Disclaimer: GW and characters not mine, writing not for profit, don't sue me please; I can't afford it. ^^;

Pairing: 1+2+1, eventual 1x2
Warnings: abstractness, yaoi (no, ya think?), angst

Notes: Abstract in the extreme. Also strange. Like the Impressionist style of painting, it gives more the impression of events, rather than describing it clearly. POVs and other fixed points change at random, and it's meant to be slightly confusing and unclear. Sort of... blurry. ^^;

Thanks to Amanda, Mic, MOrgan, Hitomi no shi and griffen_cub for your kind replies! Glad someone enjoys it as much as I am. ^^ And a HUGE thank you to Hiriyou for betaing--*so* much better than it would've been without you, girl. ^_^

Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which, or who it belongs to. Sometimes, it could be either, or both. ^^

Summary: An abstract version of an arc, sort of. I don't know what else to call it... This part, confrontation again, with a less-than-certain outcome...

Impressions: Convergence
Part 2: Confusion
by Kagemihari


god, so strange

can't read him

always so expressionless

can't tell -- I wish...

ever ready smile, a mask

can't tell what he's thinking

I wish...

confusing emotions, actions, words


discomforting uncertainty

mutual frustration, annoyance

a puzzle, with no solution

anger flares, falters -- strange...

what was that?

don't want to know

leave in doubt, avoiding --

revelation, or exposure?


of losing, reaching out

sure to meet rage or rejection

maybe -- something, seen...

impossible hope, quickly crushed

but that looked like --


signals mixed

lies, truth, illusion -- what?

feel a stare

turn, see no one, nothing there

but the lingering warmth

of a fallen glance

saying... what?

beneath the surface hides

'do you really want to know?'

no... ?

study a stranger's familiar face

from across a crowded room

don't understand


please god -- no, it can't be...


unquenchable hope, but aching deep

dare to dream

to believe

strange and wonderful, if true

wait, hope -- maybe...

touch of eyes again, look up

don't turn yet -- who's looking?

feel a stare of warmth -- not hate?

who? what?



got to be kidding

sure it was him

fleeting glimpse of blue

.... caught me, shit!

flee the wrath of a Soldier


no way out, nowhere to go

know he caught me looking

god... !

have to face the music, sometime


"what do you want?"

defiant, blue on blue collide

gazes meet and spark


fear, and something else, deeper -- yes...


confusion, hope

my god, it can't be true...

but no...

the masks lie shattered

truth naked of defense

souls meet

and flash, spark, flame

oh... my god...

this fire, desire

unhidden, unbound, unfettered

you mean...

all this time

wasted staying safe

confused by illusions

regret, relief -- hope, joy

god, I was so...

... afraid

never thought, never dreamed

can this be real?

hope, confusion

hand reaches out, then falls


"are you... do you ...."


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