disclaimer: they own me. not the other way around.

pairings: 2X2, thoughts of 1X2
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, duo pov, pwp, masturbation, erotic dreams, lemon, sap
spoilers: not a one
author's notes: ribit
dedication: this is for granate, because she asked me so nicely for some smut… and because her poking sticking is big and pointy and i fear it.

summary: duo dreams about heero in his absence and the vision stays with him once he awakes

by jana

It was a dream: a good one.

Or should I say another good one?

I've been having them a lot lately. Every other night I wake up close to drenched in my own sweat and the evidence of my dream's erotic nature, thick, clammy and already partially dried inside my boxers. I waited a minute or two before crawling out of the bed and wander down the hallway and into the shower to rinse myself off. I glance over at the clock to see that it is just after 3am. If I am lucky I'll be able to catch a few more hours before the alarm rings.

I lie there trying to fall back asleep and I find myself recalling the dream. Dammit if I'm not visualizing as many particulars of it as I can.

Heero. Hot, hard and eager as he pounds into me from behind. I am at all times on my hands and knees…. always screaming for more and never able to see his face. I know that it is him though. I can sense it. How could I not recognize those grunts and that low growl that experience reminds me reverberates in his chest?

Oh yes, it was Heero all right: they were his slim fingered hands gripping at my hips so hard that I had to fight the urge to cry out. The rhythm too, belonged to him: steady, solid, powerful thrusts that had me straining to keep myself balanced, shook the huge bed and rocked my world. He slowed down, pacing himself: trying to make it last, but I begged him to keep going. They weren't even words, just sounds: gasps and mewls whose meanings he is familiar with. He tried to reassure me with his touch: smoothing his one hand up and down the lower part of my back. I prefer to think that he was struggling to hold off his climax, but he seemed to have control over this, just as he does over everything else... or maybe not.

I curse him colorfully under my breath, wanting to just shout at him at the top of my lungs… to give us both what we want.

I am hard again. "Fuck." I say out loud and then laugh. I try to lure my thoughts elsewhere, but the dream won't leave and quite honestly, I don't want it to. I reach for my cock, tugging at it roughly through the pair of fresh boxers I just put on and hiss loudly. God, that feels so incredibly good. I reach down with both hands, stretching out the elastic of my shorts with one, while slipping the other inside the thin cotton and seize just the tip of my erection. I work my fist over the swollen head of it, concentrating my touch there for several minutes before reaching down to grab my shaft. I groan as I wrap my fingers tightly around it and squeeze. A few good, hard strokes, I tell myself, and it'll all be over.

I pick up my vision where I'd left off: me on all fours in the middle of our king sized bed and Heero behind me: his thick cock buried to the hilt in my ass. "Oh yeah." I moan. "So good." He begins to move, withdrawing slowly and pushing back into me at the same pace. It feels good, but not good enough. It's not what I want. "Not hard enough!" I inform him. He grunts, pulling all but the head of his cock out and slamming back into me. "More." I tell him, pleading aloud and noting the total lack of shame I feel. It's not like anyone can hear me. Unlike in my dreams, Heero indulges me, roughly separating the cheeks of my ass and driving into me so deeply that I can already begin to feel the twinges of pain I know will be reality in the morning.

I stroke myself faster still, rapidly approaching my peak and acknowledging that I am too far gone; there is no turning back. He is grinding himself against me somewhat desperately now. All it takes is a little imagination and I can almost hear him: hear the sounds he makes as he prepares to come: I can just about feel his body tensing behind me.

There is a strangled gasp.

And then another: louder and more desperate than the one before.

And then my name.

My cock begins to twitch in my grasp and I shut my eyes tightly, stroking myself slowly in an effort to make it last and ride out my orgasm for as long as I can. I cry out and my body jerks erratically with each stream that erupts. I feel the hot come splatter against my chest and wish that I'd had the foresight to turn the light on so that I could have watched.

My right arm falls limp at my side and I ignore the sticky mess that covers my hand. There is nothing but the sound of heavy breathing to fill my ears and I notice then that the room smells strongly of sex and can't help but grin.

It is only a matter of minutes before I hear the door to the apartment close and I smile as I open my eyes. I remove my soiled boxers in haste, wiping myself clean with them before throwing them on the floor next to my side of the bed and crawling naked back under the covers. The small light goes on in the hallway and I squint a bit, focusing my attention on the doorway and watching as my lover enters the bedroom.

"Hey." I say softly.

He takes two more steps into the room and reaches out to push the door almost closed. "Did I wake you?"

I grin in the near dark. "In a manner of speaking, yes." I admit.

He doesn't question me as he begins to undress. I can see him in silhouette only as he moves across the room. He unbuttons and removes his shirt and then lifts his arms high in the air to take off his undershirt. I roll over and watch him strip down to his boxers, and then turn down the covers on his side of the bed, inviting him in. He sits on the edge of the mattress and then settles down quickly beside me: exhaling loud enough for me to hear. "Welcome home." I whisper into his ear before kissing his cheek.

"It's good to be back." He says quietly.

I do not resist as he shifts to pull me into his arms.

"Miss me?" He asks a few seconds later.

"Always." I tell him

My face is so close to his that I can actually feel the skin on his cheekbones rise as he smiles.


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