Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 46

The DJ became very cooperative when faced with two edgy former Gundam pilots and an ex Princess of Sank, Queen of the world and Vice-Minister of the ESUN, not to mention the students in their wake. Dorothy provided some discs of her own and Adin suggested some sites where good downloads could be found, legal of course. In his newly cooperative state of mind, the DJ was more than happy to support the bands.

Whether the songs the DJ played were fast or slow, Heero and Duo danced close. When things were slow, they fell into a position in which each had their left hand on the other's right shoulder and their right hand on the other's hip. Sometimes the hands strayed to chest or back, but overall they were well behaved. Hands did not stray further.

Duo was a proper schoolboy and Heero was a gentleman. Of course, that did not mean they were as proper in thought as in action. They were gazing at each other, and occasionally whispering, they knew what the other was thinking.

When the songs were fast, they were still proper, compared to the other students, anyway.

Heero had not been to many school dances. Though he had been trained in various forms of dance, his practical experience involved approximately one stuffy school dance, two political dinners and several nightclubs. This did not conform to any previous experience.

The students were dressed formally, many of the boys in conservative tuxedos and the girls in restrictive if revealing gowns. Very few of them displayed any sense of rhythm. Heero did not understand how Duo could be one of them; he could keep a beat. Their music taste was quite varied, as evidenced by the number of songs that none of Duo and Relena's circle of friends had requested but which filled the dance floor rapidly.

People without rhythm should not attempt to dance to something considered Rhythm and Blues as much as they enjoyed it. People with no swing should not dance to Swing. People who could not name one tribe or clan within the same ethnic group they belonged to should not dance to something labeled as Tribal. Heero was certain of this. That is, unless they wanted to look ridiculous.

On the other hand, some people should be allowed to dance to anything, even if it was the sound of pots falling off a rack. Adin was fairly hopeless, and Dorothy in fast tempo songs, but Duo and Relena Heero could stand to watch dance to anything.

Duo, of course, was just gorgeous and surprisingly graceful for someone with a broken leg who generally did ungraceful things like bound and glomp and shuffle. He had rhythm for certain. Even in a kimono, he managed to look sexy, even when dancing to Hip Hop. Heero did not know how he did that. He was sitting some songs out, just because he felt that frock coats did not go with certain types of music.

Relena had a lot of energy. It seemed like she got rid of the bad feelings when she danced. Heero thought it might be like working out or taking a bath. The activity was in someway therapeutic for her. She always came off the dance floor smiling. She had some rhythm, but even when she seemed to lose the beat, it ended up looking very cute and intentional.

Together they were very entertaining. Heero could see how the other students were attracted to them collectively. They were. Relena had her fans as usual, and so did Duo, but mostly Heero picked up bits of conversation about 'Relena and Duo."

He did not feel jealous. They were good friends and they had fun together.

As for the other dancers, as the night progressed they seemed to grope and grind more than they did any sort of dance moves. Heero did not think groping always a bad thing, but he saw no purpose in doing it in the middle of the dance floor without dancing at all, when there were plenty of chairs and shadows and rooms to go to. He did not understand the grinding. Maybe in a nightclub where the lighting effects made details hard to see he would try that with Duo, but not in a ballroom with nuns, priests and younger students about.

When Heero felt like it, he joined Duo on the dance floor. Sometimes they held hands as they danced. Sometimes Duo stood behind Heero with arms about his waist. Then Duo might also dance in front of Heero and shimmy toward the floor. He left space between their bodies. A lot of the time, they were just close, and looking at each other.

Duo had lost the flowers, and then the red cords from his hair, and then the shoes, but he still looked special and dressed up. He looked more special with the many tiny braids swinging around him as he danced.

Heero calculated that Duo had been dancing for nearly two hours when he decided to take a break of his own. Perhaps, Heero thought, the activity had been cathartic for Duo as well.

Heero took the seat he had previously claimed, where Koi sat guarding his chair. Duo sat to Heero's left, moving his chair close to Heero's. Heero felt Duo's hand on his left thigh.

"You want to leave now?" Heero asked, realizing his voice was gone low.

"No," Duo said, sounding very unaffected, "I figure, we survived this far, we may as well stay and see how things turn out. It's not so bad now the images of fire and death are gone. And, it's not like anyone got drenched in pig's blood or died. That's positive!"

"And yet, morbid." Duo was still rubbing his leg. "I thought... you were not a tease."

Duo turned his head to look at Heero and Heero turned slightly, to see him better. He was grinning that grin. "I'm not," he said. At that, Duo slipped under the table.

"No," Heero said. As much as the thought of sex in public was turning him on, which was more than he wished, Heero was not prepared to actually go through with it. He needed Duo to stop.

Heero realized too late that Duo's plan was other than he had predicted. Heero did not understand until Duo removed his left boot. And, as he did it, Dorothy and Yasmin came from the dance floor to take their seats across the table.

Yasmin sat, then picked up one of the souvenir glasses marked with the class's graduation year to pick a candy from it. Dorothy hiked up the front of her strapless gown before sitting. Heero agreed, it was unladylike, but he was grateful the dress was adjusted. He could see enough of Dorothy as it was.

"Where's Maxwell?" she asked.

Duo pressed his thumbs into the bottom of Heero's foot.

Heero felt like his eyes were crossing as he tried to look at Dorothy as casually as possible. He decided to tell the truth. "Under the table..." Heero said, then he felt Duo's hands massaging the ball of his foot.

Dorothy smiled evilly. "How interesting for you." Three seconds passed, and the absence of Duo's fingers made Heero suspicious. On the fourth second, Dorothy gasped and stood so quickly that her chair went sliding away from the table. Her arms crossed over her body defensively. "Maxwell, you lecher! Stay away from me!"

Yasmin looked at Dorothy and then Heero, then she peered under the tablecloth.

Heero could hear Duo laughing under there. Heero lifted the cloth and leaned back in his chair until he could see Duo. "I hope you wash that hand."

"Who said it was my hand?" Duo laughed.

"Sit down, Dorothy, I have a Kiss for you," Yasmin said, holding a candy. "You know Duo will only mess with you if you continue those biting remarks."

Dorothy sat again and took that candy. "That's sweet."

"Yes, they are," Yasmin said. "and I would appreciate it if Duo kept his remarking to his own date as well."

Heero scowled at Duo.

"I never even marked her once!" Duo protested. He made a face of disgust to further his point.

"Just come up here," Heero told him.

"Hello, Duo!" Relena laughed, surprising Heero by looking over his shoulder. "Is it very fun under there?"

"You wanna come under the table with me?" Duo asked in suggestive tone, but Heero knew this was joking.

"Just put my boot back on my foot," Heero said as Relena ducked beneath the table.

Oder, Adin's brother, came to the table with the girl who was his date. They sat down with their cups of punch. Oder was leaning a lot, being forward though not forceful, in the way he touched the girl's arms. She seemed quite unresponsive. Heero looked away. Dorothy was balancing the chocolate on her first two fingers and gazing at it as if she... well Heero did not want to imagine what Dorothy might imagine it looked like.

Heero unfolded his fan and kept himself from seeing the others at the table as he pretended to cool himself. Heero could not see Relena but he could see Duo hugging his leg and sipping punch, so Relena must have shared.

Heero heard Dorothy gasp again, though she remained seated.

"You didn't have your ankles crossed," Yasmin said smugly.

Heero supposed that meant that Relena had crossed Dorothy's ankles for her. "Is her punch spiked?" Heero asked.

"What?" Oder asked.

Heero saw Duo nodding. "Never mind," Heero said. He saw Duo offer the nearly empty plastic cup and he took it from Duo's hand. "OK?" Heero asked, meaning Relena.

Duo seemed to understand. He looked away from Heero and then turned back and nodded. He smiled, and then he rubbed his cheek against the top of Heero's left boot to say he liked the boots very much.

Heero smiled and drank the remaining punch. It tasted only like fruit, but afterward he felt warm inside the way he did when he drank alcohol. Heero put his left hand beneath the table to pet Duo. Duo kissed his fingers and then lay his head on Heero's knee and let him pet his face.

That girl that was Oder's date was sitting closest to Heero at the table and she seemed to catch on that someone was beneath the table then. "Is Duo under the table?" she whispered.

Duo reached a hand from under the tablecloth and waved. "I'm not doing anything naughty... anymore," he called.

Heero smiled behind his fan. It was entertaining, this fan, he could show the emotion on his face yet keep those he did not care for from reading his emotions.

Adin found the table next. He sat down in a chair somewhere between Yasmin and Heero. He had two cups of punch with him and he put these on the table. He sighed, leaned back in his chair and fanned himself with a hand. Heero supposed that he had recently been dancing, hard.

Heero recalled that though lacking in rhythm, Adin did have energy and a carelessness about whether anyone thought his dances look pretty. He mainly stomped and jumped around, and though it did not really seem dance to Heero, Heero suspected it was dance to some.

Heero saw Adin straighten. His eyes narrowed. "Heero's wearing the shiny boots, Duo," Adin said.

Duo grinned at Heero.

"I bet you that it is not Duo," Heero spoke up.

"What do you bet...?" Adin started and then stopped. He seemed to realize who was missing besides Duo. "Fuck!"

Duo climbed out from under the table and sat close to Heero in the same seat he had before. He put his arms about Heero's neck and grinned at Adin across the table.

Heero laughed behind his fan.

Duo coughed, "Sisters."

Relena scrambled from under the table, took the seat between Heero and Adin, and then smoothed her hair before the nuns got within ten meters of their table. The women in the uniform blue suits and hair coverings of their particular order passed by the table. Heero knew that not all of the nuns at SJC were of this order, but these several were. The way Duo straightened and smiled politely made Heero think that they were strict. Duo was respectful of Sister Tess, but less formal with her.

"Please, don't get up. Are you all enjoying your Prom?" one of them asked.

"Now," Dorothy said.

"Yes, Sisters," Relena said calmly.

"Yes, thank you, Sisters," Duo agreed.

"We will be doing the superlatives and court soon," another informed them.

"That is so excellent, sisters," Adin said, and Heero thought Relena would smack him for sounding too sarcastic.

The nuns did not seem to notice.

"Are you even Catholic?" Heero asked Adin, when the nuns had passed.

"Russian Catholic, but if there is a Russian Catholic private school within this Side they were not offering scholarships. Almost everyone at the school is a diplo-brat," Adin turned to Yasmin and Dorothy, "No offense."

"None taken," Yasmin said.

"Or a war orphan."

"Oh!" Duo exclaimed. Heero turned to look at him directly and Duo continued, "I almost forgot, Adin helped me figure out something that I had mixed up. The Russian Catholic Church and some others still use an old calendar. I hadn't remembered that. So, their Christmas Eve is on our Epiphany, because the calendar is shifted about two weeks."

Heero was not entirely sure he followed.

"Oh, I forgot, you don't care," Duo said. "Relena! Did you know that?"

"That some people use non-secular calendars to track religious holidays or festivals?" Relena asked. "Yes."

Duo frowned. "Well, it's just... I thought it was interesting. It makes the holiday season even longer. It's like 24 days of Christmas!"

"Nearly a holy month," Yasmin said, "Don't you already have Advent?"

Duo smiled at her. Heero had no idea what Advent was.

"It is 27 days," Adin said, "From the 24th of the secular calendar to Epiphany in the church's Julian calendar, which corresponds to the 19th of January on the secular calendar. The thing is, most families pick one set of holidays and do not celebrate both, or... they aren't religious at all and they might give gifts on New Years."

"And there's two New Years!" Duo said happily.

"Yeah, but on Old New Year you just go to church," Oder said, "No one in the Colonies much cares for the second New Year's Day."

"But..." Duo pressed, "But, when you guys were kids and you had your family... wasn't it pretty kewl to have holidays?"

Adin seemed to think about it and then looked across the table at his brother. "Yeah. Our mother made us Russian Catholic, but our father did teach us a lot of other holidays and traditions. Our family did have 27 days of Christmas and 2 New Years."

"Two Easters?"

"Yeah," Oder agreed.

"Did you have special things you did the same every year?" Duo asked. He seemed very interested by this subject.

"I guess," Adin said. He seemed more interested in looking at Relena just then.

"Relena, you grew up on Earth! And your family was Christian."


"Did you really have real trees?"

Relena smiled warmly. "Yes, Duo. We had real trees inside the house."

"I asked you that before?"

Relena nodded, still smiling.

"If you want to have traditions, you can make them," Heero told Duo.


"You can make your own traditions. You can decide what holidays you want to celebrate."

Duo nodded once, his expression serious.

"Hey, we're going to read your Senior Class Superlatives!" the DJ said.

"Lena, do you think you were voted Queen?" Adin asked.

"I don't really care," Relena said. She sighed. "I hope it is someone else, but I honestly don't think I want to stay and find out."

"You want to leave?" Duo asked, "Before they announce the court?"

Relena nodded. "Yes. Yes, I do." She smiled wide. "It doesn't matter. The important thing is that we all survived. Monday night we'll be graduated. This doesn't really matter very much," she said, gesturing to the room they were in.

Adin stood up first. "May I escort you to your room, My Lady?"

Relena bowed her head, then stood and took Adin's arm. "We agreed that it was our room, and you are all welcome to drop in. It is too early to... retire."

"Can we invite a few more people?" Oder asked.

"A few," his brother warned.

"Hey, be all gentlemanly and offer me your arm," Duo whined. It was a contrived whine, meant to tease.

"I thought you wanted my hand," Heero said. He stood from his seat, took Koi's harness in his right hand and then offered his left hand to Duo.

Duo smiled as he collected his things, red laces from his hair, wilting flowers, shoes, souvenir glasses, walking stick. "My hands are going to be full."

Heero hooked his left arm around Duo's right arm and led him toward the door.

They walked down a hall and then took the stairs, in case some reporters were in the lobby or watching the elevators. The flights of concrete stairs being a bit much to ask of a person with a broken leg, Heero carried Duo up the stairs. Duo was big, but then Heero was very strong.

Relena and Adin were ahead of them, as was Koi, and a number of other students trailed behind. Heero set Duo down and opened their room while Relena opened hers. Duo put his things down and they both found that their luggage had made it to the room.

Heero set out some food and water for Koi.

"We have business," Duo said.

"Yes," Heero agreed.

"But let me be with my friends a while longer."

"I have no problem with that," Heero said honestly.

Duo smiled. "I forgot to take the camera out before." He had it now.

Heero unlocked the door to the adjoining room and then knocked on the second door. Soon Dorothy opened the door for them. Adin was unpacking some drinks he had brought and Relena was working the rooms a/v system with a remote, selecting a movie to watch.

They settled on some teen slasher movie as the room was filling up. Adin closed the door after he was satisfied that everyone that mattered was already inside.

Heero claimed the armchair in the corner.

Soon Duo limped quickly to the chair.

"You want the seat?"

"C'n I sit in your lap?"


Duo grinned. he put his right hand to an arm of the chair and lowered himself, so that he sat across Heero's legs. Heero did not find the added weight uncomfortable. Duo continued to make himself comfortable, putting his right arm around Heero's neck. He swept his braids to one side.

"Can you reach my fan?" Heero asked.

"They aren't paying attention, besides, my hair is hiding us."

True. Their faces were concealed. "We could just go to our room."

Duo grinned. "More fun to make out with you at Relena's party."

Heero moved his tongue from his mouth and licked at Duo's lips. Nanoseconds and then Duo's mouth was sealed to his. Duo's left hand fisted in his hair. A second more and Duo's legs twisted. He nearly kneed Heero in the ribs before his weight settled again, his knees planted either side of Heero's right thigh.

Heero rolled toward his right, then, pinning Duo into the very corner of the chair. He heard a low throaty laugh come from Duo. Heero drew his head up to look Duo over. Duo was strong, even compared to most men his size, but he had not done high gravity and high resistance training as a child. Heero had him trapped, and Duo was enjoying it.

"Oh, isn't that sweet?" Relena said in amused tone.

"You know he's going to die now," Adin said.

Duo looked toward the monitor. Heero could see most of the screen when he turned his head. The horror movie was still on. A teenaged character in a jacket too big for her body was admiring the large ring on her thumb.

"Or she'll die," Dorothy said.

"Don't say that!" Duo spoke up.

"Man, you know the rules of horror movies. He gave her the jacket and the ring, so he's got something to lose and he said 'I'll come back for you.'" Adin said, "I bet the killer goes after him first.

"No way. They're the committed couple. They live until the sequel. It's the ones that have sex in the back of a van or at a party that kick it."

"Duo's right," Relena said, "They may bend the rules in some movies to keep you guessing but those who are pure and most oppressed survive horror movies. I wouldn't be surprised if this girl is the one that defeats the killer."

"But the boyfriend probably dies!" Adin insisted.

Duo made some distressed sound.

Heero looked back to Duo and whispered, "Duo, we survive the movie."

Duo pouted.

Heero smirked, then bowed his head to kiss Duo's pouting lips. Duo kissed back, moaned then turned his head. Heero took the hint and kissed his way down Duo's throat. He tasted a little different, Heero thought. The smell was altered too, still vanilla and spice, but sweeter. Heero liked it.

"You taste good," Heero whispered.

Duo laughed softly. He ran his fingers through Heero's hair and massaged his scalp. The pressure on the back of his head encouraged Heero to continue sucking at Duo's throat.

"I want you," Heero said very quietly. Duo's body felt great under his hands and trapped beneath him. He tasted good. He smelled really good. He looked amazing, entirely willing and contented. Duo knew that color of shadow over his eyes made the deep indigo seem even more beautiful and special. The rapid breaths and careless low moans got to Heero.

He wanted more of everything.

"Dorothy is looking at us," Duo said.

"I do not care," Heero growled. He did not care who was there, anymore.

Duo arched and struggled to feel in control. "I want you, too, but..."

Heero groped along the exposed surface of the chair cushion until he found their camera. "Just come to our room, Duo-chan. Maybe we can come back. At the very least, you can have breakfast with some of them."


Heero stood up. He captured a picture of Duo looking tormented and full of lust while curled in the chair. He moved the few steps to the bed, where about six others sat, and dropped the camera into Dorothy's hands without a word.

Heero looked back to Duo then. He extended a hand and Duo took it.

"Bye, Duo!" Adin called to him as Heero was pulling Duo from the room.

"Ja ne!" Duo called back with a nervous laugh.

Heero closed the door between rooms once they were inside and then pressed Duo against it. Duo was biting his lower lip. His eyes were low.

"I love you," Heero whispered.

Duo looked up. "There's a lot of things I want to tell you, and do, but right now, I just need you to fuck me." Duo's arms tightened their hold on Heero. They almost kissed. Heero could smell the faint fruit-alcohol trace of the punch on Duo's breath. Duo's right hand slipped from Heero's back. Heero felt Duo's fingers digging at the fastening of his pants.

"You know I want you," Heero said as his reply.

"I want you to do it without a condom," Duo said firmly.

"That is what you want?"

Duo nodded as his fingers stroked Heero's cock. "Yeah. It'll be safe. And it won't be the last time."

Duo did not lie. His offer told Heero everything he need to and wanted to know. Tonight would not be the last time and there would be no one else for Duo.

Heero swallowed a moan. "Yes," he whispered. He drew his pelvis backward then sank to his knees. "I want you to be with me." Heero put his hands on Duo's obi, seeking the ends.

"Oh, not like that," Duo hissed. He shimmied down, such as he could. He wobbled slightly and his left leg faltered. He grabbed Heero's arms to keep from falling. "I'm OK. Sorry. Just help me up."

Heero stood again, grasping Duo beneath his arms and lifting him. "You want to do it a certain way?" Heero asked quickly. He pressed the length of his body against Duo again. He did not care how they did it, as long as it was soon. "I need you."

Duo kissed Heero quickly. "Oh, God, I need you, too. Bed. I don't want Koi too close!"

Heero smirked. His dog was trained not to come up onto a bed if Heero was having sex, but Heero had not been able to train him regarding tables or chairs or floors or walls. "If he is in the same room he can guard us while we are distracted," Heero explained. If Duo had his way every time, Koi would not even be in the same room. Koi was very well behaved, he never actually interfered, but Duo claimed that the dog looked at him funny.

Heero picked Duo up in his arms and carried him to the bed that was on the wall opposite the door Duo had been leaning against. Heero dropped Duo down onto the bed. He quickly removed his jacket and tossed it over the bags at the foot of the bed.

"Baby, I need you to fuck me," Duo told him.

Heero climbed onto the bed, eyes focused on Duo's body. His mind focused on how to get Duo out of his clothes.

Duo writhed and dragged his heels over the bed cover. His knees rose and the bottom of the kimono and red garment beneath opened. The tabi were thigh high. Heero had never seen that before. The stockings were held in place with a garter belt and Heero could see a teasing flash of red between Duo's legs that was the underwear he wore.

The stockings! How could he get the underwear off without removing the stockings? Find the fastening of the belt? Pop those clasps at the top of the stocking?

He moved his hands to Duo's legs. He could feel the cast under the left sock. His hands moved up Duo's thighs. He touched the band of bare skin between stockings and underwear.


Heero put his left hand against the mattress, at Duo's side, then leaned forward. He pressed close to Duo. His erection touched the satin fabric of Duo's underwear. "Nnnn, Duo..."

"Damn." Duo swallowed hard. "Laces... on the side."

"Aa." Heero felt the eyelets and cord along the right side of Duo's underwear, and he supposed there was a similar fastening at the left side. He pulled at the neat bow to loose the string.

"Don't even bother getting all our clothes off."

"You should not wear such elaborate clothing and then demand to be fucked right away," Heero growled. He picked the last of the lace free at Duo's left hip.

"I was kinda envisioning you and me sorta messin' around all night, but it has been two days!"

Heero dug his fingers into Duo's underwear, carefully. His knuckles touched Duo's balls. Heero gave a tug and the underwear came away in his hand. "Now?"

"Mmmm. We just need some lube..."

Heero reached for his bag.


"What else?" Heero asked as he reached into the bag. He really did not want to wait for anything else.

"Can I try being on top... just at first if you like."

Heero smiled. "I might like you on top, Duo-chan."

"You are sexy," Duo purred. "On your back, Sensei, I'll show you what I can do for you."

Heero pushed himself up onto his knees first. His cock was pointing through the fly of his shorts and he wanted to be able to push the shorts down his legs. He made the adjustment then lay down on the bed.

Duo already had lube on his fingers when he leaned over Heero. He put his fingers to Heero's cock, that was not new, but it felt good. It felt incredibly welcome after wanting Duo so much of the night. "I wanted to taste you too, but one thing at a time."

Duo moved a leg over, to straddle Heero's body. Duo was smiling. His hair was falling down around them in so many tiny braids. "You do not want stretching?" Heero asked. He did not want to wait now, but he thought it would be wrong not to ask.

Duo grinned. He arranged the ends of his clothes in whatever way seemed most comfortable or efficient to him. His right hand was behind his back and Heero could feel it touching his cock. "Baby, I love that you offer, I want you to always offer, but you're my Baby Bear. Everything of yours fits just right. I really don't need it, long as you aren't trying to ram it in raw and all at once." He made a little laugh. "Sometimes I want you to do it just because I like your fingers in me."

Duo adjusted his position again, moving his knees on the bed until he was satisfied with their placement. Heero could feel that his cock touched Duo's buttocks, and then the opening between. He had felt it with fingers. He knew what it should feel like, but he had always used condoms, so it was shocking to feel things that clearly.

It had felt good enough with condoms.

"I can feel you," Heero said finally.

"Yeah," Duo agreed, voice low, sighing as he spoke. "Say you love me again."

"I love youuuu... oh... fuck!"

"Yeah Baby!"

Heero had expected it would be fractionally more intense, and it was more intense.

"Nnnn, Heero. Need this. Need you."

"You have me," Heero whispered. He drew breath. "All of me."

"Yes!" Duo lowered the angle of his body to lean over Heero. He smiled between the slightly strained expressions of pleasure-pain, the chewing at his lip, the small creasing of his brow, the lowering of his eyelids. The back and forth motion he maintained caused his dick to push at the tails of Heero's shirt.

"You want me to?"

"Mmmm." Duo lifted the container of lube from the bed.

Heero took the lube as Duo unbuttoned his shirt.

Duo reached as far as Heero's collar, undoing the buttons and the ruffle there. He slid his hands up and down Heero's torso, then straightened his position. Only Duo's fingertips touched Heero's stomach. He arched his back and then lifted his arms over his head and closed his eyes.

That was the most beautiful thing Heero had ever seen. Duo, just riding him, with a relaxed posture and pleasured expression. There was just a flash of blue below the dark lashes and low lids.

Heero put a hand to Duo's dick and then Duo looked even better. He was slack-jawed then, and moaning.

And everything he did made Heero feel good.

He had an absolutely gorgeous man riding his cock and loving it. Better, he had Duo Maxwell! No barriers, just his cock in Duo's ass. It was good. Perfect. It was perfect. And Duo loved it. Duo loved him.

Backdoor full system access! Inside his head, part of Heero was laughing with glee. He was going to lock out all other users!

Right after his brain rebooted.

Heero saw Duo all the way through his climax on autopilot. His own consciousness had been fried by his earlier orgasm. When he started to regain logic Duo was still stupid with pleasure. Heero noted the curious sensation of his penis being inside of Duo while soft. Duo leaned forward then and the sensation left Heero.

Duo's face was close to his own and grinning at him. "You are my God! Heero! I don't know if I was lucky or what... but I never managed to hit the spot, like, so many times at one time!"

Heero grinned, yet he doubted it had very much to do with him. He lifted his clean hand to Duo's face and then craned his neck to kiss him. It was good, hot, wet, long.

Duo smiled down at him. "Mmmm, nice, guess it was good for you too."

Heero licked his lips. He blinked once slowly. "It is always good with you, Duo-chan, but yes, that was intense."

"Man, there ya go, perfect boyfriend. I feel like I could sleep, but it'll pass. I really need to get washed up. I have stuff all over me!"

Heero chuckled. "It's mostly lube."

"Yeah," Duo said as he was backing off the bed, "but I hate when it starts to get all cold and sticky!"

Heero smiled to himself. Sometimes sex was messy, but it felt really good, so he did not care. And, it was something he and Duo could do together, for each other and both feel good, so there were assets beyond the physical pleasure. Heero liked keeping Duo happy. "Throw me a towel."

A towel promptly sailed from the bathroom to the bed. The hotel room was small, and so it was an easy throw. It saved Heero the undignified couple of steps with his pants down around his knees.

When he was mostly clean he went to the bathroom to finish.

Heero came from the bathroom a short while later, Koi at his heel. Heero was wearing his white dress shirt and pants and the tall black boots. The shirt was hanging open. He saw Duo sitting on the bed adjusting his stockings, after having replaced his underwear. He did not wear the black kimono and obi anymore, but only the flimsy red under kimono and whatever might be under it. Besides the stockings, underwear and belt, Heero had glimpsed something black beneath the upper portion of the garment.

Duo reattached the last clasp of his belt then stood up. The red kimono fell closed. For some reason, Heero suddenly thought Duo resembled a bride. There was a pain in his chest. Duo was grinning at him, his lips were only glossed now; he had removed the stain. He sauntered toward Heero and then kissed him. He tasted like vanilla lip gloss.

"I want to be with you," Duo whispered.

"I know," Heero said. He was really starting to understand how Duo wanted to be with him and it was frightening and touching all at once. "I think you have known for quite a while now."

"I thought you knew. I hoped. I want to be with you, for a long time, and not with anyone else. Heero, I haven't been with anyone else in weeks."

"Really? I was not sure about that. I suspected, or hoped. I would not have blamed you if you were. I did not have the right."

Duo was eyeing Koi, but Koi was only sitting at Heero's side obediently. Duo looked up to Heero. "I want you to have the right. I don't know if 'belong to' is the right way to say it, but 'belong with' probably is."

"You belong with me, Duo. We belong together."

"I like to hear that," Duo said seriously. "God!" he cried out loudly, "Do you really understand? I had opportunities to be with other people. I found them completely attractive. I was horny at the time. And then I just couldn't go through with it, because I knew I wanted you in particular. You made me not want to be with anyone else! I never felt like this before! I am just so... yours!"

Heero watched Duo smile at him. "I have not found anyone else I would even think of losing you over. No one compares to you, Duo. We can be together, because I will not leave you."

"You wanna be my boyfriend, Heero? You want to have the right to tell other people off?"

"We are already boyfriends," Heero said, "You insulted your friend to defend me. Even before today, even when you thought I did not like public displays, you found ways to let people know I was with you."

"But, now there's no trial."

"No trial."

"Do you still want me to be your 'Duo-chan?'"

"We have both been learning what sort of role that is. I know I have been trying to learn what you need."

"I have tried to learn what you need."

Heero nodded. "I like that you 'belong with' me. We will continue to learn how that works."

"I want to."

"I owe you a few spankings."

"I know. I was naughty today."

"You were also very good today."

Duo smiled.

"I have something for you. You will like it."

"You did? I got you something too, well, I didn't technically get all of it. Part of it is something that was mine that I want you to have... I didn't know you would get me something. Hope my gift measures up."

"It is not a competition," Heero said seriously. He suspected Duo would like the ring he had found very much. "You go first."

Duo turned. Heero followed him to the bed where the bags were. Duo reached into his bag. Heero stood behind him, parting Duo's braids to expose the back of his neck again. Duo palmed something and then, switching it from hand to hand, drew his braids over his shoulders. "Sorry, I'll try to remember to wear it like that around you."

Heero shifted weight to the balls of his feet and kissed the nape of Duo's neck. "Do. Not try."

"Yes, Master," Duo said. He turned around. His right hand was in a fist between them, concealing some small object. "I want you to have this." Duo opened his hand. It was a ring. It looked like the ring that girl in the movie had worn. Heero knew what it was; he had gone to various schools before testing out and some of them continued a tradition of issuing class rings.

Heero lifted the ring. This one was gold and it was strung over a slender gold necklace. The ring carved with Duo's school name and year of graduation and other symbols. There was a dark blue stone in the ring.

"It's..." Duo started.

"Your Class Ring," Heero said. He opened the clasp on the chain. "Do I get your letter jacket too?" Heero lifted the ends of the chain and then clasped them together behind his neck.

Duo seemed to be looking at him, trying to decide if Heero was serious or teasing. Heero had not thought that he had sounded like he was teasing. "I got a letter, but I never put it on a jacket," Duo said quickly. He continued to look at Heero.

Heero lifted the ring from his chest. The chain was just long enough that he could see the ring without having to remove it. Duo's name was engraved inside the band.

"But the letter's yours if you want it."

"I do," Heero said seriously.

"Hentai," Duo teased, "I bet you're sorry you won't get a chance to pinch me while taking the train to school."

Heero pinched Duo's ass.


Heero smirked. "I do not pinch schoolboys anonymously on the train, I do not need to, I have you checking into hotels with me."

"You know I never do this sort of thing for other men," Duo said confessionally.

"You better not. If you find that letter by Monday and show up at my apartment in your uniform I'll give you a graduation present."

"Thank you, Daddy, I will find you that letter so you can be proud of your li'l ball player," Duo baby-talked.

"Good boy," Heero said, then kissed Duo's lips lightly. "I love your gift, Duo. I will keep it close, though I may have to remove it if I take certain field assignments."

"Right. Highly traceable and shiny as well."

Heero kissed the ring and then let it lie on his chest. "This means you can't see anyone else."

"I should hope you wouldn't wear my ring and see anyone else either," Duo teased, "Guess I'll just have to trust you when you're undercover."

"I am not very good at using seduction to acquire information. Midii usually does that."

"I'll warn Hilde about that."

"I think Hilde also understands the difference between work and leisure. I promise to understand if you have to do it. Let me give you my gift now."

Duo nodded.

Heero reached for his jacket on the bed. He found the box with the ring in it within the left pocket. Heero pulled the box toward his body and Duo saw it then. "You didn't get a class ring somewhere, did you?"

"No, it's not a class ring." Heero took a deep breath and then opened the box so that Duo could see the ring.

Duo looked and then made some giddy sound. It was almost like... mad laughter. He reached for the box then drew his hand back, as if he could not dare touch it.

"I think it is what you hope it is, but I did not know its history when I bought it. I cannot take credit for that."

"Heero, oh, Heero! Oh!" Duo picked the ring out of the velvet box. "How?"

"In Moscow, when I traded your other ring. I just thought you would like it and I wanted to give you something. Something to show you how I loved you."

"Oh my God! Heero! Oh, God!" Duo laughed giddily. "I think I'll die, my heart's beating so fast."

"Do not die," Heero told him.

"I couldn't be more happy if you were down on one knee!" Duo said very loudly. He was beaming. "You didn't know? You just thought I would like it?" He nearly shouted.

"I went to have it cleaned and the appraiser said that he did not know how to value it, so he did some research, and he thinks it may be the ring that went missing, after a previous owner, named Dartmoor, died. And then, Relena said you knew who that was. I am happy if it means something to you, but I just thought it would look good on your hand. It's a claddagh..."

"I know!" Duo nearly screamed. He threw his arms about Heero so fast that Heero almost fell. He had to take a step back. "I am so happy, and I'm not scared at all!"

"Duo," Heero whispered gravely.

Duo backed away, the ring clenched in his fish near his chest. "What?" His face quickly expressed fear. "You don't want me?"

"How could you believe that? Of course I want you. It's just... I like you being happy, Duo... but it is a lot to live up to, when you talk like that."

"Hey. Baby. Heero. Understand what I'm saying. When you are just being yourself and not trying to impress me you just end up impressing me. You make me happy just being who you are. That is why you are special, Baka. You think no rich and incredibly sexy guy has tried to have me to himself before?"

Heero had not even considered that, that at some time other men had given Duo gifts and proposed he be their lover. Duo was young and rather famous and very sexy. Heero probably should be surprised if no one had offered.

Duo smiled. "I was honest with you about myself, Heero. I said I had friends I messed around with, but that never went past kissing and a rare hand job. I told you I had other sex partners. I didn't love them, but that doesn't mean I didn't see some of them regularly and occasionally accept a gift from them. But, I also meant it when I told you that you make me want to give them all up. I have been tempted, that's the truth, but I know that I would rather have you and that it would hurt you if you knew I was with someone else, so I stopped."

Heero did not like to think about it, but, he had fallen in love with Duo, who was his best friend, and any number of sex partners could not tarnish who Duo really was. "I knew, but I did not think about it that much. It does not matter. I love you."

"Yeah, that's kinda why I love you. It's not the fact that you can buy me presents and take me on trips and you're a deliciously kinky lover that makes me want to be with you, Heero. It's that I know you are being yourself with me, and being yourself means that you are terribly romantic and you just happen to be a deliciously kinky lover who buys me gifts and takes me on trips. This ring, itself, it does mean something to me, but what really gets me is that you didn't know and you still ended up finding it. Your intention was pure and Fate led you to buy this ring. Besides, it is a claddagh. We talked about how Irish and Catholic are the same for a lot of people and trust me, kids long for these as much as they do class rings. Everyone wants a sign to show they are loved, and this is more discreet than wearing bondage gear." It had been such a serious speech, but then Duo laughed at the end. That was just like him.

Heero smiled. He hugged Duo tightly, for a moment. "I love you; I was just afraid to fail you."

"I know, Heero. People make you feel so special and they don't know you. It is a lot to carry, having saved the world."

"I have to remember that you really do know me. I have to remember that you are still here to back me up."

"Always, Heero. I mean that."

Heero nodded. A month ago Duo had been the one who thought he was not ready for commitment, but now Duo was ready and he was committed. There was no question that he wanted to be with Heero. No question that he wanted to stay with him.

"I am happy," Heero said. He was. He felt it, right then. He was happy. Duo made him happy. The sex was great, but this was the point, to have someone that helped him feel happy in life. This was what had been missing, someone that could be happy making him happy. Of course, physical contact was a part of making each other happy.

"Put it on my finger," Duo said. He offered his left hand, and in the right he held the ring, turned so that the heart appeared upside down to Heero.

Heero took the ring in his right hand. He took Duo's left hand in his left hand and then slipped the claddagh onto Duo's ring finger.

"D-did you have it sized?" Duo whispered.

"No. I looked for a ring that was the same as your old ring."

"And this ring... is my size."


"Oh, Heero," Duo sighed, "I don't know what I want to do more, go show off the ring to Relena or show you how much I love you." Of course, the tone made 'show' very suggestive.

"I do not know if I can," Heero confessed quietly. "I... I was so nervous this morning."

Duo laughed. "You too? How many times?"


More laughter. "Three here. I managed, but I admit, I couldn't do it every day. You want to just check if their side of the doorway is still open? Either way, we could just mess around the rest of the night."

"We could," Heero agreed.

Duo leaned in close and nipped at Heero's right earlobe. "You want to make a wager on how long you can stand to keep me clothed?" He whispered.

"You think I can't go slow? I think either way would be worth my while. I still get to see you in every state of undress from this to nude, and I get to remove the clothes. I like this, you know." Heero ran his hands over the red kimono.

"It's not fair that girls have all the fun. Naked and fucking is never bad, but, I should get a strip tease when I want it. I should get you picking at laces and clasps with your teeth when I want it."

"If you are good, Duo-chan. Maybe I want a strip tease."

"Nnnn, I could do that. I have many skills."

"Yes, I am sure you would be Best in Show, Duo-chan."

"Nyaa," Duo said, like a cat, then licked the back of his left hand.

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