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Notes: This is so cool... I loved chapter 7, it was so cute. It stuck in my head like forever, and I mentioned to Amanda the other day that I wished I could draw it. I said, not really intending to, that I should do an Impression of it. Simon latched onto the idea and refused to leave me alone until I wrote it. XD This is the result. The title is in French, 'I was waiting'.

Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which. ^^

Summary: Giftfic for Loceheri! *hugs* An Impression of the scene from chapter 7 of 'Waiting for Shinigami' which you can find [ here ]

by Kagemihari


sitting here

picture of calm


never been so nervous


said you'd be here

I wait

whispers rumble

rumors run

all approaching here

leave quicker

when I tell them why I wait

for Death, I said

I'm waiting for Death

yes -- I know him

they're watching for you too

long braid and stunning violet eyes

they say

all in black -- what else?


they know why

I'm waiting

flicker of tension

nursing liquid shot with gold

are you really... coming... ?

waiting for Shinigami

rustle stirs

who entered there?

setting off a flutter

of rippling effect as they all notice

is it... it is...

yes, it's you


'Someone waiting for you'

'over there, he's waiting...'

they all know you


I made sure of that

made sure that they would tell you

he's over there

unfailingly directing as you

come to me

and I, waiting

hold my breath

beautiful God of Death

it's you

long shimmering rope of hair

eyes shining violet, searching

come and find me here

I wait...

a flutter settles

in my gut this time


know I'd lose my heart tonight

if not before, to you

my soul, my life, my happiness

are forevermore

within your keeping


blue-violet shining bright

you look at me



people tend to leave you be

when you say you're waiting for

Death.... Shinigami

standing hesitating

'so, I found you'

'I know'

affection, amusement

I love you --

I know

it was always you I was



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