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this is a sequel to 'a change in the weather' and the last of an unintentional trilogy
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torrid zone
by jana
chapter 2

The balance of dessert, as well as the rest of the time we spent walking around the village, had been enjoyable. There was little trepidation this time when Duo reached for my hand as we exited the restaurant and headed back out onto the street, almost as if I had been expecting it. In a way, I guess I had.

It didn't take me long to notice that we weren't the only same sex couple on the street, some of them making it more obvious than others. I wondered if I would have even noticed had we not been engaged in our own displays.

I felt a tug on my hand and turned to look at Duo. "I asked you if this was okay."

I glanced over at the establishment we were standing outside of: a bar. There was music coming from inside. Loud music. I nodded. "Sure."

He smiled and opened the door to usher me inside.

We descended the stairs in tandem and from the entranceway, I observed that it was dark, loud, and standing room only. I followed Duo as he led us through the throng of people and past several rows of packed tables, toward the far end of the bar. Finding the least crowded space, he leaned back against the wall. "You want something to drink?"

I shook my head no and surveyed the room while he stepped away to get himself a drink. The crowd was mixed in age, but there appeared to be the greatest concentration of people I estimated to be our age. There were close to an equal number of males and females, the later significantly more dressed up than their male counterparts.

Duo returned a minute or two later with his drink in hand and stood beside me. He finished the drink in somewhat of a hurry, taking only three or four large gulps before setting the empty glass on the floor at our feet.

His interest turned to me quickly after that. We had been standing side by side, but he'd maneuvered me by way of his grip on my upper arm to stand with my back to him and wrapped both of his arms around me. Having only the slightest inclination to resist the contact, I leaned back onto him, alternately watching the band on stage and the small group of patrons who were either brave or inebriated enough to dance.

"I'm a little surprised you're okay with this," he said quietly.

I understood why he thought I might be uncomfortable with the physical intimacy. It was my first experience of the kind, with a male or female. Despite the fact that this was more... intimate, it did not seem as out of place as holding hands on the street, and the initial shock of that had worn off rather quickly. Perhaps it had something to do with the environment we were in. "If it wasn't okay, I'd let you know." I replied, resting my head back to lean against his shoulder.

It was about ten minutes later that I noticed that Duo was hard.

I reasoned that it was a new development, since it wasn't something that would have escaped my attention. I shifted, pressing my body back against his to let him know that I knew he was aroused and hoped that it adequately conveyed my pleasure at the situation.

He brought his mouth close to my ear and whispered into it. "You like that?"


"Good." he said, pressing his hips into me. "Me too."

My body reacted almost immediately and I crossed my arms at my waist, making sure to keep the person in front of me at a safe distance. As I did, Duo relaxed his arms, tucking his hands into the front pockets of my pants, and leaving them in very close proximity to my groin. I could have easily refused the contact, but I was eager for him to touch me. I thought briefly about asking him to touch me, but knowing Duo, it would have been unnecessary. The room was crowded; the lights dim. I doubted anyone would be able to see what we were doing and as much as I hesitated to admit it, I didn't care.

"The band is good, isn't it?"

I nodded, pretending I was listening more than casually as I felt his right hand move closer to what I was relatively certain was its goal. "They play here often?" I asked.

"Yeah." he said. "Every Saturday night."

The thumb of his left hand made contact with my rapidly hardening cock. I heard him moan, though I doubted anyone else could. The feel of his heated breath against my neck raised small goose bumps on my skin. "Keep going." I urged him, struggling not to make any noise as his touch grew bolder. He held me tight to his body with his upper arms while his hands teased me to a fully erect state. Behind me, he pushed his hips forward, rocking into me and rubbing his hard cock against my ass.

"We're going to have to get out of here soon," he whispered. I could only nod in agreement as I stifled a groan. I closed my eyes in pleasure as his left hand pushed my cock as far to the right as he could, allowing the fingers of his right hand to curl around the head of it.

"The faster we get out of here, the faster we get back to my place," he murmured against my ear.

I concurred with a nod, closing my eyes in pleasure. There was no doubt what was going to happen once we got back to Duo's apartment. I was thankful it was only a few blocks away. He teased the tip of my cock with his fist a couple of times and then slid his hands from inside my pockets. I inched myself forward, breaking off the contact between the lower half our bodies.

I turned to face him. "You ready to go?" I asked.

He looked me up and down, smirking a little as his eyes met mine.

"You sure you don't want a drink? A beer maybe?"

I was glad that Duo had thought of a suitable way to delay our exit, considering we were both noticeably hard. I decided to have a beer and allowed Duo to order it for me, giving him the option of choosing the brand. Not being a drinker, I really didn't have a preference. He ordered himself one as well, handing the brown bottle to me and tipping his own to meet mine with a small clink before bringing the bottle to his lips.


The stairwell that led to Duo's apartment was completely deserted and we climbed the first several short flights side by side in silence.

Duo paused at the third landing and turned toward me. "You gonna stay tonight, right?"

"Yes." I said. "I was planning to."

"Good." he said, "I figured you'd know it was part of the invitation."

He was right about that. I smiled and we started up the next set of stairs. We exited out into the hall on the fourth floor and Duo started digging into the rear pocket of his jeans for his keys. I stood beside him, watching as he opened the door and followed him in, very much looking forward to what was going to happen once we got inside.

Things moved quickly from that point. Within minutes we were naked and sprawled out on his bed. We had taken off our shoes when we first entered the apartment, and undressed each other as we fumbled through the hallway and into his bedroom. We stood just inside the door, groping one another desperately before finally making it to the bed.

He pulled me to lie on top of him, kissing me roughly and clutching at my ass with both of his hands. His cock had fully hardened again and he rubbed it against mine, quickly bringing me to a similar state of arousal. It had been several weeks since we'd seen one another and the teasing in the bar had been more than adequate foreplay. Duo broke the kiss and rolled over, quickly procuring the lube and squirted it out onto his fingers.

"Quick prep first." he said, looking me up and down as he rubbed the gel between his fingers.

I didn't ask why and rolled over onto my back, leaving my right leg extended but bending my left at the knee and bringing it up close to my body. Duo moved to lie close beside me, propping himself up on one elbow and laying his thigh on top of mine. His finger pushed its way into me and I pushed back against it, immediately rewarded with a deeper, infinitely more satisfying touch. "Another one." I grunted.

He obliged me, groaning as he hastily slipped another finger in alongside the first.

"I'm not gonna hold back." he practically growled.

I wanted him to fuck me hard. The way his fingers worked inside me told me that that was exactly what he was going to do. I raised my upper body up off the bed with my elbows and shifted back, forcing Duo's fingers out from inside me. Before he had a chance to disapprove, I got up onto my hands and knees, spreading my legs wide and anticipating the feel of his body between them.

He reached for the lube, squeezed some out onto his cock and didn't bother to rub it in before pressing the head of his cock against my opening.

"Goddammit, Heero!" he gritted out through clenched teeth. With one powerful jerk of his hips, he was in. There was not a moment's hesitation before he began thrusting in and out of me. I braced myself with both arms, still reeling from the discomfort of his forceful entry. Not only did I not object, but knowing that he was unable to refrain from taking me like that was an incredibly heady feeling.

"I'm gonna come, baby." he rasped out. The movement of his body supported his words as the rhythm of his thrusts began to falter. "So fucking good... Christ!"

All ten of his fingers gripped even tighter at my hips, assuring me I would most likely have bruises to show for it in the morning. The only thing I regretted was that I could not see his face. I closed my eyes and pictured it though, as his cock began to twitch and I felt the first shot of his hot come inside my channel.

I did not make an attempt to get myself off, though my cock was dripping with precome and ached for release. He was not quiet as he came, he never is. His voice was raspier than usual as he grunted and moaned my name when he came.

He swiftly pulled out when he was through and I collapsed down onto the bed, panting heavily and shaking from exertion. I took several moments to compose myself, then rolled over onto my side and looked down toward the foot of the bed at Duo. His face was flushed, his bangs damp with sweat: unruly and clinging to his temples and forehead. He looked spent, yet gave me a lopsided smile.

He immediately noticed I hadn't come. I watched as he crawled toward me, laid his right hand on my inner thigh and eased my legs apart. I spread them open as wide as I could for him, gasping as a pair of his fingers entered me. He stretched up, bringing his mouth down to my cock and took it all the way inside. He sucked hard on me; his mouth warm, tight and wet around my length as he eased his fingers in and out my slick opening.

Duo had me writhing on the bed beneath him in no time. I urged him on, grinding my hips down to encourage his fingers and moaned his name. I took two fistfuls of Duo's hair into my hands and threw my head back, crying his name out loudly as I came.

I shuddered in pleasure as Duo's tongue continued to lick at the head of my cock, unable to stop my body from trembling long after he'd pulled away.

This seemed to amuse him.


Neither of us had bothered to get up and clean off, and when I woke in the morning without another body beside me in the bed to the sound of running water, I was clued in to Duo's whereabouts.

It was several minutes before I heard the shower stop and looked to the rooms' entrance in anticipation of Duo's return.

"Bathroom's free." He said on finding me awake. He walked to his dresser, pulled out a fresh set of clothes and flung a t-shirt and a pair on shorts on the bed for me.

"Thanks", I said, tossing off the sheet that had tangled itself around my legs and scooting my way to the side of the mattress. I was sore as hell, but nothing a hot shower wouldn't take the better part of the edge off of.

Duo dressed and left the room, probably headed for the kitchen. I joined him there ten minutes later after a quick shower, greeted by a smile and a steaming cup of coffee. "Thanks." I said again, taking the cup from him.

"You wanna do anything today?"

I set my cup down, and reached for the container of milk, adding a little more of it to my coffee to facilitate cooling it down. I filled one of the bowls Duo had set out on the table with milk as well, and reached for the box of Fruit Loops.

Did I?

I was still winding down from the previous six weeks. I didn't have strong feelings about it one way or the other. I eventually shrugged in answer to his question and we continued to eat breakfast in silence. It was comfortable silence, I noted. There was nothing awkward about it at all. I found myself stealing several glances at Duo during the brief meal. He caught me once and the slight curve of his lips took me off guard, causing me a trace of hopefully overlooked embarrassment.


We ended up spending the day in his apartment, leaving only once to pick up a few things at the supermarket. While we were out, Duo suggested that we rent a few video games and I found myself agreeing. It seemed like a relaxing way to spend the day. I let him choose what we rented, since the idea had been his and because he seemed to have more information on the selection available at the rental store than I did.

Despite the huge unbalance in our gaming skills, I managed to give him a fair run for his money. He teased me about my lack of ability and I reminded him that I had developed other skills while he sat staring at his television for hours on end, hammering away at plastic controllers.

That line of conversation ultimately brought us to the game I was developing. Duo inquired about the progress I'd made with it and I admitted to him that I'd not worked on it at all since the last time he'd asked. I went on to tell him that I did plan to do some serious work on it over the summer, which prompted his inquiry into my plans for the future now that I'd graduated. It was not a topic we'd discussed before.

"You find a job yet?"

"Not yet." I responded, going on to explain that I have had several tentative offers based on pre-cursory interviews held at the university. I informed him that I had left some of those avenues open, but that I planned to take my time; assuring I found a position I was relatively certain I would be satisfied with.

"I have a few interviews lined up over the next few months." I said.

"They're knocking your door down, huh?" he asked with a grin.

I shook my head no. I couldn't deny that there are a good number of opportunities open to me, but not all of them will afford me the prospect of developing my own ideas. It's a major point.

"I will know the right opportunity when it is offered." I announced with some conviction.

He nodded, not questioning me further about it.

I wondered if he was curious about whether or not I planned on cutting short my summer back in Doylestown to begin working. I had to admit that the likelihood of that happening had crossed my mind. I had accounted for it though, scheduling the interviews late into the summer months to avoid that situation if at all possible. I did not tell him this, though, certain that if he wanted to know, he would come right out and ask me.

It was not until early evening that it dawned on me that we had never done anything like this before. We had spent hours together here or there not actively engaged in one planned activity or another, but I could not recall a time where we just decided to just hang out together. It was clear we were enjoying each other's company. I was at ease like this and nothing about Duo's behavior led me to believe he was feeling anything to the contrary.

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