Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 62

Monday had been better than Saturday or Sunday. They had woken early, dressed in sunbathing gear and headed to the pool exclusive to their building. They had watched the sun come up and then stripped off their cover-ups, applied various sunscreens, and gone back to sleep in lounges near the pool.

At least three hours later they woke and went upstairs for the executive breakfast buffet, shower and bathroom break.

Then they had gone back down to the pool and lay out again, Duo finding a spot of shade beside a spot in sunlight. They had talked a lot to pass the time and practiced their special skills.

When it started to get very hot, they had put their clothes over their suits and left the pool to try different flavored smoothies and do some more shopping for gifts.

They had taken Hula lessons in the afternoon. Heero had actually learned the dance and perfected the intricate hand gestures. Duo had mainly watched and attempted to play a ukulele.

Later in the afternoon, they had returned to the pool to swim and had spent several hours in the water.

They had washed up and dressed in nice clothes for dinner at the Golden Dragon. Without planning, both had dressed in their corresponding Cheong-Leen designer shirts. The Chinese food was very good and the atmosphere was romantic, though, that was largely due to the company.

They had caught sunset from their room's balcony. Then Heero had lain in bed while Duo gave him a manicure and a pedicure. Duo had put dark metallic green polish on Heero's toe and fingernails. His 'greenery' Duo said, as Heero had taken his hair back to brown.

Duo had ordered strawberries and champagne while Heero's nails were drying. And then, claiming Heero's nails were not dry, Duo had fed him by hand. Heero had insisted that he could hold a glass without mussing his nails.

The entire day had been romantic and relaxing. Heero had enjoyed it, but he could tell that Duo had enjoyed himself more, possibly. Duo was not accustomed to luxury. And whether people he allowed to observe him on a less intimate basis would believe it or not, Duo was a romantic.

They got giddy and buzzed on champagne, ended up eating strawberry off each other's skin and then having sex.

Heero nearly let Duo go all the way. It seemed everything had been inside him but Duo's cock. Rather, it had been inside, but only in his mouth.

The sex had been as good as the rest of Monday; it was only afterward, when Duo fell asleep almost immediately, that Heero found himself being self-analytical and wondering about subconscious preconceptions or reservations he had regarding sex.

Heero had fallen asleep curled on his side and listening to Duo almost snore as he slept sprawled behind him. The positions they woke in most often had little resemblance to those they fell asleep in. Tuesday morning was no different. Heero woke lying on his stomach with Duo on top of him.

Heero's arms and legs were spread across half of the bed rather than defensively held close to his body as when he slept alone. Duo's chest was touching his back. Duo's right leg was between Heero's legs. His right hand was on Heero's knee, which was drawn up nearly level with his hip, Heero's right hand was holding the end of the leash attached to the collar Duo wore.

Heero mentally scolded himself for that. One of them might have been strangled in their sleep, because he had not put his pet's toys away.

Duo had enough weight on him that Heero could not move from the bed without disturbing him. When Heero tried to move, he only succeeded in pushing his ass toward Duo's dick. Heero pressed his hips toward the bed again, but then Heero thought that it would not hurt Duo if he just pressed against him. It would not be like rubbing or forcing penetration while his lover was asleep.

Heero pushed his hips from the bed again and wiggled slightly. He could feel Duo's dick go hard. Heero smiled to himself. He liked being able to witness or guide the transition even more than he liked to just find Duo ready for him. He liked Duo being ready a lot.

Another slight wiggle and the head of Duo's cock was pressed against his anus. Heero wanted it. He wished Duo would just do it one day.

Heero sighed to himself. No. That had to be wrong. He should not wish to be that out of control. He trusted Duo, but Heero supposed even if Heero could risk being out of control like that... it would likely damage Duo to assume that responsibility.

It had done no good to loose control to Epyon. Though he respected that they had sheltered and educated him, blindly following Adin and J had led him to the bad days when he had killed more people than he saved. Giving Duo control would not be life or death, but, it might lead to some other bad consequence. Duo would probably end up feeling guilt.

Heero just wished he knew why he was the way that he was. It was such a stupid thing to fear. Wasn't it? He was not even sure if it had more to do with pain or control or something beyond those things. He just could not make himself ask for it.

He was pretty sure he wanted to, on an intellectual level. So, it had to be something illogical.

Maybe if he just pushed, Duo would not be mad.

"Stop," Duo said. He did not sound particularly sleepy.

"Gomen," Heero whispered.

"You do not have to be sorry." Duo yawned. "This is just how I would want to wake up. You still need to back off, though. I know you are not a tease."

Heero pressed his hips toward the bed again. "I was not planning to tease you."

Duo sighed softly. "Let's trust my experience on this one. I know the difference between what one can get away with on a one-night-stand and what one can get away with when they wish their partner to remain their friend. I know how to tell if a friend is in it mentally and physically... and emotionally. I know when to just quit."

"I do not want you to quit."

"Heero, this is not being ready. This is being angry with yourself, because you think that you should be able to give me what you think I want, but can't. I am not the one who is upset. I totally love you, freaky hot sex included."

"You want to fuck me."

Duo laughed. His chest vibrated against Heero's back. "Baby, every guy who likes ass and a few kinky females would like to fuck you! That doesn't mean you should let them! There's no fuckin' rule that says you have to do every damn thing I want."

"I do want..."

Duo lowered his voice and spoke gently. "You really need to just relax about it. Stop worrying about it, Heero." He nipped at Heero's shoulder. "I fell asleep before I could tell you last night: I really liked what you did."

Heero smiled.

"I don't recall us doing exactly that before. It was a new variation. Was it OK? For you, I mean."

Well, except for the part when Duo fell asleep and he became contemplative. "Of course..."

"God! I thought I told you to smack me or something, if you noticed me being a needy bitch. Man, I don't believe I just asked if you liked it that way?"

"I really do not want to be the sort of man that smacks bitches," Heero stated flatly. "Your tone was not needy. It was more concerned. Yes, Duo, I was OK with taking you in my mouth that way."

Duo whispered at Heero's ear. "I could fuck your face every day of the week, twice on Sundays and never get sick of it."

Heero smiled.

"You get me so hot, the way you just stare at me. You took it all too. I wasn't sure I could get you to, in that position." He chuckled. "Wouldn't want to knock your tonsils out."

Heero snickered. "I have learned to suppress the gag reflex."

Duo slid over Heero's body and then looked down at Heero's face from above. He grinned.

"Again? Now?"

Duo laughed. He bowed his head and spoke at Heero's ear again. "I think you could use some mouthwash."

Heero loosed the leash and shoved Duo along one side of his chest, so that he sat up, giving Heero enough room to push himself up from the bed. "I just woke up..."

"Baby, I'm probably in the same situation. I was just being honest because I love you."

"If I was going to leave the room to see other people, then it would be appropriate for you to tell me." Heero swung his legs off the side of the bed, turning his back to Duo.

Duo crawled toward him and put his arms around Heero's waist. "C'mon, Baby. I'll kiss you right now if you want, but..."

Heero smiled. He knew Duo was right. "We need to take a shower before laying out today."

"You don't want to say 'good morning' to me first?" Duo asked, affecting a pathetic whine.

"I can say good morning to you in the shower."

Heero and Duo both left the bed and went about preparing to go to the beach. They had been sharing rooms long enough that the turns leaning over the sink, the signals that one wanted a slightly more private moment at the toilet, and the passing of soap or shampoo were all well practiced and done without exchange of words. They were efficient at sharing a washroom.

They packed knapsack and cooler with food, drinks and things to pass the time. Duo packed first while Heero checked messages. Then Heero checked Duo's work while Duo checked messages.

They kept a news channel on while they were still in the room, so they knew before leaving that they had been found.

They went to the beach anyway.

On their way to the beach it became clear to them that there would not be a problem with cameras and reporters crowding them. The resort was private property and the managers had evidently allowed only a hand-picked few into the resort to take photos and video, escorted by the Hawaiian Village's security officers.

It was good publicity for the resort to let it be known they were visiting, but bad for their reputation with other rich or famous guests, if they allowed any guests to be followed everywhere. The security officers kept the cameras away from the beach and pool areas, directing them instead to get footage of the towering hotel buildings or the landscaping Heero and Duo were reportedly enjoying.

"That's OK, they'll just go out into Free Waters and get us with telescopic lenses," Duo said sarcastically.

"If they can pick us out of the crowd," Heero said. He looked for a spot on the beach behind a large family with lots of chairs and umbrellas. He found site on the sand near a group of women with a lot of beach furniture, and putting the obstruction between them and the beach, but not getting too close to the other group.

"We'll probably have more of a problem with other guests actually looking for us on the beach," Duo said.

Heero refused to be depressed about it. He had been considering his general situation with the media for some time. "Just put your sunglasses on. No one will recognize you."

Duo laughed at the joke and they set up their things. Duo positioned his chair so that his hair could lay in sunshine while his pallid skin would be sheltered from the sun's radiation. Heero lay on his beach towel in the sun, close to Duo's chair. They got undressed, down to their sunbathing suits that is, and helped each other apply sunscreening.

Duo then sat in his chair and made himself busy doing something with his computer. He had gone online to find something, Heero suspected. Heero lay on his back and pretended to be asleep.

The morning passed rather uneventfully. As the hours passed the beach got more crowded. Now and then Heero would hear a whispered, "I think that is really them," or "I knew he was cute, but... damn!"

Heero really did not know which of them they meant. Sometimes Duo could make him feel like "Damn!" This was especially true when Heero recalled a memory from the past and then found himself looking at Duo now. He was definitely not a child anymore, not in any sense of the word.

Later Heero sat up to have something to drink. Duo was reading again and Heero thought he looked like an archive photo of some old time American movie star. He looked fairly glamorous in those squarely cut shorts and his black-framed sunglasses. Even the fact that he was reading a print copy of a book lent him a sort of romance or glamour. He still had the cast on his leg, but it did not detract from his beauty at all.

Heero thought Duo was to have the cast removed soon, but he had wanted to ask Duo about something else, so Heero did not mention the broken leg. That might only remind Duo of how and when it had broken.

Duo smiled, his eyes peering at Heero over the glasses.

Heero spoke then. "I have been thinking about the way the media is interested in us."

"Yeah?" Duo asked, still seeming to read.

"Would you consider giving an interview?"

Duo pushed the glasses into his hair. He did not really need them in the shade, though he needed them more than most in the sunlight. He blinked several times then steadied his gaze on Heero. "With whom?"

"I have not decided for sure, but I have an idea, and if I could arrange an interview under conditions that I would find suitable... would you do it with me? Would you want to tell people, Duo?"

"About us?"

Heero only nodded.

"The actual truth?"

"We can leave as many details out as we like," Heero suggested.

"I do not have a problem with people knowing, I am just wondering who we would trust to report the story."

"I have been considering that magazine."

Duo had to think, but only for a few seconds to know which Heero meant. "Homo?" he asked.

"They have well-written articles, and their editors expressed an interest in knowing how we were. Their pictures are not very trashy. They seem to respect how real men are."

"Real men that are attracted to other men," Duo said.

"Well, of course, but I meant, though they do often have very pretty models, they publish articles about real homosexual men with many occupations and lifestyles. If we could negotiate an acceptable deal, I think I might like to offer to do an interview with them. That way, we can tell people how things really are, and dispel the rumors that are false."

"They'll want pictures," Duo said casually. "As it's us, they'll want a photo spread."

Heero had considered this. "I would not mind some photos, but I to not wish to be scantly clad or objectified. Some photographers they use are better than others."

"Are you serious about this?"

Heero nodded.

"Then, if you find that they can give you what you want, I will go along with what you say on this."

"You will? Arigato, Duo."

Duo shrugged. "Pazhalusta," Duo said in that strange accent. Heero had not heard it in some time.

"We should buy some recent issues if we can find them. For research. To see what writers and photographers they use that we approve of."

Duo flipped his glasses back to his eyes and smiled wide. "Research is good."

"I am going to lay on my other side now," Heero announced. He saw Duo lift his watch from the knapsack. Heero thought it was around 11am local time. Heero stretched out on his towel again, putting his back to the sun. "Duo, is one of my cheeks lighter than the other?" He only saw Duo begin to move before he added, "My face, Duo. Is it uneven from turning my head?"

Duo lifted his glasses and squinted at Heero's face. "Not so I can tell. Just turn your head every once in a while if you're worried about it. I can always wake you."

"I was not really asleep."

Duo pushed his sunglasses back onto his eyes. "Good to know."

Heero laid his head between his arms and turned watch Duo put down his book and take the opera glasses from his knapsack. "Does no one catch you doing that?"

"I don't think they care."

"See anything interesting?"

"The Skins just beat the Skins at volleyball again."


Duo laughed. "At about three o'clock. Net, poolside of the beach. Neither team are wearing shirts."

"Are there girls?"

"No, just guys. You wanna look?"

Heero had already propped himself up and looked toward the location Duo described. He could see a volleyball net. He had noticed some the other day, in different locations, so he supposed they were rented, rather than permanent fixtures of the beach.

Six young men were volleying the ball over the net in turn, competing to cause the other team to let the ball touch the sand.

"I can see them," Heero told Duo.

Duo shrugged. He was watching them through the lenses in the opera glasses. "I wonder if they are college guys. They could be. I wonder if they are remarkably unaffected by the wars. That must be so nice. To only have to think about getting through school, getting buzzed and scoring as often as possible."

"Duo, you do much of that," Heero remarked dryly.

"Ah, but do they have anything else sitting in the back of their mind? I wonder. Do they? They must be so sweet, boys like that. Fun to party with."

Heero shook his head. "Duo, stop dreaming. You know your taste, even in college students, would run more toward brooding and intellectual. Dressed in black perhaps? Subtle signs of sexual kinks? You might find those boys there very boring."

Duo turned and aimed his glasses at Heero. "I could be attracted to more... athletic types."

"Duo, I am more than just a perfectly fit body."

Duo laughed. Heero had been half-joking. "Oh, yes, a lot more, that is why I love you." He smiled. And then leaned back in his chair. "Still, would it hurt you if I just thought about it? I mean, might be nice to have such an innocent boy crawl all over you."

Heero shrugged. "Having fantasies is normal. I will not be hurt if you glance at other people or find them attractive, or have fantasies."

"It's totally normal, but I'd feel better if you would just play along sometimes. You don't think them cute at all? You do mostly like guys."

Heero laughed softly. "You also mostly like guys, Duo. The difference is, although I can appreciate the aesthetic quality of the female human form, I do not wish to have sex with females... and you have had sex with them."

"What about males then?" Duo pressed.

"I do not understand your meaning," Heero said, but he did.

"You look."

Heero smirked to himself. "I did not always. I really did block all of that from my mind." Then Heero added quietly. "Twelve o'clock, near the water. Moving more toward 11."

Duo trained his glasses on the waves. "Those kids?"

"Look. They are not all that young."

"Oh, I see... well, don't those boys look healthy and fit."

Heero said nothing and smiled.

"Don't they just look like they've been drinking real milk spiked with vitamins all their lives? Mmmn, probably ate all sorts of fruits and vegetables too."

"Duo, stop. You look better. You are quite nicely filled out for someone who had such childhood misfortune. It must have been all the carrots I sent you."

"You are not going to take credit for that too!"

"It was my idea; I just did not remember until recently."

Duo huffed.

"I was surprised when you grew so much taller."

"Everyone was. Could just be genetics. I don't know who my parents were."

"I know." Heero lowered his head again, though his eyes were still aimed toward Duo. "I like how you look more than those tanned and sun-kissed boys."

Duo grinned. "I don't know whether I should be offended by your xenophilic fixation with me or not?"

"My xenophilia? Duo? I know your types."

"Hey! I like some White people very much!" Duo laughed.

"You like all kinds of people very much."

"Heero. You don't have to say it like that. I was never a complete slut!"

Heero laughed. Duo was acting as least twice as hurt as he really was. "Mm. Now it is up to me alone to deal with your sex drive."

Duo smiled. "Not like you have a problem. You want it more than me."

This had likely not always been true, but right now, it probably was. "You did not schedule many activities for later in the afternoon."

Duo laughed. "I figured we'd find something to do."

Heero closed his eyes, intent on picturing what they would do later, but as he closed his eyes sounds came into sharper focus. He heard a dog barking and thought of Koi. Heero hoped Trowa was taking care of him. Heero wished they could have brought Koi to Hawaii. Though, he did enjoy having time alone with Duo.

The sound became closer and then Heero could hear baying. It actually sounded like Koi to him.

Heero opened his eyes, curious to see what kind of dog it was. He had seen others on the beach. Duo was turned around in his chair, looking somewhere back toward the Village. He was smiling.

Heero looked over his shoulder just in time to see Koi bounding toward him. Heero pushed himself off the towel and turned around. He was sitting on his beach towel when Koi leapt into his arms and nearly knocked him to the ground. Heero laughed aloud as his dog licked his face.

He then saw the three that had approached behind the dog. So, all five of them were together again. Duo had invited them, that was clear.

Heero did not mind. He was happy to see them. He was especially happy to see Koi. He rubbed his dog's neck and smiled at the upright ears and dark wide-set eyes. Heero kissed Koi's snout quickly. "I missed you too, Koi. How are you? Has Trowa taken good care of you?"

Koi jumped and then ran around Heero in an excited circle. Heero looked up to greet Quatre, Trowa and Wufei. He was a little surprised they had convinced Wufei to join them, but if Duo had been the one to ask... Wufei and Duo were closer friends than they pretended in front of most people. There were things only they had shared during the war.

It was the same reason that Heero was not as close to Wufei. He had simply spent more time with the others, Trowa in particular. Trowa was already pulling off clothing. Heero found Quatre looking right at him and rather amused.

"Heero, are you actually wearing a bathing suit?"

Heero frowned slightly. "Duo suggested it. It is to prevent tan lines," he said quietly.

Quatre kept on smiling and looking toward Heero. He looked much the same, though he was now wearing small, mirrored sunglasses, khaki shorts and a plain white tee. Also, Heero noticed, his fingers were stained orange.

"Don't worry about it, Heero," Trowa said, "I already showed Wufei the suit Quatre bought for me, and he still won't have sex with me."

Heero actually winced, Trowa has said that so casually, but Duo and Wufei both laughed loudly. They must have gotten the joke. Heero thought he remembered Duo and Trowa playing a silly game with Wufei, pretending they really wanted to seduce him.

Heero saw Trowa's bathing suit, if it was meant to be worn in water, was almost as indecent as what Duo had picked out; the color was green rather than flesh toned. Trowa whipped a towel in the air and guided it into place beside Heero's beach towel.

"I got a new suit too," Quatre said, "But I will keep my shorts on until I go in the water." He pulled at the waistband of his shorts and Heero saw a bit of fabric that appeared black.

"Hey, let me see!" Duo called.

Quatre turned and tugged at his shorts so that Duo could see what he wore underneath.

"How are they cut?"

Quatre laughed. He opened his shorts, Heero could hear the zipper scratch. He could see nothing from behind but Duo obviously had a good look.

"Oh, those are cute, Kat, you don't want anyone to see?"

Quatre shook his head, but then as soon as he had zipped his shorts, he lifted his shirt for Duo to see. There must have been something shocking, because Duo nearly screamed and then pulled Quatre beneath the umbrella.

A moment later and Duo and Quatre were wrestling on the sand the other side of Duo's chair.

Heero tired to ignore them. Trowa was putting oil on his skin and somewhere, now behind Heero, Wufei was sitting on a towel and taking some items from a woven messenger-style bag.

"Duo, stop!" Quatre said forcefully.

"It's healed and everything! Why didn't you tell me before?"

"Quatre and I went and got piercings together," Trowa said calmly.

"Where did you get them?"

"A guy comes to the club."

"I meant..."

Trowa stuck out his tongue; there was a metal ball in the middle of it. Heero cold just make out the end of an attached rod going through his tongue. "And two there," Trowa added, with quick wave of one hand toward his chest.

"Duo has those," Heero said. "Does it hurt there, in the tongue? Why did you do it there?"

Trowa looked up to Heero and rolled his eyes.

Heero understood that Trowa was not going to explain, and so he guessed the answer might have to do with sex. He turned over again to tan his back, seeing that Koi had finally settled in a bit of shade near Duo's chair.

"Shit, Kat! Is your boyfriend beating you up?" Duo asked him loudly.

Heero looked under the umbrella. Quatre's glasses were off and he was covering his left eye with his hand. "It is nothing. I just bumped into something on the shuttle."

"In zero g? You bumped into something hard enough to do that in zero g?" Duo laughed at Quatre.

Quatre seemed embarrassed and was putting his glasses back on. "It's nothing, Duo, really, I was actually pulling on something, to get traction, and I pulled too hard."

Trowa made a groan at Heero's side. "Duo," he called. "Leave him alone. It's not like you don't leave bruises on your boyfriend." Heero felt Trowa's hand reach across his back and touch his neck.

There was silence for a moment and then Duo laughed loudly. He did not seem to be able to stop laughing.

"Stop, Duo!" Quatre told him, giving Duo a shove.

Duo managed to stop laughing, but then he and Quatre were whispering to each other. "God! You mean you didn't even do it yet?" Duo asked suddenly, rather, his volume increased again suddenly.

Quatre whispered something. Heero caught the word 'healed.'

"His tongue just healed fully."

Heero looked to Trowa who was lying on his back beside Heero. "And yours?"

"We had them done at the same time."

Heero noticed the orange stain on Trowa's nearest arm. The dark orange area formed a vine-like design against Trowa's slightly paler skin. "Did Quatre do that?"



"Yes. He learned it from his sisters, he said. There's some on my back and around there." Trowa lifted his other hand to point in the general area of his sunbathing suit.

"Aa. I did not look closely enough before to notice."

"Oi, Wufei!" Duo called.

"I know all about it, Maxwell. We have a suite, with separate rooms."

"I am so glad you all came!" Duo hugged Quatre, who presently was shirtless and leaning back against Duo's chest. "Heero, were you completely surprised?"

"Aa. I am pleased with the surprise."

"Duo says I can be your surfing partner, since his leg is broken and Trowa only wants to work on his tan," Quatre said.

Heero saw Duo's fingers moving beneath the waistband of Quatre's shorts. "Duo!" he called.

Duo froze, but said nothing. Only Quatre seemed to look at Heero, though the glasses made it more difficult to tell. For a moment, Heero stopped seeing Quatre and only noticed that a rich, shirtless and muscular blonde was sitting with his boyfriend, but then Heero remembered it was Quatre. They were just both more extroverted than Heero was, and more physically affectionate. The way Quatre leaned on Duo and touched his legs was only done in friendship.

The way Duo's fingers probed beneath Quatre's shorts was another matter.

"Duo," Heero called again.

"He's painted," Duo said, as if this explained everything.

"Yes. So is Trowa. I do not think Quatre did it for you to see."

Duo laughed and withdrew his hand. He flipped his glasses into his hair, craned his neck, and looked over Heero to Trowa. "Nice work, Kat."

"Thank you," Quatre said graciously. "Trowa," he said then, "Remember to tell me if you turn over. I will put the stencil on you."

"What is the stencil for?" Heero asked Trowa.

"Quatre wants to see if he can get a three color design on my back." Heero was not entirely sure he understood, and Trowa explained further. "I know that I tan much darker than this. If I lay out with the stencil on, the skin beneath will stay this color, while the rest darkens. Quatre says the henna will still show as well."

"Heero," Duo called.

Heero turned his head to look at Duo again. "Yes? Duo."

Duo grinned at him. "It's OK if Quatre comes back to our room tonight, right?"

Heero rolled his eyes. This seemed to amuse Quatre. Perhaps he was still unused to Heero expressing sarcasm in this manner.

"I do not need to hear that, Maxwell."

"You knew I was joking! Wufei?" Duo asked, worried that Wufei had believed him serious.

Wufei chuckled as he read a book; Heero could see the printing was in Chinese.

Duo sighed. "You know how I am committed. I have a ring and everything."

Wufei made a small laugh then looked up. "Yes, I have heard all about your graduation night, twice."

"Ah, ah... Prom night, Wufei. I spared you the details of Graduation night."

Just in case Duo was going to share now, Heero said, "Do not tell them."

This made Quatre laugh, but Heero did not think that Quatre actually knew...

But then, Trowa had known about the costume, because Heero had trusted him when he needed advice. Trowa would not have told Quatre, though they were close. But Quatre had ways of knowing things known by those close to him.

"They do not need any more details than they have," Heero said seriously.

Duo nodded to Heero, just as seriously, then he turned and whispered something to Quatre. Heero trusted Duo was not telling Quatre about that night, though he was probably telling Quatre something else they had done. It was not so bad, Heero thought. He had friends that knew many intimate details of his love life. He told them because he wanted advice or some level of approval. Duo likely needed the same thing.

"You did?" Quatre said quietly. He smiled wide.

Duo only nodded.

"I think that is so sweet. He likes that kind of stuff, doesn't he?" Quatre's eyes drifted back to Heero momentarily.

"A lot."

"How do you find things like that?" Quatre whispered. Heero knew that Quatre understood that between telepathy and range of hearing he could not discuss anything in proximity to Heero and Trowa that he did not want known to them. It went the same for them, if Quatre was near. Heero had to conclude that Quatre did not care if they heard.

"Well, lots of places. I gather Trowa might know."

"Why should I...?" Trowa began, but he stopped short; Trowa did know.

"That one is mine. You could borrow it."

Quatre whispered to Duo, and Heero could not actually hear, but he supposed Quatre was saying that he wanted Trowa to be the one in the Princess Leia costume. Heero did not really want Duo to share the costume, but it did belong to Duo, so he kept his opinion to himself.

"Can I kiss him?" Duo asked.

"Maxwell, even if your boyfriend and Quatre's approved, are you not aware that the media is stalking you at present?" Wufei asked.

"Oh. Yeah."

"And no, you cannot kiss Quatre," Heero said, "I understand that it might not even be so much as messing around to you, but you have had enough distractions this morning."

"Yeah. I guess all added together it might be upsetting."

"You didn't flirt right in front of him?" Quatre asked.

"I kinda blatantly ogled."

"Duo... I do not blame Heero at all. That was naughty..."

"Winner," Wufei warned.

Quatre sighed. "I am sorry, Wufei." He looked to Duo. "You know what a good friend Wufei is, but he said that as we were all going to be half-dressed, we had to be really mindful of our TMI agreement and stricter than usual with ourselves, which I find completely fair."

Duo laughed. "Well, since Quatre isn't allowed to even talk about punishing me for being naughty, I'll just have to punish myself, right, Wufei?"

Wufei chuckled. "Hand me the whip, Maxwell, I'll punish you myself."

"You see, he can handle it!" Duo said brightly. "He really had you in line, Quatre, and I would have figured you for a dom." Duo winked, though Heero did not know whom that was for.

"You know, it is so tiresome being in charge all the time, and Wufei was understanding of my needs."

"No, still heterosexual," Wufei announced.

Heero decided to ignore them and have a conversation with Trowa. That was challenging for most, but Heero knew he could do it. "So, how are things with Quatre?" he started.

"Good. We date."

"Just date?"

"Exclusively, of course."

"Sí, sí," Heero said, mimicking Trowa's way of speaking. He thought back to his research. "So, the hardware in the tongue? This improves oral sex in some way?"

Trowa almost laughed. "I don't know, yet."

"Yet," Heero repeated.

"Just healed," Trowa reminded him.

"How long could you not use your mouth?"

"Three weeks...?" Trowa replied hesitantly, "Last week I was still lisping. Quatre made fun. Said my Spanish was prettier then. The first few days are worst. I just sucked ice all day to keep down the swelling."

"All of this is worth it?"

"So many people get it done."

"But, if they all feel cheated, they might feel vindictive enough to encourage others to suffer the same pain."

"No. I am sure it will be good. You do not have any piercings?"

"Not even my ears. I do not see the point. Duo's rings make him easy to torture. I think, he likes pain, in a way."

"Sometimes, if you can control it, you can make the pain work for you."

"Aa." Heero considered for a moment and then whispered. "Trowa..."


"Does it hurt if someone fucks you?"



"Yes. They are lying if they say it does not hurt."

"Duo does not lie."

Trowa made some annoyed sound like, "Ch'." He sighed softly. "If you are with the right person, then it is never more than you can handle. The pleasure will definitely outweigh the pain. Still, I think it's wrong to say there is no pain, unless I am completely mistaken about the definition of the word."

"Perhaps the sensation is difficult to define."

"Perhaps. You asked me. I told you what I know."

"Yes. Gracias."

"Your accent is worse than mine. So, you never did it?"

"Ee... not with, I mean, fully..."

"I get the picture."




"It's you. You can handle it. And I'm sure Duo could figure out how to be gentle, if you wanted that. He is pretty smart. It's completely obvious he's into you." Heero thought that was very nice of Trowa, to speak of Duo that way, but then Trowa added, "And, really, how big could his dick be?"

Heero gave Trowa a shove. "Just as big as yours."

Trowa smiled. "Well, then..." he kept smiling, "At least it's not Quatre. He's thick!" Trowa made a short laugh. "So, maybe it's just me who is hurting."

Heero turned to the others, feeling hotter than was explained by the sunlight. Wufei was looking toward him. "Did you get all that, Wufei?" Heero coughed.

"No, just the part about Quatre's dick being thick," Wufei said seriously.

Quatre and Duo laughed at this. "Well..." Quatre began, as if he was going to brag, but he did not. "Maybe you can come home with Trowa and me?" Quatre told Duo.

Duo only laughed.

"Is that a bisexual thing?" Trowa asked quietly.

"I think it has more to do with having extroverted, generous, shameless and adventurous personalities in general. It seems logical that some homosexuals, or heterosexuals would desire to have threesomes. I think Duo and I had one in a past life."

"Really, Heero?" Quatre asked, "You've recalled a past life?" He laughed, "In which you had a ménage a trois?"

"I really doubt it was Trowa," Duo warbled.

Heero ignored that joke. "With a woman. Duo and she were actually married before I knew them. I know that I loved them both, but I do not know if I was sexually attracted to one more than the other. I suppose I must have been something like bisexual."

"Is that True, Duo?" Quatre asked.

"Uh... I don't know. I do believe Heero when he says stuff like this, but I don't seem to remember it as clearly as he can. I think I know it's true when I hear him say it, but I don't remember details on my own."

"Most people do not remember," Quatre said. "It was really successful? One of you did not get very jealous?"

"We did not have time to find out. We were all killed by Nazis. I would rather not talk about it."

"Heero actually remembers how we died," Duo whispered. Then he laughed, trying to lighten the mood. "I've been in threesomes, just for sex. It wasn't like a relationship."

"What was it like?" Quatre asked. He seemed very interested by this subject.

"It was pretty kewl! And... this must sound strange coming from me, but as hot as it was, I wouldn't throw a relationship away to try it." He laughed nervously.

"That is not strange, Maxwell. You are loyal as well as honest. That is a virtue a man should possess."

Wufei really was a good friend, Heero decided. He would have reminded Duo of the same thing, if Wufei had not.

"Yeah," Duo said, "Heero's lucky to have me so faithful to him."

"It is not luck," Heero said sternly, "I earned it."

"It's true," Duo agreed, "It's not just the infatuation I used to make so obvious. We both worked hard to prove that we could keep up our end in a serious relationship. So you can all rest, assured that Heero and I are not taking advantage of each other. There's really nothing weak or easy about committing yourself to one person, but I do recommend it, because it feels so good when you get it to work."

"That's impressive, coming from him," Trowa said.

Heero wanted to be upset, part of him did not like Trowa for suggesting that Duo had not seemed able to be devoted. Then, Heero remembered that while he had been away, for over a year, Trowa had probably been around on a number of occasions to witness Duo making it obvious he wanted Heero, while he likely flirted with others or even went home with them. That could not have been easy for Trowa, caring for Heero and seeing Duo act in a manner that he did not believe worthy of Heero.

"Trowa, just leave him to me now," Heero said gently. He was capable of minding Duo himself now, though he was still thankful that Trowa was his friend.

"It's time for your surfing lessons," Duo announced then. He was checking his watch.

"I really want to try it," Quatre said.

Heero agreed with a nod and asked Duo to throw him the extra towel he had packed. Heero put the towel across his lap while he wriggled out of one suit and pulled on his board shorts. He had the blue ones today.

When he was dressed decently enough, Heero went to their bag and got his boarding shoes.

Quatre removed his shorts, finally. Heero did not think his bathing suit indecent. It was cut rather like Duos, and was very dark blue, opposed to black. The orange designs at the tops of his legs and around his waist were partially revealed and Heero suspected this was what Quatre did not want everyone to see.

Heero took the chain from his neck, as Quatre went to put a stencil on Trowa's back so he could tan on the other side. Heero put the ring and chain in Duo's hand. "Hold it for me. I do not want to lose it in the water, if the chain breaks."

Duo took it with a neutral expression on his face. "Good idea, you would have been diving for it the rest of our vacation."

Heero was not sure if Duo meant that he would have made Heero do this, or he thought that Heero would have insisted. Either way, it was better Duo hold the ring.

"We don't have rings," Quatre said as he walked with Heero to the rental place where they were to meet their instructor.

"He says you are dating."

"Yes! We go out often. I try to see him at work every week."

"Really? I would have thought they would want him to appear unattached."

"He's doing wire stunts as well as dancing now and yesterday he sang."

"Trowa sang in public?"

"Yes, an original song as well! He's made friends with many of the DJs and one of them helped him out with recording and producing. The club is selling copies in house and online, so, there's their angle. He was really good, Heero!"

"Did Trowa enjoy it?"

"He did!"

"I am happy for him, then."

"I may go back to Earth soon. We are making progress on our case."

Heero knew that Quatre was currently on the team that Wufei had been assigned to lead, which was pursuing those involved with the attacks of April 25th. Preventers had made many arrests that day, but those in the shuttles had been aided by others. Wufei had been tracking down associates of those personally involved in the attacks and investigating them for criminal activities.

"I do not hear much in the news."

"PR is handling that. They confirm when we make arrests, but otherwise we keep things quiet. The truth is, it is possible many others associated with the attacks are still out there. There may be trouble in the future, though, of course, we are watching those we suspect closely. In any case, my tasks will be completed soon. I will go back to Earth. I have a plantation there."

"So, you do not know what will happen with Trowa?"

"I would love to see him more, but I do not want to force him into anything. I mean, it is best if he figures out what he wants to do with his life, rather than just be known as the boy attached to Quatre Winner. It is difficult for anyone to be associated with me, Heero, not just because I was a Gundam pilot."

The Winner family had been famous and sometimes infamous even before the Gundams had appeared.

"You are both only 18. You do not have to be together all of the time. You may have many years to live."

"We may," Quatre laughed.

The line moved forward and Heero told the counterperson that they were there for a scheduled surfing lesson. They were issued rental surfboard and introduced to their instructor, who was a young woman who had won some local surfing contests.

"We will start on the beach, going over the basic foot positions and rules of safety, then I will let you go in the water," She said.

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