disclaimer: the g-boys are not mine, but I'm sure they would be a whole lot happier if they were.

pairings: 1+2 and 3+4
rating: PG
warnings: yaoi, humor
spoilers: no

notes: written for 'the maxwell-yuy addiction's' summer 2003 fanfic contest. won 3rd place!! click here to see the award!

by jana

Saturday had been as close to perfect as a day could get.

The weather had been warm and sunny, with relatively low humidity for mid-August in the Northeastern United States: an almost optimum temperature for swimming and an occasional bout of sunbathing. The five former pilots spent a good part of the day out by the enormous pool, being waited on hand and foot by a mostly unobtrusive pair of Quatre's servants.

Every six months or so, Quatre decided the five needed to spend some quality bonding time together. The phone calls and e-mails were nice too, but there was nothing that could compare to good old physical contact. No one ever argued or said anything to the contrary. The gatherings had always been a success in the past and there was none amongst them who couldn't do with a little rest and relaxation.

The day had all but flown by, as time is wont to do when in the company of good friends. The five engaged in other physical activities throughout the day as well, playing several games of doubles tennis before finally venturing out on horseback as dusk settled.

Wufei had been the first to bid his friends goodnight. Quatre had seen to showing the three pilots to their sleeping quarters when they'd first arrived that morning, so there would be no need to concern himself with it when the time came. He and Trowa had departed somewhere around 11, leaving only Heero and Duo in the huge family room. He still wasn't convinced that giving Heero and Duo the middle bedroom was the best of ideas. It was larger than the one at the end of the hallway, though, and more suitable for two persons. His lover had reassured him several times that the arrangements were fine, but Quatre's doubts lingered.


Trowa was woken by the racket and was followed shortly by his lover.

"They're at it again." Trowa noted.

Quatre groaned and rolled over. "Just try to ignore it. They'll be done soon enough."

"That's what you said last time." Trowa reminded him. "They went on for what seemed like hours."

"They have to be tired after all that physical activity today." Quatre said. "Try to go back to sleep."

Trowa turned over onto his side and smiled as the room fell silent. "You were right."

Two minutes later, he was startled by the loud sound of his friend's voices.


"You always claim top!" Duo exclaimed. "It's not fair!"

"Duo, you're being ridiculous." Heero chastised his lover.

"No. You are! I want the top tonight."

Quatre sighed. "You think they would have worked this out by now."

"One would have thought that, yes." Trowa concurred.

"There is no way you're gonna force me to be on the bottom again."

"Force you?" Heero asked in a somewhat astonished tone, apparently displeased by his lover's choice of words.

"Yeah. Force. We used to take turns, remember, Heero!" Duo accused.

Quatre let out a long-suffering sigh.

Trowa smiled in the dark. He certainly didn't envy his lover at the moment. "You're going to have to go in there, you know. Before they wake Wufei up."

Quatre cringed. Trowa was right. He loathed getting involved in Heero and Duo's arguments: especially ones of a sensitive nature. Neither one of them seemed to appreciate his meddling, but wasn't as if he had another alternative.

After waiting another minute to see if the ruckus would die down, Quatre groaned in irritation, threw the covers off and seated himself on the edge of the mattress. "Fine." He said. "I guess I have no choice."

"Good luck."

The voices were louder still out in the hallway and Quatre wondered how Wufei was managing to sleep through all of it. He knocked lightly once on the door to his friend's room and called out. "Heero? Duo?"

Several seconds passed before Duo called back. "What's up, Q?"

"It's late. Can't you both just go to sleep in there?" The Arabian pleaded.

Before either of the two had a chance to reply, Quatre heard the door to Wufei's room open and turned to watch as a very sleepy Wufei stepped out into the hallway. "What the hell is going on?" He demanded.

Quatre shook his head. "It's Heero and Duo..."

"Again?" Wufei asked.

Quatre nodded and stepped aside as Wufei strode toward him. "Maxwell, Yuy!" he called loudly as he pounded his fist repeatedly on the door.

The door to Heero and Duo's room opened slowly and a pajama-clad Heero appeared in the doorway, joined just moments later by a slightly embarrassed and similarly dressed Duo.

"Well?" Wufei asked.

"It's his fault!!" They said simultaneously.

"I don't care whose fault it is." Wufei retorted. "Some of us go to bed with the intention of actually sleeping."

"It's three o'clock in the morning." Quatre added.

"If the two of you can't decide who gets the top bunk, just sleep on the damned floor." Wufei muttered as he walked away.


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