Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 60

Heero had felt something like this before, but not exactly. This was... more. He could not even remember how it had begun, he only knew that he was somewhere very comfortable, that it was Duo's arm braced against his chest and that Duo's cock was pushing into his body.

There was laughter, low, gleeful and sexy. And then Heero was aware of the soft grunting like sound that Duo made as he shifted weight toward Heero. Heero thought, if someone had asked him about grunting before he would have said it was a silly sound that he did not want to hear, but now he felt good when he heard Duo make that noise. He wanted Duo to make that noise.

It was not rough at all and Heero believed they might both be lying on their sides. And then it seemed strange to him to not know where his body was or how this had begun or if there had been conversation regarding consent.

And then Heero understood: he was dreaming. Yet, it did not stop. Heero knew this; he remembered it happening before. It was called lucid dreaming. One knew they were in the dream, but they kept on dreaming, possibly having a conscious level of control within the dream.

This felt good. It did not feel good in the way that anything before felt good, but it certainly was not a negative feeling. Heero found it hard to define and file, this feeling. It was not just the idea that Duo was so close, or the penetration, or the wicked jolts of indefinable goodness. It was not just any one thing at all.

It was the whole thing, right down to the grunting and the force of Duo's arm against his chest and the way Duo parted Heero's legs with one of his own.

He was making a stupid moaning-like sound. He did not like that he did, but he did like the idea of Duo hearing him.

I want to stay asleep, Heero thought, but he felt he was waking. His mind was active. He wondered how he could dream what this felt like. He wondered if it would really feel like this with Duo.

"I want to stay in this dream," Heero said.

"If this is a dream I don't want to wake up," Duo said.

The sensations all felt so clear, as if this dream was very solid and real to him again. Was he dreaming that Duo was there or was Duo also dreaming? Was Heero real, or just Duo's dream?

"Do it harder," Heero whispered.

Duo's arm slipped from Heero's chest and he lifted Heero's uppermost leg. His other hand gripped Heero's shoulder. Their weight shifted, and then with another grunt Duo thrust toward Heero faster than before, more forcefully.

Heero bit his lower lip and smiled. He liked that, and he knew Duo liked it. He knew. He did not have to seek; it was all around him, the knowledge of what Duo felt, what he thought. "I will let go, if you do."

Duo made some wordless scream and then it was as if Duo attacked him, only it did not hurt. It was exactly like madness with method behind it. It was exactly like Duo. Wild and crafty and so sweet.

He was talking dirty, and Heero liked it. He grinned, and just kept grinning as his face was nearly pressed to the sheets. Duo rose higher and then pressed almost to Heero's back. He moved slowly or he moved fast. "And some of this," he would say, and, "How do you like some of that?"

If he had heard someone say it in a porn movie, if he had read about anyone else doing it, Heero would have thought them arrogant and stupid, but all of Duo's actions really were as impressive as he suggested.

Heero felt so light, like he was nothing or everything. He felt like all he had to feel was this. Now, nothing could touch him but Duo. He had no fear, no pain, no reservations. "Hai," it was the word Duo wanted him to say.

"Oh, yeah! Yeah, Baby! I waited for you for so long! Your ass is mine!"


"Who's all 'omae o korosu' now, Baby?"

"Just a little," Heero sighed.

"You're cherry, Baby! Aw, fuck, you're cherry!"

Heero just smiled and bit at his lip. This was good for the both of them. It was just what he wanted it to be.

"Oh God. You're so... my God!"

Heero surely felt too good to be human.

"What the fucking fuck?" Duo screamed. Heero knew then; he was awake.

Heero wanted to stay in the dream. He wanted dream afterglow. He wanted Duo to lie against him and sleep, but Duo was screaming, so Heero forced his eyes open. He looked over his shoulder and saw Duo padding down his own body.

"Oh shit! I thought..."

Heero turned over to face Duo, propped himself up on an elbow. He saw Duo looking toward him suspiciously.

"Oh God. What was that? Did you do that?"

"If I started it, I do not remember. It just seemed to happen. We had the same dream."

"But I..." Duo crawled backward, away from Heero. "Shit. I'm so sorry."

Heero cocked his head and studied Duo. "You liked it."

"Kinda why I'm sorry."

"I liked it too. You knew what you were doing in the dream?"

Duo nodded.

"So did I. I was asking you to do it."

"Damn." Duo lay back against the pillows, his knees raised and his legs spread before him. His arms lay limply on the mattress. "Damn, whatever that was... it was... really kewl!" He lifted his hands to grope himself again. "I didn't really do anything?"

"All our clothes are still on," Heero replied. He pushed himself up and moved toward Duo. Heero had started out with more clothing than Duo had and now Duo's erection was poking up out of his underwear. Heero crawled across the mattress and knelt between Duo's legs. "Can I?"

Duo lifted his eyes. Heero knew that look.

"I think yes, but you better say it so I can be sure."

"Oh, yeah. Please!"

Heero smirked at him. He gave a slight nod then carefully pulled the small black undergarment from Duo's hips. He leaned back to slip Duo's legs from the underwear. That made Duo naked while Heero wore a pair of silk shorts and Duo's old high school gym shirt.

"Could you just...?"


"Take off the shirt and let me look at you first."

Heero smiled. He pulled the snug tee over his head and let it fall to the bed beside him.

"That's nice. I liked the green, but the brown is better. I think you are just gorgeous."

"Thanks." Heero kissed Duo's knee. "You want me to just..." He lapped once at Duo's knee.

"God, anything. I haven't done anything since that last night on the boat."

"Hn." Heero kissed the inside of Duo's thigh. "36 hours, maybe."

"36 hours spent next to you."

"I was there too." Heero pushed his tongue from his mouth and twirled it slowly about the head of Duo's dick. Duo pushed his pelvis upward, away from the bed, pushing his dick into Heero's mouth. Heero took it happily enough. When Duo let himself fall back toward the bed, Heero repositioned himself and lay between Duo's legs.

"That feels great. I can tell you like doing it."

Heero hummed in response. He did. He likely would not admit it to anyone else, but he did like sucking dick for Duo. Then, he also liked Duo sucking him off very much.

"Yeah. Can you do it with your eyes open?"

Heero opened his eyes and looked up toward Duo's face.

"Oh, that is so hot!"

Heero pulled his right arm around Duo's leg and cupped Duo's balls in his hand. He knew that got to Duo.

"Aaaa, so close, almost hurts!"

Heero knew just how close he was. Duo came and he swallowed. He managed neatly that time, lifting his head as Duo melted into the bed and then bowing again to make sure Duo was licked clean.

"Fuck, I'll want to do it again if you don't stop," Duo whispered.

Heero lifted his head and bit at the inside of Duo's left thigh. "I would not mind doing that again, Duo-chan. You have been so good to me lately, and besides, I like to see you writhe in pleasure."

Duo cackled a laugh. "He's back! Alleluia and shit, Master Heero is back."

"I do not really care for Master."

"Well, just imagine I'm using it in the geek-sexy Star Wars sense and not in the owning of slaves sense."

Heero imagined. "All right, but only when we are alone, Duo-chan. And, not over com lines."

Duo sighed deeply. "Duo you realize I haven't been your Duo-chan in days?"

"You will always be my Duo-chan, even if you do not hear me say it."

"I love you." Duo pushed himself into something near a seated position and grinned at Heero, who was still lying between his legs. "Anything I can do for you, Master?" He lifted his right leg to Heero's shoulder and attempted to urge Heero toward him by pressing his heel into Heero's back.

"Maybe something quick in the shower. We did plan to get an early start on our leisure activities."

"Yeah, but it sounds kinda retarded, working so hard to relax."

"Relaxing can be a state of mind. I will feel good if I have many fun and interesting activities to occupy my time, better than if I had to relax my body all day. Some exercise will clear my head. Of course, we can plan to spend some hours just lying in the sun or sleeping together."

"You're going to type up a schedule."

Heero smirked. "After the soapy hand job."

"That's it?"

"Considering it will be your hands, Duo-chan, I am sure it will be an excellent way to start my day."

"Day already feels excellent to me!" Duo stretched his arms overhead. He was exquisitely beautiful. Heero understood that his own looks were considered attractive, but Duo's grown and rather Elven features entirely appealed to him. The eyes were not so large and round as they had been in his youth, but now those same deep blue eyes were so sexy.

"You are so beautiful, Duo-chan."

"I do try," Duo sighed, winking at Heero.

"Come on, help me up, remove my shorts then run and start our shower. Afterward we can go to the lounge and get some breakfast while we plan our schedule."

Duo did as he was asked. He pulled Heero from the bed and then knelt before him to remove his shorts with his teeth. Heero collected their laundry to date, powered up the television, and set it to a news channel and checked the hotels intranet for laundry services in a picture in picture display.

Duo was calling him into the shower by then and Heero left the news on while they showered. He did not think that he wanted to fuck in a shower, but he did like the 'soapy hand job.' It was still orgasm, it was still Duo and standing in the water dazed and shuddering with aftershocks still resulted in his getting clean. Heero liked efficiency. Additionally, on the days Duo was gone, if he supplied his own hand, it was easier to pretend Duo was there, because he had been before. Then Heero did not feel so lonely.

Not sure of their schedule yet, they dared to dress only in underwear, hotel robes and slippers to go into the Executive Lounge. It was early enough that few other people were there. There was one man sitting alone dressed in casual business attire and a concierge on shift at the desk. A Continental Breakfast buffet was laid out and there were self-serve coffee machines.

Duo went straight for the coffee. Heero did not often drink coffee at home, but he knew that Duo did. He was looking over the food when Duo approached with two mugs. "You have to taste this coffee!"

Heero took one mug. It felt hot, but Duo was already drinking his. Heero sniffed at the coffee and then sipped.

"Isn't it good?"

"It is very flavorful," Heero agreed.

Duo grabbed a bagel from the buffet and then found a seat at one of the small tables. Heero made up a small plate for himself then joined Duo. Duo was still raving about the coffee, saying it was likely locally grown and fresh ground. Heero opened his mobile and began listing the days they would be in Hawaii. Duo had the hotel's guide and was reading it.

Heero wanted to do fun active things, but he was quite willing to sunbathe or sit by a pool with a drink. Duo was an active person, but he thought he wanted to do relaxing things, like go to the spa and get a pedicure.

"I don't have gross feet, but if I'm going to walk around by the pool or on the beach I want them to be prettier. Also, maybe I could get my pits waxed. They probably do that."

"Why?" Heero asked.

Duo glanced around the room then focused on Heero again. "Hey, I get the whole thing you have with the pubes and chest hair and treasure trail. I get how the hair could turn some people on, but what's with the underarms? Why do people even have hair there?"

Heero laughed. "I actually know."


"When I was traveling alone I used to spend a lot of time shut in hotel rooms watching educational television."

"Data input comforts you."

Heero smiled and shrugged one shoulder. "It is for babies to hold on to you."

"Na-ni?" Duo asked, pronouncing the word strangely, likely for emphasis.

"Infants, when they breast feed, curl their fingers into the hair. It is part of a natural human bonding process between parent and child."

"But most women shave their pits... don't they?"

"Many. I was speaking on an evolutionary level. That is why the hair is there and does not grow so thick on other parts of the body. It also holds scent, which is part of the natural process of attracting mates. The Chemistry."

"So, that's why guys have it? Just for sex?" Duo looked skeptical.

"I think there are some things that are just human and not male or female, like having nipples regardless of whether one has mammary glands. You could hold an infant in your arms and they would also bond with you."

"So, you're saying not only should I not remove the hair, but when I have my kid I should take off my shirt to give them their bottle and let them pull on my armpit hairs?" Duo wrinkled his nose.

"That would be the natural thing. Whether you value nature more than technology and convenience is up to you."

"You really believe it makes a difference with sex?" Duo whispered.

"You are asking me? You are the one who gave up meat so you would taste better." Heero smiled. "You often wear a designer deodorant. It has a slightly vanilla sort of spice scent. It blends well with how you smell."

"Yeah, but I have the spray too and I usually put it on the back of my neck."

"Where you have hair. The fragrance stays longer in hair. I always think you smell good."

"You usually smell good to me too," Duo admitted.

"Only usually?" Heero asked.

"I just didn't want to say 'always' incase there had been one time that faded from memory. I didn't want to lie."

Heero accessed the hotels publicly available guide on his mobile as Duo was reading the print copy. "So, today we should get to the spa and salon if possible, so that you may have pretty feet."

"I could do it myself. But it is a vacation."

"I understand. Being pampered is a normal desire for vacationers." He handed Duo his phone. "See if you can get time."

"You want to do anything else there. Neither of us really wants further hair treatments. I can do that myself. Maybe a massage? You could get a pedicure too."

"Not unless you do it."

Duo smiled as he placed the call to the spa. "Massages?"


"I'll ask."

"It is listed here."

"OK, one pedicure, two massages. Want them to do your fingernails?"

"Fine." It would give him something to do while Duo had his feet done.

While Duo was on the phone, Heero started making a list of all the people they would want to buy souvenirs for. He placed an H and/or a D beside each name to indicate whether both would be interested in giving that person a gift or not.

"If we go in before ten we can get it all done this morning."

"That is plenty of time."

Duo confirmed and Heero recorded the appointment on his schedule. "We should go throw some clothes on and go now so we can catch some sun before the most dangerous rays are on us."


"Sunbathing is not recommended in the mid part of the day. 2 to 5 pm is most dangerous. It has to do with the way the atmosphere filters sunlight, I think. Intelligent sunbathers lay out early or just before dusk to get tanned without burning."

"Oh, that sounds fine. We can just go right down to the beach early every morning and then do other stuff the rest of the day."

"Acceptable." Heero quickly scheduled sunbathing for each morning. They were finished eating, so Heero closed his mobile and rose to put his plate in the appropriate bin.

"Ya know..."

Heero turned to look at Duo.

"We could have a sort of siesta after sunbathing. We might want to get washed and changed after lying on the beach some days. We could take a little nap in the room."

Heero smiled. Of course, Duo was not lying, but talking in code. He did not want to sleep with Heero. "Une petite," Heero said.

"You read my mind." Heero thought Duo was saying that in the cliché non-literal sense.

"I just know you."

When they were finished in the lounge they went to put on some clothes. Knowing that they planned to go to the beach after the spa they put on their sunbathing clothes with various cover-ups. For Duo, this meant a white skirt-like garment that Heero had not seen him wear before. It was not like a Scottish kilt. When Heero asked about it, Duo said that it was an Egyptian kilt, that he had several, given to him by a friend, and that they had been made as costumes for a musical set in ancient Egypt. The kilt fell to his knees, was pleated all around and wrapped around in such a way that there was an overlap of fabric at the front that was more opaque than the remainder of the garment.

Besides the kilt, Duo wore a snug white tank and silver-laced sandals on his feet that also seemed to be from a sort of costume.

Heero wore a pair of his new shorts and a tank over his skimpier bathing suit and switched his slippers for the simple black thongs. Duo packed the things they would need in a knapsack, such as beach towels. They transferred Heero's list and schedule to Duo's old school mobile computer, because it was oldest and would not be a great loss to Duo if it was damaged or stolen. Heero's backed up his important files, usually by sending them to Midii if he did not save to discs, but the computer itself was very important to his life and to his work. Duo had three mobiles, though none was quite as advanced as Heero's current one.

They took the old mobile and their guide with them and went to the spa, which was located in their tower. The various towers in the village were designed to attract slightly different clientele. Some were more oriented to families and had activities for children located in the building. This tower was geared toward businessmen and adult travelers who wanted convenience and relaxation, but who did not need the most luxurious accommodations. There was another tower aimed at attracting the wealthiest visitors and there they more exclusive features. Heero imagined that Quatre would stay in a place like that.

Duo continued with typing their gift list and schedule, as it was his computer and his hands were free. Heero told his manicurist to just make his fingernails look clean and neat. He did not want anything fancy, though, he thought about acquiring some nail polish just to have Duo watching his hands.

Duo was having a metallic silver polish put on his toenails after they had been cleaned and shaped. He still removed the hair from his legs more often than not, though Heero had noticed a fine regrowth that morning. Duo just disliked body hair for some reason.

After their hands and feet had been treated, they went into a small room with a pair of massage tables. They were given time to change into wraps before the masseurs arrived. Heero and Duo each lay on their own table. Heero felt anxious. Duo had suggested this and he knew he should be able to go through with it, but he disliked the idea of allowing a stranger to touch his back as much as he had disliked another person grooming his hair.

At least with the manicure Heero could always keep his eyes on the person.

When the masseurs arrived Heero tried to scan their minds, to sense if they had any harmful intent. Because they were strange to him, he found it hard to get into their minds. He did not detect any sign of hostility or deception.

When his masseur put his hands on Heero, then Heero could read him clearly. There was no harm in him. He was just a man trained to do a job that he believed helped people and he desired to do his job to the best of his ability.

That relaxed Heero as much as the fingers pressing into his back.

When they were finished at the spa, and Heero would admit calm and relaxed, they walked through the Village toward the beach. They passed the large 'Superpool' as it was called. Heero had seen pictures of such constructions before. Pools were constructed on various levels, attached by waterfalls, and landscaped with palms, ferns, and bright flowers. There was a bar located between the pool and the beach and a rental stand near the bar.

Heero picked up some juice drinks and bottled water from the bar while Duo rented an umbrella and a chair.

They walked to the beach and began to look for a spot to lay out their things. It was still morning, but already there were many people on the beach. Heero did not mind. He had expected crowds, and truthfully, Duo and he might go unrecognized in a crowd more easily than in the open. There would be so many half-dressed young men.

Duo found an open area between the trees and the high tide line where they would be without shade and pushed his umbrella into the sand. Heero unpacked the knapsack while Duo set his chair in the shade of the umbrella. Heero lay out his own blue and white beach towel in the sunlight, near Duo's chair and then sat down on it. Duo whipped his own towel out in the shade the other side of his chair and as Heero passed their things to him Duo placed them on the towel, out of the sand.

There were a few things in the knapsack Duo had packed without Heero knowing. He'd brought along his opera glasses and a print copy of Burroughs' Nova Express to read. "What are the opera glasses for?"

"Watching people." Duo wriggled out of his clothes quickly and then grabbed their sunglasses, bottles of sunscreen and one juice and water.

"I thought you wanted to be in the shade."

"I can get a little sun, so long as you help me put this sunblock on my skin." Duo grinned. Heero put his own sunglasses on and Duo did the same. He was wearing short squarely cut swim trunks. They were not high cut enough to be actual racing style, but the material was the same. Of course, Duo's were black.

Heero lifted the bottle of sunblock and squeezed some out onto his hand. It felt cool. Heero rubbed his hands together to warm and distribute the lotion as he looked toward the water. "There are a lot of people here, but it is still beautiful."

"Hey, some of the people are beautiful too."

"And some not so much."

"But equally entertaining," Duo laughed. He opened the juice and also the water.

Heero worked the sunblock over Duo's back.

Duo lifted the sunscreen Heero had purchased. He put some into his hand and then added some strawberry cocktail and then some water, until a thin solution was oozing from his cupped hand. Heero was about to ask what he was doing when Duo rubbed the substance onto his hair.

"What are you doing?"

"Getting highlights the old fashioned way!" Duo scrubbed at the top of his head and smoothed the mixture down along his braid then mixed some more.

"That works?"

"Should. Any liquid will amplify the sunlight and lighten the hair, but the sunscreen should keep it from getting damaged. You should put some sunblock in your hair. You just had it dyed and you don't want the color to shift."

Heero picked up the bottle and read the directions. "It does not indicate use on hair."

"You can put sunscreen in hair. It weighs it down, but it will protect your hair. It washes out."

Heero put a little more sunblock into his hand and then scrubbed it into his hair.

Duo looked back over his shoulder. "Looks good. Hand me the sunblock a sec. I'll get my legs and face. Don't forget your face when you get ready to apply."

"I will remember." Heero handed the bottle to Duo and waited for it to be returned. He squeezed out more of the lotion and then reached around Duo to rub the sunblock onto his chest and abdomen. He did, more than he thought about it. Heero finished up by applying the sunblock to Duo's arms.

"Thanks!" Duo turned himself so that he faced the umbrella and looked to Heero at his side. "You should take your clothes off now."

"People might look at me."

"So? You don't have anything to be embarrassed about. If I recall, it's my people that are the puritanical ones." He laughed. Heero did recall that topic coming up in conversation before. "Look around, people go pretty close to nude here these days. Everyone's got to cover up down there, but the women are going topless and I can see less attractive asses than yours out there. Don't tell me it's the kids. It's probably healthy for them to see so many barely dressed adults. They'll find nudity commonplace and not have weird hang-ups later."

Heero sighed. He pushed his shoes into the shade, then pulled off his shirt, and tossed it to Duo's towel. When he removed his shirts he folded them and placed them beside his own towel, incase he needed them. He felt naked.

"You want some help with your sunscreen?"

This was going to be a daily ritual, Heero could tell. Admittedly, much of this had been his idea from the start. He had been the one that lay in Duo's bed and suggested they go to Hawaii. He had pictured them lying in the sun. What Heero had not planned was Duo getting him to agree to wear this skimpy garment in public. His ass was completely exposed to the world. If he turned over, not much would be left to the imagination there, either.

And Duo was going to rub lotion all over him out here, every morning.

Heero handed Duo the bottle of sunscreen. "Make sure you get it all over, Duo-chan." He smirked. May as well make Duo equally tortured.

"You want me to do it... all?"

"If you do not mind." Heero turned to face Duo and sat leaning back on his hands, legs slightly spread. "Do the front first, then I can lie down and you can do my back."

"OK." Duo scooted along the towel and then knelt between Heero legs. He put some sunscreen on his left hand and then started rubbing it onto Heero at his forehead. "Guess we'll see if that Colonial skin of yours tans before it burns."

Heero closed his eyes and thought about the schedule. Thus far, they had discussed leaving Wednesday open in case they decided to visit with Howard. Duo had suggested Heero put off his surf lessons until Tuesday so that they could do more things together while they were still learning their way around.

"Tomorrow we could try one of the pools. I would like to try swimming and pools are better for just swimming."

"Well, the Superpool seems a good place for sunbathing. I think that I read that there is a children's pool nearby, so you wouldn't have to worry about little kids, just obnoxious teenagers."

"I think I can handle obnoxious teenagers," Heero said levelly, opening one eyes to look at Duo. "Is the pool open at night?"

"Not the Superpool, because they have shows there. But some of the other pools are. Our tower has a nice pool and it's open late. They even have a whirlpool."

"We could go for a swim at night, but perhaps tomorrow we could try sunbathing over at the larger pool. If it is too crowded we can always move to another."

"Sounds fair," Duo said as he was smearing lotion onto Heero's chest. "Any ideas for today, though?"

"Actually, after sunbathing, I would like to go to the fitness center and have a workout. It is in our tower. After that, a shower and a nap would be good. Then lunch. Perhaps after lunch we could start on our souvenir shopping."

"That does sound good," Duo said. "Once the sun is not so strong, we can always sit on the beach. Do you think there's a good place to see sunset or to view the moon?"

"We can look for a place."

"Mmmm." Duo was smoothing lotion along the inside of Heero's left thigh.

Heero concentrated on the schedule. "You should check the guide, when we are done with this... look for interesting activities."

"It seems some activities are not available today. Sunday. Day of rest."

"Yes," Heero said slowly as Duo was working the sunscreen into his other thigh. "We should fill in the schedule until we have found a time for all the things we are interested in, but we should not become stressed trying to fill each day. Free time is probably a good thing."

"Yeah. Good. Oh! You wanna take hula lessons tomorrow?"

"Do men hula?"

"I don't actually know about that, but I'm sure we could learn anyway. I saw it in the guide. You can also learn to play ukulele or make leis."

"What time?"

"Afternoon, after lunch I would say."

"That is fair. I will go if you are interested."

"Do you know how to snorkel?"

"Yes, and scuba and free dive."

"I have never seen you swim. I've only seen you unconscious in water."

"I was trained in a sort of tank. A water landing was a possibility, though, not what I was aiming for."

"The way Relena tells it you washed up on a beach damn near dead."

"I was semi-conscious when she found me. Wing crashed a significant distance from shore and getting out of the cockpit and to land was not easy."

"Wouldn't have gotten Wing out of the water without me." Heero sensed Duo must be grinning.

"Yes. If I had aimed for a water landing things would have been different, but Zechs... Wing was not at 100% when it hit the water. That Leo of his complicated things. I thought I had failed completely."

"Ya know, there's another way I kept you in the war long enough to save everyone!" Duo laughed softly.

Heero opened his eyes. "You did a lot. I should have thanked you at the time. It would have been more honorable... and stronger... to admit that I had needed the help and that I was grateful."

Duo gave him a lopsided smile. "You can lay down now. I got your back."

Heero smiled. As Duo moved out of the way, Heero stretched out on his towel, exposing his back. Duo started again at his shoulders, kneeling beside Heero and leaning over him to push lotion onto Heero's upper arms.

Heero felt his cock stiffen. By the time Duo's hands were at the small of his back, Heero's cock ached. No one could see, but to attempt to find release here, now, would be vulgar and obvious. Heero tried to think of something else.

"I kinda feel naughty doing this, but I don't want you to burn," Duo said. His fingers touched Heero's buttocks. He was not helping.

It comforted Heero little to imagine that Duo might really be equally tortured. He fought turning to check if he was correct. Instead, Heero relaxed as much as possible and told himself to sleep. That almost worked, until Duo got to his feet.

Heero really wanted to curse his sensitive feet, but he only bit at his arm to keep from voicing pleasure. His skin smelled of coconut. Duo kept rubbing at his feet until even the spaces between the toes were protected against the sun.

"I'm done," Duo's voice rasped, finally. He hurried to gather up the lotion and beverages and then sat back in his chair in the shade. He tried to look cool, but he was as hot as Heero.

"So, have you finished your reading for the book club?" Heero asked, hoping to focus his mind elsewhere."

"I decided to read the whole trilogy. I'm on Nova Express. Did you read your book? What was it? Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?"

"Yes. I finished it quickly. It was dated but once I got past that, I saw how it was a rather philosophical story."

"Well, we should talk about the books when we see Adin again," Duo suggested.

"He should be training with Midii. I think I would like to call her later. I am not trying to hide anymore. I can make phone calls."

Duo laughed. "Yeah. I should check in with Hilde. I wonder if they are together."

Heero did not know. Duo fixated on whether his friends were having sex more than Heero. Heero did not fixate at all, on his friends' love lives, actually.

Duo picked up the computer. "I'll just start on typing our schedule so far." He still needed distraction.

"I will help. Pass me the guide."

Duo tossed the paper booklet to Heero. He mouthed words to himself as he typed. "Nap," Heero saw him say.

"I wonder how Relena is doing," Heero said.

Duo looked up. Heero could not see his eyes behind the sunglasses, but Duo's head had lifted slightly. "Did you ever just know?" Duo asked. He sounded serious; his voice was quiet. "I thought that sometimes you might... just know things... with her."

"Yes. We were close in a way. It was never the same as with you. I told you this before."

"But that was before I really understood... how you are special."

"I think the answer is yes, but I do not know right now. It happened with Quatre also. I thought it was just him."

"Yeah... we should buy everyone gifts. Probably things they would not find in the Colonies. You think I should buy something for the Spawn? It wouldn't be like a jinx?"

"The...?" Heero started to ask but then he figured out that Duo was referring to the child Hilde was carrying. "That is a strange term of endearment."

"Thanks. Thought of it just now!" Duo said cheerily.

"We could buy baby things. You would not have to show them to Hilde right away, if you did not want to."

"I don't want to jinx it," Duo whispered.

"Maybe we could go to a nightclub? They must have some place you would find interesting. Honolulu is a big city."

"Yeah! I'll check the 'net. That's a good idea, Heero!"

"Thanks. I am going to go to sleep now. You can just keep talking if you want."

Duo laughed. "Thanks for the warning."

Heero woke later as Duo's foot prodded his side. "You should turn over. Heero?"

Heero pushed himself into a sitting position, adjusting the fit of his suit as casually as possible. "Did I burn?" He looked at the back of his arm.

"It's hard to tell without comparison, I just thought you'd want to turn to try and get even color each day. You slept for almost two hours."

Heero flipped his arm over, but he was not sure about the tan. The underside of his arm had always been just slightly paler than the outside. If he was going to tan, it might take more than a day.

He looked up, still wearing his sunglasses. "It feels warm now. I mean, I can feel the sun on me."

"It's kinda hot." Duo was fanning himself with the guide, a bottle of water in his other hand. "You thirsty."

Heero reached over and took the strawberry cocktail. "Are you bored here?" he asked as he opened the bottle.

"No. I got some reading done, messed around with the computer, and ogled some babes. Mainly you."

Heero took another sip of juice and nodded. "Let me know if you want to leave. I think I like the way the sand feels underneath. It is relaxing here."

"I think so too. I like this."

Heero set his juice bottle in the sand and lay down. He folded his arms behind his head and let his feet dig into the sand at the end of his towel. He felt the ring on his necklace slide from the pit of his throat, across his neck and onto the towel. That did not feel natural. It was against slope.

Heero turned his head to look toward Duo. "Didn't want you to ruin your tan," Duo said, nearly hiding his smile.

Heero relaxed again. He did not sleep; he only lay quietly enjoying the warmth and the atmosphere. There were so many sounds and scents blending around him, but overall the impression they left was good.

I need to trust myself, Heero thought as he watched the wisps of clouds overhead. I will not hurt anyone that I care about more than they can forgive.

Heero sat up later, estimating that he had exposed both sides to the sun equally. Duo was reading his book, his chair shifted to put his hair in the sunlight. "Do you want to pack up?"

"OK," Duo agreed.

They dressed and packed their belongings. Heero carried the umbrella and chair back to the rental stand. They walked together to their tower. Duo was amused when other people seemed to check them out. Heero suggested they might be interested in Duo's clothing. He made sure to tell Duo that he looked good, which was true.

They arrived in the lobby of their tower, which was filled with art by traditional and modern Hawaiian artists. "Is it OK if I do not go work out with you?" Duo asked. "I have the key and I'll just go up and get a shower now. I'll probably still be messin' with my hair when you come up."

"If that is what you want. I will try not to be long, then."

Duo shook his head. "Take your time. If you are not around I'll just make some phone calls. Getting to work out with expensive fitness equipment is like fun for you." He flashed a smile.

Heero waved a goodbye and then went to the floor where the fitness center was located. He ran a treadmill for a half hour and then looked over the weight machines. None of them were set very high. Heero rearranged some weights to get the resistance he wanted. He worked his lower body and then upper.

Heero realized that he had probably left Duo alone for over an hour. He left the center and took an elevator up to the 23rd floor. Duo had the key, so Heero knocked. He waited and then heard the mechanical click and small electric chirp, as the door was unlocked.

Duo was not on the other side of the door when Heero entered. Heero called to him.

"I'm just putting in some braids. Why don't you get a shower?" He was on the other side of the room, near the window in a hotel robe.

Heero shut the door behind him. "That seems like control."

"Electronics are easier than some things." His voice lowered. "I have been trying, it's just sometimes nothing happens."

"I'll get a shower."

Duo laughed and it sounded sexy. "I'll wait on the bed."

Heero made the water cool. He scrubbed the sunscreen and particles of sand from his hair. He soaped and rinsed his body until it was free of lotion, sand or sweat. He wondered what Duo had in mind. He wondered what he was ready for.

Duo liked to be led, but he also had clear ideas about what he wanted.

Heero knew some things that he liked. He hoped Duo was in the mood for them.

Heero walked from the bathroom, hair slightly damp as he combed it with his fingers. "Duo?"

"Heero? Is that you?" Duo called desperately.

Heero thought that Duo was actually in trouble and that someone else had been there. He rushed around the corner of the closet, still undressed. Heero saw Duo, came to an abrupt halt, and then collapsed to the floor.

"Heero! Are you OK?" chains rattled.

Heero pulled himself up to the foot of the bed. There was only one thing he could think to say: "Princess Leia Slave Costume."

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