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Pairing: 3+4
Warnings: abstractness and sap (what is with me and the sap lately? o.O)

Kagi's notes: This is a giftfic Impression for Maldoror, based on a bit of a 34 scene from chapter 8 of Trial and Error, which can be found on her page at [ gundam wing addiction ] I suppose calling it a scene is technically a little inaccurate. Actually, it was little more than two sentences in the middle of Heero and Quatre's conversation, when Trowa comes in and finds out that Quatre is home. I don't write 3x4 because I don't get it -- I can't get my head around it. I have no idea what it was about that scene that was any different than anything else I've read, but it suddenly made sense to me -- I can *see* it. ^_^ And now the scene has been sticking in my head, and I couldn't get the *image* to leave me alone -- so I'm writing it.

As usual, stuff in / italics / is thoughts, emotions, or impressions.

by Kagemihari


not too cold, just wet

coming down in slants of silver

tears i can't cry

feels good in a melancholy way

missing you

know you'll be back soon, but...

I wish....

wish you were here

so confused

things are strange

want to talk them over

with you

my world makes sense

not that you know all the answers

but i know

when i'm with you, I know

we'll find them out


you make someplace inside of me


that's been cold for a long time

now there's you

but you're not here -- you're away

and i miss you

want you here with me

all day, every day

but sometimes

neither of us has that luxury

so I let you go

and you let me, now and then

know that you'll be back

but I miss you

and that little bit of


that touches my heart

every time I look at you

you give me hope


a vision, for the future

an anchor in the now


someone to read my heart

when I can't say it

you just know

coming home in the rain

feels like

I'm not home yet

until you are

when will that be?

wondering where you are

how you've been

open the door, already sorry

to be home without you

the first thing that I hear

is my name

looking up, shaking raindrops


from my hair

the first thing that I see

is you

sun comes out

sunrays hit my soul

I call your name

before I know it I've taken a step

you draw me

like a moth to a flame

a smile, just for you

flickers across my face

"You're back!"

my world making sense again

everything right again

quiet relief, contented joy

though you look tired

I want to hold you

and still

there is something here

that neither of us understands

some things

that need to be explained

I feel sure

no matter what's wrong

no matter how long

you and I can handle it together


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