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rating: NC-17
warnings: OOC, masturbation, exhibitionism, voyeurism, graphic sexual situations
spoilers: none
notes: inspired by hyuy of GWML
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title: zero doesn't tell
author: jana jana@1X2X1.org
category: yaoi, nearly-PWP, lemon
pairings: 1X1, 2X2, 1X2X0 and various combinations of those numbers

zero doesn't tell
part 1
by jana

Duo woke at 9:00 a.m., well rested and perpetually smiling, delirious that it was Saturday and that the incessant buzzing of the alarm clock hadn't disturbed his precious sleep.

Slowly bringing his pajama-clad body to the edge of the bed, Duo sat for a moment before making his way into the bathroom.

Hurrying through his standard and less than rigorous weekend routine, Duo dressed quickly, a sleeveless white t-shirt and a pair of black jogging shorts more than adequate cover for the summers heat. Barefoot and singing, Duo headed for the kitchen, his stomach growling all the way there. Once inside the large room, Duo frowned finding himself oddly alone. Most weekend mornings at this hour found the other four pilots seated around the large table, but not today, the circumstances puzzling the braided boy.

Pouring himself a cup of coffee, Duo sat at one end of the table. It was several minutes before the coffee made its way through his system and Duo noticed the small white piece of paper in the center of the table. Standing to reach for it, Duo read the note. "Trowa and I will be at rehearsal for most of the day, heading straight to the recital this evening. Don't wait up. Quatre" Placing the note back down on the table, Duo casually wondered if Wufei and Heero had plans for the day.

Quickly finishing his coffee, opting to forego breakfast, Duo put the cup in the sink and began his search of the house for said pilots.

Climbing the stairs two by two, Duo walked the short distance to Wufei's room, knocking gently on the door before calling his name. "Wufei. It's Duo. You in there ?" Silence "Wufei ?" Duo called again, this time more loudly. Hearing no reply, Duo shrugged and made his way back downstairs.

Now in search of his longtime roommate, Duo wandered through the large house, carefully searching each room before making his way outside. Surveying the entire expanse of the rear yard of the tremendous estate, Duo put his hands on his hips and sighed. Heero was nowhere in sight.

"Guess I'll just have to find something to do on my own." Duo said aloud, slightly disappointed at the idea, smiling nonetheless.

Deciding to take a walk around the property since he was already outside, Duo smiled and headed for the large hangar where their 5 gundams were being stored. It had been a while since the five had made use of their machines and Duo was now feeling particularly sentimental about his gundam. Quietly entering the large building, inhaling deeply, smiling as the familiar smell of metal and gunpowder hung in the air. Taking a moment to appreciate the long absent surroundings, Duo headed across the huge space in search of his beloved Deathscythe.

About half way into the large room, Duo paused hearing noises from the other side of the hangar. Remaining motionless for several seconds, Duo drew his gun from the waistband of his shorts and made his way across the hangar, each carefully calculated step bringing his closer to the source of the offending sound.

Inching his way closer to the offending din, Duo crouched down behind Wing's Buster Shield, conveniently lying against one of the huge metal support columns of the hangar. Now perfectly concealed, he poked his head, peering over into the corner where Wing stood, his accurate hearing able to pinpoint the source of the sound.

The hatch of Wing's cockpit was wide open and Duo eyed movement from inside the small area. Carefully studying the scene before him for a moment, Duo was certain there was someone inside.

Duo squinted slightly to try and make out the form from the considerable distance. Shaking his head from side to side, Duo took a second look.....his eyes nearly popping out of his head. Smiling widely, Duo made his way quietly across the room, stationing himself dangerously close to Wing and its current occupant. The spectacle being offered…..simply irresistible and in that moment, Duo was more than willing to risk severe bodily injury for the mere pleasure of enjoying the view.

The all-too-perfect soldier was sitting inside of Wing's cockpit, one hand wrapped tightly around the controls, the other moving slowly over the bulge in his black spandex shorts. His cobalt eyes were shut tight and his head was leaning back against the leather rest, pure pleasure covered his beautiful face.

Duo closed his eyes for a just a moment as shiver made its way through his body, his member stiffening at an alarming rate. Returning his gaze to his roommate, Duo watched as Heero began stroking himself more rapidly through the thin fabric and Duo could now hear small moans of pleasure emanating from the cockpit.

Abandoning his erection, Heero shifted his hips up off the seat to slide out of his shorts before sitting back down. A loud gasp could be heard as Heero took his naked arousal in his hand once again, his fist moving slowly up and down its length, moaning loudly as he brought his fingers over the tip, his thumb delving into the slit, gasping as he rubbed the moisture over its swollen head.

His lust betrayed rational thought as Heero continued touching himself, driving Duo nearly mad. With only the slightest bit of hesitation, Duo moved his hand inside his shorts, wrapping his fist tightly around his arousal. Allowing his own hand to match the rhythm Heero was stroking himself with, Duo knelt and watched Heero unknowingly provide him with the fantasy of a lifetime.

Heero's touch grew more vigorous, each stroke eliciting a groan as he his thrust his hips forward to meet his hand, arching his back up off the seat, each incredible sound coming from Heero turning Duo on all the more. As he stroked himself faster and faster, Heero's free hand reached forward and grabbing onto the gear shift, wrapped his fist around it, his both hands now moving simultaneously over the two hard shafts.

Biting his lower lip to stifle his moans, Duo watched utterly enthralled, wishing Heero's hand were touching his aching erection, lowly moaning Heero's name as his body instinctively heaved further into his own touch.

Dangerously close to attaining climax, Duo slowed down his frantic pace, not wanting to miss the opportunity to see Heero come. Duo was overcome with his repeated desire to generate such a passion within him, longing to bring to rapture the boy who had stolen his heart, strangely satisfied only to watch.

A loud grunt was heard and Duo watched as Heero brought himself to climax each stroke forcing a stream from his tightly held member, his head thrown back, mouth open as he moaned loudly, those beautiful cobalt eyes closed in near euphoria as he continued pumping, thoroughly emptying himself before lying back into the seat exhausted and satiated.

Firming his grip on his own aching stiffness, Duo closed his eyes, the vision of Heero staying with him and stroked his throbbing member, groaning as orgasm approached, his hand increasing it's friction as he slid his thumb rapidly across the tip of his cock, soon covering himself with his seed as each shot left his gasping body, totally lost in the mindless pleasure of his orgasm.


It was the cocking of a nearby gun that instantly roused Duo from his ebbing climax.

Instinctively reaching for his gun, Duo spun around to find Heero standing over him, the perfect soldier's gun aimed directly between his eyes.

"Are you going to shoot me ?" Duo asked, stunned as he looked up at Heero.

Heero lowered his gun. "What are you doing here ?" he asked bluntly.

"Ummm....I heard noises so I came to check them out." Duo told him.

"You were watching me." Heero told him, his eyes filled with anger.

"That wasn't my intent, Heero, but....yeah..." Duo told him, his eyes looking downward.

"Enjoy it ?" Heero asked flatly.

Duo looked down at the wet spot on his pants and laughed "Yeah.", his smile fading fast he recognized the absolute fury in Heero's eyes.

"Get up, Duo." Heero ordered, tucking his weapon back into his shorts. None too gently grabbing Duo by his upper arm, Heero pulled his roommate to his feet.

"Uhhh.......what's up Heero ?" Duo asked nervously as Heero guided him across the hangar.

Heero silently made his way over to Wing with Duo roughly in tow. Standing in front of the large machine, Heero released Duo's arm, sending him off balance into his foot of his partner's gundam.

"Heero ?" Duo asked bringing himself to an upright position, still uncomfortable with the look in Heero's eyes.

Heero folded his arms in front of him and shifted the balance of his weight to one foot. "Now I'm going to watch you." Heero told him.

Shocked, Duo looked toward his partner "Nani ?!?!?"

Heero glared at him.

"You're kidding, right Heero ?" He asked

Heero pulled out his gun and motioned with it for Duo to enter Wing's cockpit.

Duo swallowed hard and climbed up onto the hatch of the cockpit door. "This is sick." He told him, hesitant, but still making his way into the small area inside the machine.

"No sicker than what you just did." Heero told him, following Duo closely into the small space, his weapon still pointing ominously at Duo.

Turning to face Heero, "Fine...You are right. I was wrong...I'm sorry." Duo told him.

"Too late now, Duo. Drop 'em." Heero responded.

"Come on Heero… I already apologized. Let's just forget about it." Duo smiled, hoping to get his roommate to change his mind.

"I said drop 'em, Duo." Heero ordered, his gun pointed once again at Duo.

"Fine, but I think you're taking this just a little to far." Duo told him.

"Hn." Heero grunted.

Duo stared at Heero for a moment, frowning as he noted the seriousness on his face.

Grimacing slightly, Duo hooked his thumbs into the waistband of his shorts before his eyes came to rest on the huge lump in Heero's shorts, focusing again on Heero's face, now slightly red.

Duo grinned "Next time you should close the hatch door, Heero." Duo told him, slowly sliding his shorts tantalizingly down the length of his long legs, "Unless that is….you wanted me to see you.", he told him, looking up at Heero, whose gaze was locked onto the lower half of Duo's body, the boy apparently pleasantly surprised to find Duo's arousal standing at attention.

"You can put the gun away now, Heero." Duo told him, stepping out of his shorts ."I don't plan on resisting."

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