to remember if any of them had used the toilet within that cell. He could not think of one example, but then, they had not been given very much food and water and unlike Duo and Wufei, Heero had been allowed out. The mobile suits pilots' locker rooms had much nicer facilities and Trowa had not supervised him that closely.

But what about Duo? He had been a prisoner more times than Heero. He probably had been forced to use a toilet where others might watch. And he had been so badly beaten at the time, it might have been actually been physically painful. He was smart enough to know he had to look for blood, as much as he didn't want to, and guarded enough not to want anyone to even notice he was hurt.

Wufei really was a good friend.

Heero just wondered why Duo had decided to be the sort of person who let his boyfriend see him on the toilet. Maybe he had not consciously decided. Duo sometimes subconsciously tested Heero. He did inexplicable things just to see what Heero's reaction would tell him. Sometimes, it was like there was someone else inside Duo's head watching out for him by keeping everyone suspect.

Heero did not think that was literally true, but Duo had the sort of life that would necessitate multiple subconscious defense mechanisms. Heero probably had some that he did not know about.

Heero laughed quietly. Allowing Heero to be in the same room right now was probably, on some weird subconscious level, meant to be Heero's reward for telling Duo there was no time limit on their relationship.

Some reward, Heero thought to himself. Then again, it was something you would never allow unless you did trust someone completely. The idea of Duo popping into the room when he was on the toilet was not a very desirable one. If they lived together, Heero was insisting on separate rooms for toilet and bath.

Heero heard the toilet flushing and blinked. He had been staring at the wall while in thought, he realized. Duo opened the curtain from the end near Heero's feet. "OK if I get in?"

Bathing together Heero had never had anything against. He simply nodded.

As Duo was stepping into the tub Heero caught his thoughts. He was doing that more recently, getting conscious thought as well as feelings without concentrating on it. 'Heero probably thinks me really sexy now,' Duo was thinking and somehow Heero sensed the words would sound sarcastic, 'but I think I'll be really grossed out if watching me shit turns him on.'

"I hardly noticed you open the curtain or anything, I had been... lost in thought, as the say."

Duo laughed. "I'm always waiting to hear drives whirring when you look like that. So, penny for your thoughts."

Heero smiled. Cents, they had, but only collectors still had anything like pennies. People who used cash these days dealt in full dollar amounts. Heero decided what he was going to have been thinking about. "Oh, I think this will be worth a bit more than that to you, Duo-chan."

"Man, you are always having naughty thoughts about me in the bath." Duo grinned and wildly rolled his eyes.

"I do not know if it is naughty by definition," Heero said, "I was thinking about what you said before. I was thinking that I have not seen you fuck, yet."

Duo tried not to smile very much, but all he accomplished was laughing rather gleefully. "Oh, really?"

"Yes," Heero lied. He did want to talk about this now, but it was not really what he had been thinking about. Heero thought this was preferable than talking to Duo about being in prisons. "I remembered that when neither of us had done it with each other we set a date."

Duo laughed, quite happily. "I knew you were going to do this!"

"The date was interrupted by terrorist activity, but we did plan things out. We only ended up changing the day we met each other and..."

"Uh huh."

"I want to set a date."

Duo was grinning. "Kewl! Pick whatever date you need to. Even if it's like, a month in the future, I don't care. I said I'd wait. Yeah, I think this'll work! I think we're getting pretty close right now!"

Heero nodded. "I am ready, Duo, but I am pretty sure we would both feel better if we know we have both agreed to a certain date, the way we did before."

Duo bit at his lower lip. "I think I know when you are going to say."

"On our next vacation together."

Duo nodded several times slowly, but he still smiled. "That's what I expected." He sighed dramatically. "Paris. Guess we are going through with Paris in July? The vacation a month deal?"

"Works for me. I was only against planning too many months in advance. So, if you agree..."

"I totally agree. I mean, you are sure? Your ass is mine once we're in Paris?"

Heero smiled. He was liking this idea more every second. "Well, you will want to make a good impression the first time, so, I think in the back of a taxi or on the metro is out of the question, no? You just focus on whether you want to bring anything with you that will impress me and wait for the signal."

"The signal?"

"Do not tell me you forgot the signal," Heero said, laughing. "As you must know, while you are planning out the rest, I shall be planning what to wear."

"What to wear!" Duo repeated giddily. He then closed his eyes and crossed his fingers, no doubt wishing for one costume in particular.

Heero smiled to himself. He had already thought of that costume on his own.

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