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rating: *this fic is not yet rated* - Officially NC-17
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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, sap, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
spoilers: none
pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 39

The week in between their visits had fortunately passed quickly. Duo had made the decision shortly after Heero's departure on Sunday morning to change his plans to allow the two more time to be together on his upcoming trip. Bag packed and ready as he left for the office on Friday morning, Duo used the five hour flight to catch up on some much needed sleep, anxious to surprise Heero with his early arrival.


Exiting the elevator on the 4th floor, Duo dug into his pocket and retrieved his key to the apartment, glad Heero had not asked for it back after his last visit. Pausing slightly outside the door as he heard coming voices from inside, Duo adjusted the strap on his overnight bag to sit further up on his shoulder and unlocked the door. Holding onto the doorknob, he pushed the door open, freezing at what he saw inside.

Heero looked up at the entrance to his apartment as the door swung open, shocked to find Duo standing there. Easily reading the expression on Duo's face, Heero turned toward the young man seated beside him then looked back up at Duo who remained motionless in the entryway.

Fumbling to remove his key from the lock, Duo pulled the door closed and ran down the hallway in search of an exit. Throwing the door to the stairway open, he entered and quickly made his way down the first flight of stairs.

Heero set his wine glass down on the coffee table and quickly rose from his place on the couch, politely excusing himself from his guest. "I'm sorry." he began, "I'll be right back."

Running out of the apartment and through the hall, Heero could see no sign of Duo; the sound of a slamming door soon giving him the necessary clue to his whereabouts. Entering the stairwell, he heard the thunderous sound of Duo descending the steps. "Duo!" he called out, racing down the steps two by two after him. "DUO...... STOP!"

Finally catching up with him on the 2nd floor landing, Heero reached out to grasp his wrist, holding him tightly as Duo struggled to release himself from the grip. "Let go of me, Heero." he choked out. The pain in his voice was obvious and Heero turned Duo to face him. "What is the matter, Duo? Why were you running away?" Heero asked, panting from exertion.

Duo shook his head and leaned against the wall. "I shouldn't have just shown up unannounced. I'm sorry, Heero... I should have called first.. you had company and all." he explained tearfully, lowering his head as the vision of the two seated beside one another on the couch flashed through his mind. "I had no right to think that you and I.."

Heero smiled and let out a loud chuckle, his inappropriate actions both confusing and angering Duo. "What the hell is so damn funny, Heero?" he asked sharply.

"Sit down." Heero smiled warmly. Placing his hands on Duo's shoulders, he turned him toward the stairs and eased him down to sit on the bottom step, crouching down on the landing in front of him. "I think I understand what this is all about." Heero started, looking up at Duo. "Look at me, Duo."

Duo raised his head and looked into Heero's eyes, they were soft and filled with tenderness... Duo was thoroughly confused.

"You are mistaken." he began, taking both of Duo's hands in his. "Devon is a friend of mine from the office. He and his fiance came over for dinner this evening. She was in the bathroom when you arrived." he explained. "Is that what you were thinking? That Devon and I....?"

"Yeah." He replied mournfully, a smile soon forming as he lifted his head and looked at Heero.

Heero shook his head. "It seems we still have a problem with communication." he winked, pulling him to stand. "There is no one else, Duo. There never has been and there never will be. Do you understand now?" he asked softly as he took Duo into his arms.

Duo nodded and Heero kissed him gently before taking a step back. "Good, now lets go back upstairs. I have some guests that are dying to meet you."


They entered the apartment hand in hand and Heero quickly relieved Duo of his overnight bag as they stepped inside, setting it beside the door. Guiding Duo across the room toward the two seated on the couch, Heero proceeded to made his introductions. "Duo, I'd like you to meet Devon and his fiancee, Emory."

Duo looked nervously over at the couple, slightly embarrassed by his earlier behavior. "Hi. Nice to meet you." he smiled, shaking both their hands as they rose from the couch.

Heero released Duo's hand and moved to stand behind him. "And *this* is Duo." he smiled toward his friends, wrapping his arms possessively around Duo's waist.

"He talks about you all the time, you know." Devon offered, starting a flow of conversation amongst the them.


The four shared a glass of wine and talked for about an hour before the couple excused themselves, thanking Heero for his hospitality. "By the way, Heero... he is indeed beautiful." Emory commented with a wink as they exited the apartment, causing both Heero and Duo to blush slightly.

The two waited in the hallway, until Devon and Emory had made their way into the elevator, calling their final good byes over the distance. The elevator doors closed and Duo wasted no time pulling Heero back inside the apartment, swiftly closing the door behind them.


Once inside, the two stood several feet apart for a minute, remaining still and silent before Duo leaned back against the door, tensing under the scrutiny of his lover's cobalt stare. "What, Heero?" he asked, puzzled by Heero's stare.

"Do you have any idea of how much I love you?" Heero asked in almost a whisper. The words seemed wholly inadequate and he leaned forward to brush his lips against Duo's, letting his mouth express the passion his words could not. Their bodies shuddered as Heero pressed himself against his beautiful lover, soon becoming lost in the sensual dance their two tongues engaged in. Abandoning his mouth, Heero continued downward, softly kissing and licking his neck before moving onto his earlobe, nibbling on the tender skin. "Heero.." Duo moaned as his mouth traveled over every inch of his exposed flesh.

Heero's breath was heavy as he paused and stood back to look at Duo. His amethyst eyes were drowning in the same lust as Heero's and he moved forward again. "Let me show you.." he whispered, biting at Duo's lower lip. Slipping his hands up underneath Duo's shirt, he caressed the smooth bare flesh letting his splayed fingers dance over the spanse of his back; shifting himself to rub their arousals against one another.

"Oh God, Heero." Duo whispered. "What are you trying to do to me?"

"Do you want me to stop?" he whispered, slipping his tongue in between his lover's parted lips. "No." Duo replied in a low moan, recommencing their kiss. Taking Duo by the hand, Heero led him into his bedroom, relinquishing his grasp as they approached the bed.

Taking several steps back, Heero began to removing each article of his clothing; slowing his undress to a tease as he watched the pleasure present itself in Duo's expression; darkened violet eyes traveling hungrily over each patch of newly revealed flesh. Duo's arousal twitched as the last barrier of cloth fell away and Heero stood in splendor before him. "Mmm... Heero.." he moaned, pulling him forward and into his embrace. "... your body is incredible." he whispered, letting his hands roam over the hardened muscles of Heero's shoulders and upper back. Sliding them downward to the base of his spine, he pulled him closer. "I've dreamt of touching you like this... and of you touching me...." came the soft whisper into Heero's ear.

Easing himself from Heero's arms, Duo stepped back and with both hands reached for the hem of his shirt, easily bringing it up over his head with his arms raised high to let his braid slip free of it as well. Dropping it to the floor, he unfastened his jeans and looked up at Heero, pleased to find his eyes riveted to each of his purposefully seductive moves. Hooking his thumbs into the opened waistband of his jeans, he shifted his hips from side to side, pushing the thick fabric slowly down his thighs. Stepping out of them as they fell to gather at his feet, he looked up at his rapt lover. "I'm all yours, Heero."

Taking a moment to devour the vision of his naked and aroused lover, Heero sat down on the edge of the mattress and beckoned him to join him. "Mmmmm... Duo. Come here." Rising to his knees in the center of the bed, he watched as Duo reached behind himself for the end of his braid, removing the tie to free his hair. He extended his hand as Duo climbed up onto the bed to kneel front of him. "You know what is about to happen here. Do you want it to?" he whispered. "Do you want me?"

"Hell yes.." he moaned, pressing his lips tightly against Heero's before plunging his tongue deep inside his mouth. Surrounding Duo's waist with both of his arms, Heero brought their bodies flush against one another. Groaning at the contact, he eased Duo back down onto the bed, quickly abandoning his mouth to travel downward, kissing the soft skin of his neck and collarbone. Shifting positions he began to tease each of his hardened nipples and the darkened skin that surrounded them. Duo moaned as Heero continued sucking, his fingers rolling one stiffened nub as his mouth alternated between the two. "Please, Heero..." he whispered, burying his hands in the thick dark hair to guide his lover down to where he wanted him. "Nnnn.... I need you...." Duo's longing was clear, as was his own growing desire and Heero reached over and into the nightstand drawer to remove the tube of lube.

Spreading Duo's legs wide with one hand on each of the inside of his thighs, Heero settled in between them and dropped his hand down to wet Duo's entrance with his lube-slickened fingers. Propping himself up on both elbows to take in Heero's every move, Duo moaned at the light pressure against his opening, shifting his body downward to coax a harder touch. Heero watched intently while he teased the sensitive area; turning his eyes upward to take in Duo's reactions as circled the opening before sliding one finger inside of him. "Oh...yes.. more!" Duo pleaded, gasping loudly as a second and third finger were added simultaneously, his body easily accepting the three digits.

Sensing Duo was nearly ready, Heero began moving them more roughly inside, twisting and spreading the three wide to fully stretch the entrance; assuring it would accommodate his sizeable arousal with minimal pain. "I cannot wait to be inside of you." he groaned, enjoying the effect his words had on his lover. Throwing his head back as Heero worked the three within him and Duo pushed back to drive them further into himself. "Neither can I... please, Heero..." he pleaded, dropping back down onto the bed.

His fingers slid from the tight passage to the sound of a load moan of displeasure. "Patience." he responded softly, lowering his head to lick precum the oozed from the tip of Duo's cock. Stretching across the bed, Heero retrieved the lube and rose to his knees between his lovers spread legs and placed the tube in Duo's open palm.

The cool gel warmed quickly with the friction of the tight fist that worked it over his length, Duo's thumb paying particular attention to the sensitive tip of his arousal. Removing the hand that threatened to send him over the edge, Heero took hold of the base of his cock, and positioned himself over Duo, gently rubbing it slickness over it's intended target before nudging the opening slightly. "Are you ready, Duo?" Heero asked softly. Duo nodded and Heero placed one hand on either side of Duo's head and slowly started entering him.

The tight muscles gave way easily and Heero's swollen head slipped past them with barely a wince of pain. "Yes... Ohh...... keep going, Heero." Duo moaned. Shifting his gaze to focus on the juncture of their joining, Heero groaned as he moved forward, looking back up at his lover once he had buried himself fully inside. "Nnn....Duo... you feel incredible. Everything okay?" he asked softly.

"Everything is perfect." Duo whispered. "This is perfect..." he moaned, wriggling his hips beneath his motionless lover. Being inside of Duo was pure bliss, the heat of his channel caressed every inch of his stiff flesh and he groaned loudly as Duo began moving under him. "Oh God...Duo." he groaned as he slid all but the head of his cock out of it's heaven, jerking forward to again bury himself to the hilt. Noting that Duo was enjoying the motion as much as he was, Heero repeated it several times. "Mmmm...like that?" he asked with a grin. Duo closed his eyes in response and wrapped his legs tightly around Heero's hips. "More." he moaned as he pulled him closer, grinding his hips upward.

Feeling Duo's leg lock on him loosen, Heero began thrusting into him, slowly at first... the tempo increasing rapidly as Duo's hips answered his with an equal urgency. Lowering himself down onto his forearms, Heero brushed his lips over those of his panting lover. "I love you, Duo Maxwell." he whispered, suddenly taking Duo's mouth by force, his cock plunging deep inside of him with the same intensity.

Duo's hips rose up off the bed as Heero's cock met with his prostate, losing his moan to his lover's ravaging mouth. Duo broke the kiss and threw his head back. "Unhh... Heero... that's gonna be the end of me." Heero thrust into him again with the same result causing Duo to cry out his name.

"Want me to stop." Heero whispered, still moving roughly inside. "Fuck No!!" he cried out, forcing his hips upward. "Good." Heero grunted, grinding his pelvis down to magnify the sensation of Duo's upward thrust. Heero rose again up to his hands and reached down in between their bodies, wrapping his fist around Duo's shaft. Gathering the dripping slickness at it's head to coat his hand, Heero began pumping his length as he continued his powerful thrusts. "Come for me, lover."

The two began moving against each other in unison and Duo's body began to tremble. "Oh God... HEERO!!" he screamed he reached his peak, his entire body quaking and writhing beneath Heero's. Caught up in the tidal wave of Duo's orgasm, Heero's senses were reduced to the tight squeezing of Duo's muscles around his cock and the twisted look of pure ecstasy on his lover's magnificent face. "Nnnnn...DUO !!!" Still stroking Duo rapidly as he continued his release, Heero rammed himself into Duo's trembling body one last time, shuddering as he climaxed inside of him, crying out his claim on the braided young man.


The two lay out of breath and exhausted in each other arms on the bed for several minutes before either of them attempted to speak. "Mmmm... that was... mmm...." Heero smiled at his grinning lover. Duo leaned in to kiss him, "I'd say that was a fair assessment."

Rolling over onto his side, Heero laid his bent leg over Duo's, his reawakening arousal resting against the soft flesh of his thigh. "Already?" Duo asked smirking.

Not gracing his question with an answer, Heero moaned his response, pressing his body closer to Duo's.

"Mmmmm.... why do I get the feeling we aren't going to be leaving the apartment this weekend?" he asked, turning onto his side to capture Heero's mouth in a deep kiss, pulling him closer.

"Leaving the apartment?" Heero asked breathlessly as he broke the kiss. "Damned if we're leaving the bed."

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