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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 8

The room was cold when I woke, noticeably cooler than what I was accustomed to.

I turned to my left to find that Duo was no longer sleeping on his back, but had turned onto his side and was lying close to the edge of the mattress; at least closer to it than he had been earlier. It didn't appear as though the temperature in the room was affecting him, so I scooted over and curled up behind him rather than get up and turn the air conditioner down. His body was warm, and I pressed myself against him, gathering the blankets up under my chin. My movements did not wake him, but there were definitely parts of my body that were beginning to stir and I didn't wonder why.

I glanced over at the clock on the night table to check the time. We had another hour before we had to leave, which meant we had been asleep for just under an hour. I must have dozed off. It wasn't the first time that had happened after having sex. I wiggled my hips a little, nuzzling my cock against Duo's ass. I was not fully hard, but I was well on my way. It was difficult not to think about what had just happened and it wasn't my imagination that that I could smell the sex in the room.

"I think I prefer this to an alarm clock," he said, voice a little groggy.

Hearing Duo's voice took me by surprise, since he hadn't done anything to otherwise indicate he was awake. I certainly wouldn't have minded waking him up like this either, though I wasn't sure if he meant in bed with me or having my hard on pressed against his ass. I would definitely have guessed the former if Duo hadn't suddenly shifted back and moaned.

It was as much of an invitation as I had ever gotten from him, though I could not be certain that Duo meant it the way I was interpreting it. There was only one way to find out.

I reached around, rubbing the palm of my hand up and down Duo's semi hard cock and grasped it tightly. He moaned again and my cock twitched. I stroked his cock slowly, enjoying the way his shaft hardened in my hand. I kept my groin pressed close to Duo, rotating my hips every so often and loving the way it felt.

Duo shifted, bringing his right leg up and bending it slightly at the knee. He rolled over a little so that he was lying halfway on his side. "Mm... fingers first," he said quietly.

It was difficult to wrap my brain around what he was offering, but I did not hesitate, wetting my fingers with saliva and reaching down to rub the tips of them against his hole. I spread his cheeks apart and eased my index finger into him, working it in and out a few times before adding a second.

"We're gonna need the lube," he said, pushing his hips back and slowly taking in still more of my fingers.

I mentally agreed, though I was not looking forward to having to leave the room and possibly break the mood. I wished that one or the other of us had to foresight to go out to the car and get it once Duo mentioned he had forgotten it. We had been able to work around it earlier, but now...

"I'll run out to the car and get it," I said, starting to withdraw my fingers.

"Not yet," Duo said, voice husky as he lifted his hips off the bed a little.

I leaned over to rest my chin on his shoulder and resumed my touch, driving both of my fingers inside him as far as they would go. He remained silent, but wriggled the lower half of his body after several seconds. I took the hint and slowly removed them almost all the way before easing them back inside.

"Yeah," he said softly, "That's good."

Surprisingly, I was in no rush. I was anxious to fuck him, but I was enjoying fingering him. I didn't do it often. More often than I fucked him, but not nearly as much as I would have liked to.

"Spread your legs a little more," I said and he did.

I pushed the covers aside with one hand and moved toward the foot of the bed, spreading his cheeks further apart with my free hand. I lowered my head and removed my fingers, immediately replacing them with my tongue.

"Heero..." he said, and I knew from experience that he wasn't protesting despite how it sounded; quite the opposite, in fact.

I licked around his hole, stabbing my tongue into his opening and pushing it as far up into him as I could. His moans were muffled and I wondered if it was because he had his face buried in the pillow. I tongued his hole a little longer, wetting it thoroughly and slid my two fingers back into him. I moved them from side the side, watching as I twisted my wrist and plunged them deep inside to stretch his hole.

He gasped, his body jolting up off the bed for a brief second, and sending an unexpected shock of pleasure and urgency through me.

"I'll be right back," I said, sliding my fingers out from inside him.

He rolled over, watching as I moved to the edge of the bed to retrieve my clothes. I stood, not bothering with my underwear before putting my pants back on.

"Not sure I like the idea of you going out there like that," he said with a grin.

I looked down, noting how obvious my erection was and then back up at him, watching as he rolled over and sat at the edge of the mattress. He reached down to pick his pants up from the floor and turned them right side out. It made sense that he should go, seeing as his pants were a little baggier than mine. I watched him slide them up his hips, carefully tucking his cock inside before zipping them up. He headed for the door, shirtless and with no shoes on, his hair scruffy and his braid disheveled; his pants riding dangerously low on his hips. It took a conscious effort and a lot of self-restraint to refrain from asking him to finish dressing before leaving the room.

"Be right back," he said with a wink, closing the door behind him.

I sighed and sat down in the chair and ran my fingers of my right hand through my hair. I resisted the urge to get up and see just how messy it actually was. I imagined that it didn't look much better than Duo's did; we had, after all, been engaged in much the same activities for the past two hours. I guessed that the short nap was probably more responsible for its state than the sex we'd had. Had, and were about to have, I reminded myself.

I stood, deciding that I would take trip to bathroom before Duo got back. My erection was nearly gone and emptying my bladder now was definitely a good idea. I didn't bother to zip my pants back up once I'd relieved myself and ended up taking them off completely. It wasn't as if I was going to need them for the next hour. My cock started to get hard almost immediately at the thought and I finished washing my hands, folding the jeans neatly and setting them on the edge of the sink.

The key card entry device buzzed softly and I turned off the bathroom light, walking toward the door as Duo entered the room. He closed the door and bolted it behind him, reaching for the light switch as he called my name.

"Here," I said, moving to stand in front of him.

His eyes traveled up and down my body, making a long slow sweep, before looking me in the eye. "Looks like someone's ready," he said.

I was. "Got it?"

He reached into his pocket, removing from it two small packets of K-Y jelly and holding them out. "It's all they had."

I was surprised that he had not gone out to the car, and oddly a little embarrassed that he had resorted to using the vending machine for lube. I took the foil packets from him with my left hand, using my right to unbutton his jeans and reached inside for his cock. He was no longer hard, but it wasn't going to take me very long to get him that way again.

He bent down slightly to kiss me and thrust his hips forward into my hand. I kept stroking him, squeezing his cock as it grew longer and thicker, then reached down between his legs and rubbed my palm over his sac. He moaned and I pulled back, taking my hand out of his pants and then unzipping them. The fabric slid down his legs and onto the floor and he stepped out of them.

"Better," I said, wrapping the fingers of my right hand tightly around his shaft.

He gripped my wrist after only a few strokes, and I paused, letting him pry my hand away. I watched him as moved across the room and crawled up onto the bed, spreading his legs suggestively. "Much better?"

I tore open one of the packets of K-Y, tossing the other one on the bed and got into position between his legs. Within seconds, I had emptied the contents onto my fingertips and eased two of my fingers into him.

I was relaxed; feeling none of the anxiety or pressure I had experienced the last time I was in this position. I wasn't sure what the difference was, other than this was the second time Duo had agreed to bottom for me. I knew what to expect, more or less, and I knew that he enjoyed it enough the first time to want it again.

"Go for three, Heero," Duo said, letting out a low groan as I slid my index finger in alongside the other two. His hole was still tight around my fingers and I knew I had a little more work to do before attempting to fuck him.

I crawled over him, keeping my fingers buried deep inside his ass. "Tell me when you're ready," I said, bending down and pressing my lips hard against his. He moaned, answering the force of my kiss by shoving his tongue into my mouth.

My hips were moving of their own accord, sliding the wet tip of my cock across his upper thigh. Duo was actively rocking into my touch, shifting his hips downward to take in the final length of my digits and moaning into the kiss.

I pulled back, easing my fingers out from inside him and turned to reach behind me on the bed for the packet of lube. I opened it with my teeth, squirting the contents directly on the head of my cock and hastily coating my length with it.

It was difficult to tell whose breathing was more labored, though I suspected it was my own. Duo turned onto his side and I straddled his left thigh again, taking hold of his ankle and bringing his calf to lie against my chest while I got into position.

"Take it easy going in," he said, his voice thick.

I reached for my cock and brought the head to his hole, rubbing it in circles around his entrance a few times before pressing forward.

Duo didn't look to be in any pain, though his eyes were shut and the better part of his lower lip was trapped between his teeth. I took my time entering him because he asked me to, though it required a great deal of willpower. I watched the head of my cock disappear inside of his body, mesmerized by both the view and how warm and tight his channel was around me.

I pushed into him slowly, taking note of every sigh he made and even the occasional wince. I reached for his cock once I was fully seated, fondling it gently to coax his erection back. His hand joined mine seconds later; reaching down even further to rub at his balls and his fingertips grazed the very base of my cock. I couldn't tell if it was intentional or not, but I looked down to where we were joined and then back up at him as I pulled back out.

"Oh yeah," he moaned.

I squeezed his calf and thrust my hips forward, refraining from slamming back into him, despite how desperately I wanted to. His cock was slowly coming back to life in my hand and I abandoned it to stroke up and down the inside of his thigh.

"I need..."

"Go ahead, Heero."

I pulled out, this time ramming hard back into him and immediately pulling back out again. I lowered my head, taking deep breaths as I pistoned my hips back and forth, driving every inch of my cock inside of Duo. It didn't take me long to figure out that if I kept going like I was, I would be coming a bit more prematurely than I planned to.

I slowed down a little and Duo moaned. "Mmm... that's a good pace, baby."

The slower thrusts were good, but the pleasure was building at an alarming rate even though I tried to keep myself in check. Duo was moaning, his fingers wrapped loosely around his cock and was stroking it slowly. He was hard again, the very tip of his cock glistening with droplets of precome.

I surged forward again, and Duo suddenly jerked up off the bed and let out a deep growl, "Right there," he said, clenching his muscles around me.

"Shit!" I swore loudly, gasping as I pulled out and slammed back into him.

"Keep fucking me, Heero."

I did, quickly working back up to a rhythm that guaranteed I was going climax all too soon. Duo was watching me, moving with me; the muscles in his abdomen tightening as he angled his hips to meet each and every one of my thrusts. I leaned forward a little, grinding myself against Duo and groaned his name. My dick was throbbing and pulsating inside him, and having been in Duo's position countless times, I knew that he could feel it as well.

"I'm gonna come." I grit out, barely faltering as I held onto his leg as I continued to ram into him.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, and I was coming, hard and fast and deep within Duo's body. He was jerking himself off, pumping and working the head of his cock frantically with his fist. He let out a strangled cry and his entire body shuddered as he ejaculated all over the sheets. His muscles constricted around my shaft, leaving me gasping for breath as I shot the last of my come into him.

"You okay?" he asked a minute or so later.

I could only answer with a groan as I eased myself out of him and lie down at the foot of the bed. Shouldn't I be the one asking HIM that question? "Are you?"

"A little bit sore and messy," he said, stretching his leg out a few times, "but otherwise fine."

"That means I did my job," I said, not meaning for it to sound like I was fishing for compliments and hoping he didn't take it that way.

"You did," he said, scooting across the bed. "I'm feeling well and truly fucked," he said and then laughed.

"It looks good on you," I said because it did.

He grinned and bent down to kiss me. "Looks better on you."

. . . . . . .

We left the motel at a little past noon, and stopped for a quick lunch before heading into the tunnel. There was minimal traffic and we arrived in mid-town Manhattan at close to 1:30. After driving around the block a few times and not surprised to find no on-street parking, I pulled into a lot on West 54th Street. Duo grabbed his bag from the back seat and shouldered the strap.

"All set?"

I nodded, locking the car doors and followed him out onto the street.

The museum had undergone major renovations since the last time I'd visited and I looked around the lobby, taking in some of the more noticeable changes while we waited on line to buy tickets. Duo refused to take the money I offered, citing the fact that I would be paying for the parking. I thanked him, not mentioning that he had paid for the motel earlier and stepped aside from the counter to return the 20 dollar bill to my wallet. He walked toward the staircase and I stood beside him when he stopped, peering over his shoulder as he browsed through the pamphlet to check what floor the exhibit was on.

"Second floor," he said, folding the map in half and shoving it in his rear pocket.

"How about a little history," I said as we climbed the stairs side by side. I had heard the name Le Corbusier, but knew very little about the man other than that he was an architect and that he designed an occasional piece of furniture.

Duo gave me a brief summary of the man's design philosophy and a short list of what he considered his major accomplishments. Even as a layman, his ideas seemed sound; logical and almost flawless, but then I reasoned that most good philosophies did. He had written several books on architecture, one of which Duo enthusiastically pulled from his bag and handed to me. It might have been nice to have done some reading prior to coming today, but then I wouldn't have had the opportunity to have Duo whispering random facts into my ear as we entered the main area of the 2nd floor exhibit hall.

. . . . . . .

"Bored yet?" he asked about 30 minutes later.

I couldn't admit to being bored, though I wasn't sure Duo would be pleased to hear that I was more taken with the way he reacted to what we were seeing, than to the actual displays themselves. It wasn't that I didn't find the work interesting, but rather that Duo's enthusiasm was overshadowing it. I had never seen him like this; surrounded by something he was so clearly passionate about.

"I would imagine he met with a great deal of criticism," I said, looking over at Duo, "At least in the beginning." That was probably true of most innovators, regardless of the field.

He nodded, smiling at me as he replied. "He had his detractors. There were a lot of people who saw the innovation though, even at the time."

I nodded, looking over at a display of some of his conceptual sketches and then to a wall of black and white images that were the actual photographs of his realized work. There were very few, if any, modifications made to his original ideas; at least none that I could see with my untrained eye.

"He loved New York," Duo said with a smile. "I think it was the chaos."

. . . . . . .

Duo apologized in advance, taking a seat in the huge room located at the very back of the gallery and dropping his bag to the floor between his legs before taking out his sketchpad and pencil. There were others there as well, students of architecture and probably art as well, I was guessing. He looked in his element.

"You mind keeping yourself occupied for a while?" he asked hesitantly. "You're welcome to stay and watch if you want, but it's not the most exciting thing," he said glancing down at the pad in his lap. "Sorta like watching paint dry, I guess," he finished with a half smile.

I had seen him draw before and hadn't found it nearly as dull as he was implying it was, though I had to admit that sitting here watching him for an hour was not all that exciting to me.

He was probably looking for his privacy anyway. I looked down at my watch. "I'll meet you here at 5?"

"Yeah, five would be good," he said, adding "You sure you don't mind, Heero?" appearing a little sheepish.

I honestly didn't mind at all. "I'll be back at five," I told him with a smile, turning to walk away before he had the chance to say anything else.

. . . . . . .

It required little effort to keep myself entertained. The museum was huge and wandering the gardens alone took me well over 30 minutes. It was hot outside, but the area was shaded by an enormous ivy-covered trellis, keeping most of the sun, but none of the humidity away.

I walked through several of the galleries on the 1st floor, taking a quick walk through the gift shop as well. I glanced down at my watch as I re-entered the main lobby to find it nearly 5:00 and headed toward the stairs.

Duo was still seated where I had left him, but rather than drawing, he was talking to the person on his left. A girl, I noted as I approached, immediately noticing how close they were sitting to one another. I paused, feeling a little unsure if I should leave them be for another few minutes or not. They were speaking at an appropriately low volume, and from the distance, I was unable hear any what they were saying. They were both smiling, though, and I clenched my fists, angry with myself for feeling a twinge of jealousy. Perhaps it was more than a twinge.

Before I had a chance to decide what I was going to do, Duo saw me and waved me over. I felt a little relieved that he did, and that he hadn't moved away from her.

"Heero, this is Gina, the baby of the Maxwell clan."

His sister? I hadn't noticed the resemblance earlier, too busy thinking thoughts that I was now feeling very embarrassed about, but it was apparent. Very much so.

She offered me her hand and I extended my own hand and shook it.

"Nice to meet you, Gina," I said, almost wishing that I could add something like, 'Duo's told me a lot about you.' but he hadn't. I wasn't sure if I would actually say something like that, but it might have been nice to be able to.

Duo introduced me to her as a friend, not mentioning that he was currently working for my parents. I hadn't been expected anything else, especially considering his attitude about keeping what was happening between us a secret. I honestly wasn't sure how I felt about having him refer to me as his boyfriend, despite knowing that was technically what I was. What we were.

We talked for a few minutes longer and I appreciated Duo trying to engage me in the conversation, though I said very little. I was relieved that she left shortly after I arrived. I was already far too proficient at pretending that there was nothing between us but friendship.

She started to walk away and then turned back toward us, telling Duo that he should keep in touch more and not be such a stranger. He waved her off, smiling, but I somehow got the impression that he was just pacifying her. He was adamant about keeping his sexuality from his family. We hadn't talked at length about it, but I suspected he wanted to keep the secret from everyone, not just his parents. I couldn't help but wonder if she actually believed that seeing him more often would make him any less of a stranger.

. . . . . . .

The final room that housed the exhibit contained the furniture that LeCorbusier had designed was smaller by comparison. Duo seemed only mildly interested and we walked through it rather hastily, exchanging an occasional comment as we made our way through the narrow aisles.

"You mind if we take a quick walk back through the first room?"

I didn't and told him so.

He took a last look at a few of the black and white sketches and announced he was ready to go.

"Mexican okay with you for dinner?" he asked as we exited the museum.

"Perfect," I said, "Have some place in mind?"

"Bit of a walk," he said, looking over at me and smiling.

I wasn't the least bit tired, despite having gotten up since 4am. "I'm game."

We crossed Sixth Avenue and headed downtown, keeping pace with the ever thickening crowd. The pedestrian traffic was nearly as heavy as the traffic in the streets during rush hour and equally as noisy. It was a little disconcerting. Duo reached for my hand as we approached the intersection, all but dragging me across the street before the light changed. He laughed when we got to the other side, keeping a tight hold on my hand and leaned in to kiss me.

"So what did you think of Gina?"

It was funny, because I was just thinking about her; I wondered if Duo was having similar thoughts.

"She seemed nice enough," I told him. I didn't need to add that we hadn't said much to one another, since he was there at the time. "You appear to get along well with her."

"Yeah," he said, somewhat softly and I got the sense that he wanted to say more.

I thought back to her parting comment and how it had bothered me. I toyed with idea of bringing it up; asking him if he really thought she would think any less of him if she knew. He had to have thought about it before, probably a great deal. That, in combination with the fact that I had absolutely no experience with relationships between siblings, made me decide against it.

"She looks a lot like you."

He laughed for a second, before getting serious. "She does. She's like me in other ways too." He looked at me then, tightening the grip he had on my hand. "I think she'd be okay with this," he said. "With us."

I nodded, not knowing quite how to respond. Maybe that was why he took the chance with the open display? - aware that she was in the area and perhaps hoping she'd see us? He knew my feelings on outing ourselves, but I didn't think he would hold back from telling her based on that alone. He'd had the perfect opportunity in the museum to tell her if he really wanted to, and yet he had chosen not to.

Once again, I failed miserably at trying to understand his logic.

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