Disclaimer: GW and characters not mine, writing not for profit, don't sue me please; I can't afford it. ^^;

Pairing: 1+2+1, eventual 1x2
Warnings: abstractness, yaoi (no, ya think?), angst

Notes: Abstract in the extreme. Also strange. Like the Impressionist style of painting, it gives more the impression of events, rather than describing it clearly. POVs and other fixed points change at random, and it's meant to be slightly confusing and unclear. Sort of... blurry.

Thanks to Amanda, Mic, Hiryuu, and Violet-eyed Shinigami for reviewing! ^^ Big thank you to Hiryuu for knocking me upside the head and telling me to rewrite the first time I tried to post this (you were quite right! ^^;), and also to Amanda for comments on coherence, length, and dictionary definitions. ^_~ Domo arigatou gozaimasu, both of you!

Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which, or who it belongs to. Sometimes, it could be either, or both. ^^

Summary: An abstract version of an arc, sort of. I don't know what else to call it...

Impressions: Convergence
Part 3: Falling
by Kagemihari


feels like falling, waiting

this can't be real

steady gaze

eyes of cautious hope


smile, slight and fleeting

falls, fading into doubt

head tilts, awkward glance


hunger visible, but wary

"I -- saw you looking... why?"

frustration, anger flickers

refuge of familiar, safe reaction

god, why do you think?

arms cross, defensive

look away

the moment shimmers, shatters


falling, shards of time

await damnation

or redemption


sigh, giving in

you just want to hear it... damn you

regret, hope, fear

falling, weightless, breath held



just need to hear it...

believe the unbelievable

impossible faith

reaching out, almost touching Death


met halfway

fingertips, then hands

met as if by their own reflection

falling again

lost the ground, lost the sky again

drowning in eyes of blue

I believe....

"you ... I want..."

can't find words

how to say 'need you!'--

and not 'needy'...

shock, blue eyes widen

what... are you saying?

falling... gravity lost


law of the heart

breaking nature's foundation

anchorless, in a sea of blind hope

and aching fear


soft, careful patient word

holding so much danger

I want...

speaking truth in... what?

love and fear at war

heart falling

look down, look away

hands drop, a reflection

marred by doubt

jaw set grimly, brushed by warmth

tenderly, turning

look at me?

one step closer

heat, pain

glare, flashing blue

anger, longing, need, frustration

had enough of this!

resigned, trapped, desperate


so close, and yet not touching

damn it hurts

you could break my heart

exhilarating, leap of faith

if I'm wrong... no, can't be wrong

"you, always you is all!"

glare of Death

dare to take offense

happy now?

disbelieving joy... wonder

careful breath at last

thought so, but, god... really?

only you

how do you say 'me, too' --

and not sound insincere?

falling endlessly

eyes so blue

look right through soul to heart

breathless, sudden sharp

knife of hope renewed

just... can't... believe it...

awe -- truth, finally, revealed

so close

blue flame ignites

desire, heat

strong hand draws closer still


what are you... oh -- gods...

fall, descending, lips just touching

brush of faith and promise


set like a seal

offering absolution, peace


gentle, fierce and warm

feather light, with fire behind it

breathe... feels like I'm --

... falling

lips part, just enough

heat melting into heat

sweet fire

relief so sharp it hurts

god... you taste so good

gasp, coming up for air

leaning, resting head to head

hearts racing

dizzy, learn to breathe again

so near

shared breath a sigh

a gaze, blue into blue

fathomless as ocean or space

feels like


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