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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 15

I woke before the alarm on Tuesday morning after a rather restless night.

I could recall waking no less three times, and I didn't need to question the reasons behind it. I had only rarely overslept and I couldn't think of an instance where doing so would have had as much of an impact as it would have today.

Throwing off my comforter, I moved toward the edge of the bed and sat up; taking a moment to turn off my alarm clock. The house was quiet, as it should be at 4:30 in the morning and I wished I'd thought to set the automatic timer on the coffee maker last night. If I left a few minutes earlier than I planned to, I would have ample time to stop and pick a cup up at the local convenience store and get myself a breakfast sandwich as well.

Gathering my clothes, I headed out of my room and down the hall to the bathroom to brush my teeth and wash up. I'd taken my shower the night before so that I could keep my movements in the house this morning to a minimum. Both of my parents were light sleepers and I didn't want to wake them.

I had mentioned to them that I would be leaving first thing today for Manhattan, not wanting to startle them if they heard me moving around at such an early hour. I assumed they knew that I was going to be meeting up with Duo, but they didn't ask and I didn't volunteer anything. I wondered if not talking about the situation made it easier for them to pretend none of it ever happened; if they thought anything had changed because Duo was no longer here. It wouldn't have surprised me that they thought that way and I can't say I would have blamed them. It had to come as quite a shock, especially given how the news had been delivered. I still couldn't bring myself to fully regret what had happened, even if the backlash from it was no less of an obstacle.

Removing my cell phone and iPod from their chargers, I put them both into my backpack, zipped it up and slung it over my shoulder.

. . . . . . .

There wasn't much in the way of traffic on the local roads and it took me just over an hour to get to Route 202. I had stopped for coffee and a quick breakfast, though I had opted to stop at a diner rather than a convenience store. Time wasn't a factor, as I had ended up leaving the house at 5 a.m., putting me a good forty five minutes ahead of schedule.

There was a noticeably distinct rise in my anxiety level as I neared the city.

The music had helped at first, but at a certain point, I could not stop thinking about my upcoming encounter with Duo. I was both excited and nervous and tried to imagine how each of us was going to react. At the rate I was going, I was definitely going to get there early; pretty much guaranteeing that Duo would be arriving after me and with Gina in tow. Even though we would be meeting in public, I would have preferred it being just the two of us. I wasn't sure what would be outwardly different, but I knew I would feel more comfortable without having an onlooker. I imagined that Duo was having similar reservations and acknowledged that neither of us had any say in it.

My frustration rose at that thought, and I gripped the steering wheel a little tighter. There were times when I found it difficult to suppress my anger at the situation and with nothing to distract me; it appeared that this was going to be one of those times. The anger was mainly directed at Duo's father, though I couldn't hold Duo completely faultless either; nor myself. I didn't understand why it mattered so much to him what his son's sexual orientation was. I could understand him not accepting it, but taking the measures he had went way beyond what I thought was reasonable. I had heard stories of people being disowned by their families after coming out and in some respects; it seemed less cruel than what Duo was being subjected to.

I forced myself to stop rehashing everything, and tried to focus on where we were rather than how we had gotten here. There wasn't anything I could do about it now. I knew that it was pointless, but I couldn't help but feel sorry for myself, and even more so for Duo. It certainly didn't help matters that I was moving to California in a little over three months. I questioned whether I would have accepted the job if the offer had been made after the Duo had outed us and ended up spending the rest of the drive in thinking about that.

. . . . . . .

I pulled into a parking garage several block away from The Cooper Union, taking one last look in the rear view mirror and running my fingers through my bangs before getting out of the car. I had more than an hour to fill before meeting up with Duo, but there were a lot of stores in the area and I didn't imagine it would be much of a chore occupying myself.

The hour flew by, as I had known it would and at quarter to 10, I tucked the few purchases I'd made into my backpack and headed for our scheduled rendezvous point.

The walk there seemed to take longer than it should have. I began scanning the area once I got within a block or two, unsure of which direction Duo would be arriving from and hoping that I would see him coming. I was undoubtedly nervous and it would have been easy to blame my sweaty palms on warm temperature, but I knew it wasn't the cause. Arriving at the pre-determined spot at 5 to 10, I removed my backpack and set it down on the steel bench beside the enormous statue of the schools namesake. I was tempted to sit as well, but I didn't think I would have the same view of the area from a seated position.

I continued looking around, finally spotting Duo across the street and about to step off the curb. He was alone, which I hadn't been prepared for and I picked up my backpack, tossing it over my shoulder and headed toward him.

He smiled at me as I approached and I nodded, waiting until we were nearly face to face to greet him.

"Hey." I said, feeling less prepared for seeing him than I should have.

"Hey, yourself." He said with a grin, bending toward me and kissing me on the mouth.

I returned the kiss, wondering how I hadn't accounted for this scenario. I gave up trying to figure it out, and concentrated on kissing Duo.

"Where's Gina?"

I hadn't planned for those to be the first words out of my mouth after our kiss ended, but there they were.

"You seem disappointed." Duo said with a chuckle, and I shook my head from side to side to indicate I was nothing of the sort, though I suspected he knew that.

He took a step back and reached for my hand, and I quickly relinquished it.

"I'll be meeting back up with her before we head home."

I nodded to let him know that I'd heard him and squeezed his hand. "So what's on the agenda this morning?"

"Registration, books, lunch." He said, then paused. "Damn, you look good, Heero."

His comment caught me off guard and I turned to look at him, not sure how to respond. I probably should have told him that he looked good as well, because he did, but it didn't seem like the right thing to say. I thanked him instead; reminding myself that not seeing Duo for the past six weeks had perhaps made me a little rusty with my interpersonal skills. Chatting online and on the phone was one thing...

"We should head over to the main building," Duo said, steering me toward our target as he spoke. "I'm sure there's gonna be a line."

"Do you already know which classes you're going to take?"

We started to cross the square, headed toward what I assumed was the main building Duo had referred to just moments ago. The lobby was impressive, surrounded on all three sides by 10 foot glass walls and thin vertical lines of steel. It was obviously not part of the original design, as the building it was attached to was clearly years older and of a completely different style. Duo opened one of the two large glass doors and ushered me inside.

The space was overflowing with people - presumably students who were there to register as well. Judging by the sheer number of them, I imagined we would be spending the next few hours completing the task.

"I did better than that." He said with a grin, reaching down for my hand and walking toward one of the lesser crowded areas.

I looked up and the sign on the desk just ahead and turned to look at Duo.

"You already registered?"

His grin was wide as he nodded. "Just need to pick up my schedule and check it over, then we're outta here."

I got the feeling that Duo sensed my pleasure. There were only about 12 people on line ahead of us and I couldn't imagine the process taking more than half an hour.

Duo took his backpack off and set in on the floor at his feet, then leaned over and gave me a quick kiss.

"I ordered my books too. Picking them up at 2."

He was smiling again and I could only shake my head in amusement. I was glad that we were going to be together for at least the next 4 hours and that not all of that time would be spent registering for Duo's classes and picking up his books. I had no idea what we *would* be doing, but I imagined that Duo probably had that all figured out as well.

"Plans for the day?"


"Not going to tell me?"

"Nope." He laughed softly once he'd answered and I pretended to be mildly annoyed, though I really wasn't. "You trust me, right?"

"I do." I said, nodding to further affirm my comment. Duo had lived in the city for the past 4 years and I was sure that however he planned to spend the day would be agreeable to me; his company alone would have been enough. I didn't think I needed to tell him that, though he probably wouldn't have complained about the reminder.

"It's nice just... being here." I finally said, knowing that he would know I was referring to being here; with him.

He nodded and made a small sound of agreement, taking a step forward as the line in front of us moved. "I figured we'd get a quick lunch once we're done here. A little early, but I'm starved."

"Lunch sounds good." I said. It would be after 11 by the time we were done here and probably closer to 11:30, I imagined, by the time we actually started eating. I had gotten up unusually early. "Have something in mind?" I asked, because he usually did.

"Yeah. Bit of a walk, though."

I smiled, quietly reminding Duo that I was fine with whatever plans he had made for the day.

. . . . . . .

We talked back and forth about the RPG as we walked, and after about 15 minutes, Duo announced that we'd arrived at our destination. There was a limited menu, but I wasn't a particularly picky eater. Duo ordered first and it was apparent that he had been here before based on the fact that he hadn't even glanced at the menu. I ordered myself an eggplant parmesan hero, a little surprised when Duo announced that our orders were to go. I refrained from questioning him about it, surmising that I would receive much the same answer as I had the last several times I had asked a similar question.

"We need to make a quick stop before we eat."

"Okay." I said, knowing he wouldn't see me nodding since we were walking side by side.

The food smelled good and I could feel my stomach rumbling slightly. Duo had mentioned that it was going to be a quick stop and I hoped that his assessment was accurate. It was just after noon now and it had been more than 6 hours since I had eaten.

He slowed his pace a little, finally pausing at the door of what appeared to be an art supply store, loudly announcing its name as Orange Front in both words and color. The windows were filled with brightly colored signs and displayed a large variety of merchandise.

"I'll be quick." he said again and I wondered if I should wait outside or follow him in. He answered my question by opening the door and waiting for me to enter.

I followed Duo down the three steps, entering the store and immediately recognizing the clerk behind the counter as one of Duo's friends. One I hadn't seen in a long time.

"Jay!" Duo greeted him rather enthusiastically, moving forward to shake his hand. "What's going on?"

I shrank back, not wanting to get in the way of their conversation and began looking around the store a bit, though not venturing far from the front of the store. They had a rather impressive collection of pens and markers, each type arranged by color with a small pad to sample them with sitting on the shelf in front of the display.

"You remember Heero, right?"

I turned at hearing my name and walked toward the pair, offering my hand and a somewhat mumbled greeting to Jay.

The last time I had spoken to Jay was when I called him to enquire about Duo's hand. That seemed like an eternity ago, and I wondered if Duo had filled Jay in on all that had happened since then. I didn't know how close they were, or even if Duo was inclined to share the details of his relationships. Our appearance here together today was enough to let him know that we'd gotten past what whatever had transpired that day.

They talked only briefly before it was clear the conversation was over and I watched as Duo pocketed something that Jay had handed to him. Duo thanked his friend with a handshake and then Jay issued what appeared to be a warning of sorts, which I only caught the tail end of. Duo seemed slightly embarrassed by whatever Jay had said and I was glad I had not heard him, fearing my own reaction if what he'd said had been enough to rattle Duo.

Once we were back out onto the street, Duo delved into the front pocket of his jeans and produced a thick silver ring with a pair keys and dangled it in front of me as he grinned. He didn't need to explain what it was for and I was suddenly feeling hungrier than I was a few minutes earlier, though it no longer had anything to do with the bag of food I was carrying.

. . . . . . .

We rounded back and ended up close to where we'd started and I couldn't help but be reminded of the numerous scenarios I'd gone through last night and this morning when thinking about our encounter today, and how completely off the mark I had been. I wasn't as thrown off balance by the unpredictability as I would have been months ago.

It was distinctly warmer out now and I was glad I'd brought a short sleeved shirt with me. It didn't help matters that the paper bag containing our lunch was pressed against my chest and I wished I had stopped to put it in my backpack.

"Almost there," Duo said. "Hungry?"

"Very," I confirmed without hesitation. It had come up earlier that I had last eaten at 5:30 am and I could still picture Duo's expression when I mentioned it. I was surprised he had dismissed the news without comment, but the slight shake of his head and smile told me more than enough.

We walked another half block or so before Duo paused and reached deep into the pocket of his pants for the keys Jay had given him earlier. We exchanged smiles and I followed him up the stone steps, standing beside him as he unlocked the front door. Once inside the building, I felt an immediate sense of relief to find it was air conditioned. Heading directly to the stairs, I walked behind Duo as we climbed the first flight.

"Nice building," I said, taking in our surroundings. "Close to school too."

"Unfortunately, Jay lives on the fourth floor."

"Does he at least have a decent view?"

Duo laughed and confirmed that he indeed did.

We made the rest of the trip in silence and I wondered what Duo was thinking about. Probably not what I was thinking, I reasoned, since he had known in advance that we had a place to hang out for the day. I was definitely pleased by the turn of events and looking forward to how we would be spending our time together, but still left feeling a little unsettled. I had, after all, been thinking about this day for the last week or so and never once did I imagine we'd end up where we had.

The lobby had been cool, but the heat in the stairwell was oppressive and I hoped that Jays apartment was air-conditioned. I supposed I would be finding out soon enough.

Exiting out into the corridor, I followed Duo down the hall and stopped beside him as he reached for the keys again, wasting no time in getting the door opened and making his way inside. I closed the door behind us, watching Duo as he made his way across the room.

"Is there a frigid setting?" I asked, seeing where he was headed.

Duo laughed, turning to face me after turning on the air conditioner. "High cool is going to have to work for now."

I set our lunch down on the kitchen table and removed my backpack while Duo did the same. I put my bag down next to his on the floor beside the couch.

"Nice place." I said, surveying what I could see of the apartment. The space was large, open and had vaulted ceilings with a series of enormous windows on the south wall.

"Jay lucked out," Duo said, seating himself in one of two chairs in the living room area. "Got this place for next to nothing."

I sat as well, leaning back into the sofa cushions and closing my eyes. It felt good. I was tired, definitely an effect of the heat and climb up here in it. I probably could have laid there for another 10 minutes or so, but my stomach had other ideas.


"My stomach seems to think it's time." I said, opening my eyes to look over at Duo.

He looked tired too, though I was pretty sure there was more to it than that.

He stood and I followed him into the kitchen; seating myself at the table. Duo opened the refrigerator, surveying the contents briefly before removing from it two bottles of water and placing one of them in front of me.

. . . . . . .

The conversation over lunch had been light and Duo seemed to be interested in every new detail and nuance of the RPG. I had been more than happy to indulge him, as it seemed a safer choice than talking about what had been going on in his life the past five weeks. I knew that it was just a matter of time before the subject came up, though and I wasn't looking forward to it. I had not planned on being the one to bring it up, but Duo's silence on the matter was leaving me with little choice.

"How is everything going at home?"


He was grinning, but there was no humor behind it.

"That good, huh?"

He made a sound that I could only describe as a growl and looked over at me. "Are you sure you want to get into this, Heero?"

I nodded, not really certain I did, but knowing he probably needed to let it out.

"Fine," he said, sounding somewhat resigned. "You already know what an ass my Dad is, right?"

He didn't wait for my reply before continuing, but I nodded anyway.

"That night when we got home, he let me have it. Must have been thinking about it on the drive home."

I was tempted to stop him and ask if it had been any worse than what I had overheard earlier that day. I hoped for Duo's sake that it wasn't.

"He made sure to remind me of what a loser I was and how sure he'd always been that I would never amount to anything. I'm pretty sure the neighbors got a nice fucking earful."

I cringed, hoping that any physical manifestations of how I was feeling weren't obvious and if that were, that Duo hadn't witnessed them.

He was pacing back and forth across the living room floor and I could see the tension in his posture. He was angry at his father, and with good reason, but I also knew that he was angry at himself as well. I had hoped some of those emotions had dissipated.

"How could I have been so fucking stupid, Heero?" he asked, looking at me, though thankfully he didn't appear to be waiting for me to reply. "Don't answer that!" he said in haste, holding his right hand up as if the gesture would keep me silent.


"Fuck it. Nine more months and I'm done, right?"

I nodded, unsure of what I could say to calm him down. Thankfully, an idea wasn't long in coming. "You'll be busy with school work. Hopefully the time will go quickly."

"Oh, I'll be busy, alright", he said somewhat sarcastically and offering me a grin I had no problem determining it was not a genuine one. "School is half the problem! Don't you get it?!"

He was running his fingers of his left hand through his bangs now and if I wasn't mistaken, his hands were trembling slightly. The apartment had cooled down rather nicely, but I didn't think it was the chill that was bothering Duo.

I did get at; or at least I thought I did. His commute was going to be hell, putting added pressure on him that I was sure his final year was already going to be giving him. I recalled my own circumstances not too long ago and couldn't imagine how I would have handled adding three hours a day of minimally productive time into the mix. I was going under the assumption that he would be able to study or read at least part of that time.

"Maybe you could work something out with Jay. Stay here during the week a few nights?"

"Yeah," he said softly, "Thought of that. If I thought it would fly with the old man, I'd probably go for it."

"Are you sure he wouldn't consider it?" I asked.

"Not a friggen chance," he said, chuckling. "He's enjoying this *way* too much, Heero. It's like this is the chance he never thought he'd get to pay me back for all the shit he claims I've given him over the years."

I couldn't help but smile, imagining that Duo was probably quite the handful when he was younger. If circumstances were different, I might have asked him about it.


"Nothing," I said, turning my thoughts to something more serious and wondering for a moment if I should share them with Duo.

"Stop worrying about it, Heero. It's not like it's your fucking problem, right?"

I glared back at Duo, unable to explain why I felt so irritated by his statement. It might have had something to do with the way he spat it out, but I was sure it was more than that. I hated my lack of experience in situations like these. Was it out of line for me to try and explain that I couldn't help but be concerned because he was someone I cared about? Shouldn't he already know that? I felt so wholly unprepared for this.

"Fine. Since you seem to have it all under control..."

Duo's laugh had a sinister edge to it. "You can't fix this, Heero!"

I had never meant to imply that I could. I didn't see anything wrong with offering suggestions. Duo apparently wasn't receptive to the idea.

"You're right," I said. "I can't."

Duo seemed pleased by my response and I could see him relax slightly.

"Anyway, according to the old man, you're half the problem." Duo informed me.

He sounded amused, so I responded in a similar tone. "I am, huh?"

"Since you're the one that *made* me gay, not seeing you any more is supposed to make me straight again."

I couldn't help but laugh at the absurdity of his statement.

"You think that's funny?" Duo asked in a rather serious tone. "He fucking believes it, Heero! That's what he thinks! Tell me that's not totally fucked up!"

It was.

"So. Have you been feeling any less gay these past few weeks?"

Duo smiled, but it only lasted for a moment. "It's not funny, Heero".

I begged to differ. For some reason, Duo just wasn't seeing the humor in it. It was very unlike him; or at least very different from what I'd seen of his reactions so far. Perhaps he'd been understating just how much his treatment at home had been affecting him. I was the one who had urged him to vent.

"I'm sorry," I said, hoping it didn't come off sounding contrite.

"For what?" he asked, raising his voice beyond what I thought was necessary.

I looked over at Duo and could see that he was anticipating my answer.

"I already told you it's not your fault!"

"I didn't say it was."

"Then what the hell are you apologizing for?"

"For trying to make light of the situation," I told him. That certainly wasn't all I was sorry for.

"Fuck, Heero..." he said, grasping at the back of his neck with right hand and rubbing it.

"I should have stopped you."

He turned and fixed me with a glare. "Yeah? You think you could have?"

I nodded, though there was no way for me to know for certain.

"I'm not sorry he knows. Hell, I'm not sorry for a lot of shit!" he said, starting to pace the room again.

I wasn't sure he actually believed that, but he was too angry for me to try and dissuade him at the moment.

"This goes way beyond the control freak thing he's always done," Duo declared, gesturing with his right arm. "It's not like I'm 5 any more! Where the fuck does he come off telling me who I'm allowed to fall in love with?"

I glanced over at Duo, unsure of how I should respond to what he'd just said, when I was suddenly startled by the loud chime of my cell phone. I reached into my pocket for it, checking the number and then looking back over at Duo apologetically before taking the call.

. . . . . . .

Glen wouldn't have called if there wasn't a good reason, but I had not expected to be tied up on the phone as long as I was.

I walked to the far side of the room once I'd answered the call in order to give Duo a little space. His tirade had come to a rather abrupt end, but I didn't necessarily view that as a bad thing. I looked out the window, leaning against the wall beside it, as I listened to Glen talk. They had run into a problem with a particular section the code we had been working on and were more or less stuck until we worked it out. I doubt he would have called if they hadn't exhausted their own knowledge and it was, after all, my particular area of expertise.

Duo was seated on the sofa and I was glad that he appeared to be relaxed. His eyes were closed and he was slouched down in the cushions and had his both feet propped up on the coffee table with his legs crossed at the ankles.

After listening to Glen explain what was going on, I processed the information and talked out loud as I worked through the possible causes/solutions in my head. I was so engrossed in conversation that I hadn't heard or seen Duo get up and make his way over toward me.

I could feel him standing behind me, pressing his body close to mine and setting his hands on my hips. It was moments later I felt the warm wetness of his tongue on my neck and I continued my conversation, though decidedly more determined to bring it to a conclusion as soon as possible.

Duo's touch was growing a little bolder, and I stiffened as he reached to untuck my shirt so that he could run his fingers up underneath it. A small shiver ran through me as his hands moved over my naked skin and I knew that Duo could feel it as well. He pressed his body still closer to mine, rotating his hips against me. I closed my eyes, momentarily forgetting that I was on the phone and jolted back to reality when Glen asked if I had heard what he'd just said. I asked him to repeat himself, hoping he would assume that I had been thinking about a possible solution to our problem. As distracting as Duo's attention was, I never thought about asking him to stop.

I tried to focus on what Glen was saying, but was only having limited success. It was obvious that Duo missed touching me as much as I missed being touched by him. I encouraged him as best I could, re-positioning myself to make it easier for him and very much anticipating being able to touch him in return.

It didn't take Duo long to work his hand inside the front of my pants and I angled the phone away from my mouth to let out a soft groan. He rubbed the palm of his hand up and down my cock through my briefs, pausing every now and then to tease at the head with his thumb. He shifted behind me then, teasing my neck with his tongue and wriggling his hips from side to side to nuzzle his cock into the crack of my ass.

It was growing increasingly more difficult to devote enough attention to what Glen was saying to make continuing the conversation worthwhile. He had already relayed the problem to me and briefly explained what measures they'd already taken to fix it. I didn't think he was expecting me to come up with a solution on the spot.

"I'm going to have to get back to you." I told him, doing my best to keep my voice steady.

He knew that I wasn't at home and that I most likely didn't have access to a computer. It didn't stop him from asking me what part of the code I thought was causing the problem.

Duo had moved around in front of me and was on his knees and in the process of unbuttoning my jeans. He was undoubtedly as anxious for this phone call to end as I was.

I gave Glen a few ideas of where he could check and gave him the name of a program he could run that might assist in narrowing the search a little further. I looked down, watching as Duo tugged at my pants and leaned forward to start mouthing my cock through my underwear.

Saying a quick goodbye, I disconnected the call, and was about to put the phone back in my pocket when Duo reached up and took it from me.

"I think that's enough of that," he said, opening the phone and turning it off before sliding it across the carpet. I didn't bother to look and see where it had gone.

He stood, delving inside my underwear with his right hand to stroke my cock as he leaned in to kiss me. I let out a needy groan and thrust my tongue all the way into his mouth, trembling slightly as I reached between us for his cock. He was already hard and I couldn't get his pants open fast enough.

"Easy, Heero," he warned and I wondered if I had been too rough in my excitement and hurt him.

"Sorry," I said, a little embarrassed, "I just..."

"I know,' he said, squeezing my cock tightly in his fist. "This is all going to be over way too fast."

I nodded in response, feeling slightly off balance as Duo cocked his head in the direction of the couch. Following him across the room I watched as he lay down and lowered his pants to fully expose his erection. He reached up to tease me again, this time taking the time to push my underwear aside.

I leaned into Duo's touch, bending over to grip the back of the sofa and then wrapping my fingers around his shaft. He was stroking my cock as well, clearly enjoying what we were doing. Every so often he would lift his hips up off the couch to ask for more and I was quick to indulge him.

I blamed the proximity of my cock to his mouth and the fact that his lips were slightly parted on my next move. I reached down for my cock and rubbed the head of it against the side of his mouth, not missing the slight upturn that was definitely the beginning of a grin. He let me continue, not opening his mouth, but watching me intently as I brought the head to his lips, dragging it across them and wetting them with precome in the process.

Duo kept his gaze on me, teasing the head of my cock every now and then with light touches of his tongue. I sensed that he was keyed in to my frustration, but he was probably enjoying himself too much to abandon his current tactic.

"Suck on it," I growled, pressing the tip of my cock hard against his lips in an attempt to get him to open them.

Duo's head rose up off the couch, immediately taking a good portion of my length inside his mouth. I gasped as he started sucking, watching for just a few seconds before closing my eyes. His hand came up to grasp at the shaft, stroking it firmly and then giving his full attention to just the head. I moaned as his tongue teased at the slit and circled the crown, and it took a conscious effort not to thrust forward and make him take all of me into his mouth.

I reached down for his cock, grasping it tightly and running the side of my thumb back and forth over the tip of it. It was wet and hot in my hand and I started to stroke the length of it, pleased as Duo began moving his hips to encourage me.

His mouth was suddenly gone and I looked down as he grabbed my upper arm and pulled me down toward him. I settled on the couch on top of him, grinding and rotating the lower half of my body against his as we kissed, recognizing the desperation and knowing it wasn't just my own.

Duo shoved both of his hands down the back of my pants, squeezing my ass as he moved his hips from side to side. I could feel his cock sliding against my own, enjoying the friction and the way our bodies moved in tandem to create it. The kiss grew increasingly more aggressive and I pulled back, needing to tell Duo that if we kept going like this, I couldn't guarantee I would be able to hold off coming for very long.

Duo was slightly winded as he released the grip he had on my ass and tugged at my jeans. "Pull your pants down a little more."

I watched him bring his fingers to his mouth and spit on the tips and lowered my pants further than I had initially planned to. I laid back down between Duo's legs, spreading mine as far as I could in anticipation of his touch.

His wet fingers were at my hole almost immediately, rubbing my entrance and I squirmed above him, wanting him to dispense with the teasing and move on to what I knew he intended to do.

"It's been a while," he whispered, pressing his fingertips more firmly against my hole, but not making any attempt to push them inside.

I groaned out what was meant to be a confirmation and shifted back, figuring he would take the hint.

"You want it?" he asked, still teasing the area around my hole.

I wanted whatever he was offering.

"Yes," I confirmed with a slight hiss.

My mouth was close enough to his ear that he couldn't possibly have misheard me, but his fingers were no closer to where I wanted them.

"Fuck me with your fingers," I growled, nearly gasping as he roughly shoved what felt like a pair of his fingers up my ass. It didn't escape my attention that that was the second time in the past ten minutes that Duo had forced me to come right out and ask for what I wanted.

I moaned and immediately began rotating my hips, simultaneously putting more pressure on where our cocks were rubbing against one another. I could hear myself panting and turned my head to the left a bit, so that I wasn't breathing directly into Duo's ear.

Duo's hips were moving erratically beneath me, generating an almost unbearable amount of heat and friction. His cock slid alongside my own, slickening both of our lengths with precome.

"More," I moaned, pushing back to force his fingers all the way into me.

"That's it, baby," he rasped out, bringing his left hand down to press against his right, successfully driving his fingers deeper into me.

I gasped, grinding the lower half of my body against Duo's. He continued fingering me, going harder and deeper with every push.

"Duo..." I grunted, wondering if how I'd said his name and the way I was moving was enough to let him know I was about to come.

"Do it," he moaned, shifting hard beneath me and ramming his fingers all the way into my ass.

I wanted this too much to try and hold back; squirming and rocking my body against Duo's until I arched back and screamed out his name. He was moaning as he lifted his hips up off the couch to keep the lower half of our bodies in contact; gripping my ass with his both hands almost too tightly. I came hard, knocking my head against Duo's more than once as I convulsed in pleasure on top of him.

The sound of his harsh breathing let me know he was about to come and I leaned in to kiss him, shifting my hips to spread my come across our cocks. Duo reacted much how I expected he would and I pulled back from the kiss so that I could watch him.

He was looking up at me, teeth clenched and eyes half closed.

"Your turn," I said, grinding my hips into his and enjoying the expression on his face.

"Fuck, Heero!" he cried out.

"Maybe later," I told him, hoping that was indeed the case and then focusing all of my attention on sliding my body against Duo's as efficiently as possible.

. . . . . . .

It was minutes after Duo had come that I'd moved off from on top of him and migrated to the other end of the sofa. I would have left sooner, but the grip Duo had on me told me he wanted otherwise.

Neither one of us said anything and I wondered if Duo was having thoughts similar to my own. The silence was slightly awkward, but I wasn't quite ready to share what I was thinking with Duo.

"Damn," he said, moving to sit up and slid over to where I was sitting. "That was good."

He leaned in to kiss me and I reached for the back of his head, bringing him closer and thrusting my tongue into his mouth. He moaned and began sucking on my tongue, simultaneously pinching my left nipple.

"I am definitely going to fuck you," he said when he pulled back, reaching down and sliding his fingers through the come on my belly. I spread my legs a little, allowing his hand to fit between them and scooted toward the edge of the couch. He teased my hole with his fingers again, smiling at me as he did.

"I love how you just can't seem to get enough."

I didn't bother to respond, but I was thinking that much the same could be said of him. It had been weeks since we had seen one another and neither of us knew how long it would be before we saw one another again. Reminding Duo that we were healthy young men with robust libidos seemed pointless.

"I can't," I admitted, groaning as he slid his come slicked finger inside me.

My cock was still soft, but it had already been at least five minutes since I'd come and I knew from experience that I would be hard again in another three to four minutes.

Duo wouldn't be far behind.

"I wanna take my time," he said, easing his finger out of my ass and slowly pushing it back inside. He was looking up at me, as if he was expecting some sort of response. Surely he didn't think I was planning to object.

I could only come up with a handful of instances where he'd fucked me slow and the night before my parents' party in the pool stood out amongst them.

"I have no problem with slow," I told him, groaning as a second of his fingers joined the first.

Duo moved off the couch and settled onto his knees between my legs. He was watching his fingers as they moved in and out of me and I closed my eyes, enjoying the rhythmic movement and anticipating what was to come.

"Am I putting you to sleep?" Duo asked what was probably a minute or so later.

I opened my eyes to look down at him and shook my head. "Hardly."

"Good," he said, leaning forward to kiss the inside of my left thigh and angling his fingers to brush against my prostate.

I couldn't help but be reminded of the first time Duo fingered me; and how he'd stopped me from touching my cock. I hadn't thought it possible to come from just the anal stimulation, and recalled how quick he had been to prove me mistaken.

I moaned as he continued to penetrate me slowly with his fingers and squirmed slightly as he reached up to rub his thumb against my nipple as he teased my inner thigh with his tongue and teeth.

Duo suddenly reached down between his legs with his left hand.

"Few more minutes," he informed me.

I nodded, groaning as Duo buried his two fingers deep inside me.

"You like that?"

I grunted in response since he had to already know the answer.

"I'll take that as a ‘yes'," he said, easing his fingers out and then pushing them into me again.

"It is a yes," I concurred, reaching down between my legs to see if I could force his fingers further inside.

"Not enough for you?"

The amusement was evident in his voice, and I took a second or two to formulate a response that I knew Duo would appreciate.

"Your cock is more than enough," I told him, making sure not to miss his reaction to my admission.

He hummed as he continued fingering me and then angled his head to make eye contact. "I did notice that."

I was suddenly overcome by an intense desire to kiss Duo. The position we were currently in was going to make it near impossible, but I wasn't going let that stop me from trying.

Duo was fast to interpret my motions and shifted so that he was half kneeling, half leaning on the couch, successfully bringing his mouth within reach. I smashed my lips against his, reaching for the back of his head with my right hand as I thrust my tongue into his mouth. He responded with a similar desperation, teasing my tongue with his own for no more than a minute before pulling back slightly and nipping at my lower lip with his teeth.

I growled to let him know I wasn't pleased by his premature end to the kiss and he grinned, leaning forward to place a quick peck against my lips.

"You ready?" he asked, wriggling his fingers inside me before slowly sliding them out.

I didn't bother to mention that I'd *been* ready and bent my left leg at the knee and let it rest against the back of the couch. Duo took my right leg in his hand and brought it to my chest as he moved to kneel between my legs.

He spit on his left hand and transferred the saliva to his cock, coating just the head; watching me as I watched him.

I thought for a minute he was going to say something, but I'd either been wrong in my assessment or Duo had changed his mind. He looked down, taking his cock in his left hand and rubbed the tip of it back and forth against my hole several times. I would have verbalized my readiness, but Duo seemed to be captivated by his current activity and I knew that nothing I could say was going to make him go any faster.

"Been too long," he said, moving forward a little to push the head of his cock against my entrance.

"It has," I agreed, taking a deep breath and holding it in preparation of his entry. He didn't slam into me as I'd predicted; instead easing his cock into me with patience I'd never seen him exhibit before.

He closed his eyes, pulling back so that only the head of his cock was inside me. "Nothing should ever feel this fucking good," he said, opening his eyes and looking down at me as he pushed his hips all the way forward again.

"Yesss," I hissed out, lifting my hips up to ensure that Duo's cock was as deep inside of me as it could get. My action earned me a grin as Duo ground his hips against me.

"You got it all, baby," he said quietly before leaning down and covering my mouth with his.

All of it was exactly what I wanted.

Once Duo started moving, I reached for his hips with both hands, urging him to fuck me harder. I stopped myself from asking him to do just that, instead moaning loudly when he slammed hard into me, striking my prostate.

"That what you wanted?" he asked, repeating the motion without waiting for me to respond.

It was.

I thrust the lower half of my body up off the couch in answer, making eye contact with Duo as I did. I preferred not having to verbalize my answer and was sure that Duo understood. I did groan somewhat loudly and tightened the hold I had on Duo's hips.

"Mmmm. You can do better than that, Heero." Duo said, still fucking me, but not nearly as deep and fast as he had been a moment ago. "You want me to fuck you good and hard, right? Well I want to hear you ask for it."

I probably should have been prepared for Duo's request, considering he had succeeded in making me ask for what I wanted twice already today. I was certain that he wouldn't be satisfied if I told him that I wanted him to fuck me harder.

"Come on, baby. Tell me."

"I need you to fuck me."

It was a very strong word, but it was honestly how I was feeling at the moment.


"Yes," I said groaning as Duo pressed hard against me. His dick was in as deep as it could go, but something about the motion excited me even further. "Ram your cock into my ass good and hard."

It was Duo's turn to groan and I very much enjoyed his reaction to my request.

"You like fucking me hard?" I already knew the answer to that particular question, but I was looking forward to hearing Duo's response.

Duo made several quick hard thrusts and I moaned aloud, surprised that I had no inclination or desire to stifle the sounds.

"I like it that you like it," he admitted through a grunt, continuing to pound me into the couch.

I could feel my balls begin to tighten and as much I wanted to come, I wasn't looking forward to this being over.

"I'm close," I warned, a little surprised when Duo sped up his thrusts as opposed to slowing them down. He leaned his right shoulder against the back of the sofa for balance and reached down to take hold of my cock; stroking it rather roughly and clearly intending to bring me off sooner rather than later.

My breathing was rapid and erratic and I lifted my hips to meet each one of Duo's thrusts. He was panting rather loudly himself, grunting as he pulled out and slammed back into me.

I arched my back, gasping as I started to come and focused my attention of Duo's face. He was watching me as well and although I felt slightly embarrassed, I resisted the urge to turn my eyes away.

"That's it, baby, you look so fucking hot."

His hand was still working my cock, faltering slightly as he announced he was going to come as well.

I moaned as his cock throbbed and pulsated inside me, urging him to go faster and deeper and thoroughly enjoyed the expression of ecstasy visible on his face as he climaxed.

"Mmmm. I needed that." I told him as he pulled out and lowered himself down onto me.

It was a surprisingly easy admission, but it wasn't the entire truth.

He hummed in response, kissing the side of my neck. "Me too."

It was him I needed.

to be continued

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