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Warnings: abstractness, yaoi (no, ya think?), LEMON

Notes: Abstract in the extreme. Also strange. Like the Impressionist style of painting, it gives more the impression of events, rather than describing it clearly. POVs and other fixed points change at random, and it's meant to be slightly confusing and unclear. Sort of... blurry.

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Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which, or who it belongs to. Sometimes, it could be either, or both. ^^

Summary: An abstract version of an arc, sort of. I don't know what else to call it... This part, lemon! ^_^ Nuff said.

Impressions: Convergence
Part 5: Heat
by Kagemihari


burning need

surroundings forgotten

"not here..."

brief irritation, frustration

"someplace awful damn close then"

come on, not going to wait

not another minute

wanted this for so long


kiss hard and deep

scramble up, hand reaching down


gentle, with forcible restraint

tension building


with effort of holding back

pulses beat in still-joined hands


need you, need you now

tight smile

wry amusement

got it bad, don't we?

should have happened long before

how did this take so long?

can't believe I never knew...

...needed this so much

heated glance shared

heavy-lidded eyes, question


find a quiet room

silent question -- yours or mine?


"doesn't matter..."

what's close, here, now


door shut, immediately forgotten

lips meet fierce and hungry


hands slipping in and under clothes

blood on fire, racing

through veins like liquid heat

fingers fumbling



sultry chuckle

annoyed growl, responding

heat, storm, fire

take it off

tired of waiting, god!

been wanting this so long...!

skin meets skin, burning

sparks, flash and smoulder

blue eyes dark with need


elation, possession

you belong to me

know it

belong together

all the way, all the way -- gods!


"need to be -- in you"


...want you inside me

open mouthed kisses covering

finding flash points, tongues

flickering over heated skin, smooth

tracing tempting lines

of neck, jaw, shoulders...

mouths wandering, hot


rippling in the wake

beautiful, sexy

can't get enough, get close enough


not knowing how or when

upon a softer surface

heat blazing


of need and desperation

touching every inch, every nerve afire

with longed for touch of

beloved hands

leaving imprints of flame

shuddering, relief and need

almost there

inside, need inside


"do it now..."

gasp of sudden pain and pleasure

so tight, hot, full

god.... oh... *shit*...

heat surrounding, joining

groaning, need to move

to feel

friction a demand

shifting, impatient, ready now!

frayed control releases

moving, back, thrusting deep

so right

finally at home

sheathed, filled, connected

joined by heat, by fire

mouths again seeking

drinking deep

thrusting tongues

a counterpoint to rhythm

over and over

oh my god...

knew that it would be like this

with you

so damn good, never dreamed

never dreamed it could happen

so hot

faster, toward the edge

approaching, won't be long

so close

fingers brush like a brand

grip fierce, possessing, stroking

lightning strikes

twice in the same place

searing heat

whiteout, fade to black


shuddering release

sheer joy cries out

clinging, falling

over the edge, together

an endless weightlessness

warmth, heat


finally, whole at last

I will never leave you

can't live without you now

relaxed, embracing


to be continued

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