Disclaimer: GW and characters not mine, writing not for profit, don't sue me please; I can't afford it. ^^;

Warnings: abstractness, yaoi (no, ya think?), angst

Notes: Abstract in the extreme. Also strange. Like the Impressionist style of painting, it gives more the impression of events, rather than describing it clearly. POVs and other fixed points change at random, and it's meant to be slightly confusing and unclear. Sort of... blurry.

Beta-read by Hiriyou -- thank you so much, love! ^_^ Thanks also to Amanda for comments on jankety bits, and debate of whether or not the elemental properties of certain words belong to air or water, and the appropriateness of either to a chapter entitled Touch. ^_~

Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which, or who it belongs to. Sometimes, it could be either, or both. ^^

Summary: An abstract version of an arc, sort of. I don't know what else to call it... This part, um, fluff, mostly? Also, my hair fetish is showing... ^^

Impressions: Convergence
Part 4: Touch
by Kagemihari


glancing, lingering

almost shy, but thrilling, daring


reveling in newfound freedom

to look, walking by

to gently brush a hand

on skin, through tumbled locks of hair


softer than it looks

reaching, touching


long silken strands

wrapped round seeking fingers

soft as it looks... knew it... god...

eyes drift shut

savouring touching

liquid ripple of honeyed brown


quiet laughter

like that, do you?

eyes open, sudden flash of blue

sleepy glare, surfacing

as out of water deep

"you look like a cat in the sun"

mock growl

"hn... a lion you mean..."

predatory grin

stalking, capture

a kiss, the captive's willing retribution

touching, tender, fierce

teasing -- wary dance

learning rules of a different game

finding boundaries

with old lines newly crossed

still unsure

how much this means, how deep it goes

yet ever more certain, becoming

reckless now, hope reaching


so right

hair flows free

deliberate, enticing



need to touch, to hold

fingertips trailing silver sparks

trails of warmth and fire

touch of a glance

like a hand, falling light

on unsuspecting object of


turn, finding gaze

heat, need, flash briefly


want to be your lover

hope, fear, reckless

want to...

good natured sparring


underwritten by new subtext

jabs, insults, threats

banter, now colored with affectionate mirth

glaring, shoving, wrestling match


heated by awareness

of underlying passion

locked, pinned


low laughter, answering smirk

fading into silent hunger

so close

faces almost... touching


'got you now...'

tension like a summer storm

prickling, charged with

amused anticipation


blue eyes question, daring

'what are you going to do with me?'

a slow grin breaks, lazy intention


'got a few ideas...'


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