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rating: NC-17
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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 13

On Wednesday, Duo had text messaged me several times, giving me as much information as he could find on whatever his father had done to prevent him from accessing AIM and a seemingly better part of the internet. It wasn't much, but it was a place to start. A cursory check revealed that it wasn't related to the Internet Content Rating Association system, though I initially thought it had been.

Duo relayed his frustration at only being able to get so far in troubleshooting the problem, and informed me that his dad was pretty much technologically impaired and had more than likely gotten outside help in setting up the block. I imagined that Duo had reached numerous dead ends, having as limited access to the internet as he had.

The sites he was blocked from seemed arbitrary, and I was having a difficult time trying to make sense of it. He didn't have access to any sites that were interactive or ones where a login was required. I might have had an easier time figuring out the methods his father had employed, had it not been for the fact that a good number of seemingly harmless sites had been blocked as well. It appeared to be totally random, though logic told me it was not.

After searching the web and coming up empty handed, I decided to click on a link for a message board that had shown up repeatedly in my searches. I created a username and password and logged in, spending a couple of hours reading through some of the various threads. I was definitely out of my league here. Duo had been quick to classify me as a geek back when we'd first met, and while I definitely considered myself one, this was level I had not even known existed.

. . . . . . .

I missed Duo's call on Friday afternoon.

He left me a message, telling me it was him and asking me where I was and what I was doing. He offered up several ridiculous suggestions and I couldn't help smiling as I listened to him talk. He reminded me that I couldn't call him back, as if I had somehow forgotten, and let me know that he would try calling again at around nine.

I had not been expecting to hear from him so early, since he had called at close to midnight the past two Fridays. I had initially run out just to pick up some chemicals for the pool and had not taken my phone with me. I wound up taking a drive to Lambertville, though I had no idea what possessed me to do such a thing.

I walked around for a while, wandering into several of the shops on Main Street and then getting a quick bite to eat. The town was nice, though I felt a little restless having no real purpose for being there. On my way back to my car, I went into one of the shops that I had passed by the first time I'd walked by it. The window was filled with bright colorful objects, so much so, that I was, at first, put off by the display. A second stroll past the huge glass storefront found me taking a more careful look. I eventually went inside and after walking up and down the aisles, wound up purchasing several black and teal dishtowels and four lime green coffee mugs. I would be needing them come December. I only hoped the novelty didn't wear off by then.

. . . . . . .

I invariably ended up back in my room after the impromptu drive and subsequent shopping expedition. I brought the chlorine and Ph back to the pool, securing them in storage area of the cabana and making sure to lock the door behind me.

Between the upcoming move, my game and the quest to get Duo back on the net, I was spending more and more hours sitting in front of my computer. It wasn't healthy, but at least there was more than one task I was working on and I was keeping up with my routine of exercising out at the pool every morning and night. I was fairly certain that it wasn't going to take me more than a week to resolve the issue with Duo's computer. It took me only moments to realize that once the problem *was* solved, I would be spending the same, if not more time online talking to him.

. . . . . . .

"Nine on the dot," I said as I answered the phone. Duo's welcoming laugh was, well, welcome. Very much so.

"I'm sorry I missed your call earlier," I said, wanting to get that out right up front.

"No biggie," he said, "Not like you were expecting it."

I nodded and got up to lock my bedroom door. "I went to Lambertville," I told him, "on a whim."

"So you weren't out poaching other people's pool boys?"

I chuckled, shaking my head at the sheer ridiculousness of his statement; recalling he had said something similar in the message he had left earlier in the day. "No, I did that yesterday," I said, keeping the phone still so that I could hear every note of his laughter.

"Yeah? Have any luck finding one?"

This was the perfect opportunity to let Duo know I had assumed his responsibilities.

"Yes." I told him. "Me."

"You?" Duo laughed and I wondered if it was because he simply found the idea of me taking care of the pool funny or if he thought my parents had somehow coerced me into it. I could have been wrong on both counts.

"I volunteered."

"You *must* be bored!"

"I am," I agreed, knowing he already knew that because we had discussed it. "It's been quiet since you left."

He was silent for a moment and I shifted in my chair, a little nervous about what his reaction might be to what I had just said. Maybe not the actual words, but the meaning behind them.

"Miss you too," he said softly and I closed my eyes, wishing more than anything that he were here.

"Everything okay at home?"

"Same shit. What about you? Anything exciting happening there?"

I shook my head no and then said the word out loud so that he could hear me. "Working on the problem with your internet. Nothing yet," I told him.

"Wait. Was that you admitting you're not a *total* geek?"

"I never said I was, but I think I will be by the time I'm done," I admitted, wondering if he knew how close to the truth my statement really was. "It's been a learning experience."

"If it's that much trouble, Heero, you really don't need to bother."

"It's no trouble at all," I assured him, "I'm actually enjoying myself." I didn't think I needed to mention that even if it had been a chore, the outcome of my efforts would have been well worth the time I was investing.

"As soon as you get me back online, maybe you can send me that list of drawings you need. It'll give me something to do."

"I was planning on it," I told him, "I can think of a few other ways to keep you occupied once you've got your internet back."

"Oh yeah?"

I made an 'mmm' sound and let it go at that.

"We can play around on the phone too, Heero. No one's home."

The offer was very tempting, but I didn't want Duo to think that was the only reason I had suggested helping him. I honestly didn't think about sex much since he'd left. I certainly hadn't been thinking about it a moment ago. "I'll leave that up to you."

"Takes two, baby," he said quietly, "I'm game if you are."

The idea of it was apparently enough to get me interested, though I was pretty certain that something in the tone of Duo's voice had contributed as well. "I'm always game," I told him, pleased by the sound he made at my acceptance.

"You in your room?"


"On your bed?"

"No, but I can be."

"Yeah," he said, "Why don't you do that."

I got up and walked toward my bed, "What about you? Are you in your room?"

"I'm in the kitchen," he said, "Just getting something to drink."

I sat on the edge of my bed and fell back onto the mattress, leaving my feet hovering just above the floor. "Should I start?" I asked, already beginning to feel the recognizable tingling sensation in my groin.

"I'm ready whenever you are, Heero," he said and I wondered if I should ask him if he wanted me to wait while he went into his bedroom before we started. He probably would have told me if he did.

"I've never jerked off in the kitchen."

I closed my eyes, trying to picture him in his surroundings, but it was difficult since I had no idea of what his kitchen looked like. "There's a first time for everything," I told him, reaching down to press the heel of my hand against my cock.

"Let me hear you, Heero," Duo said.

I slid my right hand inside my pants, kneading my cock through my underwear and moaned as it began to harden in my grasp.

"Mmm. That's good. Tell me how it feels."

The embarrassment that rose with his request faded just as quickly. "I'm pretty hard already," I told him, squeezing my shaft a little tighter and groaning into the phone.

"You and me both," he said, following his words with a short hiss.

I undid my pants and pushed them down my thighs along with my underwear. I looked down at my cock and closed my eyes before wrapping my fingers around it. I imagined that it was Duo's hand on me and pumped myself using slow firm strokes as I moaned his name.

"I can't wait to hear you come," Duo whispered into the phone and it was almost as if he were here. Reluctantly, I let go of my cock and stretched toward the night table to grab my headset and fumbled to get it on. I wrapped my fingers around my cock again and reached down to tease my sac, brushing my entrance with my index and middle fingers.

"I'm working on it," I assured him, pressing just the tips of my fingers hard against my hole. "What about you?"

"What about me," he said softly, "I won't be far behind you."

"I like the idea of you being behind me," I told him, ignoring the fact that he hadn't meant to imply anything of the sort by his statement.

"Oh yeah?"

"Yes," I told him, "I thought you'd have figured that out by now." I had certainly given him enough signals.

"I already knew, Heero, I still like hearing you say it. I want to fuck you."

"I want you to," I groaned, squeezing my fist tighter around my shaft. I was glad I'd had the foresight to get my headset before we started. Only having the use of one hand would have severely limited my options. I let go of my cock for a moment to hastily take my pants the rest of the way off and tossed them inside out onto the other side of the bed. I couldn't stop thinking about how good it felt to have his dick inside me... how much I wanted it. "I'm thinking about it," I told him, moaning rather loudly into the phone as I wrapped my fist around my cock again. "About you fucking me."

"I am too," he said, "Hearing you moan like that is a total fucking turn on."

I brought my fingers to my mouth, wetting them with saliva before spreading my legs a little further. I didn't bother to tease my hole, groaning loud enough for Duo to hear me as I worked two of my fingers inside of myself. "Not the same." I growled, stretching forward to push them in even deeper.

"Neither is fucking my fist. Just keep going, baby."

I didn't mention to him that I hadn't even entertained the idea of stopping. "I want it hard," I told him, closing my eyes as he grunted into the phone.

"You always want it hard," he said with a groan.

I knew that Duo wasn't complaining, though his comment could have been taken that way. I decided that teasing him about it might bring about some positive results. "I like knowing that you're not holding back." I told him, wondering if he'd be at all surprised by the revelation. I somehow doubted he would be, even though I'd never actually said it aloud.

"I never hold back," he practically hissed into the phone. "Fuck, Heero. Tell me what else you like."

There was a list: a rather extensive one. It was difficult to focus on one particular thing with all the ideas Duo's comment suggested bouncing around in my head.

I stretched forward, plunging my two fingers inside myself as far as they would go. "Hard and deep," I groaned. "Me on my hands and knees and you behind me."

We had never talked about positions before. I wasn't sure Duo was aware that that was a definite favorite of mine. Something about the power of his thrusts and the way he clawed at my hips just before he came.

"Oh yeah. Any time, Heero. My dick is so fucking hard right now."

"Now sounds good," I quipped back, closing my eyes as I maneuvered myself up onto my hands and knees and began working my fingers roughly in and out of my hole. "I'm ready."

"Mmm. Spread your legs," Duo instructed in a somewhat gravelly voice.

I did as he asked, almost able to hear him grunt as he got into position behind me and shoved his cock inside me.

"Fuck me," I groaned, a little embarrassed by how much it came out sounding like I was begging. I was sure that Duo liked hearing it.

His voice was raspy when he responded and the sound of it succeeded in turning me on even more. "Fuck, baby, you know how much I want to."

I groaned at his admission, squirming a little in an attempt to get my fingers still deeper inside.

Fingering my own ass was a poor substitute for having Duo's cock inside of me. It was frustrating having him so willing on the other end of the line.

I pictured him leaning back against the counter with his legs spread and his pants lowered just enough so that his cock was exposed. He was working his fist up and down the length of it, teasing the head and running the side of this thumb through the precome that was oozing from the slit. I had no idea if what I was imagining was even close to what Duo was actually doing, but the mental picture I had created was highly effective.

"Come on and work those fingers good and deep, Heero. I think I'm gonna come soon."

My cock was painfully hard, a strand of clear liquid stretching from the tip of it and about to drip onto the sheets. I bucked back against my fingers, adding a third one and bowed my head; using my right hand to stroke my cock.

I knew that I wasn't going to able to stay in this position for very long, but I was certain that I wouldn't have to.

I could hear Duo breathing into the phone, his breath loud and raspy and imagined that my own must have sounded the same to him. "Shit! I miss hearing you come."

"Oh yeah," I groaned, pumping my cock, "Soon," I promised.

"Fuck," I heard Duo say and then he grunted, "Now, baby!"

It took me only seconds to bring myself to orgasm knowing that Duo was coming. I tugged at my cock, plunging my three fingers deep inside my hole and pushing my hips back hard against them. I gasped Duo's name as I started to come, closing my eyes as my entire body shuddered with release.

I hissed slightly as I eased my fingers out and lowered myself down onto the mattress before rolling over onto my side. I reached across the bed for the jeans I had discarded earlier and somewhat successfully wiped my hands off on them. "Mmm..." I started, not sure of how I wanted to finish that thought.

"I think I'd like to try that again, Heero," Duo said, "and soon."

His voice was nearly a whisper in my ear and I reached out, taking the edge of my pillowcase and gripping it tightly in my fist. "Any time." I whispered back.

. . . . . . .

After a day or two of familiarizing myself with how things worked on the message board, I prepared a carefully constructed message, outlining the situation with as much detail as I could. I had learned from reading other peoples posts that the more information I presented upfront, the faster the resolution was likely to come. I made sure to include his machine specs and operating system; something I had observed many people had failed to do. There wasn't much in the way of particulars I could give regarding how the machine behaved, since I didn't have access to it, but I could always get that information from Duo if necessary.

Less than an hour had passed before my post was responded to and I read the reply as soon as my system had alerted me that there had been one. I nodded as I read the message, pleased that I had the answers to the first round of inquiries, and typing out my response as carefully as I had my initial inquiry.

I had known that I would need to get more information from Duo before I could expect any kind of solution, but I was surprised by the number of questions I was unable to answer. I copied and pasted the various replies into notepad and printed it out, so that I would have it readily available when I spoke to Duo. I didn't know when Duo was going to call next, but he rarely called more than twice a week and I had just spoken with him the day before yesterday.

Not wanting the thread to go idle for too long, I replied to the message, addressing the one or two issues I could and explaining that it would probably be a few days before I would be able to get back to them with the additional information they had requested. I let everyone know how much I appreciated their help and logged myself out.

I logged back into the board later that night, mostly out of boredom and was shocked to find 4 replies to my last post. I had not been expecting any responses given the nature of the message. I read through them, oddly finding that I wanted to reply to them, and spent the next hour doing just that. One comment led to another and it ended up being well past midnight before I finally went to bed.

. . . . . . .

Duo was unable to supply me with all of the information that had been requested, but it had been enough for one of the regulars on the board to identify the program that was being used.

I talked Duo through disabling the program in a matter of minutes, then we went back over the steps required to re-enable it when he was done using the computer. I was pleasantly surprised that he was apparently as anxious to initiate the contact between us as I was.

pool boy: nice job, heero
french toast: i had a little help
pool boy: friends in high places?

I certainly wouldn't have gone so far as to classify them as friends, but there were several people on the board I had a lot of contact with over the past few days. I didn't think I would stop visiting the site altogether just because Duo's problem had been solved. The hours spent there had been enjoyable and had lead to some rather unexpected results. His comment wasn't entirely accurate, but I decided I would leave that discussion for another time.

french toast: apparently high enough
pool boy: yeah. so what now?
pool boy: you want to send me that list?

I clicked on the link to the list I kept on my desktop, going over it quickly once it opened to make sure it would make sense to Duo and then initiated a file transfer.

french toast: on its way
pool boy: cool. anything you want me to start on first?
french toast: whatever you feel like drawing is fine. it's a long list

There was a short pause before Duo responded.

pool boy: i can see that. you've been busy

I had told him as much the last few times we'd talked. I shrugged. Perhaps I had understated how much time I had actually devoted to the game.

french toast: not much in the way of distraction the past few weeks

I imagined that he was laughing. I hoped he was.

pool boy: so i'm a distraction, huh?
french toast: yes, a good one

I hadn't meant to imply that was all he was... or that it was a bad thing.

french toast: amongst other things
pool boy: you have a list of those too?

I was fairly certain that he was teasing me, but it was difficult to tell sometimes when we were communicating like this.

french toast: no, but i'd be more than happy to work on one if you'd like
pool boy: hah. don't worry about it, heero
pool boy: i don't mind being a distraction
french toast: i certainly don't mind being distracted
french toast: especially by you
pool boy: mmm. sounds like you're coming on to me
french toast: does it?
pool boy: are you?

I thought that Duo might be a little annoyed by the game I was playing; answering his question with one of my own, but he didn't give me any indication that it bothered him, so I continued.

french toast: do you want me to be?
pool boy: that depends
french toast: on what
pool boy: if you plan on following through

I thought about what Duo said for a moment. I was sure of what he was alluding to and it seemed that he was leaving how things played out up to me. I wasn't about to let the opportunity pass.

french toast: i promise that you will not be left unsatisfied
pool boy: hmm... you sure, heero?
pool boy: i've been told that i'm not the easiest guy to please

While I might have agreed with his statement at one point, I didn't think I would have any problems giving Duo what he wanted.

french toast: it will be worth your while. i guarantee it
pool boy: mmm... sounds like an offer i can't refuse

I hoped that I wasn't building this up too much; that I could actually carry off what I was telling Duo I was so confident I could. I knew enough about what he liked to get things started. I had no doubts that Duo would help steer me in the right direction if I somehow veered off course.

french toast: give me a minute...
pool boy: k

I got up from my desk to lock my bedroom door and then unplugged my laptop and carried it over to my bed. I knelt on the bed so that I could reach over to close the blinds and then stripped down to my underwear. My cock was already starting to get hard and I figured that while I was up, I might as well get the bottle of Astroglide from my dresser drawer.

If I was going to do this, I was going to do it right from the start. I sat down on my bed with my back against the wall and balanced my laptop on my thighs.

french toast: i'm in nothing but my underwear
pool boy: that was fast
pool boy: what color are they?
french toast: red
french toast: do you want me to take things slower?

I already knew what Duo's answer would be, but I had my reasons for asking him.

pool boy: however you want to do it is fine with me
french toast: i want you to take your clothes off
pool boy: all of them?
french toast: yes

There was a long pause while Duo presumably did as I'd asked during which time I busied myself picturing him as he did it. My cock was predictably harder by the time he came back.

pool boy: mmm. what now?
french toast: sit down on your bed
french toast: back against the wall
pool boy: done
french toast: touch your cock. tease it until it's hard
pool boy: oh yeah. shouldn't take long
french toast: take your time. i want to enjoy it.

Since he did not reply right away, I again assumed that he was busy fulfilling my request. I reached down and rubbed the palm of my left hand against my own cock, a little frustrated that I was still wearing my briefs, but not willing to remove them just yet. For a moment, I almost regretted asking Duo to take off all of his clothes right away.

pool boy: you touching yourself too?
french toast: not yet
pool boy: i'm hard now

I didn't need to know what Duo's room looked like to picture him naked and hard on his bed. It was enough to make me groan out loud. I shifted positions on the bed and glanced down at my cock; unable to resist rubbing the heel of my hand against the head of it.

french toast: i miss being able to touch you
pool boy: fuck. and you think i don't?
pool boy: tell me what you'd do to me, heero

I smiled; glad that Duo could see where this was headed, but hoped that I would be able to surprise him at least a little bit.

french toast: rub your balls
french toast: lay on your side and spread your legs so i can watch
pool boy: mmm... gladly

Duo didn't seem to have many inhibitions, especially when it came to touching himself in front of me. Knowing how much of a turn on it was for Duo had helped me get over my initial shyness of masturbating in front of him not too long after we started fooling around. I liked doing it now more than I would ever vocalize.

french toast: you look good with a handful of cock
french toast: even if its your own
pool boy: you'd rather it was yours?

That wasn't necessarily the case.

french toast: this is working for me
pool boy: for me too
pool boy: so, are enjoying it yet, heero?
french toast: yes

I would definitely have been enjoying it more if I was on the bed with him and had his hard dick pressed against my ass. I looked down to find my cock straining against the red cotton fabric of my briefs; the wet tip of it just barely poking out of the elastic at the top. I reached between my legs to slide my left hand inside my underwear and wrapped my fingers tightly around the shaft.

french toast: my cock is good and hard
pool boy: fuck, baby
pool boy: play with it
french toast: i am

I worked my hand slowly up and down the length of my cock, watching the motion for a moment or two before closing my eyes and easing my hand out from inside my underwear. I ran the palm of my hand down my shaft and opened my legs a little further, just grazing my balls before spreading my cheeks and pressing my index finger against my hole.

I imagined that Duo was still touching his balls, and occasionally stroking his cock... or perhaps doing both when he wasn't busy typing. I was curious to know what he was thinking about while he was getting himself off.

french toast: are you thinking about us fucking?

There was a slight pause before Duo replied.

pool boy: i think about that a lot

I smiled, reaching inside my underwear again for my cock with my left hand and leisurely pumping up and down the length of it a few times before exposing just the head.

french toast: are you thinking about it now?
pool boy: you know i am

I was as well and I knew how Duo would react to me admitting it to him. I also knew he would like it if I told him how I was touching myself and that the more graphic I was, the more turned on he would be. This was definitely going to be taking me outside my comfort zone, but I was sure the result would be worth it.

french toast: i'm stroking my cock
pool boy: mmm. all of it?
french toast: no. just the head

I pressed enter, immediately questioning whether I should have said more or not, and decided to.

french toast: it's wet
pool boy: dripping?
french toast: yes. i'm smearing it over the head

I looked down to watch my hand, using the side of my thumb to swipe at yet another drop of precome as it leaked from the slit. I brought my finger to my mouth and tasted the clear liquid with the tip of my tongue.

french toast: it's really slick
pool boy: you still wearing your underwear?

I was surprised that Duo remembered I was wearing it at all, though I probably shouldn't have been. It aroused me even more knowing he was trying to get an accurate picture of what I was doing.

french toast: yes
french toast: i lowered them a little
pool boy: mmm. how far?

His question earned him a smile.

french toast: just enough so that i can play with the tip
pool boy: plan on leaving them on?


french toast: would you rather i came in them or on them?
pool boy: fuck, heero
pool boy: on them
french toast: consider it done
pool boy: not yet i hope
french toast: no. we're just getting started
pool boy: good
pool boy: i love watching you get yourself off

No surprise there.

french toast: i like watching you too
pool boy: do you?
french toast: yes

It wasn't something I had ever told Duo, though it was possible he already knew. He didn't do it very often and I couldn't think of a single instance where he had done it while I sat and watched.

pool boy: mmm. i'd be more than happy to

That had been easier than I could have predicted.

french toast: lay back and spread your legs

Only several seconds had passed before Duo replied.

pool boy: done
french toast: now close your eyes and play with your dick

I closed my eyes as well, picturing Duo lying there with his hand on his cock and reached down to tease the head of my own cock. I could feel the damp spot on my underwear from where it had already started leaking precome.

Stretching the elastic at the top my briefs out, I pushed them down to settle at the base of my cock and pinched at the tip with my thumb and index finger; forcing a drop of precome from the slit and smeared it over the head.

pool boy: it's good, baby. i'm thinking about you
french toast: thinking about me how?
pool boy: you watching me. getting off on it?

I was. I didn't think Duo would be surprised by what I wanted to ask next, but I still hesitated before deciding how I was going to phrase my request.

french toast: you have lube nearby?
pool boy: always

I smiled, resisting the urge to let Duo know how his answer had affected me, in favor of telling him what I wanted him to do.

french toast: just one finger to start

I pictured him opening the bottle of lube and squirting it out onto his finger, moaning as I took it one step further as I imagined him bringing his hand down between his legs and sliding that slick finger into his ass.

pool boy: yeah. this is good, heero

"Yes," I said quietly, letting go of my cock and shoving my hand further inside my underwear and pressing my middle finger against my hole.

french toast: work it good and deep
pool boy: its all the way in, baby

I reached over for my bottle of Astroglide and flipped the cap open, hastily pouring a large puddle of it into the palm of my right hand before closing the bottle and tossing it onto the bed next to me.

Once I had tugged my underwear down my thighs a little with my left hand, I ran the palm of my right hand up and down my cock, smearing both the length of it and my fingers with lube. I spread my legs a little further and pressed hard against my entrance with my index and middle fingers; wriggling and pushing until they were buried as deep as they could get.

I groaned as I slid them in and out, imagining that Duo was doing the same.

He was obviously enjoying fingering himself. He had never voiced an objection to letting me do it, though I could only recall several instances where I had and two of those times were where he'd agreed to bottom.

I hadn't initially thought about fucking Duo, but it was becoming difficult not to.

french toast: another one

Duo was idle for nearly a minute before he responded.

pool boy: fuck. two feel really good

I shivered as I read what he'd typed, wondering how he would react if I told him how I wanted the rest of this to play out. The worst he could do was say no.

pool boy: i'm liking this, heero
french toast: which part of it?
pool boy: all of it

I closed my eyes, creating a mental vision of Duo on his bed, his skin dampened with sweat and nearly every muscle in his body tensing as he laid there with his legs spread wide while he fingered himself.

Although it had been weeks since we'd seen one another, the sound of his grunts and groans were still sharp and vivid in my memory.

I made the decision then, that I was definitely going to ask him if he would be willing to try this in person the next time we saw one another. I blamed my growing desire to fuck him on his own enthusiasm.

french toast: i want to fuck you

There was a slight pause before Duo answered.

pool boy: i'd be surprised if you didn't
pool boy: that where this is headed?

If it were up to me, it would be.

french toast: i'd like it to be
pool boy: go ahead, heero

I was pleased by both his answer and how quickly he had responded.

french toast: add a third finger

Duo didn't reply with a comment about the size of my cock as I thought he might, instead letting me know that he was ready.

pool boy: i'm good and ready, heero. just waiting for you to fuck me

His response elicited a shudder and I slid my left hand out from inside my underwear and between my legs and reached for my cock. I closed my eyes, making a tight fist around it and taking a deep breath before pressing the side of my thumb firmly against the tip and rubbing it in circles. It was far too easy to recall how good it felt to press the head of my cock against Duo's tight hole.

"God, Duo."

french toast: lay on your back
pool boy: do it, baby

I looked down to watch my hand as I stroked my cock, tightened my fist and squeezing even harder. I worked it slowly it up and down the length of my shaft in an effort to make it feel as real as possible. I let out a deep growl, voicing my frustration at not being able to see and touch Duo, yet feeling myself getting closer to coming by the minute.

french toast: i want you
pool boy: you have me, heero
pool boy: dammit!

I was almost afraid to ask.

french toast: what?
pool boy: i think someone's home. we better finish this fast.

That was definitely not going to be a problem for me.

french toast: ride your fingers hard while you jerk yourself off
pool boy: yeah, that's good. keep talking, heero
french toast: you feel good. hot
french toast: really tight

I began pumping my cock faster, easily bringing myself to the verge of orgasm with thoughts of what Duo was doing and knowing that he was specifically thinking about me fucking him. I imagined him laying there with his one leg braced against the wall while he reached back to finger himself. I imagined, too, the sound of our flesh slapping together as I slammed into him.

french toast: i'm going to come soon
pool boy: me too, heero. nail me good!

I saw no point in telling him how much I wanted to.

french toast: i'm fucking you good and hard
pool boy: oh fuck yeah

I was breathing harshly and I consciously licked at my lips to wet them.

It was amazing how good it felt; noticeably better than all the other times I had masturbated while I thought about fucking Duo.

french toast: now!

I quickly pushed my laptop aside and got up onto my knees, sliding my right hand up into the leg of my briefs to fondle my balls while I continued to stroke my cock. I leaned my left shoulder against the wall and began thrusting up hard into my hand; increasing the rhythm in an attempt to accurately simulate fucking Duo as best as I could. It was an unbelievable turn on for me knowing that Duo was in his bedroom simulating it too and about to come because of it, if he hadn't already.

I squeezed my eyes shut tight, furiously pumping my cock as I recalled various details from the two instances where Duo had let me fuck him. I focused mainly on the way my cock looked as it slid in and out of Duo's ass and the way Duo moved beneath me to get as much of me inside of him as he could.

Gasping, I turned slightly so that both my shoulder blades were resting against the wall. This was a fantasy, I reminded myself, thrusting up harder and faster into my hand than I would ever actually consider doing.

I watched my hand as it stroked my dick, squeezing it tightly as I imagined the sounds that Duo was making as his muscles clenched and relaxed around me as he came. I grit my teeth, struggling hard to keep myself from crying out as I came. Duo's name was on my lips, though, and I groaned, probably a bit too loudly, as I watched the first stream of come erupt from the tip and spatter against my abdomen.

I wondered if Duo was coming yet, and if he was, if he was calling out my name. My right hand was slippery with my own come and I kept pumping my cock, wishing I could see Duo and hear the deep raspy groans I knew he was making. I latched onto that thought, refocusing again on the head of my cock. My body jerked and I gasped, instantly shooting again and watching the come drip down my cock and onto my red briefs before letting my head fall back against the wall. I closed my eyes; shutting out everything but the feeling of orgasm and the images of Duo I had created in my head.

It was a minute or two later when I finally looked at the screen.

pool boy: j,hgkhi

My short chuckle came out a little breathless. I pulled my laptop closer, typing out my response using just the index finger of my left hand to let Duo know that his expression had hit the nail on the head.

french toast: same here

The tissues were just out of reach and I put my left hand down on the bed to balance myself as I stretched forward to grab a few before settling back. I casually glanced over at the computer screen, wiping blindly at the cool sticky mess on my skin and underwear as I did.

Duo hadn't said anything further and I leaned forward, almost having forgotten what he'd said earlier.

french toast: don't you have to go?
pool boy: nah. that was just someone pulling into the driveway next door

I let out a shaky laugh. Something about the casual way he informed me made me miss him sharply at that moment. It wasn't as if I hadn't been missing him all along, but suddenly I imagined him more clearly and hearing those words in his voice, made the already dull ache of Duo's absence that much more acute.

pool boy: i should be going anyway

I didn't ask him why.

french toast: me too

I hadn't left my room all morning, even though there were other things I should have been doing. I couldn't bring myself to regret any of it.

pool boy: i'll start working on that list later

It took me a second to realize that he was referring to the drawings.

pool boy: you sure there isn't anything you want me to start on first?

I really didn't have a preference. I would have told him if I did.

french toast: whatever you feel like doing is fine
pool boy: maybe some of the mecha

Most of the drawings on list I had sent him earlier were mobile suits.

It was obvious from the start that Duo was more into the technical drawings. It made perfect sense, seeing that he was studying architecture, but there were times I found myself amazed by his level of creativity. The original designs he had had come up with for the Gundams had been impressive, despite what little I had given him to go on. He'd made some modifications along the way as well; tweaking the already intricate designs. I wondered if he knew how much I genuinely appreciated it and decided that he probably wouldn't mind if I told him again.

I liked that Duo was thinking about the game and wondered for the first time if his absence had anything to do with why I'd not made any real progress on the game the past couple of weeks. I hadn't attributed my hiatus to his not being here, until now, but I couldn't discount it. I decided I would think about it later.

There were still places I needed to go back to and fill in some dialogue, but I had completed enough of the roughed out version of the beginning to the game to feel comfortable moving on. The upcoming segments were largely battle scenes and I had included in my list to Duo a series of action poses for each of the five Gundams, as well as some of the enemy suits. I couldn't wait to see what he came up with.

While it wasn't imperative that he have them complete before I worked the sequences into the game, I knew from past experience that they would be helpful in getting me to move forward.

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