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rating: pg
warnings: none. just something short and fluffy for valentines day

v-day ficlet
by jana

Last year the decision of what to get Heero for Valentine's Day had been a hard one. He hadn't wanted to make it overly obvious that he was still crushing on his former comrade, but he knew that his gift wouldn't be the only one Heero found on his desk when he arrived for work that morning.

None of offerings indicated who they were from, of course, although Heero seemed to instinctively know. Duo thought it was more likely that he recognized the handwriting on a good number of them.

He'd glanced over at Duo after he'd opened the gift that Duo had left there, giving Duo a questioning look. Duo smiled and shrugged, knowing that Heero couldn't possibly know for certain that the gift was from him, since he'd not included any type of message with it.

Once the last of the gifts had been opened, the wrappings and empty envelopes were discarded in the trash. Gathering the cards and setting them on top of the gifts, Heero placed the pile neatly on the floor beside his desk, except for one box of chocolates. He tore away the clear wrapper and disposed of it, before taking the cover off the small red heart shaped box and holding it out towards Duo.

. . . . . . . . . . . . .

This year, at least outwardly, nothing had changed.

Duo hurried out of the elevator ahead of Heero, reaching into his pocket of his coat as he entered the office they shared, assuring that his present was again among the pile of red and pink wrapped gifts that graced his partners desk.

Heero entered the room just seconds later, hanging his coat on the rack in the corner before taking his time to unwrap each of the gifts. Duo watched Heero from his desk, though with perhaps a little more amusement than the year before.

The slight flush on Heero's cheeks let Duo know that Heero knew exactly which gift was his.


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