Disclaimer: This is fanfiction based on the characters and universe of Gundam Wing.

Another Version of Events
by Karan Seraph
Chapter 27

Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Take in air through the nose. Blow out air through the mouth. Keep breathing. Climax, orgasm, ejaculation... it is not new. Your body will not be shocked. You will observe the event without going into shock. It feels too good. No, it feels the way it should, you must be able to accept that feeling in you. Breathe. Not the first time you have sensed Duo's feelings strongly. Not the first time you have known his thoughts. Breathe. These are your skills now. Hone them. Control them. And remember to get that condom.

Heero shivered. He pinched fingers to the top of the condom as he drew back, away from Duo. Quickly he recalled his routine and following it he slipped the condom off, using slight pressure to work any fluid down, lifted the condom in on hand, made a visual check that the prophylactic was intact, knotted the open end then scanned for a waste receptacle.

The strange glass dish on the nightstand would serve until Heero had an opportunity to clean up. He wondered if it was meant to serve a function in this tacky room. It seemed heavy for a coaster and had thin rounded indentations in its rounded lip. Heero leaned forward over Duo to put the used condom there.

Heero kept breathing.

Duo. He was sprawled on the red satin now, collection of braids flung toward the right, the knee of his injured left leg drawn up so that his legs were spread. His own breath was heavy. There was a smile on his lips.

Heero felt things had ended too quickly. Ten minutes spent in the tub, soaking, groping with soapy hands, kissing passionately, not saying a word when both knew there was something powerful binding them together. A minute and a half to release the ends of Duo's braids so that they fell from the loops to their meter-long length and to discuss the fact that Duo could barely manage control of his telekinesis to remove a gun from a hand but evidently could will his hair to form many intricate braids without noticeable exertion or effort. Three minutes checking for open wounds and then bandaging Heero's right hand and Duo's chest.

A half a minute in which Duo said, "Let's pray in bed," and Heero laughed thinking Duo was affecting some sort of bad accent. Three minutes of Heero, perhaps obsessively, arranging lubricant, condoms, extra bandages, a string of rosary beads and an eyeliner pencil on the bed, because Duo said they might need those things.

Fifteen minutes of miscellaneous foreplay and sexual activity including a lot of licking and sucking, Duo putting beads on Heero and laughing at his own puns on prey, play and pray, and drawing on each other's bodies with the pencil. Five seconds for Duo to say, "I'm ready and I want you."

Another two minutes for Heero to psyche himself into going through with anal sex and to apply lubricant and condom as needed. A minute to negotiate what position would be best and for Duo to kneel facing away from Heero. One instant to be entering Duo for the first time and the following four minutes to convince himself Duo could fit the entire length of Heero's erection inside him and to become accustomed enough to the sensation to be able to think or act with anything remotely like intelligence or forethought.

A moment to decide and then two minutes abandoning the forethought and intelligence plan and letting instinct guide him through steady rapid thrusts until he achieved orgasm.

Heero rounded to 45 minutes. Forty-five minutes to get to 'has already had anal sex with Duo once.'

It really seemed fast to Heero but he knew how Duo felt and thought, or how he had moments before. Duo was not displeased. Heero had unwelcomely learned the name of one of Duo's other lovers as Duo compared them in his mind. He had been thinking that he loved Heero and that the fucking had been very impressive for a first time, but that this other guy had pleased him more, on a strictly physical level.

"Duo." Heero leaned down and kissed Duo's shoulder.

"Mmmn, thank you for that, Heero."

"Do you want more?"


"I want to do it again, better this time."

Duo lifted his head and looked around. He flipped over slowly, remaining between Heero's hands and knees. "Yeah, I'm thinking every date from now on."

"Now," Heero said. "I want to fuck you now!"

Duo arched. "Don't mess with me."

Heero lowered his body, carefully supporting his weight in shins and forearms so that he did not hurt Duo's previously injured body. He lapped slowly at Duo's mouth until it opened to him and then Heero bowed and kissed Duo, in the toying manner they often kissed in. Two minutes of kissing Duo and sucking at his neck.

"Oh Jesus!"

Heero growled.


The growling suddenly sounded sexy, even to Heero.

"Oh, Heero! That feels so good right now."

"Tell me your body can handle it and I will do it. You want my cock filling you again? Say it."

"Oh, yeah. Are you serious?"

Heero let Duo feel the weight of his body before he forced weight into his own limbs again. "I am absolutely serious. I can do it better this time. You want it to feel even better?"

"Sure you're up to it?"

"I will be soon. Do you want it?"

Duo looked Heero in the eyes. "Yeah, fuck me."

Heero nipped at Duo's collarbone. He said, "I meant to do it better the first time. I am not satisfied yet. I don't think I pleased you enough."

"You did good, Heero," Duo assured him.

"I would be willing to bet you've had better," Heero said flatly, "They did not love you, but they made you feel so well-fucked, didn't they?"

Duo nodded.

"I can make you feel like that," Heero promised.

"You don't have to do this," Duo whispered.

"Would you agree that the highest ratio of prostrate stimulation to thrusts was toward the middle and not in the last minute?"

"Fuck, all I know is that I was reeling from when you did hit it!" Duo groaned.

"My aim was off. I can correct for that. It will be easier if we keep the same position, but I am confident I could figure it out if you want to chose a position you like."

"Shit... Heero... I feel like I should be so mad at you..."

In case Duo was angry Heero scrambled backward and lapped at Duo's balls.

"Aaaa!" Duo arched off the bed again. "Don't! Oh, fuck that feels good!"

Heero lifted his head and smirked. "I wanted to do it so perfectly the first time, Duo-chan. But then, I figured, it's hardwired into males, gender preference aside: this biological urge to enter, thrust and come to quick climax as deeply as possible. It's procreative. I know I have different reasons for having sex with you, but the urge was there and it was very... animal. I didn't know how to suppress it entirely, so I hoped I could ride it through without hurting you and then go back and do it right a second time."

"Yeah, like I was saying, I should be mad, but somehow I'm kinda getting turned on by you being all weird and clinical."

"Humans are not solely creatures of instinct. We can suppress and deny primitive biological urges. I tried to suppress that one, but I had never felt it very clearly before."

"Guess I know what you mean."

"You are male. But, I know what that feels like now. I satisfied the urge. I am confident I will have more control now..." Heero smiled, mainly to himself and then crawled over Duo again to nibble at his chest. He sighed softly. "Well, more control than last time. It is really distracting and mind-blowing how you make me feel. I may need lots of practice before I can do it perfectly."

"You make me feel pretty good, ya know?"

"That is my goal," Heero said. "Ready? You want to try it this way?" Heero arranged Duo's legs so that his knees were over Heero's shoulders. "Does it hurt?"

"I... um... don't think I've done it face-to-face with... you know." Duo wasn't supposed to talk about his other partners. He probably meant he did this less often.

Heero put Duo's leg on the bed again. "I should apply more lube," Heero said as it occurred to him."

"You're really great, Heero." Duo said.

Heero noted his recovery time and put on a fresh condom. He wanted to be inside again. It had felt so good. Heero felt dizzy for a moment. He looked down at Duo, saw past the bruises to the trust and longing in his expression and the completely beautiful piece of flesh just above his spread legs. Heero licked his lips.

"Nnnn, not yet. I'm OK. I really kinda liked how you brought me off the last time." With his hand while adjusting to the feelings of having entered Duo, Heero recalled. He imagined there was a used condom on the floor somewhere. He should make sure in the future that they had a trash bin close by. Even if they could quit using condoms there might be other kinds of mess.

How would it feel to fuck Duo without a condom, Heero wondered. It was bad enough he wanted the taste, now he had this temptation. Heero closed his eyes. "Duo."

"I'm here. I want you too."

Heero opened his eyes. "It will be all right with your legs up on my shoulders?"

"Yeah, pretty sure. If I need to switch, I'll just tell you."

Heero nodded. That was acceptable. He had rushed through once, convincing himself that he could complete the task. Now he wanted to do it better, more leisurely. Leisurely would be a good word for it.

Heero lifted Duo by his hips and pulled his body forward. He was going to lift Duo's legs but then another picture formed in his mind. "Duo, isn't there a way you could sit in my lap? Could we try that first?"

Duo looked up. "Sure thing. Just help me up."

Heero lifted Duo's hands and pulled him into something close to a sitting position.

"Ready?" Duo asked. "I'll need to lean weight into your shoulders." Heero gave a nod. He felt Duo's hands press into his shoulders as he held Duo's hips. There was a weight coming down against his erection, a tight ring of flesh that did not quite open to him.

"Need you," Heero forced out.

Duo shifted his weight and smoothly took Heero in. Duo made a dry sound.

Heero understood. This physical joining was intensely pleasurable. The mechanics of it being so many nerve endings stimulated by heat and pressure in the best way possible. There was some chemical factor. Heero wasn't sure what precisely began or continued the process but just being near Duo altered his blood chemistry and effected his brain. He felt high and powerful being with Duo. There had to be some emotional factor. Of course Heero knew that he loved Duo, but knowing their bodies were joined did something to him above the endorphins and sensations. Heero felt even more complete and more at peace.

This initial process of entry seemed to effect them both greatly. Duo had moaned pleasure last time and said, "oh," a lot.

Now Heero found Duo staring down into his eyes. Duo's eyes looked so dark and beautiful. Heero's mouth had fallen open and as Duo panted breaths he was breathing into Heero's mouth. Heero didn't think either of them could get very good traction at the moment, considering injuries and position. There was no in and out, just a slight rocking on Duo's part and some muscle contractions that made Heero gasp.

"I love you," Duo groaned.

He was saying it?

"Oh, Heero, I love you so much!"

Heero made his eyes wide and stared at Duo as Duo stared at him. "Y-you're just saying that."

"Mmmn..." Duo sealed his mouth to Heero's.

Serious feelings of completion came over Heero. Duo loved him. He was really saying it. Duo was letting Heero take pleasure in his body. Duo enjoyed what Heero's body could do.

Heero slipped his left hand to Duo's dick and squeezed gently.

Duo threw his head back. "Aw, yes! Do it!" Duo took a hand from Heero's shoulder and made a rapid pumping motion to show what he could not find words for at the moment.

Heero reached to the bed and put a bit of lube on his hand then complied with Duo's request as he understood it. His hand was only away for seconds.

Duo leaned forward and hissed at Heero's ear. "Stay hard and deep while you bring me off with your hand and you can do anything you want after that."

Heero continued the pumping as efficiently as he ever did while masturbating. It seemed to be what Duo wanted. Heero wanted to move. He wanted to thrust. "Duo... you want this?"

Duo's eyes swam before they fixed on Heero. "I like it deep. It feels good to me... all of you inside me. I just want to try something. It might not be as kewl as I think..." There was a flicker of pain in Duo's face and then Heero felt the muscles tense significantly about his erection before they seemed to relax again. "Keepin' ya interested?"

Heero nodded his head and continued working his hand around Duo's dick. "I want to make you scream."

"Aw, Baby..." Duo swallowed then tossed his head and grinned. "You want the cheat codes?"


Duo gave a nod. He leaned back, his left hand on Heero's thigh to support some of his weight and his right hand fell over Heero's left hand. "Nnnn, you better let me finish... turn your head."

Heero thought he understood. Duo wasn't wearing a condom, so there would be a little bit of a mess and Duo would rather avoid splattering Heero entirely if it could be avoided.

"Don't... let me fall," Duo called.

Heero commanded his hands to brace Duo's hips and watched Duo from slit eyes. Duo's eyes were open and looking at Heero's face. Sometimes he said, "God," or "Heero," as he tugged at his own dick with his right fist.

Heero didn't really see it happen. He knew Duo was coming when he suddenly felt Duo tighten up all around him. Duo's weight shifted and instinctively Heero moved to catch Duo from falling. Heero couldn't stop his fall, instead he moved forward with Duo and somewhat controlled their crash onto the bed. Duo landed on his back and Heero on hands and knees over him.

Their bodies had slipped apart, but not before the spasms in Duo had brought him nearly to orgasm. Heero blinked and saw Duo was wiping at his chest with the spare bandages. He grinned up at Heero. "Didja come?"


"I get more deep-dicking then?"

"Mmmn, definitely. You got some in your hair." Heero pointed out his own hair, over his left brow.

Duo pouted and touched his hair, only succeeding in smearing cum into it. "God! I hate when I do that. Now I'll look like Bang Boy!"

Heero laughed.

"Kinda makes you wonder about that one," Duo said.

Heero tickled the inside of Duo's thighs with his fingertips. "Cheat codes. Now."

Duo flashed his grin again. "Well, I told you I'd done it, but I said no one had done it perfectly or enough. Maybe you can figure out how to do that, Lover? I just know a few things I like, and I figure we won't go the model car route this time, because..."

"You want me to be able to make you scream?" Heero bent and pushed his tongue through the ring in Duo's left nipple.

"Selfish, I know... God, I love when you do that... but, I've been wanting this so long, I don't want to wait for you to have to figure everything out."

Heero bit at Duo's chest then lifted his head. "I could figure it out, I just don't see the pointing proving that when we could be getting to the actual screaming of my name." Heero teased at entering Duo, petting Duo's legs as he did.

"Go in deep," Duo whispered. "Getting the right friction hits the spot as it were, but knowing you are going in deep does something for me. I don't know if it's a kink exactly, but it's like a mental thing, 'cause, it doesn't matter how much length you have, just that I know all of it goes in."

At that Heero entered, moving Duo's legs aside just enough to allow the motion. He thought it would always feel special pressing into Duo's flesh this way, but he was becoming more used to the sensations and thus less shocked and more in control of what he was doing.

"Oh, oh, fuck, I really do love you!"

Heero withdrew, slow as he could will himself to move, over half a minute, feeling every second of it and knowing Duo would. All the way out. A fake and then in again in a single quick stroke. He was just playing with Duo, and with himself. Heero did not feel urgency, though he felt need, so he had time yet to play. Heero tried slow in and fast out. He thought he liked fast out.

"I needed this!" Duo told Heero, "I so needed this from you."

"Aa." Heero tried a somewhat less slow slow, in and out, deep as he could. It felt good, pressing so far inside, and Duo obviously got off on it. Mentally, knowing Duo was feeling good made Heero feel good.

"Oooh, can you do it like that some more?" Duo asked.

Heero repeated. Duo seemed pleased, but not exceptionally pleased. Heero lifted Duo's legs over his shoulders, one and then the other.

"Yeah, yeah, that feels good," Duo said quickly.

Heero thought he could make it better. He thought about his research and all the pictures in the book and movies that showed anal sex. Heero walked his knees forward and lifted Duo's hips. Heero was kneeling upright then, Duo's knees locked over his shoulders and his hands free to brace Duo's legs or to touch his body. Heero had a considerable range of movement then and on a quick thrust caused a light slapping of skin against skin.

Duo's head and shoulders were on the bed, but the rest of his body was lifted by Heero, so that the flow of blood toward Duo's brain was increased. That and the particular angle of entry when Heero continued to go in deep as he could, now seemed to do a whole lot for Duo.

He was almost screaming.


"Love you!"








"Fuck me!"




"Like that!"




"Fuck me!"




"Oh God Yes!"



Heero thrust in deeply and then went still. He heard the soft wordless sounds that came from his own mouth, quiet refusals to cry out with pleasure himself yet demonstrating willingness to breathe. Duo was gasping his own breaths. "You like this?" Heero asked.

"Oh, yeah, yeah, feels good deep."

Heero rocked, pressing in again without really withdrawing.


Heero rocked again.

"Oh that feels so good," Duo sighed.


"I love you."


"You are so good."


"Mmmn, Heero..."


"Fuck me... faster."

Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Fast in.




Fast out.


Now Duo was screaming. Heero had to stop before he came. He was feeling himself on a peak as it was and withdrew completely. Heero wanted to play with Duo a while longer, and he didn't want to wait very long to continue.

"Goddamn you, don't leave me, get back inside!" Duo demanded.

"Here," Heero said hoarsely. He swallowed. "I'm here. I just wanted to get some more lube." Heero stroked Duo's legs with his hands as he lay him down on the bed. "You want to try some other position?"

"Aw, fuck! Look at you. I created a monster!"

"Me?" Heero asked. He squeezed out some lubricant onto his fingers then worked his fingers into Duo.

Duo purred.

"You want to be on top?"

"I want to be tied up!"


Duo rolled his eyes. "How can you be so sexy and so in control of me and so clueless."

"I am not controlling you. If anything, I am controlled by all of your needs."

"You give me what I need," Duo sighed, "I want to go home. I want my tokens. I want my sexy clothes. I want to be bound to your bed. I want to be spanked hard. I want to suck your cock. I want you sucking mine. I want your cock filling my ass. I want you fucking me fast, but not too hard."

Heero understood that. Like a few minutes ago, as if drawing punches. Speed without weight behind it. Heero smiled as he realized something.

"I want to eat bagels and sushi," Duo continued, "I want you to give me a bath. I want you to brush my hair. I want you to give me a massage. I want you to help me with my homework."

"You want a drawer to keep your clothes in when you go home to our apartment?" Heero said.


"You know."

"You see what a good fuck does to me?" Duo sighed. "I guess it's true if I said it. But, if it really was my home, I'd need a lot more than a drawer. I have a lot of clothes."

Heero scanned the room. "You want to be my trial live-in boyfriend?"

"I don't know."

"Just for two weeks. If we dump each other before Prom you can always stay with Hilde. If we don't dump each other, then we would have some things to figure out anyway, wouldn't we?"


"Duo-chan, hop over there and bring me that tie-back from the curtain."

Duo sat slowly and looked toward the window. He smiled. He swung his legs from the bed and stood. Hopping and hobbling with a hand-hold on the furnishings Duo made his way to the window and removed the cord that kept the curtain open.

"Come back and bend over the side of the bed."

Duo managed to surprise Heero. He got down on his hands and knees and crawled back, carrying the cord in his teeth. When Duo reached the bed Heero slipped to the floor and stooped to take the cord. Duo rubbed his cheek against Heero's erection.

Heero wrinkled his nose at the slick of lubricant that ended up on Duo's face. "Duo-chan, no, you don't want that on your face now."

Duo made a sad face.

"Aa, I will have to spank you to teach you a lesson, I see. Go on, bend over the bed."

Duo smiled brightly. He stood, drew his braids forward and then bent at his hips.

Heero gave Duo a few firm spanks on his buttocks with the flat of his hand. He really wasn't very knowledgeable about this particular kink. It would have to do. "Put your wrists to the small of your back, Duo-chan."

Duo complied.

Heero began to lash Duo's wrists together with the cord. "Do you know why I am doing this, Duo-chan?"

"Because I am yours."

"Correct. You are mine and I am binding you. Don't worry. You are safe with me."

"I know," Duo sighed.

"Duo... how do you feel? Sore at all? Or do you want another orgasm? Anything before I decide I am done?"

Duo rubbed his dirty cheek against the sheets. "I am totally satisfied, except for wanting to go home and all."

"I would really like to get you home and do all those things. A lot of them sounded as if I would enjoy them as well."

"Yeah," Duo agreed.

Heero rubbed Duo's buttocks where he had spanked him. Apart from old bruises the skin was slightly redder than the surrounding area. "Part your legs a bit more," Heero said.

Duo pushed his feet apart. It didn't seem to be a problem for him. Most of his weight was on the bed.

Heero held Duo's bound wrists loosely in his right hand and then used his left hand to finesse his way into entering Duo in this new position. It felt so good to be inside again. "Oh, Duo."

"Talk to me," Duo whispered, "I know you have some thing about not crying out... but please."

Deep. Still. Duo had liked that before. Heero could feel the shifting of muscles, Duo's body deciding if it was going to be relaxed again. "Oh, Duo. Duo. I wish I had really known how this felt. It's not just the physical tightness. I thought it would just be that, but this feels... right."

"Aw, Baby, I know. I can't get enough of this. I'll make you sore I'll be asking you to fuck me so much." He laughed softly.

Heero rocked in again. He heard Duo moan and he tried to press even farther inside.

"Oh, yeah, really tight against me. Spread my cheeks if it helps."

Heero slipped his hands to Duo's buttocks and kneaded the flesh in attempt to get closer to Duo. He didn't have to know why, he just knew that it was true that Duo had some mental fixation with having all of him and that Heero's fixation with serving Duo would be satisfied if Heero could get as deep as possible. Heero wriggled. He then shifted all his weight into his pelvis.

"Yeah, there you are. I love that cock, Heero."

"You love it?"

"I love you when you fuck me with your cock, Heero," Duo corrected, "I mean it."

Heero tried withdrawing and then thrusting in hard. Not fast really, but with lots of weight thrown so that Duo's thighs were pressed into the side of the mattress.

"Oh, yeah, that's good too. As long as it's deep, and not hard and fast at the same time. I'm just not really into that, or the shallow stuff though, shallow might feel good from your end."

Heero made another hard thrust, just to shut Duo up for a second.

"Oh, fuck!" Duo made a strange muffled cackle. "Oh, do that again."

Heero did his best to reproduce the movement.

"Yeah! Oh, you're totally stroking it!"

Heero thought the mattress had shifted slightly, improving the angle perhaps. He wasn't quite used to this standing position yet. Three strokes, deep and fast.




Heero leaned forward and grabbed Duo's hair. He used his grasp on Duo's braids to pull his head back. Heero whispered then. "I love you when you call my name."

"My God, how are you just stopping and not coming yet? I mean, I can mess around and do a bit o the mind over body, but I'd be coming if I didn't have anyone stopping me."

Heero moved in and out really slow. "I can't do this much longer," Heero said truthfully, "But I like playing with you. This is new for me. I like to learn new things."

"Mmmn, right. You get off on education."

Slow in and slow out.

"You feel so good. Heero, I feel like I am meant to do this. It feels that good for me."

"You were made to do this." Heero felt he was made to do this.

"Mmmn. Made to?"

"I think we did this before, in another life. We did this many times before. You were born to be fucked by me." Heero emphasized his point with a hard thrust that lifted Duo's hips up off the bed.

"Oh God! You were born to fuck me, then?"

"Yes!" Heero agreed, "among other things." Fast in. Slow out.

"That means, if you die on me, you come back to me in some other life?" Duo groaned.

A rock into Duo's body. "Aa, if you believe in soulmates. I didn't believe until today. You could have more than one. There could be others we have met before. But in this life, I was born to love you." Another rock.

"You are so my God."

"A God is nothing without believers, Duo." Heero was still.

"Fuck me! Oh, God, fuck me! I want you to come. Fuck my ass 'til you come!"

Heero smirked behind Duo's back. Duo could talk dirty and he usually cursed more when he got emotional. Heero decided to challenge himself. He was going to see if he could come to his orgasm within a set number of strokes. 42. Heero was going to start counting down from 42 and try to climax on 0.

All deep as he was able. In and out counting as one stroke. Starting now.


"Heero I love you."


"I love you, Heero."


"You're the best, Heero."


"I am yours, Heero."


"You are God!"









Breathe. Stay in your body. And don't forget that condom!

"Oh, fuck. You're doing it to me now. Heero, tie that off."

Heero was laying on the floor beside the bed. He was laughing. He was absolutely full of joy and a sort of mischievous glee at the same time.

"Man, and people think I'm crazy!" Duo snatched the condom from Heero's hand and knotted it. The long legs kicked up over the bed and Duo was gone.

Heero rolled with laughter and gasped as he found Koi panting inches from his own face. The laughter subsided, slowly. Heero scratched Koi's head and smiled. After a couple of minutes he rose to his knees and looked up over the bed. Duo was smiling at him, stretched across the bed with his chin resting on his hands. He'd gotten out of the binding. Heero realized he'd gotten out of the binding before snatching the condom.

Well, Duo was quite the escape artist. Grinning escape artist.

"Hi!" Heero laughed.

"Hi," Duo said.

"I feel pretty good."


"I totally fucked you," Heero grinned.

"Yes, you totally did," Duo said with a smile.

"You liked it."

"Oh, yeah."

Heero sighed and folded his arms atop the bed and rested his chin on his hands. "Altered state?"


"I do not know," Heero said thoughtfully, "I think I might be happy. Truly happy. You said you loved me. A lot of times!"

"I meant it a lot of times."

"You look happy too," Heero pointed out.

"I feel pretty happy. You're cute, ya know? Like, you are all these other things, but really you're just this eighteen-year-old and weirdly socialized hacker that finally got laid and it's fried your motherboard or some shit."

"We had sex before."

"Well, you said this was 'going all the way' and now you've done it, doesn't the other stuff seem like it was just foreplay that didn't lead up to anything?"

"I suppose," Heero said quietly.

"Not that the other stuff was ever bad."

"I guess I see your point. You had some clue what to expect. You knew you wanted it."

Duo grinned. "And you gave it to me, Lover," Duo said, "and it feels so good to do it with someone I love. It's scary good!"

"Scary good," Heero repeated.

"Or, like scary-good."

It sounded like there was a slight difference. "So, you want to get a shower?"

"Should I?" Duo teased.

"Yes," Heero told him, pointing to the stiff shard of hair above Duo's left eye.

Duo laughed. "Right!" I'll wash that out and then do some steam in the sonic. It's a bitch to wash all my hair if I don't have to. The braids are tight, so the steam shouldn't make my hair curl up."

"It curls up?" Heero asked, laughing with something like disbelief.

"Well, I wouldn't guess you'd noticed. For the most part the weight of my hair pulls it straight without processing, but it is naturally a curly type. I guess you'd think that when it's been loose the waves are from the braids, but if I washed my hair and didn't braid it, then I'd still have waves and curls at the ends."

Heero thought. "Well, if the weight of the hair pulls it straight then if the gravity was less all your hair would curl."

"Right. You see why the braiding is pretty practical. It wasn't much a problem when I was a kid, being my hair was grimy and processed and there was not so much of it yet. But a few times after I learned to braid it I had it loose for some reason. It just gets all over the place."

"But, you don't want to cut it?"

"No way! It's mine. I grew all this. Anyway, it's not difficult for me to braid it and it makes a good hiding place."

"Yes. Duo."


"Please. We aren't often in half gravity. I want to see it. I will comb it for you!"

Duo flipped to his back. Heero heard him sigh. "OK. For you. But don't expect me to go about in public with the curly hair."

"You can even wear masks in public if you want, but not for me," Heero said. He stood up beside the bed and waited for Duo to sit up. "Feeling all right?"

"I'll let you know when the drugs start wearing off."

Heero walked around the bed and offered Duo his arm. Duo stood and put his left arm about Heero's shoulder and Heero supported Duo as they walked.

Duo laughed, "Are we even now? On rescues and helping each other walk when we've broken our legs?"

"Baka, if you insist on keeping count we will never be even until I've shot you at least twice. Let's not keep count, Lover. That's all past."

"But I like to think that I'm making amends for that," Duo said. His laugh didn't make Heero think the idea humorous.


Duo grinned. He then circled his hips in dance and sang a line from a song, Heero guessed, "I'm your slave... forever..." That was about all Duo could sing before laughing.

"Forever is a long time past the Twelfth, Duo-chan. Let's just get to that date and do what we must."

"All right," Duo agreed quietly.

"And you are not a slave."

Duo smiled. "I might be a zealot for ya, though."

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