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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 5

It was just shy of two weeks before I fell back into the previous summerís routine.

Most days, Duo joined us for an early breakfast once heíd completed his a.m. maintenance at the pool. There were some mornings following heavy wind or rain that the task of removing the leaves from the water took more time and the conversations were notably sparser on those days.

Despite the weather, I did not deviate from my morning ritual. Barring rain, I was out by the pool and in the water at 9 am. Duo arranged to be there as well, sometimes fiddling with the skimmers or sweeping debris from the concrete, but other times just reclining back onto a chaise and always with his sketchbook nearby. I looked forward to it, even if we didnít always acknowledge each otherís presence right away.

It had developed into a challenge of sorts, seeing who would be the first to make contact and where it would go from there. Duo was considerably more imaginative than I was and it wouldnít have surprised me to learn that heíd spent some time the night before planning out the mornings encounter. This morning though, he was nowhere to be found.

I swam my standard 30 laps before toweling myself off and making my way to the guesthouse. I could see through the curtains that the lights were on in the living room and I knocked once as I called out his name. He appeared at the door seconds later, opening it wide and stepping off to the side to let me in.

"Come on in. Just watching something," he said, quickly vanishing into the other room.

I closed the door behind me and shivered at the chill in the house, pausing to wonder if I should grab my clothes before going any further. I ultimately decided against it.

"You coming in?"

I did, finding him sitting cross-legged on the living room floor in front of the television. I sat on the couch behind him and focused my attention on the screen: a program on architecture. We watched in silence for several minutes before Duo spoke.

"Thereís a Corbu exhibit at MOMA next week."

I nodded though he still had his back to me. "You planning to go?"

"Yeah. Wanna come?" He turned around to face me then and I nodded once. He smiled at me and then turned back around to watch the last few minutes of the show. When the credits began to roll, he reached for the remote and turned the television off. He stood, looking at me from his position in the center of the room. "Sorry I missed your morning swim," he said. "Cold?"

I imagined that it was my somewhat huddled body posture that gave it away, though it could have been the goose bumps. "Is this where you offer to keep me warm?" I asked.

He laughed and walked toward the couch, bending down to kiss me once he got within range. "Iíd love to, but the guy is coming to install the heater at 10." He glanced toward the kitchen, bending slightly to see the clock. "Itís quarter of."

I did recall my parents having a discussion or two about getting a heater for the pool. Their tolerance for the cool water was nowhere near what mine was.

"Can I get a rain check?"

"Sure," I told him with a smile.

"So you really wanna go? To the museum, I mean."

I wondered why he thought I agreed so readily if I wasnít interested. "Might be fun," I said.

"Might be boring," he countered.

My parents had always insisted on dragging me to museums when I was younger. It was part of the whole culture thing that they felt the need to expose me to. I of course did not understand it back then, but I doubted that any 8 year old did. Even if Iíd not come to develop an appreciation for the arts over the years, this was somehow different.

I wasnít very often that I ventured to New York, though it was less than a two hour drive. Philadelphia was closer and while it didnít have nearly as much to offer, it was Ďmyí city. It was the spending the day with Duo part I found held the most appeal.

"I doubt it," I replied candidly.


I exited the guesthouse shortly after our discussion had ended and walked toward the table where Iíd left my clothes. The warm air outside was welcomed and I decided to let myself dry off a bit before heading back into the house. I wished I had brought a book along, but being as I had Duo for company out here most mornings, I no longer bothered. I closed my eyes instead, stretching out fully and enjoying the heat of the morning sun.

"Excuse me," a voice interrupted several minutes later. "Iím here to install the heater."

I sat up, shielding my eyes from the sun and looked toward the visitor. He was carrying a large gray toolbox in one hand and a tightly wound spiral of metal tubing of some sort in the other.

"Are you Duo?"

I shook my head no and stood, offering to get Duo for him. I knocked lightly on the front door of the guesthouse, knowing that Duo was expecting company and assured that he would be within range to hear it. He called back, letting me know that heíd be out in a minute. I relayed the information, gesturing to the man that he could put his tools and equipment down while he waited.

"Iím Zechs," he said as he offered me his hand.

I shook it, albeit reluctantly. "Heero Yuy."

He was an attractive man. Tall and well proportioned with platinum blonde hair whose length rivaled Duoís. I guessed he was somewhere in his mid to late 20ís. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a t-shirt advertising the name of his company. I felt considerably underdressed in nothing but my swim trunks, thankful I hadnít decided on wearing anything skimpier.

"Nice house," he said after quickly surveying the area.

"Thank you," I replied, a little perturbed that Duo was still not out here. I looked toward to door, relieved as it opened and Duo stepped out.

I briefly introduced them to one another and they shook hands, not wasting any time before heading toward the very far left side of the property. I sat back down, following their movement across the yard and noted that they appeared to be conversing as they walked. They returned several minutes later and I overheard Duo asking the other man if he needed a hand getting the unit off of his truck. Zechs declined his offer and Duo sat in the chair beside me once heíd left the yard.

"Warmer now?" he asked.

"Much," I replied, taking notice that Duo was wearing a pair of jeans and a long sleeved black sweatshirt.

"Hot out," Duo said, pushing up the right sleeve of his sweatshirt up to his elbow, and then repeating the action.

"Yes," I said. "You might have noticed if you didnít keep the air conditioner on frigid."

Duo shrugged. "I like it cold at night. Besides, I wasnít expecting a wet visitor."

I had grown accustomed to him being out here every morning. I looked forward to it. Perhaps it had been a mistake for me to seek him out earlier. He was entitled to his privacy.

"That wasnít a complaint, Heero," he said suddenly.


He got up from his chair and stood next to me. "It was a nice surprise."

I looked up to find him staring intently at me. "Wanna give me a hand vacuuming the pool this morning?"

I nodded without giving his question much thought and stood, eyeing the yard to determine the whereabouts of our visitor before following him behind the cabana.

"Guess you donít need me to warm you up anymore, huh?" he said with a grin as he leaned back against the rear wall of the wooden structure.

I turned and took a step or two so that I was standing directly in front of him and leaned forward to press my lips against his. His hands were almost immediately on my ass and bringing our bodies close together. I brought my right hand up to the back of his neck and thrust my tongue as deep into his mouth as I could. He moaned, widening his stance and grinding his hips against mine as he clutched me tightly. I could already feel my cock getting hard from being pressed up against his body for that short time.

We had barely managed to find time to be alone the past few days although we had seen one another. I found it difficult to behave as if nothing was happening between us. I had not said anything to Duo about it, but surmised he felt much the same way. We settled for stealing a few quick kisses and gropes like this.

"You feel good, baby," he said a little short of breath as he pulled back from the kiss. He ran his open palms up and down my ass a few times and then squeezed. Before I had a chance to respond his lips were on mine again, his tongue actively seeking out my own.

Neither one of us were aware of the intruders presence until he cleared his throat. "Excuse me."

Somewhat startled, we both turned to face our very unwanted guest. He didnít look at all phased by what heíd witnessed. Oddly enough, I felt not a shred of embarrassment, though my heart was pounding rather rapidly. That might not have been related to getting caught.

"Sorry to disturb you, but I need someone to go inside and turn off the power out here."

That seemed like a reasonable enough request.

I reached back to pry Duoís hands from my ass and reluctantly stepped away from him. I was sure that Duo was as displeased as I was at having been interrupted. He managed to hide what ever he was feeling with a grin.

"Be right back," he said and left, leaving me alone with the other man.

For lack of anything better to do, I began removing the long white hose from the hooks it laid draped over and coiling it up neatly on the ground at my feet.

"So, youíre the pool boyís assistant today?"

"Iím giving him a hand," I replied, continuing my self-assigned chore. It wasnít until after Iíd said it that I realized my statement could have been taken out of context. If he hadnít interrupted us, Iíd have been giving Duo a lot more than a hand.

"You home for the summer?"

I did turn to face him this time, although briefly. "I just graduated."

"Cool. I live in Jamison. Few towns over."

I knew where Jamison was. I failed to see why he thought it would be of interest to me... unless. I chose not to respond since he hadnít actually asked me a question, hoping it would put an end to the conversation.

He did remain silent, but I would have been ignorant not to notice the way he was looking at me. I ignored it for the most part, focusing solely on the task at hand. I did glance out of the corner of my eye a minute later to find him still standing there and turned toward him. "Is there something else you need?"

"No. I am just waiting for Duo to come back."

I was as well, though I did not say so. Based on what he had just seen, I figured it should have been obvious.

I bent to gather up the hose and walked past him, thankful that he stepped aside to let me pass on seeing me approach. I turned the corner and practically ran into Duo. "Sorry," he said softly. His gaze was not directed at me, but rather at the man behind me. The expression on his face was unreadable.

"Powerís off," he announced.

He took the bulky loop of tubing that had nearly slipped from my grasp. "Thanks," he said, remaining still and watching as Zechs wandered off to the other side of the yard.

"So? Enjoying the attention?" he asked.

I turned to face him, not surprised to find him grinning.


Helping Duo vacuum the pool consisted mainly of me standing idly beside him while he did all the work.

I hadnít intended on giving the matter more thought, but I did end up thinking about what Duo had asked me moments earlier. In short, no, I had not enjoyed the attention. Perhaps I did feel flattered by it, but it was unwelcome and I had certainly done nothing to encourage it. It was difficult to tell by his behavior if it bothered Duo or not, but I came to the conclusion that it did on some level, or he wouldnít have bothered to mention it. Then again, he could have just been teasing me, which was fairly likely. He seemed to enjoy doing that. I imagined I was an easy target... either that or Duo was just well honed at that particular skill.

"All set," he announced.

I looked up to find him dragging the last of the heavy white hose and vacuum head out of the water.

"That was fast," I said. I had watched him perform this particular task many times before. It normally took him well over an hour. Today, it had only taken a quarter of that time. I wondered if he had suggested it just to get me behind the cabana. I really hadnít noticed if the pool actually needed vacuuming or not.

"Looks like our guest is leaving."

I turned to see Zechs making his way toward his truck, both hands filled with his equipment. "Good," I said. "And my parents still arenít back."

I meant to imply what his look said it hoped I had.


The front door of the guesthouse slammed shut behind us and Duo immediately pressed my body to it with his. "Letís fuck," he whispered close to my ear somewhere between a purr and a growl.

I reached for the bottom of his sweatshirt and pushed him back slightly with my fists against his stomach so that I could remove it. He was more than cooperative and I took the opportunity to unbutton his pants as well, slipping my hands down the back of them and pulling the lower half of his body against mine. We kissed for several minutes before Duo took my hand and guided me into the living room. I removed my swim trunks and sat down on the couch to watch as Duo removed his pants and underwear. We were both hard and Duo had an extremely predatory look on his face.

"Lay down," he said, and I did, keeping my eyes on him as he kneeled and brought his head down to my cock and licked the tip of it. I moaned out loud when his lips made contact and couldnít keep my eyes from watching my length slowly disappear inside of his mouth. I brought my hands up, brushing his hair aside with one and holding the back of his head with the other. His head bobbed up and down as he started sucking and I moaned louder, jerking upward off the couch when he teased at the head with his tongue. He was always quick to praise my abilities, but there was no doubt that he was very talented at this.

"Thatís good," I said, spreading my legs further and resting one bent knee against the back of the couch. The motion didnít go without notice. Duo put his hand on my inner thigh and kneaded his way upward. He rubbed the palm of his hand against my balls and pressed his thumb against my entrance. I pushed back against the pressure of his finger, looking down at him in surprise as the heat of his mouth was replaced by the roomís cool air. His eyes were focused directly on mine... waiting for something. Unfortunately, I had no idea what.

"Tell me what you want, Heero."

What I wanted was for him to keep doing what he was doing. Had I done something to make him think otherwise?

He straightened up and leaned forward, bringing his mouth to mine and nibbling on my lower lip. "I know you were enjoying what I was doing, but I want you to tell me what you *really* want." He reached up with his left hand and brushed the side of his thumb over my nipple. "Take your time," he said, and bent down to take my other nipple into his mouth.

It was becoming increasingly more difficult to think. Without breaking our stare, he reached down between my legs and started fondling my balls; cupping them in his palm and then rubbing them against one another. I definitely wanted him to continue touching me where he was, though whether I wanted him to use his hands or his mouth, I couldnít decide.

His finger brushed my entrance. "There!" I said quickly, before he had a chance to move away.

He looked up at me and touched my hole again, this time applying some pressure as he massaged the area around it with his thumb.


"Yes," I hissed in response.

He brought his hand to his mouth, making somewhat of a show of covering the end of his thumb with his saliva and reached back down between my legs. I spread them wider and moaned when he touched me again. He teased my entrance with his wet finger, then lowered his head and started licking around the base of my cock. I felt as if I was ready to explode and looked down to watch Duoís mouth at work. His eyes were closed and he seemed to be enjoying himself, though I doubted he was getting nearly as much pleasure out of this as I was.

The tip of my cock was glistening with precome and I reached for it, loosely fisting the end and smearing the slick liquid over the head as I eased my foreskin back. My movements caused Duo to open his eyes. He watched my hand for a moment and then looked up at me.

"I want your tongue inside me."

He gripped at my hips and pulled me closer to the edge of the couch. "Angle your hips."

I did, but obviously not enough.

"A little more, Heero," he said, moving back to appraise my position. "Now put your leg over the back of the sofa."

I put my right leg on the floor and hooked my left foot over the top of the couch, leaving my legs spread wide. I should have felt self-conscious about how I was sprawled out and how exposed I was, but I didnít care, not with the way Duo was looking at me.

I watched as he reached down and started stroking himself. I couldnít stretch far enough, or it would have been my fingers wrapped around his hard cock.

"Mind if I get myself off?"

Mind? I questioned if he would have stopped if I said I did. "No," I told him, gasping as he bent forward to lick the underside of my balls.

Rimming. I think that was what Duo had called it. Regardless of the name, the act was... intense. Both giving and being on the receiving end. Duoís tongue was in motion, teasing the edge of my hole before stabbing it inside. He licked and sucked, using the thumb of his right hand to spread me open even more.

I moaned his name, rotating my hips and grinding them against his face. I shifted a bit and angled my head so that I could watch him stroke his cock and reached for my own to begin pumping it.

"Iím gonna come," I announced in a raspy voice.

"Mmm... hold off just a little bit longer," Duo said.

I wasnít sure how successful Iíd be, but decided it was worth a try. I significantly slowed down the pace I was stroking myself at, but did not stop. It was enough to delay the immediacy I had been feeling.

Duo lowered his head again, this time, darting his tongue out for a brief second, but barely making contact with my skin. He repeated the action several times, pausing slightly between licks. It was enough to drive me mad, and I might have said something had I not believed Duo was trying to accomplish exactly that.

"More," I said, assured that I would be satisfied however he chose to fulfill my request.

He brought his hand up, pressing his thumb against the very base of my cock and rubbing it over the smooth area. He continued teasing my entrance with his tongue, wandering off occasionally to lick at the crevice of my ass or suck my balls into his mouth. A pair of his fingers eventually found their way to my opening and I moaned as he roughly thrust them all the way inside. He moved back onto the balls of his feet, still crouching beside the sofa. His fist was wrapped tightly around his cock as he pumped it, eyes closed and jaw slightly slack. Every few strokes heíd grip at the head and smear the precome over the tip. I was close to coming again, having increased the pace of my strokes as my body demanded.

"Make me come," I rasped out.

He nodded to indicate heíd heard me and eased his fingers in and out of me, quickly working up to a familiar pace and pattern. My back arched, and I called out his name as his fingers brushed my prostate.

"Keep going!" I urged him. He did and I came hard, tugging at my cock with one hand and keeping a tight grip on the side of the couch with the other. I vaguely registered the sounds he was making as he climaxed, continuing to rock against his stilled fingers until Iíd thoroughly emptied myself.

Duo eased his fingers out from inside me and slumped down onto the floor, resting against the arm of the sofa. I lay back, sated and relaxed, and didnít budge for several minutes aside from an occasional glance over at Duo to see if he had moved. I was pleased to find he hadnít, as I was thoroughly enjoying laying here and thinking about what weíd just done, even if it wasnít what Duo suggested we were going to.

I stretched my right leg out and touched his shoulder with it, giving it a little push. "You owe me." I told him.

"I do, huh?"

I nodded. "You said we were going to fuck."

He laughed and turned his head toward me, reaching out with his right hand and resting it on my thigh. "Mmm... I did, didnít I."

I continued to stare down at him, suddenly at a loss of how to respond. Duo was an attractive man. I had always known this, though it was more obvious to me at times like these when he was totally relaxed, his eyes still glazed over and half lidded.

"Another rain check?" he said softly.

I nodded and closed my eyes. "Those things normally have expiration dates."

"Not this one."


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