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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 7

It was 7:45 and based on the routine we had fallen into over the past few weeks, I had half expected to find Cynthia and perhaps Duo still in the kitchen when I got there, but the room was deserted.

I touched the coffee pot with the back of my hand to see if it was still warm and poured myself a cup, adding just a little milk to it before sitting down in my usual chair at the table. I was looking forward to our outing today and had been thinking about it on and off all morning. I was accustomed to doing things on my own and for the most part, preferred it that way. I didn't like having to concern myself with anyone else's agenda or schedule; free to move around at my own pace. I certainly hadn't felt that way the day I had taken the walking tour of Boston.

"Ready to go?"

I turned toward the sound of Duo's voice and looked up him. "Just about," I said, taking another sip of my coffee.

He sat in one of the empty chairs across the table from me. "No rush. It's just a quarter of."

"I'm almost done here," I told him, gesturing to my cup of coffee.

Neither one of us said anything after that and I realized that I probably owed Duo some sort of explanation about why we hadn't gotten together last night. I recalled telling him when we spoke on the phone that I was planning to take a nap. He had most likely already figured out what happened, but I thought it only polite to inform him myself. "I didn't think I'd sleep through the night."

"You missed breakfast this morning, too," he reminded me. "All caught up now?"

I nodded, not bothering to mention that I'd been up since 4, before standing to put my empty mug in the sink.

"Good," he said with a smile. "We've got a full day ahead of us."


It was late enough that we didn't encounter any traffic on the first leg of our trip into the city. Duo had brought his iPod along and spent a few minutes choosing a song to play.

"There's been a slight change of plans."

I glanced over at Duo. "A change? What type of change?" I asked, focusing my attention back on the road.

"Still heading for the city, but we're gonna make a detour on the way in."

I was mildly curious about what he had planned, but I did not ask him. I wished he had mentioned it to me last night, or even this morning.

"That okay with you?"

"Yeah," I said somewhat automatically. "It's fine. We have all day."

I didn't know how extensive the exhibit at the museum was, or how long Duo intended to stay. I had noticed that he had brought his sketchpad with him. The museum was open until 9.

I merged onto 276 and got into the right lane, and was forced to apply the brake. I tapped my fingers on steering wheel in frustration at the wall of traffic in front of us. Rush hour should have been over nearly an hour ago.

"So. You really thinking about Boston, huh?" he said suddenly.

I shrugged, not sure if he was watching to see my response. "I still have a few more interviews," I told him, looking over at him for just a second. "It's the best offer I've had up to now."

I wasn't sure what to make of his question. He could have been just making conversation, though that would have been out of character for him. It was more likely that he was thinking about the changes that were inevitably coming. I had thought about them as well. It made sense that we would eventually have a discussion of this nature. I was hesitant to talk about the upcoming situation at length with Duo. I hadn't a clue how he felt about it and part of me wasn't sure I wanted to know. I didn't want this to be the end of anything.

"Boston's not really that far," he said and I smiled.

"No. It's not." I confirmed.

The traffic eased a bit in front of me, and I shifted into second gear and stepped on the gas. I had several interviews lined up for the following week on the West Coast. It didn't take me long to decide this probably wasn't the best time to have that particular discussion.

. . . . . . .

"Head north on 21."

I glanced up at the sign and signaled to make a lane change. "Rye?"

"Yeah. Not the Playland though."

It hadn't entered my mind that we were going to spend the morning at an amusement park.

"Turn left on Pritchitt."

I got into my left lane and looked over at Duo while waiting for the light to change. "You trust me, right?"

I nodded without even thinking about it.

"Where to now?"

"Just keep going straight."

Several comments regarding my sexuality came to mind, but I kept them to myself.

"Slow down," he said, briefly looking down at the paper in his lap.

We drove another block or two, and Duo suddenly moved forward in his seat. "This is it. Pull in."

I looked up, taking note of where we were and then over at Duo. "A motel?"

He didn't respond, but gestured with his right hand to show me where to go. "Head down the hill and around back."

I did as Duo said, and parked alongside the one other car in the huge dirt lot. I was a little surprised at where we had ended up, but I couldn't say that I was disappointed.

"I'll go in," he said.

I said nothing in return as he exited the car and turned to watch as he crossed the parking lot and went into the office. The metal screen door closed behind him and I lowered my window in an attempt to make up for the loss of air conditioning.

It dawned on me as I sat there waiting for Duo, that I should have felt a little embarrassed by the whole situation, but I didn't feel anything of the sort. As the idea of what we were about to do started to sink in, I started getting excited. He had planned this in advance, last night I was guessing. I wondered if he had thought of it once it was clear I was not coming over. We had both been looking forward to getting together last night. We had not seen one another for five days; the evening was bound to include sex of some kind.

I lay back in my seat and closed my eyes, trying not to think about what we were about to do. The day was starting out very much unlike how I had envisioned it, but not in a bad way; far from it, in fact.

"All set?"

My eyes opened suddenly, his voice startling me slightly as I hadn't heard him approach. I looked up to find him outside the car; bent over and peering in at me. I nodded and waited until he stood and stepped back before closing the window. I shifted in the seat, shoving my keys down into the front pocket of my jeans and got out of the car.

. . . . . . .

The walk to the room was awkward and I was relieved that we hadn't run into anyone as we made our way through the hall. The early hour and the distinct lack of cars in the parking lot made it unlikely that there were many other visitors, but I suspected that this would be about the time the cleaning staff would make their rounds.

With a few exceptions, it didn't look any different from any other motel I'd stayed in. I was a little surprised by that, imagining it would have been somehow seedy or less kempt.

"My uncle used to own this place." Duo said quietly.

I found myself staring at him in disbelief.

"Before they offered short stays," he clarified with a grin. "I worked here one summer during high school."

We stopped outside what I could only assume was our room and Duo produced a white keycard from his back pocket and opened the door.

I quickly glanced down the hallway to both my right and left before following him inside.

"We have three hours," he said, tossing the key down onto the dresser. He moved across the room to turn the air conditioner on and closed the curtains, causing the room to grow considerably darker. I reached out to locate the light switch to my left and turned it on.

Duo walked toward me, unbuttoning his shirt and then untucking it from his jeans. "Missed you last night," he told me. I didn't have a chance to echo the sentiment before his lips were on mine. I thrust my tongue into his mouth as I reached behind him and worked my hands into his rear pockets. We were both partially hard already and actively grinding our hips together, equally eager for the friction.

I moaned and he pulled back a bit. "Let's see what kind of movies they have," he said.

"Movies?" I repeated, watching as he located the remote and turned on the television.

He glanced over at me and smiled. "I chose this place for a reason."

We were definitely here to have sex; the movies were only a secondary goal. I recalled Duo asking me if I had ever watched porn and his guarantee of making sure that I did, when I told him I hadn't. The liked the idea of it, both watching the porn and having sex with Duo.

I glanced across the room and over at Duo, crouched down in front of the wardrobe, feeling a sudden rush of pleasure at the unexpected turn of events. I could see that he already had the digital guide up on the screen, but was unable to read any of it from where I was standing. It didn't matter; it wasn't as if I would have recognized any of the titles. I couldn't help but wonder if he did.

"Any preference?"


"Okay, then. How about Dykes on Bikes?"


He chuckled. "So you *do* have a preference."

"Clearly," I told him, rolling my eyes. "I never pretended otherwise."

"So it's safe to assume that Debbie does Dallas is out as well?"

"Perfectly safe." I assured him.

"That leaves us with Alpine Adventure and Coming to Hollywood."

"Surprise me."

Duo made himself comfortable on the bed, lying on his side to face the television and propped his head up in one hand. I sat down on the edge of the mattress and took off my socks and shoes before joining him; sitting with my back against the headboard and leaving my legs outstretched and crossed at the ankles.

The opening credits of the movie began to play and I was not quite prepared for what I was seeing, despite having full knowledge of what gay porn would entail. A series of images flashed quickly across the screen and I made the assumption that they were scenes from the upcoming movie. All of the men were attractive, most of them naked and actively engaged in some form of sexual activity with another man. Duo and I had done those things... all of them. I could feel the blood rushing to my cock.

Duo noticed the nearly instantaneous reaction my body was having and slipped his hand between my thighs. I spread my legs without giving the action any thought and tilted my hips to encourage Duo's hand. His thumb pressed against the base of my cock and I moaned, closing my eyes for just a second.

"Not gonna watch?"

I opened my eyes and turned toward him. It had been days since we'd been together and despite the fact that I had masturbated that morning, I was very aroused and it wasn't the movie that was doing it for me. "I am watching." I told him.

There was some sort of a plot, I determined, not needing to devote my full attention to get the gist of it. They were casting parts for a movie and all indications were that one of the men auditioning was unaware of what his role would involve. There was a brief discussion, at which point another of the actors was summoned into the office by the director. What followed was apparently meant to be a demonstration of sorts.

The men approached one another and immediately started kissing. The clearly more experienced of the two, was quick to move their activities to a conveniently placed sofa. The director encouraged them, making it obvious that he was getting turned on by watching the pair on the couch.

The camera zoomed in, focusing first on their mouths, and then panning down as the darker haired man unzipped and released the other mans hard cock.

Duo did not protest at all when I reached for his hand and slid both my own hand and his down into the front of my jeans. He wrapped his fingers around my cock and began stroking it, releasing his grip just long enough to push my underwear aside before resuming his touch.

I bit down on my lip to keep from making too much noise, but ended up being less successful than I had hoped. I wasn't sure what I had said, or even if it had actually been a word, but whatever it was had Duo up on his knees and struggling in haste to remove my pants. I assisted as much as I was able to and watched as Duo sucked on the fingers of his right hand to wet them.

"I left the lube in the car," he said somewhat apologetically, apparently deeming his fingers wet enough.

I thought it was a good opportunity to make Duo aware of what I had seen earlier, just in case he had not. "I saw a vending machine in the hall on our way in."

Duo laughed and I got the impression that he wasn't surprised. "Later," he said as he leaned over me and reached between my legs.

He teased me with his fingertips, pressing and rubbing them against my hole and watching my reactions. I reached for his hand again, this time holding it still while I pushed down and impaled myself. I gasped as he drove his two fingers all the way inside of me and almost immediately pulled them back out. I met each plunge of his fingers with a downward thrust of my hips, taking in the full length of his digits. Duo shifted against the mattress and I turned to watch as he worked to free his cock and started stroking it.

Duo glanced over at the television, more than a little interested in what was happening on the screen. I turned so that I could watch as well, keeping a tight hold on his cock. The action in the movie had heated up and the director had joined the pair on the couch, encouraging the fledgling dark haired actor to stroke his cock while the other man was sucking him off.

I wasn't going to last long and judging from the way Duo was touching me, he wasn't going to make me wait. There were moans coming from the television, but I was too fixated on Duo to turn my attention elsewhere. There was precome dripping from the tip of his cock and I repositioned myself on the bed so that he was within reach. He moaned as I worked the moist slit with my thumb and forefinger, rolling his hips slightly and then fully relinquishing his touch.

"Take it slow," he warned, looking up at me. "I want to be inside you when I come."

I agreed with a nod and arched up off the bed as he drove his fingers all the way into me again, gasping as they struck my prostate. He obviously had no intention of taking things slow and I was too close to coming to even think about protesting.

The director seemed impatient, hastily changing positions to bring himself to his knees beside the couch. The camera followed his movements, zooming in as he removed the dark haired mans pants, slicked his fingers and buried two of them to the knuckle into the other mans ass.

I tightened the grip I had on Duo's cock, squeezing it as I slowly worked my fist up and down the length of it. He groaned, licking the underside of my balls as he slid another finger inside me. Watching a similar event take place on the screen was definitely having an effect on me. "Now!" I practically growled, reaching for my cock and pumping it roughly as Duo worked his fingers in and out of me.

Duo's mouth and fingers were gone before I had even finished coming. I lay somewhat dazed, but unable to keep my eyes from him as he swiped his right hand across my chest, gathering what he could of my come and covered his cock with it.

"Can't wait," he said, pushing against my thigh to let me know he wanted me to roll over. I did so without hesitation and got up onto my hands and knees. The bed dipped behind me as Duo positioned himself and he let out a moan as he pressed the head of his cock against my hole. He groaned as he pushed the rest of the way into me and I could sense the urgency he was feeling as he withdrew nearly all the way and plunged back inside.

"Fuck!" he said loudly, following the expletive with a drawn out hiss.

I bit down on my lower lip and lowered my head, taking shallow breaths as Duo continued pounding into me. His cock was hot and hard inside me, slick, thick and stretching me fully open. His fingers gripped even tighter at my hips, holding me still as his orgasm rapidly approached.

"Oh yeah," he moaned, "I'm gonna come, baby."

The warning was unnecessary, but hearing him out of breath and so close to losing control was definitely turning me on. "Harder," I pleaded, moaning loudly as he complied.

"That's it, Heero," he groaned, thrusting in and out several more times before pressing himself tight against me. I could feel his body shudder and twitch behind me as he came hard and growling my name.

I waited a little while before attempting to move, knowing that Duo was most likely fairly comfortable where he was.

"Done?" I asked, keeping my voice light, though I knew he was.

"No points for stamina, there," he said jovially, if a little winded. He slid out from inside me and moved off to the side to lie down, allowing me to do the same. His hand reached for my cock and he closed his fingers around it. "Hard again?"

I moaned in response, taking enormous pleasure in how his hand felt on me. He tightened his grip, stroking my cock from the base all the way up to the tip. I moved into his hand, rolling my hips and pushing my cock further into the warm tunnel he'd made.

"I think I want to watch you get yourself off."

I reached down with my right hand to grasp my cock, watching as Duo withdrew his hand. His eyes were still glassy and half-lidded, but focused intently on my hand as I worked to bring myself to climax.

There were sounds coming from the television, groans and grunts of the trio as they continued their activities. Neither Duo nor I was watching, but I had no doubts that what we were hearing was having an impact on the scene we were engaged in.

I straddled his right thigh, teasing the slit at the head of my cock with my thumb. Duo reached out to fondle my balls and then slid his hand further between my legs, pressing the tips of his fingers against my slick hole and rubbing it.

I wriggled my hips, inviting more of his touch and feeling oddly unashamed that I wanted his fingers inside me again.

"Watch the hair," he was saying, though at the moment, I didn't understand why.

Two of his fingers entered me and I moaned, pushing back against them until they were all the way inside of me. They felt nothing like his cock, but they were the next best thing.

"That's it, Heero. Ride 'em."

I thrust my hips forward and slammed back against his fingers, pumping my cock fast and furiously as I neared orgasm. He curled his fingers inside me, adding a third and striking my prostate, making me grunt and mutter his name. I leaned forward over him, bracing myself with my right hand on the mattress at his side.

"I'm gonna come," I groaned, closing my eyes and concentrating on working my fist over the head of my cock. 'All over you,' I acknowledged to myself and opened my eyes to watch the first shot of my come spatter against his shoulder. The second and third didn't reach nearly as far, but I was gasping as I showered his chest and abdomen with thick white spurts. I hissed as he removed his fingers, bending down to kiss him before rolling over to lie on the bed next to him.

He was smiling, more of a grin really. "I'd have to say you enjoyed that."

I had. I didn't know what it was that turned me on about seeing him covered in my come, but the reality of it was even better than what I had imagined. "I did," I told him.

I looked down at him and the mess I'd made, feeling slightly embarrassed. "I'll go get a wash cloth."

He didn't stop me and when I returned he was still lying on his back, but his head was turned to face the television. I glanced up to see what had him so interested, to find the fledgling actor bent over the desk while the director fucked him. The third man was on his knees behind the director, jerking himself off while he worked a thick flesh tone dildo in and out of the older mans ass.

I cleared my throat, grinning as Duo turned toward me, and glancing down at the now cooling cloth in my hand. I put one knee on the bed and reached forward, wiping my come from his shoulder, before turning the washcloth over and passing it quickly over the rest of his chest. "I think you're going to need a shower," I told him.

He looked up at me and smiled, reached for the back of my neck with his right hand and brought my mouth down to his. The kiss was intense, like nearly everything Duo did was. I crawled up onto the bed next to him, unwilling to break the kiss even as I started to feel the need to take a deep breath. Duo did, though, closing his eyes as I settled on the bed beside him.

Neither one of us said anything for a short while and when Duo's voice broke the silence minutes later, I could not have been more stunned by his words.

"I don't want to share you with anyone, Heero."

I was glad that his eyes were closed, since I was certain that the shock I was feeling would have been somehow visible to him. The more I thought about it, though, the less surprised I realized I should have been. He had, after all, admitted to me that he hadn't seen anyone else since we'd met. *That* had surprised me, especially at the time. I suppose that I knew that whatever was happening between us had progressed, though from what to what, I still wasn't sure.

"You okay with that?" He asked when I kept my silence.

"Yes," I said, turning toward him, wondering further. "Same goes for you?"

I don't know what made me ask, but his smile let me know that my question didn't bother him. He actually looked rather pleased.

"Yeah," he said softly, "Course it does."

I nodded and reached for the remote control, turning off the television.

"We've got almost another two hours," he said, shifting his weight from side to side as he struggled to get under the blankets. "Enough time for a short nap."

I nodded again, though I didn't think it was likely I would fall asleep. I had certainly had more than my fair share of sleep last night, but guessed that Duo hadn't. He had looked tired this morning.

I turned out the light and joined him under the covers, leaving just the slightest bit of space between us. Duo closed the gap nearly immediately, rolling over onto his side and laying his arm across my stomach.

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