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this is a sequel to 'a change in the weather'... and the last of an unintentional trilogy
pairing: 2X1 for the most part. there is the strong possibility of a 1X2 sneaking in here somewhere along the way, though i've not planned one. its totally up to the boys...
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, au, homophobes, heero pov, angst, language, lemon and the end
spoilers: not a one

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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 4

Duos mention of cybersex months prior guaranteed the subject would come up sooner or later. My knowledge of Duo was not extensive, but it was concentrated on the area of sex and my bet was on sooner.

I had not been wrong. Four days after our arrival he brought it up and that night I sat at my computer at 20 minutes till 10 waiting to sign on to AIM.

There was a strong air of anticipation despite the fact that wed fooled around that afternoon, or perhaps because of it. Duo had teased me while we got each other off, detailing a few of the kinky things he had planned for tonight. I still didnt feel totally comfortable attempting this, but Duos enthusiasm seemed to rub off on me.

My cell rang at 5 minutes to 10 and I answered.

"You ready?"

"Ready as Ill ever be," I admitted.


"Should I be?"

He laughed. "Just remember its me on the other end."

I growled. "That didnt help."

"It wasnt supposed to," he said quickly and disconnected.

I glanced over to double-check that Id locked my bedroom door and signed on.


pool boy: hey

Pool boy? I chuckled. I knew he was planning to make a new screen name, since hed not given me his earlier. At least it was slightly more creative than my own.

french toast: hey

There was a slight delay before he responded. I wondered if he was planning on how to proceed. One of us had to have some idea of how this was going to work. Id have thought he had already worked it out, based on his behavior this afternoon.

french toast: duo?
pool boy: just give me a sec

I sat back and waited, curious as to what the delay was and wondering if he had changed his mind. I wouldnt have protested.

pool boy: sorry... phone.
french toast: ah
pool boy: so... tell me what youre wearing
pool boy: or not wearing ^_~

His request seemed basic enough.

french toast: just my jeans and a t-shirt. same thing i was wearing this afternoon.
pool boy: pretend i dont know, heero. describe them to me.

I could see how that might be beneficial. I looked down, noting any outstanding features of what I was wearing and typed my response.

french toast: faded jeans, button-fly. not too loose, not too tight. dark blue t-shirt with a small white princeton logo on the upper right
pool boy: good. are you on your laptop or sitting at your desk?
french toast: laptop. im sitting on my bed.
pool boy: nice. wanna to know what im wearing?
french toast: yes
pool boy: gonna have to ask

It was inevitable that I pictured the smirk on his face.

french toast: tell me what youre wearing
pool boy: just my robe. its black
french toast: are you wearing anything underneath it?

The idea was to get the entire picture, right?

pool boy: no. just the robe
french toast: i seem to be overdressed
pool boy: you are. well have to work on that

I hesitated a bit before asking.

french toast: should i take something off?
pool boy: not yet...

I waited for his response, figuring he was planning on how to proceed. I was sure he had a basic idea of how things were going to go, but this was interactive. There was no way he could anticipate my responses.

pool boy: you like guys, heero?

What kind of a question was that?

french toast: yes
pool boy: you like it when they touch you?
french toast: yes
pool boy: when i touch you?
french toast: yes
pool boy: why dont you tell me what else you like, heero

Didnt he already know? Maybe not all of it, but certainly more than hed mentioned so far. I wasnt comfortable saying what I thought he wanted to hear. I could feel myself blushing just thinking about it.

french toast: i like kissing you

That seemed safe enough.

pool boy: kissing me where?
french toast: on the mouth
pool boy: anywhere else?

I could think of many places on Duos body where I enjoyed using my mouth. His neck, his nipples, his navel, the inside of his thighs... that smooth patch of skin just beneath his balls.

french toast: everywhere else
pool boy: mm... now were making progress

I glanced down into my lap. Progress, indeed. I wondered if I should tell Duo how my body was reacting. He probably knew. Hed probably like it if I told him.

french toast: i am feeling the effects
pool boy: what kind of effects, heero?

I took a deep breath and slowly exhaled before typing my response.

french toast: im starting to get hard
pool boy: mm. good. ive been hard since we started

I shivered, picturing him lying on the bed almost naked with a hard-on and wished for my parents to have sudden uncontrollable urge for Chinese food. I could make it downstairs and out to the guesthouse in less than 2 minutes.

french toast: this is more difficult than i thought it would be
pool boy: the cyber thing?
french toast: yes
pool boy: if you were here, wed be touching each other, right?

Unarguably, I thought. Perhaps a more vivid picture would help get things moving.

french toast: are you sitting up or lying down?
pool boy: which would you rather i was doing?

His question didnt require much thought.

french toast: lying down
pool boy: then im lying down

I wondered if it was true or not, or if Duo was just telling me what I wanted to hear. I decided that it really didnt matter.

french toast: is there room on the bed for me?
pool boy: absolutely

I took a moment to think about how I was going to proceed.

pool boy: touch me

That would work.

french toast: with my hands or with my mouth?
pool boy: however you want, heero

I was very unaccustomed to being in control of what was happening between us... especially sexually. It felt more odd for me to be calling the shots in this format than I think it would have if I were actually in the room with him. I had already told Duo that I wasnt comfortable and did not wish to repeat how uneasy I was feeling. Either I was going to go through with this, or I needed to back out now.

french toast: roll over so i can see you
pool boy: mmm... my pleasure
pool boy: gimme your hand, heero

How was I supposed to respond to that?

pool boy: keep stroking me like that

Apparently I didnt need to concern myself with it. I imagined that Duo had taken his hand away and was watching as my hand moved up and down the length of his cock. That was definitely something he would do... had done. My own cock was fully hard now and I shifted on the bed, easing the discomfort a little.

french toast: i want to do more than jerk you off
pool boy: im game
french toast: ive got my hand on your balls. im rubbing my palm against them
pool boy: ooh yeah. i like that

I knew he did. I also knew what else he liked. I described my movements to him the best I could as I pictured myself leaning over his body, giving him a clear picture of where my mouth was headed.

french toast: my tongue is on the head of your cock
pool boy: take off your pants. i want to touch you

I did, wriggling out of them while still half reclined on my bed and kicking them off to the side. I immediately reached down and wrapped my fingers around my own erection, giving it a good firm squeeze or two before returning my attention to Duo.

french toast: theyre off
pool boy: mm... good. now suck my dick some more
french toast: gladly
pool boy: take it slow

I was planning to take my time. There were other things I wanted to do to him as well.

french toast: open your legs wide
pool boy: mm, baby. go ahead. put your hand there

That wasnt quite what I had in mind. Close, but...

french toast: im working my way down your shaft with my mouth
pool boy: yeah. thats good. keep going

It had been my intention.

french toast: im licking your hole
pool boy: fuck
french toast: ...pushing my tongue inside and sucking you
pool boy: turn around so i can jerk you off
pool boy: hurry

I moaned and paused to reach for my cock, stroking it slowly a few times. The tip was wet and I watched as I worked my loose fist over the head, smearing the precome over it.

pool boy: i want you to come first
french toast: i want to finger you
pool boy: christ, heero
pool boy: go ahead

I imagined us lying together on the bed, Duo with his head up near the top of the bed, his legs spread and me facing the opposite direction at his side. I sucked on the fingers of my left hand to wet them and brought them down between his legs. His opening was already wet with my saliva and I slid my middle finger into him with little resistance. He moaned as I withdrew all but my fingertip and pushed it back inside.

I gripped the base of his cock with my right hand, leaving my mouth hovering just over the head of it. He had my cock in his hand, stroking me slowly but with a tight grip.

I relayed my vision to him, including a good number of particulars. He typed back, encouraging me further and letting me know that he was pleased with the results. The interaction was slow and I guessed that he was typing with only one hand. That was true in my case. That aside, he wasnt as forthcoming with the details as I was. In fact, hed said very little about what was happening on his end.

I knew that if wanted to know, I was going to have to ask.

french toast: are you fingering yourself?
pool boy: yes
french toast: how many?
pool boy: two

I spread my legs a little, reaching down to my own entrance and pressed a fingertip against it. It wasnt nearly the same as doing it to Duo, but it did heighten the excitement I was feeling. I brought my hand up to my mouth and spit onto the tip of my middle finger and repositioned myself on the bed, this time spreading my legs as wide as I could and eased the one wet digit inside.

french toast: i like touching you like this
pool boy: fuck, baby, i like it too. you using your fingers?
french toast: yes. just one
pool boy: you wish it was my cock?
french toast: i wish it was your finger
pool boy: i wouldnt use just one. not enough to get you off

That wasnt entirely true. It depended on where his mouth was and how his other hand was occupied.

french toast: one finger is enough if youre sucking on me
pool boy: most of the time youd rather get fucked

I groaned and added another finger, pushing them both in as far as I could.

french toast: yes

I looked up at the last few lines Id just typed, scarcely able to believe it was my own doing, but acknowledging that it was. It was very easy to get caught up in this; too easy.

pool boy: almost there
french toast: me too

I looked in surprise toward the nightstand when I heard my ring tone.

pool boy: answer it

I leaned across the bed to reach for the phone and flipped it open.

"I wanna hear you come."

He sounded a little out of breath and his voice was deeper than I was used to hearing it on the phone. "Good timing," I told him. "Give me a second to put my headset on."

I retrieved it from the table, grabbing the lube while I was at it, and quickly untangled the cord, stretching out on the bed with my back against the wall once Id gotten it in place. "Ready." I announced.

"Use both hands and ride my fingers hard, baby."

Rather than respond, I worked to make his request reality, squirting some lube out onto my left hand and bringing it down to my entrance. I moaned as I slid my two fingers back inside, bearing in mind where I was.

"I can hardly hear you."

"Id prefer it if you were the only one who could."

He made a noise which I interpreted to show his displeasure, but said nothing. It wasnt as if I was pleased about having to keep the volume of my voice down. Duo knew I wasnt normally very vocal during sex. It was something I knew he would like to have changed.

"Tell me it feels good."

"It does," I told him, not really knowing what else to say.

"Fuck. Youre not making this easy."

I thought better of attempting an apology and relaxed back against the wall, closing my eyes and concentrated on bringing myself off without putting too much emphasis on the fact that Duo was on the other end of the phone. I bent my legs, digging both heels into the mattress and angled my hips upward while simultaneously driving my two fingers deeper inside. I moaned and reached for my cock, wrapped my fist around it and began pumping it.

"Mmm... Thats better. You working your fingers?"

"Fingers and hand." I explained rather hastily. I closed my eyes and grunted as I sped up the pace of my strokes.

"Oh yeah. I can tell youre close."

I didnt ask how he knew. It made sense that he would be able to tell given the countless number of times hed heard me come. "What about you?" I asked. There had been very little in the way of sound effects from the other end of the line. He had no reason to refrain from making noise.

"Dont worry about me, Heero." He muttered in a low gravely voice. "A couple more strokes and Ill be ready to come."

"Waiting for me?" I asked. Hed said earlier that he wanted me to come first. I wondered if it were still the case.


I pictured him lying there watching me as he jerked himself off. It didnt take much for me to visualize the way he was looking at me. Id been witness to it many times. We were close to one another on the bed, close enough to... "Roll over onto your back."


"So I can come on you."

His momentary silence made me wish Id stopped that particular thought from converting itself into words. I honestly didnt think hed object, or I wouldnt have asked. Apparently Id been wrong. I could feel the heat in my cheeks and imagined they were red. I was grateful that at least he couldnt see me.

"Is that what you want to do?"


"Have at it, Heero."

I quickly maneuvered myself onto my knees, making sure to keep my hands where they were. I closed my eyes, imagining that I was next to Duo, my body angled in such a way that the head of my cock was pointing at his chest. I started pumping my cock, thrusting my fingers as deeply inside of myself as I could. It turned me on to think about Duo lying there watching me and waiting for me to come. It took minimal effort to picture the look on his face.

"Do it, Heero."

"Duo!" I gasped, louder than Id intended. I opened my eyes, shifting my gaze downward to watch the first stream of come erupt from the tip of my cock. I didnt focus on where it landed, preferring to imagine that my aim had been good and that Id hit my target.

"Oh yeah, baby. Thats it."

I could tell by the way he spoke that he was coming too or about to. His words were followed by a loud hiss and several soft grunts that I could barely hear above my own labored breathing. There was a short period of silence before Duo spoke.


I had already lain back down, careful to avoid the area of the comforter that was wet with come. Id worry about cleaning it up later. I worked my headset off and brought the phone to my ear. "That was nice," I said.

"Not bad for a first time.

"The call threw me off."

"I thought it might." He chuckled. "You did okay though, Heero. More than okay."

I wasnt sure if I was supposed to say thank you or not. I decided not to.

"Watching a lot of porn lately?"

I wasnt sure where that had come from, but I answered truthfully. "No."

"No, huh? Have you *ever* seen porn?" His voice held a hint of disbelief, almost as if he knew what my answer was going to be before he even asked the question.

I wasnt sure what, if anything, this had to do with what wed just done. I was guessing Duo would eventually explain it to me. "Never."

"Well have to rectify that," he said.

I was 100% certain that he was smirking. I could hear the amusement in his voice.

"Im looking forward to it." I told him. And I was.


The following morning I waited until I saw Duo making his way up the path toward the house before venturing out of my room. It wasnt unusual for my parents to have finished breakfast before the two of us woke and found our way into the kitchen. They were consistently early risers and had been for as long as I could remember. The atmosphere was more relaxed without them there. It was safe to say the three of us felt the same.

Cynthia informed us that they had plans for the day, and had already left for wherever it was they were headed. It was a pleasant, if unintended reminder that she acknowledged and was supportive what was happening between us. She might have mentioned where they were going, but I was distracted by Duo as he attempted to engage me in a game of footsie beneath the table.

I got up to pour us each a cup of coffee and Cynthia asked us what we wanted for breakfast while she rinsed the dirty dishes and put them into the dishwasher. Duo immediately suggested french toast and she readily agreed, thankfully not turning around to witness the kiss wed exchanged nor the satisfied grin that remained on Duos face after wed separated.

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