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notes: this one is for d_huron, who is unrelenting in his pleas to get a lemon out of me! i made him wait so long... just to watch him squirm.

additional notes: future parts of this fic may or may not include: vouyerism, masturbation, a little kinkyness, a touch of my odd sense of humor, poison ivy and things you should definitely not try at home!

over the river and through the woods
part 9

Whether intentionally or by accident, Heero had found a suitable distraction, taking the hammock from the tent after we had finished dealing with breakfast and the reprecussions of the bear episode.

"Any particular place you'd like to set this up?" he asked as he removed it from the box.

"Depends. What do you want to do in it?" No, I hadn't forgotten the initial hammock discussion, just checking to see if he had.

"You already know what I want to do in it." he answered, walking toward where we had pitched our tent. "How about over here?"

I nodded and made my way over, taking the pen knife from my pocket. "Need rope?"

"I think we're all set. Take the other end."

We stretched the hammock out between the two trees where he stood, each of us tying one end around them and I looked down at the two wooden bars and mess of tangled white strings that hung between them.

"Ummm... it doesn't look very sturdy." I cautioned, looking up at him.

Walking to the center of it, Heero stretched it out and sat, the hammock sinking a few inches closer to the ground. "It seems fine." he told me, fumbling a bit as he reclined in it. "Pretty comfortable too." he added, folding both arms and tucking his hands under his head.

"Can it hold both of us?" I questioned, straddling him with a grin.

He looked up at me. "Only one way to find out." he grinned, pulling me down by my belt loops. "So far, so good."

I was seated on Heero's mid-section and could feel that he was partially aroused. "Have something in mind, koi?" I asked.

He shook his head. "Nope."

I pressed my hips into him and smiled. "Your body says otherwise."

"Nothing I can't handle." he replied. One eyebrow quirked. "Want to watch?"

It started as a tingle at the base of my neck and spread like wildfire; I shivered. "Silly question."

He thrust his hips upward. "You're going to have to get up you know."

"I know."

I did know, really....I did, but having him almost fully hard beneath me just felt too damn good. I lingered a while longer with Heero just staring up at me and the lust written all over my face in his native tongue.

When I finally got up, he moved further back, dropping one foot to the ground on either side of the hammock and spread his legs wide. Reaching inside his shorts, he straightened his erection and looked back up at me. "Make yourself comfortable."

He motioned with his eyes to the other end of the hammock and I sat as he did, focusing my attention on his hand as he began rubbing it over the bulge in his shorts. "I'd be more comfortable elsewhere." I informed him, thought I didn't really need to.

"Not this time." he warned, reinforcing his words with long slow strokes over his rising bulge. His eyes shifted to watch his own motions, pleased by what he saw. He thoroughly enjoyed touching himself and I in turn thoroughly enjoyed watching him do it. I was fully hard before long and blindly adjusted myself, never taking my eyes off of him.

Heero was in no rush, satisfied with teasing himself and me in the process. Both hands traveled over familiar territory, knowing precisely when, where and how to touch himself. He moaned softly with eyes closed and neck outstretched; thrusting up into his hands as the pleasure built. Nimble fingers worked to unfasten the button and slide the zipper of his shorts down; freeing his arousaI. I watched in awe as his thin fingers wrapped around it, caressing the dripping shaft, his other hand moving down in between his legs.

I reached for my own arousal, palming it through my jeans as he began stroking up and down his length, using the slick wetness at its tip to ease the movement of my hand.

Instinctively, his eyes opened to look up at me. "Duo...don't..", he whispered, lids growing heavy until they closed. "Just watch..." I let out a groan of displeasure, nevertheless removing my hand and giving him my undivided attention. His cock was thick and uncut; perfectly sculpted and without flaw like the rest of his body. I moaned as I watched him, his pace never increasing; that beautiful cock, twitching and reacting to his well-practiced touch. I knew exactly what those hands felt like on me and what it felt like to hold the weight of his arousal in my hand.

He was so deep in concentration that he didn't hear me moan, didn't hear me call out his name as he thrust upward to drive himself over the edge. I gasped as I watched him throw his head back and open his mouth to let out a strangled cry of ecstasy; sending thick white lines out to shower over his bronzed chest.

His body relaxed back down into the hammock, continuing to stroke his dwindling arousal. I'm not sure if he was even aware that I was still there, still watching him. I sat up and reached forward, wrapping my hand around his, squeezing it gently as I whispered his name. His eyes opened slowly to look up at me, then closed again. I just watched him for a minute or two then brought our hands up to my mouth, licking his essence from them. Setting his hand back down on his knee, I lie back down and closed my eyes to replay his beautifully executed climax over in my head.

His hand on mine startled me from my vision and I opened my eyes, watching as he brought the two to lie on my upper thigh, slowly guiding them to my erection. I moaned as he moved them over it, applying a moderate amount of pressure then curling his fingers and therefore mine around my length. "Let me see you come." he whispered as he removed his hand and lay back down.

There was never a question that this is what he wanted and without acknowledging his words, I closed my eyes again and freed my erection. Taking it into my hand, I began stoking it as he had his; that very vision projected behind my eyelids. I suppose this might be considered a kinky thing to do: masturbating for your lover while you are picturing them masturbating for you, but it is more of a turn on that you can imagine.

Unlike Heero's slow deliberate strokes mine were uneven and hard, causing the hammock to rise and fall with each thrust of my hips. I brought my left hand down to tightly hold onto the base of my cock while my right one teased and worked itself over the slick tip, urged on by the sounds of Heero's deep moans and longing in his voice as he repeated my name over and over.

I could feel my climax approaching and opened my eyes to look up at Heero, once again stroking his cock as he watched me. "Oh God..... it's too much." I cried out. My body began to shudder and I arched my back high off the hammock, succumbing to the frenzied pleasure of my own hands.

By the time I regained my senses and looked up at Heero he had climaxed a second time. His breathing was still erratic and he had yet to release himself from his grasp. I smiled at the sight. "You can let go now, Heero. I think we're done."

His mouth formed a huge grin before he opened his eyes to meet mine.

"So that's what you had in mind for the hammock?" I asked.

He shook his head. "No... that was a test to see if it could handle the weight."

I smiled and shook my head, carefully rising as not to upset the hammock's balance. I looked down at myself and then at Heero. "Whadda ya say we clean up, pack lunch and go for a swim?"

He nodded and I walked several feet, reaching into the tent to grab a box of tissues, cleaning myself up a bit before holding the box out for him. He brought his legs up onto the hammock and wiped the mess from his chest, taking another handful of tissues. "All set?" I asked, leaning over him, one hand grasping the wooden bar of the hammock at his head.

"Don't even think about it." he warned sternly looking up at me as both hands fisted the hammocks edge.

"What? I was steadying it for you while you got up." He trusted me and let go, grabbing one last tissue, totally missing the mischevious twinkle in my eyes.

"Big mistake, Yuy." I informed him, quickly turning the hammock upside down and taking off like a son of a bitch as he hit the ground. Both hands gripped at my sides as I ran laughing like an idiot through the woods with one very pissed off Heero hot on my trail.

I knew for damn sure I was in serious trouble when he caught me; even if I hadn't been able to hear the threats he was making on my life. Whatever he managed to come up with for revenge would be well worth the one second glimpse I got of that wide-eyed look of total disbelief plastered all over his gorgeous face.

Kodak moments... gotta love em!!

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