disclaimer: i want them, but i can't have them

pairing: heero/duo
rating: pg-13
warning: shounen-ai
spoilers: not a one

notes:. this is just an exercise - the first in a series of number ficlets

by jana

There were three things that Duo Maxwell did every morning before he got out of bed.

The first was to roll over and hit the snooze button on his alarm clock. He purposely set it to go off 15 minutes before he actually needed to get up because he liked the illusion that he was stealing that extra quarter of an hour.

A full body stretch followed, and Duo took his time reveling in it. He slowly extended his limbs, moaning softly as he bent each one at their joints and then carefully worked the cricks and kinks out of his neck and back.

The last one involved Heero Yuy, and despite what his amicable nature may have led those around him to believe, Duo Maxwell was never one to kiss and tell.

[ lilzazu ]'s response to 'three' from heero's perspective *hugs*

The first was to watch his lover roll over and extend that slender arm to hit that snooze button. He had to wake up 15 minutes before he actually needed to get up but it meant he could see Duo an extra quarter of an hour.

Next, he imitated a full body stretch but he didn't revel in it; his eyes got a full work out tracing lithe body and lean lines of muscle. His nerves sang along with Duo's soft moans despite the sounds of the occasional popping joint, and even as he lay there one part of his body eagerly stretched without his telling it to.

The last one involved finally being noticed by Duo Maxwell, and since he had always kept to himself most of the time no one was ever under the illusion that he would kiss and tell. But because Duo had taught Heero a thing or two about teasing, Heero could hint that some days, they did more than just kiss.


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