Disclaimer: GW and characters not mine, writing not for profit, don't sue me please; I can't afford it. ^^;

Pairing: 1+2+1, eventual 1x2
Warnings: abstractness, yaoi (no, ya think?), angst

Notes: This is my first GW fic. I call it a fic, and it is going to follow a definite storyline, of sorts. But each 'chapter' will consist of one of these "Impressions" (for lack of a better word), rather than narrative. An abstract version of an arc, sort of. *shrug* I don't know what else to call it...

Abstract! Abstract in the extreme. Also strange. I don't know where this came from... I've been working on some longer GW fics that aren't ready to put up anywhere yet, but this just kind of happened. I'm not even sure I'd call it poetry; it's an s.o.c-ish thing, an Impressionistic capture of a moment in time. I can't draw for shit, but I kind of enjoy using words to do the same thing. Like the Impressionist style of painting, it gives more the impression of events, rather than describing it clearly. POVs and other fixed points change at random, and it's meant to be slightly confusing and unclear. Sort of... blurry. ^^;

Stuff in italics is thoughts, speech, or emotions, and just to further confuse you, you probably won't always be able to tell which is which, or who it belongs to. Sometimes, it could be either, or both. ^^

Impressions: Convergence
Part 1: Collision
by Kagemihari


blue on blue

gazes meet and spark

heated enough to leave a mark

upon the facing visage

anger flares, maybe fear... ?

and deeper, something else


heart to heart

hidden longing watches

bittersweet joy of confrontation

angry words, blessed with heat

passion of a different kind


conflict fed by hidden fire

hidden desire


blue darkness shines

annoyance gleams

frustration with cold perfection

see a glare of fierce deep blue

promise death to Death


safe lies form a barrier

to dangerous, double bladed Truth

power to hurt, power to heal

the truth can set you free

or kill you

colliding emotions

truth and lies

layers of denial, deception

fuel counterattack and defensive

anger, fear, aggression


what do you want, really?

truth shines, a single instant

shown in speaking eyes

and vanished

effaced before answering flame could glow

soul to soul

and collide

if it existed, but no --

no chance

turn, wrenching heat from heat

heart from heart

and bleed

turn and walk away...

hopeless, helpless

stand and watch

unfurled Wing as angel leaves

hope dies (again)

and bleed

longing, aching, wanting

in frustration and despair

flash of an instant

not enough

to prove of truth or illusion

maybe an answering spark


answering heart

maybe not

definite anger, even hate

preventing reaching out

or soul meeting soul

or touching at all

except in


maybe next time

the masks will fall just far enough

enough to be sure, to see

was truth undercover

or hope an illusion

maybe next time

to see

more than a flash of truth --


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