Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 48

Heero scanned the crowd outside the church on the campus of Saint Joseph Cupertino looking for a face he would recognize. Koi was pulling on his leash, distracted by the crowd or by the grass around them. Heero heard someone call his name, or they called for someone with a name like his. He turned slowly toward the direction of the voice and saw Quatre waving to him.

Heero gave the leash a tug and then walked through the milling crowd toward Quatre. Quatre switched a video camera from right to left hands and then touched Heero's shoulder with his free hand. It was not a handshake or a hug, but maybe Heero looked like he did not want to be hugged.

"Have you seen Duo?"

"Not specifically. I spoke to him on the phone and I saw a group of students, seniors. They seem to be gathered behind that building there."

"I think that is where the priests live. Do you want to go see them?"

"I have to stay here and look for Mrs. Darlian."

"I knew Relena gave you one of her seats so that I could come. Hilde said Wufei could take Duo's second guest seat, as long as we were sure to get everything on video for her." Quatre switched the camera from hand to hand again. "Wufei and Trowa had some kind of assignment today, but they said they would be here as soon as possible, even if one of them has to stand in the back."

"I have not seen them either. I only arrived a few minutes ago. I promised Relena I would stay with her mother."

"You are a very good friend."

"I hope she does not watch those psuedo-news shows."

"I am sure she would stay away from all that, but even so, I do not see how anyone could believe that Prom Night Orgy story. I do not even know how they come up with such things. This week I am apparently involved with some Russian Pop star... and I am sure I haven't even been in the same room as any of them in a week."

Heero smiled, just because Duo also had complaints about Russian Pop stars and Duo made him smile. "Some waiter saw Adin half dressed and eating breakfast with us and we might actually have mentioned Relena in his presence. Making people safe from bombs, snipers, and hackers, I can deal with, but how do you keep someone's reputation safe? How to you establish security measures against gossiping servants and photographers with lenses more powerful than most of our space telescopes?"

Quatre laughed. "They are not quite that powerful, but I know what you mean. They can be kilometers out at sea or operating an orbiting camera by remote and capture a photo. I find my personal servants quite trustworthy, but they are highly paid and actually trained in defense."

Heero continued to scan the crowd. "So, you really think I should bribe these people?"

"If it bothers you, there is always the other solution. I mean, you have to make statements of your own to the public and let them know you are setting the record straight."

"Which still means I have no privacy."

"Well, it is either have some amount of privacy and have them make up stories or let them have stories you approve. I do not recommend you sue for libel. It is complicated and mostly they are smart in how they phrase things and gathering sources, unreputable as they may be. Stupidity is not a crime."

"It should be," Heero growled.

Quatre laughed. "Oh, I see her. That is Relena's mother?"

Heero turned full around. Mrs. Darlian was standing near a car. "I better go to her. Maybe I will see you inside."

"Save us seats."

Heero nodded then walked to the car. Relena's mother saw him coming and bowed her head slightly. "Good day, Mrs. Darlian," Heero said as politely as he could manage. He bowed a full 45 degrees for her. "Shall I escort you inside?"

"Thank you, Heero," Mrs. Darlian said. She took Heero's arm when he offered it. "Have you seen Relena yet?"

"No, but I have heard from other with her and know that she is safe and with the other students preparing for their procession."

"They tell me that there have been some rumors in some media about you and Relena both. I pay no attention to those stories, but I know the can be hurtful to hear. It was hard for Relena to deal with her father's death in public and it is still difficult for her to live her life in public."

"I am sorry for your loss."

"I am sorry for your pain."

"Thank you," Heero said quietly. He liked Relena's mother. She had not given birth to Relena, but she had raised her and their mannerisms and manner of speech were often alike. He thought that Relena had learned more of politics from watching her mother manage a household and entertain than from watching her father who had been Vice-Minister.

The church was well lit and filled with a hum of voices. Underclassmen were directing people to take seats. There were seats reserved for faculty, clergy and graduating students at the front.

"Quatre and Wufei will also be here. I will save some seats for them."

"Yes. I know them. It will be nice to see them again."

Soon Quatre came in, looking a little unsettled. He greeted Mrs. Darlian pleasantly and sat down near Heero. About thirty seconds later Trowa and Wufei came in together, dressed in Preventer uniforms.

"We need to talk to you," Wufei told Heero.

"About what? Can it wait?"

"No," Wufei said, "come with us now."

"Just far enough that we can talk in private," Trowa said.

Good Cop - Bad Cop was it? Heero had no idea what was up with them. "Now?"

"Quatre will look after Mrs. Darlian," Trowa said.

Heero stood up. Trowa took Koi's leash and walked ahead. Wufei waited for Heero to move before he followed. They suspected him of something; that was the only logical explanation for their actions.

They took him outside, to a little blue car with tinted windows marked with Preventer P and star logos. Wufei told Heero to get in the rear seat. Heero ducked into the car. Trowa scooted in beside him and Wufei sat in the front Driver's seat. They let Koi sit at the passenger side.

"Who am I supposed to have killed?" Heero asked.

"We were at Trant Clark's sentencing today," Trowa informed him.

"Why did no one tell me?" Heero asked. "I did not even know his trial had come up." He had not tried to know either. The information should have been easily accessible, but Heero had not even wanted to think about that person.

"He got 40 years in an Martian labor camp," Trowa said.

"And then someone shot him while he was coming out of the court," Wufei said.

They really thought Heero had done it? Trowa and Wufei really thought that? "He's dead?"

"Close to it," Wufei said, "Someone still attempted murder."

"Where were you today?" Trowa asked.

"Trowa... Wufei... I have no wish to kill anyone! If I had wanted him dead then I would have left him to those hit men on the train. I helped you bring him in. How can you suspect me?"

"Wufei," Trowa said.

"It is just procedure," Wufei ground out irritably. "It is our job. We have to check everyone who may be connected. It is not personal, Heero."

"But if we failed to include our friends as possible suspects..."

"You would be corrupt yourselves. I did not kill... or attempt to kill anyone today. I did not do it." He had really been shot? Sentenced to 40 years? Why would they think he had done it? Unless it was not just him. "Who else have you questioned already?"


"Who else? Trowa!"

"Midii has an alibi, and so does Ursula."

"You talked to them? You talked to Ursula about him?"

"It's our job, Heero."

"And who else?"

"And we talked to Duo too. Don't worry, he has an alibi," Trowa said.

"That's great. When did it happen? I probably do not have an alibi."

"Just tell us what you were doing two hours ago," Trowa said, "Maybe we can find something."

"If I estimate the time correctly I was out walking Koi."

"Where?" Trowa asked.

"Near the J Street Bridge. We go there nearly every day."

"Did you talk to anyone there?"


"Before and after your walk?" Wufei asked.

"I was in my apartment."

"What did you wear when you were on your walk?"

"Jeans. Bluejeans and my racing jacket."

"The green and black one?"


"If it comes to it we may have to question people in your neighborhood," Trowa said.

"You do not have a case against me," Heero stated coldly. "I know that I did not do it, but beside that, it is obvious you do not. I know procedure, too. You would not be questioning all of us if you had any strong lead. You probably know the ammunition, as you said he was shot, but you have not recovered a weapon and you do not seem to have any description of the shooter. You can only question me, or anyone. You cannot make an arrest until you have more evidence."

"Unless we claimed to have reasonable suspicion that someone was a threat to the security of our nation and our peace. We are Preventers. We can arrest on suspicion."

"Fuck you," Heero said flatly, "I did not expect you to threaten me like that, Trowa. Me. A threat to peace? A risk to national security? If you were not here on official business, I would punch you to remind you how an insult like that feels. Wufei, why not consider Trowa a suspect? He might have reasons to want to hurt Trant."

"Trowa was guarding him."

"I am sorry," Heero said, "I know it does hurt... if you fail to protect... if you fail your mission."

"I was only being clear," Trowa hissed, "Whoever did it, we could detain them on suspicion. Do you know who might have done it, Heero? I think you have a better idea who might have done it than I do, and you are not being very cooperative in attitude. If you do not tell me everything you know about it, I will drag you into headquarters and have Une do the interrogation."

"I would be more cooperative if you would treat me like a friend and ask for my advice on the matter instead of threatening to arrest me for a crime that I have no motive to commit."

"You are satisfied with the sentence?" Wufei asked.

"Personally, I would not feel bad if he died, but I resolved to let our legal system handle the matter when I helped identify him. I was not at the trial, so I do not know which of his many crimes influenced the tribunal most, but honestly, I am surprised we were able to get 40 years labor. I am content with that. In the penal labor camps 40 years is life for a man of his age. If he got a spot in a jail or secure hospital... I think he's sick, but I do not want him to be able to convince a panel that he is reformed and then get out."

"You really hate him," Trowa whispered.

"If he lives, the doctors might not think him able to go into a penal camp and a judge will have to re-sentence him," Wufei said.

Heero growled, "Well, this is only suspicion, but have you considered that he hired someone to shoot him in the event that he got a sentence he believed to harsh. He would have been stripped of weapons he could use to take his own life, but he would have been allowed legal counsel and have some ability to get messages out. Whether Trant hired the shooter himself or not, I doubt it is anyone local. If Trant was hiring, they would refuse, and otherwise, they would just refuse."

"Are you sure?" Trowa asked. "The details are carefully omitted from the reports, but a whole lot of Mafia and Yakuza were after him at the time you found him. They must have wanted him dead for some reason. He hurt or insulted someone well connected, didn't he?"

"Une knows. If she has not told you, then you do not need to know. There were assassins after him, but I told them that if they killed him they would make war with the Preventers. If any of them did still want to get him, it wouldn't be here, where the public would want to place blame with them. They would wait until he was on Mars and call in a favor."

"Heero, you think Trant hired an out of town hitman?" Wufei asked.

"I think it is a possibility. I take it you have had the Colony exits under watch."

"The usual."

Cameras and computer facial recognition algorithms were always in place. IDs were scanned at exit points. Scanners would search for weapons and explosives. Additional plainclothes spotters would be out. Other agents would be searching recent travel records for individuals that fit their suspect profile. "If I was the shooter I would not try to leave the colony right away. I would hide out somewhere until the trail seemed cold."

"You should come back to work with us," Wufei said quietly.

"I am not coming back. You should have just had Une contact me instead of coming into the church after me."

"If anyone local did it and they hear that we were not afraid to pull you out of a church over something, then maybe they will be afraid and make a mistake."

"Maybe, Trowa," Heero said. He leaned forward and clenched his fists in his hair. He should not blame Trowa for this, not entirely. Trowa had been a soldier for a very long time. Missions were important to him as they had been to Heero. Trowa cared for his allies on some level, but he had also learned to look out for himself. Maybe Trowa just did not realize how unlike a friend he was being. He was being cold and logical on some level. Put in the same position Heero could not say that he would not become cold and logical. "May Koi and I leave now?"

"Yes. Thank you for answering out questions," Wufei said, "We may be in touch."

Heero sat straight. "If I even think there are extra agents on me... if you try to restrict my travel, I will go to Une. She will agree with me."

"No," Wufei said, "It was my duty to question you, and the others, but my duty has been fulfilled as far as you are concerned. Justice does not demand I spy on my friends."

"Not going to keep an eye on me, Trowa? Just out of concern?"

"I'm sorry," Trowa whispered.

"Did Quatre have an alibi?"


"Then I am sorry for you." Heero stepped out of the car at that. He walked around to get Koi from the front seat and then took him back to the church.

As Heero was rushing to the doors he saw the Seniors lined up in their ceremonial gowns, already starting their procession. Duo was at the back of the line, watching Heero. Heero felt like Duo had been watching that Preventer vehicle carefully.

Duo mouthed Heero's name.

Someone had had risked ruining Duo's special day. Heero wished he knew who had shot Trant so he could hurt them a lot. He smiled at Duo. "Good luck in there. I am proud of you."

Duo nodded, but he looked confused that Heero had not mentioned the questioning.

"Later," Heero said. He walked Koi back into the church and down a side aisle as students were walking down the center aisle to their march. Heero apologized to the other guests as he scooted past them. He sat down between Mrs. Darlian and Quatre.

"Is everything all right?" Relena's mother asked.

"Yes," Heero said softly.

Quatre glanced at him.

"They seem to be in order of height. They will be toward the back," Heero said.

Quatre stood up and videoed Duo coming into the church. A short while later, when the students were seated, Wufei came and sat down with them. Quatre passed Wufei the camera and he continued to video the ceremony.

There were prayer readings and blessings along with inspirational speeches by a guest speaker, who just happened to be Valentina Tereshkova, and by the class Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

"Did you see the news about the assassination attempt?" Quatre whispered.

"I only listen to the news on some mornings," Heero said. Most often, he found information because he searched for it and he did not generally follow general new sources.

"They found the person that hired the gunman who plotted to kill Valentina at the ballet. I forget her name, but she was the former mistress of Valentina's fiancÚ."

"It was a former lover then..."

"He had a more public girlfriend before, too, in addition to this mistress, before his engagement. The mistress is claiming that she has posttraumatic stress and was insane when she ordered the hit."

"Well, that's great," Heero said.

He saw Duo, Relena and their friends receive their diplomas. He saw them process happily from the church.

"I have to get out of here," Heero told Quatre.

"Graduation present?" Quatre smiled.

"How do...?" Heero started. He knew. "Wufei."


"You will see that Mrs. Darlian finds Relena."


"Good." Heero looked to Quatre again. Quatre hugged him then. Heero was glad of it; he put his hands to Quatre's back.

"I knew it was not you," Quatre whispered.

"I know that you did not do it," Heero said quietly. He felt... relieved to have one person touch him and not suspect him of killing, just because he had killed in the past.

Maybe it was cruel to think that Trant did not deserve a chance to be reformed. Heero shook his head. No, he had a chance to turn himself in and make amends and he had refused and continued to hurt people. It was not really cruel to wish him locked away. It was fair. Without strict prisons and penal labor camps criminals would have no fear of punishment and the peace would be that much more fragile. The vast majority had fought to make their wish for peace realized, even if their fighting was not with weapons, and it was wrong to let a few extremists steal their hard won peace.

"Thank you, Quatre."

"No problem."

Heero stepped away from him, tightened his grip on Koi's leash and then turned to Mrs. Darlian. "It was nice to see you again. I am sorry I must go."

"Goodbye, Heero."

He bowed his head and then scooted past the bodies to reach the aisle.

Duo reached Heero's apartment less than two hours after Heero. Another time, that would have seemed like a long wait, but washing and dressing in his newly assembled costume took all of that time. It was a lot of work to look like a girl. Heero had thought, not very long before, that he might wear the skirt, but he would not try to look like a girl. Then he had realized that pleasing Duo was the goal of this exercise and so long as Duo was the only one to see him, Heero did not feel very uncomfortable about the costume.

It was uncomfortable in the physical sense, but Heero was willing to risk it for Duo. He hoped this was what Duo wanted. He looked... nearly like a girl. Cross-dressing seemed to be a kink Duo could appreciate.

Heero blew across the nails of his right hand in attempt to dry the cola-red nail polish and looked up at his bedroom mirror. The nail color matched his lipstick; Heero thought it looked all right on him. It might have looked better if he had grown his hair back to brown. As it was, the green hair was in two stubby pigtails held with blue baubles and Heero thought it made him look like some kind of anime magical girl. Well, a rather naughty magical girl, considering the way his shirt was knotted over the bra he was wearing. So, there was absolutely nothing in it, but the point was, Duo would see the black lace edging beneath the plunging neckline and have some very strong reaction to knowing he was looking at Heero in a bra... Heero hoped.

When the door's buzzer sounded the second time Heero rushed from the bedroom, hating the shiny girl shoes he was wearing. Trowa said they were called mary janes. The heels were wide, but even taller than the boots Heero had recently worn. He felt like his spine was warping.

"If you were someone I would open the door to you would have the key!" Heero called. He stood behind the desk, waving his hands to dry the polish. He heard the key open the lock. It better be Duo, he better be alone, Heero thought to himself.

Duo came in. He was in his uniform; he even had his school knapsack. He looked so cute, well as much as cute could ever describe Duo. He was turned toward the door, relocking it. He had not looked into the room to see Heero yet.

"Hey," Duo said, "I know some stuff happened today, it'd be all right if you didn't feel like doing everything you said, but I really need to just be with you. Please. I don't want to think about real life problems right now."

"Me neither, Maxwell-kun," Heero said in the softest sort of voice he could manage.

Heero saw Duo turn into the room. He saw Duo's eyes widen as they fell on him. He saw his mouth gape and then smile. His gaze moved up and down Heero's body then, and he licked his lips.

"Did you bring what I asked for, Maxwell-kun?"

"Uh... yeah..." Duo said, taking his eyes off Heero momentarily to swing his pack from his shoulder. He glanced back at Heero, at his legs or the white thigh-high stockings it seemed, and then he opened his pack. Duo took his letter from the knapsack. It was actually three letters. A black S, J and C on white felt backing.

"Could you come over here and put it on my desk? My nails are still wet?" Heero asked, fanning his nails again. He really hated that they were not dry, but he had known that if he did the nails early he would no doubt mar their surfaces in dressing. It had taken time to get the polish on each nail without painting his fingers as well.

Duo moved toward him slowly. He stopped centimeters from Heero and then bent to one side to drop the letter on the desk. "So, you'll be my girl now, Heero-chan?"

"I will be yours."

Duo bowed his head and kissed Heero's collarbone. Heero felt his lips, wet and warm. He felt the chain and ring hanging from his neck swing slightly. He felt Duo's knee on the inside of his leg. Duo's hands touched down on his hips and then slid to his ass.

Heero did not know what to do. He could not move his legs very much without falling. He felt his hands were useless. The way Duo positioned his head made it difficult for Heero to do anything clever with his mouth. The best Heero could do was lay his arms over Duo's shoulders, carefully avoiding touching anything with the nails, and then arch his back even more so that he was able to thrust his hips forward enough to press against Duo.

"You look so good," Duo said. He sucked at Heero's left earlobe. "You feel so good."

"You too."

"I want a picture. Please. I won't show anyone. I'll just look at it when I am missing you."

Heero felt a sort of dread about letting Duo have a picture, which might accidentally end up in other hands, but he thought he liked the idea of Duo looking at a picture of him when they were apart. "The camera is full. I never downloaded the Prom pictures."

Duo made some dry tortured sound.

"Duo-kun, it is there on the shelf. Could you download the pictures for me. I am not very good with machines. Besides my nails are wet."

Duo pushed Heero away from him, gently, and looked at him, maybe with some disbelief. Heero hoped he was playing the part well enough. He grinned. "You wanna do some sexy poses for me?"

"You know me," Heero said, then winked. He was supposed to be a naughty schoolgirl.

"I thought I did, but then you said we couldn't go any further until you got the ring and letter so everyone knew you were with me."

Heero was not sure what role Duo was playing. He had never said that for real. He figured he should just agree. "Yeah."

Duo took the camera from the shelf and cabled it to Heero's laptop, which was on the desk. He knelt at the desk and began the download of pictures from the camera to the hard drive.

Heero sat down on the top of the desk, straddling the corner. He blew across his fingernails as he looked at Duo.

"If you wanna be my girl, if you love me, you'll prove it."

Heero smiled. "How could I do that?"

"I have needs."

"What sort of needs, Duo-kun?"

Duo put his hand on Heero's nearest thigh. His fingers slipped under the skirt, past the top of his stocking and to the panties he was wearing. His erection had worked itself toward his other side, but Duo's fingers were just within reach of his balls.

Heero smacked Duo's arm and Duo withdrew his hand. "There are other things we could do before that," Heero said softly.

"I just want to make you feel good. I know I could make you feel so good."

"I'll suck you off," Heero suggested. "You knew I was experienced. I'm good at it."

Duo grinned. "You like doing it?"

"Sure. I love sucking dick." Heero licked at his upper lip to emphasize his point. He lifted his left leg and pushed off the shoe with the heel of his palm. He spread his legs further and worked his stocking foot into Duo's lap. Duo glanced to the screen but then he looked up and stared at Heero's eyes as Heero felt Duo's erection beneath his toes. "I especially like sucking on big cocks, like yours," Heero said. He almost laughed, but he was too genuinely aroused to think it entirely funny. He was playing a role, but he really did want to take Duo in the mouth.

Duo's eyes nearly closed. His jaw dropped. His tongue touched his upper teeth. Heero had him. Duo was entirely his.

"Is the camera ready?" Heero asked, "I cannot wait to get my hands on you, Baby."

"Oh, keep talkin' to me like that..."

Heero saw the camera was ready. "How do you want me to pose for you?"

"Uh... would ya think me an unethical photographer if I asked you to put your hand in my pants before I took the photo?"

Heero smiled. "Yes, very." He saw Duo crawling on the floor with the camera's wrist strap in his teeth. He reached beneath Duo's body and dug his fingers into the waistband of his pants. Heero drew Duo toward him and Duo walked to him on his knees. Heero unfastened the fly of Duo's pants. He was wearing white briefs. That was unusual.

"I want you to touch me," Duo hissed.

Heero realized he had been still, staring at the new undergarments. He took a second to look at his fingernails and found them unmussed.


Heero slipped his left hand inside the briefs. He smiled to himself, face in the crook of Duo's neck as he was leaning forward. He was thinking that he might want to do it right here on the desk. Do it all, on the desk.

"Oh, God," Duo moaned.

"Take the goddamn picture," Heero whispered roughly.

Duo sat back on his feet and then climbed shakily to his feet. He lifted the camera and checked the controls. He lifted his eyes to Heero then. "It's a really good present," he whispered.

Heero smirked.

"Yeah, like that, but lean forward a bit." Duo took a few steps back.

Heero was sitting on the desk, straddling the corner, one shoe off, inclined forward at an angle that strained his back. His left hand settled on his thigh.

"Now, touch your sweater, like you are about to take it off," Duo said.

Heero stared blankly at him, but he raised his right hand to the edge of the cardigan.

Duo captured the picture. "Fuck, you're sexy."

"I am ready to prove my love now, Duo-kun."

Duo's hand reached blindly to the shelf, he nearly dropped the camera putting it away. He walked toward Heero again. Heero had his pants and underwear to his knees in one second. He placed his left hand on Duo's ass and his right hand on his dick. Heero took and released one deep breath through his mouth and then he inhaled through his nose.

Maybe it was not olfactory input alone, maybe there were pheromones involved, but Heero always thought Duo smelled pretty good, especially when they were having sex, and even when he worked up a sweat.

Heero touched the tip of his tongue to Duo's dick. He felt like this would put him into sensory overload. Maybe it happened because he'd been in too many closed rooms on his own or he'd lacked for people touching him as a child but those first times with Duo had just knocked him out.

Just the flicker of tongue over flesh and Heero felt like something was happening to him. He was... very excited. He sensed tastes, textures, scents, temperatures, sights, movement, sounds... Duo was making really great sounds with every pass of his tongue.

"I wanna see ya suck it," Duo whispered.

But... I... Heero couldn't think very well. Maybe this was nothing to someone else, but it felt so special and disorienting to him. There were all these different textures, tastes, and smells. All this slight variation registering in his brain. But I need to think of all the research I did so I can do this as well as you deserve, Heero thought, and I cannot think, so I will just have to feel my way.

"It's OK if ya get the lipstick on me. I want that lipstick all over me..."

Heero opened his mouth, lips extra-carefully keeping ahead of his teeth and tongue presently gliding beneath Duo's dick as a guide. He took it in, Duo, a little bit past the head, and then he sucked as he drew back. His lips slipped back over the head again, gliding over the flesh where his tongue had already tracked saliva. His cheeks hollowed again.

Duo's hands grasped his shoulders, his fingers dug at Heero's muscle more deeply than in one of Duo's massages. He was feeling so much, he needed to hold that tight.

Heero began to feel more relaxed. He felt less paranoid about doing it right and just did what he usually did when Duo had worn a condom. Well, except now he spent just a little more time with his lips slowly sucking at the very tip of Duo's cock, or swirling his tongue about the head.

Heero tried pressing his tongue to the opening at the tip, but he honestly could not tell from Duo's moaning and squeezing if it felt more good or bad for him. Heero did not know what that felt like. He certainly had not been able to do that to himself, not with a tongue, and Duo hadn't, so Heero only probed there a little.

He would have to ask Duo about it later so he could do the things Duo liked very best next time.

"Aah-are ya gonna swallow?"

Are you going to come soon? Heero wondered inside his head. His mouth was too occupied to speak.

"Yeah... pretty... aaah, can ya look at me?"

"Mm." Heero was determined that he would try to swallow. No, not try, just do. He would do it, as best as he was able. And he would look up at Duo if that was what he wanted. He was aware that Duo liked that. Duo liked seeing Heero's eyes looking at him right when he climaxed.

Heero could feel Duo trying to thrust. He moved his right hand to brace its palm against Duo's hipbone and that helped. Heero liked Duo's need, but the thrusting into his mouth put him on edge.

Heero lifted his eyes, finding it just a little trickier to do what he wanted with his mouth now he didn't have his right hand placed to steady Duo's dick.

No matter. Heero was going to do this... see it through. He felt Duo clutch at him, heard him call out, "Heero." He felt it spill onto his tongue, warm and saline and faintly other things. He kept sucking, swallowing. This taste, it was a Duo sort of taste, he thought. It tasted pretty good, considering.

Heero sucked until Duo's dick went soft and it was that size that did not appear little but somehow nestled snugly in those small undergarments Duo liked to wear. Heero did not know how he could do that. It was different that having pants or shorts that were tight outside the underwear. It did not seem to make the area less vulnerable to attack.

Heero realized that Duo was, quite literally, reeling. Heero lifted his hands to Duo's sides and eased him down toward the floor. Duo fell softly to his knees, his forearms landing either side of Heero's legs to support his weight. He was grinning a lot.

"Stupid again," Heero said. He felt quite uncomfortable, wanted out of the too small panties and wanted Duo doing something more than seeming giddy in his lap, but it could not be helped at the moment. He had caused Duo's brain to fall into this state and he would have to wait for him to recover.

Heero shifted his weight, leaning back with his left hand on the surface of the desk. Duo moved toward him, rubbed his cheek against Heero's stomach. Heero touched Duo's bangs with the fingers of his right hand. He wondered if Duo had known a mother long enough to lay his cheek to her breast. He wondered if Duo could miss it.

Heero had no memory of a mother, or a father, but he had at least had substitute father figures. Perhaps it was emotional need more than intelligent decision making that caused Heero to be so drawn to women when he had no sexual interest in them. If he had been only logical, he would never have trusted Midii, and she had turned out to be a very helpful. And Heero liked her. If he had only been logical, he might have killed Relena one of those times.

These emotional and sexual needs should not get out of control, they should be adequately satisfied so that they will not interfere with logic when you really need logic, Heero told himself. That seemed like good advice. It's all right? Heero asked. Of course, he answered himself; it is natural for humans to have both friends and lovers. It is natural and it is advantageous. You are not doing it only because it is advantageous or normal; you are just doing it. Heero smiled. Yes, I must be normal.

Maybe he could help Duo out. Duo would want to make things even, not that he would admit to keeping track. He would want to show Heero how good he could make him feel. It was satisfying to know that he could put Duo into this dreamy state... Heero smiled as he twirled Duo's hair about his fingers. That had sounded like something Duo would say.

So, I will speak with actions, Heero thought, you are used to that by now.

Duo made some sound, "Aa."

Heero reached across his body to lift Duo's right hand from the desk. He placed Duo's hand on the strap that held up the front of his right stocking. Whether Duo really got the message was not apparent. He unclasped both stockings from the garter belt so quickly that it seemed automatic. After that, he stood up on his knees, put his hands beneath Heero's knees, and pulled him roughly across the desk until he was seated with his legs hanging over the side of the desk.

Heero had been on the verge of trying to talk himself out of being aroused, but he was completely aroused now. And, Duo was not being at all submissive.

Duo reached beneath Heero's skirt and dug his fingers into the panties. He shook himself and then looked up. "Kiss me?"

Heero pushed off the desk with his left hand and leaned toward Duo. He reached for Duo's braid and pulled it over his shoulder. He held Duo close with his hand on the braid until he was satisfied they had kissed enough. Duo stayed close, even when Heero gave him slack. He seemed to be... he was sniffing Heero's breath.

Heero closed his mouth and turned his head.

"It's not bad, considering I know what that is," Duo whispered.

Heero ran his tongue over his teeth, trying to taste his own mouth.

Duo yanked the panties from Heero, causing him to feel relief and discomfort at the same time. Duo twirled the green undergarments around one finger then sent them sailing across the room. "Guess you can't be my girl, Heero-chan?"

"Guess not," Heero said, wishing Duo would just get on with it.

"You wanna be my boy?"

"Clearly," Heero deadpanned.

Duo cocked his head and smiled at him. "I like boys too." At that, he straightened and put his right middle finger into his mouth.

Heero watched Duo suck on his finger. He knew what Duo intended. Heero blinked once purposely, knowing Duo would recognize that as consent. Heero leaned back again, putting both his hands on the desk.

"Have you been waiting so long it hurts?"


"Tell me what you want, then."

"I want you sucking my cock, Duo-kun. Now."

"No, no, say the other thing." Duo grinned.

Heero frowned for a moment. "I want your finger in my ass, Duo."

Duo took his finger from his lip and soon it entered Heero. He shifted on the desk, feeling awkwardly positioned. There really was no way to be more comfortable on the desk. Heero only ended up with the raised edge of the desk pressing into his buttocks and accidentally forcing Duo's finger deeper. So, it must also have been accidental that when Duo's finger slipped it touched Heero in a way that made him seize with pleasure.

Anatomy named it prostate gland and Heero had no idea what accident or design of evolution caused that gland to send such pleasure signals to the brain when chance and anal penetration put it under pressure. Heero shook his head. He could only assume that at least some percentage of the male population was designed to engage in homosexual acts. The only function Heero knew it to have otherwise was producing some component of semen.

"You want it," Duo told him.

Heero shook his head.

"You want to feel it again."

"Yes!" Of course. He had felt that before. He had done the same to Duo. There was this one asset to using fingers, in Heero's mind. Condom or not, he did not think a penis was wired such that it could detect the slight protrusion or variation in firmness even when it had frequent contact with the area over the gland. A finger could detect it, if it could hit it. Also, the lag in time between a thrust and seeing the intense reaction in one's partner made it hard to know which movement in particular had caused the reaction, where a finger could feel the spot and immediately seek to repeat the movement. Of course, a penis was larger and so there was a greater probability it would hit the spot in a try than a finger would.

It really felt... awful. He was so full of awe.

"Aaaa, do it again!"

"Baby, I'm trying, I've got the general..." Duo found it again.

"Duo. I want your mouth on my cock now! I want to feel it! I'll take you in my room, restrain you and fuck you stupid in front of a mirror if you do not!" That was his plan. He had thought they would have the oral sex first, but if Duo was in some mischievous mood... maybe he wanted to be tied up.

Heero thought Duo would agree, but he said, "Fuck! Promise me we do that! Promise me!"


Finally, Duo nuzzled the skirt out of the way and Heero could feel his tongue flickering over his cock. Help me, but this is going to send me right out of my body, Heero thought, or prayed. He had felt something when he had gotten a chance to taste Duo, but now...

Some part of Heero was aware of the movements. He knew if Duo's tongue or lips touched him, but not consciously. He was, of course, not unconscious, but everything seemed thoughtless and hazy. He felt so good. The desk was hard, but he felt like he was sinking, except...



"It feels... dry. I need you to stop that now, unless you get some lube."

Duo pulled his hand away and lifted his head. "Did it really hurt? Did I...?"

Heero shook his head. He grabbed Duo's braid again. "Sssh." He used the braid as a leash to guide Duo where he wanted him.

Heero thought Duo must be good at everything that was verbal or oral. Heero could understand how someone who had done this would not want to use condoms. They'd want to be those people that put their trust in testers, if they had multiple partners, or just convinced themselves it was not that risky. Duo made him feel such sharp... need.

And then he stopped.

Heero's involuntary groans of pleasure turned to annoyed growling. And then...

Duo pushed Heero's legs toward his body, Heero's stocking foot was tossed over Duo's shoulder. His heel touched Duo's back. Duo's tongue was inside him. It wriggled around his anus and then pushed inside. Heero was so shocked; he could not even remember any of the slangy words for what this was. He just... he thought... he thought he liked it.

Heero gripped at the surface of the desk until his knuckles hurt. His right shoe was hooked over the edge of the desk. His left heel dragged along the back of Duo's shirt. When he looked down, he could just see Duo's hair between his legs.

"Duo, I want you..." Heero said. He wanted to say more. He swallowed, finding it difficult to speak. "I want you to f..." Heero tried again. "I want you to-t-to..." Heero could not say it. Or, he would not. He was sincerely not sure whether he lacked ability or willingness. The result was the same; he did not ask for it. "Duo, stop, please."

Duo lifted his head and looked up at Heero, but Heero averted his gaze. Duo put his hands on Heero's legs, set Heero's legs so that his feet were on the floor, and then rubbed his hands over Heero's thighs. It did feel reassuring, that rhythmic sliding of his hands.

Heero glanced to Duo, briefly.

Duo was smiling at him. He did not look upset. "Hey, how about we just settle the bet? It's OK if I suck you off, right? Is that OK, Heero?"

Heero nodded.

Duo continued to rub his legs as he bowed his head again.

Why did I not say it? Heero wondered. Why did I not say that I wanted Duo to fuck me? He wants to; I can feel it. I want him to do it. What is wrong with me?

Duo did something particularly clever with his tongue and Heero stopped berating himself inside his head. He stopped thinking.

A minute passed and Heero felt close to orgasm. He looked at Duo. Duo's eyes were looking up at him. He knew Duo was not upset. He knew Duo loved him.

The next thing he was aware of was Duo pulling him from the desk and then falling atop Duo. Duo put his hands in Heero's hair to pull him into a kiss. He tasted different then, like salt and smoke and spice and bitterness.

Duo let him go and Heero sat up, straddling Duo. Something tickled his tongue. He lifted fingers to his mouth and picked a hair from his tongue. Heero wrinkled his nose, looking at it.

Duo laughed. "I think it's yours."

Heero shrugged and flicked the hair off his fingers. He sighed.

Duo propped himself up, leaning back on his elbows. "Hey, I can stay over night if you want. I'd like to. Going into the bedroom, with the mirror, sounds pretty fun, but we have time, right? You wanna just take a break?"

Heero did not answer.

"You want to have some food or wash up or rest a while?"

Heero shrugged, then he said, "I would like if you stayed, but I want to be alone just for a while."

"That's fine, Heero."

"I am not upset with you."

"Yeah. I know."

Heero climbed off Duo. He scanned for the missing shoes and panties. He picked them up from the floor.

"Hey, I could make dinner!" Duo suggested. "You can do what you like and I'll make you dinner."

Heero looked back at Duo again, briefly. "Duo, you cannot cook."

"C'mon, It's not that bad. I'm not like a cook, but I can assemble a few ingredients. I promise not to poison you."

"That is reassuring."

Duo laughed. "I'll just go wash my hands... then I'll fix dinner."

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