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pairing: 1X1 and mentions of 1X2
rating: NC-17
warnings: yaoi, masturbation, lemon
spoilers: no

notes: for granate on 212, cause gundam math is just so much fun! this should technically include hints of 2X1 given the date, but heero had other ideas. he is difficult to argue with. this in no way indicates his lack of desire to bottom.. but i’ll leave that for another fic *g*

summary: heero makes a discovery or two

by jana

Duo always left something behind. Sometimes, it was more than one thing. Sometimes it was days before Heero discovered them.

This time Heero had found Duo’s scarf hanging on the coat rack by the front door. It wasn’t hidden beneath anything, just draped neatly over one of the black metal hooks. Perhaps Duo’s coat had been covering it at one point and he hadn’t thought to check for it before he left. Heero recalled their parting kiss then, wondering if maybe that was what had distracted Duo. He hoped it had.

He hadn’t left it there: on the coat rack. He’d folded it neatly in half and then into thirds and brought it into his bedroom. It still sat on the table beside his bed where he’d left it three days ago and Heero found he was distracted by it once again. He reached for the towel on his shoulders and rubbed it vigorously through his hair with both hands. His eyes never strayed from the scarf, even as he discarded the towel onto the bed.

It was rare for Duo to be without it during the winter months, even if the temperature didn’t warrant it. Heero speculated that it had evolved into more a fashion accessory than anything, despite its usefulness. It did look good on Duo, Heero admitted. It might have been because he’d grown accustomed to seeing him with it on, or perhaps there were other reasons.

He reached out, smoothing his fingertips over the soft fabric and slipping his index finger in between the folds. Black. The color suited Duo, even though he did wear less of it now. Heero was certain that most of the man’s wardrobe probably still consisted of it. Heero thought the scarf was, in all likelihood, fleece, or a similar fabric. He brought it up to his face, rubbing it over his cheek. It was thick and plushy... and smelled like Duo. Heero turned his head to bury his nose in it and took a deep breath, closing his eyes as he inhaled Duo’s scent. It was familiar, but Heero could not effectively define it. He was able to identify Duo’s shampoo, that part was easy enough, as were the traces of Duo’s sweat. Heero had only recently become acquainted with that particular scent. He noticeably shivered as he thought about it, leaving him somewhat aroused. The longer he stood there with the scarf pressed to his nose, the harder he could feel his cock getting.

He lowered his hand, dragging the scarf down over his neck and letting it brush over one nipple and then the other. He bit down on his lower lip in an effort to subdue a moan and watched his hand as it journeyed further south. His cock had risen to meet the impending touch, bobbing slightly in anticipation. There was no question why he’d suddenly become so aroused. Thinking about Duo was bound to lead him here. He had given up on trying to fight that a while ago. The added scent was a huge bonus.

He hesitated, debating whether or not he should continue. It was definitely a kinky thing to do, Heero admitted; masturbating with an article of your lovers clothing. He wondered what Duo would think about it if he knew, not that Heero planned on telling him. Perhaps he would find it sexy. Heero thought he liked the idea of Duo using an article of his clothing to get himself off. It turned him on ever further just thinking about it. Heero thought it might have been wrong, though, to do it without Duo’s permission. He honestly didn’t have any idea of how Duo would feel about it. He knew that neither of them was at all prudish regarding sex, though they’d never talked about those types of things. He let his hand drop, taking the scarf with it and wrapped it securely around his cock.

"Fuck." He was only succeeding in making himself harder. He tightened his grip and began stroking himself slowly, watching rapt as his foreskin slid back, and the wet tip of his cock poked out from the black fabric on the down stroke. The temptation was far too great. Acknowledging that what he was about to do was wrong wasn’t nearly enough to stop him.

He quickened the pace, pumping more rapidly as he thrust his hips forward. It felt good, entirely way too good. He had started masturbating more frequently since he and Duo had become lovers. He always thought about Duo when he did, usually it was thoughts of Duo that caused him to have the desire in the first place. He wondered if it was the same for Duo; if he masturbated while thinking about him. Heero thought it was likely he did. He wondered how he could begin to broach the subject the next time Duo was there.

He moved to sit on the edge of the mattress and shifted, resting back on one forearm to bring himself to a near reclining pose. He cast his eyes downward, watching intently as he continued to pleasure himself. There was no denying that it excited him even further to watch. He spread his legs, lying down fully and bringing the end of the scarf down with his other hand to touch between his legs with the soft fabric. He abandoned that strategy shortly after he’d started, opting instead to bring the scarf and the scent it carried to his chest. He teased his nipples with it, just rubbing the fabric lightly over them and then pinching and twisting each one through the layer of cloth. He took shallow breaths through his nose, enabling himself to fully enjoy the scent.

He moaned Duo’s name as his hips rose and fell to meet the quickening pace of his strokes. The black fabric was laid the length of his torso, and Heero put his hand on it, palm down and fingers spread and began rubbing it over his skin. It left a trail of warmth, similar to the way the scarves owner did when he touched him. Heero had been pleased to discover that Duo was an aggressive lover. He wasn’t the least bit inhibited about his body or about telling Heero what he liked and disliked. Heero was less vocal, but managed to convey his wants to Duo in a way the other man seemed to understand.

Heero recalled the first time they’d had sex. It had been awkward, but satisfying. He had no idea at the time how much better it was going to get. Heero thought they had been fairly in tune with one another the second time. He had climaxed inside of Duo right after bringing Duo off with his hand. It had been amazing, both watching Duo lose control of himself and knowing that he had been the one who’d caused it. Heero did not think he would be able to forget the feeling of being buried inside of Duo’s body while the other man came, nor how erotic Duo looked as he thrashed beneath him.

Heero could feel his orgasm approaching and squeezed his eyes shut tight. His groans of pleasure and his breath came harshly through his mouth. Craving still more of Duo’s scent, he clutched at the scarf and brought it to his face to bury his nose in it. The fingers of his right hand tightened around the scarf and his cock and he began stroking it faster, bucking his hips up off the bed as he began to lose control of himself.

Heero cried out, barely able to identify the muffled sounds as his own gasps or the howl of Duo’s name. He waited until the last possible second before pushing the scarf from his chest and onto the bed. He shuddered as his cock twitched and pulsed in his grip, splattering streams of warm come across his upper body. His hold grew lax and Heero pumped himself several more times, watching as the last of his come oozed from the slit at tip of his cock. He wiped it away with the side of his thumb and shivered as he brought his finger to his lips to lick the droplet of come from it.

There was no denying this particular experience had been noticeably different from any others he could recall. The increased eroticism had undoubtedly been a direct result of his violating Duo’s scarf. Of that, Heero was certain. He was feeling too good to feel properly guilty about it at the moment.

He glanced over at the scarf to make sure that he hadn’t gotten anything on it. Heero was pleased to note that most of the four foot long garment had been spared, but there was a small area at the very end of it that had apparently not been so lucky. He cringed, resting his forearm over his eyes. He should be able to remove the spot with little difficulty and hang it up to air it out without having to wash the entire scarf. He was sure that Duo would notice if he washed it and Heero didn’t think he wanted to have to explain everything to him. On second thought, he was absolutely sure he didn’t.

Heero rolled over, experiencing a few minor pangs of guilt over what he’d just done. Letting out a sigh, he sat up to look down at himself and the mess he’d made. He shook his head in amusement before coming to his feet. He looked over his shoulder at the black scarf on his bed, reminding him how the whole event had started.

Duo never stayed very long. Never long enough for his scent to remain on the bed linens. It was something that he thought needed to be rectified... even before now. Perhaps this was the push he needed to force himself speak with Duo about the possibility of them seeing each other more often. It was clear to Heero that things between them were going well. They spoke to one another often between visits. Heero wouldn’t have been surprised to find that Duo had been waiting for him to initiate that particular discussion. Based on Duo’s answer, Heero mused that he might tell him what had happened anyway.

The probabilities of the result being a good one were inordinately high.


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