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rating: NC-17
warnings: OOC, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, graphic sexual situations
spoilers: none
notes: inspired by hyuy of GWML
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title: zero doesn't tell
author: jana jana@1X2X1.org
category: yaoi, nearly-PWP, lemon
pairings: 1X1, 2X2, 1X2X0 and various combinations of those numbers

zero doesn't tell
part 2
by jana

"Enough talking, Duo." Heero told him as he sat bringing his knees up to his chest, his arms surrounding them, his gun relaxing in his grip.

Duo knelt on the floor in front of the perfect soldier, running his hand down his chest "You know, Heero, if you wanted this, all you had to do was ask." Duo told him, one finger lightly tracing the length of his hardness.

Heero moaned as Duo touched himself, watching Heero's reactions carefully, the boy obviously becoming more aroused as Duo continued to tease him.

His fingers slowly enveloping his erection, Duo closed his eyes and groaned, his hand sliding up and down his shaft. "Mmmm....like what you see, Heero ?" Duo asked, his hips thrusting forward into his touch.

Heero groaned, letting his weapon fall to the metal door below, bringing himself to his knees before Duo.

"I enjoyed watching you, Heero. Watching you stroke yourself ..and the gear shift." Duo moaned, opening his eyes to see Heero's reactions to his words.

"I wanted to be the one you were stroking." Duo whispered, increasing the intensity of his touch, his breath heavy as he watched Heero's hand slide into the front of his shorts. "Does that bother you, Heero ?" Duo asked.

"Duo." Heero moaned as his fingers met with the sensitive tip of his erection, still watching Duo.

"I guess not." Duo smiled, reclining against the cockpit seat. Slowly spreading his legs, intent on tormenting the boy before him, Duo continued stroking himself as he watched Heero's eyes fill even further with lust.

"I've dreamt about this, Heero." Duo told him "Dreamt about how much I want to turn you on." Duo moaned, his eyes riveted to the object of his lust, now sliding his spandex down his muscled thighs, his hand capturing his erection, moving slowly over its length.

Duo was enthralled by the vision before him, the sight of Heero so highly aroused pumping his erection was enough of a catalyst in itself, the idea that he was the one causing it was enough to make his lose what little control he had left.

His fist frantically moving over his erection, Duo reached forward to touch his palm to the tip of Heero's cock, sliding it through the wetness, groaning loudly as Heero moved forward into his touch.

Moving his hand down to wrap his fingers lightly around Heero's manhood, Duo opened his eyes to meet the gaze of his cobalt-eyed fantasy, "Let me, Heero....please." he whispered, his hand replacing Heero's as he began stroking both of their arousals with the same frantic rhythm.

Each throaty groan Heero rewarded him with sent shockwaves through Duo's already near orgasmic body, "Come with me, Heero." Duo moaned, watching as Heero reclined back onto the palms of his hands, "Yes, Duo." He moaned, his hips thrusting more deeply into the warmth of Duo's hand.

"Oh God, Heero." Duo cried, his thumbs moving roughly over the both of the throbbing arousals he held, each boy shuddering as they released the first of their warmth onto their respective chests at the insistence of Duo's talented hands.

"Duo." Heero moaned as watched Duo's hand moving over his hardness, his eyes shifting to watch Duo's face twist with ecstasy, that incredible hand still expertly coaxing the seed from deep within him.

Opening his eyes upon hearing his name, Duo watched as the last violent tremors made their way through Heero's magnificent body, the milky substance still oozing from the tip of his arousal as Duo's hand continued to stroke him gently, his own body just calming as the last of shudders passed through him.

Releasing Heero's cock from his grip, Duo moaned, causing Heero to open his eyes, his hazy gaze now on Duo's mouth as he brought his fingers to it, his tongue moving slowly to licking Heero's essence from them. "You taste even better than I imagined." Duo moaned, licking his lips suggestively.

"Why, Duo ?" Heero asked almost mesmerized, his gaze fixed on the violet-eyed boy before him, shivering slightly as he watched Duo's expression, hungrily lapping Heero's essence from his fingers, tasting the boy he desired for the first time.

"Why what, Heero ?" Duo asked, moving forward, the back of his hand slowly moving down Heero's face. "Why do I want you ? No idea, Heero......but I do." Duo told him, his lips brushing lightly against Heero's. "I want you….in every way." he moaned, pressing his lips more firmly onto Heero's demanding entrance to his mouth.

Opening his mouth widely, Heero met Duo's questing tongue with equal urgency, the two moving forward instinctively to increase the intensity of the kiss, the passion slowly rising as they moved within each others mouths for the first time, the taste of Heero's passion passing between them.

"Every way ?" Heero whispered, his hand moving over Duo's smooth skin, memorizing every curve of his alluring form, pausing as his fingers reached Duo's entrance, his eyes riveted to Duo's body laid out so enticingly in front of him.

Duo gasped.

"Yes, Heero….every way." Duo moaned, moving his body forward in clear invitation, his gesture making Heero groan.

Reaching out for Heero's hand, Duo brought several of his lovers fingers into his mouth, wetting them thoroughly, his tongue swirling around them suggestively before finally freeing them, his eyes meeting with Heero's, the understanding clear as Heero brought them down to Duo's waiting entrance.

Looking up into Duo's eyes, Heero whispered "I've dreamt of this too." suddenly plunging one wet digit fully into him, the boy gasping below him.

Arching his body off the cockpit floor, Duo's face twisted momentarily in pain, easing himself slowly back down onto the cool metal as Heero moved closer, bringing his mouth to Duo's, tenderly tracing the outline of his full lips. "My Duo." Heero moaned, his tongue slowly snaking into Duo's open mouth. "My beautiful, Duo.", he whispered, adding a second finger to the first, the two moving slowly in and out of Duo's writhing body.

Reaching over to a small compartment inside the cockpit, Heero retrieved a small tube of vaseline. "Chapped lips." he told Duo, unscrewing the cap, squeezing some of the petroleum jelly onto a third finger poised to enter his lover before looking up at Duo, his half-lidded violet eyes letting Heero know he was hopelessly lost in his touch.

Heero growled as he slipped a third finger inside of Duo, his eyes never straying far from his questing fingers moving slowly in and out of Duo's thrusting bottom, burying them fully as he searched for Duo's pleasure center, letting out a long low moan as Duo's muscles tightened around his fingers, his body jerking wildly above him. "Found it, didn't I lover ?" Heero moaned, still moving his fingers lightly over Duo's prostate, each stroke sending his lover that much further into oblivion.

"Please, Heero." Duo pleaded, his words and eyes surrendering himself fully as he watched Heero kneeling between his spread legs, sweaty and very much aroused, his free hand now reaching forward to capture Duo's straining member, reveling in Heero's touch, his body desperate to feel Heero inside of him.

"Like this ?" Heero asked, moving his fingers almost all the way out of Duo before sliding them back in, each calculated stroke threatening to send Duo over the edge. "No…" Duo cried, barely able to speak as the first inevitable wave of ecstasy hit him. Duo braced himself, palms down on the cold metal floor as Heero's hand moving frantically over his shaft, each stroke bringing forth another warm stream as he groaned Heero's name, his lovers fingers dancing purposefully inside of him.

Heero removed his fingers as Duo lie breathless before him. Letting Duo's softening member fall from his grip, Heero brought his hand to his mouth, tasting his lover's warmth one finger at a time, a moan escaping as he watched Duo still panting beneath him.

"Not like that ?" Heero asked, moving forward to brush his lips against Duo's, his tongue darting out to graze the tip of Duo's.

Duo moaned, shaking his head from side to side.

"You wanted something else ?" Heero asked his lover, moving to lay closer to the boy, his erection brushing lightly against the tender skin at the underside of Duo's cock.

"Yes, Heero….something else." Duo whispered, wriggling underneath him, his movements allowing Heero's slick tip to graze his opening, shivering as Heero moaned above him, "Nnnn….I'll not take you here, Duo….not like this." Heero whispered, still moving his hips in small circles, gasping each time his heated arousal met with Duo's puckered flesh.

Unable to endure much more of their mutual tease without succumbing to his body's mounting desire, Heero knelt between his lover's legs momentarily before bringing himself to his feet. Moving forward toward Duo, the violet-eyed boy still reclining against Wing's seat, Heero straddled his partner, placing one hand on each of the seats arms, his neglected erection nearly brushing his lover's lips, his eyes pleading with Duo for his much needed release.

Opening his mouth slowly, Duo reached behind Heero, his hands tightly grasping each firm globe of his lover's bottom, guiding Heero's dripping arousal into his hungry mouth. "Duo….." Heero cried out, mesmerized as he watched Duo's mouth engulf his rigid flesh, his tongue moving roughly over it's tip as Duo put an increasing amount of pressure on his rear, encouraging Heero to thrust deeply into his mouth.

"Yes, Duo. Make me come." Heero cried, pumping more rhythmically into Duo's mouth, his lover's teeth raking gently against his hardened flesh, his tongue teasing it's sensitive tip, lips pressed tightly against his throbbing member creating an inordinate amount of glorious friction as Heero quickly attained climax, violently releasing the first of his essence into Duo's mouth, each shot hungrily swallowed as Duo lovingly coaxed him dry.

Collapsing downward into the strength of Duo's waiting arms, Heero brought Duo's head down to his mouth, roughly plundering those lips that had just brought him such divine pleasure, his tongue exploring every recess, tasting himself within its warmth.

"Mmmm….Duo.." Heero moaned, relaxing the kiss, running his hands through Duo's hair, smiling down at his exhausted lover.

Brushing several stray hairs from Heero's face Duo brought his lips to Heero's, just grazing them, his eyes looking into Heero's as their foreheads touched "We should go clean up." Duo smiled, delighting in the rare smile his lover returned.

Heero nodded and made his way from the warmth of Duo's embrace, immediately finding himself strangely disappointed by the temporary loss of intimacy.

Standing to dress, both boys smiled at the state of the Wing's cockpit, their unexpected laughter ringing out through the expansive hangar.

Making his way down from Wing, Duo watched as Heero finished returning the cockpit to its usual state of impeccable order, the pilot then reaching forward to take several items with him before climbing out of his machine to stand beside Duo. Taking Duo's hand in his, Heero gently kissed his lovers cheek and the two made their way from the hangar.

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