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rating: NC-17
warnings: OOC, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, graphic sexual situations
spoilers: none
notes: inspired by hyuy of GWML
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title: zero doesn't tell
author: jana jana@1X2X1.org
category: yaoi, nearly-PWP, lemon
pairings: 1X1, 2X2, 1X2X0 and various combinations of those numbers

zero doesn't tell
part 3
by jana

Heero showered first at Duo's insistence, Duo's hair obviously needing much more time and attention than Heero's, Heero smiling at his thoughtfulness. Returning several minutes later, Heero lie down on his bed, Duo immediately entering the shower.

Nearly falling asleep during Duo's lengthy shower, Heero groggily sat up and made his way across the room, taking the small black rectangle in his hand before coming to stand in front of the television. He smiled as he recalled Duo's insistence that their room be equipped with a tv and vcr, his roommate ever the addict, a most useful addiction he now noted happily.

Pushing the tape into the small grey machine and pressing the rewind button, Heero grabbed the remote control and sat back on the bed awaiting Duo's return.

Duo entered the room a short time later, glancing over to smile at Heero's semi-reclined figure on the bed. Going about the rest of his after shower routine, Duo sat on the edge of his bed, running the brush through his hair, oblivious to the cobalt eyes watching him intently from across the room.

"Duo ?" Heero called, noting the boy had finished attending to his hair. Turning to face Heero, Duo smiled as his lover beckoned him, his index finger curling slowly toward himself, grinning widely as Duo stood, crossing the room obediently.

"Come here, Duo." Heero told him, now sitting with his back against the wall, his legs opening widely gesturing for Duo to sit between them. "I want to show you something."

Settling in between the tight warmth of Heero's thighs, Duo reclined back against him, Heero's arms surrounding his midriff, the remote control still held tightly in one hand.

Bending forward, Heero brushed Duo's hair from his temple and placing a kiss on the soft skin there, pointed the black device at the vcr and letting it fall from his grip to lie on the bed, significantly tightened his hold on his lover.

The black screen suddenly filled with snow and two shadows came into view, the camera now adjusting itself to the light inside the small area, Duo gasped as first Heero, then himself came into focus Duo turned his head to look at Heero who merely smiled briefly at him before returning his gaze to the television.

Duo could feel the increasing pressure of Heero's growing erection against the small of his back as the two watched Duo sliding his shorts down over his thighs, Heero moaning as Duo's arousal came into view on the screen. "You knew I wanted you. Didn't you Duo ?" Heero asked, his hand making it's way under Duo's shirt, moving slowly over his well-toned chest.

"Wasn't too difficult to figure out Heero." Duo smiled, the tremendous bulge in Heero's spandex apparent even from their distance from the small television. "Just look at the way you're looking at me."

"Mmmm....." Heero moaned, his fingers rolling the sensitive flesh of Duo's nipple between them ."You were really turning me on, Duo." Heero whispered, moving his fingers across his chest to tease Duo's other nipple.

"Apparently I still am." Duo hissed, moving his body from side to side, rubbing himself against Heero's hardness conveniently trapped between their bodies.

"Yes, you still are, Duo." Heero whispered, his fingers still toying with Duo's hardened flesh, more casually now as he watched Duo reach for his erection, the feeling of Duo's hand touching him for the first time, still causing a shiver as he watched.

They both watched intently as they simultaneously climaxed, the lovers on the screen deliriously lost in the throes of passion, two erotic twisted faces moaning in combined pleasure.

"This is incredible Heero." Duo moaned, his hand sliding up into his shirt, guiding Heero's down to his aching stiffness, gasping as Heero's hand began to stroke him slowly.

"Yes, Duo....it is. I could hardly control myself as you lay there, begging me to take you. Look…." Heero told him, his eyes moving back to the screen, an almost pained look on Heero's face as he watched himself thrust his fingers frantically into Duo's entrance. "I wanted to be inside you, Duo. I need to." He moaned, pumping Duo more firmly, the moans he coaxed from Duo turning him on all the more.

"Ohh, Heero...take me now...please." Duo begged, his hips moving up to increase the pace Heero's strokes, still watching as Heero brought him to orgasm on the screen, the lust in Heero's cobalt eyes so vivid even from this far as he watched Duo climaxing.

"Soon." Heero told him, his hand loosening it's grip on Duo's erection. "Very soon, lover." He whispered, removing his hand from Duo's shorts and reaching for the hem of Duo's shirt, slowly bringing over his head as Duo raised him arms.

Duo groaned as the vision of Heero straddling his face made it's way onto the screen. "My God, You're so beautiful, Heero." Duo moaned, noticing how every muscle of Heero's tight body moved forcefully against his hungry mouth.

"You look like you are enjoying yourself." Heero whispered, recalling the sensation of Duo's mouth on his cock making his aching member twitch against Duo's back.

"Mmmm....Heero." Duo groaned, "I was, Heero."

"You have a very talented mouth, lover." Heero whispered into his ear.

"Nnnn....Shorts off." Duo whispered, pushing himself back into Heero's hardness.

Moving momentarily from between Heero's legs, Duo slipped his fingers inside the waistband and stretching the fabric over Heero's straining arousal brought them down and off, leaving the perfect soldier nearly naked in front of him. "Shirt too." Duo moaned, not a moment of hesitation on Heero's part as he removed his tank top, his arms reaching forward to bring Duo into his naked embrace.

Simply holding Duo in his arms for several moments, Heero allowed his hand to roam over the expanse of his lover's back, his hands running through Duo's wet hair, grumbling in displeasure as he met with the fabric of Duo's shorts, "Lose them, Duo." Heero told him, releasing Duo to allow their removal.

Standing on the bed before his aroused lover, Duo slid the black shorts down his legs, never breaking their gaze as he stepped out of the fabric and stood unabashedly naked before Heero's hungry eyes. "See something you want ?" Duo teased, grinning at the stunned boy below him.

Reaching forward to take Duo's hand in his, Heero pulled him down, "I see everything I want, Duo." he moaned, gathering Duo into his arms, bringing his mouth down to his, roughly kissing his pouty lips.

Duo's tongue invitingly traced the outline of Heero's lips. "Make me yours, Heero." Duo whispered, putting his hand on the back of Heero's head, running his fingers through the dampness before pressing him tightly to his lips.

"Body and soul ?" Heero asked breathlessly as drew Duo painfully tight to himself, causing Duo to gasp into his mouth.

"Yes, lover, body and soul." Duo whispered as Heero let him fall from his embrace, his lover coming to lie arms spread, face up on the bed beside him.

Taking Duo's hand in his, Heero brought it up to his mouth, gently placing a wet kiss in its the palm "Ai Shiteru, Duo Maxwell." Heero breathed into the wetness of his palm.

Duo looked questioningly up into his lover's eyes and Heero smiled warmly back at him "I said....I love you, Duo Maxwell." He repeated, enjoying the immense pleasure uttering those words brought him.

"I love you, Duo Maxwell." He moaned, gently lowering himself onto Duo, their bodies making contact at every point.

Closing his eyes as Heero's body settled comfortably onto his, Duo brought his hands up to caress his lover's face, "I love you too." opening his eyes to Heero's clear cobalt gaze. "So much, Heero." He moaned, straining upward to capture Heero's mouth in a deep kiss, pausing his movement to allow Heero to take the possession of his mouth he was demanding, Duo melting into submission as Heero rubbed his arousal against Duo's, his tongue still forcefully making it's way over every inch of the inside of Duo's mouth.

One last flick of his tongue against Duo's mouth and Heero climbed off of his lover and knelt by his side. Rubbing up and down the inside of Duo's thigh, Heero applied a light pressure, Duo looking up into his eyes as he widened the space between his thighs, anxiously awaiting Heero's forthcoming touch.

Slowly moving his hand upward, Heero barely let his fingers graze Duo's skin, shuddering as his finger brushed lightly against Duo's entrance. Reaching under his pillow, Heero removed a small white tube and opening it covered his hand with the clear gel before moving his hand back to Duo's opening.

"This time I'm going to give you what you want, Duo." Heero told him, his slippery fingers sliding effortlessly inside of Duo, "It is what you want, isn't it Duo ? For me to claim you ...to make you mine ?" Heero asked, his fingers thrusting more deeply inside of his lover.

"Yes, Heero...take me." Duo moaned, his hips moving slowly around Heero's fingers, gasping as Heero added a third, still delving more deeply inside, Heero patiently preparing him fully for the upcoming intimate act.

Removing his fingers, Heero slid his lube-slicked hand over his arousal before making his way between his lover's legs.

Taking his erection in his hand, Heero looked up at Duo and moved forward to nudge his entrance with its tip. "Do you know how much I want to be inside you, Duo ?" Heero asked, his voice low and seductive.

Placing his hands on Duo's hips, Heero slowly eased himself inside, watching Duo's expression carefully. Not an ounce of pain was visible on his lovers face, Duo's half-lidded mindless gaze perfectly mimicking Heero's reaction to the moment and Heero proceeded sliding into the boy, not stopping until he had buried himself fully, the ecstasy of being completely sheathed inside his lover far exceeding his wildest expectations.

"Mmmm....Heero." Duo moaned, intoxicated as his lover filled him.

Remaining still, Heero opened his eyes to look down at his lover. "Mine." he whispered, Duo opening his eyes at his lover's words, his breath heavy as Heero moved above him, drawing himself nearly all the way out of Duo before moving slowly back in, the tightness of Duo's channel caressing the entire length of his shaft.

Losing himself further with each thrust Heero made, Duo began slowly gyrating his hips as Heero moaned his name, increasing the force he slid into his lover with. "Harder, Heero, please......." Duo begged, his back arching up off the bed as Heero quickened the pace. Holding Duo's leg at its folded knee, Heero maneuvered the boy under him as he thrust into him, searching only momentarily before Duo's reaction told him he had hit his mark, his beautiful lover gasping as he tossed wildly beneath him.

Continuing to stroke that same spot within his lover, small whimpers of divine pleasure flowed from his lovers swollen lips....the sweetest sounds Heero had ever imagined, made only more spectacular by the mere fact that he was the one responsible for them.

Heero watched his lover's labored breathing as he lay panting and sweating beneath him. "Look at me, Duo." Heero told him, more urgently thrusting into his tight heat. "I want to you watch me come inside you." Heero whispered, his hand capturing Duo's dripping arousal as he impaled him more forcefully, smiling as Duo opened his eyes, "Yes, Duo, watch me." the lusty haze arousing Heero even further.

"Mmmm....You first, lover." Heero told him, his fist moving frantically up and down over Duo's length, his thumb running through the moisture at the tip as he ground himself into Duo, screaming his name as Heero's fist brought the first of his seed from him. As each of Heero's forceful thrusts sent another shot of his essence from his throbbing erection, his muscles clamped tightly around Heero's hardness, sending him over the edge, shuddering violently as he released his passion into Duo's body.

"Mine, Duo." he moaned, continuing to flood his lovers channel with his exquisite warmth. "Forever mine, my Duo." Heero whispered softly, the last of the tremors making their way through him, slowly easing himself from his lover.

"Yes, forever, Heero." Duo whispered, reaching forward to bring Heero down on top of him, wiping the sweat from his lover's face before gently kissing him, Heero's head resting on his shoulder.

"That was intense, Heero." Duo smiled, running his fingers down the length of Heero's spine, his lover's quivering under his light touch. "Very intense."

"Mmmm...it was perfect, Duo." Heero moaned, his eyes heavy with sleep, his arm possessively bringing Duo closer to him.

"Today sure has been full of surprises." Duo mused, recalling the day's events. "Pleasant ones." He added.

"Yes it has. But I knew that making love to you would be like this." Heero told him. "No surprise there."

Duo smiled into his lovers hair, "You did ? I didn't know the perfect soldier was psychic." Duo grinned.

"I'm not." Heero whispered. "Zero told me."


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