Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 40

Heero was certain he had planned badly and that was something he did not want to admit. It was logical that he admit what he knew to be true, but he hated that it was his plan that was flawed. Consolations? It was only a recreational outing and not remotely a matter of life and death, and Duo didn't seem to be bothered by this plan. The flaws? Going to the bazaar immediately prior to sightseeing required they carry purchases while touring old structures for several hours and Heero had vastly miscalculated the amount of gifts Duo would buy. Also, Heero had not anticipated that Duo would be so interested in the churches.

Heero also had looked forward to viewing the historic sites, particularly with Duo. Now he was tired. They had explored every nook and cranny of St. Basil's that was open to the public and a few that were not. They had walked through more than one history museum. They were now, less than systematically, entering every church within the walls of the Kremlin plus a few other historical buildings that were either very old and beautiful, or old, austere and filled with interesting displays.

Clearly, from what Duo said, no Colonial churches were so grand. No Colonial church could be more than 200 years old most likely very few were older than 100 years old. They could not afford to be very large. Though they were set apart in their fašade or architecture from the buildings around them, many did look very functional and modern. They did not have wood and gilding. Sometimes they had a particular altar or relic or statue that was imported from Earth, but many churches there did not.

Whatsmore, Eastern Churches, as those in Moscow were likely to be, were not like those in the West, Duo said. Heero understood when Duo explained about the various schisms and branches of the Christian churches, but much of it was lost on him. Duo sounded knowledgeable and passionate, especially when he began describing his school trip to Europe and how he had seen their cathedrals and how the compared the churches here and to those in the Colonies. Heero wanted to be interested and he tried, but it started to sound like a school lesson or a guided tour after a while.

Heero did appreciate that the buildings were beautiful and old and well crafted, but when Duo pointed out the various saints in statues or icons and talked about the differences in rites Heero did not know how to react. He tried to politely listen and provide eye contact, the training kept his expression neutral, but Heero was beginning to feel tired.

It was torture, having the box of antiquated electronic devices and not being able to take them apart or examine them. Just as bad was being with Duo when he was dressed in that sort of cowboy outfit and not being able to play with him. Heero was strong enough to carry it and endurance was not a problem, but that did not mean he enjoyed moving around with a box.

Heero started plotting how he could salvage his mood before they needed to be at the theater. Maybe he could say Koi needed to rest?

"What time is it?" Heero asked.

"It's..." Duo started, "Wait, you are asking me?"

"I think it may be time we should start back to the hotel, but I have been so lost in viewing all these churches that I wanted conformation."

"Oh, God, you're bored, aren't you?"

"You are a wonderful companion, Duo..."

"Why didn't you just say, 'A perfect boyfriend would know when his partner wasn't as interested in a subject as he was and make a compromise,' or some shit like that?"

"I was trying hard to be the perfect boyfriend myself. We had time. It wasn't wrong in any technical way that I can think of. You did seem quite knowledgeable and passionate. And I know you may not have a chance to get back here very soon, so I did not want to make you leave with an order. I thought that might be abuse of power."

"Good leader. Suffers for those under him." Duo warbled. He smiled then. "Tell me what I can do to make this up to you," he purred, "Ah, except for the obvious." Duo reached for the box. "May I carry that for you, Baby?"

Heero of course allowed Duo to take the box from him. Duo smiled as he did. "I can't believe we found nesting Gundams!" he said, tipping his head to the bulky bag protruding from the box.

Heero smiled and began walking to the door. Duo had not taken his own advice when he found those. It seemed he had though the painted wooden Deathscythe so wonderful that it had been all he could do to turn around before he exclaimed "sugoi!" and "kawaii!" a lot of times. He had not realized that the wise vender had plenty of experience with selling dolls to Japanese girls visiting during school breaks. When Heero had informed Duo that it seemed a nesting toy and Duo had seen the increasingly smaller painted wooden Deathscythes inside and then finally the tiny wooden Duo Maxwell, he had not been able to hide his intense interest at all.

Yet, seeing as how Duo wanted to buy all seven of the various carved and painted wooden Gundams and the vender did recognize they were two of the few and famous Gundam pilots they got the Gundams at a very good price.

As they neared their hotel Heero noticed that there was a small crowd of people on the walk before a storefront. From the signs it seemed to be an electronics store.

"What's up with that?" Duo asked, "Camping out for concert tickets or something?"

"It's not a line, Duo, they are looking at something in the window," Heero said calmly.

"Do you get them, Heero? Russian pop stars? The last two years it seems like they are everywhere, I mean, there's a new Russian pop act every month."

"I do not really listen to pop, but the answer is that there were always Russian pop stars, you were just not privileged to know about them while the Alliance controlled communications. Are there really more of them than Japanese or American or British or Latin pop stars?"

"Well, this year." Duo sighed. "I've just been annoyed since I found out they were making the film version of Blood Wing... and all five members of Krasny Ogonyok are playing Dracul. Just as extras, I hear, but still..."

Heero laughed.

They reached the crowd and Heero looked to his side. He could see that there were various models of monitors in the window and that all of them were presently tuned to a single England-based news channel. For a moment Heero thought there had been another terrorist attack and that was why everyone was fixated by the particular broadcast. Then the video cut from the anchor to a montage of stills and video, beginning with the image of the front page of the frivolous Side Three 'net daily The Reporter.

That was it... it was all over the Sphere by now... The Reporter had published a photo of Heero and Duo making out at Ibiza. The headline read: G-boys' Luna Sea: Is it Serious?

As well the montage included a brief statement from the taxi driver whose car they had made out in between Christie's and Hilde's apartments relaying what he had witnessed, Heero's landlady claiming she had no comment, several photos of Heero and Duo coming and going from Relena's house together, Wufei showing his hand to the camera, a snippet of video showing Heero and Koi suited and within the damaged Playa Del Stardust.

"Fuck!" Duo cursed under his breath, "What are they saying?"

"I'll tell you later." Heero watched the anchor explain that all of this had happened in the last month. They then cut to other footage of Heero and Midii taken when Heero had last been in Moscow. "Let's go."

Heero pulled Koi's leash with one hand and took Duo's arm with the other, intent on reaching their hotel room without being recognized. He had not used an alias to register at the hotel and could only hope that the employees wouldn't talk to the media. As much as he hoped, Heero was aware that the lower paid employees might be persuaded to tell reporters what they saw within the hotel.

Heero was certainly not ashamed to be with Duo, but they were famous and this was not the manner in which he would want anyone to learn of their relationship or to think of them: as deviant Colonials that carelessly engaged in sex play in a nightclub within the Luna Sea pleasure dome. Heero caught enough of the broadcast to suspect that was how many would take the story.

Many times people failed to recognize him, but sometimes they did, and what those people thought of him effected how they treated him. As underserved as Heero had felt the awe and salutes were he would rather that continued than have people think him frivolous and hedonistic. He did have a business reputation to maintain, much as he tried not to advertise that he owned Lowe. There were children that looked up to him! That terrified Heero some days, but he knew it was true. And while children did not have access to private rooms and adult nightclubs they did have access to major news networks.

It would be better that they understand that he was serious about Duo. The problem was, Heero could not honestly claim that they had any commitment to each other. They were just dating and taking and giving what they could to each other while they could.

They reached the room quietly enough, though Heero had noted a mood of panic as they passed through the lobby. Heero confirmed that the door was locked and that the slider indicated they did not wish to be disturbed. He was thinking and feeling uncertain and it likely showed. He removed his jacket and then took Koi's leash from his harness.

Duo stopped to take off his boots and put down their purchases but then he climbed into bed fully dressed and began flipping through the many channels that the hotel received from around the Sphere, no doubt to determine how the story was spreading.

Heero knelt on the floor brushing Koi's short fur and thinking. Koi climbed up into his lap. He was still a puppy but already larger than he had been a month ago. A little larger and he would not be able to perch atop Heero's legs.

I have been letting my fear get to me, Heero thought. He had started the trial with Duo with such confidence. Yes, Heero thought, that was me. I was the one that cut Duo's clothes from him and made him stupid with pleasure. I made love to Duo waking and dreaming. I took care of him, I kept him safe, I loved him, I did it all very well. When he needed it I was the one who ended up punishing him.

Duo said that he loved me, Heero thought. He smiles for me and it is not phony. He says that he has something he would like to tell me, he hints that we will be together in the future.

It is weak and pointless to fear the end of this trial more than any other day, Heero told himself. I have been afraid that he... no, I have been afraid that I will leave him.

Heero was afraid that Duo would say that he needed other lovers and that Heero would need to leave him, because to share would mean changing from the strong person Duo loved.

Why should Duo need other lovers? He shouldn't. Heero had the shared past experiences with him. Heero cared about him. Heero was getting better at the sex. It had been interesting the other night. Well, Friday morning. They'd lost Saturday and activities had taken up the first part of Sunday.

Heero put down the brush and looked across his shoulder to the bed. Duo was sitting up against the headboard with his legs drawn in close, staring blankly at the monitor across from the bed. They had some time before they needed to dress and go to the theater.

Heero stood, stretched, and then walked to the bed. He removed his shoes then put his knees to the foot of the bed. Duo did not shift his gaze from the news. Heero could hear the voices and the silence as channels switched.

Heero crawled over the bedclothes toward Duo and sidled up to him. He slipped his right hand behind Duo's back then craned his neck slightly, leaning over Duo's shoulder to kiss his cheek. Duo made a small annoyed sound.

Maybe Duo was upset that everyone would know about them. "So, what are they saying?" Heero asked.

"Apparently this seems like real news to Americans and Brits of the Sphere, but everyone else does have it in their fuckin' entertainment gossip shows, or buried in their marquees. Well, except for the local channels, which seem to be talking about Krasny Ogonyok or some reporter caught in a sex scandal."

"So, everyone but those broadcasting from where we actually are has dared to spread the story," Heero stated.

"Yeah... actually, they don't seem shocked that this guy might have been in a video with multiple partners, they're more interested in whether it really is him, like they want to know if they should be impressed or not."

Heero laughed quietly as he lifted his left hand to the buttons of Duo's shirt. "That is almost Colonial of them. I think it is your people that more often have the hang-ups about sex."

Duo laughed, he was really starting to get Heero's jokes. "Yeah, yeah, damn puritanical influence and 'In God We Trust.' Good thing I've got a healthy doubt in God and exposure to Eastern philosophies!" He turned his head to look at Heero and winked.

Heero smiled. Sometimes he really liked Duo's sense of humor. He quickly took the opportunity to kiss Duo's lips.

Duo shifted in his arms so that they faced each other then. Slouched peculiarly Duo had to lift his head to kiss him in turn. Heero rearranged his limbs as they kissed, to be more comfortable. Heero worked on opening Duo's clothing as Duo struggled to get closer to him.

Two days was long enough.

Heero closed his eyes as he sucked at Duo's mouth. He pictured a number of scenarios, wondering what he might like to do with Duo the most.

"Mmmn, Heero?"

He should consult Duo, see what Duo felt like doing. "Aa." Heero put his lips to Duo's throat as he threw his weight back toward the bed and pulled Duo on top of him.

"I..." Duo started, "Oh, you look so good."

"You too." Another shift and Heero's knee parted Duo's legs as they both rolled onto their sides.

"Heero, I..."

"Tell me."

"This feels good, but I just need to tell you I don't think I feel like fucking right now."

Heero froze still. Duo did not want to have sex with him? Heero pushed up from the bed and drew away from Duo. "Oh." Heero wanted Duo... Duo did not feel like it. He closed his eyes. Heero needed to think of something else. "I will just go... play with my new toys."

Heero slipped from the bed slowly and walked toward the box Duo had left near the door.


Heero turned to look over his shoulder, thinking Duo sounded sad. "Duo?" He was sitting up on the bed with his jacket and shirt fallen to bare his chest and shoulders. Heero wished he had not turned to look. Duo had only been honest; he did not want to tease.

"Don't you want to do anything?" Duo asked.

"But... you...?"

Duo smiled and Heero thought they were both realizing the misunderstanding at the same time. Duo actually blushed when he realized it. "Um." He laughed aloud. "Just meant I didn't feel like taking it in the ass, Baby, I'm up for just about anything else!" Forced humor, but it saved them both further explanation or apology.

"Duo-chan, you trust me," Heero said seriously.

"Hai, Heero-sensei."

Heero smiled. "I have an idea what we could do, to start, if you will just sit there and wait a minute or so." Heero had only then thought what he would like to do and it would take at least one minute to set things up. He required lubrication, something to bind Duo's hands and a large mirror.

"I should just wait?" Duo asked as Heero went into their bathroom to wash his hands.

Heero reminded himself to be confident. "Act as if you were alone and thinking of me, Duo-chan, as you get undressed."

"You want to watch?" Duo asked. His voice had gone low and when Heero glanced up from the sink he saw Duo's eyelids were low as well. "Kinda hoped you'd be all over me, but I think I could get pretty worked up just thinking about you watching me."

"Really?" Heero asked as he came from the bathroom. Duo was peeling his shirt from his arms and gazing toward Heero intently.

"Uh huh."

"I will let you have both my hands and my eyes." Heero ducked quickly to their bags for a few things.

When Heero looked up he saw Duo was lying on the bed, eyes closed, right palm rubbing at the crotch of his pants. Those pants really did look good on Duo.

Heero moved toward the bed as Duo moaned, "Nnnn, yeah, Heero." Heero dropped a pair of Preventer issue handcuffs and small tube of lubricant onto the sheets as he moved his eyes along Duo's body. He had long lean legs and Heero found that very attractive on Duo. He was fascinated by the patches of hair on Duo's chest.

Heero thought that now it was coming in again it seemed to grow naturally in the shape of a cross, a line down the breastbone and a thicker band across the chest spanning from one pierced nipple to the other. There were no squared edges of course, but the area did conform roughly to the icon of the Christian faith. Heero guessed that was the real reason Duo had removed the hair, even if it was true that he thought smooth skin looked more attractive.

Heero continued moving his eyes over Duo, noticed Duo's tongue moistening darkly pink lips. Duo's eyes shifted beneath his lids and Heero suspected the eyes were not closed but only very low-lidded. Heero looked again, but there was no reflection beneath the lids.

"I am not here. Understand? If you want to say something to me, say it as if we were on the phone."

Duo made a low chuckle and then popped open the buttons of his fly.

Heero closed his own eyes. Stay cool, he told himself. There was no instant gratification for him in this plan, but it was his plan and he did want to try it. Heero smiled to himself, maybe he was a freak like Duo suggested in his jokes.

He had gotten over his hang-up of requiring that he focus entirely on pleasing a partner, but Heero knew how he felt when he had Duo vulnerable and beneath his hands and calling his name. It was filed away on a mental list of the best sorts of feelings ranked closely with experiencing orgasm.

Heero shook himself, he had been about to drift into fantasy. He had Duo there and willing to play his game, he needed to hurry before Duo lost interest.

Heero pulled a chair to the wall across from the bed. This room had the media system there and that did not fit Heero's present need. With the chair in place Heero took down the large mirror above the dresser and propped it up in the chair.

Heero checked the bed. Duo was naked but for a few pieces of jewelry and he sucked on the fingers of his right hand.

"Duo," Heero called softly as he crawled onto the bed.


"I feel so bad that you're alone. I miss you. Would you do something for me?" Heero asked, careful not to touch Duo.

"Uh huh."

"I want you to take off all your clothes and sit in front of a mirror and tell me what you see." Heero began removing his clothes and crawled backward while doing so, so that Duo would not be able to see him directly.

"I'm not wearing clothes anymore," Duo informed him as he sat up and saw the mirror. It was not far from the foot of the bed and at a height that put Duo center frame as he moved to the edge of the bed.

"I bet you had a very interesting outfit on, but right now I want to remember how you look when I get you out of your clothes. Remind me Duo-chan. Describe what you see."

"I see myself in the mirror. I am naked."

Heero got out of the last of his clothes and crawled forward, carefully placing himself behind Duo so that Duo saw only himself in the mirror. "Sounds good, I want you to tell me more. How are you sitting? Tell me what you see."

As Heero expected Duo slipped into the familiar and comfortable mindset of being on the phone. He could do it and not be turned on himself, or he could be on the phone and also be into it. "Mmmn, I'm all alone in this hotel room. I'm sitting naked at the foot of the big bed, missing you. My left foot touches the floor. The carpet feels sort of old and warm. My right leg is bent back so that my legs are spread. I've got this raging hard-on just thinking about you, Heero. I want to touch it, but I wish you were here to do it. It looks hard and dark."

Heero knew he had to move fast. He reached for the cuffs, opening them as he crept up behind Duo. Heero darted his hands forward and grabbed Duo's wrists, bringing them behind his back and into the cuffs.


"Here, Duo-chan. Are you touching yourself now?"

"No," Duo said plainly. He was clearly confused.

Heero smirked behind Duo's back. He pushed his hands through the gaps between Duo's bound arms and his body. Heero scooted forward as far as was possible, so that his arms could function in place of Duo's arms. He whispered to Duo to be sure he understood, "These are your hands. The other hands do not move."

Duo nodded, watching his own reflection and Heero's eyes where they peered over his shoulder.

"So, tell me about the rest. How does your hair look today?" Heero asked. As he spoke he reached up, his arm still reaching beneath Duo's, and pulled Duo's braid forward over his shoulder.

"It's in a braid, Baby, I'm playing with it now."

"I bet it feels very soft," Heero said as he brushed the end of Duo's braid over his right nipple.


"What are you doing now?" Heero asked.

Duo caught on. "I'm brushing my braid across my chest and wishing you were here to kiss your way down my body."

"Your fantasy sounds interesting. I'm feeling a little stressed right now and don't think that I could think of anything to say that would get you off. I would love to hear about what you are doing and thinking, if you would not mind sharing," Heero said, "You don't have to tell me your fantasy right now, but I would really enjoy hearing you tell me what you are doing. I like to hear you sound turned on and satisfied."

"That's a lot of work for me, Baby."

"Help me relax and maybe I'll do something nice for you in return."

"I didn't say I minded the work. Consider this a gift, Hmmn?"

"All right, a gift," Heero agreed. Quite fair really, since it was his hands that would actually be on Duo.

"OK..." Duo started. He looked up into the mirror and then lowered his lids. Heero watched Duo's reflection in the mirror as he licked at his lips. "I'm picturing you and me together and I'm moving my hands over my body."

Heero touched his hands to Duo's thighs, enjoying the warm skin.

"Over my chest now..."

Heero lifted his hands appropriately.

"It feels nice. I'm moving my hands down over my stomach. You remember how that feels? Like... shallow ripples and smooth skin."

"Aa. I wish it was my hands on you," Heero said. Duo had described his body perfectly.

"Now my right hand goes for the treasure trail," Duo said. In the mirror he smiled.

Treasure trail? Heero thought he should know that but he couldn't think of just what Duo was referring to. A trail to a treasure? Oh, he meant the bit of hair below his navel. Heero thought he should punish Duo for throwing an obscure reference in. He pinched fingers together to pull at that hair.

Duo did not seem upset by Heero's move. He worked it into the game. "Sometimes I like a bit of pain, so I am pulling at the hair." In the mirror Duo was grinning. Heero was not sure if Duo liked the game he had thought up or if he just liked beating Heero at his own game.

"Are you going for the dick yet?" Heero asked. He wanted Duo to say he was so that he could touch it, but he suspected Duo would try to lead him elsewhere for as long as he could stand it. They had not gotten over being competitive entirely.

"Mmmn, you would think so, I would want your hands on my dick right away if you were here, but teasing's OK when I'm Jumping Joan."

Heero did not even ask about 'Jumping Joan.' It sounded naughty. "How are you teasing yourself?" Heero asked. Without direction he drew his hands up to Duo's nipples and tugged gently at each ring.

"Hnnn, oh, playing with my rings. Thinking about how you like to lick and suck... bringing a hand to my mouth."

Heero lifted his right hand to Duo's mouth and Duo nearly sucked all of Heero's hand into his mouth. He gathered Heero's fingers with his tongue and then sucked them in. Heero kept his left hand over Duo's nipple, rolling fingertips in circles. Did Duo think he liked that very much, Heero wondered. Heero certainly did not mind his mouth on Duo's chest, but most often he did it because he seemed to get a positive response from Duo. He thought Duo liked it.

Heero drew his hand from Duo's mouth without asking and touched his wet fingers to Duo's right nipple. It brought a strange rasping breath from Duo, like, "Ha, huh."

"What is that sound for?"

"I like when you put your tongue to my chest and you look up at me... eyes like half-circles below your lids... it's so sexy, you staring at me. It makes everything you do feel better."

Heero had thought Duo might have only been playing the role when he said he was thinking about him. Duo did not lie, but if he knew it was understood he was joking or playing a role he could say things that were completely untrue. Now Heero thought Duo had been telling the truth entirely. He really was picturing a fantasy about them. He really was into this game. "I like when you make sounds like that," Heero said quietly, "It makes me want to do more to make you feel good."

"I want your hand on... I mean... I really want to touch my dick now."

Heero moved his hand down from Duo's chest slowly.

"Softly at first. I'm cradling my fingers around. You remember how it feels?"

"Tell me," Heero said, curling fingers gently about Duo's dick.

"Hot. Hard. Silky. Kinda just feels good in my hand. Not as good as when you touch it, but I can imagine."

"I remember. It does feel nice, like something you want to play with..."

"Mmmn, a joystick, ne?"

Heero's trigger finger twitched.

"Aaah, sometimes I feel like I have the control sticks in my hand again, it feels pretty kewl... fingers pressing independently of each other. Not everyone can do that very well."

Firing vulcans, Heero thought and another finger twitched.

"I want to get off... want to pump my dick for you... Not ashamed that I jerk off thinking of you. I used to do it, before you ever were interested in me. I got clever hands, but thinking of how you would do it made it hotter. Your hands your mouth... Uh, yeah, I needed this. I'm pumping my dick hard, thinking it's you I'm with."

Heero smiled. "Look in the mirror," he whispered. He looked over Duo's shoulder and watched Duo's eyes open. They moved rapidly, scanning and then locked on the reflection of Heero's eyes. "How does it feel? Let me hear you enjoy it."

"It feels good. I'm not doing anything fancy, just tuggin' at my dick about as fast as ever. I'm making my grip just a little tighter now."

Heero made his fist a fraction more snug about Duo's dick as he pulled on it.

"Nnnn, this is what I need. Wish it was you, though. Say you want me. Please, let me hear it."

"I want you," Heero said softly. "Duo, I need you."

Duo's breath hitched. "Ha... ha... nnnn. Yeah. Need you too. Wanna come for you." His eyes were closing.

"I want to make you cum," Heero said. He whispered then, "look at me."

Duo's eyes opened again and stared at Heero from the mirror. Heero thought this was a good game and he liked having his hand on Duo's dick, but he was starting to feel frustrated that Duo had denied him his ass. And though he certainly had no intentions of forcing Duo, it was torturing Heero to sit right behind him.

Heero under stood what Duo meant about the eyes. Heero remembered that Duo had asked him to look at him ass he came before. There was something intense, more intense about sex when you were staring into someone's eyes.

"You feel so good," Duo whispered. He seemed to be referring to his fantasy as opposed to breaking character.

"I love you," Heero said, because at the moment he was giving more than he was taking and he didn't really care.

"Aaah, Heero..." Duo whispered. In the mirror he still stared at Heero.

Heero looked at Duo's eyes. He lost focus. When his vision cleared the mirror was gone but Heero was looking at himself.

He was looking at another Heero. That Heero wore the green and black racing jacket Heero had worn that day, and the green and blue choker Duo had given him, but nothing else. He was seated backward on a bright green racing motorcycle, smirking. Heero was struck by how well the green hair and dark blue eyes looked against all that warm beige skin as well as the bike, jewelry and jacket.

This was Duo's vision. That Heero was the Heero Duo saw in his fantasy. Now, Heero's vision flickered between wide shots of that other Heero posed on the bike and close-ups accompanied by sensations of warmth and sexual stimulation. It had happened again. He was in Duo's mind somehow, knowing his fantasy.

It would have been unsettling if there were time, but Heero felt his leg swing over the seat of the motorcycle. He saw that other Heero's eyes look up at him as he sucked at his chest. The rings through the nipples confirmed that this was Duo's fantasy.

"I want you," that Heero said. "Duo, I need you."

Duo, apparently was wearing black leather pants, open such that his dick was freed. Duo pushed his dick into that other Heero's ass. His breath hitched. "Need you too. Wanna come for you."

"I want to make you come," that Heero said.

Heero understood. This was Duo's fantasy. He wanted to fuck Heero.

Heero looked at Duo's reflection in the mirror. He looked impossibly sexy, lids low, jaw slack, pelvis starting to strain up off the bed. His shoulders pressed Heero's collarbone. "Heero, aaah, I'll do it for you."

"Tell me how you are doing it for me, Duo..." Heero suggested in a whisper.

"Nnnn, hard, like, uhn, not deep. Aw, fuck, just in and uhn, again," Duo managed to get out, not seeming to realize Heero knew what his fantasy included.

Heero did not know how to do what Duo described with his hand, but he tried to do something close. He kept his fist tight but altered the angle of his hand slightly to bring the heel of his palm down against the head of Duo's dick. Heero hoped that was the kind of stimulation Duo needed.

It seemed to be. Duo climaxed shortly. Heero let the ejaculate spill into his right hand as he quickly brought his left hand to Duo's dick to pump gently until Duo relaxed.

Duo moaned and slipped to the floor.

Heero swung his legs around and then followed Duo to the floor. Heero saw Duo was on his hands and knees, blinking slowly. His eyes tracked toward Heero and then he moved.

Duo put his mouth on Heero's right hand, sucking his fingers clean. Duo's left hand groped for something atop the bed; his right made soothing laps up and down Heero's stomach.

"I would swallow for you," Duo whispered between laps on his tongue between Heero's fingers. "I wouldn't mind the taste or... I would just do it for you."

"Oh... I..." Heero started. He thought he would have liked Duo to take him in the mouth right then. Heero wanted to say that if Duo would just give him the smallest promise of commitment on Friday that he would rid them both of the condoms permanently. Instead Heero just said, "I love you."

Duo pulled his pants off the bed and dug into a pocket. He fished out a condom and tore the packet open.

"For me?" Heero asked.

"Of course! I'm just going to leave you hard up after that?" Duo paused. He blinked. "You do want me to suck you off right now, don't you?"

Heero smiled, he felt it more than he planned it. It felt like a rather wide smile. "I would love that, Duo." Heero lifted his right hand, slicked with Duo's saliva and wiped it on the bedspread. He groped along the surface of the bed until he came to the lube.

Duo was already bowing his head to Heero's lap.


Duo looked up, blinking rapidly.

Heero offered the lube. "If you want to," Heero said, "two fingers. Not more than that this time. OK?"

For a moment Duo didn't move. Then his eyes rolled to the tube in Heero's hand. "Khorosho," he said as he looked up. He took the lube from Heero then. He smiled. Two was one more than Duo had been allowed before.

Heero wanted to find out if he did want Duo to fuck him. He still was not certain about that, though, if he was going to let anyone, he knew it would be Duo. It was not a physical question, for Heero's training indicated he would feel some pleasurable sensations if anally penetrated. There was no indication thus far that he would orgasm from that alone, but Heero was not opposed to further exploration.

Part of it was mental. Heero knew himself, he suspected it would be very difficult for him to feel relaxed. He did trust Duo, but if it was going to ever work Heero would need a whole lot of preparation and reassurance. Right now, that was what he believed.

Also, he was not sure how Duo and he would feel about it, exactly. Duo could take initiative and could be playful, but he really did seem to like knowing Heero was on control. Heero suspected that their dynamic would be thrown off if things were entirely switched around.

Maybe there was some position that would allow Heero to remain more in control and that would make them both feel better. Heero would have to return to his research to figure that out. Or maybe there was something Heero could say to make Duo understand just what he was allowed to do.

For now, telling Duo he had the option of penetrating Heero with two fingers did not seem a bad idea. It felt very much like Duo had described he would do Heero. A shallow, rough thrust inward, striving for the prostate gland, and then as soon as possible, another of the same.

Duo had taken some time in penetrating and used a good amount of lube, but Heero could not help feeling tense. Some of it felt good, but then he felt rings of muscle contracting violently against Duo's fingers and it was not really a good sensation, Heero felt.

Duo made sounds as his mouth was wrapped around Heero's cock, a sort of 'Mmmn, muhm, mmmm," that was part pleasure, part protest and part reassurance. Duo's left hand was free and moved along the outside of Heero's right thigh in what seemed to be intended as a soothing gesture.

The fingers came out and then only one returned. Heero orgasmed shortly after.

He lay on the floor then, feeling good, if listless. Duo took the condom from him and then he moved to lie at Heero's side. There was silence, except for slow steady breaths and Koi lapping at his water dish somewhere in the room. A bed squeaked upstairs.

"You want to fuck me," Heero said.

"I don't need to."

"But you want to."

"You knew?"

"I saw us on the motorcycle."

"Mmmn, that's a good one, I like that one."

"You ride a motorcycle?"

"Mmmn hmmn."

"Trained on a simulator."

"You are really not ready."


"I don't know why. I don't need to know why. I just can tell you aren't ready right now."

"If I were to let someone, it would be you."

"That's good to hear," Duo said happily. He sighed then moved his head to Heero's chest. "I know a few tricks that might loosen you up, but I was saving those for marriage."

Heero laughed, disturbing Duo's restful pose. "You saved something for marriage?"

Duo shoved the heel of his left palm into Heero's chest, but it did not hurt.

"What do I get if I am something like a boyfriend or a fiancÚ?"

"Maybe you'll find out."

"Maybe," Heero said. "Maybe I am not casual enough to be fucked by a trial boyfriend."

Duo made a soft snorting sound and traced a circle about Heero's right nipple with one finger. "Maybe. I don't care. You have nice hands and strong lips and you fuck like a machine. I'm satisfied. I never had, like, a steady boyfriend, but I guess if I had one I'd do some raw, kinky shit and swallow if they wanted. Never been married either. Guess if I was going to marry a guy I'd want to be able to fuck them every once in a while. I totally like it the other way round, but, hello, I am a guy, sometimes I just want to fuck something." Duo laughed softly.

"Then we might never know if you are able to fuck me unless we get married."

"That would be a Hell of a honeymoon!" Duo laughed. "Where would we go, hypothetically?"

"Hypothetically we might go to Saint Petersburg," Heero suggested, "In Winter. A place to stay that has fireplaces and ghosts."


"The city had some troublesome periods in the past. I have read that many buildings are haunted. You pay extra for a hotel room with reported sightings, no sightings guaranteed of course."

"Of course. Why Winter? Won't it be very cold?"

"Yes. I will buy you a fur coat to wear when we want to go out, but we will probably be in bed most of the time," Heero said seriously, "Or on the floor near a fireplace. That is supposed to be romantic, ne?"

Duo laughed. "Yeah. So, you and me with ghosts and fire and fur coats?"

"Hypothetically. That seems very us, to be surrounded by coldness and fire and ghosts. It seems like our past. It should be beautiful there otherwise. I am sure if we are married we will have acquired some champagne. You can get me drunk. Not so much that I don't remember; enough that I am 'fuzzy.' That would be the best way, hypothetically. Warm, buzzed, with other people's ghosts to keep me from thinking about my own. Ah, maybe, I could tie you down and, how do you say...? Put myself down onto you?"

Duo raised his head. "You seem to have this very well planned out, Heero."

"No. Really. I just thought of it now."

Duo chuckled. "Nice thoughts. Fire, death and Winter all around and me a prisoner again with your tight cherry ass bobbing on my dick." Duo laughed again; it was a very sexy sort of laugh, and perhaps a little evil. "Hell! May as well make the honeymoon around Christmas!"


"Hypothetically is getting me horny," Duo said in confessional tone.

"Yes. I know what you mean. My recovery rate is negligible with you around. I think I must have been abnormal before."

"I wasn't going to say, but I thought it a bit long for our age, but then you quickly came up to speed."

"I like having sex with you," Heero told Duo. He watched Duo from the corners of his eyes. Duo's head was resting in a hand and he was looking back at Heero.

"I am good," Duo said, wagging a brow.

Heero growled.

"I only think you sexy when you do that. I'll start buying you red clothing if you keep it up."

Heero sat up, knowing they had to get a shower and dress. "I thought you liked me in green?"

Duo smiled, sitting and stretching his arms overhead. "I do like the green." He smiled. "You like the choker?"

"It seems attractive," Heero replied, "Grasses undulating before a storm..."

Duo blinked slowly then grinned, "Is that a 'heeku?'"

Heero growled annoyance. If Duo thought it sounded like poetry there were kinder ways to say so.

"No, no, I like it. Seriously. I can see how it looks like that. I didn't mean to tease. It did sound pretty. 'Grasses - undulating - before a storm.'"

Heero sighed. "I was not trying to write poetry."

"That is why I love you!" Duo chirped. "You are romantic without even trying... and a boy like me does like a li'l bit o' romance as well as a lot of hot sex!"

Heero stood up. He turned to the bathroom door and smiled to himself. Duo was using his joking tone, but he had admitted something important. Of course, Heero had already known. "Duo."


"I am glad I am the one you allow to share both of those things with." Heero then continued toward the bath.

From the doorway Heero turned and saw Duo laughing nervously, his arms folded behind his head. "Uh, yeah, I think I'm kinda high from... uh... we'll have to try it in front of a mirror again sometime, ne? Heero?"

Heero smiled as he adjusted the shower controls. He called out a reply to Duo, "As you wish."

Duo appeared in the doorway. "What kind of show are we going to?"


"Good thing I didn't listen to you and packed formal attire." Duo grinned. "Never been to a ballet. What one is it?"

"Spyashchaya krasavitsa, The Sleeping Beauty." Heero removed his choker and set it neatly on the vanity.



"It's pretty obvious. Would have thought you'd try to impress me with something more obscure."

Heero shook his head. "I plan, Duo, but I do not contrive events solely to impress you. I thought that..."

"I know. Sorry for teasing. It's just... back in the day, I never could have pictured you liking any sort of ballet or Shizen or Waterhouse or Cheong-Leen or Ai... or accidentally writing poetry..." Duo trailed off, becoming very quiet.

"You want to get in the shower with me?" Heero asked, changing the subject.

Duo shrugged. Heero stepped into the shower. A moment later Duo came in after him and sealed the door. "I am impressed."

"You are?"

Duo nodded. "You really are the perfect boyfriend, Heero." He said that as if it was a bad thing. He said it sadly.



"Do not be a fool, Duo. You have always impressed me. I admire you and depend on you and you are the best man I know. Do not start to believe that you are second best and make us both look like fools. You and I know the score. A lot of the good things we did happened because we helped each other."

"I know, but..."

"I bet you will look really good on Friday night."

Duo smiled. "I will look so good you be afraid to leave me alone, ever."

"Maybe," Heero said. "That may be true. When you see my formal attire you may be inspired as well."

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