disclaimer: they are mine. now the secret's out

rating: g
pairing: 1+2
warnings: yaoi, humor?
spoilers: no

notes: 121 words. not sure what i was thinking at the time

by jana

Duo slammed his car keys down on the coffee table. "There are people out there that just don't like us!" He barked out in frustration.

Heero looked up at his lover in confusion. "Cause we're gay?"

"Well that... and that we're terrorists, cause my hair is too friggen long..."

" and because I wear spandex?" Heero inquired.

Duo laughed. "Probably!"

Heero moved off to the left side of the sofa, making room for Duo and looked over at him once he'd sat. "I like your hair."

"So do I."

Heero's arm snaked behind him and Duo settled back against his lover's chest. "Mmm... this being gay stuff isn't so bad either."

Heero nodded.

"The spandex has really got to go though."


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