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warnings for entire fic: shounen-ai/yaoi, angst, duo/heero torture, language, sap, small lemon-ish spots(?), AU (AC 200)
spoilers: none
pairings: odd....can't explain but it involves heero and duo and 3X4 implied.

notes: another one that came to me in dreamscape. yes, i know, i have weird dreams. you should see what happens after i eat pepperoni pizza ^_~

//heero's thoughts//
:: duo's thoughts ::

momentary lapse of reason
part 36

The trip to the airport was made without incident and the two quickly seated themselves toward the front of the DC-9. Being one of the first passengers to board, Duo found himself a window seat. "Mind?" he asked looking up at Heero. "Nope." he replied, placing his bag into the overhead compartment. "Pass me your bag, Duo." he requested, setting it beside his own. Firmly closing the hatch door, Heero slid down into his seat next to Duo and looked over at him.

"Bet you never thought you'd be coming back with extra baggage." Duo winked at him.

"I was hoping I would." he replied, taking Duo's hand in his. "And I don't exactly consider you baggage." he smiled.

Duo's expression turned serious. "Heero...", he started, "I want things to move forward with our relationship."

The words seemed to come out of nowhere and Heero was pleased at that Duo was thinking about it, perhaps even as much as he was. "Me too." Heero smiled.

Duo's offered Heero a weak smile before continuing. "I'm not ready yet, Heero.... but I needed to be sure you are still willing to move forward with this.

"I'm just waiting for you, Duo. I'll wait as long as I have to."

"It won't be that long." he returned. Giving Heero a warm smile, he turned to face forward and rested his head back, closing his eyes.

Heero was unsure what was holding Duo back and the idea of bringing the subject up crossed his mind. He glanced over at Duo and lightly sighed before looking down a their still entwined fingers. Whatever it was, he would just have to be patient until Duo was ready to tell him. He found it was something he could easily live with. It was a small price to pay considering what they had been through.... it's importance reduced even further by the reality of what lie beyond.


"Nice car!" Duo grinned as Heero stopped beside the jet black Ferrari with keys in hand.

"Thanks." Heero smiled, taking Duo's bags from him. "It's part of my California image." Opening the back door, Heero set their bags down on the tiny seat and unlocked the front door, opening it to let Duo in. Making his way around the car to the drivers side, Heero slid down into the seat and lowered his visor, removing a pair of wire rimmed sunglasses.

Duo watched as Heero slipped them on. "More of your California image?" he asked.

"Yup." He replied, starting the engine.

Duo kept his eyes glued to Heero as he turned his body within the seat to back out of the parking spot. He couldn't imagine finding Heero more attractive than he already did, but the dark glasses he wore highlighted the sharp angles of his face; making the already gorgeous young man even look more stunning. Duo fastened his seatbelt and reclined back into the smooth leather seat, once again looking over at Heero. "I think I'm going to like this new image."

Heero looked over at Duo as they approached at thruway entrance. "I hope so." he smiled, stepping on the gas. The car suddenly sped forward sending the two further back into their seats and the wind through their hair.

"No doubt about." Duo grinned.


Heero's apartment was smaller than Duo had imagined. The one tiny bedroom and living room/kitchen areas were sparsely, but tastefully decorated. It reflected Heero's minimalist attitude, the lack of lighting perhaps a symbol of Heero's state of mind since his move.

"You can have the bed. I sleep on the couch most nights anyway." Heero told him, carrying Duo's bag into his bedroom. "Bathroom is over there." Heero pointed. "And this is the living room slash kitchen. A far cry from the house back in New York, but it suits my needs."

"It's nice, Heero. It's you." he smiled.

"How about we go get a quick bite to eat? You must be starved." Heero looked down at his watch. "It's a little after 10 and I have to be up for work at 6."

"Sounds perfect. You need to make me a list of things to do around here while you're at work... though it might just be nice to hang out and not do anything for a change."

"We'll talk over dinner." Heero returned, opening the apartment door. "After you...." he announced, stepping aside with a sweep of his arm to allow Duo to pass. Closing and locking the door, the two made their way to the elevator.

"So, where are we going?"

"Someplace quiet." Heero replied, pressing the L button on the elevator panel.

"Is this a date?" Duo asked through a chuckle.

"Maybe." Heero smiled, taking Duo's hand as they stepped out into the Lobby.


The first three days of Duo's visit flew by.

He had found a myriad of activities to keep himself occupied while Heero was at work. Aside from his occasional excursion to do some required sight-seeing, Duo remained, for the most part, inside the apartment. His other ventures outside consisted mainly of food shopping. His appetite had returned and while Heero had teased him about eating him out of house and home, Duo knew it pleased him. They had gone out to dinner the first three nights of his stay despite the fact that Heero looked exhausted when he came home from work. The two had been staying up fairly late since his arrival and it was taking it's toll on him. Figuring that Heero might a enjoy dinner at home one night, Duo made a list and headed for the supermarket.

As expected, his efforts were greatly appreciated and Heero did not fail to let him know.


Duo woke on Wednesday at around 10:00, smiling as he sat up looked around the small room. Everything in it reminded him of Heero and his body reacted to it. The past few days the two had achieved a closeness that brought the inevitable to the forefront of Duo's thoughts. It took a conscious effort to push his mounting desires aside and it was growing more difficult everyday.

Rising from the bed, Duo opened the closet door and stood before the mirror in nothing but his black boxers. He was pleased to see that he had been successful in putting back on a good portion of the weight he had lost. Looking once again at his reflection, Duo brought his fingers down to touch the lower half of his right arm. The marks were still deep red and heavily visible against his pale skin. He shook his head and closed the closet door. Grabbing a clean set of clothes, he headed into the bathroom for his morning shower.


Once inside the small room, Duo bent and peering inside, pulled the last two towels from the cabinet beneath the sink. Nearly doing a double take, Duo looked back into the cabinet, grinning as he removed his discovery. Duo stood and looked down at sizeable dildo he held, chuckling as he ran his fingers over it. "You surprise me, Yuy." he grinned, his body tingling as he felt himself harden within the silky fabric of his boxers. He bent to return the toy to it's home under the sink beside a small tube of Astroglide. "Though it's not nearly as large as mine at home." he smirked as he stood.

Now fully erect, Duo slid his boxers down and stepped out of them, looking down at his erection. "Gonna have to do something about that." he smiled, turning on the water. Entering the shower Duo took a deep breath and leaned up against the cool tile wall, wrapping his fingers securely around his stiffness, he exhaled as he slowly began pumping its length.

The hot water soon filled the shower with steam and Duo was suddenly assaulted by it's soothing warmth and the scent it carried with it. "Mmm... Heero." he moaned out loud, squeezing his cock as he worked the now oozing slickness over its head with his thumb. "Oh, God...it's been too long." he groaned as he slid down the wall to the warm porcelain below.

Removing his hand from his erection, Duo slid the shower curtain open and leaned over the side of the tub to open the cabinet door. "There's *one* advantage to having a really small bathroom." he laughed, closing the shower curtain once he had the necessary items in hand.

Adjusting the water temperature, Duo brought himself to his knees and covered the dildo with lube. He rubbed it lightly against his entrance and took his cock back into his hand. "Nnn...much better." he moaned, as he began stroking himself. Recalling his lack of sexual desire the past few months, he eased just the tip of the dildo inside his opening and began moving it and out with a gentle rhythm, each time pushing it bit further inside as his body slowly gave way to the intrusion.

Closing his eyes, he relaxed down onto his folded legs and let out a loud gasp as he fully impaled himself on the slick plastic. Roughly sliding his hand up and down his shaft, he began rocking his hips up into his touch as he worked the dildo inside himself. "Oh, yes.....that's gonna do it.." he cried out as he found and stimulated his prostate. Plunging the dildo deep inside, his fist tightened around his cock and he pumped it hard, crying out Heero's name as his body shuddered violently in climax.


The two had agreed on having pizza for dinner on Wednesday night and Heero entered the apartment at 4:45, large box in hand. Setting it down on the kitchen table, Heero called out. "Duo? You home?" Hearing no reply, Heero changed out of his work clothes and into a pair of shorts and a t-shirt before heading back toward the kitchen. Hearing a key in the front door, he opened it to find Duo on the other side. "We were out of soda." he smiled as he entered the apartment.

"Have a good day?" he asked.

"Same as usual." Heero replied. "You?"

"Pretty much the same." he winked, entering the kitchen. "I'll get plates and glasses."

Heero moved the pizza box from the table to the counter beside the sink, his eyes opening wide at what he saw. "Duo?" he questioned. "What is this doing here?" he asked.

Duo closed the cabinet door that blocked his view and looked over at Heero. His face was a pale shade of pink as he held the dildo up for Duo to see.

"Don't worry." he grinned, "I washed it when I was done."

Heero was unable to stop his body's reaction to the graphic vision that naturally accompanied the words. "Duo.", he scolded.

Duo smiled as he looked at Heero, his eyes moving downward to focus on the obvious arousal he was now sporting. "Mmmm... Nice reaction, Heero."

Heero blushed further as he looked down at himself, immediately sitting at the table before looking back up at Duo.

"Yes, Duo. Very nice indeed" he grinned back, staring at Duo's own *reaction*, causing the braided young man's face to redden as well.

Duo stepped back, allowing the cabinet to hide the bulge in his jeans. "You're so easy to tease." Duo smiled.

"The same could be said for you as well." Heero returned with a smirk. "Now come over here and let's have dinner. I'm starved."


The two spent the rest of evening out at Heero's suggestion they take a drive.

It was a warm night and they used the better portion of it to walk around the bustling streets of the local hot spot. It reminded Duo of the Village back in New York as the narrow streets were dotted with galleries, shops, cafe's and an occasional bar. They had stopped in for a late snack at one of the more lively ones, the voice of a female singer drawing their attention from the sidewalk.

The late hour once again an issue, they took the leisurely ride back home and headed straight for their beds.


Changing into a pair of cotton shorts, Heero laid down on the couch and covered himself with a sheet. As with the last few nights, he was thoroughly exhausted and his body welcomed the rest. He could hear Duo moving around in the other room and his mind wandered back to Duo's tease earlier in the evening. It wasn't the first time he had done something to purposely arouse Heero since he'd arrived, but Heero had to admit it was the most outrageous, nearly laughing at the episode. Though neither one of them had any real sexual experience, Heero was certain that Duo was going to make one heck of a lover.

That idea stayed with him as he attempted to sleep. The vision of Duo's earlier actions made their way into his thoughts as well and Heero soon found himself unable to ignore his body's rising need. Slipping his hand down into the waistband of his shorts, Heero wrapped his hand tightly around his arousal and stifled a moan. He had previously masturbated as he pictured Duo touching himself, but the knowledge that he had done it that very afternoon in the apartment with his dildo was an incredible turn-on.

Gripping his cock more firmly, Heero provided himself with an extremely detailed picture of Duo pleasuring himself with the silicone toy. Softly moaning as he worked the slick pre-cum over it's swollen head, Heero began thrusting his hips upward into the smooth channel of his warm hand; the vision behind his eyes of Duo's face twisted in ecstasy as he impaled himself, bringing him to climax within a matter of seconds. Mouth open and head thrown back, Heero gasped and mouthed Duo's name as he reached his peak. The thick warmth erupted from his cock to cover his hand and chest and his body continued to jerk violently long after he had emptied himself. He reached over and grabbed several tissues, cleaning himself off before reclining back down onto the couch; sated and ready for sleep.

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