disclaimer: i do not own gundam wing

rating: pg-13
pairings: none
warnings: pov, reality.. it's a scary thing

notes: in the aftermath of 11 september 2001

there will always be nightmares
by jana

When I was very young, I held onto the hope that perhaps someday my nightmares may fade.

Everyone I knew had them; we were orphans of war.

I believed then for the sake of my own sanity that somewhere out there, there were children who slept without the fear... without visions of things that no child should see and that one day I may know such nights... the ones they gave no second thought to.

I envied them.. the ones who were more fortunate than I was... even if I didn't know their names... even if I never saw their faces.

They would never wake up to the sounds that jolted me from my sleep, the smoke that rose from the destruction nor the mess of tangled steel it left in its wake.... and the annihilation of dreams.... and of human souls.

But I understand now that it's not true....... that at some point the darkness comes to everyone; every child and every adult. There is not one who is to be exempted...

We will all know the terror of waking up in a cold sweat... and that inarticulate pain that suddenly grips our chest as it seeks to tear us apart from the inside.

I wish that it only had to be me.


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